The Pit, Season 3: The Temple's Rules

Nov 12, 2008
"Waking up on a strange place leaves you feeling uneasy. Looking around you see you're in some sort of stone structure carved directly into the rock. It appears to be some sort of temple. Three paths open to you..."

Okay, I have decided to revamp the entire combat and stat system so please check out the new rules before posting a character sheet. The major change is that I want to move more towards a "One post encounter," type game. I figure this will be easier on me and more interesting for you, the player.


The bulk of this game will revolve around exploring a series of rooms to discover why you are in the Temple, and to find a way out. Each room will consist of a test. Each test will be a simple pass/fail d20 role based on hidden stats. Each test will be open for the player to decide how to complete the test based on their stats. The stats on any given test will make sense based on the situation (A sex crazed demon probably can't be reasoned with, for example).

Strength - Physical Combat (How hard your attacks hit)
Constitution - Sexual Prowess (Using your natural "gifts" to solve issues)
Intelligence - Problem Solving (Using your brains to avoid traps)
Agility - Reflexes (Ability to dodge attacks translated into increased HP, as well as navigate tricky rooms)
Stamina - Toughness (How long until you succumb to the rigors of your trial)
Luck - How well the gods/fate/FSM look after you (Affects all encounter rolls in some way)
Life Force - HP (when this gets to zero, you lose. HP=20+.5*STR+.5STA+.25AGI+.25LUK)

You will get a total of 60 points to put into each of the top 6 stats with a max of 15 in any one stat. Life Force does not get these points, as it is mathematically computed, rounded to the nearest whole number.

Many tests will have buffs and debuffs associated with the encounter. Some may come in merely by stepping into the room, while others will be added after the outcome of the test is determined. Examples include weapons, being under the influence of a drug, special armor, etc.

...I think this about covers it. I'm taking a decent amount of inspiration from Kathy's Two Sides of Adventure concept, while maintaining the similar story style of The Pit games.

If you have any questions, please ask! ^.^