Match 8: Nyx(Grave) vs. Arieta(Ferris)

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Mamono Assault Force

Coon Tamer
Jan 1, 2009
Re: Match 8: Nyx(Grave) vs. Arieta(Ferris)

Clock: 20/32

Nyx: Standing
HP: 80
PP: 100
WP: 120
Points: 95
Cards: 8
Stamina: 45

Arieta: Standing, nude
HP: 80/80
PP: 80
WP: 127.4/140
Points: 0
Cards: 8
Stamina: 45
Underdog: 1/5


Nyx uses:
Strike 1
PP 1

Arieta uses:
Defense 5

Arieta dodges!

Arieta's offensive, she plays cards first.
Sep 4, 2009
Re: Match 8: Nyx(Grave) vs. Arieta(Ferris)

The punches seemed a tad slower now allowing Arieta to almost predict their trajectory. 'Maybe Lady Nyx is running low on steam...Though I'm in no shape to take advantage of it even if she were.' Were her final thoughts as each movement would cause Arieta to cringe in agony. If she could just catch Nyx arm while she was punching , Arieta would throw Nyx against the turnbuckle and slam her knee into Nyx's stomach.

(use two cards, Grapple)
Feb 6, 2009
Re: Match 8: Nyx(Grave) vs. Arieta(Ferris)

Nyx made no reaction when her punch was avoided. It was a slow attack, deliberately slowed down to gauge her opponent's reaction. It seemed that despite the damage inflicted, Arieta remained a threat. The robot would have to take care to avoid giving her a chance to fight back. Still... She could use a chance to recover a little herself. Even holding back, that punch came out slower than expected. With her point advantage, she could allow the bird-girl to trip her up. Of course, she'd have to make sure that the harpy would go no further than that, but it was more than doable.

(Do nothing, drawing two cards.)
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