The Great Hunt (Tassadar) GM'ed by MAF

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Jan 1, 2009
RJ: In a camp, somewhere in the frozen wastelands... There was a group of humans gathered to celebrate the coming of age of a certain girl named Kavika. She established herself as a woman with exceptional skills with a bow, and was taught by her mother, often called a daredevil, to be a hunter. Deadly with a bow, able to kill most normal creatures in one shot, Kavika was raised to be a woman who belonged to no man as a mere prize for him to boast. "A strong woman, a proud woman...!" announced the voice of Kavika's mother, Medici, who was boasting about her daughter as the very woman of current fame awoke, and emerged from her tent. "That... Is my daughter."

Tass: Seated in the center of the ceremonial circle, garbed in the very same ceremonial armor once worn by her mother with her weapons laid out before her, Kavika had to force herself to retain the stoic expression that was expected of her. Medici, her mother and one of the most respected of her tribe, had bestowed her faith in her young daughter, and after years of hunting and training, slaying all manner of dangerous beasts that shared their icy homeland, she was ready to take the rite of passage necessary for all of her tribe to rise to adulthood. She had hunted wolves and elk, bears and buffalo, and now she was set to hunt the greatest of beasts; a great boar. "Mother.... I am a strong woman, a proud woman," she recited solemnly, "I require no man to defend me, and this day I will prove it!"

RJ: "Just like her mother!" A rugged man cheered, holding up a mug of ale. "Aye, a fine woman indeed! Will take a man as great as her father to earn her affection!" a man who had an eye for Kavika announced. Then, seeing her daughter, Medici came forth, and put her hands on her daughter's shoulders. "This is it, Kavika... This is where I can no longer say I'm proud of you. After this hunt, all of the pride will belong to you." her mother said with a wide smile.

Tass: Kavika kept her face stoic, holding back her smile and her blush even in these solemn moments as her mother approached, placing her hands upon the shoulders of the virgin huntress. "I will earn the trust you have shown in me, and prove myself worthy of my pride!" Kavika replied, her voice still solemn, though now she allowed a hint of eagerness and ferocity to sink into it as well.

RJ: Men and women alike cheered for Kavika, clapping their hands, before her mother pointed out of the environmental shelter near a flowing current and towards the winter plains. "Then go! Slay the boar that claimed two men, and a woman, our warriors! Kill the beast and bring us it's mighty corpse!"

Tass: "Yes!" Kavika cried exhuberantly, taking up her weapons and then saying; "I will slay the beast! I will see it broken before me! I will avenge our honored dead, and return with its corpse, its hide, and its strength! For the good of the Frostborn!" And, with that, Kavika would proudly depart for the hunting grounds, where the great boar waited.

RJ: Traveling from the camp, everyone wished her good luck, and one man even shouted, "If ya fail, I'll take ya into my hands!" he announced, before Medici silenced him with an elbow to the stomach. Making her way out... The true challenge before her was braving the cold. Her warm coat did her good, but her eyes hurt from the rapid blowing winds, snow flowing all around her. The terrain was not flat by any means, but it was certainly windy. It's structure was like a canyon, large and with complex makeup. It was perfect for a massive beast to hunt. The snow eventually calmed down, and the clouds cleared. Heat began to gather in Kavika's coat, allowing her to unwind a little and be less wary of the chill. A little further, the sun moving from dawn to early morning, she spotted boar tracks... But these were small. They were not the prey she sought.

Tass: Kavika was familair with tundra, and wrapped her fur scarf around her neck. She squinted her eyes to limit their exposure to the chill, but kept herself straight-backed as a proud warrior should, even in the face of the chill wind. The flow of the snows brought her to a familair sort of peace, the violence inherent in her task a portion of it that she was inherently prepared for. She had slain the beasts of the wild since she was only a girl, barely hold enough to hold a bow. Now she would lay low the greatest beast that the tundra had to offer, in terrain that favored the beast itself no less, and return to her tribe triumphant. She was sure of it! As the sunlight and the terrain conspired to lessen the cold that washed over her, Kavika spotted the tracks of a lesser beast. She knew that it wasn't the boar that she sought, but the greater beasts often formed groups around them, and it was possible that the creature that had left these was still nearby. >>

Tass: Taking careful stock of the area, Kavika ensured first that no other beasts were lying in wait, the huntress slowly crept forth to examine the tracks, trying to determine how old they were and how far the boar might have gone. (Sneaky, perceptiony, derpy)

RJ: Kavika looked all around, but only spotted birds that flew silently above. There was nothing but the tracks, and no other beasts to be seen. She followed them, and eventually learned that the tracks were boars traveling single file. Eventually, she discovered that there were two. As soon as she saw this in the snow, she heard a crude snorting that could belong to no other beast but a pig. Pigs couldn't survive in this landscape, so it was no doubt their cousin, a boar. They cared not for their safety or discretion, their snorts could be heard a long ways away. It would have been a blessing if the winter terrain was truly flat, as they'd stand no chance. However, Kavika did see alternatives. >>

RJ: A log was laying on top of a hill, no doubt overlooking where the boars were. They seemed to be keeping to thinner areas of the tundra canyon, so as to avoid larger predators. As well, there seemed to be a climbable side of the tundra canyon off to the side, leading up to a cliff that overlooked the circular location, and it's two thin entrances. There was no log to hide behind up there. So easily spotted she'd be... But also out of reach. The boars weren't without their ability to climb however, so it wasn't a free ticket to success, as it were.

Tass: Following the tracks, Kavika found two of the great beasts, grazing amidst the snow in a thinner area of the canyon. Hiding and surveying her surroundings, Kavika briefly considered her options, noting both the log atop the hill and the cliff overlooking the section in which the boars waited. The latter offered a better vantage point and a steep climb, but was very exposed and would leave her escape if cornered, while the former offered cover and a bit of an open area in case she needed to escape. She didn't have to kill these two, however, and while she might normally have downed a boar in a heartbeat, Kavika knew that she wouldn't be able to take a lesser kill back to her village. To slay them now would be wasteful, and so she carefully crept up to the section with the log, hoping she'd be able to see something else from there.

RJ: Up she made her way, quiet, and out of view. Up to the log she came, and peeked over it. Two boars were together, laying in the snow. Their fur was white, allowing them to blend in with the snow, but a key feature that gave them away was their glowing red eyes. Kavika would have seen this before, as these creatures were no doubt warped by some magic into giving them an awful appearance. They looked about their little, supposed safe haven, as if bored, occasionally snorting, sometimes at the snow. Within the circle, Kavika would spot a hint of larger tracks... Her eyes would catch the sight immediately. No doubt, the great boar was here. And no doubt, there was a lair nearby which the boars all stayed together in, especially during the night when it became far too cold, and they must use their body heat to keep each other warm. Despite the presence of the larger tracks, these two boars were in the way, and they looked very faded. There was a good chance she'd have difficulty finding it's lair...

Tass: The sight of the pale boars with glowing red eyes caused Kavika a moment of annoyance, knowing that the beasts had been fouled by unnatural magics made them far less useful to her tribe. Killing such creatures was not wasteful, but rather a boon to the natural world, but as she looked beyond them to their tracks. There was likely a lair nearby, with who knows how many their were. There were larger tracks there, likely the beast that she sought, but they were faded, likely difficult to follow. She would need to get one of the corrupted beasts to lead her to its lair.... Drawing forth an arrow, Kavika slowly knocked it and took aim at the nearer of the beasts, her breath slowing as she used their eyes as a point of reference to find the creature's heart. One would die, and hopefully the other would run. (Sneak attack, Deadly Aim for 10, one shot.)

RJ: She rose slowly, just enough to line up her shot. The boars didn't react at all. She was hidden to them. This allowed her all the time in the world to line up her shot. When she found her mark, the beast's heart just under it's leg, she fired, and her arrow struck true. It's hide stood no chance, and didn't save it's life as it didn't even have the chance to squeal. The other boar, startled, made one quick motion. It looked, saw Kavika, and immediately turned, and bolted for it's life. As she might have suspected, it ran exactly along the faded tracks, creating new, fresh tracks for her to follow.

Tass: Kavika watched the beast go, allowing it to flee as she recovered from her shot, waiting and listening in case another creature should come forth. None did, and after a few moments she would creep down and retrieve her arrow before following after the fleeing boar, trying to remain as quiet and as well hidden as she could.

RJ: The boar made good distance, and was gone from her sight the moment it rounded a corner, and beyond. Further travel she made, following the tracks along the side of a tall, rocky foundation, and upwards along a tall hill, which overlooked a good deal of the land, and a large, open flat area within the canyon, one she might have dreamed of before. There, she saw the fleeing boar rush towards what seemed like a cave entrance, where several other boars, five counting the frightened boar, were sleeping. They awoke upon it's arrival, and seemed equally startled, before they seemed to understand that there was a threat nearby. Rising up, and snorting into the air, the pack of four boars began to mobilize, and spread out among the open plains. they looked angry, quite angry, and it wasn't too long before the frightened one seemed to regain it's bold attitude and joined it's kin in search for the human threat.

RJ: There seemed no way to reach the cave without being in plain sight, though there just might be another entrance to the large cave she could see around the tundra. Another entrance might be more of a gamble, but on the other hand, on such a high cliff, she could scale the rocky foundation that surrounded the open area, and fire at the boars from above. Far from sight, she'd have a massive range advantage.

RJ: On such a high hill*

Tass: One boar became five, and a scowl arrose on the barbarian woman's face. That was a difficult battle, one that would require more strategy to deal with than she'd needed before. Taking a quick glance around, she spotted the cliff and smiled... It was her best bet, and would give her a massive range advantage and a clear field of fire. Climbing up as quickly and unobtrusively as she could, Kavika was like a mountain cat as she scaled the cliff, and when she was at the top she took aim at the nearest of the beasts. (Rapid shot for 5 arrows total, grand total of -16 attack and -4 damage. Deadly Aim for 10, so +10 attack/damage. Sneak attack if able, if not that's fine. Attack each Boar once with a barbed arrow, causing them to take 1d10 damage per round until they are magically healed or somehow remove the arrows and bandage the wound.)

RJ: She climbed, and scaled the rocks. The boar's searching eyes did not find her, even as she reached the top, where she had the true advantage of the high ground. She fired her arrows quickly, letting each fly from her bow in rapid succession. Such a skill was hard to use, and it showed. The wind betrayed her, and carried three arrows off to do no more than alert three far boars to her presence. She was skilled, no doubt, but she was no master of the bow like her mother. Still, her training paid off enough, and two arrows caught closer boars. At first they ran, but it didn't last long as they tried to give chase after their spotted threat before they fell to the snow, dead. The remaining three charged rapidly, quickly heading towards the hill, where they would scale after her.

Tass: Her shots were good to her eyes, but such quick shots could cause problems when the winds were strong, as they were now. Two boars went down, charging for a time before their blood emptied into their bodies, while the other three charged on. The other three charged forth, well aware of her now, and with three of her more precious arrows lost she knew that it was time to open fire again. (Fire four shots total, deadly aim 10, shoot two boars twice apiece. Hold the line until the end!)

RJ: The Boars, one-hundred and fifty feet away, moved so fast. She fired all of her arrows, and each shot was so damned close. Foul winds, as if sent by some evil supernatural force to condemn her, suddenly attacked her arrows and pushed them so that they would miss the running boars. Not a single arrow hit, and the boars ran across the valley and up to the hill, where they were eager to follow her up the rocky terrain. Fortunately, they'd be slowed, but in no time they'd be upon her... Calculating the distance... They got no closer than before, merely went 'round in order to scale the cliff. one-fifty away... Though now they were slow, shots would be easier.

Tass: Kavika scowled darkly as the winds tore her arrows aside, and then waited to fire again until the boars were closer. The rough terrain near the base of the bluff on which she stood became rougher and more dangerous. Taking aim, she opened fire once more, again aiming two arrows apiece at two of the approacing boars. (Same thing, now with masterwork arrows for +4 attack/damage!)

RJ: The boars were reckless. They didn't care about whether her arrows hit them, and it was clear she was seeking to punish them for that line of thought. The first boar might have lived if it was hit with a lesser arrow, but her masterwork tips ended that creature for good. The next came, and she was ready for it too. The first arrow struck right in it's noggin, and the next hit it's shoulder. Sad thing was that it was still hanging on. A boot would finish the job in it's condition. The boar's climbed, snorting at Kavika as they climbed, climbing closer and closer. No wind could interfere now, but this was her last chance. They cleared the climb, and were on solid ground again.

Tass: Dipping into her superior arrows no more, Kavika fired one shot to finish off the badly injured creature before turning and firing another three at the last of the beasts. She had spent many of her arrows already, but if she could just eliminate the beasts she might be able to retrieve some before dealing with her true quarry. No winds would interfere with her now, but the beasts were practically on top of her now, putting her in great danger if she couldn't deal with them quickly.... (4 shots with regular arrows, one on mister wounded and the other three on the last guy. Again with the deadly aim, it's like a record on repeat :p )

RJ: The first boar fell with a final arrow, but when she turned her attention to the last boar, she found that this one was clever. He learned how to fight her, and that made him quite a threat. He moved, dodged, and seemed to be ever so wary of her arrows. He'd be slower coming to her, but he just might make it alive, and claim her as his prize. She fired her first arrow, the boar quickly ditched to the side, it's hairs grazed by her projectile. The next was one he couldn't avoid, which she compensated for his altered momentum, and caught him square in the middle. Her last fired, the deciding moment came. He leapped at her, seeking to crush her, and in that split second, she felt that critical moment come. She rose her bow, aimed her arrow, and let it fly.

RJ: The boar crashed into her, slamming her down into the snow...

RJ: But... It'd do nothing else. It was dead.

Tass: The breath was knocked from Kavika's lungs as the boar slammed into her, but the goreing tusks and thrashing hooves that would spell her end never came, the inoccent girl unaware of the beast's real intentions. She'd missed, once, even at that range, but in the end that hadn't mattered, as the beast was now dead on top of her. Giving herself a few moments to recover, the huntress gaped in air and grinned like a schoolgirl, glad to be alive for a few long moments. Only when the chill of the snow beneath her and the weight of the dead boar became particularly uncomfortable did she extricate herself, readying herself mentally for the final battle with the great beast.

RJ: In her morale high, Kavika was celebrated only by her own voice and breathing, and the snow washing against her. The boars laid there, dead, until she decided to move. Collecting her arrows, two of her masterwork had broken off in the bones of the boars, and two more broke, her barbed arrows that hit nothing but the stone underneath the snow. Five dead boars, and one more to be. She had been fortunate thus far, but luck as they say, eventually runs out. The boars she had killed, few made more than a wheeze, but the one she wounded made a nasty squeal. In answer to that, she heard a deep snort of something mighty that she could readily guess. Picking up her last barbed arrow, there it was, a good two hundred feet away: the great boar. Huge, intimidating, and sure as hell angry, it slowly turned it's head, looking at all of it's dead children, before he reared itself back on it's back legs, and let forth a squeal that communicated to Kavika that it was not pleased.

Tass: Collecting her arrows, Kavika replaced those she found whole in her quivers and took the heads and fletchings of the others, before the sound of a great snort from the cave followed by the death squeal of one of the wounded boars signaled the beginning of the true battle. The boar was, unsurprisingly, humongous, its footsteps crashing thunderously into the ground. She had slain its children, and was no longer up on the safety of the cliffside where she was more difficult to reach. She had only distance to protect her now, and though it would be more difficult to hit and wouldn't allow her to aim as effectively, Kavika knew that that distance would have to be preserved. She started backwards as fast as she could go, moving to the side and forcing the beast to curve its path as well, as she unleashed a pair of barbed arrows at the great beast. As she moved, the huntress searched the terrain for an advantage, something that she could use to slow or stumble the beast. (Move back and slightly to the s
ide, two shots with barbed arrows to hopefully make it bleed out some.)

RJ: Moving and firing, and at that distance, Kavika struggled slightly. The boar's size wasn't quite that easy to point at such a distance, but two arrows she fired regardless as the boar charged, squealing with anger. It covered the whole distance, it's larger frame allowing it to move much faster, in longer strides due to it's legs. Her first arrow missed, but as it rapidly drew closer, her second arrow hit. (32 damage). It was so terrible with it's speed, and there was nowhere for Kavika to go with her current position in the wide open valley. She could fire once more, but the beast would quickly be upon her, and he looked quite ready for anything she'd try to throw at him.

RJ: (4 Bleeding damage)

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Jan 1, 2009
Re: The Great Hunt (Tassadar) GM'ed by MAF

Tass: Kavika knew that even her best volley wouldn't put a stop to the beast before it could reach her. It was too fast, too powerful, its hide too thick for her to get through reliably even with all of her skill with the bow and arrow. To stand in one place was to die, but there was no way that she could hope to outrun it. Her only hope, then, was agility. Waiting for the opportune moment, Kavika waited for the great beast to draw close, and then dove aside, out of the way of its charge at a roughly 90 degree angle. It couldn't turn quickly, not in the ice and snow, and that alone might buy her time to wound it further... (Basically full defense.)

RJ: Rolling at the last moment, the boar tried to follow, but sent a wave of snow with a force that sent Kavika flying as well. She tumbled and rolled through the snow as the beast turned itself around, a good distance between her and it, but little difference than before. The only difference now was that the sheer force had made her slide so far that she was now at the base of the cave. The dark was alluring, and may provide for stealth, but who knows what was in there. In the meanwhile, this thing was a beast on the open plains. Kavika could continue to face it out in the open, or flee into the caves.

Tass: The devil she knew, a battle that she was unlikely to win, against the devil she didn't know, what lay within the darkness of the beasts' cave. A lesser woman might have feared the dark, knowing that the beast was by far the more comfortable in it, but Kavika was proud and headstrong, and knew a chance at a great advantage was right before her. Snapping off another arrow, more to taunt the beast than anything else, Kavika turned and proceeded into the darkness of the cave at her best speed, trying to find a place where she could hide. (Another barbed arrow, don't forget the bleed damage.)

RJ: The boar bled heavily, the arrow doing good to grind it's insides. When Kavika sped into the cave, fortune smiled, it was seemingly empty, mind a peculiar sight. Far in the back of the cave, she spotted what could only be the body of Routa. There were healed cuts on her body, and bruises all over, but most peculiar was how her clothes were turn, rags barely covering her body as she seemed to bathe in a puddle of a white, gooey substance. The woman seemed very much alive, which may surprise Kavika, but most interesting of all was the sound of slight squealing, as a baby boar seemed to be... Nursing from her.

Tass: Kavika came to a dead stop at the sight of Routa, surprise turning to confusion turning to dawning horror in a matter of seconds as she realized that her fellow huntress had been... Impregnated by the beast. Almost sickened by the thought of it even though it brought her a tiny surge of dark excitement at the nature of what had transpired here. The sight of the baby boar nursing at her breast reminded her of her own peril, however, as she realized that she could easily end up just the same if she wasn't victorious here. The first thing that she looked for was a place to hide, perhaps to wait for the monster to bleed to death, though if an opportunity struck, she would be sorely tempted to take it.

RJ: The boar came rushing in... But Kavika hid quickly. It looked around, and gave a pained squeal, before making it's way over to Routa, who twitched ever so slightly as she turned her head towards the massive beast. "You're hurt..." she said quietly, looking up at the monster as she looked at it, before she pushed herself up to rise, and perhaps surprising to Kavika, removed the arrow from it's side as it squealed in pain. After she did that, Routa leaned back, looking up at the beast. "Do you not desire me today...?" she seemed to wonder, actually holding the boar baby in her arms as if the creature were a human child, letting it nurse from her. The boar turned this way and that, snorting as it tried to find Kavika, but failed to.

Tass: Again, a sense of horror and revulsion at what had become of Routa in the clutches of the beast filled Kavika, and for a few moments she simply waited, unable to tear her gaze from the manner in which her tribeswoman tended to the thing and its spawn. The idea that the same could become of her almost caused her to wretch, but luckily she managed to hold her stomach under control, and remained hidden from the boar as it sought her out. Unfound, Kativa recognized that she had a moment to strike, but knew also that even at this range she couldn't kill the beast quickly enough. And so, she waited... For a time to get back towards the doorway, where she could unleash a barrage before returning to the outside, where she could finish it.

RJ: As Kavika waited, the boar moved forward, before Routa caught it's tail. It turned, almost as if it would crush her out of anger, before she rose. Her equipment was around her, mind her torn clothes, but her weapon remained. A morning star with a chain, and spiked object at the end of the end of the chain was in her hands as she rose. "Whatever hurt you is in here, isn't it?" she asked. "I'll protect the baby..." she annuonced, before the large boar let out an angry squeal, not at Routa, but within the cave in general, as if it were taunting Kavika. It stayed near Routa regardless, allowing Kavika to draw back.

Tass: And withdraw she would, slowly and carefully, and if she got near the entrance without being seen, a storm of arrows would be unleashed upon the beast, fired as quickly and as accurately as she could unleash them in an effort to wound or kill the creature. She didn't know what had possessed Routa to treat the monstrous thing like she did, but in truth the huntress didn't care... Thinking too much on it threatened to make her stomach turn. (Full rapid shot, full deadly aim, with masterwork arrows. Hopefully with sneak attack.)

RJ: The boar turned, and saw her. Her element of surprise was lost, but it didn't matter. All five of her arrows hit, and brought the monster down in front of Routa. Collapsing, the boar squealed, twitching as it hit the ground, before going still. Rather than show sympathy, Routa merely watched as the boar died, a baby boar in one hand and her mace in the other, as she turned her gaze to Kavika. "... Kavika." she called out the other huntresses name. "... Don't judge me for this. I failed... And you know what happens when one fails their hunt, don't you?" she asked. "I... Became this beast's wife... And now without a husband... I suppose I will die?"

Tass: Kavika watched the beast die with a grim expression, experiencing more relief than joy. The hunt had been harrowing and testing, as it should have been, and Kavika had truly learned her limits that day. Turning to Routa, the younger huntress grimaced and replied; "The expectation is death for failure in the hunt.... Though I cannot say that this is any kinder... Or crueler. You did as tradition bid when claimed by one stronger than yourself, and though the specifics might turn my stomach I will not fault you for maintaining your honor... Even in the face of this abomination." She paused, scowling, "Tradition states that you would be free to return to the village, and become eligible as a wife once more. I.... Do not know if any would have you if they knew of this, but if you wish it, I will protect your secret. Whether you will be expected to die for your failure in the hunt is not my decision to make, though I would say that you've suffered enough for it already. I will offer you the choice of y
our fate, as I've no right to decide it for you."

RJ: Routa slowly nodded her head. "Kavika... As noble as your mother... Alas, this beast has transformed me... And... We Frostborn must always be proud of our children..." she said, dutifully holding the baby boar against her breast, letting it feed from her. "There is an exit from this place, a secret way. I'm too weak to climb, but you surely can. For you see, I gave birth... To many children. Those that left this cave were not the only ones. Four, I believe, yes? There are half a dozen more of my children out there, and will no doubt return soon with food for me to eat, so that I may raise more healthy boars." she announced. "Maybe I'll accept my own child as a new husband... They mount me anyway. Kavika... I will not curse you if you leave me to my fate." she said.

RJ: And so she had the choice, escape being boxed in by four boars, who's snorts she could now hear echo into the cave, or... Stay with Routa, and try to perhaps save her.

Tass: "Frostborn do not abandon their kin," Kavika declared simply, "I ask thee again: Decide your fate. It matters not if you curse my name, for I would know it if I left you here to a fate that you despised, Routa. My dishonor would stain me from within." There was an edge of haste to the archer's voice, who did not wish to face more of the dangerous beasts in such close quarters.

RJ: "If you will not abandon me, Kavika, then I will muster the will to live as more than a boar breeder." Routa replied firmly, before the boars rounded the corner, and each squealed, seeing the intruder. Routa was weak, and her swing was slow, but she made it without hesitation. The boar she reached for easily dodged her pathetic attempt, and shoved her down, while the three remaining boars had their eyes set on Kavika.

Tass: 'Maybe this was a bad idea' Kavika thought to herself, but it was far too late to back out now. The archer drew and fired as quickly as she could, knowing that every single shot counted for her very life as she tried to bring down three boars at once.... (Deadly aim 10, rapid shot for 5 arrows total, firing masterwork arrows. 2 arrows, 2 arrows, 1 arrow on the boars, for +62 attack and 2d8+ 45 damage that ignores 1/2 the target's AV)

RJ: Desperation fueled her skill and power. Rapid, deadly, and aiming as if her mother was right behind her, telling her what needed to be done, Kavika released a terrible storm. In a matter of seconds, two boars were dead. Unfortunately, she wasn't fast enough to draw that third arrow, no matter how much training she had. There simply wasn't enough time for any normal human being to accomplish such a task. With that, the boar charged at her, with an arrow in it's side. So focused was she that her lower half didn't move from the ground. This spelled her doom, as the boar collided into her, and unlike before, this one wasn't dead. It pressed her down against the cave floor, squeezing the air from her lungs, as Kavika would feel the object that would soon be of her torment growing, sliding up along her body, it's excited cock eager to claim this one all for itself, now that it's brothers were dead.

RJ: To her side, she'd see the fate that awaited her, no doubt. Routa's legs were in the air, and the boar was making her his own, a wife once more, as Kavika would see it's length plunging into her, drawing moans from the crushed Frostborn woman.

RJ: (Status = Grappled)

Tass: Knocked to the ground, the breath driven from her lungs, Kavika was not one to surrender so easily, particularly when she felt the boar's hardening member against her belly. The huntress squirmed wildly, trying to get out from under the boar before it could do to her what the other was doing to Routa. (Escapeeeeeee, damn you poor grappler Flaw >.< She has a 34 grapple stat.)

Tass: (32 grapple stat)

RJ: She struggled, writhing, determined, but the boar was far too heavy. Pushing, the boar got Kavika in a similar position as Routa. Her legs were forced up, and over the boar, this caused his length to press right against where her virginhood awaited to be taken. Her breath was being crushed out of her lungs, stealing the strength from her limbs, so that they wouldn't do what she wanted them to, while she felt it's rear legs bucking up, trying to use the sharp tips to tear apart her lower clothing.

RJ: (Status = Submission)

Tass: Hopeless as the situation might seem, Kavika was not to be conquered without a fight. Her limbs weakened and her breath coming in strained gasps, she never stopped squirming even if those struggles were feeble, her legs trying to pull away from the beast's sides and close, keeping its member from claiming her virgin sex.

RJ: She squirmed, full of energy. Swearing to fight until she could fight no more, that was what she did. Her squirming stopped the boar's operations from proceeding smoothly, but still, it tore off one shred after another, even using it's tusks, in one swift motion, and Kavika's upper body was exposed due to it destroying what she wore, until her garments were in rags much like Routa's, except for her panties, which were the last to be claimed, as it rose it's leg, and ripped them off with the tip of it's hoof. Struggling all this while with no breath, several minutes went by until the point she was finally naked... And by this point... With no breath... Kavika was all out of fight. Her legs did little more than twitch for her now.

Tass: Her thrashing steadily weakened as her shortened breaths stole the strength from Kavika's limbs, but still she fought on, unwilling to surrender. Her clothes were steadil shredded, torn from her body a piece at a time. Finally, the last of her strength leaving her despite her stubborn will, the huntress' panties were torn away, baring her virgin flower for the boar that was about to rape her. The barbarian was beaten, her pride and her virginity about to be claimed, but even in this she was stubborn, her limbs twitching weakly as she tried to squirm away, blackness edging into her vision from the constant extended lack of oxygen.

RJ: The boar lined itself up, and despite her protests, it looked her in the eyes, allowing her a breath to comprehend what was happening, as it's eyes almost seemed to tell her that she now belonged to him, as her wife, to breed children. As if a contract, he sealed the deal, and thrust his hips forth as Kavika's womanhood felt the pig cock break her hymen, and push deep into her, all the way to the base, planning to impregnate her with the member it just stabbed into her.

RJ: as his wife*

Tass: (lol, dommy shepig) Kavika's mouth opened into an o as pain shot up into her from the sudden penetration, her inner walls stretching painfully and her purity savagely torn. Even so, a very primal part of her quivered as the boar's cock plunged into her, claiming her as its own, and that part of her caused a bit of the pain to ease in favor of another sensation before her battered will could muster a defense. Even now, already as good as claimed, she refused to surrender in full, her body squirming almost pathetically as she attempted to force her legs to move. (escape sub hold stilllll)

RJ: That hint of pleasure from Kavika seemed to set the boar off. As if it knew of the primal pleasure she was experiencing, it fucked her just like the wild animal that it was. Bracing itself, it thrusted as wildly into her virgin pussy as the other boar was fucking Routa's loosened cunt. It squealed, and snorted, going wild with it's warped lust as it mated with Kavika, forcing her to be it's slut, and worst of all perhaps, forcing her to feel pleasure from it's huge cock plunging into her. The sensations all too much, all her body could do was react to the pleasure, and the boar's cock pounding into her.

Tass: At some point the huntress' eyes had closed, and her breaths began to escape in low gasps every time the boar's huge cock bottomed out into her, the primal part of her and her own adjusting insides bringing a sense of enjoyment to the rough mating despite her crumbling mind's continued resistance. Her fight all but futile now, she fought on anyway, now only able to try and resist the sensations threatening to claim her will, and make her surrender herself to the beast and the pleasure that its huge member was forcing into her.

RJ: The boar released a loud squeal, before Kavika suddenly found the beast thrusting faster than before. It reared it's head back, before suddenly pounding itself at twice the speed as before. It's balls met with her ass several times a second, all the while squealing as it's massive member twitched, as if announcing something was coming. With a deep thrust, it plunged it's member in suddenly, the glow from it's eyes communicating to Kavika that this was it. She was going to be a boar mother. The moment itself soon followed it's glow, as she felt it's balls throbbing against her ass, massive balls, which began to pour it's cum into her. It held itself there, while Kavika continued to feel the beast cumming inside her. It just kept cumming and cumming, so much that Kavika's belly began to expand from all of the cum filling her up, until she looked nine months pregnant. With a satisfied snort, it pulled it's length out, before Kavika's pussy erupted like a fountain, spraying his seed everywhere....

RJ: After the ordeal, Kavika would feel spent... A strong sense of lethargy overtook her, familiar because she felt exactly as Routa seemed to feel, who was also letting out all the cum that filled her. After she was fucked as well, Routa looked to Kavika, her eyes empty. "We... Are both wives now..." she announced.

Tass: The bestial part of her sung as she saw the sudden glow in the boar's eyes, her body tensing in preparation at its behest, and moments later her tiny womb was flooded with the first waves of the mutant pig's titanic load, waves of sperm filling her fertile depths in an effort to ensure that its seed took root inside of her, her body forced to stretch to accomodate all of the potent goo as none could escape around the tight clutches of her stretched folds. When the big was finished filling, the agonizing pressure began to steadily release as the monster's sperm drained out of her, but too late... The creature's cum had more than enough opportunity to do its work, and even if it hadn't, there would be ample opportunity for it to try again. The fight had left the barbarian warrior, and all that she could do when told that she was the pig's wife was nod numbly, accepting her defeat, and her new role in life....

Kavika gained 2 mutations, and 16 Exp

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Re: The Great Hunt (Tassadar) GM'ed by MAF

RJ: After Kavika had passed out, she'd awake after quite an uncomfortable sleep. Laying on her back, she was only warmed from the cold air drafting in from the dark outside by the presence of the boar next to her. Whether it was the one who raped her or not was hard to tell. She felt her belly bulging slightly with a growing baby boar. Her body felt so weak and heavy, all she could do was go back to sleep. As if it wasn't enough that she was already pregnant, when she awoke again, morning light pouring in, she sound herself flipped over on her front, as a boar's tusks went under her legs and lifted her up so that her ass was in the air, before she was mounted. Her body was weak and could not make a single contraction, as such, the boar's cock was easily accepted into her pussy. Routa was getting the same treatment as well as she moaned aloud. "S-stubborn husbands... Shoving their big things inside us while we are pregnant..." she complained, before submitting to the boar's will.

RJ: The two women were stuffed with the boar's cocks, too weak to resist them, and both having accepted their roles as wives. Kavika would feel that this boar's cock was different, now apparent that the boars were apparently trading their 'wives' as it were, perhaps adding to the humiliation somewhat. Once the boars were finished, the baby boar that Routa had been nursing had grown fairly fast, and was already half the size of it's kin. The three boars gathered and left the cave, leaving their wives to incubate the baby boars to come...

RJ: The day went by like nothing, and the boars returned, and claimed their whores once more before giving their wives warmth for the night. The next morning was like the last. Kavika and Routa's bellies were fatter, and both could feel and see each other's bellies moving with life. They were claimed once more, dominated by their new masters, before the three boars left, the newborn now nearly big as it's kin, even old enough to join in the rape, which it did, claiming both Kavika's pussy and it's mother's. Kavika felt her body becoming so used to being a cock sleeve for the creatures that their lengths were no longer such an intimidating sensation to feel inside of her.

RJ: The boars left, and the day went on. Both Routa and Kavika felt their wombs stirring more and more, before their babies came out. Laying on their back, Routa helped Kavika give birth for the first time in her life, teaching her how to breathe, and to remain calm and on her back, with her legs spread. Kavika felt the creature slowly emerge from her folds, squealing loudly in unison with it's fellow boar. Both boars crawled up, and began nursing from their mothers. Routa held and pet her newborn baby, treating it with as much respect as if it were a human child she held dear, despite knowing that it would likely rape her like her last child.

RJ: Unlike the last two nights, the three boars did not return. When night came, they were still gone. Routa protected her baby to keep it warm, but Kavika had the option of simply letting the beast freeze to death if she so willed. Their strength slowly returned, enough for them to gather their shredded clothes and use them to keep warm enough to survive the night. Come morning, the boars still did not return, and they were both left with only their children.

RJ: "... It seems our husbands will not be returning." Routa said simply.

Tass: Kavika survived the indignity of her situation with ease, given how broken her pride was, and even if she could have mustered the energy to resist, she would not have. She was well and truly broken by the end of the first day, allowing herself to be claimed without complaint, again and again, and the twisted part of her even managed to enjoy it even as the revulsion felt by her scattered mind tried to remind her of her mission and her pride. It was not to be, however, and when her spawn was born she welcomed it to her breast, albeit passionlessly. Indeed, she had done nothing with any real enjoyment or interest, not even speaking to her fellow captive in anything but positive or negative grunts. When their captives did not return, Kavika made no effort to preserve the life of her child not out of malice or anger, but simply because she didn't care for it, and were it not for Routa covering her with the shreds of her garments >>

Tass: Kavika would have no doubt frozen to death on the floor of the cave herself. Her returning strength brought with it no return of her will, and when Routa spoke, saying that their "husbands" would not return, she might as well have been speaking to a corpse for all the reaction she got out of the broken huntress.

RJ: Routa, holding her child in her arms, came up to Kavika, and kneeled over her. "Kavika... Is there no soul left in you?" she asked, seeming to pity her companion who stayed to try and help her, and paid the price of joining her. "Give me a sign that there is hope yet, Kavika. I am still inspired by what you said, and now that there is a chance, I will leave this place. Please, Kavika... I do not wish to leave you here..."

Tass: At first, Routa's words would receive no more reaction from the huntress than she had received before, a blank emotionless stare and silence. But, though the other woman would not know it, the pieces of her shattered psyche were stubbornly forcing themselves together, the same stubborn will that had seen her struggling to the very end against her "husband" bringing the broken woman back to life. First came the rage, and if her spawn was alive the first expression that it would receive from its mother was a look of utter disgust. Her muscles lacked their former strength, weakness and atrophy having set in, but she could still muster the strength to push the thing away. "Hope...." she whispered hoarsely, her voice having been unused save for those times when the use that their captors put her body to drew sound from her. "Hope..." she repeated somewhat more strongly, and then forced herself to sit up, "I feel... None, but I was always taught that while there is life, there is hope..." >>

Tass: She muttered, and again her stubborn will forced her body to move where her heart wished only for the peace of death. She stood on wobbly legs, and after a time she reclaimed her bow. Her hunt had failed, and she would return in no less disgrace than Routa, but at the very least the weapon should be returned to her people. Her ceremonial armor had been destroyed, but it could be repaired, and she would see it returned that a more worthy huntress might be set to wear it. Though she could never be a huntress after her failure in the hunt, and the way in which she'd been sullied had ruined her for marriage, the stubborn will she possessed demanded that she return and find some use for herself, or at least allow her people to judge her for her failure as was their right. "Let us leave then... Before the beasts return."

RJ: Routa nodded to Kavika, and they both departed from the cave. Not far into the frozen lands did they find the boar's corpses, three in number, bleeding into the snow, long dead. "... It seems hunters found them, but none of ours..." Routa noted, pulling out a crude axe. "This is not a weapon of our design..." she announced, and while she searched the corpses, Kavika would see smoke rising in the distance... In the direction of the camp.

Tass: "Good. Their foulness will no longer despoil the lands," Kavika said, surprising even herself a little with the passion with which she spoke, raw hatred for the corrupted beasts making itself known in her voice. Seeing the smoke, she scowled, knowing that her people seldom lit that many fires all at once, and said; "Smoke rises.... The camp was that way. Perhaps our people are dead too?" This time it was the dispassion in her own voice that confused the huntress, and she hastily said; "We should go and investigate, at the very least."

RJ: "Yes, I concur. I worry for your mother." Routa announced, before the two of them made their way to the camp to find that it had been razed to the ground. A few familiar faces lie dead in the snow, while a great many more were missing. "Kavika..." A dying man called out, seeing the huntress return. An arrow was sticking out of his chest, having pierced his lung, and his leg was hacked off. Blood was everywhere, he'd no doubt die soon. "Kavika... Orcs... Your mother... Taken..."

Tass: Seeing their home devastated, Kavika found her heart trying to stir. Rage and despair rose, threatening to drive her to tears, but now her dispassion was a shield, leaving her with strength enough to stand among the dead and the destruction with her eyes untarnished. A voice, familiar but not that of her other broken companion, drew Kavika's gaze to one of her tribesmen, a man whom she recognized as Dorga, a fairly proficient warrior. He stood on death's door, an arrow buried in his lung and his leg hacked off, but still he mustered the strength to deliver his dark news in a manner that left the beaten huntress extremely shamed. This was strength.... Compared to him, I am as nothing...." she told herself quietly, before kneeling beside him and saying; "Rest easy my brother..." >>

Tass: Her boot dagger was drawn across his throat, ending his suffering, and then Kavika simply sat back and stared at his corpse for a long while. If orcs had taken their village, then the survivors would already have been enslaved, and were the rightful property of the beastmen with whom they shared the tundra according to their own laws as much as those of the orcs. Her heart simply couldn't manage to hold up the righteous anger that she knew that she ought to feel, the stubborn will that now drove her insufficient to truly resurrect her emotions to any significant degree. Tracking the party that had attacked them would have been childs-play for her before, but now Kavika could barely measure the strength of will to stand anymore. She would have been a commoner, worth no more than a slave, but she would have still held worth to her people. Now her people no longer existed, and Kavika.... Had nothing. >>

Tass: She was a blank slate, her existence an empty vessel that she could fill with whatever she wished, but now the only thing that Kavika felt any urge to pursue was oblivion, that her shame might end before the universe could insult her once more. Wordlessly, she looked to Routa with a blank look.

RJ: (One small revision, in the beginning it stated that everyone who was at that camp didn't make up the entirety of her clan. Everyone there was close friends of her mother and people simply interested in the free food.)

Tass: (dammit)

Tass: Her boot dagger was drawn across his throat, ending his suffering, and then Kavika simply sat back and stared at his corpse for a long while. The camp hadn't consisted of their whole tribe, only her mother and her immediate friends, plus any who had wished to take advantage of her hospitality. The survivors, apparently including her mother judging by the lack of a corpse, were the rightful property of their conqueror’s by her people's own laws, and though a part of her pushed the huntress to rise her heart simply didn't have the strength left in it to let her anger breath. She was left with mere dispassionate despair, knowing that her family name would die with her now, as her defeat at the hands of the boars had left her unable to marry just as surely as her mother's capture had reduced her to nothing more than a slave, even if she could be returned. Her blood brothers were all dead here, she assumed, for she had not the heart to search for them, and any captured would be no better than she or her mot
her anyway. >>

Tass: The fact that this had left her technically as the heir to her family was lost on her completely, and though it would have been childs-play for her to track the war party that had taken their village, Kavika made no effort to do so. Still sitting next to the warrior's corpse, the man who had died in battle, she glanced about in search of Routa, her expression blank and empty.

RJ: Routa returned her look, before the man gave his thanks to Kavika, hoping to see her in the next life before she ended this life of his. "Our time in that cave has scarred you worse than me, it would seem." Routa noted. She still seemed to have an air of pride about her, despite everything else. "Are we to leave your mother to her fate?"

Tass: "I am not scarred, I am a failure," Kavika corrected Routa simply, stating the latter as fact. "I suppose we ought to make the attempt, but it is likely that we will simply be taken as well. My mother and her comrades were proved warriors and hunters, mightier by far than we who could not conquer a simple beast. We will be taken as slaves, or killed if we are lucky, but to return as we are would be an even greater disgrace." Every word was spoken with an almost inhuman level of disinterest, but even so Kavika still rose and started searching out the tracks, finding them with ease and then following them, not making any effort to hide her presence. Her bow hung limply from her hand, her retrieved quivers hanging from the shreds of their straps, and her body almost fully exposed to the elements through her shredded armor, leaving Kavika as a truly pathetic sight.

RJ: As Kavika went, Routa simply followed along quietly, until a single orc was found, having set up along the path. He didn't seem to make his presence hidden, and he always seemed to be looking around into the horizon. "Why was I left behind..." he grumbled, unaware of the approaching Kavika and Routa. "Stupid human, follow tracks already and take stupid message."

Tass: Kavika still made no effort to hide herself, but upon sighting the orc muscle memory and instinct caused her to draw her bow up to a firing position. No hatred found its way into her heart, and it was with an utterly dispassionate look on her face that the huntress took aim with almost no care and loosed a shaft at the lone orc. (shoot him, no skills. Sneak attack if it applies.)

RJ: Routa quickly put her hand on Kavika's wrists, stopping her. "Let us go." she offered going up to the orc instead of outright killing him.

Tass: "Why?" she asked dispassionately, but did so anyway.

RJ: "Some messages come in the form of memory. If we are to find your mother, we cannot risk destroying any leads." she replied. "... We can kill him afterwards."

Tass: "We can continue tracking the party without him. What he has to say means nothing,"

Tass: Kavika continued to not shoot the orc, however, walking up to the beastman if Routa started in his direction.

RJ: "I speak from a lesson I learned from your mother, tell that to her when we find her." Routa replied, walking towards the orc, who saw, and eyed her up with clear lust. "You Kavika?" he asked, looking at Routa. "No." she replied.

Tass: "I am. Give me a reason to have not shot you on sight." Kavika stated simply, her voice and expression as emotionless as ever.

RJ: "Ah," the orc motioned to the real Kavika. "I have message. The chief gave the strong woman one request to make, and she asked that a message go to you." he announced, before clearing his throat, and Kavika could almost hear the message being told through the orc's voice. "I knew that when you did not return that night, that you had failed your hunt, Kavika, but when I heard from the scouts that went looking for you that the boar was nowhere to be seen, I was relieved to find that I was wrong. I know in my heart that you have slain the beast, and though some ill has likely befallen you, you have my strength, and will not be crushed by neither cold nor creature. I know that you will find the camp and come for me, for you are my child. But do not fear for me. I am merely a captive, and even if these orcs put fire to my flesh, I will not be broken. Return to the village, Kavika, and gather your strength. I look forward to seeing you again, and have the honor of being freed by you."

RJ: "May the fire in your heart remain burning even in the most freezing tundra, my beloved daughter." the orc finished reciting her mother's message, before he suddenly clutched at his throat, gagging, and flailing madly. Some spell cast on him took effect, and quickly squeezed the life out of him.

Tass: Kavika weathered through the orc's recited message with the same emotionless expression she'd worn ever since her defeat. Her heart tried to rise, to reclaim the pride and the passion that had been lost, and for a moment the spark of her essence returned as an ember would rise from a dead fire. The truth of her failure, defeat and defilement at the hands of a lesser beast than the one she'd slain due to her own foolishness, rose up to quash the embers before they could flare to life. Her spirit reignited long enough to cause a single tear to run down her cheek, a tiny surge of pride rising to the surface before her depression could quash her will back down. It was the orc's sudden death that drew a real reaction from her, however, as the huntress suddenly looked about in surprise, nocking an arrow once more and searching about for the source of his death, "Black magic!"

RJ: Looking about, she'd see nothing. The orc flopped to the ground, and there he died. "Kavika..." Routa said, moving over to him and inspecting him. "It seems this collar strangled him." she announced. "Whoever left him planned for him to die when he delivered the message."

Tass: "Foul magics," Kavika muttered, still glancing around. "My mother has given orders, and though she is now no more than a slave, and my honor is gone, I will obey. I have nothing better to do. You are free to do as you wish, Routa." With that, Kavika would leave the dead orc where he fell, departing for the village where she would face the judgment of her people for her failure in the hunt.

RJ: "I will help you, Kavika." the woman announced, still holding the boar child with pride. "Look to me, my clan sister." she demanded. "This is your's." she announced, revealing part of the great boar's tusk. "This is your honor. And I will speak further on your honor. You did slay the beast, and fought to save me. Kavika, you are honorable if nothing else." She gripped Kavika by her shoulder. "Your mother's strength is still within you. I will force you to see it again before I ever leave you."

Tass: Embers rose again, living perhaps a few moments more in the face of Routa's frank words, but still Kavika could find no strength in her heart to accept them. "To slay a great beast and fall to a lesser one is a worse failure than facing the great one and failing to conquer it," she stated simply, "It is true that I slew the great beast, but it is also true that it's spawn claimed me as their own, just as they did to you. If you would follow one who has been beaten so, then it is your folly. I will do as I am baid and return home, to see if we may gain vengeance against the orcs who have taken my mother, but I know in my heart that I do not have her strength."

RJ: Routa seemed to have a fire of her own when she suddenly stormed slightly ahead of Kavika. "Your mother spoke like that when she was claimed by your father." she suddenly spat. "You're no different than her!" she declared back to her, and if Kavika had nothing more to say they would arrive outside of town in a few hours.

Tass: Kavika did indeed have nothing to say in response, her expression suggesting that she didn't care even though inwardly Routa's words had struck a nerve. Her pride was shattered, her anger dashed to embers, and even her despair was toothless, but Kavika's stubbornness hadn't abated in the slightest, and the nerve that the other woman had struck with her statement threatened not to reignite her own passion but awaken a different one. Even so, Kavika let the (true) insult laid against her mother to pass by, arriving at the village and heading immediately to the elders, uncaring that she was clad only in rags. The shame on her family that she was to report made her relative state of undress all but meaningless.

RJ: The moment she came before the elders, they spoke first. A council of four men, and one woman, all sat within a large building of thick wood with a fire burning in the middle of the single room building. "We are aware of your situation." the head elder, an aged man with gray hair, announced. "Kavika, do you have the tusk of the great boar?" he inquired.

Tass: "Yes. Though I am unworthy of it."

RJ: "Why is that?" the female elder, a middle aged woman inquired.

Tass: "I slew the beast, but was beaten by a lesser one and claimed by it." She spoke clearly and frankly, revealing her shame, though she added a qualification in case the elders didnt immediately understand; "The beasts were corrupted by dark magics."

RJ: The elders looked amongst one another with concern at her announcement. "I noticed that Routa, who had previously gone missing, has returned." the female elder continued. "Does she have any relation to this?"

Tass: "She was among the beasts as well, and had also been claimed by them. I found her in their lair, and she opted to return after they were slain."

RJ: The head elder hummed. "It is... Unfortunate to hear that, however..." he looked to his companions. "While you can no longer be married, I ask my fellow elders to decide if Kavika is truly not deserving of her trophy and claim to independance." he announced, and his companions replied in kind. "I find Kavika unworthy." the first man said. "I find Kavika worthy." the next followed. "I find Kavika worthy. I find Kavika worthy." the other man and woman announced.

"Kavika, by word of the elders, the honor is your's."

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Re: The Great Hunt (Tassadar) GM'ed by MAF

Tass: Kavika's mouth twitched, holding a scowl for a single beat of her heart. She had expected disgust, to be thrown aside with dishonor, and though a part of her soured at the knowledge that she'd been given the same rights that her mother had once held, she was left somehow... Unfulfilled. Even so, she nodded and said; "What will be done about the orcs that have trespassed upon our lands and claimed the lives and bodies of our kin?" s

RJ: "Kavika... If you truly find yourself unworthy, then as Head Elder, I charge you with the destruction of those creatures." the elder announced. "If you can manage to overcome a threat even your mother could not, then there will be no member of this clan save yourself that will hold your power in doubt."

Tass: "Very well." she stated, rising to her feet. "When my armor is repaired, I will see to it that they are eradicated by my own hand, and the hand of any who will aid me."

Tass: She left out what she felt quite carefully, both from her voice and from her expression; that it no longer mattered what the others thought of her power. In her own mind, she would always be weak.

RJ: When Kavika returned, Routa was waiting for her. "What will it take, Kavika?" Routa asked. "By all rights I should feel worse than you." she announced, following Kavika if need be as she went to get her things repaired.

Tass: "I don't know," she stated honestly, as she returned to her home to piece back together the ceremonial armor that her mother had once worn, and to replace the garments that she wore underneath it. By then she had no problem at all working naked, a state that she'd grown accustomed to, and did so until her armor was repaired in full.

RJ: In her house, with Routa fussing over her, there came a knock at her door, while she was naked.

Tass: "Enter," Kavika said, while working at a bench, slightly bent over and her back to the door as she worked to repair her armor.

RJ: Opening the door, Kavika heard a young man give a startled shout the moment he came in, slamming the door shut instantly. "H-hoo my god! I'm so sorry! Y-you said come in!"

Tass: "I said it and meant it," she replied, not even turning from her work.

RJ: The door slowly came open again, and the youth peeked back in. "O-oh... Oh god... K-Kavika..." he stuttered. "W-why are you... Showing me... I-I mean, not that you aren't beautiful... Um..."

Tass: Kavika glanced over her shoulder at the boy in the door, frowning even as the change in pose caused the curve of her finely sculpted ass to become even more pronounced. "I am unfit to marry, but if you wish to sample my body you may do so... If you would agree not to sully your seed by releasing it in me. I assume, however, that you have a purpose in coming to me?"

RJ: "K-Kavika... I'd be fine with..." he said while looking at her ass, before shaking her head. "W-wait no, why are you talking like that!? I heard something bad happened... Unfit to marry?" he paused at that. He was something of a distant admirer to Kavika, but being a weak little mage boy, he couldn't close the distance with the previously great Kavika. "Um... Even like that... I'd... I'd still be fine with..."

Tass: "I was.... Violated." she explained simply, and frankly. She knew that her independence had won her respect among her people even before she'd actually earned it, and some among the younger generation had looked up to her. The archer's skill had placed her ahead of many, but given that it hadn't been sufficient to her task, Kavika had been left wondering if she would still be admired. Turning to face the boy and changing the view from her ass to her breasts, Kavika said; "What is your name?"

RJ: "A-ah..." When she turned around she'd see a massive nosebleed. "My name... M-My name is Twig... Because I was a weak child..."

Tass: "Twig. You are a magus, yes?"

RJ: "Y-yes!"

Tass: "Are you here to take pleasure from me? As a woman unfit to marry, my body is free to any man, and as an independent woman as declared by the elders, I am free to choose my partners as I see fit."

RJ: He quickly shook his head, looking intimidated. "N-no maam! I'd never try to take advantage of you!" he swore. "I... I just heard someone bad happened... I wanted to see if you were okay..."

RJ: something*

Tass: "Something bad did happen," Kavika explained simply, "but because I was able to slay the great boar unaided I was given title by the elders anyway. Would you like something to clean that up?"

RJ: His hand went to his face, looking to be in compete shame. "Y-yes please..." he said, before Routa handed him something, quickly wiping away his blood. "I'm sorry, Kavika..." he apologized. "You... You are still a woman in my eyes..."

Tass: "You need not apologize," Kavika replied simply, before tiling her head and adding; "Are you virgin as well?"

RJ: When asked, he lowered his head. "Well... Of course... I am but a lowly mage... I can make no woman mine..." he said sadly, before giving a sad smile. "But, I was happy seeing a beautiful, strong woman like you, and dreaming about having you as a wife... As every man in this village still does! You..." his eyes fixed on her body as a whole. "You still look... Perfect..."

Tass: "Indeed... Though you will likely grow to strength through your craft, whether you know it or not." Kavika stated, knowing that the path of the mage for her people was a long one, but one that offered great power among them if pursued to completion. Twig was weak now, but when he truly came into his power he would likely have his pick among the village's women, for it had been a mage that had eventually defeated and claimed her mother. "My body is to your liking? As I have said, you may sample it as you see fit. I will condone it. Your words are kind, but I doubt that any would care to take one such as I for a wife. As a concubine, perhaps, but not a wife."

RJ: Her words of offering did well to tempt him, as she would see a surprisingly impressive length growing from his pants, though nothing compared to the boars. "Why... Why do you keep saying that!?" he exclaimed. "I... I'll take you as my wife before I let you give away everything to the men who'd mock you!"

Tass: "By the traditions of our people, such is impossible," she stated impatiently, and though she felt a twinge of excitement at seeing his fairly impress manhood rising for her through his clothes, she kept herself quite composed and impassive. "I cannot be married, and for now I have a responsibility to eradicate the orcs who have taken my mother. As such, I cannot serve as a concubine until my task is completed. Pleasure, however, I can provide if you seek it."

RJ: "I do not need to marry you by the customs of our people! B-by my own power, I'll make you mine!" he shouted. "Oh god what the hell am I shouting to a woman who can kill me?" he asked aloud.

Tass: "A fair question," Kavika said with grim amusement, opting to ignore his breach of tradition, which could have gotten him exiled if said within the hearing of the wrong person. "I will make you a deal, Twig. Aid me in retaking my mother and eliminating the orcs, and help me gather allies, and I will give you an opportunity to tame me, and make me yours. But not until then."

RJ: Twig nodded firmly. "Y-yes! I will do it, Kavika! I will help you, a-and I'll be your husband by the end!"

Tass: Kavika nodded in turn, "If you can tame me." She turned about, once more displaying her finely formed backside, "For now... Is there anything else?"

RJ: Suddenly, she felt his presence drawing closer. "K-Kavika... Even someone like me will lose control if you keep doing that..." he warned her, his lust seeming to rise dangerously as she presented her ass.

Tass: Again she glanced back, annoyance showing on her face even as her changed position caused her hips to shift alluringly, even displaying her slightly glistening petals to the young mage. "I have given you leave, if you cannot control your lust then you must sate it."

RJ: "A-and it's... Perfectly fine?" he asked. "You won't kill me?"

Tass: Even more annoyed now, Kavika calmly turned about, approached him until she stood before him, and then simply dropped to her knees, tugging down his trousers in the process. "I will start," she said as she took his shaft in her inexperienced hands, beginning to stroke it slowly, "like this."

RJ: Twig cowered in fear as she turned about. "OH GOD I'M SO SORRY!" he screamed, before he found his pants falling to the floor instead of his severed head. He could only look at her in sheer disbelief as his length was handled in her hand. "K-Kavika!?" he exclaimed, though he didn't move, he clearly seemed to want this, though the hesitation in him was so powerful to hold all that lust back. Truly a coward.

Tass: She could practically feel his weakness, his cowardice as she touched him. It was a repulsive thing to Kavika, that weakness, and it almost caused her to release him and leave him unfulfilled. "Twig," she stated his name sternly, as if she were about to lecture him, but then her mouth gave a slow lunge forward that caused the tip of his excited member to dive past her lightly parted lips. She proceeded downwards steadily, her tongue rolling across the underside of his shaft in an instinctive desire to taste it all the way down, until the tip pressed against the back of her throat and nearly caused her to gag. Holding him there, Kavika began to suck, much as her mother had once instructed, having never once broken eye contact and still holding the stern look in her eyes even as her mouth was filled up with cock.

RJ: "Y-yes?" he replied, before his tip was swallowed into her mouth. He went silent, his mouth agape as he seemed to be driven made immediately. He didn't seem to understand how good it would feel to be serviced by Kavika's mouth, and as such, his knees buckled and his length throbbed wildly in her mouth. "I-I get it... I need to be stronger..." he nodded, before he kept his legs straight, and returned her stare without looking away. "After all... We'll be doing this after we get married! Uh..." he looked past Kavika. "What are you doing?" he asked, before Kavika would feel a mouth touch her folds behind her, Routa joining in. "It's not strange for a man in this clan to have multiple wives. I'll have to test you as well before I let you claim her."

Tass: Kavika waited only a moment following the buckling of his knees before her head began to bob back and forth slowly, tongue rolling as she slowly increased her suction, but when Routa's mouth suddenly attached itself to her folds the huntress momentarily paused in surprise. Her hips twitched slightly, invitingly, her body reacting where her mind didn't know what to do at the other woman's touch, and once Routa's words were said Kavika simply started her rhythm up again, falling into the sway of what was happening between the three of them.

RJ: "W-what!?" he exclaimed at Routa's suggestion that he get both women. "No... If it's for Kavika, I'll definitely overcome you too!" he boasted, seeming to find a high on his own sudden bravery. "Oh..." he moaned, his hips moving on their own in tune with her motions. "I love you, Kavika..." he whispered.

Tass: "Mmmmm." she stated flatly, her mouth still full, and growing fuller as the inexperienced huntress began to bob forward and back more deeply. Though she had never done this, she had been taught the very basics on how to please a potential husband, and she made use of those rudimentary basics as she steadily increased the pace while taking him deeper, the tip of his manhood slowly burying itself inside of her tight throat. Her hips moved all on their own, rubbing her pussy over Routa's face all the while.

RJ: Routa used her tongue to stimulate Kavika all while the broken warrior herself used her tongue to stimulate Twig. Twig, his moans and motions becoming more desperate, moved his hips faster as he gave an announcement that he was about to cum, "So good..." he complimented Kavika's skills, before he'd eventually cum, either inside her mouth or out, depending on her.

Tass: Soft vibrations of her throat courtesy of Routa's tonguework would join the rest of the stimulation that Kavika was providing to her would-be suitor, and she continued on even after he announced his impending release. That was largely because Kavika didn't recognize the signs for what they were, and as such she was caught completely unawares when her mouth was suddenly flooded with Twig's thick, pungent load of cum. Groaning softly, Kavika swallowed down as much as she could, trying to make room for more, but eventually it was too much for her, and she took the rest of his load across her face and breasts while her mouth hung half open, displaying the seed that filled it.

RJ: "S-sorry...!" he apologized at having made a mess of her. "I thought... Uh... You do look good though... I mean, uh...!" he stuttered, before taking a clean side of the rag he was given and wiping her off. "T-thank you..." he thanked Kavika, while Routa finsihed when he finished, giving Kavika's ass a little kiss.

Tass: Swallowing what she hadn't drunk down already, Kavika gasped before replying; "If you are to tame me, you must force me to finish before you do. Else I will tame you, as the wives of the orcs and goblins would. When you have earned the right to challenge me, we will duel in this manner, and one will tame the other."

RJ: When she mentioned how the duel would end should he lose, he looked up at her. The rag in his hand fell to the floor as he stared, and another nosebleed erupted.

RJ: Routa sighed. "I don't think he understands which result is losing."

Tass: Kavika casually reached down and scooped up some of the cum on her breasts while looking up at him, and licked her fingers clean. "He probably doesn't."

RJ: Twig suddenly hugged the cum soaked Kavika. "I'll gladly be tamed by yo-" he was kicked to the floor by Routa. "Show some pride, Twig." she put poison on the emphasis of his name.

Tass: Kavika just looked down at him, his shirt now stained with his own seed, and said; "See yourself cleaned before being seen in public."

RJ: Twig nodded. "I-I'll be ready to go tomorrow..." he announced, sulking away to clean himself. "I think you should avoid the men who often leered at you." Routa suggested. "Or else you will no doubt be visited by them all."

Tass: "I do no doubt this," Kavika stated simply, "But it hardly matters now.... And we will need allies to fight the orcs. It has fallen to me to rescue my mother, and if my strength is insufficient to conquer a wild boar, than a group of such strength that they defeated my mother will be far too much for my meager strength."

RJ: "You don't mean to say you'd welcome anyone in...?" Routa asked with amazement, and just as she said that, another knock came. This one, loud and blunt, a knock she would be familiar with, as that knocking was of a crude man who openly announced that he'd rape Kavika and claim her as a wife, before her mother would give him a firm kick. "I know you're in there, Kavika!" he shouted. "Saw the brat Twig go out, did ya let him have a poke first?" he laughed.

Tass: "Welcome?" the huntress stated simply, a small smile appearing on her face as she reached for her bow, still naked and covered in cum. Taking up an arrow, she nocked it and took aim before calling out; "Come in." As soon as the door opened, Kavika would carefully correct her aim, making sure that she didn't actually hit flesh, before firing between the man's legs close enough that he would feel the wind of her arrow passing between them (and most poigniantly, against his most sensitive bits.)

RJ: He came in, looking eager, before coming to a direct halt. He seemed shocked at what Kavika had done, while Routa wore a smile.

Tass: "Would you like a poke, Clavicus?" she said teasingly as she drew and nocked another arrow, "Do you still want to "lay me down and pound me 'til I creamed on your big dick" like you said last time? Or have you come with a new fantasy you'd like me to indulge?"

RJ: The man, clearly drunk, and seeing Kavika in such a state, slowly drew his expression into a growl. "What are you gonna do, huh!?" he gestured at her. "You're any man's woman now! You put that bow down and get on your knees or I'll have to tell the elders you ain't doin' good on your soiled womanhood! Clan needs children!" he shouted, threatening to call the elder council on her.

Tass: "Though I might not necessarily agree with their choice, the council has named me an independent woman!" she said, pride tinging into her voice for the first time in a long while as she acted in reflex to the drunken braggart's words, "As such, I choose who's seed I bare, and yours is not worthy even of my womb, foul cretin. Begone, or the next shot will take from you the ability to sire any of your bastards on anyone!"

RJ: He shook his head. "Bitch! Damn elders favoring that old bitch! I'll fuckin' rape you right no-!" he was halted, as a tiny figure pulled on him from behind. "Sir..." Twig announced himself. "Do not rape my future wife." Twig said firmly, before Clavicus rounded on him, missing his arm swing just over Twig's head. "Fuck off you little rodent!" he shouted, making as if to punch Twig, and he did. He punched Twig in his gut, sending the smaller man to his knees, before he stood back up slowly. "... Don't underestimate a mage." Twig said weakly, as Clavicus just laughed. Twig seemed to cast magic, before the smaller man's pathetic muscles grew in size suddenly, becoming even more bulky than Clavicus, who retreated in fear. "The fuck!?" he questioned. "Beware my inner strength!" Twig shouted, before delivering a firm punch into Clavicus' gut, sending him to the ground, before Twig ended it with a firm elbow, knocking the man out flat.

RJ: After that, Twig reverted to his previous, small, thin, pathetic appearance with a sigh. "... That always hurts..." he whined.

Tass: "Good work," she stated earnestly, slowly lowering the bow that had been prepared to send an arrow (accompanied by a resigned sigh) into Clavicus' testicles. Even so, she remarked; "You might want to use that right away next time though."

RJ: "... I was scared." Twig revealed honestly.

Tass: "You shouldn't be."

RJ: "So... Are you happy that I came to save you?" he asked, looking up to her like a pathetic puppy.

Tass: "Yes. It made things much easier for everyone involved. Are you injured?"

RJ: "I can barely stand~" Twig shivered.

Tass: "You may rest here until your strength recovers. Routa, can you help me with Clavicus please?"

RJ: Routa was already in the process of throwing Clavicus into the snow outside, while Twig collapsed to the floor.

Tass: "Thank you Routa, that's much better."

RJ: Routa came back in, shut the door, and stepped over Twig. "Should we leave him there?"

Tass: "No. Take him to my chambers, or yours if you care to enjoy him. You may have the guest bedroom." The rooms in her house were, by necessity, fairly compact, but they were comfortable to sleep in and generally warm.

RJ: Routa chuckled, picking him up. "He's all yours. Your admirer after all." she stated. "... It's good to see the old you return, even if piece by piece." she stated with a smile.

Tass: Kavika frowned softly, but then nodded. "I must finish this," she stated, before returning to her work on the armor.

RJ: Routa nodded, put Twig in Kavika's room for snuggling, while retiring to her own room.

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Re: The Great Hunt (Tassadar) GM'ed by MAF

RJ: That next morning, Kavika would awake to Twig happily snuggling up to her, his head laying on one of her large breasts while he slept soundly, and pleasantly.

Tass: Kavika's sleep was restless, and filled with nightmares, but when she awoke she felt the warmth of another lying beside her. Seeing Twig, the huntress idly wondered if his family or mentor were concerned about him, but such thoughts quickly cleared as her own woes entered into her mind. She had work to do. Slowly climbing up, the naked warrior didn't attempt to awaken the cowardly mage overtly as she went about searching for her clothes.

RJ: Getting up and getting her clothes on, Kavika would see Routa out of her window, with the boar, apparently communicating with it.

Tass: Stepping outside once she was properly dressed, Kavika approached Routa as she saw to her boar, and said; "What are you doing, Routa?"

RJ: "... Sit... Stand..." Routa commanded the boar, as it began to act on her orders. Then, she turned to Kavika. "Lay." she commanded him, before the white boar laid down in the snow. "I am going to use my child to aid us. This beast is my pride as my child, and I must teach him well."

Tass: Kavika frowned softly, her respect for the other woman fighting with her disgust at the mutated boar. "Very well," she stated softly, "I confess that I find the creature... Distasteful, but I will respect your choice in this. Train it well." With that, she would have to go forth and see if she could get anyone else to aid her in her cause.

RJ: Kavika would find a bunch of common rabble that would aid her if she whored herself out, although she would be directed by some kinder souls to a Sidhe girl, a small girl holding a large axe with ease, and a witch who seemed to have a fancy for black clothing.

Tass: While she might not have thought much of her dignity, Kavika wasn't quite to the point of whoring herself out just yet. The presence of outsiders, clearly adventurers, in her village would draw the huntress to them, however, and she would thus seek them out. Such folk were often willing to commit violence if the price was right.

RJ: "Eh?" the sidhe girl looked up at Kavika, the first to be approached by the huntress. The girl was just finished with handing her axe in to a smithy to have it sharpened and was waiting outside. "You want my help?" she inquires.

Tass: "Yes.... What are your rates? I will gladly surrender a portion of the spoils to you in recompense, if that is all that you require. My name is Kavika, and my mission is to slay the orcs that have taken my mother."

RJ: "Hmm..." she hummed at Kavika's offer. "Yes, sounds good. I like the slaying part, especially."

Tass: "Thank you.... I will come and find you when it is time to depart." With that, Kavika would go to the other girl, the one in the black dress.

RJ: The witch was in a cozy little place run by a kind elderly lady, drinking warm tea that wouldn't normally be available in these lands, seemingly something she brought with her. "Ah, good day." she greeted Kavika. "I saw you speaking with my companion."

Tass: "Yes, hello." Kavika said, bowing to her elder before getting down to business, "She has agreed to aid me in retrieving my mother, who was taken by orcs. I have come to ask for your aid as well, at a price of your choosing."

RJ: "I will require a method of travel through these snowy lands. As you may be able to tell, my poor, frail body can't handle the trek~" she cooed, drinking her tea heartily. "If I could perhaps have a carriage or a mount to carry me, I will be indebted to you."

Tass: "I will attempt to acquire such for you, if

Tass: I can." Kavika replied, bowing again before departing and seeking to do just that, wondering at her options.

RJ: Such beasts were quite rare in those parts. At least, the tame ones. Kavika's search turned up fruitless. There was no beast that was not owned, mind one. Kavika managed to find someone wanting to get rid of a sickly boar, thankfully this one was not corrupted. "Ten denarii for this one." he announced.

Tass: Kavika frowned at her poor options, and before handing over the money she said; "Is it strong enough to carry a rider?"

RJ: "It's the only boar here, take it or leave it." the man said. Somehow, Kavika would get a feeling that the witch would not be pleased with this.

Tass: "I'll get back to you," she stated, before going to see Routa, hoping to get the beast examined by the more experienced beastmaster.

RJ: "I know of the beast you speak of." Routa replied. "He is old and dying. He has not much time left, not worth the coin." she said flatly. "He will grow soon..." Routa looked to her boar. "But, it seems he only responds to me."

Tass: Kavika scowled darkly, "I was afraid of such.... One of the outsiders here requires a mount in order to aid us in rescuing my mother. What other options do we have available to us?"

RJ: "We can snare a beast in the wild... Or... We could make another." Routa offered, looking to her child.

Tass: "Make.... Another one?"

RJ: "... Y-yes..." Routa flushed red at the way Kavika asked for clarification.

Tass: "Is it... Not... A bit too young for that?" she said, also blushing.

RJ: "He may not be full sized, but..." The boar seemed to sense the flushed faces, as he came to Kavika's leg and tried to mount it.

Tass: "Down! Bad!" she said, distressed as she shook her leg at the beast trying to mount it.

RJ: The boar didn't listen, squealing as it seemed encouraged, before Routa snapped, "Lay," and the boar flopped down to the ground, calm.

Tass: Kavika began to panic until Routa got the boar under control, at which point she would frown. "You have trained it well," she commented, and then said in a commanding tone; "Stand! Up!"

RJ: The boar snorted at her, it's thin tail thumping against the snow stubbornly.

RJ: "Rise." Routa added, and the boar stood right up.

Tass: Kavika frowned some more, "Lay."

RJ: The boar stared at Kavika, doing nothing.

Tass: "Perhaps a different beast would serve better. I had heard of a pack of dire wolves nearby. Perhaps we could catch one of those?"

RJ: Suddenly, the boar laid down, still looking at Kavika, and snorting at her a little.

RJ: "I doubt a wolf would..." Routa hummed. "We'd need a good number, could possibly put our companion in a sled."

Tass: "Don't you snort at me, piggy~" she said playfully before she could stop herself. "Dire wolves are not normal wolves," she reminded Routa, "One is easily large enough to carry a rider. Perhaps the shaman would know best how to tame one?"

RJ: Routa hummed, before going to ask the shaman. "Provide... Sexual favors... Hu-hu-hu~" the old man chuckled. "Very well, we will strap you down and bare your ass to the wolf." Routa replied. "I-I was just joking... Mostly." the old man with a loose robe and long gray beard replied nervously.

Tass: Kavika blushed brightly at the old man's comment, and just barely managed to choke back a laugh at Routa's reply to him. "Is there a way to tame one without.... That?" she asked seriously, still blushing, "If.. If it's necessary.... But surely there's another way."

RJ: "Such beasts have been raised from birth, but a grown beast... Very difficult... Unless you use magic, perhaps... Hmm..." he stroked his old man beard.

Tass: "That was why I came to you,"

RJ: "I suppose I can conjure up a collar that will force obedience..." he hummed. "Tis not free, oh-no-no... An old man needs his bread too."

Tass: "How much?"

Tass: "And would it be harmful to the beast?"

RJ: "Certainly not healthy for it's mental health, but then again... A wild beast often has the worst kind of psyche..." he hummed. "I think I could provide you with a collar powerful enough to control the mind of such a wolf... for two-hundred and forty licks..." he said while staring at Kavika and Routa's breasts. "... I mean denarii."

RJ: "We do not have such an absurd amount of money!" Routa complained. "Well... There is this one that may or may not work... for forty denarii..."

Tass: Frowning, Kavika looked sternly at the old man, as she caught him staring at her breasts. "What is the other way?"

RJ: "Ah... Sexual favors... N-not for me, hehehe... I wouldn't be able to do anything~"

Tass: "Sexual.... With it?" she said nervously, disgust entering her tone.

RJ: "Yes. You see, the corrupted beasts of this land often use females for breeding. As Routa has done, you too can tame such a creature..." he directed to the boar now following Routa around.

RJ: "Oh, and... Uh... Should you do this... I would very much appreciate... A description... For study purposes~"

Tass: "Very.... Very well." she said, hesitantly. "I will need to get the money for you, if you would be willing to get things ready."

RJ: "Ah, yes, the collar. Which one shall I prepare?"

Tass: "The.... The cheaper one."

RJ: "Very well, I won't be long, an hour maybe." he replied.

Tass: And with that, Kavika would go outside and try to figure out how to make at least 20 denarii in an hour.

RJ: Kavika was given the usual option of whoring, but was also given an offer for the great boar's tusk. "Fifty denarii for that lovely trophy, a noble man offered her."

RJ: Misplaced qoutes and all

Tass: Kavika hadn't thought of selling the great boar's tusk, and as she had no use for the thing beyond memories, she was willing to sell it.

RJ: And so she was handed a bag of 50 denarii.

Tass: And then she went home to don her armor, staring at it with a frown for a moment, and then retrieving her bow and arrows before going to meet the shaman again.

RJ: The shaman took a moment longer before handing Kavika the collar. "Now... Remember... It's power is weaker... Take extra care..." he warned her, accepting 40 denarii from her.

Tass: "I will.... But the beast must be found and collared first. One thing at a time," she replied, before taking Routa and her boar in order to go out hunting for the pack of dire wolves.

RJ: And so, the two girls headed out into the wintery lands. All of the snow and the act of traveling would bring back an unwanted sensation of deja vu to Kavika. The happenings four days ago still fresh in her mind, eating away at her subconscious like a parasite. Still, hunting they went, and through the tundra, she found many orc tracks. And then an orc hunting party, of all things. The orcish men had somehow acquired wagons, while traveling far from the orc king's forces. Both women would figure out soon that these orcs were outcasts. As they hid behind some rocks, the wagons rolled by, the backs open to view, though they didn't need to see inside to know what was going on. Women cried inside, some begging, and if Kavika did nothing and allowed the wagon to pass, she'd get a good view of a black skinned orc standing on his knees, and holding a Crolian woman by her wrists, thrusting himself into her forcefully. "The pigs..." Routa spat, while her boar whined. "They are the bad kind of pigs." she said to her boar, as if to comfort him.

Tass: Foul were the memories that plagued Kavika as they traveled, but before they could find their true quarry, they found themselves forced to hide as a group of orcs traveled by them in a wagon. It became readily apparent that these were clanless, those without honor, and Kavika's lip twisted into a scowl as she watched them ride by, already forming a mental count of them. She allowed the wagon to pass, but as she did so she was searching for an ideal place from which to launch an ambush - assuming of course that the beastmen were few enough in number that they might be a match for them. Even so, Kavika saw the dark skinned orc, an unusual feature, pounding away at one of the slaves present in the wagon, and couldn't help but imagine herself in that woman's place, her flesh rippling with impact as he split her open with every thrust. The whine from the boar caused Kavika to reach out and pet the beast reflexively, trying to comfort and silence it as she concentrated on preparations for the ambush she intended to lay.

RJ: The boar licked Kavika's hand as she pet it, twisting it's head around to reach, as if it appreciated the sensation of being pet. Kavika would count a good dozen orcs inside the wagon, the vehicle filled with rapist orcs and their slaves, often sharing a woman by stuffing her in whatever hole was available. Looking for a place to ambush, she could attack right now and be sure to kill a great number of them. However, Routa offered flint, suggesting without words that they could burn the wagon, send all of the orcs out in a panic, and shoot from a higher terrain so that they could hide in the pillar of smoke that would rise, and simply shoot them all down. The only problem with that was the driver and his companion at the top. The one who didn't hold the reigns had a very watchful eye. Going with Routa's idea would risk being seen.

RJ: "Fire arrows." Routa whispered.

Tass: "Fire arrows would risk harming the captives," Kavika stated, frowning, "They may be of use to us, and at the very worst could be resold and put to use in our village." Slavery was not against her people's laws, who had so long shared their lands with orcs, "But I need them out in the open. You stay here," she said, and then moved to a position from which it would be more difficult for the orc next to the driver to see her. Lighting one of her arrows aflame, she rose, snapped a shot at the wagon, and then dropped back down as quickly as she could, waiting to hear the panicked shouts of the orcs as they fled their burning wagon.

RJ: Her arrow went, and the orcs began to shout in alarm, taking to arms. Nine drew swords, the two orcs on the wagon jumped off, holding rifles, before a final orc came out of the wagon, holding a rifle as well as they scanned about. "Behind the rocks!" the watchful orc shouted. "The arrow must've come from there!" he announced, while the slaves screamed, all linked by chains as they desperately tried to crawl out.

Tass: "That went well," Kavika said, and signaled for Routa to move. She would know how best to operate herself, but Kavika herself worked best from stealth. As such, she knew that she needed to hide, to attack when they weren't expecting her, and that was what she intended to do. (Use the Sneak skill, with an effective Stealth of 32 in her armor, -10 from the skill against any who are aware of her before any situational modifiers you might want to include.)

RJ: Routa was not where Kavika had left her. Instead, she was on the cliff she mentioned before, as she struck some of the rock with her flail, causing a huge chunk of rock to fall, and roll, crushing two of the sword holding orcs as it rolled away. The orcs meanwhile simply turned, and fired at Routa. One bullet missed, while the other two landed, thumping against her armor, though it seemed to affect Routa a lot less than Kavika might have expected. In fact, she looked hardly harmed at all, as Kavika remembered that Routa's armor was designed to resist the teeth of animals and as such, gave good resistance against piercing, such as the bullets that hit her with seemingly no effect. Meanwhile, the orc's eyes were on Routa, giving Kavika a chance

Tass: Rising up and taking full advantage of Routa's distraction, Kavika began to do as she had been trained - raining death upon the orcs from above. Starting with the orcs with rifles, those most hated of outsider weapons, Kavika put an arrow into each of them, one by one, setting and firing the shafts so fast that her arms were a blur. (Rapid shot, deadly aim for 10, sneak attack. Basically, just kill five orcs unless they see her.)

RJ: Rising up, Kavika swiftly killed five orcs. Plus the two that were dead, there were five remaining, who each turned on Kavika, and charged at her, raising their shields to try and block her arrows.

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Re: The Great Hunt (Tassadar) GM'ed by MAF

Tass: Kavika knew that her advantage of surprise was played out, but also that she'd done exactly as she needed to do. Downing five orcs in as many seconds was an impressive act to follow, and so she opted not to try and top herself. Kavika quickly backpedaled up the slope while firing, working to keep rough terrain and her hail of arrows between herself and the oncoming orcs. She was well practiced in fighting on the mountainside, and she knew that Routa and her boar were up there, waiting to come to her aid. (Rapid shot, no deadly aim, move up the mountain towards Routa at best speed. attack stats: Bow (+48) 2d8 + 31 damage, ignores 1/2 AV)

RJ: Back pedaling proved to her advantage. The orcs were sloppy in their movement, and though Kavika didn't down them all, it was only a matter of time. Their shields were carrying many of her arrows, before they were all eventually made dead, the last two being killed by Routa and her boar respectively, following her "Attack!" command to him. All 12 orcs were dead, and the slaves, all chained together, looked to their saviors. "Please, release us!" one begged. "We can aid you! Do not return us to be soiled further by our own people!"

RJ: (+6 exp to Routa and Kavika)

Tass: Once the orcs were dealt with, she and Routa working together to finish them once the boar-rider broke their ranks, Kavika quickly pulled the slaves out of the burning wagon and, if she was able to find the keys, unchained them. "Where are you from?" she demanded sternly, glancing between them.

RJ: "We know of you, Kavika," one woman answered. "We are from your brother clan, the Frosthorn. The chieftain of our clan is a traitorous bastard! Sold men and women to the orcs! Female orcs first left with the men, and we were a day behind."

Tass: "The Frosthorn?" Kavika replied, surprised, "Why would your chieftain sell his own people to our enemies? Would they not then simply take him as well? How long have your men been gone?"

RJ: "The men have been gone since a day ago, we were loaded up today." she answered. "The chieftain is an honorless bastard! He sold all those who failed their tests, and even those who had not taken their test!"

Tass: "Then he must be slain, and a new chieftain elected. How could your people have allowed this?"

RJ: "Because the greatest warriors accept his bribes. Money, a harem of women, anything they want. He is corrupt, and guarded now by the exiled orcs as well as his warriors."

Tass: "I will take this to my tribe then, and we will see what can be done. I, too have been defiled and am unfit to marry, but have been named independent, and go to rescue my mother from the clutches of orcs who raided her camp while I was on my trial. You are welcome in my company so long as you can pull your own weight, but even if you cannot, I will not abandon you out here. Take what you can from the wagon and the dead." Turning away from her new allies, Kavika looked to Routa and said; "Routa! We have recruits!"

RJ: "We are not that skilled, but we will fight for our independance." she replied, and five women were armed with the orc's weapons and armor as snug fitting as they could make them. "Ah, very good." Routa nodded. "They will aid in the hunt for the dire wolf."

Tass: Kavika nodded, "Do the rest of you know the way to our village? I have never hunted with so many, and would not like to risk your harm for the sake of the hunt." (How many are there in total, just the five?)

RJ: "Yes, we can find our way if need be." a woman nodded, indeed just five of them ready to fight, one even took a rifle for use. The one who took the rifle was the one with the most orcs around her, as a hatred burned in her eyes. Apparently honor was not a concern for her.

Tass: Kavika's lips thinned, "Do you know how to use that... Thing?" She was very distrusting of the fire-spewing contraptions, though she wouldn't begrudge the woman it's use if she knew what she was doing with it.

RJ: "I will learn." she answered.

Tass: "Fair enough, let us move on then." Kavika stated, unwilling to give the foul orcs the honor of a proper burial after what' they'd done.

RJ: Traveling further along the snowy lands, Kavika, Routa, the boar, and their recruits made their way, before Kavika saw a lot of tracks for the dire wolves she sought. "Big wolves and small wolves." Routa announced. They tracked the wolves to a cave, their lair. "What a nuisance." the woman announced. "One way in, one way out." Routa observed.

Tass: "It is the nature of such creatures to take to corners.... But don't underestimate a cornered wolf," Kavika recited as she eyed the cave entrance. "Do you have any recommendations Routa? I have only hunted these beasts to the death before, never to capture one."

RJ: "We could invade, but we do not know their numbers." she suggested. "Or, we could use the orc's bodies as bait, and have the wolves come out for hunting during the night and try to assault them from higher ground. But that runs the risk of us being made their prey, rather than the bait itself."

Tass: "Bait is good. Attacking from surprise is always a better option, so long as we can hide our scent. Lets go back and get those bodies, quickly."

RJ: Everyone agreed, and went to go with that plan. They had three choices for where they could put the bait and hide. Similar with the boars, they could put the bodies out in the open, and hide in high terrain. They could place the bait near a mountain hill, and hide just behind the corner as it were, and ambush the wolves in full force, with all of Kavika's helpers able to strike in secret as well, and finally, they could use a nearby frozen lake, and hope that the wolve's weight will break the ice.

Tass: Kavika opted for the second choice, that which would allow all of her followers to strike from hiding at once. While she might be quite effective at attacking from surprise, she was no match for a large group of warriors. She instructed her comrades to avoid killing one of the wolves if they could, and then arrayed the orc corpses around a mountain hill before hiding herself and her allies in a manner that would hopefully disguise their scent.

RJ: "Now let us wait here." Routa announced. "And wait for the wolves to come." she said, and so everyone used the orc's rations to feed the group as they waited. Nightfall came, and everyone began to grow cold. Routa laid with the boar, the two of them keeping each other warm, while the other girls gathered wood to start a fire. "He's growing bigger." Routa said to Kavika. "I suspect that he will be fully grown soon. I've been teaching him how to move when I ride him, so that he will be prepared when he can support my weight."

Tass: "Good work." Kavika stated, then frowning but allowing the others to start a fire. It wasn't the best idea, but freezing to death would be worse, and wolves often feared an open flame. Turning back to Routa, she added; "Can you train other such beasts after training him? I am curious."

RJ: "I am sure I can, why do you ask?" Routa inquired.

Tass: "Because I may need help training the wolf, and because we need to find ways to be productive as more than warriors if we wish to remain independent."

RJ: "... I don't know of any other way than..." Routa blushed. "... As the sage has said..."

Tass: "Not just... through that..." Kavika stated, blushing, "I am... Prepared to do what is necessary, for that. What I meant is.... The regular training. How to carry a rider, and fight on my commands."

RJ: "Ah... Well..." Routa cleared her throat, before going on to speak about how she managed to train the boar. It was all done through commands and rewards. Whenever the boar did as she wanted, it got to suckle at her breast. Apparently though, it doesn't associate that with anyone other than her.

Tass: Kavika nodded, frowning. She'd need to come up with her own methods, but that training seemed to work for the boar, so it would likely work for the wolf.

RJ: Routa would exchange small talk with Kavika as the fire burned and the women warmed themselves, before a low growl was heard, setting both Kavika and Routa alert. The wolves leapped from the darkness, no one could see them until they were upon the group due to the light of the fire. A storm of smaller wolves swarmed the warrior women, a dozen small wolves. They brought the women down and seemed eager to rape, their eyes glowing red, while a pair of the larger, dire wolves came into view, surveying the surroundings. Thankfully for Kavika and Routa, they were a bit farther from the group, and were not immediately noticed. "Damn, why didn't I think of it!?" Routa whispered. "The blood on their fangs, they ate the bait and we heard nothing!"

Tass: (Good job home team.) Kavika scowled darkly, "Talk later, fight now!" she said, inwardly damning herself for her own stupidity at allowing the fire and letting herself get distracted by talking to Routa. Running backwards and raising her bow, Kavika targeted the first of the dire wolves and unleashed a storm of arrows at it, intending simply to kill it and hopefully discourage the other creatures from bothering her and Routa while she delt with its companion. (Same stats as during the orc fight. Move back and open fire.)

RJ: (There are two sets, big wolves and normal wolves)

Tass: (She's shooting one of the big wolves.)

Tass: (With all five arrows.)

RJ: Coming from cover and firing, all five of her arrows quickly downed the bigger wolf, while the others rose their head at Kavika. The second dire wolf followed, and Kavika rose, swinging her flail, smashing it across it's face, and knocking it flat out. There was no blood, but it was hard to tell if it was killed or knocked out. Meanwhile, the boar ran, and tackled one of the spare wolves at the side, impaling it on it's tusks. In response, the wolves who didn't have a woman captured rushed at the new threat, three wolves slamming into Kavika, two grabbing her arms in their teeth, and the last pinning her body down as it snarled and dug it's fangs into her armor, aiming to rip it off. Routa seemed to be pushed down as well, though it didn't look as if she'd be pinned for long.

Tass: Kavika, downed by the wolves after her successful ambush, flailed and thrashed wildly despite the fangs digging into her flesh, knowing she couldn't struggle out but unwilling to make it an easy fight for the beasts even as the one most directly on top of her clawed at her armor in an attempt to get it off. (Derp, didn't realize Kavika and Routa had cover. Shoulda spread those shouts out some. Try to squirm and escape, even though such is nigh impossible against three grapplers!)

RJ: Kavika couldn't escape, and Routa would be distracted a while as she fought off her attackers, kicking at them and bashing them with the hilt of her flail. The wolves exposed her breasts, and tore down her tight pants, before rolling her onto her front on the cold snow, the icy ground teasing her nipples as the third wolf got into position from behind, and began thrusting, it's cock coming from it's sheath as it tried to land home, while Kavika could feel it's tip gracing along her folds, seeking her hole.

Tass: Gritting her teeth and flailing wildly even as she was stripped naked, Kavika gasped as she was flipped over, the cold snow sending pain up her spine as her sensitive breasts were pushed into it. That took a lot of the fight out of her for a moment, and her time with the boars kicked in as her hips subconsciously raised up and then went still save for her shivering as she felt the wolf's cock aiming at her slit, which was starting to dampen slightly. 'I mustn't let it make me cum...' she thought, gritting her teeth and shutting her eyes, ceasing her struggles and fighting instead with her will. (Full Defense for +30 Resistance and other stuff that doesn't actually matter right now, I'll throw numbers at you over in the ooc in a minute to make your life easier.)

RJ: Becoming still, the wolf easily found her hole, and thrusted into it. It's knot was small yet, and easily slid into her, letting her feel the bump along her pleasure senses, even though with her concentration, she could last a while before cumming. The same didn't apply to the wolf, however, as she quickly felt his knot swelling inside her as he made quick, small thrusts back and forth, pushing Kavika back and forth along the cold ground, and forcing her nipples to be teased along the ground, while one wolf holding her arm down used it's body instead, and suddenly put it's mouth to her's, licking along her lips, as it's first lick went into her mouth, gracing her tongue with it's own.

Tass: Kavika tried to turn her head aside, sputtering up slobber as the wolf started licking her mouth, "Bad dog! Down! No kisses!" she called angrily, though she didn't actually expect it to work. It served to distract her from the one thrusting into her pussy, at least, and though her mind was filled with revulsion at the idea, her hips had begun to roll back into its thrusts, her slick flower preparing to welcome its sperm inside. (Same as above.)

RJ: The dog growled, and suddenly opened it's mouth as if to bite her, before it's mouth went over her cheeks, and it's tongue dived into her mouth, squirming around her tongue as it gave her it's kiss, meanwhile the other wolf's knot fattened up to the point where it was now locked inside Kavika, a big lump she could feel clogging her pussy, before the wolf howled, at the same time as all of it's other companions inside the other woman, Kavika able to see the scene of rape on the five women, all moaning as the canines balls throbbed, pumping seed into the women they've claimed. The same nearly came for Kavika, before she heard a squeal, and suddenly the boar slammed into the wolf on top of her, his cock coming out with a pop, squirting seed that only painted the ground, not her womb, before the other two wolves left Kavika, and immediately attacked the pig, biting into it and making it squeal in pain.

Tass: Her eyes shut and her teeth gritted as the wolf prepared to dump its seed into her, Kavika didn't realize what was happening immediately and was thus surprised when Routa's boar came rushing to her defense, knocking the wolf off of her. She opened her eyes as the other wolves released her, however, and as the beast that had kept her from being filled was attacked she forced herself to rise. "No!" she called, taking up her bow and opening fire on the wolves attacking the boar, even then searching about for the beasts' mother as well. (Full rapid shot, 2 each on the wolves attacking the boar, and one on one of the wolves attacking Routa if they're in sight. Otherwise, the last shot goes to one of the wolves raping her new friends.)

RJ: Routa had just killed one as Kavika killed another, leaving two wolves biting pointlessly on Routa's tough armor. The two wolves on the boar died, while the boar itself trembled on the ground, a pool of blood forming under it, before her last arrow flied and struck one of the wolves on the other women, freeing her as she pulled it's thick knot out of her with a cry, apparently in there very good, which a pool of cum came out as a result.

Tass: Seeing that Routa had things well in hand, Kavika turned her wrath to the wolves, opening fire and shooting the rest of the ones on the other women down one at a time. (Four shots, shoot dem wolves once each.) Then, if Routa looked to be struggling, she would aid the powerful woman (two shots, one each) and if she wasn't or after she'd been rescued, Kavika would rush to the bloodied boar's side, allowing her concern to override her lasting revulsion at the beast that her comrade had birthed, as she would then drop to her knees and retrieve her sole healing drink, intending to feed it to the wounded beast if it still lived. (Give ye heroic boar ye healing potion)

RJ: Slaughtering the wolves with Routa's aid, and rushing over to the boar, despite it's pain it licked Kavika's hand as it did before, before it drank the potion she fed it. Quickly, it's wounds were healed, and the boar was standing up, snorting at Kavika with it's tail wagging, sniffing her hands before sniffing at her crotch.

Tass: "Gah!" Kavika stated, blushing as she realized that she was still nude. She tried to back away, concealing her crotch from the boar, "That's not for you!"

RJ: As she covered herself and exclaimed at it, it rose it's head and jumped up slightly to lick her cheek. "Kavika... Quite a mess that was..." Routa panted with exhaustion from her struggle.

Tass: "Quite a mess.... Yes...." the archer replied distractedly, frowning. "But... We made it through in one piece, and got what we came for. Skin the wolves and check for signs of corruption that might indicate darkhearts, Then we'll go and check the den for cubs." While Routa and her cum-flooded comrades did that, Kavika checked to see if the dire wolf that Routa had hit during the ambush was alive or not.

RJ: Her companions savagely cut the wolves up, collecting 13 darkhearts for Kavika, before a woman wearing a black fur coat was seen walking into the light of the fire... And countless of red eyes behind her. "Oi, what have you done to my babies?" the woman announced. Kavika did not know her, but Routa gasped. "You...!" she suddenly went to her knees. "We did not know we were trespassing, lady Wolfe!" she exclaimed. (Best pic I could find on the fly: (Link: )

RJ: "You've done a great crime to me, you know. I knew each of these wolves by name." The woman, apparently Lady Wolfe, announced, before her eyes fixed on Kavika. "Ah... You're 'her' daughter. You have her eyes."

Tass: Kavika, not knowing the woman but taking that she was important from Routa's reaction, scowled darkly and narrowed her eyes. Even so, she had the sense upon seeing the dozens of glowing red eyes beyond to bend knee, and kept the petulance far from her voice as she evenly replied; "My apologies. I was not aware that these lands, or the beasts within them, were claimed." The mention of her mother did little to stir Kavika, for she knew that she was known beyond her home village, and so she didn't comment on the stranger's apparent recognition of her by save by narrowing the eyes that "Lady Wolfie" seemed to recognize so easily.

RJ: "Of course not. I am exiled," she responded to Kavika. "The elders would likely never speak of me, who tried to claim a wolf as my husband. Such an action should not mean I should be banished, so this is my society. Now..." her eyes narrowed as well. "You killed two of my eldest children. How do you plan to act after making this offense to me?"

Tass: "Truth be told, I have no idea. I suppose, since these lands are yours, that an appropriate recompense would be more your decision than mine. Know, however, that orcs have taken my mother, and my responsibility to reclaim her outweighs my debt to you, and an attempt to inhibit me from doing so will require me to defend myself, and possibly take more of your children from you." Kavika paused, and then supplied; "Normally, however, I believe that tradition dictates that you see me slain for the lives of your children, if you truly consider their lives equal to those of a human. I would be surprised if you opted to treat them as property instead, but if you did then a monetary recompense of equal value or a replacement would be required."

Tass: "The decision lies with you, Lady Wolfie. I know that I could not hope to win against so many, but do not think that I would fall to you and yours without raising a hand in my defense, and I believe that you have seen enough bloodshed today."

RJ: The woman hummed. "I offer you two choices. Give me these five women, or use your womb to birth a litter of pups." she announced. "I will not keep these women, and send them off to a location of your choice when they have birthed new pups. Either way, these are my pups demands, as they are the brothers of these who you have killed."

Tass: Kavika frowned, making her distaste for this known, but said; "I will not submit my allies to such violation further. If one will pay for my decisions, it will be me, and not another. I do, however, have things to do. I will do as necessary, and bring the pups to you when they are born."

RJ: "Very well." Wolfe said, before turning and walking back into the dark, as a large dire wolf came forward, a tame look on it's face as it looked at Kavika.

Tass: Surprised that her terms were so easily accepted, Kavika still paled visibly when the massive dire wolf came striding out of the darkness. She'd been even more outmatched than she'd thought. Despite her dealing, however, she still hesitated at the sight of the waiting creature, knowing exactly what was about to happen to her and liking it no more than she had with the boars. Revulsion threatened to spill the contents of her stomach onto the icy ground, but the huntress eventually muttered to herself; "Just get it over with...." Shifting forward, she beckoned to the wolf and then turned about, presenting her still wet pussy to the creature as she lowered herself to the ground.

RJ: The wolf came forward, and began to sniff her wet pussy as the boar came forth, squealing and looking down at Kavika, throwing a fit as it seemed to be complaining.

Tass: "Routa, calm him.... Please."

RJ: The boar ran from Routa as she came from him, before snorting angrily at the wolf, who regarded the pig with a growl. "Do not challenge that wolf!" Routa scolded her pig. The wolf turned when Routa collected the pig in her arms, and pressed his heavy body down on Kavika, his massive length pressing against her wet folds as the pig squealed, before jumping out of Routa's arms, and slamming it's head against the wolf's, knocking it out instantly, before stomping around on it's much larger body.

Tass: ".....Gods damnit."

Tass: Kavika had grunted when the beast had almost entered her, but now she was stuck under it as the boar stomped all over the unconscious wolf.

RJ: "Hmph, I did not know you too could charm a beast." Wolfe suddenly said from the dark. "I had you written off as just like your mother... I may have acted a bit rashly because of that. I did not know I was dealing with someone... Like me." she said, a woman who loves having sex with beasts, seeing Kavika as her equal. "You are a greater woman than your mother. I will let you go." she announced, and so her wolves back off.

Tass: "Wait.... What?" Kavika stated, extremely confused at Wolfe's sudden mercy on her. She wasn't about to look a gift forgiveness in the mouth, however, as she squirmed out from under the dire wolf and tried to urge the boar off of it. "Enough, it's alright!" she said to the beast, before turning back and gazing out into the darkness. "Why? What did my mother do to you that inspires such emnity?"

RJ: Wolfe turned around, her red eyes glowing, and hateful. "She was the one who called me disgusting, and banished me from the clan."

RJ: Meanwhile the boar calmed down, happily rubbing itself against Kavika's legs

Tass: "Oh..... Well, that explains a bit."

RJ: Then, she smiled at Kavika, as if she truly saw her as a companion in her love of beasts. "I understand that you are busy... but what did you need from these lands? I invite you to my lair, I can give you gifts, food, and whatever it is you required."

Tass: "I required a mount, now for a companion but eventually for myself, and sought to capture a dire wolf. Had I known you were out here, I would have looked elsewhere. While normally I would not balk at such hospitality, what has passed between our groups so far leaves me... Hesitant, to press upon your hospitality, and would consult those I have with me before accepting."

RJ: The women gave an uproar, demanding compensation for their rape, and urged Kavika to accept so that they may be given their food and gifts, while Routa shrugged. "I was Wolfe's apprentice when I was growing up. She was the one who taught me... That a beast could be a husband."

RJ: "I trust her."

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Re: The Great Hunt (Tassadar) GM'ed by MAF

Tass: Kavika had expected somewhat more wariness from the raped women given what had happened, but opted to accept their responses anyway. "Very well. I will accept your hospitality, Lady Wolfe."

RJ: "Splended. Come with me, you two." she invited Routa and Kavika to walk side by side with her, before they'd travel to her den, filled with wolves and lit by torches. She had many treasures, among them, a set of collars. "I think you would appriciate this gift, Kavika." she annuonced, taking a collar hanging off of the wall between lit torches and bringing it to her, while all her wolves took a rest about the cave, and the other girls savagely and hungrily ate good, cooked food, and enjoyed purses full of denarii. "It allows you... To properly communicate with beasts. A prize I made myself, and one you would enjoy, to develop a true connection with your lovely boar."

Tass: "The boar is Routa's, actually, born of her own womb, but I thank you all the same." She glanced at her comrades after accepting the gift from the lady, scowling at their lack of restraint, "Would you like me to calm them? I dislike abusing such hospitality even when it is offered, but they were only recently freed after their own people betrayed them to the orcs." After hearing their host's response, Kavika would extract the collar she'd been given by the shaman and show it to Lady Wolfe, "What can you tell me about this? I was given it by the shaman when I asked for a way to control a wild beast, but he didn't give me a straight answer when I asked if it would be harmful to the wearer.... And he also told me that certain.... Acts, would be required between me and it."

RJ: Wolfe shook her head. "I do not mind. Among beasts, they fit right in." she said, before taking the collar Kavika showed and tossing it aside. "What you were given is trash, and an insult!" she announced. "That collar was made by a fool without talent! I can tell by the magic in it! This collar will do you far better." she insisted, offering Kavika her own personal collar. "Put it around your neck, and the scent you will give will be one that calms even the most savage beast, corrupted or not. I assure you, you will not be disappointed."

Tass: Shrugging, Kavika put the collar on, "I suspected that his work was.... Poor, even before hearing your words on the subject." She held no illusions about the nature of the collar she donned, particularly after her host mentioned "scent," but she didn't want to insult and it was the best option she could have possibly hoped for under the circumstances anyway.

RJ: Putting the collar on, she immediately began to feel as if what the boar was communicating to her came to her via words. "I love youuu! I love youuuu!" The boar said as he continuously snuggled against her legs. "So pretty-so sexy-smells so gooood!" he sang, youth in his voice. "I sure beat that wolf good! She'll let me mount her for sure~"

Tass: Kavika blinked for a few moments, needing to get used to the odd notion of being able to hear beasts. Glancing ar Routa, she then turned to the boar and said; "Lay."

RJ: "Woah! I can understand her now!" he gestured in shock, looking up at her while Routa blinked at Kavika. "Why are you..." she began to ask, before the boar laid down. "Was that what she wanted me to do? She wasn't my mother so I was so confused." he announced aloud, seeming to think rather freely.

Tass: "Did I not speak with words just then?" Kavika asked Routa, pointedly looking at the woman.

RJ: "You... made boar noises..." Routa announced, looking at Kavika oddly.

Tass: "This.... May take some getting used to," Kavika stated, before looking at the boar and saying in oink; "Yes, that was what I wanted you to do earlier.... How long have you been thinking about.... About mounting me?"

RJ: "You can talk to me!?" he exclaimed. "All the time!" he answered immediately. "You're even sexier than my mother, don't tell her I said that."

Tass: "I'm gonna tell her you said that," Kavika declared immediately.

RJ: "NOOOOOO!" The big begged, standing up against her and putting it's hooves together as if begging.

Tass: "I'mma do it~"


Tass: "I'MMA DO IT!" Kavika turned to Routa and said in human; "He is a very strange boar."

RJ: "No! She's lying!" The boar announced when Kavika spoke to Routa, apparently thinking she really did say it. "You're such a mean woman... And here I thought you were nice..."

RJ: "Is he?" Routa blinked.

Tass: "Yes, very." Kavika stated, before looking down at the boar, "She says she won't feed you anymore for saying something so mean about her~"

RJ: "No! You-!" he began, before Routa bent over and fed him a little food. "... YOU'RE A LIAR!" he exclaimed.

Tass: "Oh shush, I was only kidding~ I wouldn't actually say anything to make her upset at you!"

RJ: "Oh? You wouldn't? Oh..." the boar seemed relieved as it ate it's food. "Mgh... So good... Oh! Hey! Can I mount you? I like you a lot~" the boar squealed, licking her leg.

Tass: "Not right now." she replied, before turning to Lady Wolfe, "You wear one of these all the time?"

RJ: Wolfe rose her head with a smile, showing her neck off. "Indeed I do." she replied. "I heard that boar screaming in your defense when you were offering yourself to my wolf. Rather charming." she giggled. "I've come as you've asked, mistress." a deep, booming voice announced itself, as if something giant and evil, before a dire wolf was walking past Kavika, sniffing her as he went. "Is this the human?" he asked. "Yes." Wolfe replied. "I will be her's if she be mine." he replied. "Take that up with her." Wolfe dismissed him, before the huge wolf, with a bump on his head, turned ot Kavika. "You... Who gave me that look of disgust... You do not love beasts."

Tass: "You are a wolf several times my size and weight, and I was pushed, albeit by my own mistakes, into bearing your children. I would have issued that same look to a human male," Kavika stated, which wasn't entirely untrue, "It was you who was denied by a young boar who is even smaller than I."

RJ: "That boar is strong, I hold no shame in being beaten." he replied. "Regardless, those are my terms. Our lives are transient, and my only wish before my inevitable death is to continue my line. I will aid you if you bear my children."

Tass: "Aid me in what? Surely you did not hear of my requirements..."

RJ: "Aid you with whatever it is you require, I do not care what is asked of me, so long as I die knowing that my children live on."

Tass: "......Maybe we should do this in private."

RJ: "Hmph." the wolf grunted, seeming to accept her suggestion. "Damn it, why does he get all the action?" the boar whined. "No fair!" the boar tugged on her torn rags with his mouth.

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Re: The Great Hunt (Tassadar) GM'ed by MAF

RJ: With Kavika's suggestion out in the open for her and the wolf to do it in private, and the boar squealing with complaint. Meanwhile, Routa was giving Kavika an odd look as she seemed a little to ready to accept the request, but did not say anything.

Tass: "Be quiet," Kavika said sharply to the boar, and then rose to her feet. "As I said, I would prefer to speak in private if we are to continue this arrangement."

RJ: The boar hung his head, before the large black woof stood on it's feet, and began casually walking outside of the cave without too much to say.

Tass: Kavika followed the large beast silently and stoically, waiting until they were in private to say; "You wish to pass on your genes, yes?"

RJ: Turning around, and sitting down calmly as she began, the wind blowing brought about a slight chill. "What do you really want." the wolf inquired. "You don't strike me as the shy type."

Tass: "I require a mount, both for my own use later and to see that a deal I made is taken care of," Kavika replied, shivering slightly in the chill wind as she drew closer to the seated wolf. "I deal in good faith, as I was taught by my mother." Kneeling down, Kavika dropped to her knees and slowly reached out for the beast's member. Her bent over position kept her from being able to look at the beast, but as she stroked its member out of its sheath she glanced up and said; "I do what is necessary to get what I want. It is as simple as that."

RJ: "Simple is better. Humans too often bother themselves with matters of unnecessary complication." the wolf replied, his member growing erect and emerging from it's sheath, red and throbbing in her hand, with the base of his knot just beginning to form, a tiny lump yet that would grow larger to ensure his seed is laid inside of her.

Tass: "Simple is better," Kavika agreed wholeheartedly, and then leaned forward and licked lightly at the wolf's cock as the knot began to swell at its base. Reaching out a hand, she began to rub at the beast's balls as she slathered the throbbing red meat in attention with her tongue. Slowly, Kavika began to reach her other hand back while resting on her elbow, her face firmly planted in the wolf's crotch.

RJ: A low growl came from the wolf as Kavika began to lick his length, not from warning or such, but simply from the pleasure. If he saw her hand moving back, he didn't care, simply sitting where he was, and letting her give her attentions to his genitals.

Tass: Giving the wolf's appendage a long lick from the base to the tip, Kavika gave the tip of it's member kiss, and then another, and again, each time taking more of it into her mouth, before finally her lips were wrapped around the whole head of its cock. Then, her mouth dropped down several inches, and the huntress began to bob steadily while continuously rubbing at its balls. Her other hand's actions ignored through the haze of pleasure she had the beast in, Kavika silently drew forth her dagger and brought it back forward, until it was just barely inches away from the wolf's sack. Further and further she bobbed, taking more and more as she sucked faster and harder.

RJ: The wolf shuffled, it's hind legs raising a little from the stimulation as she began to suck him off. His length throbbed with excitement, and it seemed he was holding himself back from just thrusting himself into her throat. His balls bounced as he kept himself seated several times over, before he spoke to her, without looking down. "As skilled as you are... It would be a waste if I came like this."

Tass: Kavika initially gave no indication that she'd heard the wolf as she continued her ministrations, sucking on its cock eagerly and gently massaging its sack as if encouraging it to cum. A few moments later, she pulled her mouth to the tip and began to swirl her tongue over it as she slowly tilted her head back, her other hand secretly bringing her dagger up to the beast's sack. When the steel was pressed against the creature's balls, Kavika gave several more quick bobs of her head before finally removing her mouth from its cock, though her free hand started stroking it again immediately, "Do you want to have children?"

RJ: Feeling her blade against it's length, he didn't move. "... What a reckless gesture." he sighed. "I knew something was off... Do you plan to threaten me when my mistress has spared you so?"

Tass: "Threaten? No. I merely wanted to give you a proper understanding of the nature of our relationship," Kavika replied, her hand never stopping or slowing, "I have given my word, and my word I will keep. But the use of my womb for your spawn is not something I will give when it is not earned. If you want it, you must fulfill your end of the bargain first."

RJ: "Is that all?" the wolf inquired. "But, you humans have never been known for your own trustworthiness. I see myself dead, not a father, when I perform my duties for you."

Tass: "If you are killed in my task, then it is entirely likely that I will be a slave or likewise dead, and thus will have no ability to see to my word anyway. Work with me and you will be given the same treatment as any of my other allies, and as such I will do everything within my power to ensure your survival. Help me in retrieving my mother, and I will bear your children."

RJ: The wolf actually managed to laugh, though to one without the collar, they'd hear nothing. "Not by other creatures, I expect such threats every day, but I see myself dead by your hand, girl."

Tass: "To what point or purpose? Then I'd have to walk, and this entire journey would have been a waste of my time. You are my goal, and I will do what is necessary to acquire you." Feeling that that was a suitable final statement, Kavika dropped her mouth onto the wolf's cock and began to bob her head onto it once more, sucking and licking at it as enthusiastically as she had before.

RJ: The wolf stood, his cock slipping from her mouth and dangling from his body. "... I do not trust you, but my mistress does. In the end, I would have to help you regardless." he announced. "This whole conversation... How pointless."

Tass: "To you, perhaps~" Kavika replied, sitting up and staring at the beast. "If it hadn't had a point, I wouldn't have done it."

RJ: "You've gotten me frustrated..." he grumbled. "But I will not spill my seed unless it is to breed with you." he said, before casually walking past her, and back into the cave.

Tass: "Why not?" she said at his back.

RJ: "I want to ensure you become pregnant." he said simply.

Tass: "You will have plenty left to ensure that. Allow me to relieve your frustrations," she purred, licking her lips.

RJ: Turning back around, he snarled a little at her. "Damned temptress..." he cursed, before he walked over her, pressing his tip to her lips.

Tass: Laughing softly, Kavika opened her mouth and took the wolf down to the base immediately, moaning softly with pent up arousal. Suckling and bathing the beast's shaft with her tongue, Kavika's hands went to work automatically, one returning to the beast's balls to massage them while the other slowly moved between her legs to rub over her own increasingly damp petals. Pulling back and leaving the beast's shaft soaked with her saliva, letting out a moan of soft longing as she shifted her panties aside and thrust two fingers into her flower. Giving another shiver for reasons entirely unrelated to the cold, Kavika dropped her mouth back onto the wolf's cock and started to bob swiftly and eagerly, sucking and rubbing with all of her enthusiasm.

RJ: Her mouth would soon find itself hard pressed to take him in past his knot as it increasingly swelled from the stimulation her mouth brought him. Her tongue cleaned every last inch of the beast's taste as the wolf himself twitched at her handling of his balls, which were rubbed and stimulated, occasionally throbbing and leaking a small amount of his precum into her mouth. "You're actually enjoying this... With a beast." the wolf noted as she began to finger herself. "Your damned horny scent..." the wolf growled, before lowering his snout to her sex, and licking where his tongue could reach, stimulating her or not, but mostly driven rather mad by her scent, and the desire to taste her. His balls throbbed faster, and his hips began to thrust slighlty on their own, signaling that his orgasm was approaching combined with his swelling knot, which swelled to such a size that it would doubtlessly have been stuck inside Kavika if she took it in.

Tass: Moaning around the beast's shaft as he began to lick at her pussy, lapping up her love honey even as she steadily slipped her fingers around inside herself, Kavika was forced to take less of the wolf's cock as the knot swelled past the point at which she could get her mouth around it. That didn't slow her down any, however, as the harder the wolf throbbed the faster her mouth slipped up and down on his cock. Licking at the tip whenever she reached it and tasting his musky precum, Kavika massaged the beast's balls harder, encouraging them to spill their seed. Her hips steadily rose, as if she were presenting herself, allowing him to lick more and more of her sex.

RJ: Presenting herself, the wolf actually slipped his tongue into her pussy when her fingers made a stroke outwards, squirming the organ into her folds as if to drain her of her vaginal juices and clean her pussy as she was cleaning his length. Sucking on his swelling length with increasing speed, the wolf suddenly tensed as Kavika's mouth became flooded with his seed, his balls throbbing powerfully with each spurt, hitting the back of her throat with such force as if his phallus was trying to ensure his seed made it as deep as possible to her egg.

Tass: Emitting a choking moan as the wolf's tongue slipped into her sex, Kavika subconsciously wiggled her bottom up at the beast as he explored her depths, and her own efforts to please him started growing even more enthusiastic. Feeling his balls throb beneath her hand, Kavika gave a delighted squeal just before he came, a sound that was choked off as his seed erupted down her throat. Given no choice but to swallow the brunt of the beast's sperm, Kavika gulped down what she could even as her gag reflex caused her entire body to tense and spasm. Disgusting as her pride might cause her to find this act, a part of her, the very same part of her that had eagerly given in to the boars, supplied in her imagination an idea of what allowing the wolf to have done as it wanted from her. Swallowing down the wolf's cum, Kavika couldn't help but imagine her position reversed, her hips raised as the wolf finished rutting her and found the same release that it experienced now, except that its swollen knot held it w
ithin the depths >>

Tass: of her sex while it delivered its life-giving seed into her womb. Moaning again, Kavika could take no more and ended up pulling off, her eyes rolling into the back of her head and closing while her body spasmed in orgasm and her face was painted in cum.

RJ: Once he was done cumming, and ejaculating onto Kavika's face, the wolf kept himself over her, shielding her from the cold with his fur. "You send some rather indulging thoughts using that collar." he suddenly revealed, apparently receiving her fantasies of having her pussy filled with his beastly cum.

Tass: Groaning wordlessly, Kavika panted as she laid against the ground, and then suddenly blushed deeply at the wolf's words. Her tongue slowly coiled out, licking up some of the beast's semen from her thoroughly painted face, and then said; "You.... You caught.... That? I didn't know.... That it allowed... Telepathy...."

RJ: "It was rather pleasant, compared to how the mistress usually uses it." he replied, while his tongue flicked out to lick clean her lower half, her clit teased over and over with his tongue. "She finds a fancy for using it as a torture device, especially to bad pups."

Tass: "Torture?" Kavika asked, surprised. The wolf's licks caused her to shiver and raise her hips again, his rough tongue wonderful against her engorged clitty. "What does she do? I couldn't imagine using it for that somehow..."

RJ: "Often by sending us terrifying images, or torturous promises of having more than a night inside of her for the best of us, the strongest. We are both driven to fight against one another and work together in ways no other wolf pack has been. At least as a result, we have become very strong." he said. And as a squeal came from within the cave, not of pain or fright, Kavika would get an idea that Routa's boar caught the image too, though it took a moment.

Tass: "Does she now... I hadn't suspected that she used such a technique, but I hadn't given much thought on how she'd trained you," Kavika replied, but upon hearing the boar's distressed call, the huntress couldn't help but adopt an amused smirk. "Our business here is completed, I believe. I must speak with your mistress about suppressing that effect, as I dislike the idea of not being comfortable within my own head." she said to the wolf, and then rose. Cleaning the cum off of her face as best she could be feel alone, Kavika then stared at her hands for a moment before hesitantly licking them clean, both disgusted at herself and reveling in the pungeant taste of his semen. "Lets go back inside."

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Jan 1, 2009
Re: The Great Hunt (Tassadar) GM'ed by MAF

RJ: The wolf followed silently, back into the cave. There, Kavika was assaulted by the boar's nose sniffing her, seeming to be quite upset that Kavika would be taken by the wolf, but not by him. "He goes on and on." Wolfe announced to her. "I'm quite charmed. You're indeed a better woman than your mother. Less... Closed minded, you see. That boar has a lot of affection for you."

Tass: "So I've noticed," Kavika remarked, kneeling down and petting the boar reassuringly. "Is there a way to suppress the mental component of this collar? I'd like to keep my thoughts to myself if possible." Eying Lady Wolfe, Kavika said; "How do you know my mother? I know she was one of those that had you exiled, but I'd like to know more if you're willing to tell."

RJ: The boar seemed to accept the petting and be calmed by it. "Oh, you just need to have mental control. That image you sent before to the other animals was due to you likely going blank in the head for a moment." she revealed. "Your mother..." she moved on, growling. "She was still a virgin when she exiled me, ignorant of sex and had no idea what lust meant. I met a wolf who saved my life, dragging me from a freezing river and keeping me warm. I learned how to speak with him, and I made love with him. He was stronger than any man I knew then, and so loyal... When it became obvious who my love was, your mother was furious. She banished me, leading the others to hate. I swore that one day... She would understand."

RJ: "Of course, I planned to defeat her myself and give her to my wolves to punish her, but it seems karma worked another way."

Tass: "Apparently," Kavika said neutrally when Lady Wolfe's story was finished, "I don't know how she was then.... But I was always taught that revenge was a fool's game. I couldn't say how she'd react if she saw you, but in these strange times I suppose that your story isn't so impossible. I would prefer it if you didn't attempt to exact yours after I've rescued her, if such were your thoughts, but I will understand if you feel as if you must. I have no right to tell you what to do, and if my mother is retrieved I will ask her of you and see what she says. If I could make it happen, would you like to confront her again?"

RJ: "I have no interest now. I merely wanted her to learn her lesson. There'd be no point in teaching her to respect after what she is likely going through." Wolfe revealed, before smiling at Kavika. "... I would like to confront her yet again. Yes, I would."

Tass: "Very well. As thanks for what you have done for me, I will see if I can arrange such once she has been rescued from the orcs."

RJ: "Do not consider it repayment." Wolfe said strictly. "I consider you in light of respect, as you know what strength truly means. For your mother said to me that to love a beast instead of a true warrior, is to cease to be human."

Tass: Kavika simply nodded after a moment, "Very well."

RJ: "Your friends are in the den with the wolves. They went there after they were done eating... After satisfying their curiosity of my collar, after I gave you one, it seemed that they and the wolves reached... An understanding." Wolfe said, as should Kavika look into the den, taking a few steps, she'd see a the women she saved in the midst of a gangbang of beasts, each with attitudes radically different than with their time of rape. Each were moaning and seeming to enjoy the 'strength' of the wolves, a few were rising at the sight of Kavika, looking rather ashamed at what they had indulged in, while others struggled to get knots unstuck out of them.

Tass: "You are free to enjoy yourselves however you like. There is no need to rise," Kavika stated, easily masking her surprise at the sight of the orgy. It caused her own loins to ache slightly, but the huntress was sufficiently sated and fairly tired, so she was able to suppress her desires. "I will be taking my rest shortly," she announced, and then found a corner in which to sleep unless there was anything further that she needed to address.

RJ: The wolves offered some soft vegetation they had gathered for themselves for her to lay upon. Soon, Routa was joining her, with her boar joining her as well. "Midhog, leave Kavika be." she scolded her boar, now having a name. Meanwhile, the former tribeswomen nodded to Kavika, and enjoyed the wolf den's strongest and most proud warriors. To anyone else it'd look like an act of filth, but with the collar on... She heard not the voices of mere dogs, but the voices of men that sounded more proud than any from her own clan. Meanwhile, Midhog, the jealous boar, seemed to wish to cuddle next to Kavika, but hesitated on Routa's command.

Tass: "I won't begrudge the warmth," Kavika stated simply, allowing Midhog his display of affection. It was important to keep up morale. Though it was an odd and mildly disturbing sight, watching those women copulate with all of the wolves, Kavika found herself to not be overly bothered by it. Curling up with the young boar, the huntress allowed herself to drift off to sleep.

RJ: The next morning, the various women that were recent slaves of the orcs were raising as well, each with swelling stomaches, full of a proud wolf's pups. Midhog seemed much larger as well, bigger and almost to full size in so short a time. His back to Kavika, he soundly slept while in her embrace, while Routa slept in a vulnerable position, her breasts spilling out of her simple cloth shirt and her legs open wide. Despite being like that, no wolf bothered her.

Tass: Seeing her comrades rising with swollen bellies, Kavika sighed inwardly. She wouldn't begrudge them their rest, but being pregnant was an inconvenience to her cause even if it was fairly short. Seeing Routa in her position, Kavika smiled and stalked silently over to the woman, gently laying over the woman and rubbing a hand over the woman's barely protected sex. "Routa~" she whispered softly, before dropping her mouth to the woman's heavy breasts as they spilled out of her top, suckling on the tip.

RJ: "Mmm... Midhog... Stop licking..." Routa moaned, the short, whited haired woman complained slightly. Her eyes opening a little, Kavika would find Routa quickly excited, and already wet after but half a minute of stimulation. "Kavika... Mmm" she moaned, lightly embracing the horny woman. "I did not expect that." she said with a slight smile.

Tass: Drawing her mouth from Routa's breast for a moment, Kavika muttered; "You were too tempting~ I'm surprised one of the wolves didn't get to you first!" With that she started sucking again, her hand shifting aside the woman's underclothes and sliding fingers into the warrior's sex, pumping them just as she had to herself the day before. "Would you prefer it if I woke Midhog?"

RJ: "They did not seem the type..." Routa said in reply to the wolves, apparently having experimented with the collar as well. When Kavika began sucking again, her tip became well pointed, and her sex was slick, and quite soaked, as well as releasing such a scent of a lustful woman that even Kavika's human nose could sense it. "Midhog..." Routa moaned. "He's just as likely to take you as me, you know."

Tass: "Mmmm~" she murmured affirmatively when Routa spoke of the boar's likely course of action. She had no intention of telling the woman that her boar had admitted to preferring her to its own mother, but such was certainly on her mind. Making no further comment, Kavika started pumping her fingers into Routa all the harder, her tongue flicking over the tip of the woman's breast rapidly while nursing on it with her lips.

RJ: "Nggh...!" Routa moaned aloud as Kavika continued her motions of stimulation. "This is going beyond teasing..." Routa announced, "You're going to make me cum...!" she cried out, both human and wolf alike now watching the show as Routa's pussy was pumped by Kavika's fingers, and her breasts toyed with, as milk suddenly began to leak into Kavika's mouth from her tip. All of the noise made Midhog stir, as if he'd wake up from all the commotion.

Tass: Laughing into her motions at Routa's statement, Kavika moaned softly and started suckling harder as Routa's breasts began to leak milk. Making effort neither to quiet the woman nor to avoid bringing her to her peak, Kavika continued as she'd done before, occasionally pausing to stir her insides while rubbing her thumb over her clitoris.

RJ: "Mmmmm!" Routa moaned, holding her lips shut as Kavika showed no mercy. All in the cave would awake at the sound that followed, of Routa's climax. She came hard, squirting all over Kavika's hand as milk proliferously leaked from her breasts. She twitched and hugged Kavika close in a loving gesture, letting her know that she loved it even though her mouth couldn't say it at the time. Now awake, Midhog rose, his tail wagging, as he switched from sniffing Routa to sniffing Kavika.

Tass: Sucking and drinking the other woman's milk as she came, Kavika eventually pulled away from the woman's breast with a sigh. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself~" she said, and then glanced back at the boar as it sniffed at her, no doubt smelling her arousal along with that of his mother.

RJ: Indeed, as she heard from the boar himself, after sampling some of Routa's milk, he seemed to focus on Kavika. Sniffing her arousal, his tongue licked her chest, one lick running over her point, getting quite excited already as she could already see his member sprouting from it's sheathe. "Jeez, am I too filthy for you, Midhog?" Routa asked, sounding a little jealous.

Tass: Midhog would sample some of her own milk as his tongue licked over her chest, finding one of the white beads of her mother's milk at the tips of her breasts. "He is very excited," she remarked, reaching out and gripping the boar's cock, stroking it softly as a soft smirk played over her features. "You should pay your mother more respect Midhog~"

RJ: The boar rose his head to Kavika, halting in his motions as she said that, looking over to Routa with a bit of inner conflict. "Midhog, can't you see Kavika..." Routa halted as she began stroking Midhog, and flushed red herself. "I see how it is..." the woman said with determination. "Let's see if you still prefer her after this, Midhog." Routa said with determination, before turning over to her front and sticking her ass into the air. "Fuck me, Midhog! I will make you a man!" she announced, and certainly earned a good deal of his attention away from Kavika as he seemed to conflict between who he liked and how horny he was.

Tass: "Oh, is that how it is?" she said bemusedly, before moving beside Routa and like wise presenting herself. Kavika's pants and underwear were slowly pulled down until they were around her knees, displaying her soaked, needy pussy and tight ass. Pressing her round bottom against Routa's as they were side by side, Kavika purred; "Wouldn't you like to take me right now Midhog?"

RJ: "Kavika, you're so evil!" Routa announced, though had no poison on her tone. So tempted was he, that when Kavika offered herself, he lost control. Routa pouted in defeat as Kavika was instantly mounted by Midhog, his body pressing down on her's as his tongue licked her face, seeking her lips, and his big length pressed against her folds. "You witch!" Routa announced, smiling slightly before she leaned over, licking Kavika's ear and dipping a hand under her spread legs, and her fingers spread open her flower. "Now that you have stolen him from me this day, and only this day for now, you must make sure you satisfy him." Routa announced to Kavika. "No cumming early, or else... You will be punished~" Routa announced, hugging her friend lovingly while nibbling on her ear.

Tass: Giggling softly as she was mounted by the boar, Kavika tilted herself and allowed the boar to angle himself to enter her, and when Routa's fingers spread her petals and nibbled on her ear the huntress moaned softly, allowing Midhog's tongue entrance into her mouth. Nodding silently both in assent to her friend's statement and to give permission to the boar, Kavika slowly slid herself backwards onto Midhog's cock, eyes once more rolling into the back of her head with pleasure as her inner walls stretched to accommodate the length spreading it apart.

RJ: The familiar sensation of a boar's phallus spread Kavika open. Even the wolf's cock not as big, her pussy was in the process of recovering and going back to it's usual tightness, before Midhog sent it back with his large member. As she moved back, he pushed himself right in, sheathing himself in her pussy as she felt his balls dangle between her legs, having grown big, and full of cum no doubt, which he wished to release inside of her. Rather than treating her like the boars before, like a mere slut to be fucked and bred, Midhog seemed to move with a passion, drawing all the way back, and hitting the areas which seemed to make Kavika react the most. Like that, he fucked her somewhat skillfully, but his girth made up for what lack of actual skill he had. "Oh? You're already like this." Routa giggled, forcing Kavika up on her arms, to take Midhog's cock with pride. All the while, Midhog squirmed his tongue into her mouth as if kissing her, getting so into the act that she could breath almost nothing
but his own beastly breath as his tongue nearly went down her throat.

RJ: "You're no doubt going to cum just from this, and Midhog is just getting started." Routa hummed playfully. "Oh, you need punishment indeed."

Tass: Moaning as Midhog began to fuck her so, with surprising ability that was only augmented by the boar's sheer size, Kavika was barely able to keep herself from pressing her face into the ground despite the boar's tongue down her throat. Shivering at Routa's handling as much as from her child's actions upon her sex, Kavika gave a tiny nod. Barely able to breath from the boar's tongue forcing itself into her mouth, the huntress rolled her hips into the boar's thrusts, her sex already quivering in preparation as a knot of pleasure steadily built within her belly. Much as she tried to deny it, Kavika knew that Routa's words were true, and that only a short while of enduring Midhog's thrusts would no doubt cause her to cum, and a dark pleasure at the idea of what Routa's punishment might be only made it more difficult to resist her growing arousal. Bucking her hips back anyway, Kavika tried both to resist and to stay upright, causing her full breasts to sway beneath her with every one of the boar's thru

RJ: Midhog seemed to very well know how much pleasure Kavika was suffering from his thrusts, and only capitalized on it rather than show her mercy. The sound of his meaty body slapping against her ass echoed through the cave, along with the wet squishing of her sex taking in his fat member as he sped up his thrusts, both her breasts and his balls swaying as fast as he thrusted. Routa toyed with one of Kavika's hanging breasts, groping her while torturing her ear and holding Kavika up to receive his cock with all the pride that she could. Meanwhile, Midhog was thrilled, 'kissing' her more passionately as he felt her pussy instinctively squeeze, signaling her approaching climax. "He's fitting so snug inside you..." Routa noticed, smoothing a hand along her ass, before dipping a finger into Kavika's asshole. "Midhog is so happy, at least." she admitted. "And... As we all are, those of us who are like Lady Wolfe."

Tass: Moaning loudly whenever she could manage to get the breath for it, her ass shaking with every thrust from the mighty pig that pounded into her, Kavika was putty in the hands of Routa and Midhog. She shook and groaned and panted, her body in utter ecstasy under Midhog's ministrations. The huntress shivered suddenly when Routa touched against her virgin hole, her lower hole squeezing tightly about the invading digit, and her return motions briefly stalled. Only a few moments more, whether Routa continued to play with her ass or not, were enough to break through Kavika's fading resistance and send her spiraling into orgasm. Her eyes rolling into the back of her head once more, Kavika's entire body quaked violently as she came on Midhog's dick, her inner walls squeezing his cock tightly, attempting to milk out the boar's potent seed, and her milk leaking steadily from her shaking breasts.

RJ: Her orgasm gripping his cock, Midhog came soon after her, his length gushing out his seed into her as Kavika's womb was flooded with his seed, her belly inflating with his seed as it spilled out from around her vaginal lips at the same time, dripping to the floor of the cave. Midhog squealed as he continued to pump his seed into her for a good while, making her appear quite pregnant, all while Routa held Kavika tightly. After a few minutes had past, the glow of his orgasm faded, and Kavika felt his length slide out of her slick pussy, letting all of his cum spill out onto the floor. "Now~" Routa giggled, not eager to let Kavika rest. "It is time for your punish-KYA!" Routa cried out, as Midhog was suddenly on top of her! "M-Midhog! Y-you just came!" she exclaimed as he mounted her immediately after finishing inside Kavika, and thrust himself in easily due to all of the juices that made his cock slick. Now the victim, Routa was much like Kavika, eyes rolled back, and the recipient of Midhog's kisses
. However Kavika would wish to contribute, Midhog was eventually cumming inside Routa all the same, fattening the Crolian woman up with his seed.

RJ: Her orgasm gripping his cock, Midhog came soon after her, his length gushing out his seed into her as Kavika's womb was flooded with his seed, her belly inflating with his seed as it spilled out from around her vaginal lips at the same time, dripping to the floor of the cave. Midhog squealed as he continued to pump his seed into her for a good while, making her appear quite pregnant, all while Routa held Kavika tightly. After a few minutes had past, the glow of his orgasm faded, and Kavika felt his length slide out of her slick pussy, letting all of his cum spill out onto the floor. "Now~" Routa giggled, not eager to let Kavika rest. "It is time for your punish-KYA!"

RJ: Routa cried out, as Midhog was suddenly on top of her! "M-Midhog! Y-you just came!" she exclaimed as he mounted her immediately after finishing inside Kavika, and thrust himself in easily due to all of the juices that made his cock slick. Now the victim, Routa was much like Kavika, eyes rolled back, and the recipient of Midhog's kisses. However Kavika would wish to contribute, Midhog was eventually cumming inside Routa all the same, fattening the Crolian woman up with his seed.

Tass: Helpless as her belly was fattened by the boar's titanic release, Kavika could do nothing but twitch in the throes of her aftermath for the first few moments following Midhog's orgasm. As her pussy drained, the huntress watched as the boar mounted its mother, reducing Routa to a state similar to her own within mere moments. She managed to recover in time to leaned over and reach between Routa's legs, steadily strumming her clit while the woman was pounded into, but there was little else that she felt any urge to do before Routa too was inflated by Midhog's sperm, leaving her no less bloated by the boar's massive quantity of semen per orgasm.

RJ: Midhog slid out of Routa the same, before rolling over to his side, a happy pig. Once all of his cum drained out of her as well, Routa collapsed with Kavika. "W-what a... An energetic boy..." Routa said, with a dazed look on her face, before reaching out and hugging Kavika to her own filthy body. "Kavika... I never did properly thank you for staying... To save me..." Routa announced, leaning in until their noses were touching. "Thank you... I would have given up on my own life if I did not witness your strength, nor watched you endure what I did by my side..." Routa whispered. "Thank you, Kavika..."

Tass: "Nnnnmmmmph....." Kavika groaned, her body straining to move as Routa gripped her, not trying to pull away but merely to shift into a comfortable positon. After a moment, the huntress managed to mutter back; "You're.... Welcome."

RJ: Leaning in, Routa placed a light kiss on Kavika's kiss, full of affection. "I'm not sure what to think anymore, what with all that's happened. But... I feel that my spirit will never die if I am with you, Kavika. Even if the worst were to happen, even if we were captured by the orcs. It will not matter... Thanks to you, I feel... Invincible."

Tass: Slowly sliding from her fucked-silly state, Kavika recovered within a few moments and looked up at Routa, her expression blank. In truth, she didn't know what to think of the woman's words, as she herself still felt so vulnerable and weak. The choice, between choosing to reveal her own doubt or instead reinforcing Routa's confidence in her strength, strength that the archer wasn't even sure she had, was a difficult one. And in the end, Kavika chose the lie; "We can do this, Routa... We are strong enough. I'm sure of it."

RJ: Routa smiled softly, hugging Kavika tighter. "Strength or no, we will live, and they will die. With even more glory than your mother, you will stand tall and proud... Even if you lose faith. I will be there to lift you up and grant you back the strength you gave me..." Kavika smiled wider. "Have faith in me, comrade." she said with a wink.

Tass: Nodding solemnly despite the circumstances, Kavika returned Routa's smile after a moment. "Very well.... I will put my faith in you when my own strength fades."

RJ: Happy with that, Routa was soon accepting some warmed water with sponges from Wolfe as she came and saw them in such a mess. "Here you are." the black haired woman announced, as she was naked herself.


Kavika gains 5 exp from all dat sex, and one mutation. Go figure.
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Re: The Great Hunt (Tassadar) GM'ed by MAF

Tass Still slightly exhausted by her own afterglow, Kavika waited and watched as Routa cleaned herself of Midhog's leftover seed, lying against the spent boar limply with her eyes lidded and heavy.

RJ: "Come now, dear," Wolfe gave Kavika's ass a light pat. "If you have anything like your mother's tight ass, you should be able to tolerate that ordeal ten times over before breaking a sweat."

Tass "Wha...... What?" Kavika said, too stunned by Lady Wolfe's words to take her normal, formal tone. "I'm.... Just, uhhh, taking a rest....." Hesitantly, she winced her way to a sitting position and started cleaning herself up, allowing her womb to mostly empty of the boar's seed well after it had had a chance to do its work.

RJ: While cleaning herself, she'd hear Wolfe chuckle. "Allow me to help you clean that hard to reach area." she offered, before Wolfe's hands touched her ass, and her face was between her cheeks, licking up the excess cum that was licking out of her, and diving in to fetch more.

Tass "Uhhh, no that's quite - gah!" Kavika stuttered before yelping in surprise as the dark-haired woman started cleaning Kavika's body with her mouth, licking up Midhog's semen from her body before eating it out of her pussy. Letting out a few low moans, Kavika squirmed and whimpered, but offered no resistance as her intimate area was thoroughly cleaned.

RJ: "Same as a man, you can usually tell how much they like you by how much cum they release... This boar clearly likes you a lot~" she giggled, swallowing audibly, her mouth no doubt full of the semen she had extracted from Kavika's pussy over the course of several minutes, leaving Kavika hot and bothered.

Tass "So I noticed..." Kavika muttered, her body tingling with arousal from Wolfe's work on her pussy, but she tried to push her desires aside as best she could as she faced her host. "He seems to be quite infatuated with me, it's really quite strange... I've never known a beast to possess such feelings for a human."

RJ: "Beasts cannot speak but with gestures and sounds only they understand. Humans have attempted to understand their communication but while still considering them to be ultimately mindless creatures, they form a boundary that they cannot cross over to find true discovery, such as the kind that I have." Wolfe explained. "An animal can love, the same that a human can. If you have ever seen an animal show mercy to it's food, even taking care of it, you'd know that a mere beast of instincts would not do that."

RJ: "I was the food. Meat to be devoured. Instead he took me someplace warm and nursed me back to health."

RJ: "Then, I made him warped. I wanted him to desire me... One thing led to another and here I am."

Tass Kavika listened intently to Lady Wolfe's explanation, giving the woman her full attention before sighing softly and nodding. "I have never seen as much.... But I understand. You have been here ever since then, and all of the other wolves here are your children by the original wolf?"

RJ: "Yes, you are correct." she answered. "That wolf, my husband, is the one accompanying you on your journey, as I trust him the most."

Tass "Really? I wasn't aware...... Thank you for trusting me with one for who you care so much."

RJ: She chuckled. "You didn't ask about his request to have children. Most do, if they haven't already fled by that point."

Tass "No, it never occurred to me to ask about it.... Why do you mention it?"

RJ: "If the question wasn't asked then perhaps you already know the answer. You've already shown to be more intelligent than you mother, so take it from me as simply... Being humbled by you."

Tass Kavika gave a soft chuckle at the compliment, and replied; "I may seem that way... But I've always thought of myself as rather foolish. I admit freely to not understanding what you're talking about, but as it never occurred to me to ask, I would be fine with allowing it to pass."

RJ: "You are anything but foolish." Wolfe said sharply. "Foolish is the mother who was challenged to a test of strength by a lecherous man. Foolish is she who saw it as a fair fight. I knew it, everyone knew, he was going to cheat. He cheated, and then forced her to her knees and raped her in public. She didn't admit her own stupidity at the deceptions of men unworthy. She said she lost fair and square, and obeyed him, doing any humiliating act he required before the fool finally snapped and killed him, claiming it of course to be an accident during the hunt. You... You see your faults, instead of hide away from them."

RJ: "You were as a result of that man's seed coating your mother's womb. Be glad at least you learned from her mistakes."

Tass "I knew of this, though it was delivered somewhat more gently to me the first time." Kavika stated in reply, finally returning to her formal tone. "I did indeed learn from the story, though I'm considered unworthy in my own village anyway. Some would attempt to claim me, but my right to defend myself as an independent woman was granted by the elders, and the last that tried nearly lost his manhood to my arrows."

RJ: "And you ARE worthy. Kavika." Wolfe said firmly. "Those at that village are unworthy, unworthy of you. Now, when you depart, always remember where your allies here. Specifically, remember that you have one here."

RJ: where your allies are*

Tass Kavika remained silent after that, unsure how to respond. Finally, she quietly said; "I will remember it, Lady Wolfe."

RJ: Wolfe rose her hands, putting them to Kavika's shoulders, and leaning in, suddenly placing a kiss on her lips before drawing away. "Just call me Wolfe. You owe no such noble respects to a friend."

Tass "Very well.... Wolfe. I will remember you when I have left your domain."

RJ: "Thank you." she said. "I gift you food, and clean water. Good, dry food. It will not waste away during your travels." She said, while the white canines brought baskets prepared by Wolfe beforehand, who gave them to Kavika. "When I see your mother again, I will punch her. Just remember that in case that will hinder your plans."

Tass "Thank you for your generous gifts, Wolfe." Kavika replied, and then gave a soft smile at the woman's proclamation. "Very well. Would you like me to warn her?"

RJ: "No." she replied flatly.

Tass "Very well. She shall be unprepared once she is rescued."

RJ: "Very good. I wish you well on your travels." she said, before her husband was there, quiet, and waiting.

Tass And then, Kavika and her comrades left Lady Wolfe's lair, and set out back to her home village with the women she'd rescued from the clanless orcs, Routa and Midhog, and the wolf that was Lady Wolfe's husband.

RJ: Making their way back to the village, they would find orcs had taken up to visiting the town, but there were no signs of destruction to be seen. The orcs were speaking with her elders, apparently making business, while half a dozen women were being brought towards a wagon, two among them being the sidhe and the witch she met before, both naked but seemingly untarnished, and held by a pair of orcs each. It seemed all the women being loaded were merely strangers to the town.

Tass "What is going on here?" Kavika asked angrily of the first person she encountered.

RJ: The first person they encountered happened to be Twig. "K-Kavika... The elder said he was negotiating for the return of our villagers..."

Tass Kavika walked immediately to the elders with an angry expression on her face, "What have you done?"

RJ: Two men immediately got in her way, the elder's guard. "Kavika... Now is not a good time. Later..." he said, while stroking his beard in thought. Meanwhile, the sidhe and witch were struggling, before the sidhe was loaded in, some orcs already removing their loin cloth.

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Re: The Great Hunt (Tassadar) GM'ed by MAF

Tass: An expression of utter rage came over Kavika's face, and she stepped away from the guards to see the orcs already preparing to rape some of their captives. That was the last straw. Pulling her bow off of her back, Kavika's hunter's eyes opened, and she unleashed a storm of arrows upon the orcs on the slave wagon, each shot delivered precisely at an eye, a knee, or for the particularly unlucky orcs the crotch. (Rapid shot for 5 shots total, full deadly aim, called shot. Attacks at +48 to hit, deals 2 * (2d8+ 31) damage per shot.)

RJ: She fired before anyone knew what to do. Her five arrows flew, and each struck with all her rage as fuel. Five orcs fell to the ground before the guards of her own village grabbed her arms, forcing them behind her back, while the orc speaking to the elder merely grunted at her outburst. "... Need more warriors to make up for those we lost. You will give us her as well." he said. The elder nodded simply. "Y-yes... As you wish, please take her." the elder immediately surrendered Kavika. Meanwhile, in the corner of her eye, she'd see Routa discreetly dashing, rounding up the other Crolian women, and even Twig, an act that one could only hope would lead to her rescue.

RJ: (Status: grappled)

Tass: "You are cowards, all of you!" The huntress spat angrily even as she was grabbed, "You treat with slavers who have attacked your own people, and sell those who have right of hospitality to them!" She struggled mightily, albeit likely without much effect, but her rage was beyond consolation. "How dare you!? This is the greatest cowardice, this is... This is pathetic! I have never before been made to call myself ashamed to call myself Frostborn!"

RJ: "Then call yourself Frostborn no longer." said the orc, stepping forward to roughly grab at Kavika's chin. "From this point forward, you are nothing but a sheathe for my cock." he announced, before using bindings from Kavika's own people, from the guards themselves, and bound her wrists back behind her in several tight knots. Routa's group had vanished in the meanwhile, no longer in her sight, which was possibly good, because no other orc could see them either, hopefully. Now bound, the orc roughly took Kavika, holding her back to him as he ran his tongue along her neck, and began to fondle her breast with one hand, and her crotch with the other. "You look like a woman who can take a huge dick like mine." he said, as Kavika would feel his erection between her legs, throbbing, and sliding around her clothed pussy.

RJ: As the other orcs saw this, they showed no respect for their own dead, throwing them from the wagon, even carrying Medea straight in, their cloth removed, before one orc pressed his length to her fold. "Noooo!" she cried out.

RJ: (Bit more if I may)

RJ: After hearing Medea's cry, Kavika saw Routa stick her head out, observing the situation, and looking ready to attack. Yet, she looked back, and seemed hesitant. She may not be ready to attack, yet a single signal from Kavika would send them on the offence.

Tass: Kavika thrashed wildly as she was bound, but it was for naught, and though the orc was the one binding her it was her own people that she reserved her wrathful gaze for. As such, she was mildly surprised by the orc's sudden molestations despite his statement. She shivered as the foul beastman as he ran his tongue over her neck, pulling away as far as she could and blanching visibly. "You are a foul, pathetic creature! But even you are better than these worthless worms who are my kin!" she hissed angrily, enduring his molestations as best she could. Despite the bile threatening to rise in her, Kavika's body reacted naturally after her time with the boars, her nipples hardening and her sex starting to dampen as it was fondled by his hands and prodded through her underwear by his cock. Seeing her companion about to be raped and Routa looking for a signal, Kavika realized that she had to think quickly, and so she hissed and spat;

Tass: "You truly are fools as well, if you think she could take one as big as that! I could take any three of you at once!" She couldn't risk sending Routa a signal either way, but maybe she could keep the outsider from being raped.

RJ: The orc about to rape Medea turned when Kavika said that, and gave a grin, before heading over to her. Immediately, orcs went to take his place, but a light scuffle broke out. Orcs growled and pushed at one another, trying to assert power, so that one of they could violate her first. With that, Routa seemed more confident in her actions. By the look on her face, when she striked, they would all die. As if Routa promised her that, just with a look. Meanwile, the orc holding Kavika savagely pulled her clothes off, pulling out a ways out of the snow and into the chiefs hut, corrupted as they are. Two other orcs followed their leader, both holding her legs as the leader began tying shackles to her ankles so she absolutely could not struggle with the heavy weights keeping her legs down. Nude like that, and unable to move anymore, one of the minion orcs fetched a strange bottle of oil, pouring some onto his hands over Kavika's body, some dripping down onto her body as she'd immediately feel a tingling sensation
of arousal.

RJ: Once he got his hands oiled, so did the rest, before they each began rubbing their hands along Kavika's body. "All slaves are drenched in this oil before they perform service." the leader announced. "We care not for your heart, but your mind will belong to us. Soon..." he trailed off, their hands often rolling over her breasts, now the leader's was dipping his fingers into Kavika's crotch, causing some kind of flame to be lit in her loins, filling her with maddening lust. "Heh... Sooner than expected. You're already a servent to carnal desire. Horny like this... Let's hear you beg for our cock. Go on, slave. Beg for the dicks of your new masters." he commanded her.

RJ: (Status = Horny)

Tass: Her struggles didn't end even as she was disrobed, and dragged into the chief's hut, though she knew that her chances of overpowering the orcs when there were three of them was insignificant. After she was shackled to the floor, the presence of which in the chieftain's tent disgusted her to no end, the nude helpless huntress finally went still. "What is that?" she snapped angrily as she saw the orc fetch a bottle of an unknown substance, and she had her answer in short order as the orc leader spoke and began applying it to her body. Wherever it touched her, the oil lit fires across her skin, causing the tips of her breasts to become immediately erect, but still she gritted her teeth angrily and tried to endure their gropings. "Nnnn.... Hah..... Never!" she said insistently, but the reactions of her body told an entirely different story, >>

Tass: as the more covered her body became the more potent the aroused flames spreading across her body grew. As such, when the orcs ran their hands over her breasts while their leader dipped his hand between her legs, Kavika naturally arched her back to press both of her erogenous zones against the offending hands despite her misgivings. The sudden maddening lust that overcame her then had her thrashing for an entirely different reason, and Kavika very nearly did exactly as the orcs commanded if only to find relief for that. Some part of her still fought on, however, and as she squirmed against their touch she moaned; "Nnn.... Nooo.... I.... I want.... I want.... I........ Nnnn.... Hahhh....... I... I won't! I.... WON'T..... BEG!" The tips of her breasts had little beads of whiteness leaking, her mother's milk coming forth even then, and her pussy was literally drooling onto the orc's hand, but she still held enough of her pride to put up a show of resistance despite that her arms were bound behind her back a
nd her legs were shackled to the floor.

RJ: "Impressive..." the orc hummed. "Such a mind, able to resist the drug. You are strong indeed, woman. Might I know your name? Tell me that, and I'll give you relief from this torture." he promised, his fingers teasing her unbearably, another orc began pulling on her nipples, and the last was stroking himself while smoothing a hand along her belly.

Tass: Kavika rolled her hips onto the orc's fingers, but could never achieve the satisfaction that she so desperately needed from his damnable teasing. "Ka....Vi....Ka...." she gasped out slowly, trying to choke down her needy moans and thus releasing a series of no less lewd whimpers in their place.

RJ: "I'll remember that name. Kavika." he repeated the name back, before he gave a motion, and one orc got underneath her, adjusting his length to line it up with her ass, his cock oiled up as well while the leader orc planted his feet firmly and grabbed Kavika's hips, lining himself up. "My name is Trogre, and I will be the father of the child I'm about to seed you with." he announced, before he grunted, easily slipping in while the orc beneath her moaned, pushing up into her ass while the third got on his knees over her, grabbing her head and putting his cock to her lips.

Tass: Pushed onto her back with her legs bent and forcibly spread, Kavika couldn't have done anything even if she'd wanted to, and soon enough she felt both the orc beneath her and the orc leader, apparently Trogre, lining themselves up against her drooling pussy and her virgin ass. "Nnnn.... Not th-mmmph!" she tried to speak, but before she could her head was grabbed and her mouth was stuffed full of cock, which her horny mind began sucking on and licking at immediately without even asking for her input. All of her struggles ceased as both of her lower holes were pressed into at once, her pucker spreading open for the orc beneath her with ease thanks to the oil while her folds gripped at Trogre's cock hungrily, as if trying to suck him in deeper. She practically screamed with pleasure around the cock in her mouth, gagging slightly before her head began to bob and her body began to undulate between the two orcs stuffing her pussy and ass, taking all three with startling ease thanks to their oil.

RJ: Both orcs, above and below, began thrusting with wild savagery, and yet at the same time, sexual experience showed itself. Unlike the beasts that made her cum through their sheer passion, Trogre and his companion were thrusting skillfully, Trogre's cock slamming up against a point that forced a cry out of her despite her best attempts, while the other orc was making short but rapid thrusts, making sure to constantly stimulate her ass just the right way. Trogre made long, deep thrusts, bringing himself all the way out until Kavika's sensitive pussy felt his tip threatening to leave her before he slammed it back home with a loud, wet slap. All three orcs were grunting and groaning, the one with it's dick in her mouth taking the liberty of standing directly over her, facing the other orc so that his balls were right in her face while bringing his hips up and down, face fucking her essentially, before he'd pull his length out of her mouth, and put his sack to her mouth. "In your mouth. Lick em clean." he orde
red her.

Tass: The vigorous but dextrous thrusting of the orcs had an even greater impact on the sexually inexperienced huntress than the wild humping of the boars that had claimed her maidenhood, and though she'd never tried it before, the pain of the cock in her ass was a tiny thing that faded quickly, particularly given the skill with which the orc below her employed his massive tool. His quick, shallow thrusts served to perfectly complement the deeper thrusting of Trogre into her pussy, which put the tip of his cock against the doorway to her fertile womb. The tips of her breasts were leaking a constant stream of her milk, and her love honey was creaming along the orc's oiled up member as he pistoned into her. >>

Tass: Their combination droves the most intense spikes of pleasure that Kavika had ever experienced right up her spine, and despite how vehement she'd been earlier it wasn't long before her eyes rolled into the back of her head and powerful spasms wracked across her body as both of her holes gripped their intruding members just a little bit tighter. Her first, but most likely not her last, orgasm under the orcs caused her to cry out more loudly around the cock that was being shoved down her throat. She came down from her climactic high just as the one facefucking her pulled out and gave his lewd command, one that the stunned huntress took a moment to respond to but then obeyed without further prompting, lapping at his sack like a kitten at a saucer of milk before taking one of the heavy orbs contained within between her lips, sucking on it vigorously for a few seconds before shifting her mouth to the other one and doing the same.

RJ: The orc, as Kavika sucked and licked his balls, chuckled aloud as she complied. "Those lips that spouted such words of strength, now sucking at my balls. I am truly honored!" he announced with a laugh, one his breatheren shared, before both orcs in her two other holes held themselves deep, squirming around slightly to coax Kavika out of her orgasm, before thrusting anew. Kavika's insides were completely coated with that lustful oil, each part of her body feeling as if it was on fire but with sexual need instead of pleasure, and the only limited satisfaction she'd get is from the two orcs plowing into her cunny and rear hole, while the third with his balls being serviced, took her nipples into his hands, leaning forward before wrapping his whole mouth as much as he could around one of her breasts, before sucking eagerly, drinking her milk.

RJ: They fucked her, and fucked her, and fucked her for what seemed like forever given her circumstance, but only five minutes had even come to pass. It was so noisy in that hut, that Kavika couldn't hear the slight commotion outside. But before that became important, Trogre and his kin made an announcement. "I'm gonna cum...!" each announced in their own way, the one over her face keeping his balls there for her to suck and lick while he stroked himself. Suddenly, the orc over her came, spilling his seed all over her chest, soaking her in his spunk, while the orc in her ass released soon after, gripping her ass cheeks roughly as he began to pump into her.

RJ: "Hmph, weaklings." Trogre scoffed at their endurence, before he took Kavika's heavy legs, and raised her lower half until she was in the pile driver position. Both orcs got out of his way, stepping off to clean their cocks before donning their gear once more and heading out, while Trogre began using gravity to boost his force, fucking her like a powerful, deep thrusting jackhammer, squirming around, and always hitting a new, sensitive area. Such skill made her cum one more time before he buried himself in deep, moaning as he finally came. "My gift to you, Kavika! Here is my child!" he announced.

RJ: To say he filled her up would be an understatement. After a few seconds passed, with Kavika feeling him cumming a jet stream of his seed, soon it was too much, and pressure built. Only when he stopped cumming did some spill out around his cock with force, her pussy erupting around his dick.

Tass: Cumming over and over but never finding real relief from the burning of the oil that had been used to coat her body inside and out, Kavika moaned and screamed like a whore in heat, which was a fairly apt description of the state to which they'd reduced her by this point. Her mind, as with the boars, simply couldn't take it, and after a while she simply went wild between the orcs that were abusing her. When the orcs using her mouth and ass came was the first lucid moment that she'd had in a while, and it allowed her to let out a low grunt as she was shifted and, for a few short seconds, glare up at Trogre with a look of pure disgust. Her look of ecstasy returned with his first thrust, however, and then it was back to more of the same as the powerful orc drove his cock deep into her sex with every downward thrust. Each thrust was like an orgasm in and of itself by then, >>

Tass: causing her body to spasm and her pussy to squeeze around his cock tightly even as the cum in her ass leaked out down her back, and what was on her chest pooled onto her face. Now unoccupied, her mouth hung open while her tongue lolled out, her eyes wide and staring blankly as a constant series of lewd grunts and moans came forth from her ragged throat. When he made his announcement, however, her entire body tensed in preparation, anticipating his potent gift as the throbbing of his member signaled his release. The first wave of his seed turned her orgasm from just powerful to world shattering, and as Trogre came Kavika screamed wordlessly into the air as her pussy began to spasm and her cervix dilated, simultaneously allowing him to spill his seed directly into her womb and milking him for all he was worth. >>

Tass: The orc's release was tremendous, nearly equivalent to that of the boars. It left Kavika's tiny womb completely filled, all but ensuring that she'd conceived the orc's child then and there if Midhog hadn't impregnated her the day before. So much he came that it started squirting out from between her nether lips, raining down on her face and breasts and further staining the once more thoroughly broken huntress. Some of the mixture of her love-honey and his seed landed on her tongue, and she instinctively drew it into her mouth and began to swirl it around her tongue, immediately in love with the taste before eventually swallowing it with an audible gulp. When that was done, she let out one last low groan before going silent and still, completely exhausted.

RJ: A slight sound. Trogre turned his head, and pulled his length from Kavika, letting her body fall limp to the ground. "It's a good thing our little drug has an insurance policy." he announced, before quickly rushing for his things, slipping on a long cloak, before aiming to slip under the tanned hide that made up the shelter, looking at Kavika one last time. "Once a slave of our tribe, always a slave." he announced with a grin, shaking the bottle in his hand at her, before using a knife and cutting his way out, just as Twig and the sidhe stormed in, only to find Kavika on the floor, sprawled out like a dead frog as she was covered in the orc's filth. "Kavika!" Twig called out, showing no hesitance as he took a cloth and began wiping her off. "They've dirtied you... Are you alright? Please tell me you're alright..."

Tass: "NNnnnnnnhgggg" Kavika groaned wordlessly at Twig, not yet coherent enough to process the ramifications of the orc's threat even though it would surely come up in the future.

RJ: Gathering energy to himself from the environment, he put his hands to Kavika, trying to heal her of the suffering she endured, and restore her stamina. "M-my love... Water..." he said, taking a sack of fresh water and holding it to her lips.

Tass: "Nnnnnggg...." she groaned again, but then drank some of the water as Twig's magic worked to restore her stamina. There was a lot to restore, however, and she could still barely think coherently or move even after his magic. (dat sexual weakness)

RJ: "He escaped!" the sidhe announced. "Ignore him, please ensure the others are okay... I will stay here with Kavika..." he said, before the sidhe frowned, and did as he suggested, leaving the tent, while Twig worked hard to clean her, using some water to clean what job he could not. "I killed the head chief... For saying such a thing, I lost sight of you and wanted to punish him... I'm so sorry, Kavika... This is all my fault." he said. An hour would pass as he cleaned her, until she was clean in all places except the inside, before he laid down next to her, holding her affectionately.

Tass: Kavika slowly recovered as she was cleaned up, Twig's words settling into her mind slowly along with the dark promise that had been left by the orc, and as Twig layed down beside her freshly cleaned form, Kavika quietly said; "How many.... Died?"

RJ: "Routa was stabbed through the chest by one of those traitors... Two girls who came with you lie dead after our ambush, and some big black wolf suffered an injury... but other than that... Almost all the fighters of the village are either dead or have fled, we were lucky..." he said. "Though... Clavicus knocked a brown haired girl out with a club. Presea, the sidhe, should go after him."

RJ: "The coward tried to take his share of the 'bounty' before fleeing."

Tass: "Routa..... Is she?"

Tass: "Did our own truly fight on the side of the orcs?"

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Re: The Great Hunt (Tassadar) GM'ed by MAF

RJ: He held her hand. "I healed her... She will live." he promised, before frowning. "Yes... They did."

Tass: Kavika fell silent after that, her expression grim. How could her own tribe have betrayed their own traditions so completely? It made her want to weep, but she knew that she didn't have time for that now. Pulling herself to her feet by sheer force of will and pushing away from Twig, Kavika strode outside, both to retrieve her armor and to survey the devastation of her former home.

RJ: There was no burning, but the tribe camp was now deserted, mind those Kavika knew as allies. All had either fled, or were now corpses on the ground, an even amount of orc and crolian to be counted among the dead. One poor soul, the girl she spoke to first when rescuing them from the orcs, was laying on the ground with her stomach cut open in a grotesque fashion. From afar, she heard Routa crying, bandages around her chest as she put her arms over Midhog's motionless body. She was weeping because he died trying to protect her after she must have been impaled off of him as a mount.

Tass: Death filled the camp, and Kavika felt despair threatening to close around her heart, particularly as she saw the motionless body of Midhog with Routa weeping over it, and the body of the girl she had rescued from the orc wagon that she'd attacked. She didn't let it. Her people and their foes lay dead around her, and though she again felt the urge to weep, it wasn't horror or sorrow that gripped Kavika's heart. It was rage. Not blinding, fiery rage, but the cold fury created by newborn hatred as it settled like a tumor within her breast. She looked down on the senseless death of her people, of those she had called friend, and her hands balled into fists, and her teeth ground together. 'There will be a reckoning for this,' she thought to herself silently, as she stood there, completely nude but holding a position over her mother's discarded armor. >>

Tass: She looked down at it after a moment, after immortalizing the sights of the dead around them, and saw her tribe for what it had become - cowards and weaklings, all. Unfit to retain their own traditions, unfit even to speak their own ancestral name. Slowly, she leaned down and lifted her gear, dressing herself before approaching the weeping Routa. "We scavenge the camp. Take everything that can be carried that will be of use. We leave in an hour and burn the rest, our foes in a pile and our own on individual pyres. That is the best we can offer them now. Go, Routa, and tell whoever is left who will serve under me and take vengeance for what has happened here what I have said." Every word was delivered in a voice so cold that it could freeze ice, and she gave the other woman only a few seconds to respond before turning away and going off to make good on her own commands.

RJ: When Routa turned and looked at Kavika, she had a small mound on her belly. "It's fine... Midhog will live once more..." she swore, mostly to herself, rubbing her belly affectionately. Everyone looted the camp, and took the wagon, using it as a means of cargo transport. The town was set aflame, and rather than individual pyres, everyone saw fit to throw them in with the orcs. Everyone gathered before Kavika, even the wolf, who had an arrow sticking out from his side, something Twig was apparently unaware of during all this chaos, and yet the wolf showed no sign of pain, simply standing before her, in line with the rest, their faces matching the neutral, cold expression he wore. They too wanted to see this reckoning. "For our fallen sisters." a woman announced, looking to the two dead woman who fought and died, the only two who recieved a funeral pyre, while Routa was obsessed with Midhog being left where he was, because he was apparently going to be reborn inside of her. Everyone said a prayer for the two
girls, before looking back to Kavika. "We will follow you to the ends of the earth." a woman announced, and the others agreed. "I owe you my life." Medea spoke out, dressed in her robes once more, while Presea nodded to her.

RJ: When Routa turned and looked at Kavika, she had a small mound on her belly. "It's fine... Midhog will live once more..." she swore, mostly to herself, rubbing her belly affectionately. Everyone looted the camp, and took the wagon, using it as a means of cargo transport. The town was set aflame, and rather than individual pyres, everyone saw fit to throw them in with the orcs. Everyone gathered before Kavika, even the wolf, who had an arrow sticking out from his side, something Twig was apparently unaware of during all this chaos, and yet the wolf showed no sign of pain, simply standing before her, in line with the rest, their faces matching the neutral, cold expression he wore.

RJ: They too wanted to see this reckoning. "For our fallen sisters." a woman announced, looking to the two dead woman who fought and died, the only two who recieved a funeral pyre, while Routa was obsessed with Midhog being left where he was, because he was apparently going to be reborn inside of her. Everyone said a prayer for the two girls, before looking back to Kavika. "We will follow you to the ends of the earth." a woman announced, and the others agreed. "I owe you my life." Medea spoke out, dressed in her robes once more, while Presea nodded to her. "Let us destroy this scourge."

Tass: "It will not be easy," Kavika announced first of all as she stood with the others before the funeral pyres, having said a quiet prayer of her own. "The orcs are many, and they will know of our coming by their own dead and by those who have fled from this place. They are strong, and they will be no more merciful than they were today." The huntress paused as she gazed across her armed and armored allies, frowning at the sight of the arrow sticking out of the wolf's side. "Our tribe is no more. We must found a new one. A stronger one. One that will not so foolishly abandon its traditions in the face of difficult times. We have little, and face harsh times of our own... But we will not be broken. We will not fail in this, no matter how difficult it may be." With what little she had to say said, Kavika turned back to the pyre of her former home, and once more her fists clenched as icy rage burned in her heart, compelling her to whisper; "No matter what."

RJ: "I will accept no other chieftain to lead this new tribe than you." Routa announced. "Agreed! Kavika, you gave us the strength to fight! Even after this conflict, lead us! Let us show those cursed spirits that sold us as slaves the true meaning of honor!" a girl shouted. Then, Presea came forth with Clavicus bound in ropes, the brown haired woman he captured scowling at him. "Shall we execute this one?" Presea inquired.

RJ: "I had... No idea..." he panted, looking at Kavika like a miserable dog that lost it's bite. "No idea... That you would become a better person than me."

RJ: "What kind of damned diety sired you?"

Tass: "If you would have me," the huntress said evenly, though in truth she thought little of her own leadership if she led her people into this. Turning to the captured Clavicus, she sneered at him and said; "Death is a mercy for which you are not yet fit, coward." Her answer to Presea given, she quirked an eyebrow at the braggart's odd wording, and after a moment she replied; "None. My father was a rapist whom my mother subsequently killed, I believe. And despite what you might think, the blood of a god is not required for one to act with honor and dignity! If only I'd seen the corruption that had taken hold in our people before, I might have tried to show that before setting out. As you are the only survivor we have, however, you will answer my questions, or I will permit my comrades to take out their fury upon you without restraint. Do you understand?"

RJ: He nodded. "I get it... Whatever you want." he said calmly.

Tass: "What happened while I was gone?"

RJ: "The first time you left, to go on that hunt, an orc came. He swore to raze the village, and make the men and women into slaves. He left as the elder promised to give some of the outsiders as slaves. When you left again, that's when he came back. Elder said that any man who tried to save the girls would be put to death. I may be a bastard, caught in the way things work around here, but I didn't kidnap that girl during the fight to violate her. I was just tryin' to save someone.... Course if she thanked me~" he chuckled, before Presea elbowed him.

Tass: "Why would the elder do this? Since when have we become cowards, who bend knee to any who threaten us?" she hissed angrily, a little bit of fire entering her gaze.

RJ: "It isn't just him. All the elders of various tribes are caving to the orcs. I don't even get it, but the elder never seemed surprised when an orc came."

Tass: Remembering what she'd heard from the women of the Frosthorn, her sister tribe from which her new allies had come, Kavika scowled darkly and said; "So we just.... Handed them over? No one challenged the elders on this? .... Do you have no balls at all?"

RJ: "One guy did shout out. Beheaded on the spot. Just threw him out of town, no burial. You're right about me bein' a coward in those circumstances."

Tass: "I see..... So the warriors are corrupt cowards as well. Such is good to know. Who were those orcs? By what tribe were they known?"

RJ: "The Uruknir. But... I did overhear something good from the elders. Let me out of these ropes... And uh, maybe let me be apart of this gang you have going, and I'll tell you."

Tass: "Or, I could not castrate you and leave you hanging over the fire by your achilles tendons, and you could tell me now and allow me to decide whether or not you're worthy of being given a second chance."

RJ: He pursed his lips. "... The elders called the leader of the Uruknir their master. They weren't right in the head."

Tass: "Poison then. Which is likely the same that they used on me when they raped me. Fantastic." She glanced at Presea, Medea, and Routa. "You are my lieutenants. What say you on this man's fate? Should he be spared?"

RJ: "I do not care." Routa replied. Medea hummed. "He's been a good boy thus far, why not let him live?" she asked. Presea shrugged. "Indeed his captive was not violated, but he did attack her in order to obtain her. He claimed it was simply because she wouldn't come along, but I wonder." Presea hummed. "Ugh... Let him live, for now."

Tass: Kavika nodded to the three, and then said; "Very good..... Thank you for your advice." Turning back to Clavicus and drawing her dagger, she strode around him and cut his bindings, before spinning him about and pressing the same blade that had freed him to his throat. "You will obey our orders without question or complaint. You will not try to run away, or to warn our enemies or aid them in any manner. You will not harm any of us, not even once. If we must fight, you will stand with us and you will die to defend us, as a righteous man would. As far as rank is concerned, you are at the very bottom of the pecking order and have no say in what we do or how we do it, barring advice on whatever areas of expertise you might have acquired while drinking and whoring. You will not be given a third chance. Am I understood, Clavicus?"

RJ: Clavicus went stiff, but he did show an ounce of backbone. "... Is that my... Permanent title?"

Tass: "If you prove yourself worthy of better, then you will get better treatment."

RJ: Clavicus raised his hand, apparently he was holding something, and it was that drug the orc used, though only a little was in it.. "Sounds good to me. Heard you had that addiction problem when you said their drug. Nicked it from an elder thinking it was good drink."

RJ: "It gets bad, and doesn't go away, but there is a cure."

RJ: "But don't take my word for it, ask the dead men roasting on the fire I heard it from."

Tass: Kavika eyed the bottle suspisciously, and then glanced back at Clavicus. "The dead do not speak, don't play games with me Clavicus! What cure is there for it?"

RJ: "I-I don't know! They just said there was a cure they could get from the orcs if they ever got addicted."

Tass: Kavika grumbled to herself before turning away, preparing to set off for... She knew not where. For now, the wilderness. She'd considered going back to Lady Wolfe's cave, but didn't want to risk leading their foes back to her last ally's doorstep.

RJ: Kavika gains 6 exp, and one mutation from the warped orcs who humped warped girls.
RJ: As well, she may be taught how 2 magic by Twig.
Tass: yaaaaaaaaaaay
Tass: also, any loot gained?
Tass: Exp (40) spent on +6 Body, +10 Mind, Focus in Nature (16), Skilled.
Tass: current spending plan
RJ: Sacking the town gave Kavika 180 denarii worth of goods, most equipment of the fallen. As well, she obtained a map which detailed the locations of all the other tribes.
RJ: Further, the coin lying around, in purses or otherwise, brings the total up to 250

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Jan 1, 2009
Re: The Great Hunt (Tassadar) GM'ed by MAF

RJ: Kavika and her company set forth through the snow. Their travels left behind the village which was now nothing more than a disgrace in their history. On the way, Kavika would acquire various ingredients she needed in order to create a potion to remove the orcs' child likely growing inside of her. It was a bit hard to keep up pace on her own, so the wolf offered his assistance, giving her a ride if she accepted, else simply bringing her the ingredients himself. Rather than selfless, he wordlessly made it clear he wanted her womb available for his own seed, thus making it clear why he was helping her. Once she'd taken the result of her scavenging, she was sure that she would birth no orc from her womb.

RJ: A long time would pass... It took many days to find a place suitable to their needs, both for defense and for location. They needed to be wary of orc discovery, and of how close they were to food. When they did discover a location to set up, however, work began immediately. Routa joined in the labor after nursing Midhog into adulthood, while the wolf even continued to assist despite weeks passing without his needs being satisfied. Times were rough indeed for them, and he seemed to respect that, leaving Kavika be until she was ready to birth his pups. He had a patience remarkable when compared to other beasts, truly showing why Wolfe fell in love with him. Even among the human men around him, he set the example of what a worthy male is.

RJ: Their base was set up, and everyone felt comfy now. Kavika was approached by Routa, who was happily riding Midhog via saddle. "Kavika, we are prepared. We have scouted and gathered information all around us, there isn't a single rock for miles that we don't know about." she revealed. "It's time for us to act."

RJ: In any event that Kavika offered herself to the wolf, he'd reply as such. "You will need considerable rest after one night with me. There are more important needs to be addressed right now. Wolfe would have me help, so this is her wish. Else, I'd have mounted you long ago."

Tass: It took Kavika longer than she'd expected to set up a livable camp. Other than Routa, her allies had little experience or limited practical ability to help in construction, as Midhog and the wolf lacked hands. Still, Kavika taught the other women what she knew, and used the strength possessed by the beasts to the best of her ability. In the time alloted, she trained the other women in whatever capacity she could, teaching them how to shoot, how to fight in hand to hand, how to track, and how to remain hidden amidst the snow. That training allowed her to reexamine her own skills, and they grew finely along with those of her companions. On the first day she went out atop the wolf, gathering the ingredients necessary to ensure that she wouldn't burden them with the child of their enemy. >>

Tass: The beast more than earned his price during their difficult bid for survival, but refused her offer to fulfill it when she made it, which she accepted stoically given the beast's reasoning. Though their group was small, gathering enough food and water proved challenging, but eventually they found a place that would allow them to survive adequately. When Routa approached her atop Midhog, Kavika nodded solemnly to the other woman, who had become her second. She'd had the boar-rider's armor enchanted to better protect her, but that hadn't yet been tested in battle. She'd been feeling the effects of the addictive chemical more and more of late, making it difficult for her to sleep and to think properly, but she hadn't mentioned as much to anyone, not even to Clavicus who shared her addiction to the strange substance. >>

Tass: "Gather those on the council. We must plan our counterattack against our foes."

RJ: "As you say, Chieftain." Routa acknowledged, gathering Twig, Presea, and Medea into the single largest tent that was Kavika's honor, constructed by the women who respected her so. "I did not expect to become a woman of such respect to be called a member of a council, fufufu~" Medea said with amusement. "No jokes." Presea said simply. "Focus, Medea. One slip up and we might end up in a wagon like the one before, and Kavika may not be able to save us again." The sidhe lectured her partner, to which Medea pouted. "Yes-yes, I apologize. I'm just humbled."

RJ: "What do you have in mind, Kavika?" Twig asked, trying to seem series.

RJ: serious*

Tass: Frowning darkly at Medea for an instant, Kavika said; "I value your advice in these matters, even if I don't use what you suggest. I am inexperienced in these matters, and an open mind is essential if I wish to keep from making the mistakes of my forefathers." Turning to the map following Twig's question, she pointed to each of the other villages of her kinfolk and said; "These other tribes have likely been caught in the same spell as the Frostborn and Frosthorn. I would like to free them, but we must have more forces first." She pointed to Lady Wolfe's stronghold, "This is Lady Wolfe's home, and while she might offer us aid, I would prefer to soften the orcs before attempting any full out attacks. We are already in her debt, and we'd best not make that worse." Pointing then to lines drawn on the map, she added; "These are the orc's supply lines, where their wagons go carrying food, weapons, and slaves from the other villages. We can get what we need from them, but the more we announce our presence, the more likely we are to find the orcs searching us out." >>

Tass: Pointing then to sections of wilderness, she said; "There are goblins, corrupted beasts, and some say even demons out there. They might be useful to us, but their assistance will likely not be gleaned easily, and they may prove more trouble than they're worth." Looking up from the map, she concluded; "There is also another... A strange being who runs across the snows like the wind. I am unsure of what they are, but it's something to mention. I would hear what each of you would suggest before making my final decision." She'd pointedly left out attacking the orcs directly.

RJ: Twig rose up first. "I think attacking the slave wagons is best! If we prevent captured women from reaching the orcs' main camp, then that means they're birthing less warriors!" he suggested. Medea shrugged. "They probably think we've just scattered and ran off right now, won't they know something's up when a slave wagon far away from their demon enemies is being attacked?" she asked. "Goblins are easily manipulated." Presea said. "I have gotten many to obey me through fear. They are perverse and may violate us and our soldiers, but they breed quickly and will provide great front line infantry." the sidhe said. Routa, meanwhile, thought deeply. "I can take a wagon, I can tame mere goblins, although... I could never catch that thing... Whatever it was, running through the snow. It would take even our belongings when it got bold, before anyone even noticed, and was already fading away in the distance."

Tass: Nodding to each in turn, after each had said their piece Kavika said; "Attacking the slave wagons would be best, yes, both to replenish our own forces and to see that the orcs cannot do the same as quickly. But we should avoid striking those nearest to us, and try to keep our presence hidden as best we can. As such, Routa, you'll be taking Presea and Medea and a half dozen of our best to strike at a slave wagon midway between us and the demons. Twig, you'll remain behind and see what you can do about protecting our supplies from the runner. Take Clavicus and see if you two can't devise some sort of trap for this thing. In the meantime, I'll be taking the wolf and going to investigate the goblin tribes. Presea, tell me what you know in detail before we split."

RJ: Routa nodded. "They won't stand a chance, chieftain." she announced. "Although, I wonder about one traveling so close to the demons. Such a wagon would be uncommon, if it wasn't attacked by the demons already. But I'll look into it." she announced. Then, Twig nodded as well. "W-we'll try." he said nervously, his mind already wracking over how he'd catch the cleaver creature. Finally, Presea regarded Kavika closely. "Goblins are opportunists. If they think they can overwhelm you, they will. If they think serving you will prevent them from dying, they will. However, they're still mostly stupid, with the exception of the rare goblin that's a cut above the rest. Given the reports and from what I've seen, one such goblin leads that pack. He is supposedly smart, and I've even seen a woman walking through their camp untouched, as he kept the others in control. He has his own plans, for sure, though he's very careful. When I caught a group of six goblins near me, I got ready to fight, before they suddenly vanished. I was prepared to take them all out with a full spin, and I bet he knew that."

RJ: Routa nodded. "They won't stand a chance, chieftain." she announced. "Although, I wonder about one traveling so close to the demons. Such a wagon would be uncommon, if it wasn't attacked by the demons already. But I'll look into it." she announced. Then, Twig nodded as well. "W-we'll try." he said nervously, his mind already wracking over how he'd catch the cleaver creature. Finally, Presea regarded Kavika closely.

RJ: "Goblins are opportunists. If they think they can overwhelm you, they will. If they think serving you will prevent them from dying, they will. However, they're still mostly stupid, with the exception of the rare goblin that's a cut above the rest. Given the reports and from what I've seen, one such goblin leads that pack. He is supposedly smart, and I've even seen a woman walking through their camp untouched, as he kept the others in control. He has his own plans, for sure, though he's very careful. When I caught a group of six goblins near me, I got ready to fight, before they suddenly vanished. I was prepared to take them all out with a full spin, and I bet he knew that."

Tass: "Halfway between us and them, no farther. I want you back here before I can return and don't want to risk coming into contact with the demons yet." she said to Routa. "Don't try. Do." she said to Twig. Finally, to Presea she said; "This may be advantageous to us. If a more intelligent goblin leads these ones, then perhaps we can convince them to aid us without needing to kill half of them."

RJ: "Possibly not as good news as you may think. Cleverness is his weapon, and it may easily be used against you." Presea warned her.

Tass: "Yes, but if he wants something then perhaps we can come to an agreeable position. Trusting a goblin is far from what I intend, but a game of chess if preferable to another war."

RJ: Presea leaned back with a sigh. "I trust in your judgment, and I only wanted to trust it more by making it informed judgment." she stated. "Of all our tasks, you have the most dangerous. Be careful, Kavika." Routa announced, before Twig tried to reach out and hold Kavika's hand. "What should we do... If you are late to return? Attack?" he asked.

Tass: Kavika nodded to Presea, "Tis why I asked you. I had no intention of simply strolling in unprepared." Turning to Twig, she said; "Scout first, and if I am a captive then you should attack if it appears as if you can win."

RJ: Twig swallowed a lump in his throat at her words of caution, before giving a firm nod. He still seemed quite the coward, though when faced with Kavika, he seemed to draw courage from nowhere. All of the women rose, seeming content that such was enough to have been said. "Say goodbye to Kavika, Midhog." Routa said with a serene, happy tone, before the boar sniffed over to Kavika, and gave her breast a lick as Routa pulled him away. "Get your mind out of the ground." she lectured her pig. Twig meanwhile, stood with a face flushed deep red. He didn't seem angry, just intensely jealous that the boar had the courage to do it.

Tass: Kavika frowned patiently at the adventurous boar, having groan used to the constant molestations even if she didn't respond to them. Seeing Twig's jealousy reminded her that she hadn't yet laid claim to him as she'd intended, but she knew well that now was not the time. Still, striding up to him, she laid a quick kiss upon his lips while the others all filed out, and said; "Fear not. I will return soon."

RJ: That one kiss seemed to sap the energy from Twig's body. "Ah..." he breathed out softly like a young girl lost in a wonderland. His sight was nothing related to manliness, as he was too busy looking as if he was the happiest person in the world to maintain a false sense of male intimidation. "I love you..." he whispered, one of his hands gently holding her wrist.

Tass: His reactions were truly one of the few things that brought amusement to Kavika, and as such she offered her magic teacher a soft smile and purred; "Do you now?" Reversing the grip on her wrist, she drew his hand to the curve of her rear, gently placing his hand on her ass.

RJ: Twig gave a gasp, surprised for a good five or seven seconds, before he looked up at her face, because his head level was about where her breasts were both thanks to her tall mother and his short stature. Holding his hand tighter to her rump, he nodded frantically. "I-I-I do! I love..." he panted as if out of breath, before seeming confused, and licking her clothed breast like the boar. "I love everything about you!" he announced, his face red as he became wrapped up in her lust inducing body.

RJ: "Even though... I can't fit my hand around your whole butt..." he said, sad that her butt was too big for his tiny hand.

Tass: Giggling softly, Kavika ran a hand through Twig's hair as he repeated the boar's licking, and after a moment of allowing him to grope her rounded bottom she replied; "If all goes well, you'll be allowed to touch it with more than your hand when I get back~"

RJ: Twig seemed to take on the spirit of a super soldier when promised such a seductive thing. "I-I'll catch that thing and present him on a silver platter to you! Alive or dead, well done or medium, I'll prepare him to your liking!" he announced, his veins actually pulsing visibly, beating quite fast as the excitement began to make him look faint.

Tass: "Alive would be preferable," she stated brightly, "...But don't underestimate whatever this is. It could be dangerous." Breaking away from Twig to go and prepare for her own journey, Kavika concluded; "Keep your wits about you Twig. It will take brains more than brawn to catch this being."

RJ: Twig nodded once with confidence, his cheeks still flushed. "I promise you, he won't escape me! I swear my love to you on it! That means even if he tried to run to the edges of the earth, I'd bring him to you!"

Tass: Nodding solemnly, Kavika departed, gathering her own weapons and armor before seeking out the wolf she'd taken as a mount. "Are you ready for a journey?"

RJ: The wolf, dragging a large bear into the camp for everyone to feat and make meat from, turned to Kavika curiously. "Your comrade's footsteps do not join you. Even if you get the both of us alone... Your ability to take action is still too important."

RJ: "Once I start... Instinct takes over. Only Wolfe has been able to walk afterwords. Even though you've heard this before, I feel as if I need remind you."

Tass: "The purpose of this journey involves taking action," she replied sharply, rolling her eyes at the wolf mistaking her intentions. "We are going to investigate a group of goblins while the others have their own tasks to take care of."

RJ: "That infuriating goblin..." the wolf growled angrily. "I wish to tear out his throat."

Tass: "You know him then?"

RJ: "He acts like a bird, thinking himself safe so far above this predator. But he will get arrogant. I will catch him then..." he said, before nodding. "I caught the scent of a female, and I followed it during a hunt. It turns out he was using his own women as bait to lure out beasts. The girl were there and gone, before rocks pelted at me, trying to slay me. Whenever i chased one of the little creatures, he ran while the others continued to attack. He forced me to run using such cheap tactics..." he growled very loudly, as if ready to bite something.

Tass: "Ahhh, so he's indirect. Good to know."

RJ: "He's nothing more than a flea hiding where I cannot reach." the wolf said, refusing to accept the goblin as anywhere near his own level.

Tass: "You shouldn't underestimate him for his size. Intelligence counts for a lot, so we'd best be careful on our way in. Do you know where his tribe resides?"

RJ: "Precisely. He likes to move, but he cannot evade my nose." the wolf said, allowing Kavika to mount him, before he'd rush off, eager to have another go at the goblin.

Tass: "Don't act like we're going into a fight," Kavika cautioned the wolf as he rushed off, "I want to talk to him first."

RJ: The wolf growled, making it absolutely clear that he didn't like Kavika's way of thinking, but went along with it silently. They traveled through the snow, days would pass as he tracked the goblins as Kavika would witness the wolf actually being confused as the goblin seemed to even have a countermeasure for scent tracking, causing the wolf to follow what turned out to be a single goblin stomping about in the snow, making many tracks as if there were many goblins in one direction, while all of the others traveled single file to make the larger group seem as a simple distraction. "Grrrrr!" the wolf growled, his hatred for the goblin growing. When they finally found something, it was a single goblin, sitting in a single tent over a simple fire. He saw the pair as they saw him, before the goblin called out. "H-he said you the leader! He said you bad news!"

Tass: Kavika's own tracking skills were of no more use than those of the wolf over the next few days, though rather than frustrated, the huntress became bemused by the goblin's guile. She adapted her own tracking methods, following the narrow lines of tracks, but before her change in tactics could bear fruit she found herself facing a single goblin. Keeping her bow over her back and her blades sheathed, Kavika called back; "I am the leader of a group opposing the orcs, yes! I wish to meet with your leader. I swear that I hold no violent intentions toward your kind, and would depart without aggression or any ill will if our meeting doesn't go as planned."

RJ: The goblin suddenly clung to himself, and began to chant. "The beauty may lie, the beauty may lie, the beauty may lie!" he said, as if those words were hammered into his memory. "Y-you..." he said with fear. "He said his only terms he'd find acceptable, you would not! He said it's just best if I make you go away!" he announced, before thinking a moment. "S-so... go away! "

Tass: "Did he say what those terms were?"

RJ: "I-I couldn't remember, so he gave me this paper. He said you'd want to see it..." he replied, before, while quivering, hesitantly walking up to her and the wolf, as if one wrong step and he'd be in the wolf's maw, and handing her a neatly rolled up paper with an official stamp on it from another land. It held no weight nor relevance here, but it indicated that the goblin leader in question was not native to Crolia. Inside the paper was written as such, with delicate and intelligent handwriting,

RJ: "You're persistent, if you're reading this. Either over my comrade's corpse or his shivering body in the cold, as you read this, I want you to consider my views. I cannot trust you, as you cannot trust me due to my nature. I would have you come nude, into a cave that does well to store heat, while leaving your canine companion behind. I would even have you wear a sealing collar that I gave to the goblin you see before you. Your reaction may be to instantly realize how rediculous this condition is, and that is the reaction I expect. I will accept nothing else for us to meet. With that in mind, I bid you an early goodbye."

Tass: Raising an eyebrow at the sheer audacity of the goblin leader's requirements, Kavika glanced at the shivering goblin and said; "Where is the collar, and where is the cave? And why were you chosen to be left out here in the cold by your people?"

RJ: "I-I volunteered..." the goblin replied. "He asked who was willing to do it, knowing they were likely to be murdered by you or the dog... He's been good to me, t-to us, kept us alive, gave us good food, drink and women... I made many sons, when I woulda died... S-so I wanted to repay him, I suppose..." the goblin said shakily. "The collar... Oh, the neck thing..." he held out the sealing collar. "I know where the cave is... I can take you there, o-or tell you... I'd rather just be killed if you intend to torture me..."

Tass: "Why would I torture you? Such would provide me no benefit. Also, if I'd intended to cause you harm, why would I care for your opinion on the matter?" Kavika asked flatly as she took the collar. "From where did you acquire these women? And how many are in your tribe? How many wait to ambush me in the cave should I do as your leader has asked?" She hardly expected truthful answers from the freezing goblin, but it didn't hurt to ask.

RJ: The goblin gave no answer to the initial question. "The women... We took them from the slave wagons... Raided em, we did... Women were suffering with somethin' to do with a drug, but he made it better cuz he had more of the drug from all his raidin'... Made an agreement with the girls, he did. Serve him, and he'd keep them from sufferin' withdrawal. Our women are loyal and fuck real good..." the goblin said, shaking less as that thought seemed to warm him up. "Ah... A-a... A lot..." he followed up with her question about how many, though he looked up at her. "Eight women though... And... I don't know about no ambushin'... I was likely to die... So all that would happen past me."

Tass: "Hrmph," Kavika made a thoughtful noise in the back of her throat, and then said; "Lead me to the cave goblin."

RJ: The goblin trembled, "It's a few days this way..." the goblin pointed seemingly in no special direction. Glancing up at her a few times, the goblin went to make up his camp as the wolf growled. "I did not understand the conversation, but I do not feel comfortable." he said.

Tass: "Oh it's a trap," Kavika growled back to her wolf, "Be careful." To the goblin, she said; "Days? You've been out here for how long now?"

RJ: "I've been here... a few hours, I think." he replied, finishing with his things.

Tass: "A few hours? Where did the rest of your tribe go?"

RJ: "They're far ahead. I spent half a day traveling back along our trail before I got too cold."

Tass: "Ahhh. Very well then, climb aboard," she said gesturing to her front, indicating for the goblin to ride ahead of her.

RJ: The goblin looked up at her with his gear on his back, confused.

RJ: "... What?" he asked simply.

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Jan 1, 2009
Re: The Great Hunt (Tassadar) GM'ed by MAF

Tass: "This will go much faster if we don't have to wait for you to walk."

RJ: Hesitantly, the goblin approached, before the wolf immediately growled at him, a fierce warning that he'd kill the goblin if he so much as touched his white fur.

Tass: "We don't have time for this. Let him up, and lets have done with this task so we can go home," Kavika growled to her wolf, idly fingering the collar at her throat.

RJ: Hearing her command, he understood what was happening, before the goblin slowly climbed on in front of Kavika. Her large breasts rested on top of his head, which the goblin clearly fought to not enjoy before the wolf took off at high speed, not eager to make the act of giving ride to a goblin last. And just as the goblin said, days passed, before they came upon an easily missed hole in the ground. Just stepping within a certain part of the wind brought a faint sensation of comfortable heat. "That's it..." the goblin said.

Tass: The following uncomfortable days in which Kavika sought to seduce the goblin, appearing in her underclothes or totally naked before him without apparently being aware of that fact or even of his presence, or making suggestive acts in his presence, passed quickly enough. When they arrived at the hole in the ground, Kavika casually motioned for the goblin to get off of the wolf and said; "Wait here. I will look around, to ensure that your people have not lured me into a trap." With that, she would wander off on top of the wolf before climbing off in a place secluded from the goblin. "Be careful, and stay within sight range of one another. Watch out for traps as well." With that, she'd start doing just as she'd said, and searching for other entrances to the cave and signs of goblins. (Perception = 25)

RJ: The wolf reluctantly agreed, and the goblin stayed, making himself a fire rather than stand in the cold. As soon as the smoke seemed to go into the air, there was movement. Kavika couldn't see where, but there was movement. Somewhere in the snow, somewhere amidst all the falling flakes. The goblin himself saw it too, and seemed confused. Searching further, Kavika would understand that there was in fact an alternate route into the warm cave. It seemed recently made, and not for ambush, but retreat. There were traps further down the small hole as well, but they were not activated nor prepared. This seemed to be the very definition of an emergency escape. Other than this secret exit, Kavika saw nothing from the outside.

Tass: Taking the wolf, Kavika positioned him by the emergency exit and told him to wait there, and then returned to the cave entrance where the goblin waited. She'd left her bow and arrows with the wolf, as well as her preferred dagger and sword and her ancestral armor. Dropping down to her underwear in front of the goblin, she then placed the collar on herself, which she'd carefully examined to ensure that it only did exactly as he'd stated it did over the last few days, and said; "I am unarmed, that much you can see. However, I have no interest in appearing completely nude, regardless of the warmth of this place. My underclothes will be sufficient, as you can see plainly that I am unarmed and that they offer no armor. I am going inside now."

RJ: "R-right..." the goblin said nervously. He seemed completely at a loss, even wondering how to reply to Kavika's statements. Keeping near his fire, he then wondered. "W-wait, he's inside....?" he questioned, before running in ahead of Kavika. "O-Oi! I'm alive!" he shouted, rushing in. Silence followed, before his voice echoed from below. "Where is you guys...?" he wondered.

Tass: "A good question," Kavika stated calmly, and followed into the cave after the goblin. "Did your kind have any enemies? Besides the orcs?"

RJ: Walking down, her feet stepped in shallow puddles of clear water as the cave echoed with many droplets of water hitting liquid surface. There were red stones that seemed to emit heat that were buried in the rocks about, keeping even the surface rock warm. Deeper, Kavika stood in a large bubble in the earth, cave walls all around, with a single throne-like seat in front of her, with no one sitting in it. "I don't get it..." the goblin said. "Why ain't he here..."

RJ: "You did everythin' right! He always keeps his promises! Why ain't you here!?" the goblin cried out, horribly confused.

Tass: "Perhaps we simply got here first?" Kavika reasoned, "Or perhaps he assumed that I'd simply give up and didn't bother to show up at all? I wouldn't blame him for such given the nature of his demands. How deep is this cave, and is there anything else alive in it?"

RJ: "This is as deep as it is." he replied. "He has other boys about to keep an eye out. He called this his promise spot... A warm place to talk or just relax..." the goblin looked around, before looking behind the throne. "He left!" he shouted. "He up and left!"

RJ: He came running back to Kavika. "The traps! The traps are set, that means he left!"

Tass: "Where would he go after leaving?"

RJ: "There's a secret way out, in case things look shaky. He always tries to be unpredictable."

Tass: "Is it lined with traps?"

RJ: "Yah, so he can't be chased so easy. Oh.. I don't wanna be left behind!" he shouted, before there suddenly came an echo. "You won't be." said a calm voice with an intelligent tone. "I would not leave you behind, though the situation has become complicated."

Tass: Kavika glanced over at the source of the voice immediately, setting herself in case someone tried to attack her.

RJ: After a moment, she heard a sigh. "You really 'are' persistant... Coming here under such circumstances, covering my escape route, making sure you wore perhaps enchanted cloth while pretending to maintain modesty..." As she looked, she found that the voice was coming from the entrance to the cave. "That wolf is still just as foolish as he was before, thankfully. Else you would have had me. I knew dealing with you even under such circumstances was an ill idea."

Tass: "My clothes aren't enchanted, I assure you. I merely reserve the right to see me naked for close friends, people that I'm trying to manipulate, and people that I am or intend to have sex with. As yet, you are none of those things." Pausing briefly, she scowled and said; "What did he do this time? I told him to wait outside and watch your escape hatch, and nothing more."

RJ: "He was there, oh so eager. He murdered the first to crawl out. Poor soul. He actually pretended to understand my vocabulary, it was flattering. But now he is dead. We backed up, and he dove in. I wonder if that trap knocked him unconscious or killed him?"

RJ: "Either way, you've made it clear what your intentions were. Another bitch trying to kill me. I'm so sick of it, you know. Even in these snowy wastelands, lifeforms actually actively search me out with murderous intent. I hate your kind so much."

Tass: "Gods dammit.... It's so hard to get good help these days." Kavika muttered to herself irritably, and then sighed and tiredly said; "If I were trying to kill you, I wouldn't have left the wolf up there. I'd have waited until all of you were up there and then shot you. This one has seen me hunting to feed us and can no doubt confirm my preferred tactics in such a situation." She gestured to the other goblin, and then casually unlocked the sealing collar and started toward the escape tunnel that she'd found, or at least where she assumed its entrance to be. "Now, if you don't mind, I need to go and make sure that my ride doesn't bleed to death."

RJ: "... I'm alive." Kaivika heard the wolf's echo from the escape tunnel. "I smelled him, Kavika... I was made a fool of my own fault this time..." the wolf said, frustrated. "Is that low barking him? Well, he is quite tough." the voice admired the wolf. "Alas, I think our time is done. I heard the collar, and my life may possibly be in danger."

Tass: "Your life isn't in danger. I remain unarmed and cannot even detect." Kavika stated flatly, and then shouted up the tunnel at the wolf; "Stay up there and wait for me. And next time, bloody listen to me!" Returning her attention to the goblin, she opted to get straight to business and say; "Do you oppose the orcs that are taking over these lands?"

RJ: "Persistent..." the goblin sighed. "The collar goes back on. Now." he said strictly, even sounding more distant, clearly VERY fearful of magic.

Tass: Sighing, but realizing that she didn't need to heal the wolf, Kavika placed the collar back on, and then spread her arms and said; "You've not yet given me a name by which to call you. I am Kavika, formerly of the Frostborn and now of their remnants. I suppose I ought to find a new tribe name sooner or later."

RJ: "... My name is Doran Cain. I was raised by a nobleman who's wife was raped by a goblin. In his madness that came from knowing what happened to his wife, he refused to believe I was not human, and raised me as a human child. My father... Adopted father, had the same name as I."

RJ: "And yes, I do not favor the orcs."

Tass: "Alright Doran, back to my last question. Do you oppose the orcs?"

Tass: (ninja'd)

RJ: (Doran's awesome like that)

Tass: "My tribe, along with my mother, was enslaved by them. I seek their oblivion, but have not the strength to face them on my own. I am told that you are clever, and like any clever being, you must want something. What is your goal?"

RJ: "I want to live as a human, and explore intellectual pursuits, as my father had me do."

RJ: "Of course, he did not live long. Raising a goblin is madness, so he was beheaded. Oh... How confused I was."

Tass: "...Well, I cannot promise much directly on that front. My people are simple, and often called stupid by the settled peoples to the South and West. Were you cast out from their cities?"

RJ: "I don't remember where I came from. I don't want to. I know that once I gaze closely upon a map in search of the area of my birth, I will want to go back. But, I did come from the south, that much I know... Alas, it's very cold out here. Please remove your final garments. You'll put them back on I assure you."

Tass: Kavika scowled darkly, "You require great faith on my part but give none of your own. Step out from the shadows, and you will be allowed to see me naked, pervert. Not before."

RJ: "I do require great faith from you. You came to me after all." he stated. "I don't recall ever wanting you here. Do you?"

Tass: Grumbling inaudibly, Kavika reached slowly behind herself and untied her bra, a simple cloth arrangement, and tossed it aside. She then slowly slid her panties down, baring her entire body, before pulling off her boots. All were set aside with her bra before the huntress straightened and said; "Well?"

RJ: The goblin beside her gazed at her, his length becoming rock solid, before he remembered to speak. "A-ah! She's done it!" he said. Slowly, hesitantly, she heard steps. Coming down, into the cave... A mere goblin stood before her. He was ugly, unpleasant, and looked just as vile as any other. "... Now, bend over on all fours. You'll hate me for this even more than you already do, but I require it."

Tass: "I'm not having sex with you."

RJ: "Nor I with you."

RJ: "Or he, for that matter."

Tass: "Right. So long as that's clear," Kavika said calmly, and then slowly did as commanded, a slight blush coloring her cheeks.

RJ: Doran stepped closer, until he was in such a position to easily penetrate her if he wanted. She heard him make a motion, as if meddling with cloth.

Tass: Kavika glanced behind herself at him, waiting patiently for whatever the goblin was going to do while clenching at the stone. She was tensed and ready to kick at him if need be.

RJ: The cloth was a blanket, which quickly covered her nude form, as Doran let out a sigh, as if releasing so much tension. "I trust you." he said. "You must really require aid. I apologize for making you do such things, but I do not want to die."

Tass: "I doubt that, but the gesture is appreciated regardless. May I rise now?" Kavika replied somewhat snappishly on the comment of being trusted, "I do require aid quite badly, in point of fact. An alliance can hopefully see both of our goals met, as my tribe once had contacts with a great school among the settled peoples. We have mutual enemies who are far stronger than we are. It behooves us to work together."

RJ: "Oh stop, you persistent woman." Doran waved her off. "Rise, rise. We're done with that." he said. "Alas, we are goblins. I suppose I will keep in contact while maintaining distance from your newly established location."

RJ: "I've never forgotten the fact that I'm a monster, after all."

RJ: Then, he thought for a moment. "I would appreciate some of those books being sent to me. I would indeed."

Tass: Rising to a seated position, Kavika replied; "I suggest an alliance, and I mean as much. I have had consort with the wolf above and his mistress, your appearance means little to me so long as you do not betray me to my enemies and keep your nature from harming those under my care. You raid the orc caravans just as my group does, after all, and if we converge our efforts we can ensure that we at least don't get in each other's way." To his added request, Kavika said; "I would gladly give you what we aren't using for ourselves, which is most of it."

RJ: "... Harming, definitely not, but it is goblins under my care... The normal kind. The kind that would have raped you just then. I can keep them somewhat tame, but temptation destroys such teachings. I cannot say that any woman there is totally safe, I'm sorry."

RJ: "Even as a goblin myself... I had to cover you up, it was becoming so awful to resist."

Tass: "Hormones are hormones," Kavika waved off calmly, "Anyway, I understand that. I wasn't suggesting a merger. Merely coordination in our efforts in return for such concerns, and perhaps the assistance of your tribe when we go to assault the orc's main camp."

RJ: "I ask nothing in return, but I do have a personal request that will not affect my aid to you. I have eight women addicted to a strange drug I've never seen before... Could you help them somehow?"

Tass: "Ahhh.... That." Kavika idly itched at herself, "I seek a cure to the same, as I was inflicted with it as well. I was only given it once, and the withdrawal hasn't been bad.... Yet. If I find a way to remove it, I'll share the cure with those under your care without hesitation."

RJ: "Ah... I thank you." he said. "Although, you don't look as if you aren't suffering from the withdrawal... Miss Kavika, if I may... You're incredibly pale. Have you ever been acting in lewd fashion as of late? Removing clothes so as to tempt, and so on? The symptoms are hard to notice for the individual, because it comes so naturally, until the afflicted no longer has control over what they are doing. It makes you braindead, in a way, except only your instinctual functions operate with minimal process elsewhere."

RJ: And Kavika may remember slipping clothes off in the presence of the goblin. Concentrating on it, some part of her did want him to take her.

RJ: And such a part was not of her own design.

Tass: "I.... Have noticed as much yes, though I considered it an affect of my corruption at the hands of a group of boars at the time. I wasn't aware of the effects of it."

RJ: He reached into his pouch, taking out a small refillable bottle with the tan drug inside. "It will help, until a cure is found."

RJ: "T-though don't use it now. I won't be able to resist you." he chuckled.

Tass: "Would you want to?" Kavika remarked teasingly, but then scowled darkly at herself and set the bottle aside. "Do you know anything else of this drug?" she asked quietly, and then after a minute said; "Where did your studies trend before your exile from civilized lands?"

RJ: "I know it's made from the nectar of some strange, rare plant that the orcs are growing wildly. And..." he trailed off, looking at her naked form somewhat seen through the lines of the cloth he draped over her. "... Yes, I would." he replied. "I was last studying the history of the world, my favorite subject. Some historians, very few, claim that Matthias actually has a son. Imagine that. Though there's no proof."

Tass: "Who's Matthias?" Kavika asked. Her people held little recollection of such things, and few at all knew of the Godslayer's existence despite that he made no effort to hide it. "Have you ever seen this plant? Do you know how they make the drug from it?"

Tass: Subconsciously, Kavika felt herself shifting so as to better present herself for the goblin's viewing pleasure.

RJ: Putting his hands forth, Doran kept the blanket firm over her to conceal her. "Ahem..." he said, a tent growing in his pants as he started to sound more like a goblin and less sophisticated. "I have acquired one plant... One. It's not enough, but it helps... And I suggest you take this drug quickly. The condition worsens like an avalanche, going faster the further it gets." he said, before more footsteps were heard. The wolf came in, supported by a woman and a goblin, while a good three dozen other goblins walked in as well. "I didn't spot any ambush parties, boss!" one goblin announced. "Ah, so she wasn't lyin'?" another asked. "Oooh! Is she offerin'!" yet another asked, before one goblin next to him smacked him over the head. "Stupid! Let da boss have his turn first!"

RJ: "... I implore you all to be silent on the matters of sexual affair." Doran said. "Is she alright?" the woman holding the wolf asked.

Tass: "I'm fine, how is he?" Kavika asked, largely ignoring the innuendos while keeping her covering blanket well in place now that the room was full. "I'll take it once the time is right for it. As you said, taking it now could be... Problematic. Send a group to pick up the books when you can. For now, I'd like to get my clothes back on, heal him, and be on my way."

RJ: Doran nodded, before going about organizing his troop. The goblins marched to his orders, while Doran gave his commands very clear. He had a name for every goblin, controlling them all with ease. The wolf was healed, and the goblins all left, with Doran in the back, making sure none stayed behind, while the eight women gathered up Kavika's clothes, giving them to her for her to dress again. "I thought Master Doran was going to die." one said, sounding a little shaken. "Thank goodness you weren't out to kill him, though I will miss Koki..."

Tass: "My deepest apologies for that," Kavika said while glaring meaningfully at the wolf, "I came with no violent intentions, but sometimes my companions are..... Difficult to control. Be safe in your travels." After they'd gone, Kavika dressed herself and made sure that the wolf was well and truly healed of his wounds before setting out. "How long will it take us to return? I was told that the drug will.... Direct me to fulfill certain urges, and I intend to allow you to fulfill them in recompense for your service," she said the wolf as she sat fully dressed upon its back.

RJ: "We were led astray on that hunt. We will easily return within two days at my speed." he announced. "And that again... Well, your mission for now is complete. I see no reason not to." he said, before moving quickly out of the cave, as healthy as ever. "Bending over for a goblin..." the wolf seemed to think. "I cannot understand why you agreed to be humiliated so."

Tass: "Sacrifices must sometimes be made. I am glad that it went no farther than that," Kavika stated calmly on the subject of bending over for the goblin chief, Doran. "My pride has survived it, and such will hopefully not be necessary next time." In the back of her mind, Kavika was forced to fight down a sudden surge of eagerness at the prospect of being bred by the wolf, which she would surely do that very night.

RJ: As he ran, the wolf gave no reply to her words. Soon after though, as he ran through the snow, his nose twitched. "Your scent... You smell as if you're in heat." he annuonced. The avalanche Doran spoke of began to hit her that night, and hard. Her mind became a tranquil state, and even her vision started to blur. The cold of the snow was gone as her body felt permanently warm. Finding a warm little spot out of the snow, the wolf laid Kavika down, using all of his fur to keep her warm. "... Kavika... I'm losing the willpower to resist..." he said to her, his nose twitching and twitching. "You smell... good."

Tass: "Mmmmm...." Kavika murmured wordlessly, only barely able to keep herself moving. The huntress idly remembered that she ought to drink the potion, but for a few moments she simply sat there like a lump. Eventually, however, she mustered the will to retrieve the bottle that the goblin had given her, and remembering how it had been administered before, placed some of it onto her hand and slowly rubbed it into her exposed cleavage, waiting to see if some on her skin was enough.

RJ: At the first touch, it quickly revealed that some wasn't enough. The drug brought life to her flesh where there had been boring pale. It felt as if she were beginning to wake from a muddled dream, into an erotic one just from the initial amount she applied, while her body begged for more to satisfy her craving.

RJ: Without saying a word, the wolf reached down, and used his maw, tugging down Kavika's pants while the drug began to soak into her skin, making her become flushed and slightly horny. The cold win blew hard, though Kavika never felt it, as the wolf was glad to block all cold air and keep her arm while admiring her nude body.

Tass: Giving a low growl, Kavika recognized the danger of this substance, and knew that she would have to use as little as possible. Weening herself off of it was her only option unless she could find a cure, but for now she needed to assuage her addiction. Feeling her pants tugged down, she began to rub more of the substance onto herself, slowly trailing down until she had rubbed her way down to her crotch. Sliding two oil-coated fingers into her pussy, Kavika let out a startled gasp as the fires began to spread in full throughout her, though not nearly at the same intensity as they had been when the orcs had covered her in the stuff.

RJ: The smal vial was small enough in it's quantity that Kavika would use all of it and only feel just enough relief. It seemed Doran rationed it out as such with that in mind. She felt her natural heat return to her body as the substance was spread over her body, her addiction being satisfied as her body was now dripping wet with arousal, enticing the wolf next to her as she became drugged once more. Using his nose, the wolf encouraged Kavika onto her front, before he shuffled about in the small little area he found for them both. She's feel him mount her eagerly as her body became enveloped in all of his warm fur, with only her ass to feel the cold of the winter night as his length pressed up against her sex. It was large, so much that Kavika might fear that it would split her in half. It must have been as thick as her arm, and as long too. Even more intimidating than the boars.

RJ: (Also, Kavika gains 8 exp for successfully collecting the alliance of Doran. She'll also gain 1 mutation from Wolfe's wolf.)

Tass: (dammit, mkay)

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Re: The Great Hunt (Tassadar) GM'ed by MAF

Tass: Kavika was (figuratively) putty in the wolf's hands, as she offered no resistance and even moved to aid it as it positioned her onto her front, pancaking her heavy breasts against the ground while she slightly raised her ass in offering. Had she been in more sane state of mind, the huntress might have been worried about the cold despite the warm blanket of wolf now lying over her, but with the poison that the orcs had inflicted her with running through her system concerns about her health never even entered into her mind. The size of the wolf's cock might have inspired some intimidation in her as well, but that too simply failed to concern her while her body was so aflame.

RJ: No concerns at all in her mind, Kavika would feel the wolf's length slide into her, stretching her to her limits immediately, her body somehow managing to bulge as she felt the huge wolf hilt himself inside of her. Kavika immediately felt her legs go numb while the sensation was enough to send her eyes rolling back. Kavika would sense the male wolf's admiration that Kavika was even able to handle his dick all the way inside, despite how she was as a result. He concluded that she wouldn't be totally limp by the time he was done, before Kavika began to receive pounding from the wolf in earnest. He moved as if it were easy to fuck her, but such was not the case, as Kavika's body went into a kind of shock from the treatment.

RJ: Only by the drugs' grace did all of this come up to be the most powerful fucking she ever had received. Thrusting, and thrusting, thrusting, Kavika would feel his large balls bouncing off of her legs slightly as he kept himself low so that his long fur would keep her warm. All a spectator would be able to see from the back is a pair of legs down from the knee, and a pair of large balls swaying back and forth between them.

Tass: Trapped in a state of erotic shock, Kavika's already limited ability to produce coherent thought vanished completely within seconds of being filled with the wolf's massive dick. Though it was larger than any she'd ever taken before, Kavika's increasingly warped body allowed her inner walls to accommodate the massive tool well enough for the beast to begin pounding into her at what felt to her like full force, and Kavika soon simply shut her eyes and let herself go completely, moaning like a wanton whore while the beast above her pounded away at her tightly gripping flower. That he was making efforts to keep her protected from the cold didn't even occur to her in that state, but the ferocity of the beast's motions prevented her from taking any actions beyond keeping her ass raised and allowing to plow her as hard and fast as he wanted to.

RJ: Her body would be ruined by his dick if not for unnatural forces at work in her body. He took no care in how Kavika felt, as she could hear from her collar that he too was lost in a sort of pleasure state, except a lot of his came from the act itself, howling aloud a tale to the blowing snow of how he was laying claim to a bitch. He treated her with the dignity Wolfe wanted him to treat her for all but this moment. This was how he mated, this was how he fucked a bitch in heat. He pounded her while filling her head with mental images of her belly full of growing pups. Her lack of mental fortitude allowed him to suck her in, and soon Kavika was being aroused by the act of being mounted like a bitch, and from knowing that she was going to give birth to the alpha male's pups. That's when it began to come.

RJ: Suddenly he hilted, and his knot flared up. Kavika's body felt as if it weighed over a thousand pounds and simply wanted to crash into the ground, only being held up by the knot in her pussy. A sense of satisfaction flooded through her, along with a familiar warmth of hot cum gushing into her womb. Kavika's belly fattened up like a balloon as she could feel his huge balls pulsing against her legs, letting her feel the source of where she was being impregnated, before she looked beyond nine months pregnant, her belly touching the ground even while her ass was still in the air.

RJ: She was held there for gods knew how long, stuck on his knot. In that time the drugs effects were allowed to fade with however many times she came, as she began to logically realize, having time to rest as well, that she was fattened with the wolf's spunk.

RJ: "We will be like this all night, before your body is able to release me." the wolf said.

Tass: Orgasming again and again as she was rutted by the dominant beast, Kavika fell completely into the moment up to and including when she felt the knot expand inside of her warningly, an act that caused the huntress to howl in her strongest climax yet. Much as it might have repulsed her still, Kavika's body was in full control at the moment, and her body gladly welcomed the warped seed of the wolf as it flooded her womb, forcing her belly to expand to hold all of the seed that was being pumped into her thirsty, fertile depths. Her body very nearly ruptured in trying to contain all of it, and after it had finished filling her Kavika's mind began to return, causing her to realize what had happened and the consequences that would no doubt ensue from it. Still, given that she'd agreed to such anyway, Kavika found that she didn't mind the results so much as the delivery, which had left her both exhausted and heavily bloated, as well as stuck physically to the wolf that had caused the first two.

RJ: After a moment, with Kavika giving no real motion or reply as the snow fell and the air continued to whistle through, the wolf began to question. "Is your mind broken? I thought you weren't so weak. Speak up now, so I can decide if and how I will carry back a corpse."

Tass: "What do you want me to stay?" she muttered exhaustedly, "We're stuck together until your knot shrinks."

RJ: The wolf seemed content with her response, showing that she was still well, at least in the head as he kept himself there. Hours passed until Kavika's exhaustion actually made her pass out while still knotted on the dick. She'd wake up during the knight to suddenly slipping off of his dick, her body numb as warm cum pooled out onto the cold ground. The wolf himself didn't lay down nor relax, keeping himself over Kavika so that his body will warm her. All the way into morning he was like that, not catching a wink of sleep, while Kavika's body began to fatten again, clearly pregnant. Kavika was allowed to make no effort as the wolf took care of everything, often using only his teeth, often in skillful ways in order to keep her warm, balancing her on his back while covering her in warm fur pelts from a large animal he killed. He found a small cave out of the wind that night, and laid her down in there, tending to her as Kavika felt labor set in. Normally she had given birth faster given her corruptive developments, but her belly was especially big.

RJ: "A lot of pups." the wolf said, showing respect once more, now to Kavika's quality womb. Each pup crawled out of her, one by one, blood staining the cavern floor, before Kavika found herself with eight pups all around her, two at a time drinking from her breasts.

Tass: Kavika wasn't in a state to argue with the wolf, though she couldn't help but wonder how it had managed to cleanly skin a beast to gain a belt from. She gave birth surprisingly quickly, a process more painful than she'd remembered but one that she weathered with all her willpower, before eventually she had eight pups gathered around her. Two nursed at her milk-laden breasts as she lay on the floor of the cave to which she'd been dragged, her body almost totally spent. (Fuck, I did it again.)

RJ: Each pup drank from her chest, and Kavika's body remained spent all the way until they even came home. She was barely able to walk as she came home to Routa and her group returned. Routa shrugged at Kavika, a sign that she had no luck, while Clavicus was loafing around, looking proud of himself.

Tass: "How did it go?" Kavika asked Routa first, her voice still creeping with exhaustion. "Did you find any slave wagons?"

RJ: "None." Routa replied. "I did discover that the demon's leader is what seemed to be a nightmare lord at first, but it was just a demon lord with similar traits. He spotted us, caught off guard, but didn't pursue us, though he didn't exactly smile and wave either, giving us a rather dirty look before leading his troops onwards, leaving a little warning not to come closer into their territory."

Tass: "Useful to know, at least. The goblins are with us, and will likely send an envoy to collect the items left by the Academy mage as I promised. Just books and such, of little use to us." With that she would go to Twig, and say; "You look satisfied. How did things go?"

RJ: Not Twig. Clavicus was the only one present, and looking smug. "Things went alright, Twig's got the thing trapped in it's cave after he and I worked together to chase it in there. Thing was faster than any horse, even an angel on wings, it was."

Tass: "Lead on then, lets see what it was."

RJ: The man before her collected his things, while Kavika heard the girls talk about the goblins. It seemed the idea came about regarding the goblins staying with them, and none of them seemed opposed to it, given how much more reasonable men they were than the men they had known of their own race. They went out, traversing the snowy lands as Clavicus describes it'd take a day to go out and find them. During the first night of travel, when the night was quiet, and Clavicus had taken the honors of preparing the fire, an odd sensation overcame her, and Kavika's vision blurred, making her feel dizzy. Clavicus had come over to see if she was okay, before she found herself suddenly kissing the repulsive man beyond her own control. Excited, Clavicus lost restraint immediately, grabbing Kavika, and groping her while dipping his tongue into her mouth. The momentary madness faded, and Kavika found what was clearly the drug's effects fading from her mind.

Tass: Kavika, having not suggested that they'd be letting the goblins stay with them and knowing that they'd be even worse than the men they'd been with before, opted to quash such suggestions as quickly as possible. Doran hadn't wanted to combine tribes anyway, and remaining as autonomous as possible suited her just fine. Going off with Clavicus, she was annoyed at the continued long periods of travel, but far more so when the poisonous substance she'd been forcibly addicted to suddenly seemed to take control of her. As such, when she had control of herself again she pushed him away violently, letting out an annoyed hiss while the wolf-like tail that she'd grown in the night straightened and puffed up slightly. "Don't do that again," she spat at the repulsive man, "The poison took control of me."

Tass: "Take advantage again and when I come to, I'll take what makes you a man!"

RJ: Clavicus backed away, looking shocked. "... W-what was I to do when a beauty suddenly kissed me?" he inquired.

Tass: "Have some gods damned willpower!"

RJ: "Man nor beast could refuse a chance with you, I'm sorry to say." Clavicus argued.

Tass: "Yes they could."

RJ: Clavicus chuckled. "You've met one?"

Tass: "Shut up," she snapped, annoyed.

RJ: Clavicus did as she asked, though grinned widely with a sense of victory. "Nighty night, chieftain." he said, crawling into his tent.

Tass: Grumbling wordlessly, Kavika took the first nightly watch, keeping alert until it was Clavicus turn to stay on watch.

RJ: The next morning, they continued their travels, passing through more of the snowy lands, though now the weather was fairly clear. "Here we are," Clavicus announced, pointing to Twig's camp near a small cave, where Kavika could hear sounds of a goat bleating. "P-Please, let us out!" the voice spoke while continuously bleating like a common goat. "Just a little longer, okay? My friend wants to talk to you." Twig replied. "I have nothing!" the man replied. "I tell you, nothing!"

Tass: "Who are you?" Kavika demanded as she drew near to the apparently trapped person. "Why are you.... Bleating?"

RJ: "Who are you!?" the voice replied. "You are the friend? I am no one! Nobody! Let me go! I have no meat on my bones, and am not worth killing! Let me go!"

RJ: Meanwhile, Twig backed away when Kavika approached.

Tass: "What are you doing?" Kavika asked curiously, looking at Twig.

RJ: "Well... He was hard as heck to capture, so... I've been keeping him here and trying to feed him, but he won't eat until I agree to let him out... I managed to trick him once and got him to eat a whole filling, but then he was crying when he found out..."

Tass: "Did you try to feed him meat, or plants?"

RJ: "He said he'll eat anything."

Tass: ".....Weird." Turning back to whatever Twig had captured the strange, unseen being in, Kavika said; "What are you? How do you run so fast?"

RJ: "I do not know what I am! I run fast because I would die if I did not! Please..." the voice cried. "Let me go!"

Tass: "Why would you die?"

RJ: "Because I would be killed!"

Tass: "By what? We haven't killed you yet, and you obviously can't run from us anymore."

RJ: "Things with teeth! Beasts and humans who call me monster! Why do you do this to me!? Why these questions!?"

Tass: "Because I want to know what you are."

RJ: "What I am...? You want to know!?" he sounded frustrated and angry, before a shape suddenly lunged out from the cave. "THIS IS WHAT I AM!"

RJ: (Can you see this: (Link: )

Tass: (yes) Kavika didn't flinch visibly when the figure exited the cave, though she did mentally tense, forcing herself to keep from reaching her bow. "And what exactly is that?"

RJ: Kavika barely got her question out, before Twig and Clavicus moved as if to defend her. A spell went off, but before it could even catch him in time to go off, the beast was soaring into the air, making an impossible leap. "I can stand this no more!" he shouted above. "I got him!" Clavicus stated, before trying to catch the creature, who proceeded to curl into a ball, rolling, and used his legs to kick off from Clavicus and go sprinting at an impossible speed, spending snow flying into the air as if heavy boulders crashed into the snow. Just as it seemed he was to escape, another trap set itself off as it jumped into a tree, vines suddenly tying around his legs, and capturing him.

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Re: The Great Hunt (Tassadar) GM'ed by MAF

Tass: Kavika watched the beast's escape attempt in partially stunned silence, impressed by its speed and its jumping ability. It easily avoided Twig's magic and then kicked off of Clavicus as the man tried to capture it, and seemed to be making good its escape before it ran into a trap that snared it successfully. She glanced at her two male companions to make sure that they were alright before heading over to the bound creature as it hung from the ceiling. "Good effort," she exclaimed earnestly as she drew near, though not near enough to risk it attacking her. "You are quite an agile little thing, whatever you are. You seem unwilling to help us, however, and it would be dishonorable for me to demand your allegiance for trapping you. I wouldn't expect you to accept it anyway, given your abilities." Drawing her bow, Kavika knocked an arrow and aimed it at the thing, "You may go free once you tell me a name by which to call you." If the creature accepted her demand, Kavika would fire an arrow into the rope holding him up, severing it and freeing the monstrous being.

RJ: Both Twig and Clavicus seemed no worse for wear. Meanwhile, the creature struggled in it's bonds, snarling with frustration before Kavika spoke to it. "Allegiance?" he questioned, his voice only remotely human. "All humans call me Bitey, beginning when they saw me biting into the flesh of a chicken."

Tass: "Allegiance... You know, doing as I command, respecting my wishes, while I in turn see that you are fed and cared for to the best of my abilities. Very well Bitey. You are free to go," Kavika replied, shooting an arrow to free the creature.

RJ: Though he fell from upside down, he easily flipped and landed from a twenty foot fall as if it were nothing. "... I expose myself to danger every day, starvation my enemy. Why would you be a better option?"

Tass: "Because my tribe acquires more than enough food to feed ourselves and our animals on a daily basis. We protect each other from mutual enemies, though I will admit that we oftentimes seek out danger to strike back against them."

RJ: "Then give me food now!" he demanded. Though all Kavika had to give was her own few jerky strips from the meat of a wild beast that Shadow, the wolf, had killed.

RJ: Essentially, she'd be given up her only food, and would have to struggle a bit.

Tass: (He has a name again!) "Sure," Kavika said confidently, knowing that she could easily replace the meat when she got hungry. Pulling out the strips of jerky, she held them out in offering to Bitey.

RJ: Bitey zipped like lightning, taking the food and eating it savagely. Looking back to her, his white eyes narrowed at Kavika. "What am I to you?"

Tass: "I don't know yet. An ally, perhaps? You are a strange one, Bitey. I've never heard of anything else like you before. I'd like to think that we could become friends, eventually. What am I to you?" she replied calmly, remaining at eye level with the strange being.

RJ: "You are a wierdo." he replied flatly. "You hunt down odd beasts to make them your friends, give out the only food you have with you in a frozen land, and you carry an arousing scent. You are strange."

Tass: "So I've gathered," Kavika replied calmly, "I live in strange times. Being strange might be the only way to survive them."

RJ: "I know no others of my kind. Survived by the aid of a gruff named Leopold who convinced me that I was his son. But then he cast me away for being an evil creature. I selfishly stole and in my loneliness, violated a woman. I never killed those humanoid things, never. I thought that was saintly. My father told me I was wrong."

RJ: "That is what I am. You are strange and I am evil. What do you think?"

Tass: "What humanoid things? Do you mean humans like us? Who was your mother?"

RJ: "I don't know who my real parents were. And humanoid things. Like you, like them, like orcs and like gruffs."

RJ: "Thinking, emotional things."

Tass: "He said you were evil for NOT killing them?"

RJ: "He said that not killing them alone did not make me good. Rape, he said, made me evil."

Tass: "Oh. Well, yes. Not killing them is sort of.... Neutral. Rape is generally.... Always an evil act. A very evil one. The orcs that I hunt do so to my kind on a regular basis, for instance, and we are at war with them for that, and because they enslave us and wipe out our tribes."

RJ: "It is truly saintly then, for a beast like myself to never have known the warmth of a woman's depths? I need to steal to survive because I am not trusted. I cannot escape acts of evil. You must war with me, because I would rape and have stolen from you already."

Tass: "Virginity is a thing to be treasured, not reviled. To take by force one who would not have you is the vilest of deeds, but I see now that you did not understand that at the time. I can forgive that and your thievery if you will aid me, and if you discontinue doing so. That is how societies are built, after all... A group of people mutually agree to no longer harm one another. Plus, if you aid me, then you won't need to steal any more, now will you?"

RJ: "Aiding you and being tossed meat... Somehow, I feel as if your society still recognizes me as a monster. I would like to be a saint, but I would also like to be sinful too." he said. "I am one of those who would want the whole world, because I've never had anything. I want to make demands, I want to be treated with the same love you treat each other."

Tass: "I know that you won't get that immediately... But that is only because you are different from us. To have what you desire will require effort on your part, this I know to be true. You must strive for it. You must earn it. But it is possible! Clavicus there was once a reviled enemy. He attempted to rape me. Now he as an ally, one with value, for whom I would fight fiercely as I would for any other under my care. But he has had to work for it, and must still do so. With time, you can earn what you seek, but you have to want it badly enough to be patient for it."

RJ: Suddenly Bitey flashed, and Kavika felt something smooth along her crotch, touching her, before he appeared a good distance in front of her again. "Patience... I don't care for it." he said, looking at his hand, the one he apparently used to touch her. "Your body is warm... And it makes me feel an odd but familiar sensation I don't detest. I don't have patience, so I will earn it quickly. What must I do?"

Tass: "Do not do that!" Kavika said, her voice tinged with indignation and annoyance. "If you really want what you say you want, then you will be patient. You desire acceptance, a thing that will not come overnight, but must be earned by more than a single deed. Firstly, you will keep your hands to yourself! You will be fed, and if a woman consents you may lie with her. For now, if you wish to earn what you would have, then you will return with us to our home."

RJ: "You walk too slow." he stated, before zooming once more, gathering Kavika and twig into his hands, putting them over his shoulders and sending them for the time of their lives as they found themselves soaring over the landscape. The days worth of a trip became a few hours, before Bitey vanished, and came back many hours later with Clavicus, only just breaking a sweat after his mad dashes. "Now what must I do?" he asked, having left no room for complaint prior due to their voices being stolen away by the wind.

Tass: "Gah! What are you doing?" she asked, though to no avail. Soon enough she was back at camp, now in wonder at the diminutive creature's strength as well. While it was gone, she organized a hunt for food, and was back before the hours passed that it took for him to return with Clavicus. It still came as something of a shock when he came back, however, and so she said; "Errr... Well, now you can take a break. I guess. We were just making something to eat."

RJ: "... A break? Do you mean the break of bones?" he inquired. "I will take my share now. What will I do after?"

Tass: "A break as in a rest! Don't break any bones!"

RJ: "... I am not tired." he said simply, leaving Twig and Clavicus silent in astonishment, while everyone else was curious.

Tass: "...... Uhhh..... Then, go.... Do you know what orcs look like?"

RJ: "I can't kill them. Rather, I won't. I won't do evil acts anymore."

Tass: "I wasn't going to ask you too. I merely wanted you to look for them."

Tass: "Can you read a map?"

RJ: "I already know where they are, I have stolen from them." he said, looking at the map and laying rocks on each location. There were rocks on all other tribes, and many elsewhere, one even nearby.

RJ: "This furry thing has gotten around..." Routa said, amazed.

Tass: "Apparently...." Kavika said in agreement following Routa's exclamation. "This is most useful. Can you tell the difference between each one? Are these camps, or trails that the orcs frequent, or what?"

RJ: "They are all where they camp. Where they keep their food and sleep." he said. "Have I earned my right yet? How much more will you demand? I will do it immediately until I can indulge myself."

Tass: "Useful...." Kavika said thoughtfully, but then shot Bitey an annoyed glance and said; "Time. Patience. Why are you in such a rush?"

RJ: "Those who go slow will die. I became fast to get what I want. Will sitting and going slow earn me anything? It is a waste of time. Tell me what I must do."

Tass: "I haven't thought of what I'd have you do yet! And the food is still cooking. You can have some when it's prepared, along with everybody else."

RJ: Bitey seemed actually angry. "You're annoying." he stated, before turning, and leaping high, vanishing out of sight, but showing no interest in wholely running away from them. Just maintaining distance.

RJ: "... That escalated quickly." Twig commented.

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Re: The Great Hunt (Tassadar) GM'ed by MAF

Tass: "You're annoying!" she said back, before looking back at the map and pondering it for a time. When it came time to eat, she would call the strange being back to camp to share in their meal.

RJ: The food was cooked, and the girls giggled as they applied seasonings from an abandoned orc cart they investigated. Everyone gathered around the fire, before Bitey came in a flash, a portion of the food was taken suddenly, and he was about to dash off before his leg was caught by Routa. "Sit and eat with us. There's something you can do that will earn you something." he said, before forcibly making Bitey sit between herself and Kavika. He looked back and forth between the two of them, as if frustrated and confused, before eating his share of meat savagely as he did before. Glancing over at the two women next to him, his perversions were obvious. Routa would suddenly wrap her arm around the goat hooved beast, hugging it to her. "You've already been a great help to us, Bitey." she announced. "Done more than Clavicus, for sure." she said, causing everyone to chuckle. "So, I'll let you have some of my company as a little reward." she said, smiling as if she were doing him a favor.

RJ: "I would prefer her." Bitey pointed to Kavika, which earned him a firm punch to the face as Routa stomped her feet away, again, everyone laughed hysterically at how Bitey was laid out by the woman he disgraced.

Tass: 'Why does everyone always say that?' Kavika thought to herself, frowning and mildly annoyed by Bitey's tactless statement. Routa's figure was a cut after her own, and the woman wielded nearly as much authority as Kavika herself did. Indeed, the huntress considered Routa the stronger of the two between them, at the very least on an emotional level, and so Kavika couldn't help but wonder why she was considered so attractive by so many in comparison. "Go and apologize to Routa," she said simply, "That was tactless and unkind. One should never tell a woman offering her company that you would prefer another."

RJ: "I will apologize, but it was not untrue." Bitey said, a big red mark on his head as he went to go and apologize, was met with a growling Routa, was grabbed, and promptly dragged inside of Routa's tent. Twig swallowed a lump in his throat. "I hope Routa doesn't hurt him..."

Tass: "The truth isn't always the most prudent course to take where feelings are concerned," Kavika instructed Bitey calmly, a line she was reciting almost word for word from her mother's teachings. She watched the diminutive humanoid be grabbed and pulled away by Routa with a frown, but to Twig's concerns Kavika couldn't help herself. Adopting a cold grin that was matched by her tone, she quietly said; "You should worry more about yourself, Twig. Tonight we hold contest."

RJ: Twig blinked. "Contest? Who is challenging whom?" he asked curiously, though gave a start when everyone else seemed to catch on except him, all of the girls staring him down as if he were pathetic. "Will he last?" one asked. "He'll snap." another chuckled.

Tass: "I am challenging you, of course~" Kavika purred in response, and then rose to her feet and stretched in a manner that was more for show than for any practical purpose. "Report to my tent when you have prepared yourself accordingly."

Tass: With that, Kavika would strut back to her own tent intently, not even looking back at those gathered around the fire.

RJ: "O-oh gods... O-o-oh gods and spirits above!" Twig panicked. Before he looked as if he was to face a mighty minotaur, but now he faces something much worse, Kavika herself. Twig's reaction somehow made her the greatest foe of all. Once in her tent, Twig was subjected to the other girls basically preparing his funeral. "At least you'll die happy." one even joked. "No! Stop it!" he demanded. "I will satisfy her, a-and I will emerge... As her lover!" he cheered. "A bitch." one girl whispered. "He'll definitely come back out as her bitch."

RJ: "I'M NOT A BITCH!" Twig cried.

Tass: Kavika listened with her sharp hearing to the taunting of the other women with a mirthful smile, though she kept from mocking him herself or laughing aloud. When he came to her tent as instructed, the huntress turned to him clad only in her undergarments, and calmly commanded him; "Strip."

RJ: Truly the greatest foe he'd ever face in his life. Twig looked up at Kavika as if she were a mighty Titan. At her command, he slowly stripped, his eyes more for gazing at her as he slipped his simple robes off, revealing his scrawny frame.

Tass: "Now...." she said calmly as she slowly stalked toward him, silently calling up the very magics that Twig had taught her. Unlike him, Kavika's body didn't warp quite as heavily when she cast her empowerment spells, a slight tautness in her musculature and a modest increase in the roundness of her curves as muscle grew beneath them the only outward signs of her magic. "We duel~ And the winner is the one who is dominant!" she concluded, promptly lunging in Twig's direction. (Cast level 4 Nature buff Aspect of the Beast for more Body. Then grapple Twig.)

RJ: Twig gasped, before raising his hands. He summoned entangling vines that came out, and suddenly seemed empowered by his magics, growing thicker and stronger. The vines shot out, and wrapped around Kavika. One vine not enough to hold her, but a second and third doing well enough. (Twig summons empowered entangling vines with the druidic secrets mage feats. Three vines with 70 Body/grapple each. They reach out and grapple her.) Seeing Kavika caught, Twig relaxes as he grins, thinking he caught her.

Tass: Gasping in surprise as she was caught, Kavika frowned and said; "Conjuring things to help you? Are you afraid to face me yourself?" The vines were strong, incredibly so, and adept at holding her, but Kavika had known of her weakness to being grabbed by her foes, and had trained to escape such things.

Tass: (try to escape grapple with a currently effective +82, equal to the vine's grapple stat)

RJ: The vines squirmed and lifted the struggling chieftain off of her feet, holding her in the air and spreading her legs out, while Twig adopted a little sinister grin. "I don't wanna be a bitch!" Twig replied, before he began to buff himself, (Aspect of the Beast, empowered). Twig grew, and grew so impossibly muscular, with a massive prick to boot. He seemed like a hulk impossible for Kavika to stop... Before blood suddenly gushed from his nose. He shrank back to his pathetic form, and the tentacles vanished. In his attempts to not be a bitch, he pushed himself too far, demanding too much power, causing himself to collapse.

RJ: "Wawawa..." Twig whined, his eyes spinning.

Tass: Quirking an eyebrow, Kavika chuckled slightly as she was lowered to the ground, landing smoothly as the vines released her. "Used too much at once, didn't you? You've got to learn to ration properly~" Kavika said, a predatory grin on her features as she stalked forward. A part of her warned that this might be a ruse, given the guile that Twig had shown previously, but she didn't head that warning as she closed in and tried to grab him, pulling him into a deep, open mouthed kiss if she were successful.

RJ: With Kavika approaching, and Twig in such a state, the smaller man raised his hand quickly. "W-wrack!" he called out, before a weak bolt shocked Kavika. (Kavika takes 18 damage from Wrack[entropy], but Twig fails to overcome her resistance.) The bolt passed through Kavika, as if it were nothing, leaving her to continue her stride, grabbing Twig and forcing the deep kiss, claiming his mouth like territory as Twig's raised hand fell limp, moaning into her lips in a pathetic way as his willpower failed him in light of Kavika's own. It was clear by that point who had won.

Tass: "You should know better," Kavika reprimanded Twig coldly, "Pain is not enough to stop me!" After she'd grabbed and kissed him, Kavika knew that she'd as good as won the duel, but didn't count it just yet. Pressing herself roughly against the now smaller man, Kavika hooked a leg around Twig's back while bending the other slightly, putting their crotches at about the same level. Then, as she continued the kiss, Kavika began to rub her barely covered flower up and down over Twig's manhood, trying to push it to full hardness if it wasn't already there. (foreplay if mechanics are still in use.)

RJ: "Kavika....!" Twig moaned out as Kavika began to shift her petals along his length. With the last of his power, he cast a small spell, one that increased the size of his length to a size she'd have come to be used to. Then, he sank from where he had him, leaning against her if possible, otherwise leaning back. Twig didn't seem to care that so many others got to enjoy her before he had such a chance. It was clear he was thinking about all of the other males who pinned Kavika down, and raped her. The most recent he knew was Shadow, seeming rather shocked when he saw how large Shadw's cock was.

Tass: Feeling Twig's manhood suddenly enlarge beneath her caused Kavika to let out a quiet hmph, but then the sorcerer was practically putty in the barbarian's hands. Leaning a little bit, she spun Twig in place and then literally threw him onto the bed, a simple patch of furs and bits of assorted soft stuff. The huntress pulled off her bra at that point, allowing her heavy breasts to swing freely in full view, their tips already erect. Kavika was quick to join Twig, grinning broadly as she moved just short of straddling him. "You men hold yourself to strange standards," Kavika stated simply, and then simply opened her mouth and swallowed as much of Twig's newly enhanced cock as she could in one gulp. >>

Tass: It was difficult with how big it was now, and it made her gag via its sheer size, but the huntress had plans for the poor man, and intended to make good on them. The first part of those plans involved getting his cock sufficiently lubricated for the second, so that was what she'd do, covering his manhood in her drool while steadily sucking on him as her tongue flicked against the head and underside.

RJ: Twig cried out in surprise as he was thrown over to the bed, struggling to right himself to that he could lean up, before Twig's jaw dropped at the sight of Kavika's bare breasts. He'd seen them before, but it seemed they were still an impressive sight. Twig held his breath as if he was about to go underwater as Kavika suddenly began to swallow his length. Kavika's throat would bulge as she took the enlarged length, while Twig himself let out a moan. Just like last time when she sucked him off, it didn't take long before Kavika suddenly heard him groaning and felt him twitching in her mouth, enjoying her so much that he was cumming down her throat so quickly that she had little time to react.

Tass: Kavika's eyes widened in surprise as she felt Twig spray his seed down her throat, instinctively swallowing it while she looked up at the mage crossly. The bobs of her head only slowed, however, they didn't stop, at least not until his orgasm had played itself out. Once she'd swallowed every drop, Kavika pulled off with a half-choked sigh and a pop, and gasped in a few breaths before saying; "So little resistance~ Now, you are mine!" Leaning further forward, Kavika pressed her breasts against Twig's cock, squeezing it in between her soft orbs, "Your body is mine to do with as I please, and more than your chieftain, now I am your mate." Folding one arm around her bosom to keep his cock sandwiched between her breasts, Kavika used her other hand to fondle Twig's balls as she began to pump herself up and down, "These contain the seed that I will use to make our children. You will surrender it to me on command."

RJ: Twig moaned, and seemed to squirt out just that little bit more cum as Kavika sucked him off, the druid mage looking down at her with shame. "I... I can't help it... You arouse me so much..." he tried to defend himself. When Kavika came forth and announced that Twig was going to be her property, as well as her mate, Kavika felt his cock twitch with arousal, becoming fully erect again as her words clearly aroused him. When she grabbed his balls, he let out such a cry that caused voices outside to inquire, "Was that a girl's voice, or was that Twig?" a woman outside asked. As she began to pump herself, Twig would thrust his hips up from the pleasure. "Y-yes! I... I will surrender it to you, Kavika!" he promised.

Tass: Kavika was truly and utterly merciless then, rubbing her breasts up and down over Twig's cock with relentless gusto as she glared up at him. "Surrender it to me.... Now!" she declared, gripping her breasts with both hands and pumping them up and down while her mouth descended, taking in just the tip of his manhood and sucking on it. Her tongue flicked out, rolling over the head again and again as her breasts smothered his shaft, pumping up and down in an effort to milk another load out of him.

RJ: Twig cried out as she moved her breasts quickly, and sucked him off at the tip. His hips bucked upwards, his cock thrusting a little deeper past her lips, he gripped the fur on the bed tight before moaning aloud, another load squirting into her mouth, just as plentiful as the last. "I surrender..." he whiend. "I already came twice, this is too much..."

Tass: Again Kavika swallowed down his seed, not allowing a drop of the pungent, protein-rich liquid to escape. Even after she'd finished him, Kavika released him from the grip of her breasts only to deep throat him almost all the way down to the base. Gripping his base with two fingers, she stroked upwards as she pulled her mouth back, gagging slightly but sucking out the last few drops. Repeating the motion a dozen or so times, the huntress then pulled off of Twig's cock with an audible pop, and said; "You are mine now Twig. I will do with you as I please." It was then that Kavika crawled fully on top of the mage, placing her sex over his cock and grinding the tip against her moist petals.

RJ: Twig let out a low groan as she drank from him, and swallowed his seed, before deep throating him anew. He panted from the stress of having cum twice, and so quickly, though twitched as Kavika was pushing him into cumming again. "Kavika..." Twig moaned out, looking up at her as she pulled her mouth off and announced who Twig belonged to. Twig's hands touched Kavika's legs, his palms smoothing along them as he smiled faintly. "I love you!" he said, giving her a silly little smile that emerged from his romantic thoughts.

Tass: "You will do more than that~" she cooed softly, and after another few moments of light teasing she slowly dropped down until the tip of Twig's cock pierced her depths. Kavika's mouth opened in a silent moan, and the descent of her flower onto his member increased rapidly after that, until she was fully impaled upon him and had his balls pressed against her rounded ass. "Haaa~ Don't.... Don't cum!" she moaned, and then began to buck up and down, her motions slow and sensual.

RJ: Twig blushed at her words, before bracing himself. Somehow, even after taking Shadow's big cock inside of her, an act that would have left her ruined by all logic, Kavika felt herself tightly gripping Twig's length. Due to this, Twig moaned out, his hips twitching as she hilted his cock inside of her body, touching his balls against her ass. "Don't cum...!? That's impossible...!" he cried out. "Definitely... Going to cum right now...!"

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Re: The Great Hunt (Tassadar) GM'ed by MAF

Tass: "Nnnn.... No!" Kavika moaned softly as her hips rolled up and down onto Twig's cock, her folds squeezing enticingly around his shaft even as the twitching orgasm set her nerves alight with sensation. She should have been utterly ruined by the massive wolf's manhood, but Twig's ability to increase the size of his manhood and her own increasingly warped body ensured that it still felt wonderful to her, and Kavika was quickly getting into their lewd act. He would feel her folds quivering around him, the soft motions only offering more pleasure to Twig, and making it all the harder for him to resist spilling his seed into her. "You mustn't cum inside me!" she moaned, the rise and fall of her hips coming faster and faster, her soft furry tail flitting between them to rub against his balls, tickling them.

RJ: Twig let out a pathetic cry as he was ridden, Kavika's impossibly well shaped form slapping down onto his crotch while he squirmed with a deep red face. "Agh...! Ngh... Hah! I...!" Twig whined, his whole body seemingly becoming stiff as a board as he willed so much willpower to try and hold it in, but as he began twitching still, it was impossible. "Ah...! I have to..." Twig bit his lower lip, before trying something daring. Kavika's folds wrapped tight, and her hip motions were doing all to wring the cum out from his cock. He made a quick adjustment as she rolled her hips up, before Twig Junior made a sudden escape from her folds. Almost instantly after, Kavika would feel his length throbbing, and his seed gushing out between the rounds of her ass and dripping to the ground. With a sigh, Twig seemed relieved that he dodged a bullet, before breathing heavily as if to catch his breath.

Tass: Letting out a surprised gasp as Twig pulled out from under her, managing to allow his member to escape as she was at the apex of her rising motion. She almost tried to bring her hips back down onto him, but then the first splashes of his seed onto her rump alerted to the fact that Twig was already cumming. Her tail naturally flitted out of the way as she rubbed her bottom over the top of his dick, encouraging him to cum until he was dry, before lowering herself back down with a sigh and saying; "I did not give you permission to cum. That seed should have filled my womb and given me a child, but you are not yet strong enough. As such, you will not be allowed to cum inside of me until you can withstand me properly."

RJ: "That's impossible!" Twig cried out. "No one man can withstand you... To me, you are like some Goddess of Love challenging a godly hero to come and please her. With you on top of me like this..." Twig let out a dreamy sigh. "It's like some mind numbing mixture of heaven and hell."

Tass: Reaching back and gathering some of the cum released onto her backside as Twig spoke, Kavika examined the thick goo caught between her fingers for a moment before opening her mouth, and cleaning them in the most lewd manner imaginable. She made a show of it, letting the man see her tongue at work and then sucking each digit clean one by one, before removing her hand from her mouth and saying; "Are you suggesting that I require other men to please me, husband?"

RJ: Kavika's question seemed to hit Twig as sharp as any arrow from her bow, and right dead center too. He froze up, and looked panicked. Words to form, and yet he looked to be suffering such chaos that he could acquire not even the first of a failed sentence.

Tass: "Mmmm?" she asked, quirking an eyebrow.

RJ: Twig swallowed a lump in his throat, given a moment to answer. "I'm sorry... I-I'll try harder..." he announced to her meekly, though clearly not sure if that was the right thing to say

Tass: "There is no try. You will do better, or you will not!" she declared simply as she reached back to clean off more of his seed, which she cleaned off of her fingers in the same manner as before. Rising off of him, Kavika transferred her mouth from her fingers to Twig's dick, licking it clean slowly and sensually, before pulling away and sitting up. "Do you understand?" she demanded, eying the young mage critically.

RJ: Twig's hips twitched as Kavika used her tongue, acting as if he was immensely more sensitive than before after cumming so much. "Y-yes! I will! I'll do better, I promise!" Twig cried out while moaning lewdly, seeming to almost enjoy having Kavika as a sexual drill sargent of sorts. Meanwhile, comments continued outside. "Did she say she's going to try other men...?" Clavicus inquired hopefully. "Perhaps," Routa answered. "A shame you do not equal a man." Routa announced, before the rest of their little camp was chuckling at Clavicus' shame.

Tass: Kavika couldn't help but laugh lightly at Routa's rebuttle to Clavicus after having overheard them. She had grown used to the lack of privacy for such lewd encounters by that point, and didn't have a problem with it so long as they weren't walked in on. "You won't disappoint me," she declared calmly, before rising to her feet and cleaning the rest of her bottom in the same manner as before, before dressing and heading outside.

RJ: Heading outside, the group was gathered together and keeping warm, talking casually among one another before Bitey came running into the camp, having gone out apparently, and he seemed winded. "Orcs... Wolves!" He announced to Kavika, causing alarm. "They're not headed straight this way, they're search parties. The orcs are looking for us."

RJ: As he said that, everyone looked to Kavika.

Tass: Taken aback momentarily, Kavika recognized the need to be decisive in this moment, and thus calmly said; "Then let us ensure that we find them first."

RJ: "How much time do we have?" Routa inquired. "Until morning. They've made camp for now." Bitey replied.

Tass: "How many are there? What direction are they in? What about their makeup could you discern? How far are they?"

RJ: "They're scattered, impossible to tell who's coming this way, but I suspect at least a dozen combined of orcs and wolves, at least. They're clearly just scouting parties, no real armor, and shabby looking weaponry. They're a good twenty miles off I'd say."

Tass: "Then we have time to ensure that they never find us!" Kavika declared, before pulling out the map of the area that she'd been given and that she'd been altering to make way for their actions in their campaign against the orcs. "We should try to eliminate them before they draw near, but without creating a large battle. The first line will be twelve to fifteen miles out, creating a loose perimeter around our camp. Traps and ambushes will be our weapons, do not allow any who see you to survive to report it. Retreat to stronger positions if you need to, but don't allow yourselves to rout."

Tass: "Can you identify where they are on this?" she said, indicating the map to the inhuman scout.

RJ: Bitey looked uncertain, but began pointing his finger at it. It was random. Absolutely no organization. They all had some distance on the canyon complex that they were protected by. "We obviously have to worry about them coming from the upper route, the easiest way to find one's way into this maze, but some can also enter from the south west route. Any enemies above can also find their way down slopes as well. They'll be infesting these canyons."

Tass: "The can be dealt with there," Kavika stated calmly, staring at the map, "They'll try to link up, come at us in groups..... But we can hold many of them here with some clever placement of a few boulders." The huntress pointed to a larger valley, where many of the paths led before pointing to their camp.

RJ: "We still have time," said Routa. "We can set the boulders up for tomorrow, and still have enough time to be well rested for battle."

Tass: "Good. We will need one here..... And here," she pointed to two narrow canyons, "the orcs will need to divert or shift their path, and either one will allow us time to prepare for them. Most of you will be stationed here, in this main valley, to face them in battle. Clavicus, Urana, Angie, you will support Shadow and Routa. Soften the orcs for them and then keep them from being flanked. Twig, you will be here, where this pack of wolves will meet these orcs, with Rantan, Ravina, Nal'na, and En'ray. You will make sure that this boulder drops when this group comes through, so that you won't be surrounded. Leave the wolf pack to me."

Tass: "While we move the boulders, Twig, you will be placing traps here, here, here, and.... Here," she pointed to several spots on the map, "Soften them up for us to make the battles easier. We'll need as much strength as we can get to deal with the main force when it arrives, and comes down from the North, and when this warband in the South arrives shortly after. Some way of healing those that are wounded on standby would be appreciated as well."

Tass: "Presea and Medea, you will guard the camp in case any should slip by."

RJ: Twig nodded nervously. "I can do that." Meanwhile, Prissea and Medea seemed relieved. "Gladly. The warmth of this camp is far more suited to my delicate body." Medea cooed.

RJ: Rantan, one of the Crolian women that survived the attack on their home with Kavika, sighed at what they were seeing after Bitey's second report. "There's way too many. They really want to find us."

Tass: "They do, but that is no surprise. They will not survive this battle, and when we take their heads others will know to fear us," Kavika replied coldly. Getting back to the map, she said; "Leave this group to the North and setting off this trap to me. After the main force has been diverted, I will be with our main force to meet them. Those that come before should be wounded and few in number, and should pose little trouble. After the main force is eliminated, I will kill this pack of wolves before returning to you, to deal with the warband. Once they have been killed, I will return to help Twig if I can arrive in time. Even if I don't, they should be battered and weakened after all of the traps, and you four should have little trouble with them."

RJ: Twig gave a start, "I-I have to be in battle!?" he exclaimed. "A-aren't my traps enough, r-right!? They'll be enough!"

Tass: "You need not enter the melee itself, but try to keep any from falling to the orcs. You are our best healer, and we will be relying on you to keep us all standing."

RJ: "We'll be fine," Nal'ina announced. "Twig's a shitty mage that can't concentrate anyhow. When the battle begins, he can hardly get a good spell off."

RJ: Routa said nothing, but put a hand on Kavika's shoulder. The mere look she gave said that Twig will likely only get in the way.

RJ: "S-sorry..." Twig replied to all the criticism that seemed to be general opinion of his combat worthiness.

Tass: "Which is why he will stay out of the way," she stated simply, "You will have your uses, fear not. But your courage must stretch if we are to survive more attacks like this."

RJ: After Kavika said that, Shadow rose, and let loose a loud howl. To everyone else, that's all they heard, but Kavika heard his meaning. "We've wasted enough time."

Tass: "That we have," Kavika said, and then folded up the map and put it aside. "We know our jobs. Get to work."

RJ: Then, everyone went about collecting heavy rocks, and a couple women went with Twig to help him set up his traps as he always did have trouble concentrating. A Beartrap was set up in a quick fashion by Kavika, and after it became midnight, everyone came back to camp to rest... And a somewhat restless sleep it was, as everyone was looking to the sky, wondering where the moon was, and thus how much time they had left. Everyone was silent. Conversation was something none thought to have. Everyone knew it was going to be a tough fight tomorrow. Dozens of enemies would charge into their midst, and they would have to struggle to defeat them all before they could gather into a stronger force. In the end, eyes fell on Kavika, the one who would make the most difference. Without her, they understood their doom. "Have no fear. Give what makes your body tremble to the enemy, and make them fear what lies in this canyon." Routa announced to the others. It seemed to lift their spirits a bit, before they would put the low fire out and head to bed.

Tass: "Make all of them fear it..." Kavika continued after Routa, having settled calmly under the weighty stares of those around her. It was something that she had been entirely unprepared for, the burden of leadership, but now that she'd worn it a while she found that it had settled easily and offered her no more discomfort. "They will know who we are by the arrows and blades we set into their hearts. They will learn our resolve and it will break them, because we are not cowards like they are. When their blood colors the snow, they will know. And when the next who come see their dead, they too will know."

RJ: Going into her tent for the night, everyone tired from moving rocks, Kavika would find a note on her bed. It showed no name or who it was addressed to. If she opened it, it'd read: "If you survive the next day, I'd like for us to meet." the note said. And that was all. The handwriting was quite skilled, almost as if Doran wrote it, though even a small goblin as he should have been seen.

Tass: "Could have just told me in person," Kavika grumbled as she crumpled the note, wondering what the goblin wanted. He wouldn't be difficult to find, but that required that they survive the following day first."

RJ: Twig walked in behind Kavika. "Something wrong?" he inquired. "Oh? A note..."

Tass: "A goblin was here, somehow," she stated simply. Stripping down, Kavika laid down on beckoned Twig into bed.

RJ: "Goblin? A goblin didn't write this." he stated.

Tass: "Then who did?"

RJ: He came close to her, showing her the note and what seemed a barely noticeable indent, where someone's hand rested while writing. "The hand is too big. A human hand, I think."

Tass: "A human hand? I wouldn't even be able to guess who it was..... This bodes ill. We will have to find out who this is."

RJ: "Shadow didn't react either... Someone really sneaky, I guess..." Twig replied, seeming unsettled, before looking to Kavika's nude form, and nervously getting naked as well.

Tass: "Exactly," she stated, beckoning him forth impatiently once again as he took off his own clothes.

RJ: Twig crawled into the bed nervously.

Tass: Kavika cuddled Twig, and asked; "Why are you so nervous? We have done things more lewd than sleep together before, Twig."

RJ: He smiled a little. "Since you're like a goddess... I-I just can't get used to how amazing you are."

Tass: "Now you're just trying to get laid~" she said, chuckling.

RJ: "I-I'm not suicidal!" Twig burst out in shock. "I'm still hurting down there..."

Tass: "Indeed," Kavika said bemusedly, and then went to sleep herself, needing her rest for the battle on the coming day.

RJ: Kavika fell asleep holding the note from the mysterious stranger, the drug's danger, and the survival of herself and her camp as factors that tried to make her sleep an unpleasant one. The times before when she lived in her savage tribe, where she would hunt with her mother, and the tribe applies constant pressure upon her as both a woman and someone who must become strong, would perhaps seem like comfortable living as compared to the times she lived in now, when orcs wishes to turn her and her fellow warriors into slaves. They'd probably throw Clavicus to the dogs as well. Twig would likely end up some orc woman's manslut... Or a man's. He was feminine enough to end up on the long end of an orc's stick. Everyone likely was hoping to avoid such ill fates, as the cold night set in, and morning was soon to follow... >>

RJ: Then... Morning would rise, and so would they. The orcs could be heard rising from their sleep, announcing their declaration to spread out and search the canyons for Kavika and her lot. Routa, shadow, Clavicus, and two others grouped together in the main canyon to intercept the enemies main force from the flanking side. The four remaining female warriors gathered further south, closer to the camp to defend against one of the larger groups that seemed to be coming that way from above. Twig was there too, as an afterthought. Finally... Near the northern entrance, where the canyon opened up into the more open icy wastes of Crolia, stood Kavika, who heard the first group quickly incoming. "The wolf smells something!" an orc called out as Kavika would hear barking. "Follow the scent! Find the camp, and capture Kavika if possible!" the orcs spoke, apparently aware of who Kavika was. "The daughter must be ours!" they shouted, before they were soon coming from afar, and rounding about the corner that led into the canyon. Five orcs, and a wolf. "There she is! She's alone!"

Tass: And there Kavika stood. Alone, shrouded in a loose cloak and her ancestral armor to protect her from winter's bite, her bow clutched in one hand and a quiver hanging over her back. Her blades, always her secondary weapons and rarely touched, hung at her sides as well, ready to draw orc blood if needed. Snow billowed around her as the wind picked up, carrying her scent to the nose of the approaching wolf. She could hear the orcs and their hunting hound, and her blood ran colder than the air around her.... But not because of fear. She pushed her cloak above her arms as they rounded the bend and spotted her, a smile playing across the human's face, and she let out a low laugh at their words. One announced her as she was spotted, and Kavika raised her bow unafraid, and replied; "I am never alone, cretins, but out here you are alone with me!" And then, she let fly a storm of hissing arrows, letting her accuracy speak for itself as she put an arrow into the throat of four orcs and through the eye of their wolf.

RJ: The arrows flew like lightning. Having to reach back into the quiver took too much time, so one had to draw five. Using her dexterous hands, as the first arrow flew, the next one was already prepared to be drawn back. Four orcs and a wolf died in a little over a second, one after another. Hardly any blood touched the snow before the last arrow hit. She was her mother's daughter, and clearly not one to go easy. It took so many to capture her mother, and the same was needed for her, if not more. This rabble would not take Kavika this day. Fighting was heard elsewhere as well. Her fellow warriors had begun attacking. Bitey could be seen out of the corner of her eye, and began telling her what was happening on the other ends of the battlefield. She wouldn't go a single moment without knowing what was happening with him about. >>

RJ: But then, there was one remaining orc. Seeing all his comrades die was obviously quite a shock to him, and it seemed flight was an option he considered. However... It seemed that whatever awaited a cowards option was apparently worse than dying to Kavika, as he choose to charge at her. He didn't seem confident in his victory at all, and there was something to be lacking in his fighting stance. It seemed he was just charging and swinging without any attempt to win. Reaching his weapon out, his blunt club struck Kavika on the side, causing a good deal of pain, but no serious injuries.

Tass: The rap of the orc's club to her ribs was barely a thing. She had been raped by orcs and boars, but mated and impregnated by Shadow, and had faced harsher blows than that from wounded beasts and in her training. The effort was noteworthy only in the orc's utter lack of passion in it, and a small smile crossed the huntress's features as quickly hung her bow over her shoulder and drew both her dagger and her sword. "Are you clansmen, or just another clanless scum? At least you choose to die like a man," she said calmly, and then swung with both blades, aiming to wound and disable rather than to outright kill. Kavika was familiar enough with orc culture to recognize the opportunity present before her if she should beat him fairly.

RJ: Kavika disarmed the orc, and left him defenseless with ease. After both his weapons flew away, he looked back to Kavika with a frown. "As damn strong as she was..." the orc cursed, before standing there, seeming to understand the difference between him and her.

Tass: "You speak of my mother, I suspect?" Kavika said smoothly, holding her blades out in front of her defensively, "Answer my earlier question, and answer truthfully. It could mean your life, orc."

RJ: "I am of a new clan, not the old. Our leader will become the new orc king!" the orc declared. "The lands to the south shall burn, the humans like you deserve even less than to be our slaves! The only exceptions... Are your mother, and you. With enough... Convincing... He plans and making you both his wives to bear strong orc children."

Tass: "Ahhhh.... So he intends to rape us until we break," she said coldly, dark amusement underlying her tone. "Have I met this man? He sounds familiar."

RJ: "His second in command spoke of you... And was rather smitten. He claims to have given you an extremely high dose, and yet saw defiance burning strongly in your eyes despite the moans of passion flowing forth... Your mother was the same way... We had to make a whole dedicated area for making the drug, just to give to her. The whole tribe enjoyed her, and even when they were tired, she wanted more. Only when the King returned, was she tamed."

Tass: "Ahhh, so you are useless for all purposes then. Very well.... I have no further need of you," Kavika stated calmly, and then turned and started walking away.

RJ: After Kavika had turned, the orc reached out, and grabbed her from behind, cupping his hands under her breasts. "Do you think I'd just go away?" he asked. "If you turn your back on me, I will keep coming until I have died, or until I too taste the daughter's pussy."

Tass: Kavika let out a surprised yelp upon being grabbed from behind, the sound becoming a slight moan as the orc fondled her chest. It had become more sensitive of late, and the stimulation took her by surprise. Of course, the huntress was quick to recover, and while the fires awakened by a strong male touch were a temptation, Kavika had no time for them now. "Then die," she stated flatly, and then reversed her grip on both blades and jabbed him into the orc's abdomen, one into his stomach and the other into his privates.

RJ: Two stabs, the orc wheezed, before the orc died. His body hit the ground in a heavy lump. He seemed to hold no expression of surprise on his face, as if that was the outcome he expected... Or perhaps desired. Beaten by a human whom they thought to be so weak because of her race, it would make sense that someone with such a mindset would rather die than continue living on in shame. With that, Kavika covered the area, while the sounds of battle from afar seemed to have ended as well... With more orcs and wolves quickly on Kavika's tail from the entrance to the canyon maze.

Tass: With the orc dead, Kavika made her way to the next place that she needed to be, where she knew that the orcs would be going. They would undoubtedly pick up her scent, and she made no effort to hide that as she quickly darted off to the canyon where they had laid the boulder, intending to lie in wait for them.

RJ: The enemy was heard getting rather full of themselves as a group of... Perhaps a dozen, seemed to unite from two other groups who had been searching. Seeing the bodies, they decided that they were fast on the trail of Kavika, and grouped together in hopes to overpower her and her allies. They followed her down the canyon, and quickly began closing in on her, a pack of dogs leading the way. "She can't hope to take us all on! Capture the daughter!" they shouted.

Tass: "Come on then! First one to catch me gets to rut me right here in the snow!" Kavika taunted, brandishing her bow and knocking an arrow as if to shoot. She would have attempted to take a wave out and thin their numbers, but she knew that if she didn't hit the mark for the boulder trap precisely they would be on her in a heartbeat and thus opted not to risk it, crushing the first two to come forward and blocking the path for all who would follow.

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Re: The Great Hunt (Tassadar) GM'ed by MAF

RJ: The rock fell the moment she hit the brace holding up the first of many rocks to follow. The wolves were already in midleap, about to bite and knock Kavika down, before the heavy rocks came down and crushed two of the canines as the rest only hit the largest of rocks now acting as a wall. She crushed two wolves, before the orcs shouted. "Go 'round! There must be another way!" it shouted, having no line of sight to Kavika, and the same the other way around.

Tass: And then, Kavika ran. Though she had taken out two of the wolves, more were on their way, coming to fight and kill, and she needed to be with her comrades when they arrived, to turn the tide of this crucial phase of the battle.

RJ: An explosion was heard, but this was not unexpected. One of Twig's cleverly placed traps. Dogs yelped, likely the victims. But Twig's trap wouldn't be enough. Kavika thankfully made it before the orcs, and could ready herself. Seven orcs ran out into view. Six to their seven, perhaps an unfair fight... If the members were equal.

RJ: "It makes me happy to shed blood with you in battle again." Routa cheered.

RJ: "Hey, Kavika! I killed one! Do me as a reward!" Clavicus shouted.

Tass: "Tis a pleasure as always!" Kavika shouted back to Routa, issuing the boar mistress a salute. To Clavicus, she scowled but said; "Kill another and maybe! For now, we fight!" Raising her bow, Kavika unleashed a volley of three carefully placed arrows into the throats of four of the orcs. The rest she intended to leave to her companions, allowing each to display their own valor in battle.

RJ: Her arrows struck three in the throat, and they dropped rather suddenly. Kavika's bow skills seemed to be improving with every shot, as her enemies like the three before her fell to the cold snow. Then everyone else charged. Routa smashed an enemy with her chain mace, which was as heavy as a human being. It turned the orc she hit into red paste, while Shadow leaped over her and pounced on an orc aiming to strike Routa. He moved like lightning, and made as if to tear off the orc's throat, but did far more than that. He bit down, and ripped off the orc's head savagely before tossing it aside. Urana and Ange charged the two remaining orcs, but ganged up on a single one. With their attacks, they inflicted great wounds... But the orc was still standing! He charged, as if to bash them, before Clavicus saved the day by striking the orc down! "OH YEAH!" Clavicus shouted, before turning to Kavika. Rather than boasting, he gave her a knowing wink filled with confidence, and an even greater deal of excited glee. >>

RJ: And then the last remaining orc hit him over the head.

Tass: "Dammit...." Kavika muttered, but then laughed as Clavicus was bashed over the head by the sole remaining orc in his moment of gloating distraction. It was just.... Too much, and the huntress let herself lapse for a moment before casually putting an arrow to the neck of the last of the orcs. "Well fought! Those that are hurt, see to yourselves with Twig's preparations if you feel that you must! For now, I must go and see to a certain pack of wolves!" And with that, the huntress was off once again.

RJ: Running off to the east, as Bitey would tell her, the last of the enemy's search party was on it's way. If they survived this, then it was all over. Kavika heard a howling in the wind, before the flighty Bitey said, "Seven wolves," and darted off with great speed to acquire information about the rest of the battlefield, leaving her alone to fend against the beasts. The wind howled as if in response to the wolves. The presence of the wind at her back felt almost like mother nature itself was there, telling her she wasn't alone, and that one of the greatest forces in this world was looking out for her... That's when the beasts came down from above. But not over Kavika, oh no... Right into her trap. They fell into a large area, and one was immediately caught in a bear trap, causing it to scream out in pain. The rest charged at Kavika, the twisted warped things no doubt eager to exact their lewd intentions upon her... Before three of the foolish beasts were blasted by Twig's trap. Unfortunately perhaps, they weren't killed. She now had six wolves after her. Thankfully, she wasn't swarmed yet.

RJ: Running off to the east, as Bitey would tell her, the last of the enemy's search party was on it's way. If they survived this, then it was all over. Kavika heard a howling in the wind, before the flighty Bitey said, "Seven wolves," and darted off with great speed to acquire information about the rest of the battlefield, leaving her alone to fend against the beasts. The wind howled as if in response to the wolves. The presence of the wind at her back felt almost like mother nature itself was there, telling her she wasn't alone, and that one of the greatest forces in this world was looking out for her...

RJ: That's when the beasts came down from above. But not over Kavika, oh no... Right into her trap. They fell into a large area, and one was immediately caught in a bear trap, causing it to scream out in pain. The rest charged at Kavika, the twisted warped things no doubt eager to exact their lewd intentions upon her... Before three of the foolish beasts were blasted by Twig's trap. Unfortunately perhaps, they weren't killed. She now had six wolves after her. Thankfully, she wasn't swarmed yet.

Tass: Cursing under her breath as the wolves survived Twig's trap this time, Kavika raised her bow and fired, starting with the unwounded beasts before going for the wounded ones, intending to kill them all before they could reach her and desperately trying to make that plan a reality. To Kavika, this portion of the battle was most critical, and every moment that she spent here was one in which her allies were in grave danger. One of the beasts slipped by her storm of arrows to come for her, and she could not draw again fast enough to kill it before it could reach her....

RJ: The one surviving wolf rushed past it's brothers as they fell, looking to them, as Kavika would hear it speak. "Damn those orcs! What a waste!" it shouted, perhaps unaware that Kavika could hear him. "Stay quiet, my brother!" it directed at the last wolf. "The orcs intended us to die, with all hope, she may forsake or forget you if I give her something to think about!" he announced, before jumping, and biting into Kavika's arm.

Tass: "Stop!" Kavika stated calmly to the wolf, hoping that it would understand her. Hissing in pain as it bit into her arm, she backed away and said; "I wish no battle upon you if you serve the orcs unwillingly! Fight on, and I will defend myself!"

RJ: The wolf seemed surprised that she could understand it. It let go of her arm after biting her, before stepping back. "We serve the orcs willingly. Food, warmth, and children they grant us. For the sake of our pack and the next to come... I do as they say!"

Tass: "And yet, they send you to your deaths against those with no quarrel with you! For purposes that you do not share! Wolves should not serve, certainly not for that which they can take on their own! I give you but one more chance," a

Tass: Kavika replied as she drew her melee weapons, "Surrender, or be my prey!"

RJ: "I take no pride in it! But I have lived and made cubs with one of their slaves. THIS IS SURVIVAL! I will die for the next generation! Kill me, wench!"

Tass: "So be it!" And then, Kavika lashed out with her blades, aiming to end the already wounded beast.

RJ: Her blades cut the wounded beast, and killed it quickly. The beast, fighting with the knowledge that his obedience was for his children's sake, died as the orcs intended him to, as his children will no doubt do all the same.

RJ: The remaining wolf was in the back, desperately using it's strength to get it's paw free, and actually showing some success. Now that his brother was dead, it seemed rather urgent.

Tass: Drawing her bow, Kavika took aim and fired at the struggling wolf, doubting that it would be of any more use than its compatriot.

RJ: The wolf died before it could get beyond halfway free. With the death of the wolves, then came the sounds of rocks falling. Twig must have done his job. Bitey came back again, and told Kavika the situation from the levels above, where he had free reign to jump around. "Two orcs are approaching Twig's group. There is also a group of eight orc soldiers heading for Routa's group." he said calmly, as if he was indifferent to their success.

Tass: "Thank you, Bitey" Kavika said calmly, and then started for Routa's group as quickly as she could.

Tass: "Clavicus, get back! Form up and be prepared!" Kavika shouted, readying herself for battle by taking aim herself at where the next group would approach from.

RJ: "Use it now." Routa announced as Kavika returned to the scene just as the large group of eight orcs came pouring in. Clavicus stomped on the ground after leaping to it, before a wave of magic suddenly flowed, much like the explosions. Instead of harm, Kavika felt herself caught in the blast, and her wounds began to patch themselves up on their own. Clavicus seemed better as well, along with Urana. "If I kill a third one, can I get anal?" Clavicus asked with a big grin.

RJ: "I resist smashing you only for Kavika's sake, Clavicus." Routa grunted.

Tass: "Sure," Kavika stated darkly, "I'll have to craft the tool necessary, but I find the idea of forcing something up your anus preferable to the alternative Clavicus!" With that they had no further time for quips, however, and Kavika lifted her bow and opened fire as soon as she was ready. The waves of healing had fully restored her strength, and she knew that winning this would end the battle for the day. With practiced ease she repeated the feat she had demonstrated earlier, holding five arrows and launching them one at a time as her sharp eyes placed them where the orcs would feel it the most. Her storm brought down the first wave, and it was for Kavika's allies to charge and finish off the rest.

RJ: With only three orcs remaining, the rest were easily defeated. Routa and Shadow killed two, and Clavicus timed his attack just right to get his third kill. Stolen, but he did get the last hit for glory. "Give me a kiss, baby!" Clavicus said with glee after the fight was over, charging towards Kavika, before Routa stood in his way. With her scarred face, she suddenly hijacked his attempt, and gave him her own kiss instead. In reaction, Clavicus turned and began to throw up, having kissed such a hideous woman. Routa acted as if nothing happened as she turned to Kavika. "The battle is ours." She said, before Twig and the other four came into the main canyon as well. "Y-you... W-we won!" Twig shouted, excited.

Tass: "Yes..... Yes it is. We have won the day," Kavika said proudly as she beheld the aftermath of the bath, emphasizing the plural. The antics between Clavicus and Routa only amused her further, and the huntress was in decidedly good spirits as Twig and the others arrived. "Never let it be said that we are not mighty, for we have done that which some would have called impossible!"

RJ: Bitey made the results clear, and it made everyone quite excited. "Fifty enemies against our ten." Routa repeated. "Times no longer seem dark. Our revenge comes ever nearer." the boar mistress grinned. Clavicus raised his arm as well. "YEAH! That means I'm as strong as ten men!" he shouted, and got looks of pity from the others. "... What? That's math." he defended himself.

RJ: "Five... Even if it weren't a lie..." Twig mumbled.

Tass: "Enough of that," Kavika stated lightly, "Clavicus fought as well as any today, and as fun as it is to tease him, he is as much our brother today as any of us. With luck, he might even grow into a proper man under our encouragement~" She grinned at the man after her last barb, and then continued; "We face an enemy who outnumber us greatly, and do not think that we have felt their full strength yet! These were clanless and mongrel wolves, and we know that they can field stronger than this if they must. We must gather more to our cause, hone our skills, and prepare to sculpt the terrain to our advantage if we are to survive to see our vengeance delivered!"

RJ: Everyone cheered, even Twig, who seemed relieved that this fight was over and that everyone was okay. Eventually everyone wanted to go back to camp, though as Kavika walked with them, a figure shrouded in a black cloak was seen just in the side of her vision. It stood there, only until Kavika noticed it, before gesturing with their arm, beckoning her to follow, only to vanish around the corner.

Tass: Smiling, Kavika made to follow the others initially, but quickly caught onto the strange presence of the dark figure. "Continue on without me.... I'll only be a moment," Kavika said calmly, and then moved to follow the dark being, her hands drifting to her knife and sword slowly. She did not know this being, but suspected that they were the one who had left her the note during the previous night.

RJ: Everyone seemed hesitant at first, but that was quickly replaced with trust. Kavika's presence as the trustworthy leader was nothing but absolute. They let her go only with passing remarks that she shouldn't take too long or else the celebratory wolf meat will be cold when she returns. Routa announced that she was going to eat one of the orcs, which made everyone go silent. She just got a little more frightening to the group, it seemed. "You need not be silent, I'll share." she stated. They got even more silent. >>

Tass: "Stop scaring them Routa!" Kavika called back as she followed the dark figure.

RJ: Following after the figure, even around the shortest corners, the figure always seemed to be vanishing just around the next corner. Only when they reached a quiet and close quarters area, did Kavika round a corner, and find the stranger standing right in front of her. "The Order has taken note of your exceptional abilities." the stranger's female voice stated, before pulling her cloak back. "And we would like to involve you, beginning with the fact that our interests seem mutual."

RJ: (Link:

Tass: Kavika came to a dead stop when confronted with the blade-wielding, hooded stranger in such close quarters. When it became apparent that this assassin wasn't here to murder her, however, the huntress relaxed slightly, though her hands remained close to her weapons. "I have not heard of any Order before, and suspect that you are far out of your realm of influence in my lands.... But I suspect that you care less for that than for your purpose, which is the target of my next question. You say that our goals are mutual, and so I am to understand that you wish for the grip of the orcs on these lands to end?"

RJ: "The orcs intend to overrun the lands to the south... We have learned this much. However, the leader of the orcs you just defeated shows dangerous promise. If he is allowed to become a threat, he will be far more dangerous than even what we currently have before us... I have been sent alone to seek you out, and aid you in his murder."

Tass: "And only his murder?" Kavika prodded gently, "Even if he is killed, my people will still be in danger from his subordinates. If you wish my aid, then you will have to fight more than just one orc."

RJ: The woman giggled. "Your mother and I are good friends... So while that is only my mission, I of course have something to say about the orcs that raped her."

Tass: "Are raping her," Kavika corrected her calmly, "She is still their captive, and I was unable to take a prisoner who might give me an opportunity to break her free. These orcs are clanless, but they are loyal and they fear reprisal, and their leader wishes to see our race wiped out entirely."

RJ: "I'm afraid if we are to have any hopes of freeing her, we need to remove the man who holds her chains." the woman said. "My name is Audi, and I have already done some fact finding about what is happening. Currently, your mother is being held in the leader's company at all times. He has learned strange abilities... Asides from the drugs, he has somehow made her... Well, I dare not say 'love him', but... It's a power that only certain individuals possess, one that governs sex and emotion."

Tass: Frowning, Kavika nodded and then thought for a moment after Audi had finished her explanation. "My people tell legends of demons from the abyss using such abilities.... I confess myself unsurprised that an orc who was cast from his people would resort to such foul manipulations. It only makes him even more dangerous, however, and I agree that he must be killed before the threat of his servants can be truly ended. Many of them might cause problems on their own, however, and we will likely have to slay many before we can reach him. If he is the type to fall to an assassin, I suspect he would be dead by now. And if we are to kill him, we will need more than just us two and what little forces I have now. We fended off the orcs today because they were fighting on our terms, and I suspect the reverse would play out if we fought on theirs without preparation."

RJ: "You are correct in that... I have come from a failed assassination myself... Though who stopped me might not surprise you. It was your own mother who defended him." she revealed. "And she gave me a message for you... Which I encourage you to disregard.... 'The survival of our people will not come from resisting him. Surrender and we can be together again.' "

Tass: "I suspect that she knows that I would not follow such a command anyway, as I will not. Having my mind taken and broken and spending the remainder of my days as a man's plaything does not interest me, and these orcs have offered too many insults to my honor to go free. Besides, his own subordinates told me of their intention to see humans wiped out entirely."

RJ: "Good to hear. Though, I only suggest what I did because... I personally do not want your mother as my enemy." Audi announced, seeming to fear her power a good deal.

Tass: "Nor I.... But what choice do we have?"

RJ: "Then I put my faith in you, Kavika. Only her daughter I imagine could stand a chance against her now. If he gets both of you in his possession, then his ability to capture and turn others to his side will become almost unstoppable. I offer my services." Audi declared.

RJ: Then, Audi twitched, before throwing a dagger past Kavika, which landed in the rocks, where an orc was just coming into view. He stopped, not looking too shocked. "I have found you without dying in the process... Fortune smiles on me." the orc said. "Kavika... Before I say a thing..." the orc pulled out the drug, the very thing she needs to avoid the withdrawal symptoms. "This... I hope will be a token of peace." he said, before setting the bottle down halfway between them and walking back.

Tass: "I wouldn't surmise as much," Kavika stated, her body shivering at the mere sight of the drug. Its withdrawal symptoms were horrid, and made more so by the fact that she knew that they would only be getting worse. "Who are you, and what do you want?" she asked irritably, not yet drawing her weapons but certainly preparing to do so.

RJ: "My name is Loktar... I followed the leader who holds your mother because I developed a sense of... Family. I was banished because I wanted my child not to go into battle, and he told me that my child would be protected if I followed him... But now he will not allow me to leave with my child, I cannot see him anymore... I left the leader towards you on the grounds of... If I can capture Kavika, he will free me and my child..." he said, his voice quickening up, as if he was getting emotional, a mixture of fear and sadness. "I can give you the cure, Kavika!" he said, before getting on his knees, and bowing before Kavika. "I could not defeat him, he nearly broke me. I am desperate, but I love my son!"

Tass: To say that the orc's tale had her flabbergasted was something of an understatement. While she wasn't an expert, Kavika knew enough about orcs and their ways to understand how forbidden this orc's story was, and she glance at Audi before looking back to the odd orc and opening her mouth to speak... Only to shut it again as he dropped to his knees and begged. It was hardly a sight that she had expected to see when she had woken up that morning, and the promise of a cure was.... Well, being free of the itch boiling in her blood was sorely tempting. "You.... What is this cure, Loktar?" she asked, unable to hide her excitement at the prospect, before forcibly calming herself and continuing; "You son.... And you.... Why are either of you held as such? What makes you or your son so valuable?"

RJ: "He wants slave... Not only out of your kind, but out of his own DAMN PEOPLE!" the orc shouted, emotional. "He plans to turn my son into yet another one of his soldiers! I know he is a liar in his promises! He is nothing but false promises! Even now... I won't lie... He hopes that my plea for pity will capture you... He's a demon." Loktar stated. "The cure is from a rare plant that grows only in cold regions... I know not it's origins, but I think it was brought into this world via magical means... Perhaps twisted or... Or altered in some way... But... It is a white flower with a red center, with about... Four petals, and one thin green neck that connects to it's roots. The petals are put into a heated drink, and it's properties can seemingly remove the addiction."

Tass: "Such is the description I have come to use for this particular orc myself," Kavika muttered agreeably. She had never heard of a plant by that description, but if she could just find it.... Maybe she wouldn't need to slaughter an army to get her cure. Maybe..... "I wish that I could help you easily. Truthfully, I do!" she said calmly, "But I do not yet have the power to end the reign of this man. Not yet.... But I will. As such, I will not demand anything from you beyond what you have done already. If your tale is truth, I know now what to offer you beyond my promise that I will see him dead as soon as I am able."

RJ: The orc went silent a moment, before rising up. "... Then I have no choice." he said. "He gave me a month, to persuade me not to simply aid you, in order to capture you. I must return alone... Since not even the one he fears most could help me after all."

RJ: "Thank you for allowing me to live." he said to kavika, before turning on his feet, and heading back the way he came.

Tass: "I cannot help you.... Now," she said simply, "But the time draws close that I will be able to. I have neither right nor cause to ask more of you, but if you wish that time shortened, there are questions which I would have answered."

RJ: He stopped, and looked back. "Anything. I will tell you all I know." he said.

Tass: "Firstly, coming here... What did you hope that I would do? Follow you back and simply kill him, then and there?"

RJ: "I honestly don't know... If you would return with me and surrender yourself, or reveal some greater plan... Needless to say, I wouldn't simply have left you in his hands with only my thanks. Before he bewitched your mother, he first sent her to the pens... Apparently, she breeds powerful pups. I already faced this dilemma before, and came to her, offering her my aid... She said she need not move a muscle, that her daughter would come soon to scold her for her disgrace... But... Still, she could have escaped..."

Tass: "That sounds much like her," Kavika said with a sigh, "Sometimes I wonder if she does not have the gift for prophecy, with her ability to tell the most infuriating truths. I wish that she had taken your aid then, but I suspect that I know why she did not. While it would be a noble thing, I am afraid that I cannot surrender myself to him for the good of your son. Many other families suffer even now, and would continue if he was left unchecked. I am sorry for that." Pausing, Kavika went on to her next question; "How long has this would-be king ruled? When was he cast from the ranks of his kin, and do you know why?"

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Re: The Great Hunt (Tassadar) GM'ed by MAF

RJ: "He split himself from the current king when he realized his beliefs would not be fulfilled with him... Since then, he took other orcs who shared his beliefs, and whoever else he could lie to in order to get them to join him. Once he had a sizable force... He began ambushing powerful individuals... And using that power of his to make them loyal to him. Even an angel... Those he has in his power now are varied, but powerful."

RJ: "Your mother... Is his most powerful yet."

Tass: Kavika stared in disbelief for a moment, and then said; "An angel? I know my mother is no weakling, but.... We cannot possibly be stronger than one of the celestials. And if he can break one of them to his will.... This may be more difficult than I had thought." Clearing her throat and her head, Kavika asked; "How many under his command does he have now? Powerful thralls and standard warriors alike?"

RJ: "The angel is fairly young, and he aims to let her powers grow without corrupting her in hopes that he can use her foresight." he announced. "Under his command... He has managed to acquire ten thousand strong."

Tass: "That would..... Ten thousand?" Kavika began, but then her jaw dropped. Never in her wildest dreams could she hope to fight so many, not if she had a hundred years to her name. "That.... Complicates things. Greatly. But... It only means we must be more focuses. Cut off all of the heads of the hydra, and the body dies."

RJ: "Is that all you wanted to know?" Loktar inquired.

Tass: "No.... What are this warlord's habits? Beyond what you have already told me, does he have anything that you could tell me of that I might easily exploit."

RJ: He sighed. "He thinks of his forces as trash, except for the more powerful ones. He will send out expendable soldiers without a care, especially so if they're easy to procreate, like the orcs who are corrupted. Other than that... He lets others do the fighting for him. He almost always remains in the center of his lair with his... Brides."

Tass: "So he is a coward himself then?"

RJ: "That would be the worst assumption to make... He captured your mother himself when it seemed she would actually defeat his forces ten times larger than her own. Hundreds died because of her, an astounding warrior and leader."

RJ: "Now, her power and genius belongs to him."

Tass: "And now, I know not to make that mistake. Do you know how he captured her?"

RJ: "From the battle, I saw it myself. She laid traps, tricks, and distractions of all kinds. He received all she had to offer, and seemed to emerge with no damage to his body. Magic, Might, and Skill. He is not devoid of these things, but he is straight forward. He knew that he'd never have success against her with just his footsoldiers. He made it seem like just another attack, before charging straight at her himself. She wounded him gravely, before he defeated her. He said it was the greatest gamble he ever took on his campaign... But as he held her body and healed himself of his wounds, before raping her before her own soldiers, he said... 'This whore will be the key to my rule!'"

Tass: "His power must have been great indeed..... This will take some consideration, particularly if my mother is doing his planning for him."

(Kavika salvages 250 denarii from the orcs, and acquires 8 exp)
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