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Dark General Quest: Corrupt the Word!

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    Dark General Quest: Corrupt the Word!

    You are a Dark General, a powerful Youma (or similar creature) of the Shadow Realm. Your potential is cast, and your ambition is high. Will you be the most renowned, revered and rewarded? Or will you fail? Blocking your path to greatness are the beacons of hopes and dreams, the warriors of love and justice, the pretty soldiers, The Magical Girls. You'll have to get around that problem, but your goals wouldn't be worth doing if they were easy.

    You may be the hero of your own story, but humans at large and Magical Girls will cast you as the villain du jour. What type of Dark General are you? You're unique one. You are the Hivemind. You have many bodies with a single consciousness, each an extension of you much like another limb is. This gives you a huge advantage over groups of Youma, one that you intend to leverage over the others for more power.

    This is a empire builder and quest CYOA. This game will be run on two forums, the other being Questionable Questing. You'll need to register to see the thread.

    So, what is your life like?

    Do you answer to a more powerful patron? They will demand regular tribute, but provide you with access to allies and reinforcements. You must maintain your good standing or face a bad end. (Indirectly affects difficulty by changing how likely it is for something good to happen.)
    [] You answer to whispers that come from the shadows, whom have given you great power in exchange for your allegiance. You have no idea what you are beholden to, but you know that refusing their requests will lose you your powers. You know that you have allies, but have yet to meet them. You just know what the whispers tell you, and what secrets you hear. (Other dark generals may show up to offer or request help, but will keep to themselves. There won't be any reason to compete, as per the shadow whisper's plan.)
    [] You are the apprentice of a Shadow Sorcerer who has recently become a master and joined the Cabal that rules the world in secret. You are now your master's agent in their political games, and compete with the other apprentices for resources in the Cabal's grand plan. You intend to become a master and join the cabal yourself, but first you must graduate from your apprenticeship. (Other Dark Generals may show up, usually to ask for help or be helpful, but you should also expect some friendly competition. The Masters don't like it when the apprentices kill each other off, but don't mind a bit of healthy conflict.)
    [] Your power just sort of showed up one day. A magical fluke? A genetic mutation? Or perhaps it is there to balance against the bright light of the magical girls. After there all, there are no magical boys. Maybe that's what you are. There are other Dark Generals out there, commanding small teams to huge legions of youma of their own, and they can be quite territorial, but they may be willing broker truces or alliances. There are a few of those around. (Other dark generals will not show up to request help, but may offer it for a price if you appear weak. If you appear especially weak to them, they may just try to take you out and take your stuff. They expect the same behaviour from you.)
    [] You have sworn fealty to the Dark Queen for your power. She is as evil as she is beautiful, and what a terrible evil she is. She has many Dark Generals under her dread banner, and seeks to bring the mortal world into the shadow of her tyranny. Competition for her favour is as fierce as it is deadly, though there are whispered rumours that a truly favoured could become her consort. She rules her dark kingdom with an iron fist and a keen eye, and no sedition or failure has ever escaped her notice. You don't want to become another example, do you? Also, don't even hint that she may have once been a magical girl herself. She doesn't like that rumour one bit. (There will be a constant bartering of favours and occasional backstabbing, both figurative and literal. The queen cares not what happens to her generals as long as there are enough that can get work done and push her goals forwards. She's also really nice to look at, if a bit scary.)
    [] You have been chosen by the Old Gods to be the new Demon Lord. Well, of your area. Pious and deference has seen you rewarded, but the old ones demand the culling of the ranks of the weak as much as they demand tribute and sacrifice. You live for the politicking and backstabbing, quite literally. (Dark generals are constantly trying to get the better of each other in a Machiavellian game of warring states, all in the shadows, only team up to take on the magical girls. Most of the magical girls can only see that youma are coming out of the woodwork to drain people of their energy and drag off to do who knows what.)
    [] No. Through nights of terrible study, tons of aching effort, and no small amount of luck, you are a self made Dark General. You stand alone. You are your own Monster. You answer to no one. You take all the risk and responsibility, but do not share they rewards of your exploits with any other. Unless it is part of your plan. Now practice that evil chuckle! (The other dark generals are just more powerful youma that manage to bully others to do their bidding. The different factions or lone youma will prioritise ruining each other's plans over fighting the magical girls. The other dark generals live with the risk of being usurped by their underlings.)
    [] Yes. The Mystery Box. This is a special secret patron added as a joke, but I'm willing to run with it. Who is this mystery patron? It could be anything. It could even be a boat. (It's not.) No one knows! Only that it will be rather goofy.

    How prolific are other youma? (This affects how powerful established Magical Girls are, how quickly new ones grow in power, but also how easy they are to capture and corrupt once defeated, or how easy they are to avoid as they may be too busy dealing with a rogue to deal with yours. This also affects how likely it is for you to encounter another dark general's troupe, or coming across a rogue youma by accident.)
    [] Virtually non-existent. Youma must be created by a Dark General though captured magical girls, and only end up alone when their sire is slain before they are. Rogues quickly join another faction, team up to form a new one, or end up easy pray for teams of powerful Magical Girls.
    [] Rather Rare. Youma must be created by a Dark General and mostly loyal to their sire. They do occasionally go off on their own, but most commonly end up alone through a run of bad luck. Rogues quickly join another faction, team up to form a new one, or end up easy pray for teams of powerful Magical Girls.
    [] Uncommon. Sometimes youma are just born from a coalescence of negative emotion and loose mana.
    [] Common. There's just about as many rogue youma as there are those loyal to a dark general. The rogues get created from nothing more often, but are also more likely to be defeated by magical girls.
    [] Prolific. They live in the shadow realms and come to feast on human essence. Youma prefer to eschew others of their kind because they don't want to share their hard earned harvest of tasty energy. Rogues out number the ones in factions by a significant margin, and are quite feral by aligned youma standards. Expect to encounter them as often as you do the magical girls, and deal with them appropriately.

    Regardless of the constant struggle between magical girls and dark generals, what is the world like? (This affects how often Magical Girls turn to the dark side on their own, and how easy it is to corrupt them.)
    [] Sunshine and Rainbows. Taxes are a bit high, but the economy is booming so paychecks are higher even. Birds are signing, crime is down, bees are buzzing, traffic is flowing, and schools are happy fun places where little girls develop interesting skills and deep meaningful friendships that last the rest of their lives. Even the weather is seems to be smiling every day, rain or shine, and was that a unicorn? Nawww.... Anyway, if it weren't for you and the youma, it would be two steps shy of a modern utopia, you jerk faces. (Magical Girls are paragons of love and justice, and never act otherwise. As such, they are more difficult to corrupt. They are easier to keep happy once corrupted, if you care to.)
    [] Mediocre Civilisation. There are still taxes, the economy is still a thing, and paychecks are at least adequate. Some people might focus on the bad too much, but really human civilisation keeps making things better and better everyday. School can be mind numbingly dull but little girls see the benefits of it, and there's plenty of time to socialise. Now you youma boys show up to wreck everything they've built and you expect them to just lay down and take it? (Magical Girls sometimes may compromise on their morals or act selfishly, but never turn to corrupting themselves.)
    [] Gritty world. Despite taxes being so low the economy is always slumping, and yet somehow people still get their lousy paychecks. Birds poop on statues, crime is just around a corner and down the alley, wasps are little demons, there's an accident in the express lanes both ways. School makes little girls feel dumber, takes too much time, and leaves everyone grumpy. The weather is never right, and who's horse left a present in your favorite parking spot? Youma coming out of the shadows to suck on everyone's energy fit right in. (Magical Girls can act selfishly or even -gasp!- turn to crime, but will never accidentally corrupt themselves. They can choose to take up the dark arts, however, can give you a head start with the corruption process.)
    [] Distopia. Taxes are too damn high, unemployment is rampant, paychecks are shit, crime is out of control, and conscription into the police has just been put into affect. Schools are full of gangs, or angry bees, or gangs of angry bees. No wait, that last one was hallucination from all the pharmaceuticals being bumped into everyone's veins. No wonder little girls want to throw their life and education away fighting youma. The catharsis of punching a giant snake made of shadow stuff with magical sparkling fireworks must take the edge off better than the mandatory prescription anti-depressants do. (Magical Girls are all too human, and can easily be led astray from a couple of bad choices. They are easier to corrupt, and may corrupt themselves accidentally or by choice.)
    [] End of Days. People didn't expect it, but the world is coming to an end. What went wrong? How did no-one see this coming? The stress of the back to back disasters will weaken the Magical Girls, but harden their resolve. (Magical Girls are easier to capture, but harder to corrupt.)
    -[] Robot Uprising. The technological singularity has been achieved, and you are competing with the AI Revolution for human souls. You want to feed off their energy, and they want to cleanse the dirty apes to pave the way for a flat concrete slab for more factories of circuit and metal. In the middle are the Magical Girls, holding back the tide.
    -[] Zombie Plague. The classic horror movie scenario has come true due a perfect storm of super germs, mad science and bad juju. Now the dead walk again to feast on the living. Only Magical Girls are immune to the Z-germs, but they are so few that their combined magical power can't turn back the waves of undead hunger. For you, Zombies have no mana for to drain, can't be corrupted, and are super gross! (Magical Girls get stronger faster, and are even harder to corrupt!)
    -[] Economic Collapse. Universal Robotics and Adaptive Software has replaced so many human jobs so fast that unemployment is nearly total. With no one getting payed the consumer era has come crashing down in an orgy of riots, looting, black markets using Pogs as currency, and rampant substance abuse. The good news is that there's free food and internet, so people have that going for them. But the job market; it belongs to the machines now. (There will be more Magical Girls.)
    -[] Demon Invasion. The gates to the Underworld have opened. As have the gates to Otherworld. And the Shadow World. And the Spirit World. All the gates really. There are many super natural monsters from other realms pouring in to feed off human essence. The Magical Girls have tons of monsters to fight off, making their skills and power grow rapidly from the varied demons to slay. (Magical Girls get stronger much faster, but may be taken out by the other types of demons.)
    -[] The Moopocalypse. The chickens, cows, pigs, and all the other food animals have wizened up to their future fate and have had enough. They have organised and launched simultaneous assaults all across civilisation, overwhelming the military. Nobody expected the chickens to have uzis and flambards. (This season, cows have a beef with you. In theatres everywhere.)
    [] Post-Apocalyptic. The end of days came and went, and they it just didn't end. It was really bad, but most of humanity survived, even entire major population centres went undamaged. Though not unaffected. The calamity affected the entire world, creating a new dark age. The hard times have toughened the magical girls, but the depression has them longing for better times. (Magical Girls are harder to capture, but easier to corrupt.)
    -[] Write-in. Choose an apocalypse from above. (Gain the associated effects.)

    The most powerful Magical Girl in the world is?
    [] None at all. Both Dark Magic and Magical Girls are new, and everyone is scrambling to set up a status quo. (Magical Girls all start at minimum level. They will gain in power as the game progresses.)
    [] None specifically. There are some very powerful magical girls, but they all got to their level by hard won battles and constant training. (Magical Girls will vary in power,
    [] The Moon Goddess. A powerful sorceress of unparalleled power and beauty is believed to be the first Magical Girl (unless you're subject of the Dark Queen, in which case she's a just a 6). Her feats include scouring a celestial body of demons (and rendering it inhospitable in the process, oops!), redirecting comets, and getting children the world over to eat their vegetables. She has inspired many girls to better themselves mentally. She wears a beautiful silver dress, radiates a calm blue light, moves with unearthly grace and dignity. (Girls, magical or otherwise, will have 1d4 bonus Magic and Elegance, and spell caster types will be more common.)
    [] The Warrior Saint. A mighty warrior encased in golden armour, wearing a burning halo and wielding a flaming sword. She has the wings, face and voice of angel. The moon is covered in the ashes of entire ecosystems of demons she has slain with her holy powers. Her piety and kindness has inspire many young girls to take religion more seriously. Somehow no one knows what her religion actually is, but it's probably a Judeo-christian one. (Regular girls have 5 more mana. Magical Girls have 50 more mana, but are twice as hard to corrupt.)
    [] The Amazon Champion. A mighty warrior woman from a lost world. Her martial prowess is unrivalled and physically impossible. She can lift small buildings without breaking them, leap across city blocks, and break bowling balls between her thighs. (Dem thighs!) Her physical prowess has inspired girls the world over to become more fit. Women everywhere flaunt their abs whenever they can get away with it. (Girls, magical or otherwise, will have 1d4 bonus Strength and Agility, and warrior types will be more common.)
    [] The Metal Queen. This studded leather clad woman has shaken the world with her sick guitar licks and mad fighting skills. Her show stopping feats have inspired girls everywhere to take up music and martial arts, and have driven concerned parents up the wall with her radical antics. (Girls, magical or otherwise, will have 1d4 bonus Strength and Agility, and spell caster types will be more common.
    [] The Shinning Golden Guy. A true hero, he flies around the world all time, stopping crime, halting tsunamis, getting people out of burning buildings, rescuing kittens, and generally being a nice guy. He is invincible, can shoot lasers, can see the future, and never sleeps. Now if only he would wear clothes. (Unlocks the ability to capture men and make Husbandos. Makes male themed achievements available.)

    Continued on the next post.
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    Re: Dark General Quest: Corrupt the Word!

    Now back to you, Dark One. What is you name, and in three words describe yourself.
    [] Write-in

    How will you treat captured girls? (How much of a monster are you?)
    [] Cattle: Captured girls are a resource, nothing more. They are fully restrained, gagged, blinded and deafened. Their happiness and pleasure is irrelevant, and they are only kept healthy enough to produce mana and youman. They may immediately be used to produce youma, and magical girls can be drained of their full mana right off the bat. Magical Girl Cows have the lowest chance to escape or be rescued. As they are corrupted the light of their heart dims until they're empty shells of themselves and lose their special magical traits, providing only as much mana as a normal human girl. Fully corrupted magical girls are no longer magical girls even if rescued unless some powerful healing magic is used. You monster.
    [] Pets: Your captured girls are now mere pets, who have no need of volition or opinion. Their happiness and pleasure are side effect of your attention. Pets have a lower chance to escape, and can immediately be used to produce youma or be drained of mana. As magical girls are corrupted they weaken until they are back at their starting power level, and thus you they can only be used to make youma that strong, while only providing half the mana even then. Rescued magical girls eventually recover, and will come back with a vengeance! You fiend.
    [] Concubines: Your captured girls are now servants whose primary role is to provide you with mana, youma, and sex. You will provide them with comfort and work to please them. Magical Girls turned into concubines can be drained of their full mana as soon as they are captured, but do not make youma for you right away. Once fully corrupted, magical girls can make Youma for you, but only provide half their mana. Concubines must be kept happy with occasional gifts and positive attention, and the magical concubines don't become weaker over time. Rescued magical girl concubines will resent you quite a bit, but are otherwise no more hostile than they were before, which is quite significant actually. You pervert.
    [] Dark Consorts: Capture girls become your lovers. Until corrupted, they have a higher chance to escape and can't be used to produce youma. You will actually have to pay mana as upkeep in the form producing gifts and extravagant housing or send out youma on missions to acquire gifts to keep your Dark Consorts happy, as befitting their new illustrious station, or they will not provide you with mana or youma. Instead of draining their mana, you can send Dark Consorts out on missions with your youma, providing increased success and the ability to keep getting stronger themselves. Dark Consorts can also provide insight into their former teammates abilities and tactics, and can demoralise their former friends and soon to be harem sisters. 'Rescued' Dark Consorts will resist being healed, are easier to re-capture and corrupt, and may even return of their own volition. You hedonist.

    You starting forces is 10 Shadow Clones (basic minion youma you've made) and a single Mana Battery Mk1. You are trapped in your own pocket of the Shadow Realm for now. It has a bed chamber, a bare room used for research, a simple kitchen, a basic washroom, and a throne room. You also have either a second bed chamber or a barn, based on how you choose to treat future captures.
    Starting Bonus. A little help to start your quest, choose one.
    [] Companion: The Doormat. Your childhood friend has joined you on your quest. She is rather plain, kinda dim, and a clutz. She doesn't have a positive trait that stands out, but you grew up with her and kept her around since she was willing to help you practice kissing, fingering, rope play, cosplay, intercourse.. Okay, she was, and still it, willing to do anything you say. Anything. Treat her anyway you like. Treat her nice, call her names; tell how to dress, keep her nude; forbid her from talking, have her only moo like a cow; keep her tied to you bedpost gagged, set her loose on others. Anything. Just don't ignore her. She has incurable self-esteem issues and will be all to happy at any attention you give her. But whatever she thinks, she is special. She's yours. Also, any youma you make using her have more mana than normal, meaning they can last longer in the field. (Youma she helps create gain +20 mana capacity, or have 75, whichever is greater. This includes your starting Shadow Clones.) Your domain will have an additional Bedroom for her to reside in.
    [] Companion: The Porn-star. As a prank, you set up a job add for an office assistant but worded to imply that the position's tasks would involve giving you a lot of side benefits. This woman showed up thinking she was auditioning for the role of a secretary in a porn flick. After an intense interview and some vigorous negotiation, you've pounded out a juicy contract. Not that she can quit. She has a natural charisma that emphasise her showmanship, and she's also a cunning linguist and loves to practice her oral skills. (Slut girl helps outs while corrupting Magical Girls, making it easier by lowering their resistance and contribute her meagre mana capacity to the corruption process.) Your domain will have an additional Bedroom for her to reside in.
    [] Companion: The Bookworm. She was deep in a binge on the occult when she met you, but was unsatisfied with her previous job as an office administrator for big pharma. Now she'll help you in your attempts at researching, usually by coming up with separate ideas or digging through your meagre collection of eldritch tomes. Youma with tentacles for arms have nothing on TPS reports and memos about meetings to plan future meetings. (Her help increases research success, but not past the limit of your library. She can also do research in the place of you on her own.) Your domain will have an additional Bedroom for her to reside in.
    [] Companion: The Mistress. The first time you saw her she was tazzing a would be rapist in the alley behind a busy pub. Despite going to bars in her business suit with her hair up, and having practised her sneering glare every morning, she keeps attracting the wrong kind of attention; weak men that don't take 'no' for an answer. After showing her what good company a Dark General that can summon a pack of Youma makes, she's agreed to become your mistress. Turns under that under that serious no-nonsense shell was a repressed dominatrix needing to get out. The only thing she loves more than whipping other people or verbally tearing into them is cuddles and ice cream, as well as getting tied up and spanked. She also has a minor magical talent; she can act as a conduit of your dark power. As a former corporate lobbyist, she is very versed in getting people to do things for her bosses benefit at the expense of themselves. (She can corrupt a normal or Magical Girl for you, letting you corrupt two at a time. She won't share your bonuses to do it though, and will have to develop them separately.) Your domain will have an additional Bedroom for her to reside in.
    [] Minion: The Demon Warrior. Soon after you started manifesting your Shadow Clones, you were approached by a rogue demon that requested to join you. She's a big four armed beast of a woman with incredible toughness and a unique fighting style that you're sure Magical Girls will have trouble defending against. What a fortuitous happenstance. But.. come to think of it, even now you are certain she could take you and all your Shadow Clones out, but you are certain of her loyalty. What's her deal? She isn't talking, she just wants your approval and favour. (Gain a powerful demon minion to send out on missions.) Your domain will have an additional Bedroom for her to reside in.
    [] Double start-up with 10 more Shadow Clones.
    [] Free Youma: Avatar. Start with an Avatar in the material world. You'll need to research a way to create more if you want another.
    [] Free Enhancement: Basic Attribute Upgrade. You and your Youma gain a bonus to an attribute.
    -[] Strength
    -[] Agility
    -[] Magic
    -[] Elegance
    -[] The Small Dice. Any two of these bonuses will be chosen at random, but have a chance to either get two more rolls, or lose a roll. Sorry, but doubles only count once. (2 times d6)
    -[] Lose the bonus enhancement. Did you actually pick this? This option was only supposed to be for the random chances.
    [] Free spell: Shadow Gate Lvl1, allowing you to capture people and bring them to your realm.
    [] Free tech: Mana Battery Mrk1. You can make them now.
    [] Free Alchemy: Fool's Gold. You can conjure gold. It isn't permanent and fades over time, or immediately if taken out of your domain, but you can shape it however you wish.
    [] Free structure: Barn or Bed Chamber, based on your choice of how you treat your captured women.
    [] The Big Dice. Any two of the above bonuses will be chosen at random, though there will be no chance to lose the Free Enhancement at first. (2 times d12, then maybe a d5)

    Vote Template
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      Re: Dark General Quest: Corrupt the Word!

      You, Dark General, are a powerful entity in your own realm. Your attributes and those of your followers are as follows.

      Legion, Dark General

      Bambi Kiss


      Of course, those arbitrary numbers mean little. If anything, if you are fighting at all something has gone wrong. You are a Dark GENERAL, getting others to do your bidding to further your goals is what you are all about. Your ability to make and command youma is your greatest strength. And see that Hivemind trait? That means that youma you create are extensions of you, not unruly offspring you'll have to beat on to fall in line. You don't make offspring so much as spawn lesser clones of yourself. If you want something done right, do it yourself, and the best thing about you is that there's so many of you.
      You can even cast spells through your spawn, though only if those bodies meet the requirements.

      Spells learned:
      Alchemy Learned:

      Architecture Learned:
      Enhancements Learned: None.
      Tech Learned: None.

      Your Library has a number of tomes on the arcane, eldritch and occult, though much of it is useless. There are a number of magics available that you could perform if you studied how. These are the things that you know you can learn from your current library, but there may be other things you might have missed and would be revealed by more research.

      Spells known:
      Alchemy Known:
      Architecture Known:

      Enhancements Known:

      Technology Known:

      Lines of Research

      Your Domain:

      The Great Enemy:
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        Re: Dark General Quest: Corrupt the Word!

        Game Rules Descriptions
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          Re: Dark General Quest: Corrupt the Word!

          Reserved just in case
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            Re: Dark General Quest: Corrupt the Word!

            Color me interesred: Here are my choices

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            Perfection is humanly impossible. The more you reach for it the farther away it grows. Failure is inherited to our species as a whole. But punishing ourselves and beating ourselves up for it helps nothing. The best any decent person can do is try, and try, and try again. And try to get better little by little day by day.


              Re: Dark General Quest: Corrupt the Word!

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              "RPG's aren't about problems, they're about having fun and watching your grimdark world devolve into Monty Python quotes."

              Just a little teaser:

              For truly it is written, RTFM.


                Re: Dark General Quest: Corrupt the Word!



                  Re: Dark General Quest: Corrupt the Word!

                  Sounds like fun.

                  Do you answer to a more powerful patron?

                  [x] Yes. The Mystery Box (This sounds fun I must know what it is.)

                  How prolific are other youma?
                  [x] Uncommon

                  What is the world like?
                  [x] Sunshine and Rainbows (all the more fun to corrupt)

                  The most powerful Magical Girl in the world is?
                  [x] The Moon Goddess

                  Now back to you, Dark One. What is you name, and in three words describe yourself.
                  [x] Teth'nagen: eccentric, kinky, Seductive

                  How will you treat captured girls? (How much of a monster are you?)
                  [x] Dark Consorts

                  Starting Bonus. Choose one.
                  [x] The Big Dice

                  A link to the thread on Questionable questing would be nice.

                  Thanks for the clarification. I made some clearer choices. I put up my own name candidate.
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                    Re: Dark General Quest: Corrupt the Word!

                    I'll reveal what's in the Mystery Box when I close the vote.

                    Please limit your vote to one per line. I won't count the second choice. Try not to vote based on other people's votes, I want to know what you want.

                    I'll add a link at the top of the first post. There's actually a bit of discussion going on there that you may be interested in.
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                      Re: Dark General Quest: Corrupt the Word!

                      I'm going to let people chat and vote for another day. But here's the votes from ULMF.


                      And over in QQ:


                      It looks like making captured ladies our Dark Consorts is a clear winner, and having to worry about the Moon Goddess and more magically talented Magical Girls is going to happen. There is a three way tie between being a self made Dark General, serving the Dark Queen, or just sudenly becoming a Dark General.
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                        Re: Dark General Quest: Corrupt the Word!

                        Final Votes

                        Legion, the Dark General

                        Bambi Kiss


                        The good news is that you have managed to transform yourself into a powerful monstrous spirit, a greater youma, what those in the know call a Dark General. You didn't even have to give all that much for it, just your human biology and some other things you can't seem to recall at the moment. You have a bunch of spare bodies to do busy work with, and two lovely companions; a playful and promiscuous woman, and a powerful and gorgeous demon to command. Bambi Kiss, and Ophelia.

                        The bad news is pretty damning. You got so eager to make a hidden palace in the Shadow Realm that you forgot to set up a way to come and go at your leisure and are now trapped. Your Shadow Clones can leave, but you are your companions cannot. You don't want to be stuck in a room with a grumpy demon or catty woman.

                        It wouldn't be so much of an issue if you hadn't of spent all of your starting Mana on creating your realm. Now all you have left is what you, each of your youma and Ophelia are carrying, and what Bambi can provide with you with everyday. Not the end of the world, but it means you can't cast any spells to make more youma, create stuff or do any research.

                        You are also pretty sure you are forgetting something important, but don't know what. You lost it when you transformed, and it's been niggling at the back of your mind like a tilted painting.

                        Ophelia is lounging across you lap, her head propped on your arm over the arm rest while her legs are hanging over the other. She has one arm across her belly propping up her breasts, while her other hand is playing with your hair. Ophelia is singing in her room.


                        You have no projects going on, you haven't recently achieved anything, and no idea what's going on the material realm. This lack of productivity cannot stand!

                        Resources: None!
                        10 Shadow Clones with full mana

                        • Moving in! Bambi wants to completely move into her room in your domain and that means getting her belongings. You can either send shadow clones to get her stuff, or learn Shadow Gate lvl2 so that she can do it herself. You may want to get on that before she's evicted and/or reported as missing. (0/10)
                        • The Lost Tapes: Bambi feels that she may not have gotten the best deals from her previous porn shoots and wants a bit of revenge. Retrieve the original materials such as camera memory cards and film negatives. (0/10)
                        • Hunger for Battle: Ophelia wants to go to a sporting event to feed. While mana from Bambi's blood is fine, mana from acts of violence or competition is better. Learn Shadow Gate lvl2 and send her out on a mana retrieval mission at a sporting event.
                        • Time to Duel! Ophelia also wants to fight a magical girl. That will require sending her out on a mission and hoping for an encounter.
                        • Training Room: Ophelia is happy with her bedroom but wants a different room to practice fighting in. Build her a Training Room.
                        • Music for Ophelia: She wants to listen to some music. That means getting an appliance, music discs, and a source of electricity. Or you could try getting a clock work record player and some vinyl.

                        New Lines of Research:
                        • Magic Lessons: While Bambi is just a normal human, you're pretty sure that every creature is aligned to an element somehow. Bambi doesn't care about learning magic, but teaching her magic would mean learning her element and may even allow her to increase her Mana production!
                        • Magic Science: Or you could try and learn a new way to figure it out that may lead to a way you could spot other human's element
                        • Asura Lore: Ophelia is a type of demon, specifically an Asura. They are vastly different from youma and you're not entirely sure what this means aside from what misinformation you learned from pop-culture, and what she's explained to you from about her dietary needs. Your books may have some information you didn't bother reading.

                        Oh. And what type of demon is Ophelia again? (Some people have already voted.)
                        -[] Dark Onyx (Shadow Demon)
                        -[] Smokey Topax (Rock Demon)
                        -[] Fiery Ruby (Fire Demon)
                        -[] Rainbow Opal (Wind Demon)

                        In any case, it is time for a plan. You can personally see to a number of actions to get done in a week due to your nature, but anything done outside your domain will require a body's complete focus. That means that while you can choose to do many projects at home, getting stuff done outside requires that you focus on missions. You can assign more bodies to missions or tasks to get more done, but a body can only do a single mission at a time. While you have multiple bodies, other allies, minions and companions normally only have one.

                        At home: Each body can perform three tasks per week. Each of your clones shares your skills and abilities, but lesser clones have lower limits. Also, you can only have one body learn a new Spell, Alchemy, Architecture or Enhancement at a time since it is just you that is learning and doing it twice won't help. Trying to learn too much at once also confuses you enough that you won't learn anything if you try. However, different people can help each other learn new things faster, if they share the same skills or are trying to teach each other skills the other doesn't have. At this time your main body, Bambi and Ophelia are stuck in your domain, so you might as well have them help you out.

                        Relax, Do Nothing: So boring, but if you want to save on mana that is an option. Most youma and demons spend one mana a day just moving around, but if they do nothing but nap they won't spend that mana. Unfortunately, Ophelia is so powerful that she spends two mana a day just existing and has feed to sustain herself regularly.

                        Provide Mana: Bambi is a human and generates 10 Mana everyday. You can drain her before going to bed without any drawbacks and the next day you'll be able to use it all, or she can let Ophelia have it. But if you want Bambi to learn to do any magic or try to increase her capacity, you're going to have to let her use her mana to learn to cast spells.

                        Missions: Each body can only perform a mission at a time. You can assign more bodies to a mission to increase success, but this also means you'll attract more attention doing it. Youma, demons, magical girls, and corrupted humans all produce an aura that spreads out from them and can lead others to them. Creatures of the same type gathered in an area have their aura resonate and multiply leading to rapidly increasing attention the more they gather together and the longer they stay.

                        So what do you want to get done this week?

                        Create Youma:
                        -[] Write-in:
                        Build Structure:
                        -[] Write-in:
                        -[] Write-in:
                        -[] Information Gathering:
                        You have no idea what the state of city is, or even what city is closest to your domain. You don't know what the current youma activity is, or if there are other dark generals. You don't know what the local roster of magical girls is, or how powerful they are. You know of no people that spark your interest.
                        -[] Mana Gathering: You, your clones, and Ophelia are full on mana. Your mana battery is not, and while you have Bambi giving you 10 mana per day, that isn't actually enough to sustain you, all your clones, and Ophelia. Unless you have some clones take a nap, but that's completely opposite of the reason you have clones in the first place. That means you need to get some mana from humans out in the wild concrete jungle. What type of place will you try and get it from?
                        [S]-[-] Try to Capture:[/S] You'll need to learn Shadow Gate Lvl1 to bring people into your domain.
                        -[] Special Mission: Fulfil a special request for one of your companions.
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                          Re: Dark General Quest: Corrupt the Word!

                          Ophelia: Fiery Ruby
                          -[X] Research:
                          Shadow Gate Level 2 1 clone
                          -[X] Information Gathering: 5 Clones
                          -[X] Mana Gathering: 4 clones Downtown
                          -[X] Special Mission: Hunger for Battle
                          -[X] Create Youma: Main Body
                          -[X] Magic Lesson: Bambi
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                            Re: Dark General Quest: Corrupt the Word!

                            Ophelia's Demon Type: Rainbow Opal


                            Mana Gathering: 6 Clones, Residential/Suburban Area

                            Moving in! 3 Clones

                            First set of actions per body:

                            Research: Shadow Gate level 2; 1 Clone

                            Magic Lessons: Bambi, Legion

                            Ophelia: build a Training Room

                            Second set of actions per body:

                            1 Clone: construct a room to house the Shadow Gate.

                            Research: Magic Science: Legion, Ophelia, and Bambi

                            Third set of actions per body:

                            1 Clone: Rest.

                            Research: Asura Lore: Legion, Ophelia, and Bambi
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                              Re: Dark General Quest: Corrupt the Word!

                              Originally posted by Robotninja
                              I thought we could only research one thing at once? Does training take mana?
                              I really need to write more clearly. I think I should have done things in the game rules testing thread the have on QQ

                              Now, the rules for actions are:
                              1. Each person can only learn one new spell, alchemy, ability, etc. per action.
                              2. Learning costs resources. You must be able to perform the action to learn it, and to learn a spell mana must be spent to cast it.
                              3. Each body can perform three actions per week in the base, or one mission outside the base.
                              4. You, the Dark General, are a single person, who happens to gets multiple bodies.
                              5. Some spells are to be used for actions in the base (architecture and enhancements for example), while others are combat spells that will get used automatically in fights.
                              6. Researching isn't actually an action, but is instead performed by doing other actions. Performing new actions, or combinations of actions can create new abilities to learn.
                              7. If you run out of things you want to learn, you can always search your meagre library with idea you have of something else you want to learn.

                              You can learn anything you know about, it just takes effort and a body that can perform the thing you are trying to learn. Shadow Clones can't talk and so won't be able to learn how to sing. They also only have 50 Mana, so won't be able to learn a spell that costs 100 Mana.
                              I am a game designer. If you see me running, try to keep up.