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Dances with Girl-Cocks
Jan 21, 2016
You need to camwhore more to grow your twitch!


Evard's Tentacles of Forced Intrusion
Jul 5, 2010
I just browsed through my old posts, back when you tackled the monsters and enemies of Drangleic in DS2. All those old screenshots and clips of special moments...it's sooo nostalgic. :D

.....aaaaaaand MF just died twice in a row and lost 50.000 souls.


Dat MF face when he doesn't manage to dodge the same attack five times in a row:

Dat MF face when you kill the Father of the Abyss and poke a crying woman that lies on the ground defenseless:

Dat MF face when I fail to trick him to open a chest that is actually a Mimic:

Dat MF face when I compliment his extraordinary skills with the bow and arrow:

Dat MF face when the helpless, blind, on-the-brink-of-death Chaos Sister asks him for 30 humanity and he hands them over one by one:

This guy is out of control, I'm telling you! :D