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    Forum Game: Adopt an Uruk - Daycare of War

    Greetings everyone! It's finally here! Good ol adoption of war. I'll get right into it, making this first post into a source you can use to understand what you're doing and how you can do it.


    Just like last time, Adopt an Uruk is centered around your one uruk (and this time, his friends!) in his quest to become the greatest uruk around and likely die trying. Unlike before, there's far more tools available to you now to help you on your quest. Every day after you post, there will (maybe) be an update showing the results of your uruk on his quest. For good or ill. After seeing the video, you will use my preset list of commands to give your uruk direction for what he should do next to become the Overlord. But first, let's start with your objective.


    The objective of Adopt an Uruk is no longer the same as it used to be. You're aiming for far more than a warchief now. Your uruk will start off as a lowly captain, and your objective is to gather a group of friends (NPCs and players!) and use them to infiltrate, spy, and betray the defenders of the keep in order to ultimately lay siege to the fort of the region and claim it! You must see to it that your uruk survives to fight the overlord and win, taking the fortress for his own! Other players can choose to assist you in the matter as well! Points are given to players for having their uruk become either Overlord or Warchief, but the lion's share goes to the Overlord! Players can simply be happy with what they've got, or they can betray their Overlord after a seige in order to try and claim status of Overlord! It's a game of power, friendship and betrayal, all to have your baby uruks become the strongest diapers in town! AIM FOR THE TOP! KILL EVERYONE IN YOUR WAY!

    How to play

    If you are new to this game (and since I'm starting fresh, you will be), all you need to do to start is post here, asking for an uruk! The format will change however, in how it's presented. This time, I will have all of your information contained in a google doc, and it will possess far more detailed information about the game and where you stand in it. But more on that later. For now, all you need to know for how to play is that you simply need to post a simple command from a list provided to you in this post, or in your google doc, with slight information on what each command does. Whether those commands are successful are entirely dependent on your Uruk. However! This time you've some added help! You each now have your own personalized Wraith to help protect your uruk! I'll give an example of how to use all this information, starting with your list of commands.

    • Fight: Your uruk will depart to challenge an unknown uruk to level up.
    • Recruit: Your uruk will challenge an unknown uruk to weaken so your Wraith can claim him. (Does not consume Wraith Power) (Max Minion #=18 / # of PC's)
    • Send in a spy: Your uruk will send one of his minions to become a traitor towards a warchief guarding the fortress. (You must have one free minion)
    • Gang Fight: Choose one Uruk to lead the attack (He will be the one who levels up), while the others of your choice ambush the same random Uruk!
    • Assist: You may choose to assist another player's uruk in their Fight related action. He won't level up, but this can be a way to forge friendships!
    • Launch a Seige: You may engage in the final battle at any time... Even with only one Uruk. When you do, you will be allowed to purchase various siege upgrades at a steep cost. More on that later.

    Free Commands

    These commands can be used freely, unlike the above.
    • Send Wraith: If you choose to send your Wraith, he will assist all allied uruks in your scene. If he lives, he cannot be used for 1 turn. If he dies, he cannot be used for 3 turns.
    • Training: If you have earned any training orders from purchases, you may use them on your main uruk only.
    • Deploy Uruk: If you have an uruk on standby, you may deploy them to assist you if there is room.
    • Change Wraith Equipment: Alter your Wraith's equipment set.
    • Spend Wraith Points: Give your Wraith upgraded skills so that he'll perform better! You get 1 point every Odd Level and 2 Points every Even level, starting with Level 1 (More on skills and points later.)
    • Purchase Uruks w/Training order, or Purchase Wraith Gear: 1500 Dosh for A box-o-uruks and 750 for Wraith gear.

    Other Info

    Glossary of Uruk Traits

    Just post in here that you wanna play and an Uruk will be delivered to you!

    I'll be taking one again. Hopefully it will go better than last time.
    Weiss pdf


      Let a new future Overlord be born! (I'll take one )


        Day 0:

        Ryu's Uruk has survived execution after being removed from Overlord!

        Fmokou has adopted a new uruk: Mogg Maggot-Nest!

        Theguy has adopted a new uruk: Bolg Iron-Fist!

        You may now command your uruks, using the commands above! I'll make the docs soon, but your wraith starts out with level 35 equipment, and no skills.


          Bolg shall fight some Orc's to level up.


            Day 1:

            Fmokou's Uruk goes recruiting!

            Theguy's Uruk leads another uruk into a trap!

            As well, I've created Doc Links for you both. They're both a long list of information about you, your level, your uruk, and his allies as well as information about your wraith. Declare all actions here and they will be reflected on the sheet, such as expenditures of Skill Points.

            Kaguya's Sheet

            The Guy's Sheet


              Gahh, its only felt like 3 days since I last replied. Bolg shall recruit more for his horde!


                Yeah, sadly interest has vastly dwindled since last time. I'm more than happy to run this for a smaller population of people though.

                Also, don't forget to do your other free actions, like allocating those Skill Points so your everhelpful wraith will behave how ya want him. (protip, elements that enrage your uruk(s) are a good thing!)


                  Day 2:

                  Bolg tries to get a guy

                  Mogg tries to get a guy


                    I want Ushak to recruit Ar-Gul Dwarf-hater with Mogg's help. Sell the sword you got and take the upgrade Quiver of souls and Bestial Rage.
                    Last edited by Fmokou; 22nd November 2017, 03:20.
                    Weiss pdf