Rules and gameplay system

Dec 6, 2009
The system is going to go through a little tweaking after having had a chat with Kathy. So if anyone has made a character, you may end up needin to change it. But after I get it sorted out hopefully I can get to starting working on the enemies and boss characters; then - FINALLY- we can begin. :eek:
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Dec 6, 2009
Re: Rules and gameplay system



Traits help define a character, mostly for combat, and such. There are a few basic traits, and even some hidden ones. Traits have 'levels', meaning that they get more effective. Each character may start off with one trait at level 0. Please note that traits do not increase in power at the same rate, for example, Magic increases a lot slower than other traits, as it's very powerful.

Sword Expertise X | +X to all combat (offensive and defensive) while wielding a sword.
Magic X | A character can preform magic, depending on rank, useable in combat, adding +X to combat rolls
Axe Expertise X | +(X) to offensive combat rolls, +(X-1) to defensive rolls. Also increases crit chance (Reducing the needed beat score by X)
Polearm Expertise X | +X to offensive rolls, +(x+1) to defensive rolls
Bow Expertise X | +(X+1) to offensive rolls, +X to defensive rolls. These bonuses are lost when grappled.
Combat Expertise X | +X to all combat rolls.
Dodger X | +X to defensive rolls as long as not entangled
Escape Artist X | +x to escape checks (Including attacking escape checks)
Spotter X | +(X+1) to not getting ambushed. Reduces monster encounter rate.
Hardened X | Reduces chance to become aroused in battle. (By 1X die sides.)
Aggressor X | +X to attack rolls.

The core mechanic of the egg, for combat, is simple. I roll two d20s, and the side that gets the higher result wins.

If anybody has any ideas or suggestions that they might want to throw my please feel free to let me know. Otherwise, I'll stick with this, which is just copying the EGG rules.