Road to Redemption (Rathuris & Hentaispider)


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Jan 4, 2014
Re: Road to Redemption (Rathuris & Hentaispider)

Nicholas quickly ignored the fallen guard a moment before circling around to put the still standing guard between himself and the fallen one. Fienting as he moved to keep the guard off of him. His eyes glancing towards the old man and then to Janet to see what she was doing. Making sure the sheriff remained on one of his sides. Hoping the other thief would eventually help him.

Once he was still once more he slashed down at the guards legs and quickly changing it into a stab aimed for the guards throat.

Move to put the standing guard between Nich and the guard on the ground. Then fient for the guards legs and then stab at him aiming for his neck.


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Nov 24, 2008
Re: Road to Redemption (Rathuris & Hentaispider)

You seem like a nice guy, whoever you are. But it's not worth my skin to try to help you, sorry. Janet thinks with a hint of sadness. Betrayal always left a bad taste in her mouth, no matter who was doing it, even if this wasn't really a betrayal, as far as she was concerned - no deal had been made, no word had been given. Thus she quickly makes another feint before slashing her dagger at the red guard's sword-arm, trying to make him drop his weapon. If it worked, she'd kick the sword away, otherwise she'd turn and make a run for it, hoping not to get a blade in her back...

Attack with the dagger, trying to disarm the guard. If it works, kick the sword out of his reach, if it doesn't, try to get out of the tavern, using acrobatics if necessary