La Blue Girl EGG RP idea

Dec 6, 2009
Hey everyone, after talking about it with Flayer for a while I decided to try to come up with a rule set/system thing for people to use for a PbP on here if they wishes. I am using the Egg System for the most part but am adding and tweaking things as fits the La Blue Girl hentai and such. All I have done now are races. I am debating whether or not to include classes which will add certain bonus as well. Let me know what you think:

Here is what I have for races so far:

Humans: The predominant species kd the mortal realm. Humans come in all shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. There's nothing special about them, but they are an extremely adaptive and intuitive species- able to learn and do anything they truly commit themselves or set their minds to. They are able to pick up on most things surprisingly quickly.

Humans get the Level 0 "Quick Learner" trait for free which increases EXP gain by x1.5

Shape Shifter: You are a lycanthrope or some other form of supernatural shape shifter. The source of your ability can be anything you want as long as it fits the setting of the game. A pact with a shikima, exposure to chemicals o mutagen, lycanthropy, vampirism, whatever.

You can change your form at the cost of 1 FP. Your alter form is considered to have two of the four following traits at level 1: Hardened, Combat Expertise, Dodger, or Aggressor.

Shikima: You are one of the sex demon race, albeit a lesser member of such. You feed off of the sexual energy of humans, mostly female. Shikima are rarely seen outside of the Shikima realm, though some ambitious or power hungry demons have ventured into the human realm whether to find a way to destroy the Shikima King, exact revenge against a certain clan of sex ninjas or the likes, or just to raise hell.

Shikima begin play with either the Hardened or Aggressor traits at level 1.

Angels: Finally there are the celestial agents of Heaven, the angels. While most true angels do not venture from Gloryland often, some angels have decided to visit yon mortals and bestow special gifts to certain individuals, or even rarer blessed individuals with celestial conception; giving birth to half angels or angels in human flesh. These individuals are almost always female or in special cases herms. Female and herm varieties are protected by blessed pearls found in their vaginal cavities, preventing cervical penetration and conception. Though these wards can be dislodged or removed altogether with enough manipulation and coaxing; most celestials go to great length to keep them in place and protect their maidenhood and purity

Angels begin play with either Magic, Bow Expertise, or Polearm Expertise at Level 0 along with their choice of one Level 0 trait.

Also I am debating on making Sexcraft or Holy Magic a separate trait or just clump them both into generic Magic, since there is a difference in La Blue Girl and Twin Angels.
Dec 6, 2009
Re: La Blue Girl EGG RP idea

Okay, I've worked out some traits. Most are taken from EGG 2.2 but I added some some flavor to the Magic trait to represent the different types of Magic in La Blue Girl and Twin Angels. Let me know what you think:

Sword Expertise: +X to all combat (offensive and defensive) while wielding a sword.
Axe Expertise: +(X) to offensive combat rolls, +(X-1) to defensive rolls. Also increases crit chance (Reducing the needed beat score by X)
Polearm Expertise: +X to offensive rolls, +(x+1) to defensive rolls
Bow Expertise: +(X+1) to offensive rolls, +X to defensive rolls. These bonuses are lost when grappled.
Dodger: +X to defensive rolls as long as not entangled.
Aggressor: +X to attack rolls.
Hardened: Reduces chance to become aroused in battle. (By 1X die sides.)
Magic: A character can perform magic, depending on rank, useable in combat, adding +X to combat rolls
Magic Subsets
-Sex Craft: The magic of the shikima race and various clans of Sex Ninjas. Sex craft focuses more or erotic and sexual endeavors unlike traditional magic. This can range from growing a dick, instilling burning lust in a subject, or controlling your opponents thoughts. Prime examples are the nyoninboh, which allows a female nin to grow her clitoris to the size of a penis to pleasure her opponenents, turning your hair into needles, shooting your pubic hairs out like projectiles, the Hindenburg, and etc. Though players are free and encouraged to come up with their own examples. At level 0, sex ninjas start with one technique known and available to use and gain a new one for every level of Magic unlocked.
-Holy Magic: The magic of heaven and the angels. Shrine Maidens and priestesses specialize in the holy magics and it cannot be learned by Shikima by any means. Humans, shapeshifters, ninjas and sex ninjas may learn holy magic, but it develops at half the speed it would for Angelic beings and twice as much experience must be invested to learn it and level it up. Holy magic at high levels can repair torn hymen and act as a contraceptive, keeping priestesses and shrine maidens maidenhood intact, which proves to be a great boon should their seals be broken or destroyed. Angels or characters with Holy Magic begin with one Miracle (Holy Magic feat) and gain a new one at every level of magic. Non angels or holy people get a Miracle every other level. These can be simple telekinesis, healing magic, purification, even up to powerful force fields and exorcism at higher levels.
Spotter: +(X+1) to not getting ambushed. Reduces monster encounter rate.
Escape Artist: +x to escape checks (Including attacking escape checks)

You are also able to suggest and come up with your own ideas for traits if you like, and if they make sense or aren't too OP or anything, I'll give the green light and add them to the list later. :)
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Dec 6, 2009
Re: La Blue Girl EGG RP idea

Now on to classes. I was considering not even doing them, but instead I think I will just focus on two for now. If anyone else has any ideas or suggestions for future entries feel to post them up in here.

Sex Ninjas

Sex Ninjas are secret clans or sects of the ancient ninja who have either made some sort of pact with the Shikima of the Under World, trained their bodies in certain ways or some other form of occult study to implement the act of sex as a tool against their enemies. Sex Ninjas have been scarce up to about ten years ago when demons and shikima have become more of problem, growing ballsier as time went by than what they used to be. Sex ninjas of high repute such as Miko Midou, Fubaki Kai and Yaku have dispersed and inducted those who had not joined the priestess caste to prowl the shadows and use their lewd arts against the rogue shikima or straying demons prowling on nubile young women.

Sex Ninjas are trained in the sex craft ninjitsu techniques, or are openly more lewd than other walks of life; but whatever the case they take to using their bodies and sex as a weapon more easily than others. Characters of the Sex Nin class gain one sex technique at every level and gain a +1 to their sex combat rolls every two levels, capping out at +5.

Priestess/Shrine Maidens

Priestess and Shrine Maidens are the polar oppostite of Sex Ninjas and spend most of their time and energy making sure they remain chaste and pure. If a priestess experience orgasm they become stunned for one round longer than other classes, a shrine maiden may in fact choose to deny or resist orgasm but doing so costs 1 FP for every round after her AP drops to zero. And the wave that comes from holding off orgasm is massive and immediately ends the scene or at least the combat, as the orgasm is so earth shattering she is literally unable to do anything else for quite some time. But it is also because of this that Shrine Maidens train intensively to resist the pleasures of the flesh. In mechanics terms, players of the shrine maiden class start game with a +2 bonus to their AP.
Dec 6, 2009
Re: La Blue Girl EGG RP idea

What sort of experience track do you think I should use?

Fast: Flat 10 points to every level, winning battles/encounters earn 1-3 points based on enemy difficulty, 5 points awarded for a successful mission or finishing a story arc.

Medium: (10 points*Next Level) to every level= lvl 1-2= 10 -20 exp, 3-4 = 30-40 exp, etc. Exp gain is same as easy/fast.

Slow: Leveling is as same as medium, but all battles only earn 1 exp, regardless of difficulty; and missions still reward 5 exp.

Regardless of the XP track chosen all characters will receive 2XP at the conclusion of combat win or lose. This is done in order to try to maintain balance and fairness should things get a little too difficult.

The game pace will likely vary depending on what each player wants. Those who want a more combat sex battle focused game will likely be faster paced most of the time; but will likely be on medium or slow track to keep from powering up too quickly. While people wanting a more character and roleplaying focused thread/session. Will likely be on fast or medium.
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Dec 6, 2009
Re: La Blue Girl EGG RP idea


Horny: When a character reaches max AP from foreplay, drugs, poison, or other mind effecting factors, they become Horny and cannot think of anything else but pleasuring themselves. They suffer a -1 to all rolls until they get themselves off. Additionally their AP is reset only to half their max. If they reach max AP a second time they climax and become stunned for one round.

Impregnated/Egged:If a character/enemy reaches Max AP while penetrating/or being penetrated, they roll a d4. On a 1-2 the pregnation or egging does not occur, on a 3-4 the character impregnates or gets impregnated or egged by the character enemy. On live births a a d6 is rolled. On a 1-2 only one offspring is birthed, on 3-4 the character enemy receives twins, on a 5 or 6 the character/enemy recieces triplets. Pregnant characters suffer a -1 to all rolls per number offspring. Max -3.
Egged/egging characters roll a d8. On a 1-2 one egg is planted, on a 3-4 two eggs, on a 5-6 three eggs up to a max of four eggs on a 7-8. Egged characters suffer a -1 per egg, up to a -4 max.

Webbed: Spider or insect like enemies may choose to shoot a web as part of their attack phase. If the web hits a target successfully, said character or enemy receives a -1to attack and dodge for every stack of webbing. Up to a -5 total when said target becomes bound and may do nothing but try to escape. This action takes three turns total, but bound enemies/characters may opt to roll a d6, on a result of 6, they break free regardless of turn number. A stack of webbing takes one action to remove and a player must choose to forfeit either attack or dodge in doing so.
Dec 6, 2009
Re: La Blue Girl EGG RP idea

Setting and Plot:
Twenty years after the events of La Blue Girl Returns, four shikima barons, all of which of less individual power than the shikima king, banded together in hopes of usurping the mighty king. After plotting, planning, maneuvering and positioning they finally managed to trap the shikima king in a position of weakness where they could strike him down. But the four lords own greed and ambitions would be their own undoing; as they would not be able to agree on who should rule the shikima and would fall victim to infighting. What resulted was a massive civil wat between the Shikima under each of the four lords factions. This along with a massive power vacuum from the death of the shikima king would cause the veil between the mortal and shikima realms to weaken. This allowed thousands on thousands of shikima to slip through the cracks and enter the human realm and impregnate countless women. This turn of events would also force the hands of the agents of heaven, as angels and shrine maidens would find themselves forced to enter into an uneasy truce with Miroku and other clans of sex ninjas to deal with the insurgence of demons and hopefully bring an end to the shikima civil war and set things right once again....

As a player you would be playing the role of one such ninja, angel, priestess or "good" aligned shikima hoping to end the madness that has come upon the human realm...
Dec 6, 2009
Re: La Blue Girl EGG RP idea

Character Sheets:

Trait(s) and level(s):

Description (Clothes, looks, etc. This can be an image or a short bit of text, either is fine.):

Attitude (What's your character's attidude like, how do they think, etc.):

Background: This need not be longer than a decent sized paragraph. It can be longer if you wish, but it isn't necessary.

Extra Notes (Have something you want me to know? Include it here.):

Fetishes/Turn offs: Similar to standard EGG settings, fill these out so me or any other potential GMs know what and what not to include in your thread.

Humans: Y/N (if Y, frequency of 1-5 where 1 is rarely and 5 is often)
Male/Female: Y/N (if Y, frequency of 1-5)
Female/Female: Y/N (if Y, frequency of 1-5)
Pregnancy: Y/N (if Y, frequency of 1-5)
Birthing: Y/N (if Y, frequency of 1-5)
Non Consent Sex: Y/N (if Y, frequency of 1-5)
BDSM: Y/N (if Y, frequency of 1-5)
Slavery: Y/N (if Y, frequency of 1-5)
Monsters (Tentacles & Slimes & Likewise): Y/N (if Y, frequency of 1-5)
Roughness: (How gentle are the monsters when you lose?): This is left vague on purpose, a number can't properly convey this setting.
______(Feel free to add new ones, though I may not run it if I'm not into it)