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Oct 26, 2010
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Okay! Someone requested that I start a thread for character sheets. Please can you repost your characters descriptions, pictures and stats in this thread, so anyone reading can keep track of which characters are involved which which monsters in which dangerous locations!


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Nov 10, 2008
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Re: Character Sheets

Into battle!

Name: Lorelai
Class: Rogue
Stealthy combatants, great at backstabbing and guerilla tactics
Stealth Training
You have access to the Stealth skill, which you must raise as normal.

Your escape counts as if it were 1 better (if you buy level 7, you get level 6)

Your move counts as if it were 1 better (if you buy level 7, you get level 6)
Attack - 7 (6 points)
Move - 7 (6 points) reduced to an effective 6 by Fast
Toughness - 10 (0 points)
Escape - 8 (3 points) reduced to an effective 7 by Slippery
Resist - 10 (0 points)
Stealth - 6 (10 points)

Lorelai was never one for taking orders, but when the Evil Lord started sending his minions to attack her village, she was forced to use her skills as a thief to help fight off the monsters. As a thief, she tends to wear loose, light clothing, very easy to tear off, and her history of promiscuity has left her somewhat more susceptible than most to the monster's attacks. As such, she does her best to avoid them whenever possible, preferring to strike from the shadows and avoid confrontation until the perfect time to strike arises.


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Dec 30, 2010
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Re: Character Sheets

Grace Stormshield
Age: 20
Class: Knight

Attack: 6 = 7 (6pts) Greatsword -1
Move: 7 (6pts)
Toughness: 5 = 7 (6pts) Plate armor -2
Escape: 7 (6pts)
Resist: 9 (1pts)

Grace's training as a knight started after her family was killed or taken by the Overlord. Thankfully Grace was making a pilgrimage to a local sanctuary and only found out about her family upon her return. Vowing retribution against the Overlord Grace began her studies and training under the church and soon grew to be a fearsome knight with the goal of defeating the Overlord once and for all. Well armored in her platemail wielding her deadly sword she is more than ready to fight the Overlords minions.

Kill count: 6
Goblins: x 6
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Jun 3, 2012
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Re: Character Sheets

Nico, The Witch
Class: Mage
Magic Training
You have access to the Magic skill, which you must raise as normal.
Hours of Study
You have spent so long studying the arcane arts, you can not wear as heavy armor
Armor counts as if it were 1 worse (if you buy level 7, you get level 8)

Attack - 6 (10 points)
Move - 8 (3 points)
Toughness - 10 (0 points)
Escape - 9 (1 points)
Resist - 9 (1 points)
Magic - 6 (10 points)
Nico couldn’t care less about whatever the dark overlord had been plotting, but once the dark lords influence and minnions reached her forest, the Witch had no choice but to take action against the onslaught. Judging it would be beneficial not to go at it alone, the witch enlisted into the ranks of the brave heroes aiming to take down foul master.