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    Re: Lorelai (Zilrax)

    Escape Grapple Attempts:

    Lorelai: 135+533=668+50=718 vs. Flesh Teaser: 205+571=776 (STUCK!)
    Lorelai: 135+503=638+50=688 vs. Flesh Teaser: 205+785=990 (STUCK!)

    Lorelai can't break free as the succubus has too good a grip on her!

    Adjusted Stats: 2 turns on Adrenaline Boost, 7/10 Mantra.

    Penetration Attempt (If successful leads to pleasure):

    Flesh Teaser: 185+543=728 vs. Lorelai: 105+2=107+50=157 (Ouch)

    Lorelai once again finds herself trapped in that familiar chair, tentacles stuffed into her ass, mouth and pussy, even as Flesh Teaser hungrily makes her a futa and claims Lorelai's cock in her mouth, sucking on it. Fortunately, Lorelai had her Elemental Spirit up, so some of her pleasure was absorbed as damage into her spirit. Unfortunately, it isn't as much because of the barrier spirit on Melissa, though 25% reduction is still good.

    Lorelai suffers 45 pleasure and her spirit soaks up the other 15 damage, leaving it with 355 HP. Lorelai gains 125 KP due to the sex and being penetrated in every hole possible, plus having her dick inside a succubus mouth. Lorelai has 67 stamina left until she orgasms, and she can't escape from the chair! Combat on auto pilot mode until she is free.

    Free Lorelai Attempts:

    Melissa: 146+783=929+2=931 vs. Flesh Teaser: 230+762=992 (FAIL!)
    Melissa: 146+531=677+2=679 vs. Flesh Teaser: 230+463=693 (FAIL!)

    Melissa is again swatted away both times, and the succubus continues to suck off Lorelai ...

    Barrier Spirit: 6/10 Turns left. 6/10 Mantra on Melissa.

    Next Round:

    Lorelai: 1 turn on Adrenaline Boost, 6/10 Mantra. Unable to attempt escape!

    Pleasure Roll:

    Flesh Teaser: 185+651=836 vs. Lorelai: 105+56=161+50=211 (PLEASURE!)

    Once more Lorelai can feel as Flesh Teaser expertly sucks her off closer and closer to an orgasm, unable to get free from it or stop her from pleasuring her. Lorelai suffers 45 pleasure and her spirit soaks up the other 15. Her spirit has 340 HP left, while Lorelai has 22 Stamina left until she spurts in an orgasm. Lorelai gains 45 KP.

    Free Lorelai Attempts:

    Melissa: 146+116=262+2=264 vs. Flesh Teaser: 230+181=411 (FAIL!)
    Melissa: 146+438=584+2=586 vs. Flesh Teaser: 230+418=648 (FAIL!)

    Again Melissa is swatted away, letting loose a growl of frustration at her inability to save her new friend.

    Barrier Spirit: 5/10 Turns left. 5/10 Mantra on Melissa.

    Next Round:

    Lorelai: Adrenaline Boost GONE, 5/10 Mantra. Unable to attempt escape!

    Pleasure Roll:

    Flesh Teaser: 185+255=440 vs. Lorelai: 105+22=127 (PLEASURE!)

    Lorelai just can't fight the sensation of having her vulnerable girl cock sucked on, and it doesn't help that the succubus is very skilled at doing just that. Finally, the pleasure becomes too much even with some of it being reduced for her, and Lorelai is unable to stop her body from betraying her. Unable to pull free, unable to resist and not in control of how the succubus was going down on her, Lorelai's body finally reached it's threshold for pleasure. Her body strained against the restraints holding her in the chair, legs quivvering as the end approached, but she could do nothing to brace against it. Had her mouth been free, Lorelai probably would have screamed in pleasure as an orgasm tore through her, every little sensation triggering pleasurable responses in her body and mind. She could feel herself let loose her seed as she blew inside the mouth of Flesh Teaser, body shuddering as the succubus expertly milked her orgasm until she was dry. Lorelai was all too aware as she blew her pleasure that the succubus wasn't stopping, in fact she'd barely even come down from the orgasmic high before her mind registered that the succubus was still sucking on her, working her towards another orgasm as quickly as she could. Lorelai suffers 45 pleasure and an orgasm, while her spirit loses 15 more HP, leaving it with 325 HP. Lorelai gains 95 KP and has 98 stamina left until she has another orgasm.

    8 turns in Adrenaline Boost now! (Lucky she didn't orgasm while in that boost or she might have had even more issues. And your rolls SUCK.)

    Free Lorelai Attempts:

    Melissa: 146+756=902+2=904 vs. Flesh Teaser: 230+704=934 (FAIL!)
    Melissa: 146+636=782+2=784 vs. Flesh Teaser: 230+142=372 (FREE!)

    Melissa had gotten up only to watch in horror as Flesh Teaser sucked her friend off to an orgasm. A chill went through her as she realized how close SHE had come to getting that herself, and then her eyes widened as she realized and remembered the succubus wasn't going to stop! Growling, Melissa threw herself in again, only to get swatted away. Standing up and timing it right, Melissa charged again, and this time caught the Succubus unprepared. She barreled into her, slamming the Succubus away from Lorelai and finally freeing the post orgasmic woman!

    (Yay, Melissa FINALLY got her free!)


    1: Attack the bitch that sucked you off again.

    2: Lay there on the ground stunned at the sensation of being sucked off again. (Skips your turn).

    Ending Stats from rounds:

    Lorelai: 8/8 Turns in Adrenaline Boost, 5/10 Mantra currently. 1,135 KP total.

    Melissa: Barrier Spirit: 4/10 Turns left. 4/10 Mantra on Melissa. 118/126 MP.
    And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

    I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.



      Re: Lorelai (Zilrax)

      Deja vu all over again. Her struggling and bound in tentacles, and failing to get loose from them. Frankly what made it worse was she couldn't help but kind of enjoy being wrapped around by the sinuous masses. That didn't mean she wanted to be violated by this creature though.

      Sadly her struggles were for not, before it was the chair again, and her cock had returned. "Seriously, what is with the fucking cock all the time?!," she snarled before getting gagged once more and sucked and pounded all at once. Melissa did her best to free her but nothing was working, as the pleasure grew in her twisted loins. Oddly it felt slightly less effective.

      Her eyes wandered and she spotted N'gaasha, squirming and panting in delight, her armor slipped off, revealing her large breasts and her parted cloaca, revealing her large pair of serpent shafts and wet vent. She seemed to be rocking in delight obscenely, evidently able to share in Lorelai's pleasure, though she seemed far more into it than Lorelai was. Didn't help the spirit was clearly eyeing her like she was pretending Lorelai was the source of the sensation and was directly pleasing her.

      She shuddered as she was pounded in again and again, before she couldn't hold it any more as her muffled cry echoed the silent howl of the spirit as they both orgasmed, the spirit hosing the area in her spectral seed, while Lorelai's own disappeared down the gullet of the succubus. She didn't even get a chance to recover before the creature was pounding her yet again and forcing her into her maw.

      She whimpered before suddenly Melissa replaced the demoness in view as the tentabus was knocked off her, and Lorelai was dropped onto the ground again with a groan. N'gaasha's claw snapped its fingers in front of her vision, trying to get her moving, which Lorelai clambered to her feet in responsse too, panting a bit. "Deja vu indeed. Demoness grabs me, get's me off. Demoness dies. N'gaasha, put some damn clothes on. Least one of us can be not naked, and I rather not look at your mockery of gender right now."

      N'gaasha stuck her tongue out before reforming her clothes, claw swiping out as Lorelai got her concentration together, and launched her shots out at the demoness who had just raped her yet again.

      (Spirit Thrash x2. And yeah bad rolls is par for my course.)


        Re: Lorelai (Zilrax)

        Attack Roll:

        Lorelai: 225+606=831+50=881 vs. Flesh Teaser: 275+505=780 (HIT!)
        Lorelai: 225+295=520+50=570 vs. Flesh Teaser: 275+253=528 (HIT!)

        Lorelai seems to have more focus despite her body still trying to adjust to what had been done to it. She blasts Flesh Teaser with two shots, dealing 600 damage and her spirit does 600 more, for 1,200 total. Flesh Teaser has 1,950 HP left.

        Lorelai: 7/8 Turns in Adrenaline Boost, 4/10 Mantra currently.

        Grapple Attempt:

        Flesh Teaser: 215+611=826 vs. Lorelai: 180+631=811+50=861 (DODGE!)

        Lorelai manages to slip past Flesh Teaser's grapple attempt!

        Attack Rolls:

        Melissa: 130+557=687 vs. Flesh Teaser: 275+722=997 (MISS!)
        Melissa: 130+381=511 vs. Flesh Teaser: 275+660=935 (MISS!)

        Melissa badly misses both attacks.

        Melissa: Barrier Spirit: 3/10 Turns left. 3/10 Mantra on Melissa. FULL MP.


        1: Attack again!

        2: Get Funky and give up a turn?
        And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

        I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.



          Re: Lorelai (Zilrax)

          Her blasts struck home, knocking the succubi's tentacles off course as the creature tried to grasp Lorelai once more. Sadly it also knocked her aside of Melissa's attacks on the creature. Still, the creature could not take too much more of that.

          Lorelai growled and cast at the creature once more, launching her spirits darkness at her opponent as N'gaasha swiped out at the creature in sync with her "mistress."

          (Double Spirit Thrash away!)


            Re: Lorelai (Zilrax)

            Attack Roll:

            Lorelai: 225+30=255+50=305 vs. Flesh Teaser: 275+551=826 (MISS!)
            Lorelai: 225+392=617+50=667 vs. Flesh Teaser: 275+340=528 (HIT!)

            Lorelai hits with one attack, missing with the other and does 300 damage. Her spirit does 350 total, for a 650 total. Flesh Teaser has 1,300 HP left.

            Lorelai: 6/8 Turns in Adrenaline Boost, 3/10 Mantra currently.

            Grapple Attempt:

            Flesh Teaser: 215+478=693 vs. Lorelai: 180+266=446+50=496 (GRABBED!)

            This time Lorelai isn't fast enough, and she gets grabbed again!

            Free Lorelai Attempt:

            Melissa: 146+821=967+2=969 vs. Flesh Teaser: 230+20=250 (FREE!)

            Melissa shoves Flesh Teaser away again!

            Attack Roll:

            Melissa: 130+41=171 vs. Flesh Teaser: 275+NO ROLL NEEDED, FAILED!

            Melissa misses her shot, still stumbling a bit from the shove.

            Melissa: Barrier Spirit: 2/10 Turns left. 2/10 Mantra on Melissa.


            Same As before really.
            And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

            I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.



              Re: Lorelai (Zilrax)

              Lorelai hit one of her shots, but the tentabus ducked beneath the second and grabbed hold of her. She grimaced at the feeling of the sinuous lengths once more eliciting a reaction from her body. Fortunately Melissa knocked her loose, though the momentum kept her follow up strike from landing.

              Lorelai grimaced as she got her footing and fired again. "Just a little more, take her down! Sorry, as you said it's you or us, but you'll just get resurrected again anyhow. You won't remember any of this sadly. Maybe we can have a more friendly discussion when this master of yours bites the dust."

              She launched her Spirit Thrashes once again at her opponent with a grunt.


                Re: Lorelai (Zilrax)

                Attack Roll:

                Lorelai: 225+390=615+50=665 vs. Flesh Teaser: 275+351=626 (HIT!)
                Lorelai: 225+400=625+50=675 vs. Flesh Teaser: 275+240=428 (HIT!)

                Lorelai and her spirit deal 1,200 Damage, leaving Flesh Teaser with 100 HP.

                Lorelai: 5/8 Turns in Adrenaline Boost, 2/10 Mantra currently.

                Grapple Attempt:

                Flesh Teaser: 215+278=493 vs. Lorelai: 180+466=646+50=696 (DODGE!)

                Lorelai dodges.

                Attack Roll:

                Melissa: 130+757=887 vs. Flesh Teaser: 275+522=797 (HIT!)

                Melissa lands the killing blow! Both bodies literally vanish the second she did, leaving loot in their place.

                Barrier Spirit, 1 turn left.

                Both Women gain 5,100 XP. Both women are now level 3! 10 Stat points to spend (you choose where).


                Flesh Teaser: MAP PIECE!

                Succubus: Nothing.

                Lorelai spotted a Map Piece, and as soon as she took it, Cassidy appeared again.

                "Congratulations, you have found one of the many map pieces you will need to make your escape. I will now show you how to get through to the next area and avoid all the creatures this map shows are active here."

                They were transported to an area with an energy barrier and some kind of device that looked like it was ... well, to Lorelai it looked a lot like a fake pussy fused with a machine. Cassidy looked at it and frowned, turning to the two women with an apologetic look on her face.

                "This energy barrier can only be dropped when the device you see deems you to be worthy of passing. I'm afraid you must allow it to rape you until it's satisfied. I'm afraid I can't help you any further with this."

                Suddenly she was gone. Melissa walked up to Lorelai, placing a hand on her shoulder.

                "I'll do it if you want. One of us has to, and you could probably use a rest after what that Succubus did to you."


                1: Let Melissa do this and move on.

                2: Do it yourself then move on.

                3: Argue about it.

                Lorelai's Base Stats:

                Strength: 15
                Dexterity: 30
                Vitality: 17
                Energy: 53
                Intelligence: 45


                Strength: 25
                Dexterity: 30
                Vitality: 37
                Energy: 42
                Intelligence: 26
                And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

                I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.



                  Re: Lorelai (Zilrax)

                  (Melissa gains 5 str, 3 energy, 2 dex. Lorelai gains 2 energy, 5 int, 3 vitality)

                  Their strikes hit home, and the creature finally collapsed. However their bodies disappeared. Lorelai blinked then frowned. "So much for that experiment. Well, they'll be back I suppose. Thanks for the save back there. Ugh, can't believe I... Sired something on that creature. Well it never actually happened so at least that's a small benefit."

                  N'gaasha nodded, looking a bit huffy about that, like the four armed succubus had stolen something from her. Lorelai purposefully ignored the spirit on that one.

                  As they looked for things, they found a piece of a map of all things. "Huh, whats thi- Gah!" Abruptly Cassidy appeared as she looked it over, and informed them she'd show them how to move to a new area.

                  "Wait what new areas?," asked Lorelai, as suddenly they were somewhere new with a big energy field and some twisted looking device. "So this place is divided into sections? I can't help but wonder if being teleported to the next area makes it redundant or convenient to have this map..."

                  She looked at the rape machine as they were informed someone had to sacrifice themselves to it to pass on. Melissa offered to take this one, and Lorelai considered it. "Mmmf, given the shape it's going to pervert our gender again. I'm half shocked that they didn't permanently change us like that, given the sheer level of things that just put it on us again. In any case it;s until the machine is satisfied. I doubt it's capable of actual sentience so it probably judges by how much one... Fills it. Evidently I'm a bit of a quick shot though extra fertile, so it might be better for me to do it. Though I could be wrong."

                  She mused a moment before sighing, "I don't much like the idea but I'll let you do it. I'll do the next one I suppose. I can turn around if you want the privacy."


                    Re: Lorelai (Zilrax)

                    Melissa nodded at the suggestion of rotating them, though shrugged about the privacy.

                    "Darn spirit will be watching any way, and I suspect our captor is. Doubt there is any privacy here in this place."

                    Walking up to the machine, it seemed to do nothing for a moment before suddenly, just as Lorelai had guessed, it sent out magic to make Melissa a futa. It also seemed to YANK her right into it, nearly slamming the Norn's head into the energy barrier. Then it started working, though Melissa made no sounds at all. Though she said nothing or made no sounds, the way her leg muscles kept tensing told Lorelai the trap definitely was doing it's thing to the woman. After a while, it finally let her go, the futa cock vanishing ...

                    Random KP Gain: 5,038 (not bad).

                    ... and they found themselves in another new area, devoid of life fortunately. Melissa quickly collected herself, nodding that she was ready to go to Lorelai, though for the moment she said nothing.


                    1: Move On (Talking Optional)

                    2: Wait a turn and see how's she's doing after THAT.
                    And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

                    I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.



                      Re: Lorelai (Zilrax)

                      "Yeah... Sorry bout that.," sighs Lorelai, glancing up at N'gaasha who is sharpening her claws on a spectral file. Lorelai blinks and grimaces. "Seriously, where do you get all those things of yours?" N'gaasha just smiled enigmatically.

                      The sound of flesh smacking made Lorelai look back as she saw her norn companion snatched up by the device and worked over, making her flush in embarrassment as she looked aside a bit. Melissa may be fairly nonchalant about the privacy matter but it didn't mean she wanted Lorelai watching either.

                      Melissa was surprisingly quiet, even while being raped by a machine. Maybe it wasn't that good? Or maybe Norns didn't have all that strong pleasure centres. Norn biology wasn't her department. Or was it? It was like there was a fog hanging over her past, she could remember general aspects but the details were elusive. Sometimes she'd latch onto a fact, but later it'd slip away. It was frightening.

                      The sound of Melissa landing on the ground again broke her from her musings, and she hurried over to her friend, helping her friend up, though the large woman was more likely to pull Lorelai down rather than her pull her up.

                      She seemed rather quiet, and Lorelai didn't want to embarrass her, so simply laid a supporting hand on her arm a moment, before continuing on with her. Time to see what this new region held in store for them.


                        Re: Lorelai (Zilrax)

                        Melissa remained silent, evidently having nothing to say regarding the situation, but Lorelai did notice her eyes seemed to be scanning the land much sharper than they had been earlier. Looking up, she saw why.

                        The entire area, as far as the eye could see was lined with what appeared to be grave markers. Melissa's fists clenched several times, and when she did speak, it was with a barely controlled rage.

                        "All these markers ... I wonder if they are for the former inhabitants of this place, if there ever were any, or ... if these markers represent those unfortunate to have been trapped here before us and those who have fallen. So many of them, there must be thousands. Ugh, what is this?"

                        The two women suddenly stepped in what seemed to be mud or something, slogging through it until the ground was solid again. Grimacing, Melissa kept moving when suddenly things went to hell for both of them.

                        Melissa Parasite Debuff: 9: Disrupts the energy flow you rely on for special abilities, causing your class specific skills to become non-functional for five straight turns. 5/5 Turns.

                        Lorelai Debuff: 7: Distracts you from being as effective with your attacks by clouding your mind, causing you to do only half the normal damage you would for five straight turns. 5/5 Turns.

                        Both women suddenly felt strange, and looking down they realized they were rapidly growing dicks! A strange mass seemed to ooze over their bodies, forming these cocks, and then the warning of the parasite flashed into their minds, at the same time they realized why they felt strange.


                        1: Try to pull it off NOW! (Chance to be attacked while doing so).

                        2: Move on before something catches you like this and hope to find a safe spot.
                        And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

                        I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.



                          Re: Lorelai (Zilrax)

                          Lorelai frowned as she saw a vast array of grave markers. She frowned as she observed them all and listened to Melissa's distaste on the matter. "It's possible though given what we know of our opposition they are less killers and more conquerors. They seek to make their opponents their own rather than destroy them. These markers may in fact be just a psychological intimidation. We can't be certain if they are fake or real. I understand your anger, but we mustn't make too many assumptions."

                          She brushed some dust off a gravestone with a sigh. "Not that these would be the first graves I've had to tread upon. In any case, we've next to no information, and our opponents for the most part are not very chatty. Pity. Understanding what makes them tick would be a great boon."

                          They soon trudged through a more mucky area, Lorelai grimacing as she went. "Mud. Pleasant. Should forage soon again as well and get fresh water. If there's any to find amidst the graves.

                          After they emerged though she started to feel strange, her stopping and frowning. "Wait, something feels off... Ungh, my head, wha-"

                          She looked down as some oozing mass had attached itself to her groin, becoming a shaft on her once more. A parasite of some nature, and it appeared to be trying to cloud her mind. Glancing over, Melissa had grown a sizeable shaft of her own on an already significantly larger frame.

                          "Ugh, again with the gender nonsense Why does everything want me to be a man! Why aren't they just kidnapping men then, or something! Makes no damn sense! Damnit all. There's been no place safe to hide, we've clear views of the area, relatively, let's get rid of them, quick!," she snarled angrily, before doing her best to pry this thing off her, steeling herself for the likely discomfort and pain.

                          (Trying to remove!)


                            Re: Lorelai (Zilrax)

                            Removal Attempts:

                            Lorelai: 105+74=179 vs. Trap: 250+ NO ROLL NEEDED. (FAIL!)

                            Melissa: 154+596=750 vs. Trap: 250+311=561 (REMOVED!)

                            Melissa manages to remove her parasite, wincing in pain as she does. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be enough as Melissa still has a cock!

                            20/20 turns left before Melissa returns to normal!

                            Lorelai is unable to remove her parasite, and it seems to dig deeper into her body. Removing it now is going to be impossible, she realizes she will have to wait a little bit before she can try again. 3/3 turns before she can try again, 4/5 turns remaining on her status ailment. Unfortunately while they were occupied, enemies came rushing in!

                            Enemy Encounter:

                            Level 3 Humanoid Plant: Accuracy: 180. Evasion: 160. Capture: 160. Sexual Attack: 180. Magical Defense: 100. Speed: 160. Stamina: 150. Pleasure: 40. HP: 600. Weak vs. Fire.

                            Level 5 Demonic Bug: Accuracy: 175. Evasion: 175. Capture: 185. Sexual Attack: 190. Magical Defense: 175. Speed: 175. Stamina: 170. Pleasure: 35. HP: 700. Weak vs. Cold.

                            Level 4 Harpy: Accuracy: 205. Evasion: 185. Capture: 195. Sexual Attack: 210. Magical Defense: 125. Speed: 185. Stamina: 165. Pleasure: 45. HP: 700. Weak vs. Physical Attacks.

                            Level 3 Virago: Accuracy: 190. Evasion: 180. Capture: 180. Sexual Attack: 185. Magical Defense: 150. Speed: 180. Stamina: 135. Pleasure: 45. HP: 600.

                            Initiative Rolls:

                            Plant: 160+151=311 (Last)
                            Bug: 175+571=746 (1st)
                            Harpy: 185+560=745 (2nd)
                            Virago: 180+457=637 (4th)
                            Lorelai: 190+302=492 (5th)
                            Melissa: 148+512=660 (3rd)

                            Grapple Attempts:

                            Bug: 175+116=291 vs. Lorelai: 190+143=333 (DODGE!)

                            Harpy: 205+598=803 vs. Lorelai: 190+539=729 (GRABBED!)

                            Lorelai dodges the first enemy, but practically walks into the arms of the Harpy, and she is quickly wrestled to the ground.

                            Melissa casts Mantra of Speed, knowing they will need it here. She has 76 MP left.

                            Attack Rolls:

                            Melissa: 130+820=950 vs. Plant: 100+309=409 (HIT!)
                            Melissa: 130+755=885 vs. Plant: 100+629=729 (HIT!)

                            Melissa hits with both spells and KILLS the plant instantly, leveling the odds out some. She dealt 600 total damage.


                            1: Try to escape (and follow with a summon+attack or try to escape if successful)

                            2: Get ridden by the tight Harpy.
                            And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

                            I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.



                              Re: Lorelai (Zilrax)

                              Lorelai struggled with this strange... Thing on her, but to no avail, wincing in discomfort as she felt it practically burrowing into her flesh. She'd need to wait for now. Melissa had far more luck, but evidently it still left her with an ample supply of fertile Norn flesh between her legs as of yet. Lorelai really hoped it wasn't permanent, she had been joking before. Though if it was she supposed she'd just have to manage.

                              N'gaasha suddenly appeared however, waving her arms to get Lorelai's attention, before pointing away from them. Lorelai looked, and cringed at the timing as a small army of twisted creatures suddenly emerged from amidst the graves. "Wha? How the hell did we miss them coming?!"

                              She didn't really recognise any of these creatures. Some sort of humanoid flora, a twisted looking insect, and two feather winged women of diminutive size. She cringed a bit as the visions, or memories, flashed through her mind. What foul timing.

                              The bug and one of the feathered women were quick. Ducking to the side of the insects lunge, she bumped right into the feathery creature. She was surprisingly powerful for being such a little thing, and oddly dense for a flying creature. Unfortunately that also let her force Lorelai down as she swore, struggling to get up.

                              Fortunately Melissa was still moving, and swiftly beat the plant thing into mulch, as she called upon her speed chant for the two of them.

                              "Hmph, reasoning is worthless with everyone out here I am told. Pity. Nevertheless I can hope someone will prove me long. So flutter off before I feed you to my snake.," growls Lorelai at the harpy as she struggled to dislodge the feather bowling ball atop her. N'gaasha grinned predatorily down at the pair, though it was hard to say exactly who she intended it for.

                              (Struggle! If escape, casts Barrier Spirit on Melissa and Spirit Thrashes the bug. If she still has a second action, she follows up with calling the Frost Spirit and Spirit thrashes the bug again.)


                                Re: Lorelai (Zilrax)

                                Escape Rolls:

                                Lorelai: 105+341=446 vs. Harpy: 210+45=255 (FREE!)

                                Lorelai manages to get free! She casts her barrier spirit on Melissa, losing 75 MP but placing Melissa in the protected status. 10/10 turns on Barrier Spirit (300 HP).

                                Attack Roll:

                                Lorelai: 250+278=528 vs. Harpy: 125+736=861 (MISS!)

                                Lorelai misses!

                                Grapple Attempts:

                                Bug: 175+729=904 vs. Lorelai: 190+268=458 (GRABBED!)

                                Lorelai literally is TACKLED to the ground as the bug leaps at her, it's cock like thing brushing against her legs.

                                Harpy: 205+365=570 vs. Melissa: 148+86=234 (HIT!)

                                Melissa is protected by the spirit, which now has 250 HP left.

                                Attack Rolls:

                                Melissa: 130+680=810 vs. Virago: 150+400=550 (HIT!)
                                Melissa: 130+744=874 vs. Virago: 150+500=650 (HIT!)

                                Melissa lands both attacks and KILLS the Virago, seeming to be in a groove right now.


                                1: Try to escape the Bug.

                                2: What's bug sex like?
                                And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

                                I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.