Unlucky (plmnko)


Turtle Poker
May 18, 2010
Re: Unlucky (plmnko)

Amanda gave the monster a real run for its money, but in the end did not succeed. She had gotten mostly out from under him, but at the last second it pushed up then slammed back down on her, not only pinning her harder, but cracking her head against the ground and dazing her in the process. The monster used this opening to grab her wrists and firmly hold them to the ground. The noise it made was almost like a chuckle as it continued to squirm around above her.


Tentacle Smut Lord
Nov 10, 2008
Re: Unlucky (plmnko)

A little groan escaped from her mouth when her wounded head receive another impact, maybe were the many hits on her backhead but for some reaso she started to think than this creature was the smart enough to think, but this maybe was very bad after saw his reactions toward her well developed body .

As she try to free herself using all her strengh to struggle she speak without nearly notice it Let me free, what do you want of me! her voice tone tried to hide her fear of being killed as the others soldiers.