Reflections of the Sun (maikochan)


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Aug 12, 2010
"You tread cautiously down the dark ogre feasting hall, wary at the stillness about you. Only the buzz of a few stink flies around a large, half-chewed leg of moose breaks the silence. The stench of the hall is nearly overwhelming, and you fear that it's not the food but the feasters who are responsible for it." The bespectacled figure of the Canadian student, Paul, looks up at the group from behind his dungeon keeper's screen and smiles before adding.

"It would seem that ogres are so fond of their meals that they rarely feel the need to take bathroom breaks. As such, there are large holes in each seat--"

"Eww! That's so gross!" Chikako stuck out her tongue, which was enough to prompt Paul to skip past the rest of his description, pleased to have successfully grossed out one of his players.

"You near the great throne of His Rotundness, the dark ogre chieftain. It is decorated with the bones and skulls of many creatures, some of which look quite humanoid. As with the rest of his hall, the seat is empty."

"Quickleaf checks for traps," Shun says, picking up the die and rolling. "14?"

Paul hums to himself behind his screen, rolls a die secretly, and says that the halfling thief finds nothing alarming in the way of traps.

"I suggest we let the Valkyrie detect evil again." This suggestion came from Yasu, who was playing a wizard as always.

Hikari stared down at her sheet, debating on using the once per day ability or saving it and simply stabbing at the throne with her Radiant Spear +2. She was well versed with the monster manual for this setting, and knew that the dark ogres had an illusion ability if they stayed absolutely still. The one thing that they couldn't hide was their reeking stench, and thus they always kept their living quarters smelling awful so that they could hide without their odor giving them away.

She could give her answer either way, deciding if she'd use her meta knowledge and take a bet on Paul's planning, or be in-character and use the detect evil spell, even though she knew it would lead to the ogres successfully ambushing them without a free strike at the leader.

After she gave her answer though, the lights flicked off and on, and Paul's mother said that dinner was ready and she didn't want it getting cold. Everyone had to come upstairs because she didn't want food all over the house.

Paul grumbled and closed his notebook and rules guide. "Guess that means we break for dinner. We'll leave it on a cliffhanger."

The group shuffled up the stairs, out of Paul's basement. Besides him, there were the two guys, Yasu and Shun, and the girls, Hikari and Chikako. They'd all gone to the same high school, but were heading to different universities next year. Paul was going back to Canada for school, which meant that their campaign was soon to come to an end. It was sad news.

As the others munched on their meals, Hikari would feel a gentle breeze pass by her ear, with a whispered disembodied voice calling to her.

"Hikari. It is Solerra. I must speak with you. There is a gateway in the backyard. Come quickly before anyone notices."

If Hikari made a move, Chikako would notice and ask her where she was going. She would have to make up some excuse, but so long as it was half-way believable, she'd be able to satisfy Chikako's curiosity for a little time at least.

Moving to the backyard, she'd see the same sort of "hole" in space just appearing there in the middle of Paul's backyard. Through the hole, she could see a white marble planescape with pristine pillars and alabaster statues of winged angels. Solerra was standing in the distance, waiting for Hikari to come through.
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Reflections of the Sun (maikochan)

"Oh come on..." Hikari sighed as Paul gave the rather disgusting description. It had clearly been made with the intent to get a reaction from the two girls at the table. Still, she had to give him points for creativity.

She adjusted her glasses as she looked over her sheet. On one hand, it felt like a bit of a waste, having the knowledge of what might lay ahead and choosing not to use it. Early on when she was getting into role-playing games, she'd often make use of it, but ended up finding that it was more fun to stay in character. Still, she might be able to come up with a way to justify why Sigurd, her character, might know to take a stab at the throne.

"I'll take the wizard's suggestion. Though if he had done his research..." She was mainly joking about the last part, but before she could say anything else, the lights flickered, indicating the end of the session.

The impending end of the game also signified a change that Hikari wasn't sure she was ready to make yet or not. She had been accepted into a university with a scholarship through her cheerleading. It gave Hikari mixed feelings, but with her parents pushing her to make her own way, while still living up to their expectations, she didn't feel like she had much of a choice.

Sighing, as she mulled over thoughts about the future, she was interrupted by the disembodied voice. It hadn't been that long since she found herself caught up in something straight out of her games, but it had been so much like a dream that she wasn't really sure it had happened. Now, however, she couldn't really deny it.

She pushed herself back from the table and started towards the backyard, but Chikako caused her to pause. She made the excuse that she was just heading for the bathroom and, assuming that sufficed for Chikako's curiosity, would continue on her way to where she had been beckoned.

The sight of the rift only further reinforced that this was actually happening. Taking a breath to steady herself, she stepped through the 'hole'. She hoped whatever the matter was, it didn't take long. Her absence might be noticed if she took too long.

"You, uh... called?" She asked, once she was face-to-face with the angelic Solerra, still not really sure how she should address her.


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Aug 12, 2010
Re: Reflections of the Sun (maikochan)

As Hikari passed through the rift, it closed up behind her, leaving her to gaze in awe at the surroundings. The white marble and alabaster hall - which seemed to have an ancient world, Grecian ruins feel to it, was floating in the middle of the vacuum of space, with an endless sea of fire "below" the floor, and the endless void above it.

As staggering as this odd setting was, it was comparable to the appearance of Solerra herself. When she had first laid eyes upon the strange being, Hikari had thought she looked like a radiant angel. Now she was all that and moreso. Her hair was a luxurious cascade of molten, glittering gold. Her eyes were fiery in color, yet kind in temperament. Her skin was pale, unmarred, and possessed of a barely perceptible shimmering. Whereas she had previously been clothed in robes similar to a toga, her perfect body was now almost bare.

Her feet were clad in simple sandals whose straps wove around her ankle and calves. Her top was an impossibly form clinging material, the color and luster of pure gold. It was sleeveless, showing off her shoulders, and had a small, upturned collar built into it. It ended midway down her breasts, showing off the underside of each, and seemed to be held in place simply by the tightness with which it was adhering to her bust. Her cleavage was considerable. The angelic figure's entire midriff was exposed, and only a thing golden chain about the hips held up two strips of thin metallic cloth that settled down between her buttocks and in front of her, dropping to a length that was just below her knees.

All in all, it was a drop dead gorgeous and sexy outfit, made all the more otherworldly by the feathered wings that sprouted out the back of its wearer.

Solerra waited for Hikari by a large lounging area, filled with comfy looking pillows and a wide, circular mattress, dark and also shimmering. The air around the 'temple' was rich with unseen incense, not overpowering, but omnipresent. A small breeze wafted through the area, though how wind should exist in such a place was merely one of countless mysteries.

The angel smiled beautifully at Hikari and gestured for her to take a seat on the mattress and rest against a fluffy pillow.

"Thank you for coming, Hikari. I have been so busy since we last spoke, and it occurred to me, when the time came again to talk with you, that there are probably many questions that you still have for me, and I fretted for how we should have this conversation in the most comfortable way as possible. You're here now for two reasons, the first of which is the important mission, the beginning of your duty to help save Earth from its enemies. The second reason is more personal in nature - and I think it will need some more explaining on my part."

The angel put a hand on Hikari's shoulder, sitting down beside her if the girl had chosen to take a seat as she'd been invited to.

"First you must understand that I am as new to much of this as you are. Never before have I had to take physical form. Never before have I been so conscious, so unified in purpose as I am now. I am the spirit of the star that lights your world. I have observed your planet for so long, but to me if feels as if... as if only in the blink of an eye, suddenly there are such amazing things to be experienced on your world, and such a horrible darkness has arrived to snuff that wonder out. And being a star, I am confident that I cannot directly interact with your world in any way other than through someone like you. And I do so desire to interact..."

She paused, taking a deep breathe, looking into Hikari's eyes to see if any of what she had just said had sunk in. Waiting perhaps to see if any obvious question had occurred to Hikari before she continued. For all her radiance and beauty, there was another quality that the young Japanese woman could see in her hostess: uncertainty, vulnerability. The way she spoke and implored with her eyes, it appeared that the angel very much wanted to be understood, and worried that she wouldn't be. It was also hard not to continue to notice how absolutely beautiful she was - so beautiful it almost hurt to look at her. The kind of beauty that one could get lost in.

"I hope you like what I've done with this place. It's all been for you. I thought that we would need a separate place, somewhere not on your world or in the Negaverse or the dimensions in between... We needed a stronghold that could be just for us. It's not much now, but I'll make it better! Give me time. It's very close to me - the sun I mean. Oh yeah, that's me there!"

She points eagerly at the horizon of fire surrounding every side of the floating platform.

"Obviously, I've had to make some alterations. Turned the heat way down. And the radiation too. And I found out how to create a mini atmosphere too. It's not really visible, but I made extra sure to get it just right for you. I really hope it's fine. You don't look like you're about to combust at least... Though anyone else would. You're still alive because I'm already in you. Er..."

She looks embarrassed by that and glances awkwardly away for a moment, brushing back her golden hair nervously.

"Um, I mean to say, that the part of my spirit, my soul that I gave you, that's what's inside of you. It's the one thing that lets you transform as Sailor Shine. It's... it's also what lets me appear like this. Without it inside of you, I can't be anything but a big ball of burning plasma. In a very strong way, you've created my transformation as much as I've created yours."

Solerra stood up and spread her arms and wings out, smiling and turning around in a circle so that Hikari can see her body from every angle.

"Even I wasn't sure what was going to happen, if I'm honest. When I saw you for the first time, I was still a spirit. I had to make the decision to... to enter you. I don't know what that might have been like for you but for me it was... the most intimate, most wonderful thing I'd ever felt."

Hikari knew that the moment when she'd first seen Solerra had been a rush of emotions and physicality unlike anything she'd ever experienced. Her whole body had felt more alive than ever, more aware. Every part of her had tingled, and something around her heart... a feeling as though her beating muscle had been coated in something cool and hot all at once. She'd also felt a rush of euphoria, and a pleasure that was akin to climax, though that last bit was something she doubted she wanted to admit.

"That's the thing I wanted to talk with you most about, before we get to the business of your task. It's our relationship, how we see one another. I want you to not be afraid of me, and to help me understand and experience your world, your humanity. I have observed so much and for so long, but until you, I've never touched. And now that I've touched, I've a... a desire to do more."

A fluttering, melodious laugh escapes her lips for a moment and she shakes her head from side to side.

"It's interesting. But being a star spirit, I am not inherently male or female. When I made the decision to take a physical form, I looked inside of you. I chose to have you unconsciously create me in the image you found most beautiful, most desirable. After having turned out like this, and then thinking about other relationships I have seen on Earth - I am mildly surprised that I am not a man. I also find it interesting that I appear as a classical angel. The wings were not my idea either. Hm hm!~"

Her cheerful expression was endearing, though it subsided into a more serious look as she brought her hand up to caress Hikari's cheek.

"I also regret that my actions, while wonderful and most pleasing for myself, may have also ended up putting you in danger. You didn't ask for my gifts, and they are not rescindable... at least not in a way that you could survive their removal. For better or worse you are stuck having a connection to me - and I would do much - anything in fact - to ensure that you are comfortable being my... my... well, how you want to define it is what I would ask of you next. I know that I am in a form that you like, but... whether or not you would consider..."

Solerra seems to be having some difficulty finding her words, and at this point it would not be too hard for Hikari to take over the conversation for a bit if she hadn't joined it already.
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Reflections of the Sun (maikochan)

The first thing to catch Hikari's attention was the environment itself. She looked around in amazement at the strange scenery. The fire below and stars above really made her feel like she was in-between worlds.

Once she noticed Solerra herself, however, Hikari almost froze. Her memories of first meeting the... angel? were still a bit hazy, but she could have sworn she wasn't as, well, sexy as she was now. She'd never given much thought as to her own sexual orientation, her relationships had always been more platonic than based on any physical attraction, at least, to her. Now, however, she was confronted with a situation in which she felt herself feeling a desire for something more physical. Solerra's wings seemed to just complete the image.

It took Solerra's motioning to the mattress to break Hikari out of her trance. The girl blinked and shook her head to clear it before, smiling back and sitting where indicated.

Hikari listened to Solerra quietly, though when she sat next to her girl, Hikari felt herself blushing slightly at the proximity. "The star...?" Hikari repeated, glancing up to Solerra's face, then off to the inferno below, starting to piece things together, though it seemed just so fantastical that it difficult. The divinely sexy woman next to her wasn't really helping Hikari's concentration any either.

One thing she had said did raise a question for Hikari. "A darkness? That's related to how we uh, first met... isn't it?" She asked softly, looking back up to Solerra.

It was only when Solerra replied or continued that Hikari realized she had been staring at the woman. She blinked and looked off to the side, blushing more at how she was acting. She'd never felt like this around anyone else before, male or female..

She listened to Solerra, the woman's explanation about where they were making sense in some strange way. If she wasn't interested in fantasy stories, Hikari might have combusted from trying to reconcile all of this information with what she knew of science and how it saw the world.

Hikari watched Solerra show off her body, finding it hard to look away. The memory of those sensations came back to Hikari, causing her to blush further. It had been incredible, literally indescribable for her. The more... pleasurable part of it Hikari linked to having been like what it felt like the first time she experienced an orgasm, unexpected, but euphoric.

Solerra continued, however, and Hikari had to let go of those memories for now. She waited for the woman to finish before replying.

"Well... I get the feeling you wouldn't have done it just on a whim. Pretty much all life on earth gets its energy in one way or another from the sun. I can see why you'd want to protect that." She started, smiling softly. "I'll do what I can to help in that regard. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least a little scared, however..." She looked off to the side and considered Solerra's other comments.

"Uhm, about the image thing... I think it might have been that, uh... you saw what I... wished I looked like... maybe?" Hikari wasn't very certain of that answer, and it came through in her tone. "Uh, the wings though! And the whole angel appearance, that's probably how I saw you when you, uh... saved me." She was a bit more sure about that aspect at least.

That just left Solerra's asking of Hikari how the girl wanted to view their relationship, at least, that's how Hikari interpreted it. "W-well, I do, uhm, like it, even if it is a little confusing. Even if there might be some form more, uhm... biologically appropriate, I guess, I think I'd prefer this one. It's how you introduced yourself to me and it's something I can relate to." Her tone changed from nervous to friendly as she spoke.

"If you're asking me how I see our relationship..." Hikari paused here to think about it. There wasn't an easy answer that quickly came to mind. On one hand, it was simple to see Solerra as an obvious superior to Hikari, but the spirit seemed to be wanting something more friendly, with less disparity. She thought for a moment of the captain of the cheerleading team when she had joined. It was the only other time Hikari had met someone she instantly looked up to and felt a kinship for. But "captain" sounded like an odd thing to call Solerra. "Mentor..." She mumbled. What about herself though? She wasn't just learning from Solerra, but acting as the spirit's proxy almost. Her gaming hobby provided the other half. "Mentor and... priestess?" She finally answered, looking up to Solerra to see if she approved.


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Aug 12, 2010
Re: Reflections of the Sun (maikochan)

"Yes, the darkness of the Negaverse," Solerra answered solemnly. "Its incursion into your world is what stirred me to action. It was a portal that they opened into our reality that you stepped through on the night we met. You were no longer technically on Earth. You were in a place between worlds, a path that stretches on into darkness, at the heart of which lies something that even I cannot wholly comprehend."

Solerra went on to speak about the nature of their relationship and as Hikari gave her response, the angelic being paid rapt attention, seeming to hang intensely upon Hikari's every word. Her own hands cupped together near her heart, and she bit her lip nervously at first, hearing the human's words. She smiled benevolently about Hikari's pondering about why Solerra appeared the way she did. The star angel seemed very pleased to know that she was in some way how Hikari wished herself to be.

When the girl said the words mentor and priestess, the angel's eyes widened in surprise.

"Priestess?" she repeated in wonder. "I've had many people worship me in the past. I listened to their prayers, but I didn't do anything - I couldn't really. I just did what I always did and glowed and provided heat and they kept thanking me for just being me. I always found it a bit embarrassing. I was flattered of course, then as I am now, but... I'm a star, not a goddess -- even if you desire me to look like one. Then again, you are fighting on my behalf... so a priestess could be one way to term it."

Solerra bowed her head and nodded.

"A mentor I can certainly be, if that's... if that's what you want from me." Hikari might have noticed at this point a stray look of sadness in Solerra's golden eyes.

"You're right to be scared by all of this. I am too. I suppose if nothing else, it's a comfort to be scared together. Take heart in knowing that I believe I found you for a reason."

The angel placed her warm hands on Hikari's shoulders, and then embraced the girl gently. Solerra held Hikari in her arms, their bodies pressed up against one another. The angel smelled of summer, and her silken garments draped pleasantly against Hikari's skin.

"Now... it's time to talk about the other matter. The serious one. The Negaverse."

She pulled away slowly and sat down upon the bedside, drawing Hikari to sit next to her.

"The creatures from that darkness wish to do many things to your world. None of them would be very pleasant for the majority of humanity. Some of the Negaverse creatures seem to be very warlike and bloodthirsty, but an even greater majority are driven by a more... lustful urge. They don't merely want to defeat humanity, they want to dominate it, to enslave it and feed upon the positive energies that all of you emit simply by living and feeling genuine emotions... From what I have seen and sensed of their methods, they seem to be able to feed off of positive energy when it is converted into negative emotions... when a human begins to fear, to despair, to suffer, or to lose themselves to lust, these are when the positive energy of human souls can be stolen from them and used to feed an insatiable hunger."

Solerra shifted and stretched an arm to grab a glass sphere of blue, green and white from the bedside table and then held it for Hikari to see. It was like looking into a crystal ball, and as the angel passed her hand once over it, the colors shifted into a recognizable shape - the Earth. Solerra passed her hand over it a second time and the image magnified, the cloud layers parting way to show the enlargened visage of the Japanese islands. A third pass of the angel's hand focused the image further and Hikari could see a real time view of her neighborhood and the surrounding city blocks.

"Google Earth eat your heart out, right?" Solerra joked, before gesturing with her finger to spin the image to the left, highlighting a neighboring residential area. Then the image focused a final time, this time on an apartment complex that looked as though it had seen better days.

"Here. This is where I have sensed another Negaverse portal incursion. It is a small portal - spiritually speaking. Which means that only relatively weak creatures of the Negaverse can pass through it. Stronger creatures, ones that have greater negative soul power, demand a more... stable portal, to enter your world. I have guessed at the method that the Negaverse is using. They are sending scouting parties through small portals, and these scouts are trying to drain and collect enough energy from humans to power larger and larger portals. Outright killing humans is wasteful, as they cannot drain emotion from a dead person. So they prefer to capture and mentally and physically torment their victims, drawing out as much energy as they can before the person is completely broken.

"I want you to go to this apartment building and investigate the portal there. If you defeat all the creatures in the area, the portal should close by itself. I have given you my strength so that you might locate and destroy these creatures and free their victims before anymore damage can be done. In your alter ego as Sailor Shine, you will be able to unleash bolts of positive energy blessed with the radiance of the sun. In its pure form, positive energy is anathema to the Negaverse. With your senshi attack and light control, you will have all the weapons you need to be victorious. Activating these abilities will be instinctual for you, thanks to the portion of my spirit that has merged with your soul. When the moment is right, move an speak as you believe is best and trust your instincts."