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Nov 10, 2008
Own the Night is set in the dark ages of Europe, specifically London, though your character might begin their adventure almost anywhere. You will play as one of the kindred, while you strive to fulfill your nightly goals and survive the vicious terrors awaiting you in the world of darkness.

Mortal kings, brigands, and peasants alike fight for power, money, and plain old survival in a world much like our own. However a darker world exists that even the bravest knight is to afraid to face, this is your world. Where bloodsucking vampires control the cities and strive to fight off the encroachment of werewolves, mages, ghosts, and even darker things that you might not imagine exist.

This thread will provide an overview of the world at large both mortal and supernatural. There is no possible way I could include everything about so vast a setting, but I will certainly try to keep it as useful as possible.
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Setting Information

Timeline of events leading up to the game.

1000's - The Christian Kingdom of Hungary is born after the subjugation of a large portion of eastern Europe by Stephen Arpad.
1010's - The Saxons of England are conquered by their Danish cousins under Canute the Great.
1020's - The Christian Kingdoms of Iberia and Italy begin the reconquest of Europe from the Muslims.
1030's - The Saxons succeed in driving the Danes from most of the British isles.
1040's - Viking raiders are given control of the northern portion of France, eventually becoming the Normans.
1050's - The Saxons are united under the House of Wessex by Edward the Confessor.
1060's - The Norman conquest of England under William I ends with the creation of the Kingdom of England.
1070's - The Byzantine Empire comes under attack and loses the majority of it's Asian lands to the Seljuq Turks.
1080's - Norman mercenaries under Robert Guiscard drive the last of the Muslims from the Italian peninsula and form the Kingdom of Sicily.
1090's - Pope Urban II urges the Christian kingdoms of Europe to drive the Muslims from the Holy Land.
1100's - The First Crusade ends with the formation of the Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem.
1110 - Game start.

Important mortal realms and their current rulers

Kingdom of England - King Henry I.
Kingdom of France - King Louis VI.
Kingdom of Hungary - King Coloman I.
Kingdom of Sicily - King Roger II.
Kingdom of Jerusalem - King Baldwin I.
Papal States - Pope Paschal II.
Holy Roman Empire - Emperor Henry IV.
Eastern Roman Empire - Emperor Alexios I.
Almoravid Empire - Sultan Ali Ibn Yusuf.
Seljuq Empire - Sultan Muhammad Tapur.
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Setting Information/rules

Timeline of events leading up to the game.

1000's - The Fiefs of the Black Cross invade and attempt to conquer the Tzimisce Voivodate in what becomes known as the Omen Wars.
1010's - A triumvirate of independent Lasombra take control of much of the British Isles from their lands in Denmark.
1020's - Christian Lasombra go to war with their Muslim brethren in the Shadow Reconquista.
1030's - The garou and fae of the British Isles call a truce to the War of Silver and Iron to drive the Lasombra invaders from their islands.
1040's - The last of the Baali are defeated and banished by an army of Assamite and Salubri lead by the Salubri warrior, Ahab.
1050's - The Schism Wars are fought amongst the leading houses of the Order of Hermes.
1060's - Mithras, a Ventrue methuselah awakens from torpor, defeats and drives the remnants of the triumvirate, garou, and fey from Great Britain.
1070's - House Tremere uses the vitae of captured Tzimisce to transform themselves into vampires and goes into hiding from the world.
1080's - Christian Lasombra drive the last of their Muslim brethren from the Italian Peninsula bringing a temporary halt to the Shadow Reconquista.
1090's - An alliance of the Baronies of Avalon, Courts of Love, and the Sea of Shadows invade the Midnight Crescent.
1100's - The invasion comes to a mysterious end in Jerusalem as every kindred, defender and attacker alike, suddenly frenzies leaving no known kindred survivors.
1110 - Game start.

Important kindred realms and their rulers

Baronies of Avalon - Lord Mithras.
Courts of Love - Matriarch Salliana.
Sea of Shadows - Lord Montano.
Fiefs of the Black Cross - Lord Hardestadt.
Tzimisce Voivodate - Voivode Vladimir Rustovich.
New Carthage - Patriarch Michael.
Midnight Crescent - Amir Tarique al-Hajji.
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Nov 10, 2008
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