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The everyday life of a Neko Miko

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    The everyday life of a Neko Miko

    So I’ve read many a CYOA and come to two conclusions.
    A: I want to have a go
    B: None seem to cater for those who prefer the more petite girl. (Seriously, C is the smallest bust I’ve seen )
    Now, perhaps it’s just author preference, or maybe there isn’t a proverbial market for it; I don’t know. But I’m going to address both at once. No reason not too eh?

    In the future I’ll likely give more choices if I ever make a second but with a story outline in my head I hope it’s at least apparent/becomes so, on why some things about the character designs are not optional in spite of the fact they usually would be.

    It’s also only fair to warn people, I don’t shy away from ‘grim’ situations in my writing and this may occur as a result of choices. It is also possible to get ‘bad ends’ and a flat out game over from death if really bad choices are made.
    On the flipside there is an ending lined up if people get to it with her virginity intact (yes I know, Hentai forum, shush )

    Our protagonist is the eldest daughter of the Miyashiro shrine, a mixed race Felim and human. Unlike her late mother she looks more human than feline except for her ears and tail, slightly pronounced canines and sharper nails, neither are really serviceable as weapons sadly.
    In spite of her almost-human appearance she still suffers the same sort of reaction from people as a ‘savage were-cat’. (were-cat being a derogatory term.)
    She’s never met one other than her mother, whom she barely remembers, but she fears that Felim would also look down on her for her heritage.
    authors note: for mental image sake think of the ‘little bit beastly’ trope for her and the race ’cute monster girl’ although the race is half male

    Her father never told her the details, but she has figured it was related to his marriage to a Felim that put her father at odds with the nearby town, the Patrician particularly. Not overly noticeable until the passing of his second wife during childbirth, a noblewoman and mother to her sister. She was a loving woman who treat her like her own daughter in spite of her heritage and the fact the marriage had been an arranged one. At this point the town basically ostracised her, other than the guild where she finds work, almost nobody seems willing to spare more than a few words if they can. Her sister gets a relatively warm reception however; she’s never really thought about the reason but is glad he hasn’t had to suffer unlike her and her father.

    The shrine was built on this site many centuries ago to enshrine and appease a deity enraged and rampaging after an event little is known about other than the destruction it wrought. It became known as ‘the sundering of Umbra’. A great empire that ruled the known world from the continent of umbra was suddenly devastated overnight, only an archipelago of islands remains, the new Umbra imperial capital is built on giant bridges that connect them. While her father was alive the shrine was a point of interest for many travellers due to its origins and history. The shrine itself is located on an island a week’s travel from the capital.

    Since her father’s passing the number of people who came for its blessings has dwindled and donations all but stopped. The shrine as a result has become dilapidated this is one of two reasons she joined the guild to get money. The other is the Patrician.

    But before we get to that there are some things to clear up.

    1) Priestess Miyashiro and her sister need names, very important.
    2) the main colour(s) for their outfits, largely cosmetic but I’ll use people’s colour schemes for their dialogue colour to make thinks simpler in large text updates. Or at least something close too. As such anything that’s unreadable/nigh unreadable such as white or yellow are illogical.
    For example as a Miko traditionally it would be red & white or blue & white.
    3) I’ll give some options here
    a) mc’s bust size, choose between AA and B (this will help me gauge what I mentioned before)
    b) mc’s weapon of choice. Katana, Naganata (a glave like spear) or bow. All three will also get a tanto (single edged dagger) for tight quarters.
    Mechanically this translates to better damage, defence bonus or ranged.
    c) Sister’s bust size, no more than a D, let’s not be silly about this.
    d) Sister’s hair colour, natural colours only.
    e) Sister’s alchemy focus, offence, defence, medical.
    More on the alchemy later, I’ve given enough backstory for one post :P

    Bios will be posted upon completion of votes.

    If anything needs clarifying feel free to ask.
    Likewise suggestions or comments too, I'm not the sort to freak out over constructive critasism.

    Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

    Catgirls? Attention gotten.
    Small breasts? Done! Say no more! Consider me interested. :P

    As for your preliminary warnings...

    Anyway, onward to choices:

    1) I am terrible with names, so I'll abstain unless/until someone else posts ones I like as well, which I'll edit here to support.
    2) I guess since they're Miko's just stick with the basic, Red/White for one and Blue/White for the other. Which is which doesn't matter to me. Although, allowing for more unique and varied hair colors (you mention 'natural' only a bit later, which may be a bit limiting) is a good way to pick character-text color as well.
    a) I'm fine with both, but I'll go with AA for the MC.
    b) Naganata.
    c) C for the MC's sister.
    d) Abstain
    e) Medical. MC gets hurt in scaps/training with her naganata, loving sis fixes her up.


      Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko


      1.) Miyashiro Mikoto and Miyashiro Uminoko
      2.) May as well stick to tradition.
      a.) Flat. There would be a link here, but this is my first post...
      b.) Naginata
      c.) AA
      d.) That kind of really dark brown that isn't quite black but is usually called black.
      e.) Medical, it's good to help people.

      Hopefully this is done correctly.
      Apologies for not being online much at all lately.
      Pardon my language, but [s]fuck cancer with a spork.[/s]
      Dad's cancer dealt with... hopefully permanently. Now just being buried by work.


        Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

        When you mention her virginity, does that include her anal virginity, or just her vaginal virginity?

        1) Main character: Mariko; Sister: Aoi
        2) Main character: red & white; Sister: blue & white.
        a) B (big enough to avoid people making jokes about how flat she is and at the same time small enough to contrast her sister)
        b) Bow (I am a fan of ranged combat)
        c) D (for contrast with her sister)
        d) (Raven) Black
        e) Medical


          Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

          I'll just make a few clarifacations.

          as for xkgf's point, I would keep sex and anything goreish seperate. Guro is a proverbial 'boner killer' for many I realise and somthing I personaly avoid like the plague. I'm sure as a result people don't want to read about a cute miko getting litteraly fucked to death by a spike or somthing equilly brutal.
          An example of a death causeing situation could be along the lines of being infront of a line of archers and critically wounded and refusing a demand to surrender, so they open fire. A natural responce after all.
          I'd prefer not to have an abrupt ending, certainly not from one bad choise thats not overly obvious that it's bad for your health.

          The sister isn't a Miko, technically anyway. Anyones whos seen an anime with protagonists helping out will realise that 'part time Miko' is apparently a thing.

          As for virginity type? I didn't really think about it. I'll consider this, I had a scene in my head but in retrospect getting that far cherry unpopped might be a bit too harsh. Not that thats the only potental good end.

          And I may not have clarified before, the setting itslef is more western, just this place happens to have a miko shrine for "reasons".

          A quick thing about the alchemy, it's more 'Atelier series alchemy' than 'D&D alchemy', so some shenanigans may ensue.

          Are you a fan of Hyperdimention Neptunia perhaps moonblack? Just the way that was phrased.

          I'll make a start on the bios I think, but I'll wait for a few more votes/a bit longer for any other imput befire finalising them.

          Well crap, that spike things stuck in my head now.

          edit: If that changed anything people would have voted for whatever reason I don't mind edits, I'll reread all votes when I tally them.

          Further note: when i meant choose between AA and B I meant the spectrum of AA THROUGH B.
          I just fail at English apparently and only clicked on a moment ago when I checked. Let that me a lesson to me to read everything in my head to check clarity before posting.
          At least I realised now and not from a badly worded major decision.
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            Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

            Due to low vote amount I will leave the votes open a bit longer, might break a few ties after all.

            A decideing vote on the names though might be useful, I can't use 3rd person pronouns forever.
            Current proposed names are:
            Mariko and Mikoto for the MC.
            Aoi and Uminoko for the sister.

            Do be clear if you are voting for the previous questions though. I've failed at basic english once already in this thread.

            Although medical alchemy is a clear victor so I'll take that now.

            Before her stands a bounty board on the outside of the guild office, looking at the job posts, only two remain at the moment.
            She muses for a moment about how peculiar this would look in her father’s homeland, a shrine maiden looking for work. “What in the hells is wrong with that pig-bastard” she fumes internally
            He claims her father owes him money for a ‘valuable product’ he allegedly stole.
            Unfortunately he is the law around here and she cannot oppose him, not without proof to the contrary anyway. His assistant managed to convince him to accept instalments rather than him initial intent of ‘repossessing the heathen shrine lands’, partly in reminding him of the "darling little sisters" relations. He would not go below 100 gold coins a week.
            “100 gold coins” she shakes her head “for 5 gold coins, we could eat for a week.” Admittedly not well, but rationing and foraging has been a trick they have had to learn. At least it has proven useful for alchemy. By selling poultices and the like to adventurers and villagers day to day expenses are taken care of. This means she can focus solely on getting the weekly amount and of course, Shrine affairs. Although, rebuilding it will have to wait and next to noone ever visits.
            This thought path lead to her mother, banished from her home for her alchemy practices something she’s never quite understood. Alchemy helps people doesn’t it? He musings were cut short by a stranger stepping up beside her and reading the remaining two notices. If she wants to be the one to choose she’d better do it quickly.

            Goblin bandits attacking merchants
            100 gold coins for quelling the threat. A bonus is available to slaying the chieftain, inquire within.

            Fish populations alarmingly low.
            Unknown cause, 100 gold for identifying the cause (proof needed) bonus available if cause is dealt with.

            a) Take the goblin hunting quest, that’s a flat weeks pay for killing a few bandits and the reward sounds tempting.
            b) Take the fish quest, low food supplies is a major issue for the town; it pays just as well and might not involve fighting. At least not creatures of such reportedly low hygiene.
            c) Both sound like a bad idea, find another way to earn cash, you still have a week. (state how)

            m) any minor actions.
            This option will generally be around and I will try to use any that are popular/make sence situationaly and of course are not contridictory.


              Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

              I'll cast my vote for Mariko and Aoi for the MC's and Sister's names, respectively.

              As for which job to take, I vote for B, the fish quest. We're a catgirl, after all. Can't have the fish supply running low. :3
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                Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

                The mystery of disappearing fish leaves too many "fishy"-related puns for me to ever consider voting anything but B.


                  Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko


                  I'm curious about the fish quest. I've seen goblin hunting quests before, but this is the first time I see a fish-related one. Plus I'm curious what sort of complications there will be (because these things are never as easy as they seem at first).

                  P.S.: I've only seen the "Hyperdimention Neptunia" anime.


                    Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

                    OK, first Bio is live.

                    Yes there is a 'slight' heresy considering the race. But I have something that should be amusing lines up as a result at least
                    (At least I'll find it amusing, i can only hope others do too )

                    There is no immediate panic until she's introduced but the issue of the sisters bust size is the only matter that lacks any form of agreement.
                    A consensus would make sketching her a good deal easier.

                    Due to a clear consensus on the quest thing, the next update will be written sometime after I wake up.
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                      Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

                      It was a no brainer, Merchants can hire guards if the issue persists, however fishermen cannot live without an income.
                      Fish may be the vile spawn of the underworld but Mariko isn’t selfish enough to let that cause a famine.
                      Even if the town is full of jerkbags letting them starve is not acceptable.

                      “I’ll have this one” she says taking the note and heading inside to register the quest.

                      The stranger simply nods and says “Very well”
                      Upon seeing him properly he is tall, slender and fairly handsome, although his pale skin, white hair and red irises stick out like a sore thumb.
                      His equipment however is a long black coat with a high collar, plain black trousers black gloves and a long sword at his side.
                      As she walks inside she hears him mutter “Goblins, a possible lead” as he takes the slip.

                      Inside she walks straight up to the counter where Max stands; he runs this branch of the guild, an ex-royal guard before he lost his leg to an infected arrow wound. Rather than retire he used the money to fund opening this branch to help attract adventurer types to help protect his hometown. He’s only local who still treats her well in the town.
                      He loves kids and has tried numerous times to start weekly classes to improve education but they always run away from him.
                      Mariko supposes it’s the way his moustache twitches when he talks, it makes it look like it will leap free from his face any second, although she hasn’t the heart to tell him as his sickly sister loved it.
                      “This job please”
                      “Ah the fish issue. I’m glad someone’s taking that, as an island town a shortage of fish is no small issue.
                      As stated information is low but we have somewhere that’s worth checking out first.”
                      He passes a map
                      “The area marked is where the river emerges from the mountain, as the river fish seem to be the worst hit Eve figures it’s at least worth checking out.”
                      Mariko hesitates “The patrician’s assistant? That guy issued this?” she asked, trying to resist the urge to burn it considering the nature of the mission
                      “No, Eve did it herself. She’s kind of an ice queen but she does what’s best for the town. Realising the issues between you and our Patrician upon completion I will request she meets you here for the debriefing, I doubt she will object as I do believe she hoped you’d look into it. Here’s the form by the way”

                      As Mariko takes it and starts to fill it in a familiar and rather annoying face appears. It’s Cecil, a hyperactive, loud and rude rookie adventurer from the capital who takes it upon himself to bother her every time he sees her.
                      With his blond spiky hair, mail armour and Claymore he’s the very embodiment of the stereotypical adventurer. Unlike Max however, Mariko has pointed this out to him during one of his talks.
                      “So the kitty is taking the fish job? Sounds appropriate” he laughs
                      Mariko’s only response is a scowl and to slam her Tanto hilt into his kidney. Just hard enough to hurt but not injure.
                      Through the pain he says “Still not up on jokes I see” He turns to Max “Old man, here’s the mission item.”
                      “Excellent I’ll take this to the client upon closing and as soon as he confirms the authenticity of the relic you will receive the payment as stated” The relic is a statuette that looks like bat person with tenticles for a face.

                      The stranger steps forward at this point, surprising everyone as no one noticed him enter "a curious statuette, where did you find it?”
                      “Sorry man, I can’t reveal my source. Bad for business”
                      He clearly looks displeased “very well, I will push no more”

                      “Here’s the form Max. I’ll head out as soon as my preparations are complete.”
                      She starts to leave the building.
                      “I’ve been meaning to ask, why you don’t use a bow. It seems more suitable for your small frame”

                      There is almost an audible snap as Mariko’s temper start to boil. The stranger and Max quickly step away from Cecil who looks at them both confused.

                      1)A) Kick his ass.
                      B) Ignore the twerp, he may not have meant it to be rude.
                      C) As B, but because he’s not worth it anyway.
                      (motivations help script future events and see how much/little rage people want in her dealings )
                      D) Other (state)

                      Authors note: Marikos anger here is because it sounds like he’s either implying she’s physically weak, taking a jab at being short and using a long weapon to compansate or suggesting smaller busts make for better archers; a comment that shows up in anime from time to time. Assume whatever you prefer.

                      After leaving Mariko looks at the clock tower, Aoi asked her to pop back before she sets off but it’s still a bit early what should she do

                      2)A) Do something around town (suggest what)
                      B) Do something out of town (Suggest what)
                      C) Return early

                      High time I added this.


                      20HP 5EN
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                        Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

                        1 - C (he's not worth making a scene - at least not yet)

                        2 - C: Return early and ask Aoi if she has heard anything about the fish problem or if she needs anything from the area where Mariko is going


                          Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

                          Yeah, I agree.

                          1) B and/or C
                          2) C


                            Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

                            C and C it is.

                            Mariko considers teaching the brat a bit of respect but rapidly decided he's nether worth the potential trouble or damage to Max's establishment. And walks out without a further word.

                            After she has left and is out of earshot the stranger says to Cecil "Well, you are impressively bad at dealing with women"

                            After looking at the clock tower she then decided that there is plenty she can be doing at the shrine and decides to head straight back.

                            Being a clear and warm day the trip between town and the shrine is a pleasant "one, she has never seen a bandit on these roads and rarely any monsters.
                            Mariko as a result makes sure to tend to the roadside shrine at the crossroad to ensure the safe travel for all who use it. Perhaps she should build one near where the goblin bandits strike she muses.
                            After a half walk past the wildflower meadows, listening to birdsong she arrives at the foot of the shrine steps, hesitating for a moment she can smell an aroma like sour milk. Concern quickly passes better odd smells than the occasional explosion that happened while Aoi was still learning.
                            "The fact she learned entirely from mothers old still impresses me, it's all gibberish to me" she muses and she ascends"

                            Shrine layout, spoilered for size

                            Out of habit she checks the donation box as she passes, nothing. Not really a surprise, afterwards she heads straight to the side building where the sisters live.

                            "Not blowing up my shrine today i trust?" she jokes.
                            Aoi puts on a pouting face "It was just the one explosion."
                            "A week, for eight months. But that seems to have stopped since you stopped trying to make mining explosives."
                            "it seemed like a good way to make money supplying the miners” she shrugged. But that was before Mr Max set up the guild here. You're early though, they need to simmer for a while longer"
                            "I'd offer to help, but my interference WOULD blow something up, so I'll leave it to the expert.

                            "I took this job today, here’s the map, to you need any regents from this area?"
                            "lets see, ah yes in that area near the water on the trees grows the phelogos...A blue mushroom with red spots, you can't miss it.
                            Although I see this mission is about fish...."
                            Aoi says failing to hide her smirk.
                            I need to ensure they aren’t planning to overthrow the land walkers. comes the reply with a perfect poker face.
                            Sounds to me like you just want to eat grilled fish later.
                            But, fish aren’t fit for human consumption.
                            If you say so. Aoi says with a wink.

                            Aoi was never actually told why exactly Mariko suddenly started to hate fish one day due to how young she was at the time.

                            NSFW Flashback

                            How shall Mariko kill some time?

                            A) Rummage through the shrine storage room, organising as she goes.
                            There are some dangerous things; but there are also some amazing things from her ancestors wandering days. Mariko just makes sure to keep armed these days. It also needs to be done eventually to prevent risk to other generations.
                            Not necaseraly during the CYOA.
                            Her father’s other weapons are kept here and can be swapped whenever Mariko is at the shrine.
                            Only one selection at a time though for encumbrance reason
                            B) Train
                            Burns some stamina and gain a little exp.
                            C) Take a bath
                            Passes time
                            D) Other (suggest)
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                              Re: The everyday life of a Neko Miko

                              A - so that we'll have some idea what's there.