Kiera (ranger)

Dec 6, 2009
Kiera arrived at the door of a massive and ominous looking castle. It was hundreds of feet tall, built of obsidian black stone, with no windows anywhere to be seen to let light into it's halls less they had torches or candles to light the path; and to any and all observers, even if they didn't have any magical affinity or attunement, would feel an aura of overwhelming evil coming from it, it was not a place where many would wander off to on their accord. However this was where all leads from the people she had talked to lead to the kidnapped women being, so this had to be the right place. Even odder though, was the strange fact that there was NO security on outside proximity or perimeter. And she seriously had to wonder why? If she ventured forth to test the door, even more alarmin she would find it unlocked, meaning that they either forgot or were expecting her....... When she would finally head into the castle she would find herself in a medium sized room with a door on the south and east side.