Clover Grove - Signup Instructions and Rules


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May 18, 2010
Signups are now open* for Clover Grove, the monster movie themed RPG.

Each player picks a class, but also gets five points to put to to their char's three main stats. Stats are explained below the class list, without abbreviations.


Strength - How strong your character is. Base Stat.
Intelligence - How smart your character is. Base Stat.
Agility - How fast and flexibile your character is. Base Stat.

Military Training - How much training your character has operating firearms. Special Base Stat. Cannot be improved except once durring the game via RP event. Valid values are 1-4.

Hit Points Health. HP = Strength+(Agility/2)

Special Energy Used on occasion when the GM feels your RP deserves a little something extra. Special Energy = Intelligence+(Strength/2)

Orgasm Stamina How long your character can last durring sexual contests. Orgasm Stamina = 2[Strength+Agility+(Intelligence/2)]

Dodge How hard your character is to hit with either guns or non-grapple melee. Dodge = Aglity+(Intelligence/2)

Grapple How good your character is at holding an enemy or escaping their grasp. Grapple = (Agility/2)+Strength

Resistance How well your character can resist pleasure. Resistance = (Strength+Agility+Intelligence)/4

Melee Hit How well your character is at hitting the enemy with non-ranged weapons. Melee Hit = Agility+(Intelligence/2)
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May 18, 2010
Re: Clover Grove - Signups and Rules


In Clover Grove, most rolls are simple d20+stat vs d20+enemy's stat. However, there are some special cases.


Foreplay is calculated (2d20+enemy strength)/2-Resistance
Penetration pleasure is calculated (4d20+enemy strength)/2-Resistance

Reistance is taken out if your character gives in, and monsters have no resistance.

For each penetration, your character loses 2 HP per turn. On orgasm your character loses 2+d10 HP.

Penetration roles have a -15 base modifer to the attacker, though those can be countered in various ways. The most common counter is to place a submission hold on the player character, giving them -10 on all rolls.

After orgasm, the monster/character has a -10 for the next turn.

Running out of HP

Player characters do not die, they simply pass out. Any NPCs that join your part can, and will die, only in combat however, and not sex.

Stealth Check

Just a special check.

Stealth Check = d20+(agl/2)+(int/2) vs d20+(enemy intelligence*2)

Strength Check (Update One)

In some situations characters will be in a test of strength against an opponate or monster. In these cases a d20 will be rolled for both parties and added to their strength, highest wins.

Combat Order

When seeing who will go first, everyone rolls d20+Agl, and highest goes first, lowest last.

Double Dice Rule

If a player has a 0% chance of success, ie his/her highest possible score is lower then the enemies lowest possible score, the player gets an extra dice roll. If success is still 0%, yet another dice is added, etc.

Team Grapple

If more then one enemy is attempting a grapple, they get two dice rolls and +Grap/2) for the second enemy. If three, yet another dice roll and +(Grap/4), etc

Fleeing Battle

Instead of d20 vs d20, the attackers get a d30 in this case.

Gun Hit Chance

This is the forumla for ranged accuracy. The last part is dropped when dealing with a lone enemy.

2d50-(range/Miltraining)-recoil+(2*enemy number)

Melee Damage Types

Bashing: roll+Str/2
Slashing: roll+Str/3
Piercing: roll+Str/4


From time to time, a player may find a radio. Radio's work something like a roulette. First, a roll to see if the radio picks up anything at all, and if so, a roll that will generate a random encounter, either friendly, enemy, or neutral.


Monsters, or the player, can take a turn to prepare, giving themselves +5 to all rolls next turn.

Gun Use

Besides what's already been said, when targeting a gun, be as specific as possible. You can target one enemy, all of them, or just a few. These change how damage is split up.

Also, you can "fire" up to six times per round. Simi-auto/single shot uses one bullet, full auto three, and heavy machineguns 5. You will always fire as many times as possible, untill the enemy is dead. This is to prevent someone from trying to conserve ammo, yet kill the monster at the same time. You do not have to worry about using too much ammo, you'll automatically stop when the monster is dead.

House Rule: Monster HP

If I monster gets seriously hurt, I generally give it half movement rate as a reward to the player. Most of the time :)


d30 vs d30, player on left. Counter till birth varries from monster to monster.

Criticals (Update One)

A critical can occur (either failure or success) when one party rolls a certain distance away from the other. For instance, on a d20 v d20 roll (disregarding modifiers), if it comes out 1 v 16, the one being the player, the player has just had a critical failure, regardless of if they won the roll after modifiers. The other way, say 16 v 1, and the player has just had a critical success.

Criticals will generally award an arbitrary "bonus" that the GM will decide at the time based on how the RP is going, such as extra damage done. All criticals will be indicated by a glorious description of the success or failure.
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Nov 11, 2008
Re: Clover Grove - Signups and Rules

This looks interesting, count me in. Though I'll most likely have to post a character tomorrow as I'm doing other stuff at the moment. I take it you want stuff like a description and bio for the characters as well?


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May 18, 2010
Re: Clover Grove - Signups and Rules

There's a seperate thread for the sheets, that covers that. I should probably edit the title here. This is more just the rules, though alot was dedicated to signup rules.


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May 18, 2010
Re: Clover Grove - Signup Instructions and Rules

Added a section at the end about targeting guns. Its worth drawing attention too.


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May 18, 2010
Re: Clover Grove - Signup Instructions and Rules

Added a -10 for the turn after orgasm, can't believe I forgot till now.


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May 18, 2010
Re: Clover Grove - Signup Instructions and Rules

Two new rules added, marked with (Update One)