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Jan 16, 2010
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Name: Violeta Dragomir
Class: Civilian
Str: 20
Int: 20
Agl: 35
Mil: 1

HP: 38
Spe: 30
Org: 130
Dod: 45
Grap: 38
Res: 19
Mhit: 45

Violeta is tall and thin with her muscles in her legs and torso toned from her years of dancing practice. She has tanned olive skin, deep brown eyes, and long wavy brown hair with caramel highlights that usually reaches just below her breasts. She tends to wear tight fitting blouses and fashionable blue jeans or black leggings.
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Violeta is an immigrant who arrived in Clover Grove about a year ago to attend it's prestigious dancing academy. She has always been an avid and graceful dancer with interests in traditional tap, risque, and latin dancing techniques. Violet has also worked on the side as a risque performer, dancing the poles at night clubs and gentleman's clubs though never going so far as to prostitute her body. A veteran of these clubs since she was 17 in order to pay the bills, she quickly learned the importance of self confidence and the ability to defend herself. In order to do so, she uses her confidence and dancing abilities to create a graceful dancing variant of kung fu. Her technique stresses her speed, agility, and grace rather than the force of her strikes. As a natural self confident, bordering on narcissism, and an attractive woman, Violeta easily makes friendly aquaintances but has no *real* close friends or family in Clover Grove. She is currently 20 years old and charmed some of her underground connections to help her "disappear" for a few days during the initial chaos of the Clover Grove Incident.
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Character Sheets

Class: Infantry
Name: Amanda
Gender: Female
Class: Infantry

Str: 35
Int: 15
Agl: 25
Mil: 3

HP: 48
Spe: 33
Org: 135
Dod: 33
Grap: 48
Res: 19
Mhit: 33


1.55mts, well endowed thin nearly athletic body, D cup with nices curves green eyes, her blonde straight hair reach the middle of her back

She born in cloverville, with a normal family and normal life until a international incident (bomb) occur in her childhood (7 years), in that event her father was a victim dying in the instant, leaving her with her mother (now have 35) and her little sister alone with a low economic support. As they were in a rent house they dont have any choice than live with her grandfather, a retired soldier of high rank incapacitated in a war after a explosion. He lost a leg, a eye a great part of his audition of his right ear and a reduction in the use of his right arm, he always have dreamed than his son join the army but he always refuse it and decide to be a (hm...) cop. So, he fulfill his dream with Amanda and after she hear the incident she offer her help, she try to find her family