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Corruption Tournament: Halfling Hills


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Nov 10, 2008
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The next hours or days were hard for Tessa to remember, she was not sure how much she was used by the creatures. They were hard on her but before lost her life Rudosiel stop them and caress her, the gross giant worm was her only friend there. Tessa could help the worm in its tasks or be taken endlessly that day by the many monsters, the choice was easy, so she help Rudociel to have some rest.

She help her taking care of the many breeders, the halfling lift the almost dead females before the worm eat them and in minutes the refreshed girls come out bathed in the worm sex juices, Tessa start to understand than Rudociel was not really a worm but a kind demon turned into a deformed living womb.

One day Tessa awake at a cold stone floor, she was at the same jail room than she was taken when she was kidnapped. She was naked, round with her last pregnancy and there was a mark over her womb, the mark of her owner most likely. Out of that her head feels so light but after survive all that she could sense than her body could resist more and her muscles had returned to her now than her mistress has removed that curse.

Her weapon and others things of her equpment were with care placed at a corner in this room

[her mind is 8 right now but if she drink some demon seed will go up to 10. check pm for all the changes)


Jul 24, 2015
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Time passed and she was repeatedly bought. her mind slowly clouded. until the moment the worm took her out of the situation. They take the followers war different from the other beings. She thought, but already looked nice. So, half of life is a nice thing. Until the time she suddenly woke up when she first appeared.

Refreshed as she was supposed to be phony, she scrambled up and down her swollen abdomen. She was drawn. Not from Simbol. However, she had her new equipment again. Ebeso she is true. She knew that she should be comfortable. Even if they put the clothes and equipment back on, even if that is with the belly partially schwirig war and again the key to the hand, which is on and on the street. Thesesmal would turn her away from the others. The next day would not recur to the next place.
Thank you. they say to themselves. but what about the succubus. which now lived a life as a worm.