Forum of the Elder Gods (Grave;Cross)

Jan 1, 2009
The kitsune chuckled, one hand raised to hide her smile, even though her cheeks gave away that grin. "Was she hostile towards you? Perhaps, or perhaps not. She was hostile to someone though, but I think they are dead. So you were not who she was hostile to, by rational deduction." she declared with a simple grin as she sat cross legged on a pillow before the crystal ball before her that shimmered with a chaos of weaves he couldn't begin to comprehend. "You came here, and you wish to leave. She wishes to leave too, and sees you as an ally and asset to accomplish this. But your purpose here is far greater than just escaping. The Hatter brought you here into her soul to teach you something. What that is, as you'd expect, is unclear. But the trials that lay before you are meant to guide you on your way. Surely, once you overcome this trial, you will be ready for the world from which you came." she explained, using her orb for this divinity.

Then, she looked up. "There is a song that I heard some time after you arrived. It was from the world beyond. But, for some reason, I have forgotten this song. I will give you this piece of the Jabberwocky that I have found. In return, please consider helping me remember this song. I believe it is important to both of us. I don't know how you will do it, but my crystal ball says that it is only you that can help me." she declared, reaching under one of her pillows to produce a fleshy looking purple wing to match the purple horn, as she handed it to Grave. "But, where are my manners? I know you but not the other way round. I am Kaga, the Moonlit Fox of the carnival. Please consider my request."

[Grave got a piece of the Jabberwocky]
[Grave learned that Kaga needs to remember an important song]

"If you are ever lost and need guidance, please return to me. I think we can help each other."
Feb 6, 2009
"Well, if not hostile then I'll call her mildly antagonistic, I suppose?" Grave shrugged. Truth be told, this particular detail didn't matter that much, so he was fine with letting the kitsune have her point and ending the debate there. The fortune-teller's information and advice was far more important. For the most part, she just confirmed some suspicions of his, though it was always nice to be certain. He had to admit, he felt reassured by her words, at least a bit. Though... This realm was the Hatter's soul? Just how powerful was she, to be able to contain this whole place within herself? He shook his head. The thought was honestly terrifying to comprehend.

"Well, it's good to know this'll help, at least." Grave sighed, leaning back in the chair. "I'd rather not just leave only to end up having someone comment 'died by angry dragon' about me moments later." Honestly, he needed all the teaching her could get. He was so unprepared for everything that happened to him so far it was not even funny. Taking the wing of Jabberwocky and stashing it away together with the horn, the half-blood frowned as he pondered Kaga's request. "A song, you say... Do you recall any details about it? Perhaps the circumstances that allowed you to hear it? Anything that stands out?" Internally, he tried to remember any songs that stood out to him in the past. If it was important to them both, then there was some chance it was related to him. "And just to make sure, do you have any ideas where the third piece might be?"