Tentacle God
Dec 30, 2010
6th June, 237

Today I purchased a strange creature from the market. My first inspection of he specimen was that it appeared humanoid and female. At first I was unimpressed by the creature as it surely was some type of faye. Though as I left the seller told me that the creature, which he called a wildling was found in a cave by some lost mercenaries. Still I found this new info to even less eye catching that is until he claimed the girl could shine in the dark. Bioluminescence was not worthy enough to pay for a demonstration. Expecting some cheap trick I handed over a small sum of gold to see the creature in the dark. Expecting to be robbed I was on high alert my magic ready for my beck and call. I however had no need of it as the merchant was telling the truth. As I entered the stifling and dark tent the girls skin glowed with a faint purple light. Fine blue lines wound their way up her body. They looked like small vines and glowed with a brighter light. The girls hair also seemed to glow with a faint blue color. Needless to say I was breathless and offered the man 200 gold trade coins. This seemed more than enough especially after I reminded him of the law against unknown magical creatures being brought into the city.

7th June, 237

After informing my fellow professors about the new creature many came to inspect her. She of course found this rather disturbing and spoke in a primitive language that none of my fellows could figure out. Still I was socked to find the girl could speak at all and ended the view session. I have decided to due some private research while the semester is adjourned.

22nd June, 237

It has been several exhaustive weeks sense I started my private research. Today the girl asked me my name in broken common. Apparently she picked it up from the random visits and my nightly open air discussion over research. With this development I've decided to call her Anna. It doesn’t seem right to call a subject who can speak thing or it.

24th June, 237

Anna seems to like her name and we talked well into the mid afternoon. Her handle of common has greatly improved. She seems to understand my curiosity and was willing to help as I took measurements. For this I opened my old apprentices room for her use. Tomorrow I plan on hiring a tutor to teach her some basic education.

27th June, 237

Anna's education has gone exceedingly well and she has a gift for numbers. Today we spoke about her people which sadly she was not able to communicate much to me. From what I gather all her tribe are female. When I asked her about children she just looked confused. Perhaps there is no word for it in her language, or maybe much like the Alraune and are born from seeds. Sadly the topic seemed to only confuse poor Anna so for now I let it drop.

1st July 237

I went to visit Anna in her room only to find the whole place covered in a fine dust which glowed. She had also blocked the window with a heavy curtain. When I asked her about it she didn't understand but was able to tell me the sun hurt her bad. She did mention however she liked the lights outside. Taking a sample I later found out that my dear Anna is giving off spores. I doubt much could grow from them given our location but I must take care. I do not want hundreds of little Anna's running around.

17th July 237

I seem to have exhausted all the research options available to me. Anna has told me as much as she knows and I have figured out a great deal about her races's attributes. Still lingering questions about lifespan and reproduction have eluded me. Perhaps if I visit the location where she was found I will have more luck. I will send a request to the dean and see if he will allow me the time to start and expedition. Meanwhile I have sent Anna to boarding school. She is a fully fledged member of the guild now but is still an apprentice and will need further education.

20th July 237

My request for an expedition has been granted though I will have to fund it myself. I expected this anyway and I have little to due with my salary I receive from the college and have built up a substantial bank account. I have made preparations with a local mercenary guild to help keep me safe during the trip, after all the area is a hot bed of banditry after the war. I even finished my last will and testament just in case and left it to Anna.

17th August 237

We have reached the cave and breached the interior. It was a splendid sight large mushrooms soared high into the cavern casting faint pale light around us. Many spores drifted from the large fungi and gave off the effects of snow. Several wildlings where spotted watching us but all attempts to coax them to us failed. Still I will not be daunted in this task. I have set up base-camp near a field of large bioluminescencet flowers. While the camp was set up I asked several of the scouts with us to search for a village or town. They have yet to return.

18th August 237

Strange noises during the night made it hard to sleep. It almost sounded like screaming. Sadly none of the scouts returned last night which made several of the mercenaries uneasy. They have decided to leave forgoing any additional pay. Only a handful of the more boastful and brash of them have decided to stay.

19th August 237

Found several bits of old tattered cloths and even rusted weapons scattered about. Its probably refuse brought in by wildling scavengers. The scouts still haven't returned and one of the men found a bow that belonged to his best friend. Suspecting foul play the remaining mercenaries have set up watches during the night. I've noticed the spores seem to colonize what ever they touch. If we stay much longer no doubt we will have a healthy glow all our own. I'm not worried however, direct sunlight should kill off the spores that stick to us.

20th August 237

The sentries have gone missing during the night. Its almost as if they where plucked from the ground. No tracks or signs of trouble would indicate what would happen. I've decided to leave this place. I cannot risk the lives of these men who followed me here. They are in agreement as well. We will follow the path the previous group left. Strange though the flowers on that path have all closed up.

13th May 239

I have found the basecamp of Professor Green. Sadly it has fallen into disrepair. No trace of him or any of the mercenaries that accompanied him could be found save for his journal. I found it strangely enough in the center of a dried flower. Most of it is illegible but I shall return it to Anna as a keep sake. I don't think I will stay the night in this cave the air doesn't feel right and and I swear something is watching me.