Available Dungeons!

Jun 18, 2009
This thread is added as a result of Tass's suggestion for Villains to post which dungeons they're running.

Please make ONE post if you are a VILLAIN ONLY, listing all of your available dungeons and simple opening info about them (you may put the full intro behind a spoiler if you'd like).

Do NOT Post in this thread. If you would like to pick up one of these dungeons, PM the Villain to ask about the dungeon and if he/she would run it for you, and the villain will start a thread for your game if it's accepted.

If you no longer are running a dungeon, please mark it as **INACTIVE**.
If you are no longer playing a villain in BSOA, please edit your post accordingly, so new adventurers won't keep bugging you ;)

Special thanks to Tass for suggesting this.
Jan 13, 2010
Re: Available Dungeons!

~The Siege of Krisalis Castle~

Dungeon Level: 3

(OOC Info: Recommended Level is Two to Three. Combat and Naughty is heavy within the dungeon and to a lesser extent Spirit. Explore is not emphasized. Expect Demons (Humanoids and Abominations), Heavy Bondage, Gangbang, Bukkake and Rape.)

Desired Posting Speed: Three Posts a Day is fine, but at the slowest Once a Day.
Desired Posting Length: Detailed Paragraphs. (Two to Three will Do. The more details in the paragraphs you give me the more I can give back to you.)


Deep within the Castle City of Krisalis Castle, an unholy evil has taken hold of the kingdom sending it spiraling into corruption, decadence and vice. This once bastion of hope and virtue has been tainted for twenty years having been sealed itself off from the outside world. A call for new heroines has been made. The wicked force behind the fall of this mighty kingdom has began to spread its evil through the surrounding lands bringing the same anarchy with it. Will you answer the challenge and destroy this root of evil or will you fall into the same ocean of sin that has sent the kingdom into decline?


~The Slavers of Jashair~

Dungeon Type: Single
Dungeon Level: 1

(OOC Info: Expect Enslavement, Heavy Bondage, Gangbang, Bukkake and Rape; Warning: Nintendo Hard)

Desired Posting Speed: Three Posts a Day is fine, but at the slowest Once a Day.
Desired Posting Length: Detailed Paragraphs. (Two to Three will Do. The more details in the paragraphs you give me the more I can give back to you.)


The Kingdom of Krisalis whilst within it's absolute decadence and vice often turns upon it's own people and nowhere is that more evident then the practice of slavery which under the new practices of the kingdom is completely legal and thus were born the Slavers of Jashair. The Slavers of Jashair are basically hired bandits and mercinaries of the kingdom who steal unfortunate souls from nearby kingdoms. One such attack happens upon the hamlet of Nigria, a simple farming community well within the established borders of the Kingdom of Estakil. Whether it is because you were upon your travels or a simple local within the hamlet, or hunting these men down for one reason or another you are soon swept up into a world of strife and heroics.
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Pheonix Alugere

Nov 15, 2008
Re: Available Dungeons!

The Mirror Of Youth
Level 0 single player dungeon with an additional follow up dungeon.

Out in towns on the west coast of Vestalia continent, there's a common rumor that tends to circulate every couple of years about a sorceress living in a tower on a bluff over looking a small bay along the north end of the continent. It's said that, despite being several hundred years old, she looks like she's barely over the age of adulthood. Of course, the rumor goes on to say that the reason she's so young looking is she has a special mirror magically crafted from the waters of the fountain of youth that can bestow eternal youth on its owner. How it does this is uncertain, but that doesn't stop many people from seeking the mirror. In fact, finding the tower that most believe the rumor is about is fairly easy. For the farther north someone goes, the more they here about a tower belonging to a sorceress.

The land immediately around the tower is a large, grass-covered bluff extending out across a small bay where fishermen are often able to catch fish, particularly eels, all year round. In fact, a decent sized town has grown up at the back of the bay where people make a living fishing or catering the wanderers who come in to seek the mirror. Often times, visitors to the town will be able to make out the small forms of wanderers climbing up the grassy bluff to the tower as they begin their search.

(This is a quest for level 0 heroines where Combat is mostly unimportant, but Explore and Naughty are heavily emphasized. This dungeon is also the prerequisite for a second level 0 dungeon. I can post several times a day and will aim to make all posts at least as large as the second paragraph if I can't make the first or higher.)

The Tainted Tower
Level 0 Dungeon.
Legends abound of a massive tower lying deep in the desert past the southern edge of the world. In these legends only a small handful of things remain constant. First, the tower was built as a pathway to the realm of the gods. Second, the gods, incensed at this offense, tainted the tower with the spoiled dregs of energy left over from creation causing the corrupt energies to run wild and warp the very being of the tower. Third, and most importantly, there is supposedly a small pool of creation magic at the very top of the tower that has been purified over the millenia since the tower's tainting that holds the power to cure any illness and heal any wound even those caused by the passage of time.

(This quest has elements based on all 4 stats, however, it should be noted that, due to an encampment existing on both branches of the path at one point, this dungeon is considerably harder than the standard level 0 dungeon. A better description for this will be posted after the first time I run this game)
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Dec 21, 2009
Re: Available Dungeons!

The Wreck of HR 9657: Level 1 single player dungeon. Sci-fi, replace Magic and Spirit with Tech and Knowledge.

The year is 1253 A.E.(3748 A.D.). An age of exploration and development. Very few humans have no augmentations, either biological or mechanical. As a whole, humanity has established nothing smaller than a colony on every habitable planet found within 100 light years and many of them 500 away. Every year, more research and scouting ships fly into unknown space, searching for more planets, and trying to answer the ancient question. Are we alone in the universe? The answer isn't promising. Many lifeforms have been found, from bacteria, to plants, even simple animals. Unfortunately, none had anything resembling sapience.

Two months ago. The Blue Albatross reported that it found something. It had traveled a long way outside of mapped and patrolled space to make such a discovery. People were overjoyed. This was great news for the Iris Corporation, already a leader in scientific research; being the first to make contact with an intelligent species would do wonders.

Two weeks ago all contact was lost. The Albatross fell completely off the radar outside of explored space. While this was hardly a rare occurrence, as the days continued passing, people began to get worried.

Yesterday, the Iris Corporation began publicly sending offers to any with the skill and willingness to find their ship and retrieve it's data logs.
Mar 1, 2010
Re: Available Dungeons!

Adding A new dungeon, which can either be a continuation after the Cave of Wishes or it's own stand alone adventure. Feel free to poke me if you have any questions or want to give it a run.

The Cave of Wishes (a level 1 dungeon build for heroines of level 0-1)

The cave of wishes is a place of legend long since forgotten by the world at large. When it was in it's peak it would see ten to twenty adventures a day attempt to brave it's caverns. Over the years it has faded form the memory of the world, once an old wives, tale now not even a tale. It would seem it's fate was to become nothing more than a rare and unimpressive tale. Everyone in the world had disregarded its existence expect for a small select few who searched for it from the day they could brave the wilderness till present.

But in the last month every major city has seen a massive increase in a group of people, the group dedicated to finding the Cave of wishes and they claim to have succeeded in finding it. They state it is dangerous and in disrepair but the treasures of knowledge there and the very ability to get wishes themselves remain present. They wander the towns giving maps to who ever will take them, telling the tale of the cave to who ever will listen. While the governments of the world dislike the group coming into their town and causing such a ruckus, they deem it harmless, because who in the right mind would believe such a group have ever actually found the Cave. But little by little, those with no other option, and those seeking adventure and fame left their homes with this map in hand. Seeking the Cave of wishes, and all the wonders and dangers it would give them.

Extra note: This dungeon is the opening to a universe, that can be completely altered by you and your actions. at victory you heroin will be confronted with choices. These choices will alter what happens to both your heroin and the world at large. Should your heroin lose, that is not the end of this story it will continue still altered be her actions, meaning you will get choices just different ones. These choices will continue into the next dungeon, which will be created and played though by the same heroin or a new one, if the last heroin didn't meet a desirable fate.

(Stats are mostly balanced, with a lack of focus on naughty, but really all skills will be used in the dungeon equally.
Fetishes: Monster sex, that includes monstrous humanoids, tentacles, slime monsters, with gang bangs and some bukkake.
Availability: will give a post a day at the very least, length I will match what I'm given, tho normally I will probably try to give at least 2-3 per post.)

The Litany of Mentok - Level 1 dungeon, meant for heroines of level 0-1

Mind control magic has become increasingly common to find in the evil doers around the world, many of which enjoy harem's of mindless sex slaves thanks to it. There is very little defense against it but there is a single spell that was developed to protect the mind against forced intrusion. It was made by a mentalist named Mentok, he sought to not allow anyone the ability to manipulate his mind like his did to those he subjugated. He has a cult of followers, although calling them worshipers would probably be a better name for them. And in this place he holds his litany, it is sought after by both the righteous and the villainous. Anyone seeking to protect themselves from mind control magic wants it, but to get it they must get past both Mentok's cult followers, his mind controlled subjects, and any traps he has set, and then rest the litany from Mentok himself. Not an easy task, is there any heroines up to the challenge.

(stats are relatively balanced, with a slight focus on Spirit again)
Fetishes: Mind control, gang bang, bukkake, and in general forced sex.
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Available Dungeons!

The Dead Queens Palace. **Inactive**

Level 1 dungeon for 2 level 1 characters, or 3 level 0 characters.

(Yeah, I decided to test out the multyplayer system.)

Centuries ago, a young noblewoman, barely sixteen, inherited control of her small fiefdom when her father died in battle and her mother died of disease. Completely unprepared for rule and supposedly advised by a necromancer, the young woman ran her fiefdom practically into the ground, holding onto her rule with an iron hand using hired orcs and summoned undead for nearly a decade while the peasants who served her suffered under complete oppression. She allegedly underwent dark rituals that involved bathing in the blood of a hundred virgins that were meant to grant her immortality, but when the ritual went wrong, she was turned into an undead abomination. Now a vampire, she continued her dark practices, now including feasts of blood, until the church discovered her and sent knights Templar to destroy her and her lackeys.

Now, centuries later, the Dead Queen, her true name lost to legends, has allegedly risen from the grave once more. Lights can be seen from within and around the keep at night, and the orcs and Minotaur that have often lived in the keep as bandits have begun raiding the nearby town with greater organization, and supposedly backed up by undead allies. No one knows why the dead queen has risen again, but it surely bodes ill for the region, especially because the church that destroyed her all those years ago is now in disarray.

The call has gone out by the local baron for adventurers to aid in clearing the tower of its evil infestation, and the locals offer a great reward for proof of the vampires final destruction. Willing adventurers are to go to the barons mansion and sign up there.

Fetishes: Monster rape and very light blood.

Stats are balanced, leaning slightly away from Exploration though.

(People can PM me about this. Depending on how many I get, that's how we'll decide the number of people per thread and how many threads. I'm willing to run up to 2 threads of this at once.)
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Mar 13, 2010
Re: Available Dungeons!

General Notes
I can go at pretty much whatever pace, though about once a day is a good minimum. Of course, I'm not going to hold it against you if inspiration or the terrible spectre of Real Life looms ;)
I also warn you that my dungeons will tend to be a little bit... twisted. Not guro level (unless requested...), but they're not much for the lovey-dovey and consensual. Rape, blood and death can all be expected, as can plenty of monsters.
I'll also try and keep things fresh. Apart from one or two opening paragraphs, no two people will get the same post for a particular situation. More fun for me that way ;)

Ghosts of the Storm
Level 1 single-player dungeon. Sci-fi; replace magic and spirit with tech and knowledge. Now revamped!

The sprawling Terran Confederation has entered a golden age of expansion and exploration - in theory, anyway. In the core, all is paradise. In the outer systems, the Confederate Military's word is law, and that can mean different things in different sectors.

In one of the more run-down outer rim sectors, the TCRS Storm, a research and exploration vessel on the edge of known space, has abruptly ceased to respond to transmissions. The ship is a fairly sizeable investment, and many parties, the military not least, want to know what has happened.

Our heroine has been picked as part of an elite team to take a combat transport to the Edge, locate the Storm, and find out what the hell happened...

Warning: contains cybernetic rape, monsters and death.

The Hunting of the Wolf
Level 1 single-player dungeon. Sci-fi; replace magic and spirit with tech and knowledge.

This dungeon is a sequel to Ghosts of the Storm, and will not be unlocked until Ghosts is completed. Additionally, it is highly recommended that any characters playing this dungeon first complete Ghosts.

The cause of the loss of contact with the TCRS Storm has been found, and with the ship under the control of the one weary survivor of the initial rescue party, it seems all is well. The arrival of the TCF Wolf seems to herald the end of her trials. But in the darkness, something watches and waits...

The legacy of the Storm remains.

Contains transformation, cybernetic rape and monsters.

City of the Titans
Lvl 2 single-player dungeon. This uses the prototype 'extended dungeon' rules, and has 10 stages instead of 6. It also uses prototype 'PvP challenge' rules for one of the bosses. This is a standard fantasy dungeon, statwise.

In the beginning were the Titans. Some called them gods, some called them demons. Some still saw them as only very powerful beings. Exactly what they were has been lost to myth a thousand years ago, when their terrible reign ended and they themselves vanished.

Vanished, that is, save for the towering mountain that looms over the city of Iresia. The mountain that even the bandits and monsters avoid. The mountain upon which lie ancient, towering ruins; the City of the Titans.

The City has lain dormant for hundreds of years, for fear of awakening what might lay within. Some things are better forgotten, and in modern times, few even know of its significance.

But over the past few weeks, the City has awakened. An unnatural storm hovers over the mountain, and monstrous raiders swarm the forests around the mountain, raiding Iresia and destroying all that they touch. In desperation, the City Elders have sent out a call for any brave enough to enter the City, and make it sleep once more...
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Jun 18, 2009
Re: Available Dungeons!

Entering Superheroine City
This is a level 1 dungeon meant for single heroines attempting to take down an evil government and rescue their fallen allies.

This is the first dungeon in a string of them, culminating in a multi-heroine attempt to bring down key members of the evil city and save the day.

... Not that I expect anyone to manage that. Bwahahaha.

After decades of 'heros' and 'villains' duking it out, wrecking entire cities and causing untold billions of dollars worth of damage, even groups that claimed to be 'good' and 'noble' soon fell out of fashion, protested against and hated for their unwillingness to take the steps necessary to protect the innocents, and still trying to impose their own moral code onto the world.

Out of this, came the 'Judgement', a new group founded by one of the greatest villains of all times, a cruel, calculating woman who used the laws to her advantage at every turn, twisting and perverting the intention of the law in favor of it's raw meaning.

At first, the Judgement did what the people had long called for the various hero groups to do. They stepped in and stripped villains of their powers forever, and those that could not have their powers taken, were simply sentenced to death, an order carried out immediately upon it's ruling, without appeals.

Three months into this policy, the Judgement captured a hero, who in attempting to 'do good', had broken a number of important laws. Sentenced, and carried out, the various hero groups of the world protested, mounting an attack against the Judgement that ended in nearly every government of the world rallying behind them... The day ended with more heros slain than at any time throughout history.

That was nearly fifty years ago, and the Judgement has become a fact of everyday 'super' life. Though the death sentence is far less often carried out, and only for truly heinous crimes, the purpose of the Judgement and it's rule have become absolute.

Rule 1) Supers may not get involved in any conflict without approval by the government where the conflict started. - To this end, fleeing across borders to escape is no longer a valid way out for criminals, the Judgement knows no borders once a crime is committed.

Rule 2) All local laws must be followed, regardless of how greatly anyone disapproves of them. Breaking any local law makes you a criminal in the eyes of the Judgement, and you will be punished accordingly. - If you cannot avoid breaking a local law, do not enter that country. This rule may only be overruled by Rule 1.

Rule 3) The Judgement shall personally deal with it's own members that willfully break local laws. Punishments will be handed out according to laws and rules set forth by the Judgement, deemed to be fair. This rule may only be overruled by Rule 1 and Rule 2.

White letters softly stretched across a black screen, "Need a break from it all?"
Fade in to long rolling beaches on a tropical paradise, magnificent, beautiful hotels spread wide across the endless shores, not a person in sight.

Fade out... "Or want to be right in the thick of things?"
Fade in to a booming club, lights flashing everywhere, people partying, booze, fun, and more, it was here when one would realize the entire commercial was silent.

Fade out... pictures begin to fade in and float across one at a time with that same alluring text flowing past.

"Our city is clean and beautiful..." it seemed like the perfect place to live...

"Our people are friendly and caring..." the people seemed so nice...

"Come visit us... or stay for a lifetime..." you want to stay... you want to live there forever...

"Take a break from your stressful life... These girls have..." Staring at the screen, you yearned to be one of those girls, not really seeing what they were or who they were, something about the commercial simply made you yearn to be just like...

... The screen froze, and your vision begins to fade back in, without realizing it, your clothes were already ruffled and half stripped, two fingers caressing your pussy and one under your shirt, fondling your breasts... if the commercial hadn't stopped when it did so abruptly, you would've brought yourself to completion right there in the mission room. A quick glance around the room showed that you were far from the only one, with only one or two exceptions, every heroine in the room had fingers in dirty places, several having already came, some topless, one stripped and moaning still with a dark blush on her face, unable to stop herself it seemed...

Your vision returns to the screen and shock sets in... the screen shows a large throne, the commercial hinting at making each and every vacationer the king, or queen, of their own little adventure, but that was not the horror... those girls that your mind was screaming at you, that you MUST be one of them...

"I see many of you have recognized by now. These four girls standing naked on screen are heroines. Our own members... The commercial itself has a powerful, but subtle form of hypnosis in it. If you would have watched to the end, it would slowly take root. We called this emergency meeting when we realized what was going on. Over forty of us have gone to this island resort already..."

As your mind continues to recover, you realize you are a member of the Judgement, a heroine. It is your duty to help the helpless, defend the weak, and generally do everything that the heros of old did, except within the confines of the law.

"...The reason I've brought you here today... I've spoken with the other members of the Judgement's council, to prepare a rescue mission, and punish those responsible." Blue angel was one of the highest ranked members of the Judgement, a kind soul who always obeyed the law. "... I've called you here because what I'm about to do is highly illegal." ... Or not.

"I'm asking for your help, because they won't send a rescue. According to the laws of Fell Island, they have committed no crimes... And if no crimes are committed, and the island does not ask for our assistance... we may not legally interfere. I played this video for you so you could see firsthand what ethical laws are being violated, and how evil this group is... If you want no part of this, leave now... otherwise... I will brief you on our mission."


Hours later, the plan was gone over in every possible detail. Everyone knew where to meet and when, the different ways to get onto the island, and... most importantly, the dangers.

"Superheroine City", the capital of Fell Island, was sinfully called such because it was where every captured heroine was eventually taken, to be abused, mistreated, and degraded. The island is filled with villains from around the world who flock there to plan and commit crimes of all kinds, from a safe haven where the Judgement cannot touch them.

To take up this mission is to walk into the lair of the beast...

Stats and Notes
Every stat may have both "ability" and "point" stats spent on it. Please follow the character sheet below this section.

Character stats necessary for this 'dungeon' will be:

Wrecking (Offensive power) - How hard the heroine can hit things, blow stuff up, or other such acts. Wether using Batman-style baterangs and little exploding spheres, or the Superman approach of simply eye-lasering and punching shit until it stops moving.

Injury (Prevention/protection) (Defensive power) - Wether body armor, invulnerability, or simply knowing how to enter bullet time to dodge anything that comes your way, the Injury stat stops your character from being beaten down by the first punch that comes her way.

Endurance (stamina) - Running, jumping, leaping tall buildings in a single bound, they all take a bit out of a heroine, and regardless of her abilities, she eventually tires. This stat is meant to reflect heavy strain on the heroine's body through excessively tiring tasks.

Secret Identity - Even heroines without a secret identity must have this stat for visiting Fell Island, as arriving there openly as a heroine is as good as an automatic capture/defeat.

Resistance (mind, such as vs. hypnosis) - On an island lorded over by a villain who's already used hypnosis to capture many other heroines, if your mind is not guarded against such attacks, it's like offering to surrender before you even arrive.

Naughty (!!optional stat!!) - This stat is purely optional. Having it on opens new options, but makes the game harder. More on Naughty stat:
Having naughty turned on, represents a fairly tender young heroine, easily embarrassed by sexual encounters, and squirms at the mere notion of being attacked in some way that leaves her topless. Orgasming under the filthy touches of a supervillain or while being publicly ravaged by an evil giant robot (just to name a couple things that could happen to her), would send her on a downward spiral of shame and humiliation, her struggles turning from attempts to save the day and do what is right, into merely desperate tries to get away from being ravaged and seen in the shameful situation.

Having naughty turned off does NOT mean there will be no sex however, but it rather means a raw change in how the heroine endures it. Less emotionally and mentally harmed by the encounter, she blushes and takes being molested with a quiet dignity, struggling to break free and finish the fight on her own terms.

Character Sheet
Superheroine Name:
Real Name:

Level: (These dungeons may be attempted by characters level 0, 1, or 2. They are for level 1 by default.)
(Note: please list stats as ## (##/##) where ability "(current points / max points)" is the format.)

=== Note: These are all stats to spend points in. You may put stat or ability points in each of these (except willpower).
Secret ID:
Naughty: (If disabled, put "unlimited")
Willpower: (no ability score allowed here)

Image: (optional)
Description: (if no image, or if different from image, describe differences here.)
Notable weaknesses: (optional. If your char loses, she loses. This merely is for fluff on how she may lose)
Requests: (optional. Specific events/encounters/sexual acts/whatever you may want slid into your encounters. Encounters will NOT vary for this, but if it becomes easy to add, it will be slid in.)
Background: (Please note: Your heroine is indeed 'super' compared to normal people, but she is no supergirl. At best, you've taken out a few no-name villains, and regardless of background, your raw stats are what they are. So consider this a bit when making your background.)

Villain Choice (If wanting to request a custom villain.)
Villain Name:
Villain Image: (optional)
Villain Description: (same as heroine, desc if no pic, or variances from pic if there is pic.)
Villain Other: (anything else you want to add for your primary villain.)
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Apr 8, 2009
Re: Available Dungeons!

The Beast of Helmoth

Dungeon Level: 0

Rumors have started to spread of a cursed village surrounded by a forest of death. Those who dare enter the forest fall prey to unholy abominations, and their fate is far more terrifying than Death. Those lucky enough to make it to the small town of Helmoth are greeted by women who are no more than mindless puppets, their mind and will stolen by some unspeakable horror that no one has yet to see. The few that still have their wits cower within their homes starving themselves to death while praying for some kind soul to bring them salvation.

Such rumors are generally ignored as nothing more than tall tales, but when a Priestess from the Church of Temteir goes missing someone is bound to notice. A reward has been posted for the recovery of the Priestess and her disciples, one that could keep an adventurer well fed for months on end.

Content includes: Ryona, Tentacles, Inflation, Nightmare Fuel (Horror), One possibly gruesome scene
Posting Speed: 1 Post a day should be fine, but I may need to go slower at times
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Dec 6, 2009
Re: Available Dungeons!

I have a character ready for BoH, if you don't care Termite.

Also, I will begin working on one for Superheroine city, Kathy.

I request either large paragraph or multiple paragraph posts and you can update whenever is possible.