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Turtle Poker
May 18, 2010
At 9:12 AM local time on Tuesday, Jonia 1, 2301 PSC, a large fissure opened up in the heart of Clover Grove, the largest city on the West Coast of Arumia. The event was sudden, it seemed like a standard quake at first, the area was prone to them, after all, but the shaking stopped as quickly as it started. Soon a giant monster rose up from the fissure and started causing havoc in the downtown area. The monster resembled a cross between a giant squid and a giant fly. It spawned legions of lesser monsters that spread out throughout Clover Grover, overwhelming anything in their path.

The military was quickly called in, two large bases were East of the city. However, their efforts were largely ineffective, they could only slow the onslaught and evacuate as many civilians as possible.

At 4:07 PM, the same day, General Pathe ordered Plan Black, and a single bomber that had been in holding formation flew towards the monster, still in the cities heart. It dropped a single nuclear cruise missile which targeted the monster. However, the monster somehow knew the danger, and some sort of laser beam shot from its eyes. It hit the nuke, and the nuke detonated, but not the way the laws of physics dictated. It caused alot of damage, alot of radiation, but not near what it was designed to. The monster was either hit, or tired from firing the laser, and fell silent in the city center, falling onto its side in a deep sleep, though it continued to spawn the smaller monsters.

At the same time, a small blue sphere formed in the center of Clover Grove. It quickly expanded to a 100km radius, knocking out all electronics as it went, as if the EMP from the nuke wasn't enough. At 100km it stopped, making some sort of barrier that disabled all electronics, no matter how shielded. Help would not be able to reach the city as long as this barrier remained up.


Your character is a survivor of the Clover Grove incident. Either military, civilian, or one of numberous scientists that were brought in in hopes of finding an answer on how to defeat the monster.

Help is not comming for you, monsters and looters walk the streets. All you can do is hope to find your own way out, or maybeeven an answer to the mystery of the monster, perhaps ending its threat once and for all.
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