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    Re: Lurker Wars (Story Only)

    Chapter 17 - Wins and Losses

    Sinful lay there, the sound of a small explosion could be heard not too far away. She chanced a glance. The Lurkers were just standing there, some were sitting down either on the jeeps themselves or on broken walls, their commander though also heard the noise.
    “Looks like the trap was set off,” He signalled a few Lurkers to go check it out. As they turned the corner their bodies flew back riddled with bullet holes.
    “What the fuck!?” The commander shouted out as he saw both Primarch and Ili come into the square. “Shit, more troublesome pests.”
    Both Primarch and Ili ran through the nearest Lurkers with relative ease, cutting a path through them aby gunning them down. Taking advantage of the distraction Sinful gets up and throws one of her knives at a Lurker, it buries itself in his head and she runs at his falling body snatching up his machine gun she fires at some more Lurkers.
    “Shit, its Sinful. I didn’t realise she was still alive!” Primarch says over the sound of gunfire.
    “Who?” Ili says as he reloads and fires at two Lurkers who run at him and Primarch. They do a backflip as Ili shoots them in the head.
    “You’ve got to be shitting me. You don’t know Sinful?” Primarch leaps as a grenade is thrown at him. The explosion takes out the supports of a balcony and it comes crashing down. “She’s one of the ex-Lurkers, but she’s on our side of the battle.” Primarch runs up to one of the Lurkers and smacks it in under its jaw with the barrel of his SPAS-12. He pulls the trigger and blows its head clean off.

    Realising that Sinful was still alive the commander orders the Lurkers to subdue her, so that he may have his way with her later. Several Lurkers run at her, Sinful ducks as one makes to grab her, and withdrawing her other knife from its sheath she plunges it the Lurkers stomach, blood gushes out washing over her hand and the blade. She twists it and pulls, the Lurkers intestines fall out and it collapses to the ground. Not stopping there Sinful slashes at the next nearest Lurker, though this time the Lurker dodges her attack with ease. Unperturbed by it, Sinful does a sweeping kick bringing the Lurker down to the floor where then she unloads the remaining clip into the crotch of the Lurker. His screams of pain echo throughout the square as its genitals are made into pulp. As his manhood is laid to waste, the bullets push upwards to his insides, turning them too into pulp. Finally the clip is emptied and the Lurker lays dead in a mess of blood and pulp, its face contorted in pain.
    Turning to the other Lurkers Sinful picks up the recently killed Lurkers machine gun and runs towards them. They ready themselves for her attack, she pulls out a grenade and pulls out the pin. She throws it at them and with expert precision she shoots the grenade as it passes their heads. It explodes, killing them instantly as their heads are blown to pieces. Sinful runs through the smoke and flame straight at the commander, seeing her assault coming, he pulls his arm back and as she comes out of the smoke he swings at her, his fist connecting with her head. She flies back from the impact, landing on her back she slides several feet across the floor.
    “AHAHAHA! You think to best me in close combat?!” The commander jumps down from the jeep and walks towards her. “So be it. I’ll be your opponent. But keep this in mind; once I have beaten you you’ll forever be my slave, your body will belong to me and as such I’ll do whatever I want to it. Not many women of the city are left to be caught. Such a shame AI had to perish. A Regular would’ve made a fine addition to my collection. Though there is always Chibi. And I can forgive those other Lurkers for raping Rapture before I got the chance if they can get her back.” The commander grabbed Sinful by the collar of her uniform and head butted her. Again she went flying through the air and landed on her back on the floor.
    “Y-you bastard,” Sinful sputtered out as she got up, machine gun still in her hand. “Treating us like toys for you to collect. We’re more than that!” She ran at him shooting, he dodged every bullet with apparent ease and as she got closer to him he thrust his knee into her stomach. Sinful fell to the floor and threw up.
    “That’s because all you women ARE objects to be collected,” He took a cloth out of his pocket and threw it to Sinful. “Now hurry up and wipe your mouth. I cant have you covered in vomit if you’re going to be in y collection.”
    Sinful stood up and swung at the commander. He dodged and grabbed her arm.
    “Now, now. We cant have you being violent towards your new master.” He squeezed her arm tightly, his grip was like a vice ready to crush her arm. Sinful wouldn’t let him make her scream in pain even if her arm was broken.
    “Oh come now,” The commander said as he saw her face screwed up, trying now to utter a sound. “Let me hear you scream. I promise I’ll loosen my grip if you at least utter a painful sigh.”
    “F-fuck you,” Sinful utters, as she plunges the knife into the commanders side. He releases her and grunts in pain. Blood pours out of the wound as she moves back and withdraws the knife from him.
    “Think that was funny do you?” He says to her, his face no longer calm, it was now contorted with rage. “I’ll make you pay for that. You’ll wish I kill you after the raping you’re going to get.

    Primarch and Ili were both surrounded by about fifty or so Lurkers, Doc Holocausts body rest against a wall not far away.
    “Bastards,” Primarch said, he and Ili were back to back. “Looks like the fuckers were waiting here.”
    “Don’t worry, we’ve handled worse before now,” Ili said, holding two HK USP’s.
    They stood there, the Lurkers circling them. Several broke ranks and rushed at them, Primarch and Ili both took aim and blew them away, the rest of them then ran at them. Primarach and Ili separated, running into the crowd of Lurkers and fired at them. Lurker after Lurker fell, Primarch and Ili both dodging each bullet fired at them, though at several points it looked like Ili was going to be hit. Soon the Lurkers that had surrounded them led on the floor, riddled with holes and blood pouring out of them.
    “Not too shabby,” Ili said reloading his guns.
    “Don’t drop your guard!” Primarch growled at him as he too reloaded his weapon. “Theres still some here and no doubt more are on their way.”
    Primarch was right, as they finished reloading more Lurkers rushed them, they were easily defeated as well though they were starting to run low on ammo.
    “Crap, if this continues we might very well be dead next,”
    “Calm down Primarch, we can always use their weapons,”
    Now that only the commander remained Primarch and Ili could relax somewhat. It looked as though Sinful had it under control. Though that wasn’t for long. As if the death of the Lurkers had signalled them, a few hundred Lurkers and Trolls came rushing in, tearing the place apart.
    “FUCK!” Primarch shouted out as they all came flooding in, trampling the dead bodies. “Shit, this is too many. No way can we handle this much on out own.
    “Primarch, you got any plans?” Ili said, he too was now worried for their safety.
    “Plans?! I never expected just us two to be facing this many fuckers!”
    “You guys look like you could do with some help,” A familiar voice called down. Primarch looked up.
    “Shit, is that you Nunu?” Primarch said in surprise to the new arrival. “And who is that with you?”
    “Him? Just someone I picked up in prison,” Ryu aimed at the most crowded area and fired a rocket. It hit its target and some seventy Lurker and Troll bodies were blown up, rubble flew all over the place shattering windows and hitting other Lurkers and Trolls.
    “Think he’ll be of any use?” Nunu pointed to Ryu jokingly. Nunu jumped down off the building and into the middle of the enemy. It withdrew its blade and proceeded to cut them down, blood splattered everywhere, coating both Nunu and its blade.
    “What are you waiting for?” Primarch called to Ili as he ran into the crowd, gun fully loaded. “You’re not going to let Nunu beat us to the kill?” Ili followed Primarch into the crowd.
    Ryu sitting there looks at everyone fighting. “Dammit, I cant use any rockets now. Oh well.” Ryu jumps down from the building and swings his rocket launcher at the nearest Troll. As it makes contact with the Troll, its skull shatters spraying the floor with bits of skull and brain. Ryu then follows them all into the crowd, randomly swinging his rocket launcher.

    “THIS IS MY BATTLE!” The commander shouts at the newly arriving Lurkers and Trolls. He lunges at Sinful, the wound apparently not giving him any trouble. They both lunge at each other, Sinful using her combat knife and the commander just using his fists. The commander dodges Sinfuls initial attack, countering with a blow to her stomach, she slid back slightly, the damage of the attack softened by the armour she wore underneath. Again she lunged at him, this time hopping to the side and swiped at him. And again he dodged, though only just managing to, he swings at her again, this time missing as well. They both continue their attacks, Sinful slashing at the commander, and the commander throwing punches at Sinful.
    “Do you really think you can keep up with me?” The commander said mockingly to Sinful as he dodged yet another of her attacks. “You’ll be mine in no time if you continue on this way!”
    Sinful ran at him, this time ducking as he swung at her and sent her head up into his jaw. The commander went flying into the air and landed on the floor several feet away. She ran after him, but as she got close he spun around, his legs catching hers he brings Sinful to the ground. He quickly gets up and kicks her in the stomach.
    “Thought you could beat me did you, BITCH!” He screams at Sinful, now coughing up some blood. He kicks her again, this time she slides across the concrete and rolls on her back. Sinful coughs up more blood and sits up just as the commander delivers yet another blow to her, this time to the arm that held the knife. She let go of the blade as his kick connected, screaming out in pain. “Yeah, like that. Scream like that for me!” He continued kicking Sinful, each blow delivered hitting another part of her.
    As the commander swung his leg at Sinful she made a grab for it, pulling him back down onto the floor. She leapt on top of him and began pummelling him, her fists flew at him at an alarming pace, though he blocked most of the attacks. As her punches slowed the commander took the opportunity to push her off of him and leap onto her.
    “HA! How do you like it?!” He pulled his arm back and sent it full force at her, though Sinful caught it just before it connected to her face. She kicked him off of her and she got back up.

    Primarch, Ili, Nunu and Ryu all stood amongst the seemingly endless amount of Lurkers and Trolls, oblivious to the battle between Sinful and the commander.
    “Shit! How many of these fuckers are there?!” Primarch shouted out. He had abandoned his SPAS-12 for a machine gun as he was out of ammo for it.
    “Calm down Primarch,” Ili called over to his comrade. “I’m sure the rest will be here before long.”
    “Don’t count on it,” Nunu called over to the two. “I didn’t see them anywhere near here before me and Ryu arrived.” Nunu quickly ducked as a Troll leapt for it, it turned around and plunged its blade into the Troll, blood spurting out of its wound.
    Ryu was randomly swinging his rocket launcher around caving in Lurker and Troll skulls alike. On several occasions he had almost hit Primarch though.
    “Yo, watch where you swing that fucking thing!”
    “Sorry, its kind of hard to keep balance even for me when I use this as anything other than a rocket launcher,”
    “Well just make sure you don’t take my head off by accident,”
    “Calm down you two,” Nunu said as she passed them both, slicing down several Trolls that were about to attack them. “Really, do you need me to hold your hands as well while we’re in this fight?”
    The four of them continued to battle Lurker after Lurker, though it seemed as if the battle would never end.
    Suddenly, without warning Nunu swung its blade and it connected with another. The shadow stood amongst the crowd, its blade against Nunu’s. They looked at each other for a moment before pulling their blades back. They both stood there, their blades readied. Nunu was the first to attack. It ran at the shadow, its blade slicing across the concrete, sparks fly as it swings upwards. The shadow blocks the attack and counters with his own. Nunu, expecting the attack ducks, and dives its shoulder into the shadows stomach. Pushed back somewhat from Nunu’s dive, the shadow pulls its blade back and thrusts at Nunu, again Nunu dodges the attack and makes another swing at the shadow. This time it didn’t even bother dodging Nunu’s attack, instead it swings its own sword up and blocks its attack. The shadow kicks out at Nunu, who in turn leaps back to dodge the attack. The shadow rushes Nunu before it has the chance to react and swings at it, the shadows sword drags across the ground, grazing it with the tip of its blade and as it swings up Nunu hops back a bit more right into a Troll. The Troll turns around and the shadows blade thrusts into its face, and slicing upwards the Troll drops to the ground.
    Nunu runs through the crowd, swinging at the Lurkers and Trolls to make its path clear, the shadow gives chase, leaping from the Lurkers and Trolls it cuts down towards Nunu. The shadow leaps at Nunu, tackling it to the ground, Nunu plunges the hilt of its sword into the shadows stomach, pushing the shadow off of it. They both get up and rush at each other again. Their blades clashed again, this time they didn’t bother with the ‘pleasantries’ of swordplay. Now they got serious. They back away from each other and, readying themselves they lunge forward, their blades slicing frantically through the air, almost a blur, though none of the hits connected to their target. Nunu backs off again and the shadow chases after it. The shadow drops backwards and, going with the momentum it goes into a sliding kick, knocking Nunu off its feet. The shadow springs back up as Nunu falls down and lunges its blade downwards towards Nunu’s face, who just manages to roll out of the way. Nunu goes into spinning kick and catches the shadow with its feet, bringing it to the ground. Nunu is already on its feet as the shadow gets up, as it rises from one knee Nunu strikes again. Again their blades clash. They stood there, blades grinding against each other, staring each other down. It had begun to rain, first a light drizzle, but it soon became a heavy downpour.
    “You’re pretty good,” Nunu said, its face mere centimetres from the shadows. “But you’ll have to do better than this if you want to best me!” Pulling back its free arm, Nunu sent its fist into the shadows stomach. The shadow reeled back from the blow, and without hesitation it leapt at Nunu, kicking Nunu’s blade out of its hand. The shadow ran at Nunu and grabbed it around its neck and slams it against the floor.
    “Go on, kill me!” Nunu screamed at the shadow. Moving its face closer to Nunu the shadow let out a gasp.
    “Nunu?” It said in shock.
    “Yeah, that’s my name. What, you want to rape me?”
    “Aren’t you part of the Lurkers?” Nunu said, now confused by the shadows lack of action. It had even loosened its grip on Nunu’s neck somewhat.
    “Me? No, though Im not a part of the Regulars either,”
    Nunu reached up and lifted up a part of the shadows mask, revealing its mouth, smiling. The shadow quickly pulled it back down as Nunu was about to take the mask off completely.
    “Wait, I thought you were gone?”
    “Nope, but Im not here to help anyone by choice,”
    “Then why are you here?”
    “I have my own agenda to pursue. You guys just happen to be fighting the same people as me.” The shadow let go of Nunu and stood up, holding its hand out to Nunu, who accepted it. The shadow pulled Nunu to its feet.
    “So, I bet that suit comes in handy when you’re stalking people,” Nunu said jokingly to the shadow, adding a playful punch to its arm. They both ran back to the group, cutting down any and all Lurkers and Trolls, the concrete was now bathed in rain and blood.

    Sinful had been fighting the commander for what seemed like hours. Her body was bruised and aching all over, it seemed as if she was almost out of strength to fight.
    “See? Didn’t I tell you becoming a part of my collection was inevitable?” The commander said to her, laughing as she struggled to remain on her feet.
    “Id rather die than become a part of your so called ‘collection’!” Sinful shouted at him as she ran, knife grasped in both hands, she lunges at him again only to be easily dodged.
    “I cant kill you,” The commander says kicking her in the side which knocks her to the ground. “I want to enjoy hearing your screams, I want to break your resolve and make you a mindless doll that is willing to do anything for its master.”

    The battle had gotten pretty out of hand since Nunu had left their group, Ryu was occupied with Trolls, and Primarch and Ili had been surrounded by Lurkers. Both of them suffered bullet wounds, though Primarchs was much worse than Ili’s.
    “Shit! If this keeps on we both are going to die,” Primarch shouted over the sound of gunfire and screams of laughter from the Lurkers.
    “Don’t say that!” Ili exclaimed, shooting over Primarchs shoulder to get a Lurker that was about to attack Primarch.
    Primarch turned around and saw the shadow holding a machine gun, it was pointed at Primarch.
    “Shit!” Primarch dived out of the way as the shadow fired, bullets spewed forth from the gun and several Lurkers dropped dead, they were about to attack Primarch. Leaving the group to continue killing the Lurkers Primarch turned to Nunu.
    “Who the fuck was that?”
    “Just someone. But count yourself lucky its an ally in this battle.”

    The battle continued for some time, Sinful led unconscious on the floor, Ili surprisingly wasn’t injured further, though Primarch had extensive damage, it was surprising that he was still standing. Both Nunu and Ryu had suffered no damage.
    Walking casually to the battle, the commander called out to the Lurkers and Trolls.
    “Look alive! We’ll be going back soon, so kill them now!”
    Primarch turned to look at the commander. It was someone he recognised.
    “The fuck? We thought you died, yet you’re working with the Lurkers?!” Primarch ran at the commander.
    “What can I say? They offered me all the women I could ever want. You know how it is, I crave the attention!” As Primarch neared the commander, the commander thrust his foot into Primarchs chest sending him flying through the air. Primarch hit a wall and landed next to the Doc’s body. The commander ran at Primarch, and snatching a machine gun from one of the Lurkers he unloaded the whole clip into Primarch. Primarch led there, blood pouring out of his body.
    “Fuck,” He said as he coughed up blood. “Looks like this is the end for me.” Primarch turned to Ili. “Get the fuck out of here now!” He screamed as he grabbed the bomb that Doc Holocaust had.
    “Oh crap, you’re not seriously planning on using that are you!?” Ili shouted back, shocked at Primarchs actions.
    “Oh fuck yes,” Primarch said, breaking into a smile. “I’ll take all these fuckers with me.”
    “Nunu!” The shadow shouted as it ran towards them, blade grasped in both hands it plunges it into the commanders back and slices side wards. “Get out of her now, and take your partner with you!”
    “What?! This, this cant be happening!” The commander exclaimed as he looked down at his side, blood gushed out, his intestines poking through the wound. “I cant die! There’s too many women left to be my slaves!”
    Nunu grabbed Ryu by the back of his armour and leapt upwards, and away from the square to safety. The shadow ran towards Ili and it too grabbed Ili and ran towards Sinful. It grabbed her, and leapt out of the square, taking them back to the chatroom district.
    The Lurkers and Trolls looked around confused. Their commander had just fallen in battle and all of their enemies except one had fled.
    “Well, this is good bye,” Primarch said as he fiddled with the buttons on the explosive. “Burn in hell, mother fuckers!” He shouted as he hit one last button. A bright light, followed by an earth shaking explosion could be seen and felt all around the city. A mushroom cloud appeared where what used to be the square. Now all that was there was incinerated corpses and rubble. The surrounding area too was laid to waste, no remains of Primarch or Doc Holocaust were left. The rain continued to get heavier, as if it was crying for the loss of two Squad 13 members.


      Re: Lurker Wars (Story Only)

      Chapter 18 - Revival

      It tore the door open, throwing the steel plated debris at the workers. Immediately it lifted the first soldier, whose tag read, “Lurker - Class II” and snapped its neck in half. The soldiers opened fire, but to no avail. As they fired, the peeked into the room it came out of. Scientists everywhere were horribly mutilated. One of the soldiers watched as his comrades begged for mercy while the unforgiving monster proceeded to tear them in half. A surviving scientist crawled to the soldier and whispered in a raspy voice, “The creation… It was perfected….” before the monster crushed his head. The soldier stared in horror as the monster proceeded to pick him up as well. As he closed his eyes to brace himself for his impending doom, a crash in the laboratory caught both their attentions. A large chamber that was previously closed and hidden in the shadows had busted open. Stepping out was a slimmer version of the creature already out. The soldier’s eyes widened as the monster dropped him to the ground.
      The two beasts eyed each other, studying their strengths and weaknesses. As quietly as possible, the soldier slipped back into the laboratory, thinking they would have no reason to check there again. Peeking through the ruined wall where the door used to be, he watched with a dark expression on his face. The two monsters continued to face each other, until the more muscularly build one clenched its fists and drew its arm up. The slim monster immediately bent down and was ready to tackle it, but the muscled one whipped around to face a wall, and punched it down. The structure collapsed and dust flew everywhere. The soldier threw his hands to his face to avoid any dust to his eyes. The slim monster ran through the opening with lightning speed, while the large one took its time, destroying everything it saw.
      “What the hell have we created…” the soldier whispered to himself. He heard a door open and a scientist came out, scanning every nook and cranny of the room. “Doctor Gatorbait!” the soldier exclaims, limping towards her. Doctor Gatorbait was a captive of the Lurkers, who was found to be useful not only as a sex toy for the Trolls, but as a brilliant scientist. Her long brown hair reached her shoulders and was ruffled, as if she had been through a hurricane. Wearing a standard white lab coat uniform, it was evident that she probably had her fair share of experiments, judging from the various discoloring, rips, and holes.
      “Soldier! Report!” she said confidently. Taking off his bulletproof helmet, the soldier revealed his face. “Private Newbie, reporting!” he bellowed. Newbie stood taller than her, and with more discipline. His muscular physique was well toned and more defined than even the higher ranking officers. The serious eyes that rested in the determined expression that was his face could tell an entire life story. One that was filled with hardship and determination. The expression on his face, no matter which kind, would always show a hint of wisdom.
      “Two test subjects have escaped. One was a-”
      “WHICH TWO!?” she screamed, horrified.
      “Um.. One was a giant hulking body of muscle, while the other looked identical to the beast, only skinnier and much faster,”
      “Shit!” she yelled, punching the wall. Her hand started to bleed and she went silent, clutching her reddened hand. Immediately, Newbie’s toughened hands shot out and gently took the hand into his. Ripping a part of his shirt off, he wrapped the cloth around the hand until it was tightly bound to her hand, but left enough space to allow breathing room.
      “Are you trained in first aid or something?” she asked.
      “Nah. Just have a good head on my shoulders,” he responded, checking for any other injuries.
      “Any reason why you’re taking such good care of me?”
      “You’re the only survivor as far as I can see. Therefore, it’s no use if you die too,”
      “I… Guess so. Are you sure it isn’t because you want me?” she says, crosses her legs seductively. She wore a skirt that showed off her silky smooth legs.
      “Not at all, ma’am,” he says calmly. Without warning, he picks her up on his back, and sprints through the door.
      “Wha-?!” she exclaims as soon as she is hoisted up. Immediately, Newbie went through several twists and turns of the hall way without missing a single step. He expertly navigated to a large steel reinforced door.
      “Why are we at the exit?” Gatorbait asked.
      “The guards are dead. We’re getting out of here,” he replied with a rare smile.

      With inhuman speed, Arsonist sprinted, with flamethrower nozzle in hand, towards a crowd of Lurkers, knocking down several of them. Coming to a complete halt, it did a three-sixty, swinging the nozzle freely, and actually killing several Lurkers. As it spun, it pressed the trigger on the nozzle, encircling itself in a ring of fire. The surrounding Lurkers and Trolls screamed in pain as the fiery pain melted their weak flesh in seconds. The other Regulars tried to keep up, but Arsonist’s enhanced abilities had already cleared the sector.
      “Hm. The spell seems to have worked ten times better than I would have ever thought. Say guys, where’s Doc and Pri-”

      The wave of explosions had begun to catch up to the other districts. By now, the entire Everything Else board was annihilated to a blackened ground. The air had turned darker and the sky was raining down light ash. In all the other areas. Parts of every other districts were destroyed in the destruction. Its fiery clutches spared no one who dared stand in the way, crushing Regular and Lurker alike.

      Immediately, Momiji’s eyes widened. “PRIMARCH!” He screamed, completely forgetting about Ili. “PRIMARCH! NO! THAT SON OF A BITCH JUST HAD TO FUCKING GET LOST!” He shoves through the stunned members, knocking some of them down. “WE’VE GOTTA GET OVER THERE! HE’S ALIVE! HE’S FUCKING ALIVE! THE FUCKER CAN’T DIE! THAT MOTHER FUCKING PUSSY ISN’T A QUITTER! I..I-”

      The members quickly held Momiji back by securing his limbs. They had already figured Momiji went insane, so as gently as possible, Rule 34 rammed his knee into his solar plexus. Momiji puked out a bit of blood and gagged before his body jerked twice and fell unconscious.
      “Retard,” Rule muttered. “I’m not carrying him, you know that?” the others looks solemnly to the ground, as if to mourn for the loss of the next to members. “Is this like some sort of ritualistic killing that’s fated to happen!?” MMK shouted.
      “Maybe it’s karma,” Bob added.
      “Karma, eh?” Lucas replied.
      “Karma indeed,”
      “Karma see karma do?”
      “Karma karma karma hi, karma hidey hidey ho?”
      “Guys, shut up!” Slash bellowed. “We need to keep moving if we’re even going to have any of us alive in the end!”
      “He’s right, people. We can’t let some explosion stop the Regulars. We don’t roll that way,” Arsonist added. Its breathing was much heavier, almost as if in a crying fashion.

      The now agitated Squad 13 pressed forward with the new and improved Arsonist, making much better progress.

      The Shadow stood on the rooftop of a building far enough for the “Doomsday Cloud”, as it dubbed the explosion, to not be able to reach it. From time to time, it would encounter a stray Troll and make quick work of it. It watched the explosion at a better view, witnessing the spectacular flames engulf everything in its path. Thousands of the advancing Lurker troops and Trolls were swallowed by the unforgiving arms, but the ex-Lurkers that had banded together to fight were annihilated as well. The Everything Else district was going to be up for grabs as soon as all the dust was settled and the crying was over, the shadow thought to itself. Getting up, he heard a second explosion, much farther away from the Doomsday Cloud. The Main Lab down at the Demon Girl District, where the Lurkers conducted inhumane experiments and tormented their prisoners. With its interest captured, it drew its claymore and dashed towards the explosion.

      “How many more are there!?” Chibi screamed, firing another arrow into a Troll’s chest. Her and AI had reached the chatroom bar moments before the Cloud, and was giving cover fire for the entering ex-Lurkers. Shortly after they left the infirmary, they received a message from an old friend through their wrist-mounted communicators. Fallen Angel , who had taken lead of the ex-Lurker pack, had made the decision to plunge themselves into the war, as allies for the Regulars. Obviously elated to see that reinforcements had arrived, the two felt brightened, until the next message told them the ex-Lurkers needed to get into the chatroom and establish a second base next to it.
      Immediately, Chibi pinpointed the group’s location and relayed the message to AI, who cleared a path for them to enter. They were in the Demon Girl District, escaping the prison and had plenty of pursuers to worry about.
      Trekking to the prison, the two gave cover fire to the escaping prisoners as the Lurkers scrambled to return fire. The fight did not last long, as the Lurkers easily outmanned and outgunned the two, and they were forced to quickly retreat. The remaining escapees would have to fend for themselves.
      Meeting up with Angel, the three exchanged very brief reintroduction before being cut off by the gunfire. Thankfully, Angel had picked up a weapon along the way; a P90 from the body of what appeared to be a Lurker sergeant. Being one of the few ex-Lurkers exposed to regular gunfights, he took down the Lurkers who were after them.
      Shortly after getting to the base, the ex-Lurkers quickly occupied the abandoned building connected to the chatroom. The large billboard on the front read “IRC”. It had similar properties as the chatroom, but felt somewhat different to be inside. Disregarding all of this, the ex-Lurkers immediately got to work and began to make the building operational.
      Flipping switches and levers, Angel and the others made the dark and dusty building flicker lights until finally the computers lit up brightly and the lights shined brilliantly. It was there they saw the rations the Regulars had put into the building for emergencies. “They won’t mind,” Angel said, handing guns and armor out.
      Chibi stood on the roof of the chatroom and fired her last C4 arrow at the advancing Lurkers before she saw the building light up. Inquiry lifted her scythe and swept horizontally, slamming and slashing Lurkers everywhere. From the reflection of the bloody blade she saw the building light up as well. “They got it up and running! Retreat! Retre-”
      She was cut off by the explosion, where she could see the E.E. District turn into an enormous cloud of nothingness.
      “NO!” Angel screamed, loud enough for Chibi and Inquiry to hear from the outside. “SINFUL WAS IN THAT DISTRICT!”
      “What!?” Chibi exclaimed. She turned around to face Angel, who was outside the window, staring at the explosion. He quickly went back in to check on the computer“What do you mea-” she began to say before getting tackled by a Troll. She fell on her front, with the Troll wrapping its arms around her, in a bear hug fashion. Its hand covered Chibi’s mouth to muffle any sound. Chibi wriggled furiously as the Troll squeezed her tightly, especially in the chest area. Just because they were trolls did not mean they didn’t enjoy the feeling of breasts. A second one crawled to the building and grabbed her legs, caressing the smooth skin while still keeping her from flailing them. A third and fourth held her back down even more to ensure she would not move. A black portal appeared on the ground where Chibi was being held and she faced complete darkness. Her eyes went blank and the Trolls and her sank in. She screamed a muffled scream as a sixth came and pushed her head down to keep her from moving. As she began to accept her fate, the weight of all the Trolls were released. A whirl of slashes from a huge blade slammed next to her face several times, never connecting. She got up quickly and grabbed her bow, turning around furiously with the blade of the bow flying towards the last standing one.
      Inquiry back stepped, shaking her head. “That’s how you say thank you, I see…” she says, with her trademark sweat drop running down. “Sorry,” Chibi said, lowering her weapon to her hip. “That was just… Really creepy. They were all touching me and… It looked like they were taking me somewhere,”
      “Somewhere…?” Inquiry said, drifting off. “Yeah, some..where..” she said, slowing down after seeing Inquiry get quiet.
      The two stood there, having defeated the enemies, until Angel broke the silence. “Hey you two! Get back in here! I’m gonna need some help!” Chibi and AI walked into the IRC building and met Angel at the front. “Sinful told us that she was going to look for something in the Double E District and we all saw the explosion, right?” The two nodded. “Well apparently, she’s still alive. Come here,” Angel walked up a couple flights of stairs before reaching a room with rushing ex-Lurkers. Each of them carried a box, moving items around to keep the place tidy and functional. At the far right corner of the dusty room was a single functioning computer. Angel walked over and began to sift through multiple windows before reaching a map.
      “See that?” He said, pointing to a yellow blinking spot. “Apparently she’s somewhere in the Roleplay District, where the Regulars are as well. She’s with someone, but I can’t determine who. Either way, she’s safe for now. I need to send people over there. Can you girls help?”
      Chibi was already shuffling through the boxes, and pulling out a fresh supply of arrows for herself. “What’re we waiting for?” she said, stuffing arrows in her quiver. “She’s not going to survive for long if we leave her there,”

      “FALL BACK! FALL BACK!” Arsonist shouted to its comrades. The slim monster dashed right next to it and threw an elbow to Arsonist’s face. With inhuman speed, Arsonist tilted his body to the right, dodging the blow, and planted a heel to its stomach. The monster stumbled and gripped its stomach, while Arsonist began to run again. “Why the hell is there ANOTHER one!?” Slash shouted, slashing a piece of debris and kicking it at the new monster.
      Bob’s face turned into a cold expression as he shot at the hulking monster. “There’s a second one over here!” he radioed to his team. “I’m at the PBP District! It looks like Supersonic or something!” Lucas hid behind a piece of concrete and let loose a hailstorm of bullets, with no effect. “Bob!” he yelled to his friend. “Tell me again how we got separated with the squad!?”
      “Shut up! That’s how!”
      “The fuck is this shi-” Lucas began to say, before the bulky monster punched a building, leveling it and making it fall. “OH SHI-” the two said simultaneously, and barely rolled out of the way. “And how did WE get stuck carrying Momiji’s body!?”
      “I said shut up! That’s ho-”
      “MOMIJI!?” the monster screamed. “I’LL KILL THE FUCKER!” he said, drawing an even larger blade than before. It stood longer than a pickup truck and was thinner than a sheet of paper. “WHERE IS HE!?” it screamed, tackling Bob and picking Lucas up.
      “He’s… Over there…” Lucas said, pointing to a huge building on the other side of the district. Supersonic threw him to the ground and rushed to said building.
      “Let’s get the hell out of here!” Bob said, digging the ground to reveal Momiji’s body. Picking him up, the two sprinted to the RP District.

      “Who the hell are you!?” Rule 34 asked the monster as he fired a bullet from his custom Desert Eagle. His answer was a claw to the left leg. He grunted in pain, but lifted his right arm to brought his machete down to the creature’s head. It stumbled in pain, allowing the others to unload their bullets onto it. MMK dove towards the monster and unloaded his dual Browning 9MMs at it, before rolling to a halt and sweep kicking it. The monster fell, but quickly recovered by catching itself with its hands and flipping back onto its feet. It retaliated by throwing a flurry of fists at MMK so fast, he didn’t feel anything for the first four seconds. The creature ran past him and focused on Slash and Arsonist, who were charging towards him as well. MMK began to turn to stop it, only to cough out blood and collapse to the ground. “What… happened…” he whispered.
      The monster knocked Arsonist away with a cheap shot to the ribs and gripped Slash by the neck. “My name is Sonic. Pleased to meet you,” he said in a deep, but squeaky voice. Slash let out a little chuckle from the odd voice but reminded himself he was about to be killed and quickly pushed it out of his mind. With two katanas in hand, he stabbed Sonic in the chest multiple times. It bled green blood.
      Letting go, the blur that seemed to follow Sonic vanished. He was around eight and a half feet tall with almost no muscle, almost like a stick figure. . The only muscles that could be visibly seen was his legs, which showed off a slim and very well toned shape. His skin was pale to the point where it almost looked blue. His fingers were replaced with claws. He wore a long brown overcoat that reached his ankles and didn’t seem to make a sound when he moved. Bullet holes decorated the coat in all areas.
      “What the hell are you talking about?” Arsonist said, getting up. “Supersonic is dead!” Sonic threw another kick to Arsonist, who was prepared this time. Rolling out of the way, it threw a fist at the wound Slash had made, pushing Sonic back to the opposite wall. Rule 34 helped MMK back up and carried him to the battle. “I’m fine.. Just let me walk on my own,” MMK groggily said. Rule dropped MMK from out of the blue, who stumbled to keep himself up. “Bastard..” he mumbled. Sonic got back up and, with lightning speed, he palm striked every one of the Regulars, knocking them to the wall.
      “You aren’t very good fighters, are you?” he said with a cocky attitude. The only response he got was a rocket to the face. Sonic flailed wildly and covered his face in pain. On the rooftops was Ryu, with Nunu and Sinfulwolf behind him. Nunu ran down the building and drew its blade out. It reached the ground and ran to Sonic, who was bracing for an attack. Nunu planted its feet to the ground, allowing its body to slide. It stuck its blade out as it slid and impaled Sonic. Ryu ran down next, with Sinful on his back. Sinful pulled out her MP5 she found while rushing to the battle and fired as Ryu concentrated running down the building. They reached the ground and unleashed hell in bullet form on Sonic. “We’ll buy you some time,” Nunu said to Arsonist, offering its hand to help it up. Arsonist took the hand and got up. “There’s no time. We’re missing three of our members and this isn’t Supersonic. That means something else is hap-” it was cut off by a crackling of the radio. “DA! We gotta run!” Lucas said. “We lied to someone and now he’s chasing us!” The roar of a monster was then heard in the radio, followed by gunfire. At the same time, they heard it a couple yards behind them. Rule 34 ran to the sound, and a few minutes later, sprinted even faster back.
      “THEY’RE FREAKIN’ IDIOTS!” Rule 34 said through gritted teeth. He was followed by Bob and Lucas, who were carrying Momiji, while Supersonic ran after them. “RUN!” MMK screamed after seeing Rule running. He knew that if he saw Rule run, it was for good reason. The squad and Nunu, Ryu, and Sinful ran to the center of the district, where they would have more room to fight. Sonic, who was momentarily stunned at the time, saw his prey run and sprinted past them. Sitting down, he waited for them to appear.

      The shadow stood on top of a roof. It looked to the left, where it saw jeeps being deployed. It looked below and saw Sonic and Supersonic chasing the Regulars. Ili stood behind and said, “What’s happening?” After the explosion, Sinful agreed to go with Nunu and Ryu if Ili went with the shadow. After a short good bye, the two groups agreed to meet up in the chat room later.
      It pointed to the center of the RP district and said, “Can you shoot all the streetlights out?” Ili pulled his pistol out and fired perfect shots, taking every one of the lights out.
      “Alright. Why would you want to do that?” Ili asked.
      The shadow ignored the question and pointed to the benches. “Can you shoot the legs of those benches?” Again, Ili did as he was told and shot the legs.
      “Can you shoot the doorknobs of the buildings?” Getting confused, Ili shot the doorknobs as well. “Alright. Leave the rest to me,” the shadow said. It shuffled through its bag and pulled out a box. Opening it, the shadow fiddled with a couple switches, but nothing interesting happened. “Alright. Let’s get down there and help,” it said, closing the box.

      The group reached the center, only to be met by Sonic. Arsonist took no chances this time and dashed towards it, head butting the creature in the stomach. It took its flamethrower out and shot a single burst of flame at Sonic. Unaffected by the heat, it stood up, only to be knocked down by a rocket. Ryu ran next to Arsonist and nodded a “You’re welcome” to it. The explosion amplified the heat and made Sonic’s body burn. The coat burned to pieces and the result was a now charred skinned Sonic, who was pissed. It lifted both hands to begin an attack, but was stopped by a continuous shot of bullets.
      Ili stood at the entrance, pistol ready with its barrel letting out smoke. The shadow dropped down and dashed towards Sonic. Lifting itself to the air, it drew its blade and somersaulted, keeping its blade in front of it, and slammed the tip on Sonic’s head. Blood rushed down as the shadow dropped to a crouch. Driving the hilt of the blade into the monster’s ankle, it proceeded to give the other two a thumbs up.
      “What’d we miss?” it said confidently. The reunion was cut short as the roar of charging Lurkers was heard.
      “Heh.. You guys are fucked now…” Sonic mumbled.
      “Supersonic called for backup… Meet the Elite Lurker Task Force,” he said proudly, pointing to a huge crowd of darkness, rushing towards their location.


        Re: Lurker Wars (Story Only)

        Chapter 19 - Rejuvenation

        The Lurkers marched towards the battlefield with noticeable discipline. Not one of them faltered in any way. Each step they took shook the ground more and more, especially since they were nearing their destination. Lucas took no chances and immediately ran toward them, M249 PARA Machine Gun fully loaded and ready to meet Lurker flesh. Without missing a beat, he pulled the bipod of the gun down and dropped to his stomach, now aiming the gun. Closing his eye to line the other with the iron sight, he took a couple of test shots, each hitting a Lurker somewhere. Satisfied, he let loose a rain of lead into the charging Lurkers. His face turned from a silly smile to a sadistic grin that showed no compassion. The walls of the buildings quickly became a dark shade of dripping red, courtesy of the Lurker’s “kind donation” of their “natural paint”. However, there were noticeably too many still, as Lucas calmly told the group, “THERE ARE OVER NINE THOUSAND OF THEM!”

        Though they didn’t appreciate the joke Lucas made, the squad felt a sense of loss of hope. Never before were their more than nine thousand Lurkers, much less in a single area. “HOW LONG CAN YOU HOLD THEM OFF, LUCAS!?” Arsonist shouted, ducking a jab from Sonic. It monkey kicked Sonic’s left ankle, causing him to drop to a knee again, where Arsonist sprang up, connecting its knee to Sonic’s forehead. It sent him back three feet away and time to help the others. “SOMEONE NEEDS TO GIVE LUCAS BACKU-”

        It was cut off by a double fist hammer in the back. Arsonist dropped to the ground on its hands and knees, as Supersonic’s spectacular muscles throbbed. He grinned and proceeded to lift his leg up and step on Arsonist, but was met with five knives in his leg. Slash, with torn clothes from obvious fumbling for the knives, lifted his katana to point to Supersonic. “Try it again. I dare you,” he muttered demonically. Testing Slash’s patience, Supersonic smirked and lifted his foot again. This was met with two blades dug halfway through his leg. The two stood there, Supersonic in shock from the sudden attack, and Slash to try and push the blades farther in. Finally, Supersonic threw a punch at Slash, who easily saw it coming. With his third sword that was kept in its sheath, he pushed the blade halfway out with a single twitch of his thumb. The fist collided with the blade and split Supersonic’s knuckles in half. He roared in pain and ripped his fist and leg out of the blades. Huge gashes were left on them and dripped a generous amount of blood. At first, his face twisted in anger, but then relaxed into a sly grin.

        “You think you’ve won?” Supersonic bellowed. “You’ve been so focused on hurting me, you seem to have forgotten about your little friend there,” he said, pointing to Lucas, who was being held down by a Lurker.

        Lucas crushed one of the Lurkers with the butt of his PARA, spilling blood on his face. It ran down to his beard and neck. The momentum of the strike pushed the other off, which gave Lucas the chance to unload some bullets into its back. But as the Lurker’s life drifted away from him, the thousands of others that were marching towards Lucas had caught up. A group of them immediately knocked Lucas to the ground, pulling out their blades, each one varying from the other, with the desire to slowly and painfully impale each blade into him.

        The other Regulars were too far away from Lucas, and his body was already being hidden by the massive legions of Lurkers that were still pressing forward. As a result, nobody could see what happened next.

        The first Lurker, who was holding out two bowie knives, rubbed the tip of his blades gently on the Lucas’s shoulder. Lucas winced a little, still trying to shaking them off. He managed to flail his legs hard enough to kick one in the chest. This particular Lurker was holding a cutlass and was none too happy to be kicked by a downed opponent. With no warning, he grabbed the two legs, letting the feet meet together, and stabbed right through both of them. Lucas gasped in pain, then gritted his teeth. The one twirling the knives on his shoulder saw the opportunity to make a combo, and gently pushed the first one into Lucas’s left shoulder. He began to twist the blade a little as it sank slowly into him, slicing through muscle cleanly. The sinking eventually met up with the hilt, and he left it in the shoulder. Blood was flowing out of the opening of the wound, puddling on his armor and running to the ground. The Lurker grinned and lifted the knife on his right shoulder off. Lucas had his eyes closed to try to endure the pain and could only feel what was happening.

        The Lurker raised the knife up slowly, and the others saw what he was about to attempt to do. He rapidly plunged the knife into the other shoulder, which made Lucas pop his eyes open in total shock. The immense pain shot from his shoulder all the way down to the tips of his fingers, as he felt several nerves light on fire, in a sort. He tried to make a fist, and was greeted by the mind-numbing pain, and followed by the realization that he could no longer move any part of his arm. It was then that Lucas finally screamed. His echoing voice rang through the rest of the Lurkers and reached the squad. Their bones chilled as they began to breathe heavier and worry for Lucas. Supersonic guffawed in a very goofy sound without realizing he sounded like an imbecile. “Do you see, Regulars!? Do you see what happens when you mess with warriors like us!?”

        “The only warrior I see is a dead one,” responded a voice. Grabbing onto a powerline, he zipped down, firing his P90 at Supersonic and Sonic. Fallen Angel dusted himself off, and looked back to the roof, motioning for something else to come down. Sonic took this as a cheap shot, and dashed with his super speed towards Angel.

        He was quickly pushed back by four arrows that had suddenly protruded from his shoulder and chest. They directed their attention upward, where Chibi held her bow steady for a fifth one. Supersonic ran to the building and began to pound on the foundation. Chibi, having stood on the edge, began to trip on the ledge, and fell off, only to have saved herself by hooking her bow to the edge.
        A titanic scythe came down upon Supersonic, who used his forearms to block it. The blade sank into the flesh and got caught in the muscle. He howled in pain as the owner of the scythe struggled to rip the blade out. Antithetical Inquiry kicked him in the stomach hard enough to force the two out. “You little bitc-”
        “EXCUSE ME?” She shouted, her face fuming. She quickly regained her calm attitude again and said. “You obviously never have dealt with an Ex-Administrator…” Inquiry twirled around and look at the others, who were busy keeping Sonic from knocking Chibi off the building. “You guys will NOT, under any circumstance, interfere with this fight… He’s mine,” she said, licking her lips seductively, then grinning.

        Taken aback from the lip licking, he dropped his guard. Immediately, Inquiry drew her knife and plunged it into Supersonic’s rock solid abdomen. The barely got through the skin before the blade began to bend. He enjoyed the futile attempt of her attacks, and attempted to ram a knee into her stomach. However, just as she was powerful, she was extremely maneuverable. She quickly let go of the knife, leaving it where it was in his stomach. She twirled her hips to the left and dodged the assault. With the hand that held the scythe, she grabbed onto the knee. Like an acrobat in a circus, she swung herself by clutching onto the thigh and landed on to of it, where she quickly dropped into a crouch. Before he could react, she crouched even lower. With her body low enough for her head to touch the knee, she shot her leg out, her heel connecting to Supersonic’s cheekbone. The sheer force of her kick sent him flying to the ground, landing about three feet away from her.

        She jumped off immediately before Supersonic dropped his leg and, not taking any chances, ran to his knocked down self. She quickly raised her scythe, pointing the handle directly at Supersonic, and plunged it into his abdomen, precisely where the knife was. The knife dug much deeper, with the handle making a loud snapping sound upon impact. This time, Supersonic wasn’t laughing. Now he felt a burning sensation in his stomach, which soon turned into horrifying pain. He began to gurgle until he fell limp. Inquiry lifted the scythe up and slammed the blade into his heart for good measure.

        Wiggling the blade out, AI hoisted the blade to her shoulder and flicked her nose with her thumb defiantly at the body. “Who the fuck is next?” She growled, adrenaline still rushing. She felt a sharp pain in her back that seemed to bother her a bit. It grew more and more painful as she stood there. Finally, she looked down and saw her stomach begin to bulge. A claw burst from the indent and blood sprayed everywhere. She made a small gasp as Supersonic lifted her off the ground. With his other hand, he dug into his wound and ripped the knife out. AI’s legs dangled helplessly as Supersonic brought her closer to him. Her tactical suit began to turn a dark shade of red. He stuck his free hand out, where a spike began to grow out of the palm. It grew at about seven inches. He caressed Inquiry’s face, which was white with anger, and slowly slid it down to her neck. She shut her eyes tightly and tried to feel around for her knife. She found it, ripped it out of its sheath, and stabbed Supersonic multiple times in the stomach, each stab doing almost nothing.

        He chuckled at the futile attempts to attack him and shifted the claw slightly, which caused Inquiry to twist her face in pain. He pulled his other arm back, ready to deal the finishing blow, before realizing the spike was gone. “Wh-what!?” he stuttered, throwing AI to the ground. She scrambled to her feet, trying to ignore the screaming pain of her fresh wound.

        The shadow tosses the spike into the air and caught it a couple times, leaning on a wall. “It annoys me when people take their time to kill their prey…” it whispered. it threw the spike up again, but this time it jumped backwards and ran towards Supersonic, grabbing the spike as he dashed forward. With godlike reflexes, it hurled the spike at Supersonic, who deflected it with his claw. Inquiry took the chance and reached for her scythe. Still holding her bleeding wound, she held the scythe with one hand and sliced Supersonic’s left leg with a single swipe. He toppled over, face first, but rolled onto his back just in time to see the shadow dropping from the air, its blade flying down to his face.

        The blade drove through Supersonic’s eye, penetrating his entire eye socket and ripping through the back of the head. It slammed into the ground and impaled Supersonic to the floor, leaving him to thrash around in unspeakable pain. The shadow leaned to Supersonic‘s ear. “And unlike you, I know how to kill my prey,” it whispered. He grabbed the handle of the blade and with one tug, pulled it out sideways. The blade came through the other eye and splattered blood everywhere. It left the blade on the ground and, shuffling through his pockets, pulled out a medical bandage.

        It quickly ran to Inquiry and began to wrap the bandage around her torso, hoping to stop the bleeding. “You need to sit down,” it said, trying to get her hand off her wound. “You have no right to talk to me that way, even if you did just kill that thing for me,” she responded, slowly lifting her arm. After a few minutes, the wound was completely bandaged up, but the pain had not subsided. “What are you doing here?” she said in a raspy voice. She turned her head to look at the shadow, who was already sitting down. Lifting a canteen, it said, “Water?”

        She squinted at it, but took the canteen cautiously before chugging it down. She was a little surprised at how pure it tasted. Water around here was usually full of things that killed the poison the Lurkers kept adding, but it made it taste terrible. “It’s my own invention,” it said, pulling the Steyr AUG out of its holster. She wondered if it meant the water or the gun was its invention, but simply nodded in response. It lifted the rifle to its eye and looked through its scope. She continued drinking, with water now running down her neck and glanced at the general direction he was aiming. Right there was Chibi still hanging on, with more and more Trolls standing up. She choked on the water as she realized what it was doing. “Stop!” she yelled, but the shadow’s finger was faster than her. Pulling the trigger, a single bullet shot out, hitting a Troll in the skull. It fired quickly, making spastic movements to aim at a new target, knocking down more and more Trolls. She stopped and watched curiously at the shadow’s marksmanship. Though her own shooting was none to be ashamed of, it still had single shot on plus the shadow had a scope.

        It flicked its thumb, turning on the full auto mode, with each shot hitting a body part easily. This time, she stepped back in surprise. The rifle’s clicking told them it was spent, so the shadow dropped it. It handed Inquiry binoculars, who took it and looked for Chibi. She had scrambled back up and was already resuming fire. She seemed a little confused as to how the Trolls were killed, but didn’t seemed to worried about that for the moment.

        “Thank you…” she said to the shadow, who shrugged. “Why are you doing this? Who are yo-”

        “This isn’t our first date, Ms. Inquiry. You know these answers,”

        “The hell I do! Who are you?!” she said more forcefully.

        “I’m disappointed! You really don’t remember!” it said, starting to chuckle. Inquiry began to turn red with anger, but controlled herself so she wouldn’t slug it in the face. “Anyway, shouldn’t you be helping your friends?”

        “Shouldn’t you make yourself more useful than just sitting here?” she responded.

        It got up and sighed. Picking up its bloodied blade, it began to walk out. “Tell you what,” he said, “I’ll keep my end of the bargain if you keep yours,” She scoffed and said, “I plan to,”

        Undeed had finally gotten out of the godforsaken place with Gatorbait still on his back. “Where are we going again?” she shouted to Undeed, who was still running. “We’re going to see if the Regulars are more than just the ‘terrible killers with no compassion’,”

        He continued to sprint through, stopping only when he found a German Mauser on near a dead body. He paid no mind as to how an antique would be found at a place like this, and continued his trek to the chatroom. Sadly, the only way to get the chatroom was by taking the route through RP District.

        Arsonist blocked a roundhouse kick from the left and retaliated with a palm strike to Sonic’s chest. He stumbled back, but sidestepped the left fast enough to dodge a downward strike from Slash. With his blade still coming down, he slid his leg to the side and twisted his body, his arms following. The blade swung horizontally towards Sonic’s torso, who leapt into the air to avoid it. Arsonist saw the dodge and stepped on Slash’s back, using him to propel itself towards Sonic. It threw a massive left hook to the face and knocked Sonic to the floor. “Not bad,” he said, wiping a bit of blood from his mouth. He crouched down, his fists dangling freely. Suddenly, he sprang up and leaped seven feet into the air, stunning the two . They could only watch in bewilderment as Sonic came crashing down in a nose dive, with his fists ready to crush them. Arsonist was the first to return to reality, and pushed Slash out of the way. Sonic impacted the ground, making a crater the size of his fists. Slash recovered from the push my rolling back onto his feet. He pushed himself off the ground again, sword ready to spill blood.

        Arsonist scrambled back to its feet and faced Sonic again. “This is taking way too long, Slash,”
        “Well, we’re just trying to hold him off while the others find Lucas, right?” Slash replied, sidestepping from a punch.

        “True, but we should have killed him by now,”

        Ryu opened his launcher and placed another rocket in, “I’m out after this one, so you guys’ll have to take over!” he said, aiming at a building. “Friendly advice: Hit the deck!” he shouted, firing the rocket. The blazing flames that propelled the rocket caught everybody’s attention as it traveled to the building. The explosion wasn’t deafening, but it definitely woke a member or two up. Huge chunks of concrete and glass began to rain on the Lurkers below, crushing hundreds in that instant.

        “Alright, I’m out! I’m out!” He shouted, running back to the rest. The Regulars immediately opened fire at the Lurkers not caught in the massive destruction. It was Rule who was taking the opening shots first. He immediately aimed at the thickest group of Lurkers with his magnum, who seemed to have been piling up on something. His Desert Eagle had been customized to rip through at least three bodies, and didn’t fail this time either. His bullets tore through the horde until two of them were left standing. He wasn’t too worried about the Lurkers that were close by, as the others would probably take care of them. Unsheathing his hatchet, he hurled it at the farther one, sending the Lurker flying. At that instant, he drew his Desert Eagle at the same time and planted a bullet into the other’s head. With the two gone, he instantly saw a bloody body.

        “Lucas!” Rule shouted, sprinting towards him. He ripped the blades off and helped him up. Lucas batted his eyes before taking a breath in. “You alright?” Rule asked, getting Lucas’s arm around his shoulder.

        The only sign of life in Lucas was his short breaths, rapidly getting shorter. But a sudden flame lit up in his eye, and he grabbed his PARA. Without a word, he fired blindly at the remaining crowd of Lurkers, who were far too focused on the Regulars that were firing at the other side.

        “Are you nuts!?” Rule said. Lucas was slightly annoyed that they were able to swarm him so easily and so wanted to make them bleed. Ripping the hatchet out of the dead body, Rule sighed and said, “Alright.. Why not?”

        The Regulars began to fire blindly as well, as the remaining Lurkers began to diminish. MMK said to the others. “We need a miracle to take these guys out!”

        Ili’s eyes widened at the sound of this and a psychotic look crossed his face. Ignoring the gun fire, he ran headfirst into the crowd, with his Heckler and Koch USP’s firing wildly. Arms flailing now, Ili continued to fire endlessly at the crowds, stopping only to slip a fresh clip in. Seeing him as a threat, the Lurkers turned their attention to Ili. His response to his new attention was even more erratic movements and faster trigger fingers. Soon, Ili’s fury had tore through the entire defense and the army had laid dead. Ili panted for air as his face slowly returned to his normal expression. “So what now?” He asked, before noticing Lucas and Rule. “Guys! Those two are okay!”

        A little shaken up by the whole experience, the group cautiously approached Ili. “Well now that we have the whole group together…” Rule began.

        “That wall of debris won’t hold those Lurkers. They’ll either burst through that wall or they’ll try to flank us at the other ends. Chances are, it’s both,” MMK added.

        “Isn’t that Chibi up there?” Nunu said, pointing to a building. Chibi saw the point and waved to them. “What’s going on over the other side?” Nunu shouted to her.

        “Some of them ar-” she ducked as a bullet whizzed past her. “Some of them are going around! Others are radioing for backup over there! I heard the word ‘tank’ a couple times, so I think we’re in some pretty deep shi-” she ducked again as more bullets flew past. “I’m gonna need back up over here, by the way!” she finally shouted, before crawling out of view again.

        “You heard the lady. One of us get up there!” Nunu ordered.

        “Since when were you in charge!? I seem to recall that you never even joined Squad 13!” Lucas argued.

        “Well I AM more responsible. And plus I‘m pretty sure that I don‘t run into hundreds of heavily armed troops, guns blazing,” Nunu refuted.

        “I’ll go,”

        The group turned around, to see Momiji standing up from the rubble he rested on. His head was bleeding a little, and his M16 was beat up. Nonetheless, he had never looked more serious.

        Not wasting a second, Nunu dashed towards Momiji, picked him up, and scaled the building Chibi was on. Once there, it dropped him off, handed him an extra clip and a fragmentation grenade, and told him, “Godspeed,”

        “Pretty sure God’s not gonna like what I’m gonna do next,” Momiji muttered, clipping the grenade to his belt. “You say something, Mo?” Chibi asked.

        “It’s nothing,” he said, laying on his stomach now and aiming.

        Meanwhile, The others had begun to take point already. They split themselves up to help defend more easily, and that was when they realized Slash, Arsonist, and Sonic were still killing each other. Not wanting to interrupt, Rule used his radio to tell Arsonist, “Approaching enemy flank. Remove yourselves from the vicinity or kill him quickly,”

        Arsonist was gasping for air as it let Slash scrimmage with Sonic. “R-roger that,” it said. “Slash!”

        “Yeah?” he answered, roundhouse kicking Sonic on the side.

        “Follow me!” and with that, Arsonist ran through one of the alleys.

        Slash immediately stopped attacking, catching onto the plan. He threw five knives at Sonic, all of them stabbing into his arms. Sonic howled in pain and gave chase. “So where to?” Slash said, running side by side with Arsonist. “Far away. That’s all,” it responded, as they made their way out of the district and into a new one.

        The Shadow and Inquiry had finally gotten their way back to the group, only to be ordered by Nunu to take point. “Excuse me?” the shadow asked, annoyed.

        “I said, go take the pathway that leads to the JG District. AI, you can take the DG Distr-”

        “Excuse me?” Inquiry copied.

        “Come on, guys. Just focus. Unless you want to make their jobs easier by killing each other, we have to listen to each other,”

        “And when did others become you?” The shadow asked.

        “And when did you suddenly get involved with this group?” Nunu retorted.

        The three exchanged silent cold stares before a deafening boom awakened them. “Shit!” The shadow exclaimed. “Alright! Just this once!” it said, before dashing off. Nunu turned to AI. “Well from the looks of it, you don’t have someone assigned to you, Nunu,” she said, holding up her scythe. “I guess I don’t,”

        The two gripped their blades as tightly as possible, expecting to sprint towards the incoming group and slicing through. The next explosion, however, knocked them to the ground. The wall of debris had fallen. And on the other side stood,

        “Ex-Lurkers!?” Momiji exclaimed from the rooftops.

        Fallen Angel stood in front of the small pack of ex-Lurkers with a triumphant look on his face, clothes and armor bloody, with some noticeable cuts. He reloaded his P90 and said, “I’m pretty sure you called for backup,”


          Re: Lurker Wars (Story Only)

          Chapter 20- No.

          In the shadows of the alley way, Newbie had slammed a stray Lurker into the wall, holding his newly acquired Luger up to its chin. “So buddy. Hear any good gossip lately? I enjoy a good story once in a while, so make it interesting or we’re going to play a game,” Turning to Gator, he nodded his head, telling her to continue on. Being completely defenseless, Gator refused to leave without a weapon, and shook her head rapidly in response. Rolling his eyes, the soldier frisked the Lurker and found a fully loaded HK USP in a holster and handed it to Gatorbait. Instinct took over as she swiped the gun from her hand and quickly sprinted onward. “Chatroom’s just a couple yards there, right?!” she yelled to Newbie. Kicking some dust up, the rebel replied, “Should be, so I’ll catch up later!”

          Newbie turned back to the Lurker. He studied its face carefully, taking note of every detail and blemish on the skin. Before he gave the gun to Gator, he had taken a glance at the Lurker, who had on a face that showed a face presenting pseudo-confidence to deny Newbie the satisfaction of a sniveling coward to mercilessly kill. In truth, he was absolutely terrified, but the Lurker’s proud nature overcame all fear, despite his difficulty hiding his quivering lip and shaking body.

          Now the Lurker’s face dropped its mask and all the fear was evident in his face. Found your little ace in the hole, did I? Newbie chuckled to himself as he pushed the barrel harder into the chin, making sure to leave a nice indent on his skin.

          “So where were we? Ah yes. We were about to play a game,”

          “B-but! You said you were going to let me ex-”

          “Hush up, or you’re playing another round,” His cold voice rang into the Lurker’s ears. Having commanded Lurker troops, he knew what made them tick. A barrel to the head and a booming voice was all a person needed for a Lurker to cooperate.

          “Now then, I’m thinking of a number from one to ten. Guess,”


          “Hm. Lucky guess. You get to live for this round. But piss me off and we’ll have to play another round,”

          The Lurker swallowed at the sound of it. All of his boastful fronts had shattered at the cold monster in front of him. The cold monster… Who seemed very familiar. “Wh-what do you want?”

          “I heard there was a party set up for the Regulars….” Newbie began, gently. Where is it?” His voice twisted to a psychotic tone, pressing ever slightly harder into the chin. The Lurker winced as it began to poke his Jugular.

          “I-I.. I don’t know,” he stuttered out.

          “Where is it?” he asked again, more sternly.

          “Ahh..! I don’t know! I swear!”

          “Where is it?” He said, penetrating the skin, with drops of blood starting to run down the gleaming barrel.

          “ARGH! It’s in the DG District! We had orders to release the two super weapons!”

          Newbie stood silent, but kept the gun trained on the Lurker. Were those two behemoths that he almost died from the two super weapons? “And just what would those weapons be?” he asked to be sure.

          “W-well the first one are those two science mumbo-jumbo enhanced Lurkers!”

          “What do you mean ‘first one’? You just told me two of them,”

          “They’re just… Just one of the sets they have,” the Lurker replied, giving up all resistance to keep information from his interrogator.

          “A.. Tower…”

          “That’s what I said, yes. The tower is a stationary plasma cannon capable of obliterating entire districts in a matter a minutes,” Each word the Lurker said continuously became more and more confident.

          “How long has this been in construction!?” Newbie snarled immediately. His Luger rammed into the Lurker’s chin even further, almost hitting its tongue. The Lurker twisted violently at Newbie’s burst of anger. The blood that ran down his gloved hand smoothly slid down a single trickle. It gagged as it tried to breathe as Newbie unknowingly continued to kill him. Finally, Newbie ripped the barrel out, leaving a gasping Lurker on his knees.

          Without remorse, Newbie picked him back up by the collar and slammed him into the wall again. The recoil shook the military medals on his chest, finally catching the attention of the Lurker. “You’re… You’re-!”

          “I’m what? A Lurker? The captain of the Elite Task Force? One of the most highly decorated soldiers

          “B-but weren’t YOU assigned to post guard in the development for those Lurkers?!” The Lurker’s voice said, now receding back to its cowardly and stuttering remarks.

          “I’m just a hired gun,” Newbie retorted coolly. “We’re not done, though. What is this tower we’re talking about?”

          “It’s like a fifty foot launcher that fires a number of things… All I remember is one of them is a sound wave that can tear anybody within it’s radius to lose all sense of hearing and the other’s just a super cannon that can obliterate anything in the city,”

          “You sure seem to know what you’re talking about, so stop fucking playing dumb and start giving me answers,“ He growled. The whimpering Lurker shut his eyes as if to ward off the anger. Newbie seemed to get angrier at the Lurker’s cowardice and began to shake him violently. The Lurker curled himself up as much as he could while standing, which finally burned off the last of Newbie’s patience. The Lurker wanted to shut himself off from the pain? Fine by him. The Lugar was leveled to the bridge of his nose and gently pressed against it. Newbie felt a brief moment of satisfaction as he pulled the trigger.

          Ever since Rapture had arrived in the bar, it had been, “Move that box and unpack it there!” or “Find the coordinates to the Lurker squad in the MG district,” and frankly, it was whittling what was left of the thin thread she called patience. She diligently, but reluctantly, scanned through the Trashcan district for any stray Lurkers, when she noticed something extremely interesting.

          There wasn’t time to report to her superior, Angel, since he was out on the battlefield. She sighed and pulled her hair back, and with a rubber band, she make a quick ponytail. One that most female soldiers had it set up. She scanned the room quickly, and satisfied she was alone for now, quickly grabbed a Beretta M9 pistol and a heavy combat knife. Her face lit up as she covertly dove through the door.

          The monitor had a single brilliant blinking blue light; the symbol of an ex-Lurker.

          Having not really practiced his sharpshooting in a while, plus the fact that he was unconscious for a while, Momiji’s aim was shaky at best. It wasn’t helpful that he couldn’t seem to shoot a single bullet at a time, as they came out at bursts of three all the time. Meanwhile, Chibi, thanks to the new arm, was firing at an even faster speed and with better aim, something that she hadn’t though possible. Momiji glanced at her from time to time, wondering just how come she was firing like crazy, especially with a bow, but still hit her target each time.

          “Hey, Chibi?” Momiji nudged her. Immediately, her hands shook and fired at a nearby building. Her C4 arrow flew at an angle and blew off chunks of the building, slaughtering more Lurkers and blocking their path for now.

          “Yeah?” she said, trying not to sound annoyed.

          “How are you doing that?”

          She turned back to aim again, and asked, “Doing what?”

          “Shooting so fast, of course!”

          “Haven’t I always shot this fast?”

          Momiji paused, thinking back to a few seconds ago, where her arms had become a blur of movements as an army of arrows showered upon the ground troops.

          “I’m pretty sure that you couldn’t make people think it was raining arrows before,”

          It was then Chibi remembered the operation. “Oh, right. Well look at my arm and tell me if you see anything,”

          Momiji leaned over to her and saw a slight discoloration. “… So you’re, like, Robo-Chibi or…”

          She laughed and shook her head. “It’s just for the arm,”

          “Well, who gave it to ya?”

          “AI did. Did you know she could do surgery?”

          “That worries me. What if she put like, some sort of electrical discharger in your arm and if you misbehave she’ll taze you?”

          “Oh come on, Mo. AI wouldn’t do th-” Chibi immediately froze as she could have sworn a jolt of electricity ran down her spine.

          “W-we have work to do… Let’s not talk about this…“she said, not noticing that she was touching her homemade “Storm Arrows”. The conversation seemed to have breathed fresh talent back into him, as Momiji unloaded his entire clip into every Lurker he saw.

          Rapture had gone through a single clip by the time she reached the Trashcan. Her travel wasn’t delayed very much by a gunfight, and she mostly kept to the shadows well.

          The door that led into the Trashcan was absolutely impenetrable, having been built to keep the dead inside forever. When she had first moved into the city, she had toured around. Her encounter with the door had nearly scared her into moving out. The mere presence of all the death that surrounded the door was unnerving to say the least, and there was no exception to this trip as well. Still, Rapture clutched her pistol and slowly walked towards the door.

          Her first reaction to touching the door was to drop to her knees, but even terror couldn’t stop her now. “I’m getting you out of there, whoever you are…” she mumbled as she inched closer to the handle of the door.

          The gates into the Trashcan were made with an ancient wood material, supported only by the rusting iron that gave it its swinging properties. It stood at a menacing twenty feet high and seemed to be getting bigger by the minute.

          Rapture sighed again and closed her eyes. It was better just to get the whole thing over with. Without warning, she pushed the door with all her might, but didn’t expect it to fly open immediately. Rapture tumbled to the floor and dropped her M9. She laid on the floor, with her face completely buried in the ground, thinking someone had pulled the door out from the other side.

          The other woman walked to the laying Rapture, curious as to what she was doing. She stumbled every three or four steps, as if she wasn’t used to walking, but walked so quietly that Rapture hadn’t been alerted by her presence at all. She knelt down and offered a hand to Rapture, who still had her face to the ground.

          “Is something wrong?” the woman asked. Without warning, Rapture sprang up and caught the woman in the neck, her M9 right in her abdomen. The mysterious woman hadn’t flinched once and simple raised her hands up.

          Though the calm approach to her actions took her off-guard, Rapture did not shake. That is, until she saw the face of her new “friend”.

          Feeling the sense of hostility slowly drifting away, the woman placed her hands down and said, “My name’s Copper. Are you planning on leaving here anytime soon?”


            Re: Lurker Wars (Story Only)

            Angel’s troops, though only a small fraction of the Ex-Lurker army, slowly pushed through the advancing defenses. Being in the front lines like a true soldier motivated the others to continue fighting. Before the battle had even started, he had sent scouts to send him enemy positions. When the report came back that all sides were being flanked, he decided not to spread his squads thin, trying to cover every side, but instead split them in half, covering opposite ends. By pushing forces into two opposite locations with impressive amounts of firepower, his guess was that his forces would eventually push through on either side fast enough to meet up with Squad 13.

            What he didn’t count on was unexpected back up from former members.

            He and his unit were the first ex-Lurkers to reach the Regulars, where he suddenly found himself shaking hands with Inquiry and Nunu happily, overjoyed to see that they were still alive. He took a glance at the shadow and shrugged, passing him off as another renegade Ex-Lurker who wanted to help. “What’re you guys doin’ here?”

            “It feels like that we should probably ask you that instead, shouldn’t we?” Nunu remarked.

            “We’re just here for backup,” Inquiry continued, “You, however, don’t have a single quarrel with the Lurkers, am I right?”

            “They destroyed the districts, they’ve taken my comrades’ lives, they’ve forced us into hiding. I’m pretty sure I got a quarrel or two,” Angel replied, offended.

            “Alright, I get it. What’s the situation for now?” AI asked.

            “How should I know? I just got here! If anything, I should be asking you two that!”

            “Well, we’re waiting for your guys to show up and push back the Lurkers. We’ve got two Regulars going up against some ugly little thing, and the rest are holding them off.”

            “Alright. My guys are coming in from four directions: North, northeast, south west, and south. What they’re going to do is flow toward this area, clearing their paths of Lurkers. They’ll meet us here, and flow through the remaining areas with your guys." said Angel.

            “So in other words,” Nunu commented. “It’s only a matter of time before we wrap all this up,”

            Momiji resorted to throwing his empty clips at the enemies below as he look for a weapon. He had since emptied all his clips and was running out of options. Chibi has a couple arrows left, but they weren’t exactly used for killing.

            “Well…” Mo began. “What now…?” his voice drifted off.

            “I guess we wait here?” Chibi replied, unsure herself.

            The sound of metal clattering came from next to Mo’s leg. He flipped out and quickly aimed his empty rifle at the direction it came from.

            “Dude, I saw you. You don’t have ammo. Chill out and put that little thing away,” Obeliskos laughed.

            “Dude!” Mo’ exclaimed. “Where the hell did you come from?!”

            “Man, I've been through have you, it seems."
            "Good to see ya again."

            "Yeah, you too."

            “Uh, boys?” Chibi interrupted, snapping her finger at them. “We’re at war, not a high school! Don’t blame me if you get your head shot off!”

            Mo shifted a glance at Chibi, and said in a lower volume, “We’ll talk later. You got a weapon with you?”

            “Why the hell do you think I had ammo to spare?”

            “You robbed dead bodies?”

            “Exactly,” Obe said, pulling a semi-hidden pistol. Momiji stared at it for a moment before asking, “Er… So what is it?”

            “If you can stare at it for that long, can’t you read the label?” Obe rolled his eyes, disappointed. Moving in closer, Mo saw the letters “HK” and “MK 23” engraved into the barrel.

            “So it’s… Heckler and Koch.. And it’s Mark 23... So it’s a HK Mark 23?”

            “Ya’ did it, Mo! You learned how to read labels!”

            “Hey now, you’re acting like Dark right now. Linemarvel rest his soul, but I don’t need a reincarnation making fun of me too,”

            “Well it’s not like it’ll kill ya’ to be a little more observant, would it?”

            “Well it’s not like the engravings are that notic-”

            “Hey, you newlyweds! Wake up and smell the bullets!” Chibi snapped. She dragged the bladed part of her bow along the edge of the wall swiftly, a few seconds and a scream later, a thud was heard. “They’re coming for us now! I’m out of ammo, so I can only use this thing to cut their fingers! You guys are gonna have to take care of the shooting!”

            Obeliskos grinned from ear to ear. It really had been a while for him since he had last fired a gun, so it was good to get the blood pumping again. Momiji glanced over at Obe, and smiled. This was bound to be fun. Looking at the numerous Lurkers climbing over the top, he began to fire.

            Long before the Lurker War even began, Obeliskos and Momiji were feared for their teamwork and ability when working with one another. Both of them had amazing abilities alone, but together they could slaughter an entire army of lurkers, if given enough ammo. Their styles were alike but different , Obe’ being the more unique and smarter one, Momiji simply doing what he was taught. Together they might have been even better than the classic Chibi/D.A/Slash combo. However, their only weakness was that the two of them enjoyed being complete dumbasses. Instead of practicing, they would skip class and go drinking. Eventually, the two were separated by AI to restore order to the city. They weren't too happy about that, and always held a bit of a grudge afterward.

            “… And after everybody went crazy over Aika dying, I sorta just ran around, keeping myself alive,” Obe’ explained, as he reloaded.

            “Well now that nothing matters anymore, let’s start fucking around,”

            “Now we’re talkin’. Alright, let’s jump off the building and slaughter these guys. You first, Mo‘!”

            “Yea- Wait, what?”
            Obe’ swiftly moved behind Momiji and kicked his back, sending him flying off the building.

            “OBE‘! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” Chibi shrieked. “MO‘! HANG ON! I’M COMING DOWN!” *

            She looked frantically for a way to get to the bottom floor quickly, but the staircase was the only safe way. She bolted for the door and ran downstairs. Lurkers that were invading were quickly turned to paste as Chibi flailed her bladed bow around, skewering each and every one that dared to stand in front of her.

            Meanwhile, Obe’ fell on his back, laughing. “Mo, that was awesome! I’m glad you caught on so quickly!”

            Momiji’s hand gripped the ledge of the roof, pulling his body up. “Caught on to what?! You just kicked me off a building!”

            Obe’ shook his head in disappointment and sighed. “Well the good news is we got Chibi to pretty much get rid of the rest of the Lurkers.”

            Mo’ peered down and saw that Obe was completely correct. At the bottom floor, Chibi was tearing through everything, trying to find his body. An impaled body here, and slashed throat over there, but in the end, not a single Lurker was left in their area.

            “I thought something was odd…” Copper whispered as she and Rapture crept through the Graveyard. “That door isn’t supposed to open. I was going to pick things up and took a shortcut through here when the door flew open and Lurkers started flying out.

            Rapture slowly nodded, fiddling with her knife. The weight of it always seemed heavier when she had too many thoughts going on. She jabbed it into a gravestone, breaking right through the lusterless stone. Ripping it out, she anxiously whirled it in the air, as if trying to cut a pestering fly. Copper paused as she watched her gracefully swing her wrist fluidly. Eventually, the two stopped moving altogether, now crouching under graves.

            “So the Lurkers came through that door?” Rapture said, turning to face Copper.

            “Yeah… When they saw me, I got dragged into the door. All I remember after was me not being able to move, and all these people in the same position. Lurkers were spawning from the inside using some sort of machine.”

            “What’d the inside look like?”

            “It was almost pure darkness. All I could see was Lurkers marching and the dim lights of the machine. I don’t remember how, but someone cut my restraints after a while and told me to run to the door. That was when you found me.”

            “But I found you because you just suddenly showed up on a radar,”

            “I’m not sure what to say about that….” Copper thought for a moment, shifting positions. She slipped her hand into her pocket and pulled out a charred piece of machinery. “What about this?”

            Rapture reached out and took the equipment and studied it for a moment. It was completely smooth, but looked as if it was burned in an intense fire. She continued to twist it, even playing with it between her fingers, until she finally shrugged. “I haven’t a clue what this is. But the most important thing is that we’re getting out of here.” Her head finally calmed as she reached for her Nagant. Giving Copper her pistol, she laid flat on her stomach and flipped the scope open. Peering through, there were only two Lurkers on patrol. Not too bad. If I can readjust fast enough, I might be able to take both out while they’re still trying to figure out what’s happening…

            Holding her breath, Rapture aimed at the Lurker to the right ‘s heart. For a split second, she heard complete silence, as it always happened when she took a preemptive strike. Her finger twitched and a rifle bullet bursted out of the barrel. She paused to hear a pained scream and a drop to the ground. What she saw was a Lurker who dodged the bullet. Through the scope, she could see the Lurker grinning at her, as if scolding her for attempting to kill him.

            The next instant, Rapture and Copper were sprinting through the graveyard, with two Elite Lurkers right on their tails. “What’s happening!? Why’re we running!?” Copper shouted to Rapture.

            “They dodged a bullet! I don’t think I wanna stay and see what else they can do!” She panted, looking back to see they were inching closer.

            The two Lurkers cunningly split apart to flank the two. Copper, holding Rapture’s pistol, immediately stopped sprinting and instinctively ducked, narrowly escaping a Lurker who was trying to clothesline her. She took two shots, and yet again, it moved erratically to dodge them. From two feet away, the Lurker leapt and landed extremely close to Copper, who was now ready to fight. She threw a left elbow uppercut to his chin and missed. The Elite Lurker realized this was turning into a fist fight, and so gave a swift side kick to her stomach. Taking the blow, Copper hammered at his knee with the gun handle, this time connecting. She coughed harshly, but shook it off as she proceed to grab the stunned Lurker’s leg and pull it even closer. She bobbed her head downward as the Lurker’s body shifted closer, then , dropping the leg, used both arms to strike at his chest and solar plexus. At a point blank range, a double fisted strike usually caused ruptures all over the body. However, the Lurker stumbled back, losing its breath.

            Not giving it a chance to breathe, Copper immediately reached under her jeans and pulled out a seven inch dagger, decorated to resemble the deadly claws of a dragon. Holding the knife with the blade pointing downward, she spun around, whirling her arm, and stabbed the Lurker in the spine, instantly killing him.

            Rapture had turned around and run back to the door she found Copper at when the Lurker tackled her. Landing on her stomach, she immediately kicked the Lurker in the back and got back up. The two got into their own stances and waited for the next move. Throwing a feint at it, the Lurker stepped back before leaping forward, in a jumping kick fashion. Rapture threw her hands to her face and blocked the blow, then immediately unsheathed her knife as she ran towards the recovering Lurker. In a smooth fashion, she sliced cleanly upwards, tearing right in half of the Lurker. She side kicked her enemy to the ground and stared down at it. She gave it a returning smirk from before, then leaned down to slit its throat.

            The two relaxed on a grave head. Though they were able to easily dispose of the Lurkers, they realized it shouldn’t have taken them so long to kill them. Wiping the blood off her knife, Rapture began patting through her opponent’s body.

            “Grenades… Flimsy knives…. Extra clips… A lighter…. Where are all their guns?”

            She grabbed the body’s feet and stood up. She lifted the legs above her head and began shaking the body. After about two minutes, an egg fell out. Copper eyed it quizzically, then said, “Hey Rap’, what’s that?”

            Rapture glanced down and grimaced. Looking around everywhere, she found an open spot, then punted the grenade as hard as possible. The explosive soared through the air, and exploded away from them. “RGH! Christ! I forgot how heavy they were!” Rapture groaned, clutching her foot. “Steel toe does NOT help with grenade-kicking!” She sighed and sat down to think for a moment.

            Copper watched as Rapture sat, in the meantime, searching through her own opponent's body. She had much more luck, pulling out numerous glocks and even coming across the reliable Springfield Armory XD pistol. After wiping her own knife clean, she gathered the holsters on the body, and armed herself with two Glocks, her Springfield pistol, and the various pocket knives Rapture found. She watched as her companion struggled to get up and almost felt remorse. Deep down, though, she knew she had been through way worse.

            “Hey Copper. I know it’s a bit much to ask, considering I just met you, but could I lean on you back to the base? I’ll give you the directions.”

            Copper smiled and stuck her hand out, with Rapture taking it.

            “Alright then. Let’s get out of here.”

            Nunu slid its Dotanuki toward the ground as it sprinted towards the last couple Lurkers. In a spinning whirl, it finished off the rest. The Regulars and the five platoons of ex-Lurkers stood silent as Nunu sheathed its bloodied blade. The air had an uneasy tenseness as the ex-Lurkers waited for the Regulars to do something. Meanwhile, Squad 13 solemnly gathered to the center of the district, still ready for more fighting. In fifteen minutes of awkward silence, a flare was shot from a building and exploded brilliantly.

            ‘WE WON! HELL YEAH! WE FUCKIN’ WON! KISS MY ASS, LURKERS!!!” Momiji screamed at the top.

            “WE KICK ASS! LURKERS SUCK DICK! FUCK YEAH!” Obeliskos continued.

            Immeidately, the ex-Lurkers cheered and thrusted their guns and blades to the air. The Regulars smiled approvingly at the two’s antics and quietly celebrated as well.

            Finally, the Regulars calmed their new allies down and planned on what to do next.

            “We can’t let them take this place. We have to start establishing forts around here. What we should be doing is building a base right here so they can’t reclaim it anymore.” Obe said to the gathered group.

            “Well we have enough manpower to get materials for that, but what about the chatroom bar?” Momiji replied. “I don’t wanna lose that either.”

            “Um…” Obe wasn’t sure if Momiji was being serious or not, and threw an arched eyebrow at him. “We can send people there too, y’know,”

            “Er. Right.”

            “If we can build a base here, then chances are they’re going to send more troops to attack,” Rule muttered.

            “And since we’re looking to expand these bases, we’re going to eventually run out of troops to efficiently run these bases,” Slash branched off.

            “If we even try to move troops elsewhere, there’s no telling how many casualties there’ll be. They aren’t trained like we are to handle so many attacks. “Inquiry continued.

            “Hey, hey! I wasn’t say it was the perfect plan! I’m just saying that the best step we should take is build a base here for now. That way we ca-”

            “Well maybe we can split Squad 13 to follow squads in my army,” Angel interrupted.

            “Don’t ignore me, damn it!” Obe fumed. “Anyway, that way we can plan our next move here as well and so we don’t have to move as far when the next attack comes,”
            “Right. And if we have the ex-Lurkers fall under command of a Regular, there’s much less of a chance of casualties.” Angel commented.

            “The thing is,” the Shadow said from the back, “That means we lose the one thing that makes Squad 13 so powerful. Their cooperation with each other,”

            “If each of them has to separate and go into individual squads, chances are nobody’s going to perform as well. Unlike myself or Ryu here, most of you are used to having a small team of elites, not a large group of grunts,” Nunu began. “So unless we’re all willing to go alone, then I doubt having us separate will work.”

            The group stood silent as they thought about their answers. Slowly, each of them nodded.

            “Alright then,” Momiji said. “Let’s start moving people out.”


              Re: Lurker Wars (Story Only)

              Time passed rapidly as the ex-Lurkers set up a secure route from the make-shift base of the Regulars to the bar. All over the city, soldiers were scurrying about, scavenging weapons and supplies from buildings and bodies. Wooden walls were put up between alleys as an alert for whether Lurkers were attacking.

              I checked my watch, which told me it had been about two hours since Gatorbait and I reached the Chatroom bar, or so it seemed to be called. With all the Lurkers, the sign was partially destroyed and we were stuck with putting our money on this place, hoping it was the right area. We turned the building inside and out, taking what we needed. I’m sure the Regulars wouldn’t mind. After all, they left this place alone, so they probably thought some ex-Lurkers would need supplies at some point. Aside from my Lugar, I pilfered myself a lovely assault rifle. I wasn’t too sure of the name, at least until Gator told me it was something called an FN F2000 or something like that. She’s a pretty smart cookie, that girl. The gun was in a room owned by a guy named Bob. Must’ve been a pseudonym or something. I doubt a member of an elite group of soldiers would call himself Bob.

              Gator found herself a fun-looking gun; a really good conditioned M4A1. She said there were a lot of attachments for it too. It seems like she took the liberty of adding a scope, and under barrel grenade launcher and shotgun. She said it was from Momiji’s room. Memories of him and Obeliskos rampaging streamed through my head. I chuckled himself. Though it wasn’t actually funny what they said, the reactions they were able to garner was amusing in itself. I wondered how he would react to a missing gun.

              I stirred Gator and myself a drink to pass the time. And while I hadn’t even brought the cup to my mouth, she had already gulped down half the mug. I couldn’t help but stare blankly at how mesmerizing the chugging was.

              “So.. Uh. How long do you think we’re gonna have to wait for someone to arrive?’
              “Not sure, but we’re gonna need more drinks at this rate,” and she gave me a smile.

              As if right on time, the door bursted open and ex-Lurkers began to surround me. Figures that life would want to kick me in the nuts again. They immediately rushed for Gator, drew her back, then trained their rifles on me. Not even taking the time to say a word, they motioned their guns for me to raise my hands. It took a few seconds before I realized what was wrong.
              “Oh.. Right.. I’m still wearing a Lurker uniform…”

              There were ten of them in total. Four of them had me surrounded, two of them were outside, and four more were already upstairs, finding supplies. I probably could’ve just declared my desertion to them, but seeing as how I happened to have been decorated with various medals and such, they probably would’ve recognized a high ranking Lurker. The higher the rank, the more loyal they were to the cause.

              They definitely didn’t seem to be well trained in firearms, as expected for a resistance group. They only wished to be left alone, and tnow they’re here struggling to learn how to disassemble a simple handgun. In some ways it was almost funny to see people who had no combat experience try to shoot at you, only to fail miserably. Like a bad realty television show, if I’ve ever seen one.

              But at the same time, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pity for the ex-Lurkers. They were up against creatures that were trained to slaughter their whole lives. No doubt anybody would have at least given up. But instead they took up arms and tried to adapt. They faced an entire army of mindless killers for the sake of living.

              I really couldn’t have picked a worse time to zone out. The ex-Lurkers slowly moving closer to me and I needed to act now. I figured that if they didn’t have much firearms training, it was probably safe to assume they couldn’t hold their own in hand-to-hand combat either. I did a mental coin flip in my head and the result made me smile.

              For a while now, I’d been holding back to conserve energy and bullets. But now that I had restocked and rejuvenated, I was feeling pretty blood hungry. These four guys were going to be my new friends for the next fifteen minutes.


              It was certainly a good feeling when you get the ball rolling. The fact that Ryu and I were able to find Squad 13 was pretty lucky, but being able to completely organize and mobilize the entire army of ex-Lurkers was music to my ears. Once in a while, I’d hide in the shadows and wait for some particularly timid-looking soldier to busily pass by before I’d eerily tap their shoulder or breathe on their neck. Of course, I really did have work to do, but I was never one who would leave unfinished business undone. After all, I am a moderator.

              After having my fill of mischief, I decided to actually listen to the suggestions of my comrades and went through the pockets of the dead Lurkers like a rat. Especially since we apparently took down several members of the Elites. Good soldiers meant good loot. I found myself getting a little excited.

              As I made my way to the makeshift tent where they kept the bodies, one of my most favorite people in the world came out, Chibi, came out looking quite content.

              “Oh! Nunu, you’ll never believe how much nice stuff those Elites have! Look at this!”

              Chibi held up what seemed to be some sort of hunk of sharp metal. There wasn’t a single spot where a person could hold it without hurting themselves and I had to question whether she could even use that.

              “A bladed boomerang? Aren’t boomerangs supposed to be… Light?”

              “Normally yeah, but this one isn’t supposed to come back. It’s just supposed to be thrown like a shuriken. But think about this: What if I tied this to an arrow? I’ve been having trouble trying to figure out how to cut limbs off with a bow without switching to crossbows. Now with this, I can definitely do some damage!” her enthusiasm was refreshing, to say the least.

              Waving her good-bye, I pushed the curtain away and entered the tent. When the curtain swung back down to cover the entrance, all traces of light disappeared from the outside and the only source of light remaining was a single flickering table lamp next to an ex-Lurker taking notes on a clipboard. Bodies mutilated in all different ways were laying on dissection tables and some were even split wide open, with a jar of organs right next to it. The place was cold, creepy, and extremely morbid. I felt right at home.

              “I hear you have some goodies for me?” I asked in a childish voice.

              The ex-Lurker looked up from his work and stood at attention. He studied my face, as if trying to decipher what gender I was. This was going to be fun.

              “Uh, right away sir, er.. Ma’am.”

              “Excuse me?” I said, clearing my throat.

              “I-uh… Are you here for a boomerang as well?”

              “Was that an Australian joke? I didn’t find that funny at all.”

              “S-sir, I didn’t mean it that way! See, that woman came in and took one of the boomerangs an-”

              “Are you calling me a woman now? Who in the world taught you manners?”

              “S-sir, forgive me, sir! I just couldn’t tell!”

              “Are you saying I look too manly then?” It was almost as easy as making Darkfire clean my toilet.

              “Wait, but aren’t you a man?”

              “I’ve just about had it with your attitude. You don’t seem to remember who your ranking officers are, do you?”

              “P-please si- I mean ma’am-”

              “DO YOU?”

              Now came to silence. I mentally kept count of the seconds that passed for maximum dramatic effect. “I believe I have no choice but to simply let you go,”

              “W-what do you mean, s-sir?”

              I swiftly drew my Dotanuki and pretended to slash at him, stopping just barely at his neck. “I’m quite certain you know what I mean,”

              By now, the man’s started to cry. Not exactly as planned. I guess I took it too far again. I couldn’t exactly break out of character though, so I kept my face strong and my tone harsh. “Unless of course…”

              I lifted the blade so it pointed upwards and held the handle out for him to grab. “You have something here that’s even better than this blade. I’ve grown a bit out of this and I’m hoping you’ll be able to get me more deadly.” Wiping his tears, the soldiers took the blade and disappeared into a crate of weapons, no doubt the spoils of war.

              He seemed to be struggling to bring my weapon to me. I wasn’t even sure if I could use it effectively myself. However once the blade came into clear view, I grinned.

              “A nodachi? These guys have some pretty unique things with them. You have some good taste, so I guess I can let it slide this time,” Without another word, I grabbed the blade by its sheath and left the tent without looking back or saying thank you. I could practically see the trooper still shaking slightly, but breathing a sigh of relief. I don’t remember ever flaunting my position like that, but… Sometimes it’s good to be a moderator.


              “You remember that one time we took a couple paint cans and started painting all the buildings in the forum?” Obeliskos asked me. My eyebrows narrowed in confusion.

              “… What?”

              “You know, we had like five of the Regs chasing us all over the place before they finally caught us and made us clean it up.”

              “Are you sure you aren’t thinking of a shitty ninja anime?”

              “Hah. You faggot. You WOULD immediately think of that, wouldn’t you?”

              “You’re the one who brought it up, dickweed!”

              “It’s a suicidal insult! I take a little flak, but you look like a total jackass now!”

              “Wha- Why would you even-?!”

              My conversation was cut short by the sound of a distant explosion. We had been sitting on a pile of debris a little ways from the base. The problem was, we figured we had a little more time before the battle began and only brought sidearms with us. Obe stood and quickly jumped to a higher rock to get a better look at where the explosion was.

              “It’s pretty close. I’d say about a quarter mile away. We gotta get out. Now.” He didn’t have to tell me twice. I took my sidearm, a 1911 pistol, out of its holster and began a mad dash to the base. Obe, the bright individual, decided he wouldn’t even bring his Mauser with him. Now he was armed with only a knife. Idiot.

              As the base began to peak at the horizon, a building to the right of us exploded, knocking us off our feet. We scrambled to our feet to face the cause.