Sailor Moon Lore and information

Dec 6, 2009
Important NPCs:

Ametrine Imouto (Mystery Ninja X)

Body: 6
Mind: 7
Soul: 8

HP: 70
EP: 75
ACV: 9
DCV: 8 (9 w/ Katana)


Knight Powers
Emotional Control: Compassion level 3
Knight Attack: Kunai level 4
Item of Power: Katana level 2
Rejuvenation level 3

Acrobatics level 4
Appearance level 4
Art of Distraction level 3
Combat Mastery level 2
Speed Level 3
Unique Attribute (Perfect Timing) level 2

Attack Restriction (Innocents) level 2
Powered after Transformation level 1
Recurring Nightmares level 1
Servitude (Sailor Scouts) level 1
Weakened Knight Power level 2
Easily Distracted (Attractive girls and gaming) level 1
Taint of the Negaverse level 1

Total Character Points: 23

Body 5
Mind 5(+1)=6
Soul 7(+1)=8

HP 65
EP 120

Negaverse Powers level 6
*Drain Energy level 4
*Environmental Control (Perception of Space) level 3
*Environmental Control (Darkness) level 4
*Environmental Control (Gravity) level 3
*Negaverse Magic level 3
*Mind Control level 3
*Positive Energy Deflection level 3
*Negaverse Attack Level 6
*Summon Control Servant level 6
Appearance Level 3
Energy Bonus level 5
Combat Mastery level 3
Powerful Mind level 1
Strong Soul level 1

Total Character Points: 46

Body: 6
Mind: 9(+1)=10
Soul: 5

HP 75
EP 95

Negaverse Powers level 3
*Summon Control Servant level 4
*Energy Drain level 3
*Mind Control level 4
*Negaverse level 2
*Negaverse Attack level 3
*Positive Energy Deflection level 3
Appearance level 3
Damn Healthy level 2
Energy Bonus level 2
Combat Mastery level 1
Extra Attacks level 1
Powerful Mind level 1

Servitude - Plagueis level 2

Total Character Points: 27

Ms. Sakuraba

Name: Chiaki Sakuraba
Age: 25
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 174 lb.
Blood Type: A+
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
Subject: Home Room (English)
Personality: Ms. Sakuraba is a fiesty and exuberant woman with a zest for life. She enjoys biking, racketball, jazz music, and clubbing. She tries to be a fun and loose teacher while trying to still make sure students learn and do well in school and keep control of her class room. She is also very romantically active, and is usually on the hunt for a good/new boyfriend.

Ms. Nomizomi

Name: Ayumi Nomizomi
Age: 21
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 175 lb.
Blood Type: AB+
Hair: Green
Eyes: Amber Yellow
Subject: Math and Science
Personality: Ms. Nomizomi is a very stern, but caring and sensitive teacher. She expects her students to do their best and doesn't put up with much tomfoolery or shenanigans in the classroom. She tries to be involved in her students' lives and listen to their problems and help them with them. She is still a virgin and is currently engaged to her current boyfriend and wishes to save herself for after marriage.

Ms. Hichose (He-Cho-Say)

Name: Tohru Hichose
Age: 21
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 174 lb.
Blood Type: O-
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Subject: Classical Japanese Literature
Personality: Ms. Hichose is a friendly, gentle, brilliant yet reasonably stern teacher who loves to read and swim. She thoroughly enjoys talking and spending time with her students. She believes that involvement and inclusion is important to help connect to the students and help them enjoy their school life. She desires to see each and every one of her students nuture and develop and fulfill their dreams.
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Dec 6, 2009
Re: Sailor Moon Lore and information

Locations (Work in Progress)

Albert Einstein School for the Gifted
The gifted school that Ami Mizuno and Gurio Umino attended, known as the "Esai Juku" in Japan. Emerald tries to open a dark gate at the school by filling it with negative energy.
Crystal Seminar Cram School
The special school, or "juku", that Ami Mizuno attended, and the place where she learned she was actually Sailor Mercury.
Brighton Academy
Ami Mizuno's former school, known as "brain farm".
Grass Valley Junior High
The junior private high school Minako Aino attended, known as "Shibakouen" in Japan.
Brookdale Private School
The Junior High School Rei Hino attended, known as "T*A Private Girls' School" in Japan.
Cherry Hill Temple
A Shinto shrine and Rei Hino's home, known as the Hikawa Shrine, or Sendai Hill in Japan.
Crown Game Video Arcade
A local arcade and hangout for teens that also served as the secret base of operations for Luna and Artemis. Motoki Furuhata works at the arcade also known as the "Game Center Crown".
Fruits Parlour Crown
A coffee/desert shop located above the "Crown Great Video Arcade". The scouts hang out there frequently and Motoki's sister, Lizzy Furuhata, works there.
Harbour Elementary School
The school that Chibi-Usa attends while in the 20th Century Tokyo that was a target for Emerald's dark power.
Juuban Ice Arena
The skating where Olympic Gold Medalists, Misha and Janelle, practiced.
Juuban Land
An amusement park where Sailor Moon purifies the Negaverse taint from Mamono's soul, only to see him captured again by Queen Beryl.
A building of unknown purpose visible in a city skyline.
New Tokyo International Airport
Known as the "Narita Airport" in Japan, this travel junction is located 60 KM northeast of Tokyo.
Fancy Omazinai House
A shop that sells crystals, charms, potions and expensive jewelry. The store is located over the third Star Point of the future Crystal Tokyo.
FM NO.10
The radio station that Jedite infiltrated to host his "Love Line" show.
Mayfair Park
A public park located near "Harbour Elementary School" that was a target for Emerald's dark power.
McKenna Park
A park just around the corner from Naru Osaka's house where
Tea and Coffee BOA
A small coffee/tea cafe located a short distance from the "Fancy Omazinai House".
Tour de Corse
A small coffee/tea cafe located a short distance from the "Crown Great Video Arcade".
Beauty 4 You
A cosmetics shop located on the Crystal Nucleus, or heart, of future Crystal Tokyo- known as the "Elegance Shop Otafuyuha" in Japan.
Cafe Elk
A small restaurant located next to the Beauty 4 You cosmetics shop.
Crossroads Junior High
The School that Usagi Tsukino, Ami Mizuno, Makoto Kino attended, known as Juuban Junior High in Japan.
((Descriptions of all locations can be found in pages 128-130 of the PDF, but I will put them down in this post later.))
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