[RPG Maker] Evil Goddess (堕邪女神)


Jungle Girl
Oct 26, 2016
guys. I'm still not received 1.086 version from him.
last time I paid him 52$ to get 1.085 version. and changed the pledge 1$. Money got out of the account a few days ago.
Did I misunderstand the paid post?
The paid post is basically when he collects the $1 for the next version, it's not finished yet, sometime in July according to him. When it's ready he'll always put up a post saying that he's released a new version. Once it's out, i believe those who charged via Patreon get's a PM from him. For Paypal users you have to drop him an email to request for it.
Apr 3, 2014
Finally got to try out 1.8.. I have to say, this game is really hard without a partial translation. Since I'm not sure what all the status effects do I'm not sure if there's a good way to protect against status effects. I'm stuck on some succubus boss (Veronica in the guide I think) that charms, blinds, silences, stuns, 2 or 3 party members every round and usually kills a party member, starting from the first round. We're around level 35 with +15 random gears. She transforms at low health so my strategy has been to get everyone to 100tp by the time she's at around 30% health then try to burst her down in the duration of the skill that prevents death but I've failed like 20 times because of status effects and the fact my team doesn't do enough damage to take her down in the allotted duration.... bah.
Illia the Dragonborn is the most important character in the early stages because of her team-wide buffs and tanking.

Assuming Illia is given the Guardian job at lvl 25, key skills she should be casting every turn when they are off cooldown (using the official translation):
Dragonrend: Debuffs all enemy stats
Power of Dragon Soul: Buffs entire team's Atk and Mat
Whirlwind Sprint: Buffs entire team's Speed, Dodge, and Hit rate
Guardian of Dragon Soul: Buff entire team's Def, Mdef, and grants HP Regen
Hard Rock: Makes your team immune to death for 2 turns
Call Back the Souls: Resurrect all team members with full HP/MP

Then there are certain equipment that make the equipped character immune from various status debuffs, or reduce the chance the debuffs are applied. Socketing specific gems to equipment using the shop menu can also reduce the chance to get hit by specific debuffs. There is also the consumable 万能药 (Panacea) that removes all negative status effects from one character.

Helpful things that you might be missing include buying job-switching items at lvl 25 from the spider queen, and socketing damage increasing gems to weapons. Your starting team of Litis, Kalena, Illia, Victoria should be doing enough damage, As an example of a set-up, give Litis the Whip Queen (physical damage role) and all your best speed and atk equipment, and Victoria your best Mat equipment. Start by having your damage dealers use their self-buff skills while Illia defends and buffs everyone. When everyone is buffed they can use their dps skills.

Later on, the battles become trivial because of the Demon Dice item you get from one of the battles in the arena of Night City. What the dice do is give the user random super strong team buffs in exchange for half of the user's maximum HP and lockout of using items for 5 turns. Combo with Illia's skill that makes the party immune from death for 2 turns to negate the drawbacks.

Even later in the game, Princess Madelyn has a skill 净化 II (Purify II) that cures and gives immunity to negative status effects for a turn to all party members. With a roster of Litis, M3, Madelyn, Illia, and using the broken dice item, it becomes easy to clear even the current hardest challenge in the so called "Caverns of Time" next to Victoria.
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