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Sep 19, 2012
Re: [Incomplete][Innoxia] Lilith's Throne

the games pretty amazing, i hope there are tentacles and more outfit in the future


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Jan 22, 2017

Content Note:
There is furry and male on male content in the game. If you don't like furry, go through the intro and select the "Eww Furries" option when it is available. If you don't like m/m, go in the options to where you can adjust the gender of the enemy and set males to off.
Does/Will this also apply to any other sexual content in the game? For example, is there (or will there be) an option to set anal to off?


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Sep 9, 2012
Re: Question.

Does/Will this also apply to any other sexual content in the game? For example, is there (or will there be) an option to set anal to off?
It does not currently, no idea if it is intended in future.

You can choose not to do certain acts by all means if you are the dominant partner, and request not to have some things done when submissive.
Nov 14, 2012
Re: Question.

Does/Will this also apply to any other sexual content in the game? For example, is there (or will there be) an option to set anal to off?
All of the "extreme" fetishes (incest, non con, watersports, bestiality, etc) will be set to off by default and will have to be activated by the player to be seen. As far as I know, there are no plans to turn off things like anal though. But anal content is easy enough to avoid since the sex scenes are completely interactive.
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Feb 25, 2015
Re: [Incomplete][Java][Innoxia] Lilith's Throne

How to use older saves


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May 21, 2012
Re: [Incomplete][Java][Innoxia] Lilith's Throne

While Posting; This is about the last place I've seen discuss Lilith's Throne. It's not as though there was anything to miss since many features and other sexual content is still frustratingly in progress.
All of the "extreme" fetishes (incest, non con, watersports, bestiality, etc) will be set to off by default and will have to be activated by the player to be seen. As far as I know, there are no plans to turn off things like anal though. But anal content is easy enough to avoid since the sex scenes are completely interactive.
This is only the case in a dominant victory, NPCs with an anal-fetish will interact with it or sometimes do it randomly. It's less seen as a fetish to the game's innards and more to another hole to fuck.
How to use older saves
Saves aren't future-proof yet, so the most you can do right now is export character stats that include your current appearance. It's under options, I think.
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Nov 10, 2011
can anyone tell me how to edit the save file?
I am using N++ (I can edit the export file but not the save files)

ohh and I think the 1.7 and 1.8 have different export file (I can edit my slave in 1.7 but not the 1.8)


Evard's Tentacles of Forced Intrusion
Sep 9, 2012
can anyone tell me how to edit the save file?
I am using N++ (I can edit the export file but not the save files)

ohh and I think the 1.7 and 1.8 have different export file (I can edit my slave in 1.7 but not the 1.8)
The game has a built-in cheat menu, just type "buggy" and it opens the screen

Otherwise, you can edit the exported character as it is JSON format, and then start a new game importing

The plan is in the next release or so the .lts files are going to be abandoned and the export/import process becomes the save mechanism but it is still a little buggy


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Apr 20, 2015
Thank you, I love this game, btw any chances I can sell myself to slavery?
Feb 28, 2014
Updated the thread to v0.1.98.1

v0.1.98 and v0.1.98.1 Changelog:

Version patch notes:
  • Bugs:

    Fixed bug where multiple incompatible penetrations could be performed at once.

    Nipple penetration options should no longer appear as a greyed-out option if the character's nipples are not able to be penetrated.

    Orgasm descriptions will no longer reference cum if the character that's orgasming doesn't produce any.

    Fixed bug where orgasm descriptions were referencing the wrong person.

    Fixed bug where NPCs would continuously put you into the missionary position every turn.

    Fixed some incorrect name parsing during orgasm descriptions.

    Fixed bug where repeating Ralph's discount scene would cause the game to freeze.

    Fixed the 'Grow cock' action for demon NPCs setting cum production value to max.

    Fixed bug where creampie effects could stop being applied.

    NPCs should no longer switch positions the moment before orgasm. (I thought I'd fixed this before, but there was another cause of it.)

    Creampie effects should no longer instantly disappear when sex ends.

    Fixed Ralph's discount incrementing to the point where he pays you to take his items from him.

    (Hopefully) Fixed the error where Lilaya's sex scene would sometimes freeze.

Version 0.1.98 patch notes:
  • Gameplay:

    Added 'Cum Inflation' option to content preferences screen (on by default).

    Reworked and improved creampie status effects, adding new icons, and keeping track of how much cum is currently inside of your orifices. Having the 'masochist' or 'cum addict' fetishes now makes these status effects apply a positive modifier.

    Added related status effects for cum inflation, and added in more detailed cum inflation descriptions in orgasms (can be disabled in the content preferences screen).

    Further improved orgasm descriptions for all penis modifiers, and added in the start of fluid descriptions. (I ran out of time in which to properly create alcoholic and psychoactive status effects and descriptions.)

    Improved UI for changing colour of a body part (in Kate's shop and character creator).

    Added the (basic) ability to send slaves to Kate's shop, in order to change their appearance. (I'll expand this and tidy up the UI at a later date.)

    Added missionary position (both on back and between legs for both sub and dom) to generic sex scenes. NPCs will now also use this position (if they want to).
  • Other:

    Displacement of clothing is now restored after a sex scene. (So if you start a sex scene with your jacket unbuttoned, it will be re-equipped after sex in its unbuttoned state.)

    Reduced arousal gains from characters with the 'Unwilling Fuck-Toy' fetish resisting in sex from 150% normal value, to 125%.

    Made all penetrative actions visible in sex scenes, although disabled until you meet their requirements.

    Added submissive sex variations for offspring encounters.
  • Bugs:

    Fixed some reported instances of incorrect parsing & typos.

    NPCs should no longer repeatedly start/stop penetrations in sex.

    Fixed black and grey text colours being inverted.

    Fixed unavailable eye colours for demons, wolf-morphs, and cat-morphs.

    NPCs should now comment on body parts the first time they're revealed in sex again.

    Fixed several instances of orgasms removing ongoing penetrations.

    Fixed bug where you could increase the wetness of your vagina even if you didn't have one.

    Fixed inconsistent descriptions in being force-fed TF potions.

    Fixed bug where loading a saved game would not load any of your clothing's displacements. (All clothing would be reset to having not being displaced.)

    Fixed case where multiple types of exposed status effects could be applied at once to one character.

    Corrected description of the double-sized bed upgrade in the two-person slave room.

    Fixed the bug where when feeding a potion to an NPC (or drinking it yourself) which has a large number of effects, all of the TF descriptions were based on the target's end state.

    NPCs will no longer use the last of their stamina on a special attack.

    Fixed parsing errors in hypno-watch effects.

    Added some more reasonable descriptions for alligator 'body hair' (scales).

    Choosing 'Rough'/'Gentle'/'Eager'/'Resisting' options at the start of sex will now correctly start the sex scene with you in that pace.

    Fixed bug where you could drop/remove/displace NPC's clothes through the [Phone] > [Contacts] > [NPC Name] tabs.

    Fixed not being able to switch positions in Kate's sex scene.

    Fixed all offensive spells referencing 'arcane fire'.


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Jun 18, 2010
Love the game so far! The scenes so far are (and as far as I have played) well written. As a suggestion for the future The transform options for demons/smiles and the character creator could use options for things like ears legs arms, and etc. I got a demon transformation so I can freely shape shift and now I can't seem to get rid of some of the old freckles on places like arm, legs and ass.

That being the biggest issue I have so far. Here are some things I'd like to see in future but I don't consider to be major issues.

The ability to pick things like chair and stocks positions while in rooms with said items. Also being able to add a room with BDSM stuff in your aunt's home.

The option to start as a futa if it doesn't break the lore you're setting up.

Adding categories to the arcane shop so more transformation potions show up. This is mainly so we don't have to wait for rng as much when wanting to transform yourself with them. Granted sense I don't think the game has a time limit players can just wait it out.


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Mar 22, 2012
For the first point: Innoxia seems to be quite responsive to actual bugs filed via github.

I'm not clear whether points #2 and #3 would go there, but #4 is a pretty straightforward "enhancement"
Jan 12, 2015
Alright so even though this has fallen by the wayside i'm going to be bringing the update info (or as much as i can remember from the last time this game was reviewed)

-Dominion no longer is randomly generated : due to the way the story is going to be, and because people would just restart to get a favorable outcome, Innoxia decided to make the city static. Its actually quite nice and well thought out. If you don't want to randomly blunder your way through it, there's a map available in the mansion library
-Spell system revamp : remember when all you had to do was spam fireball in order to win? remember those shield spells that WERE A WASTE OF TIME. well thats all changed. After much thought, Innoxia has added a whole slew (slough?) of new spells, divided neatly into 5 different element categories. and get this! SPELL PERKS BABY! unlock a set amount of spells from each category to get a nifty little passive that makes life a little easier. AND all the spells have an upgrade tree (think dragon age 2) to make them just a little more OP. Note this is still "proof of concept" so things might change in the future with balancing
-Level perk tree, with a trait system! : Now instead of just the "+5 strength" thing, you get a nice visual representation of progress (also super proof of concept, to be reworked eventually). with this perk tree are "traits" which function as passives you can turn on or off. you may remember some of them from the old perk system (like the "observer" perk) but choose wisely! you only have so many trait slots
-Submission is available : the city beneath the city, Submission has been added! come visit! travel through the scenic dank sewer/canal pipes, stop by the gambling den for wholesome family activities, like slots, or throwing dice! Wanna try something even MORE wholesome than that? Try your luck at the pregnancy roulette, both as a stud, OR a breeder! guess correctly for a BIG payout! its totally family friendly. The rest of submission hasn't been fleshed out entirely yet (there's a VERY good reason for that) but its pretty sweet.
-New species, sub-species, outfits, and TFs! : You want a sexy maid outfit? boom. you want a sexy butler outfit? boom. eye-patch? boom. want to be a fox now? they're in. a rat? also in. like cats? we have cats in a variety of flavors (like lions and cheetahs and leopards). there's plenty of new customization options for those that want their character their way. want dark sclarae? (the white part of the eye, around the iris, commonly seen dark on demon girls, you know what im talking about) you can do that now, want four arms, eight balls and a horse wiener covered in micro-tentacles that cums bubbly jizz that tastes like strawberries that induces psychoactive effects when ingested? check. make your character the way YOU want, with more species, TFs, and outfits to come. modding support for adding your own clothing is being worked on, (or maybe its done i wasn't paying attention) so you can do what you want with your avatar.
Note: Innoxia recently added the multitude of cat sub-species as a sort of apology, she was going through personal life stuff that prevented her from working on the game. that's fine, its understandable. however, the community exploded in entitled anger because promised content wasn't delivered when they wanted it. which is bullshit. this game is free, you aren't entitled to shit. you donate on patreon? nice. that doesn't mean your entitled to anything. patreon isnt a pre-order system for you to demand shit from the devs. I apologize for this message guys but since then the blog posts have been filled with people going "shit dev" and "lol bad game" "whiteknight furfags" and its just...frustrating. but anywayzzz
-Prostitution and milking! : The brothel "Angels Kiss" has been added, and it NEEDS YOUR HELP! due to some...unwanted administrating, all the sluts have run off, leaving brothel owner Angel in a pickle. She needs you to offer your "services"...as a recruiter! Scour the back alley for sluts in need of a new home, and send them where they will be protected and loved...in all positions! but thats not all! want some quick cash for literally no work? just go upstairs, pick a room, and wait for the money to come rolling in. Too busy to earn EZ money? send your slaves in your place! if they have the right fetishes for the job they'll pick it up like nobodies business. Still not enough money for ya? convert one of the spare rooms into a milking room! send your big tiddie babies or your hyper hung guys to be continually milked! sell it, drink it, or whathaveyou. its EZ $$$.
-Tattoos and piercings! : Are you an exhibitionist? do you HATE the idea of your flesh prison being constrained by synthetic cotton fibers? like that look people get when they cant stop staring at your junk? but do you HATE on missing out on gear buffs? miss the fact that you cant wear enchanted flesh prison clothing, forcing you to be underpowered as hell compared to a filthy clothes wearer? WE HAVE THE SOLUTION! now with tattoos and piercings, you get all the freedom of not-wearing-clothes AND you get a piece of enchantable "equipment"! stick metal in your dick! enchant it so that it gives you super strength! Now your dick gives you strength! awesome! if that isnt appealing, you can always opt for a tattoo instead! chose from a variety of patterns and ink colors, find something that really says "you", you know. After all, nothing says "favorite fetish" like tattooing the words "BABY INJECTOR" on your favorite slaves dick in glowing orange ink.
-Multi partner combat and sex! : recently, it became possbile to engage in combat with multiple adversaries (only two at a time and only during certain sidequests for testing purposes) and to engage in bonings with. the two multi-partner scenes available are "spitroast" (only you can be spitroasted) and "side-by-side" (you in back only). You can also drag a slave around with you for party purposes. they dont do much atm, but thats leading up to
-THE BIGGEST UPDATE IN THE GAME SO FAR : so for the last month or so, Innoxia has been busy doing background coding. coding we asked for. coding thats so fucking big im amazed she only did it in a month. So, with the addition of sumoned allies, and combat slaves, there was a big request for slaves to interact with defeat victims or to be offered up instead of you in case of loss. However, the code for the gae didnt allow for that, so what innoxia has done was take ALL THE SEX CODE AND EVERYTHING IT ENTAILS, lift it up like Yoda with the X-wing in the dagobah swamp, then start coding like Mickey mouse from fantasia during that one dramatic part. She very recently finished her work. what she had to do was Reconfigure or reformat it or whatever in order to allow NPC on NPC sex scenes. That doesnt sound big on paper, but it UNLOCKS SO MUCH! Voyeurism! orgies! MORE MULTI-PARTNER SEX SCENES! Theres so much potential in this its un-fucking-believeable. The most recent build (released wednesday) is the first implementation of this new system, so expect bugs.

so yeah, a LOT has happened in the forever since anyone updated this thread, nd i really recommend you guys give it a try. again.