Ella (DepEnc)


Jungle Girl
Aug 24, 2011
Re: Ella (DepEnc)

Ella shifted uncomfortably under the gaze of the werewolf. The woman's gaze somehow made her feel smaller and weaker, and she was not sure if she would even be able to run if she tried. She almost felt rooted to the spot, like prey frozen in fear of an oncoming predator.

Worse, she could still feel her stomach doing flips at the sight of the girls the werewolf had been torturing. Covered in sweat and marks from the whip, panting and bound. It took a direct effort of will to keep from wondering just what the werewolf would do to her if she lost.

Ella realized that she couldn't let the stalemate go on any longer or else she would lose her nerve and surrender. She instead began to sing, drawing her power to her and shaping into a bolt of light.

"I warned you!" she cried out as she let loose her blast, aiming directly for the center of the werewolf.