Character sheets

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Nov 10, 2008
These are simple, lol

Higher Magic: only 1
Lesser Magic: pick 2
Anything else I should know:
Your University Major:
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Dec 14, 2008
Re: Character sheets

Okay, first re-draft of Old Jess, pending any edits:

Name: Jessica Kender
Race: Halfling
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Description: Barely over three feet tall, Jessica is slender for a Halfling, with short brown hair and light brown eyes. She is almost always seen playing with knives, which she seems to have an endless supply of, either twiddling them in between her fingers or juggling three or four at a time. She wears motley clothes, preferring earthy colours and absolutely hates anything that impede her range of motion, such as dresses and the like. The only constant about her wardrobe are a pair of fingerless mesh gloves, which are always in immaculate condition and which she is never seen without. Her hands are covered with little scars from her constant knifeplay, and there is a single scar horizontally across the bridge of her nose, marring her otherwise delicate facial features.

Personality: Jess (as she prefers to be called, its her own little inside joke, short for jester) is the class clown for the entire school, only she seems to be the only one that enjoys her jokes. Nobody is safe, students or faculty, and almost every wood surface in the school has at least a couple marks to show as well. Her favourite prank is to throw a knife so it sinks into the ground right in front of a person's foot, tripping them up when they walk. She had a lot of trouble doing this with the races that don't have feet, until she figured out to aim a bit higher so they stroll into it with their face. To date, nobody has ever been hit directly by her, though all believe it's just a matter of time. The only time anyone breathes easy is when she's off on one of her romps into the surrounding countryside, spending a day or two out there every month, almost like clockwork.

Background: Jessica has always been an unorthodox prankster, never truly causing harm but coming close many times. Those in her hometown got sick of it and kicked her out pretty much as soon as she was old enough to live on her own. She wandered her way through the wilderness, becoming a fair survivalist, and finally found her way to the coast, where she hopped a ride to the neutral continent and enrolled in the school. She's been there almost twice as long as it usually takes to graduate, between her constantly skipped classes, complete disregard for homework, and constant pranking of the faculty.

Higher Magic: Reservoir
Lesser Magic: N/A

Anything else I should know: Jessica is a reservoir, and a rather large one at that. Her mesh gloves have been enchanted to use her own power to conjure the knives she seems so fond of, though she is very careful to hide this, making them appear to come from under her sleeve, underneath her shirt, etc... It isn't enough to keep her reservoir stable, however, and so she is periodically drained by the teachers about once a week (which is part of why she has been at the school so long, she doesn't want to leave).

Her University Major: Music, currently. Been in and out of nearly every non-magical class, even lurked through some of the magical ones, until the time came to practice what she had learned, which she obviously couldn't. Hence, she has a rather large knowledge base, but isn't truly stellar at anything except her pranking and the skills that allow her to escape retribution for said pranking. That said, she seems to truly enjoy singing, and has gotten rather good at it, the Music course being the longest she's ever stayed in one course, and she actually bothers to show up for class, and generally gets along while she's there.

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Nov 21, 2008
Re: Character sheets

Description:Short and goofy at 5' 1" and 102 pounds with short cropped unruly brown hair and thick glasses, shes usually seen tinkering with anything that catches her interest, swapping her glasses for some complicated looking goggles
Background:Things have been fairly boring for Bibble, her full name being Bibble Bobble Ryans shes spent the last 2 years doing nothing but learning, The only thing more valuable then her glasses is the books she covets more then gold.
Higher Magic:Nature-Lightning
Lesser Magic:Teleportation (Weak) and Transmutation
Anything else I should know: Not really. Shes Odd, noisy, enjoys a good drink, and is generally covered in grease or oil of some kind, Although electricity isn't around in this world, shes been using lightning to make some very strange little golems that are constantly wizzing around her, I would assume most people think shes bat-shit crazy
Your University Major: Alchemy
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Feb 6, 2009
Re: Character sheets

Name: Grave Cynder
Race: Human
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Description: At 170 cm tall and 65 kg, he's not a very impressive figure, being rather slim. Between the never ironed and constantly black clothes, the glasses he wears, his short and unruly blonde hair and that odd, yet naive look in his blue eyes, he appears to be an unusual, but relatively harmless person. He is very expressive and his face often betrays the emotions within him, which is a blessing to those around him as it gives a clear warning when something is about to go sky high in flames.

Background: A somewhat eccentric person from early childhood, Grave wasn't one to spend too much time around his peers. His fascination with magic, fire magic in particular, eventually led him to conclude that he should study the art in depth. He had slightly better luck with finding friends in school, due to the fact that he grew up over the years and found himself in a more accepting enviroment, though people are still wary of his antics.

Personality: Grave is a bit of an introvert, usually staying on the sidelines of social life rather than in the middle, but does not shy away from company. He does have a bit of a sarcastic streak and a weird sense of humor, however, and tends to be rather blunt, sometimes without noticing. He tries to be nice to people he likes, though, and when left to his own devices he avoids things that might unnecessarily hurt someone, frowning upon such activities, even though he has some problems with expressing his own feelings clearly. Sadly, he's also prone to going into episodes where his common sense goes offline, and there are a few problems that make lives of those around him a bit difficult at times. First, he is fascinated by fire to a nearly distressing degree and on constant lookout for nifty spells. Unfortunately, while he really likes to learn, he prefers to do so through experimentation and has a "brute force" approach to problem solving - he tries every idea, no matter how stupid it might be. And on top of that, while usually reserved, he's impulsive and has a short fuse, plus he's got trouble with noticing the potential disasters he might cause, not mentioning his affinity for making things go "boom" in a fiery blast. Outside of his random episodes and poorly thought out escapades, though, he is a decent and loyal, if unusual and a bit vitriolic, fellow.

Higher Magic: Nature: Fire
Lesser Magic: Teleportation (Strong) and Telekinesis
Anything else I should know: Due to his natural curiosity, he knows a bit about many different topics, some of them a little obscure. He's hardly an expert, though, just good at gathering information and has above average memory for trivia and small details. Despite his obvious lack of danger sense, he's also fairly intelligent and good at analysis.

Your University Major: Elemental Magic. Preferred to take the full course, as far as he could, to gain a better understanding of other elements and how they may apply to his. He may have many faults, but his desire to learn can be admirable when not directed towards potentially destructive purposes.
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Nov 21, 2008
Re: Character sheets

Name: Hotennaab ((Prefers to keep his last name a secret.))
Race: Lizardfolk
Age: 30
Gender: Male

Description: Hotennaab, or Hoten for short, stands tall at seven feet, with scales of black covering his body, and his three foot long tail. He often wears a gray robe when walking around outside his dorm, and when it is too hot for the robe, he wears a set of white pants which seem to blouse just above his ankles, causing them to billow out from his legs. On his chest he wears a similarly white shirt underneath a brown vest, and on his feet he wears a set of simple sandals the same shade of brown as his vest. He is always seen reading some manner of book or another, and has been noted doing multiple projects while holding a book in his hand.

Background: Hoten, having been raised on his home continent on the eastern coast, always used to look out at the sea and wish that he could be a part of the school of mages that he would hear about. Eventually, when he reached the age of twenty, he left home to move to the neutral continent, where he could study magic all he wanted. Ever since, he has had his nose shoved in books, and his mind consumed with the art of magic.

Higher Magic: Enchanting
Lesser Magic: Teleportation (medium), Telekinesis

Anything else I should know: Though he is obsessed with magic and books, one should not take Hoten for a weakling. Whenever he has spare time he exercises himself physically, often to the point of exhaustion. He believes that he must keep his body strong to keep his mind sharp, and abhors others who do not take care of their own bodies well.

Your University Major: Literature. Hoten cannot get enough books to read, and his dorm room represents this, with stacks upon stacks of books covering a vast majority of the floor.
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Character sheets

Name: Toring Barskard
Race: Polar Bear Lycanthrope
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Description: Even in his human form, Toring resembles his kin, as his people call it – the animal he transforms into. The young lycanthrope is fairly tall and broad-shouldered – approaching nearly 7 feet - and his hair is of a pale blonde. Recently he has taken to growing his beard out, which has the same color – much to his chargrin, as it's far less noticeable. His body may not be very defined, but his tree trunk like arms and legs betray his enormous strength. Toring's dark brown eyes may sometimes look half-asleep, but he is always paying attention.

Toring always appears laid-back and relaxed, generally showing a positive and friendly attitude. His patience is nearly unshakable, and it almost always takes physical harm to get his blood pumping and his arms swinging. Once somebody has drawn his ire, however, they better start running – Toring is deceivingly fast and enduring.

Background: Toring comes from a tribe of nordic lycanthrope that worship polar bears as demigods. As such, the tribe consists solely out of polar bear lycans, regarding the other subspecies as inferior. Toring was infused with the disease at a young age and never questioned it, seeing it as a tradition and an honor to be so close to the bears his people worship... Until he woke up near an unknown town after his first rutting season. It may have been luck, it may have been fate, but the town just happened to hold one of the fairs that allow lycanthropes to inform themselves. Disgruntled with his tribe for taking such an important choice away from him, Toring cut ties with his tribe. He finished his education and then moved south by himself, slipping away into the night to join the university.

Higher Magic: N/A
Lesser Magic: N/A

Anything else I should know: The mating season of polar bears is somewhere between March and June.

Your University Major: Teaching. Toring's saint-like patience and sharp mind together with the strong bond to children he shares with his kin made it the logical choice for him.


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May 5, 2009
Re: Character sheets

Name: General Skipstone
Race: Pet Rock
Age: Countless Billion, but recently smoothed into its current shape
Gender: Inanimate Object

Description: Sitting on the desk is a small polished rock, smoothed into an ovaloid shape, slightly larger than a human child's fist. It is a mostly dull grey, with specks of blacks, browns and whites. Though it doesn't have a face or the ability to speak, it quite charismaticaly conveys it's happiness.

Background: General Skipstone was formed in a great lava flow as a jagged, bumpy, grumpy mess. After spending eons beneath layers of phosphates and plant roots, it was eventually exposed to a beach through erosion. After being massaged by the waves and sand for several more millenia, its harsh nature was worn down, and eventually the smooth and friendly rock before you now came to be.

Higher Magic: Nature: Earth
Lesser Magic: None

Anything Else: This is a joke entry. :p

University Major: Geocraft, Literature and Feng Shui
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Character sheets

Name: Professor D. Ramielle, J.D., Tr. D., Enc. D.

Race: Dragon (Human appearance)

Age: It would be wise (and healthy) to say “less than or equal to twenty-nine years.”

Gender: Female

Description: Professor Ramielle is clearly older than the average student at the University, but evidently not quite middle-aged. Those who honestly attempt to speculate at her age place her in her mid-thirties, but never within earshot. Even so, she is a classic beauty, with a toned build, a dancer's grace and a light tan. She is a somewhat short but well-endowed female, always dressing conservatively, covering these “assets” with a variety of lace blouses and a stylish grey cloak. The cloak matches her eyes, which pierce even the stern, snapping the wandering eyes of her students up from places best left alone.

Background: Beautiful, detached and a scholar through-and-through, Prof. Ramielle has been the stuff of fantasies and nightmares for the seven years she has been a part of the University faculty. Her impeccable work and near-perfect marks at the University (while earning her Juris Doctorate, Transformation Doctorate and Enchantment Doctorate) are still legendary, and following independent study overseas she has returned for further research. She initially protested against having to teach, wishing to conduct her research free from distraction. Still, the Professor has never been known to do anything halfway: her classes (post-graduate courses in Magical Law, as well as some undergraduate classes in Enchantment and Transmutation) are fast-paced, work-intensive and extremely educational for anyone who... doesn't really have a life outside of their studies. For everyone else, the Professor is not well-known for her mercy.
She has continued her studies at the University as well – she expects to earn a Doctorate in Theory of Illusion by the end of the next term.

Higher Magic: Enchantment

Lesser Magic: Transmutation and Illusion (Strong)

Anything else I should know: Professor Ramielle never drinks, nor smokes, nor engages in romantic or tawdry activities. None of her students and few of her colleagues even know her first name. She has two and only two pleasures outside of work: music and cards. She is an expert card-player and she knows it, though she has never been seen to gamble. She is a horrible singer – she is pleasant enough to talk to but her singing voice sounds like a chorus of sick, geriatric, dying cats. Unfortunately she does NOT know of her lack of vocal ability, resulting in the occasional awkward moment (no one has worked up the courage to tell her).

University Major: Currently pursuing a fourth Doctorate (Theory of Illusion) to fill her spare time.
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Character sheets

Name: Calcius Dreyar
Race: Naga
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Description: About 6 ft tall when standing upright. Green hair, blue eyes and a blue/green tail. Wears a green cloak the same colour as his hair.
Background: Calcius grew up with his father until he was 5. A group with whom his father had quarrelled showed up at their home to settle the score, and accidentally killed him during a struggle. Calcius fled into a nearby forest and soon became lost, learning to survive by manipulating the forest and hunting/communing with the creatures within it.
It was not until 15 years later that he returned to civilisation to track down those who had killed his father.
Higher Magic: Nature - Plant control
Lesser Magic: Conjuring & Telepathy (Strong)
Anything else I should know: Calcius fights using a spear, and is extremely proficient at archery and with javelins. He carries a hunting knife with him but stores the rest of his weapons and ammo elsewhere, to be conjured when needed. He also carries a number of seeds to grow using his magic when necessary.
Having grown up alone, Calcius is shy and socially awkward.
Your University Major: Biology - Calcius has travelled to the university to study anatomy in order to further improve his hunting abilities.
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Character sheets

Oh look, two for me.

Name: Delor Noran
Race: Surface Elf
Age: 268
Gender: Male
Description: Delor's skin is so dark to be almost blue-black and his hair is a light shade of seafoam (re: pretty bluegreen) as are his eyes. He is five feet tall, exactly. His face is sharply angular, more so than the rest of his race and he seems permanently set with a sneer. His sharp features and sour face don't detract from his attractiveness, however. He is less muscled than the rest of his race, though just as damn skinny.
Background: He's the only son of the Ambassador of the surface elves and the firstborn of the man's children. He traveled with his father quite a bit and thus got to meet all of his half siblings (Nearly two for every race on the planet). Used to the cushy traveling lifestyle, he was quite incensed when he was forced to take his youngest sister to the University, and told in no uncertain terms that nothing was supposed to happen to her. He has taken his vow seriously, and remains her bodyguard.
Higher Magic: Nature: Earth
Lesser Magic: Transmutation, Illusion (Medium)
Anything else I should know: yeah, he doesn't like anyone except his sister.
Your University Major: Geocraft

Name: Delilah Noran
Race: Cave Elf
Age: 115
Gender: Female
Description: She is dark for a cave elf. Not quite paper white, but a fairly light peach. Her hair and eyes are the same seafoam as her brother's, only much darker as is proper. Her face his heart-shaped, with bright red lips and large eyes. She is slim, of course, and very soft.
Background: She hasn't done much traveling in her life. She's live underground all of her life until her Father returned (for the first time since she was born) and told her that she needed to go to university with her brother. She readily agreed and has been studying for a few years now. She carries a cloak designed to protect the skin as well as a pair of enchanted spectacles she wears to protect her eyes
Higher Magic: Enchantment
Lesser Magic: Illusion (strong), Conjuring
Anything else I should know: She's sweet and spunky and probably the most naive girl you'll ever meet. (For those that know how bad this is... her Wis score is like a 7)
Your University Major: Mental healing
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May 22, 2011
Re: Character sheets

Name: Lyinne

Race: Spidertaur

Age: 35

Gender: Female

Description: Lynne has long, black hair that's naturally straight. Usually she has the right side of her face covered with her long hair. She usually wears black and gray robes on her torso, and has had custom clothing (in the same color and pattern) created so she can clothe her lower, spider body as well. She is rather light in complexion, in all parts of her body. Her skin is rather pale, and her lower parts are grayish in color.

Background: Her parents passed away when she was in her first years, and her sister was responsible for her. Lynne was born a mute, unable to speak at all. However, she did learn to overcome that obstacle through her ability as a telepath - which is an ability she inherited from her mother. Lynne has always been rather soft-spoken and gentle, keeping to herself and not speaking to others very much. To those who see her, they would've described her as very elegant, in appearance. Her gentle demeanor often puts people at ease even when she isn't speaking. While not as shy as some, she does prefer to keep to herself often. She prefers to let people know how she feels by the unspoken language that is nonverbal communication. If one wanted to know what Lyinne felt, all they had to do was look at her face.

Lyinne has always had a pension for books. It started when she stumbled upon an abandoned library that had been ransacked and basically destroyed. She recovered a few of the books, and buried herself in the stories and information they gave her when she read them. She always traveled to different libraries, trying to find more books to add to her collection. When she entered the university, she decided to major in literature. She aspired to, one day, have her own library.

Higher Magic: Natural: Genetic
Lesser Magic: Telepathy (Long range), Telekinesis

Your University Major: Literature
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Nov 11, 2008
Re: Character sheets

Name: Servante Draylor
Race: Selkie (currently in human form)
Age: 13
Gender: Male

Description: In human form Servante stands at 4' 6", shortish brown hair that comes to just below his ears and just above his eye brows, and his eyes are aqua in colour. Sports a pair of half-moon spectacles and wears this outfit.

Background: Servante comes from one of the many underwater kingdoms, and while his families kingdom is relatively new compared to some of the others they still rule over a sizable region. Deciding that he needed to master the magical arts and that their own wizards, talented as they may have been, lacked the patience to work with him on his seventh birthday Servante's parents had him shipped to the Collegium of the Magical and Mundane, his seal skin given to the head for safe keeping until Servante graduates.

Higher Magic: Nature: Water
Lesser Magic: Telepathy (if powerful enough to control marine life (Strong)), Illusion ((Weak)used more for stealth than confusing the enemy)

Anything else I should know: While he doesn't consider land dwelling races below him Servante is highly arrogant when it comes to dealings lowbloods, thinking them below him due to his heritage. Has been training in the use of a rapier for several years.
(OOC; Doubles 'w', doubles 'v', no 'g' in words ending in '-ing', often uses "a" in place of "an" or "of" and "an" in place of "and" and shortens names down.)

Your University Major: Elemental Magic - Water (as per his parents instructions Servante is studying mastery over water and while he resents having to learn the 'lesser' elements he begrudgingly accepts that control over air and lightning will be useful)
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Character sheets

Supplemental Information on Professor Ramielle's Background:

Author's note: I did not feel like it would be fair to play a dragon character without (a) some sort of personality deficiency and (b) a hell of an explanation. I wrote this "yarn" and submitted it to Chibi along with my initial character proposal, and she approved of the idea. It was initially my intention to hold off on her initial "reveal" until the direst of circumstances, and to have her remain emotionless except in the most extreme of circumstances. A revelation by the DM (the word that sounds like "otter" was "daughter," as she surmised the use of children to power the portals, a dark fate similar to one she almost endured) followed by the manifestation of evil dragons which reminded her all too painfully of her deceased father evoked both a protective instinct of the children as well as rage at corrupted dragonkind.

This is all information to which the students have recently become privy, and this background should not reveal much new information to the reader -- it is simply a "fleshing out" of events that have already been made known to them.

Professor Ramielle (the name she has given herself for now) is a patricide and infanticide, or at least was complicit in the deeds. She was the youngest of the pure-blooded brood of a pair of vicious silver dragons in a far-off land that even she does not care to recall. Her father was a particularly brutal monster, and though she does not remember the specifics, she has vague memories of her mother's murder at her father's claws.

Her father terrorized a number of local cities. He loved carrying off the grown daughters of the nobility, forcing them not only to cater to his perverted wishes but also to assist in the raising of his heir. He had many pure-blooded children, but intended to only have ONE heir. The rest would be culled over time.

The odds were against her survival from the start. She was slightly smaller than her siblings, as her younger age was a constant. She was also slightly gentler – she was the only family member who did not abuse the poor human mother-surrogates/nannies/tutors. Perhaps this was due to the fact that she had several brother and no sisters, or maybe it was a thirst for knowledge. Either way, it paid off in the end, as one of these human women was also a wizard, and taught her a number of illusions and a few transmutation spells.

Nevertheless, she had to develop a certain level of ruthlessness and guile to survive... and survive she did. By the year before she came of age, she was the only child and heir proper. Of course, she was still bound to her father, who was an ancient, powerful and all too menacing silver dragon. This was a situation that would not end well, for anyone.

The father realized, too late, that he had not properly created the means by which his line would survive. After all, his daughter needed a suitable mate for procreation, and finding a dragon of his own quality would likely prove impossible. Perhaps this was this reasoning, or perhaps it was lust, but when she came of age the young dragon's father forced himself upon her, and breeded her.

She could feel the strength of the dragon as the egg was forming inside her. She kept the egg warm, even as she knew what she had to do. When the egg hatched (several human years later) she could easily tell that her inbred son had incredible strength and intelligence: unlimited potential.
Her father saw things differently. When he saw what a sickly, deformed child emerged from the egg, he denied its lineage and devoured it, killing it instantly. Of course, he was unaware of the illusion that his daughter had placed upon the child, thereby sealing its fate.

She fled. She fled far, far from home, knowing that he would find her in time. She found refuge at a small school of magic, enrolling under a false name. She studied transmutation, illusion, enchantment... her grades were not extraordinary but definitely above average. She graduated, then enrolled at another magical school under another name. She earned exceptional marks, graduating from the other school... then came to a new school under a new name. This pattern continued for decades, then centuries, until she had quite an impressive set of magical skills at her disposal. She was actually a student at the University seven times, learning from the best sages and arch-mages of each generation. No one had any reason to suspect she was any different from any other student, until she met another dragon. She had never encountered another of her kind, besides her family. She learned that not all dragons are vicious by nature, that dragons were as capable of good and kindness as any. She also learned much about the capabilities of her race.

What transpired between the two dragons is a secret they alone share. The specifics of the other dragon and their relationship are not relevant to this history. The important thing is that she learned the rules, the laws, the customs of her people, a people whom she had never until then known. She learned that her father, based on his actions, was considered an outcast, a criminal... a murderer. She was not allowed to kill him (due to their "family ties," but she had to return home, and put an end to her unfinished business.

Her father had two hobbies. One of them was alchemy. The other was a diversion he enjoyed once a century. There were several cities, just a few hundred miles away from his lair. Once a century, he would brew a powerful concoction which would transform him into the likeness and form of any child he was in contact with. He would take human form, sneak into the city and transform into a child, then murder and dispose of the original. He would live out the rest of the child's life, slowly destroying the family from within using his alchemical tricks and supernatural abilities. Upon that year's Coming of Age celebration for the children, he would burst out of the child's body, a full-grown dragon. He would eat several townspeople before stealing a few of the town's beautiful women for pleasure, then fly back to his lair chuckling. Of course, anyone investigating the youth's home would find the family brutally murdered. After a hundred years or so, the deed would be widely regarded as a myth, and he would do it again.

The ancient dragon attempted to perform this sick and cruel deed one last time. He grew up as a young man, crushing the life out of the family from within. His three brothers committed suicide during his teens. As he left his household for the Coming of Age celebration, the mother and father were bleeding out on their bed together. Everything went as it normally did, right up until the last moment...

A wizard visited this Coming of Age celebration, wearing a brown robe and a gray cloak. She appeared to be a crooked old thing, with a smile that was almost devoid of teeth and breath like rotten cabbages. A wisp of silver hair emerged from the hood. Of course, a visiting elder mage was still a mage, and she was accorded the respect both due her age and her societal status. Indeed, the wizard was accorded one of the high seats from which to view the proceedings.
Seventy-four young men and women stood upon the stage. Cheering city-folk clamored around the circular stage, and the revelries were set to begin. Then one of the laughing young men on the stage started to grow. He was a tall lad already, six feet tall, and it was assumed there was some sort of magical tomfoolery as he began to bulge against his tunic and breeches.

His silver hair began to take a new shape, forming a mohawk on the top of his head, and being replaced by scales on the side. His head began to take on a reptilian shape. Very soon he towered above the crowd at twelve feet high, a silver-scaled monstrosity, still growing and shifting as his clothing began to shred. The elder wizard stood.

Then the monster's laughter began to stop. Twenty feet tall, towering over the crowd, his body changing into something bestial... but the chuckling was now a scream. Something was amiss.

It was the clothing. Strands of his clothing that simply refused to give. It was indeed something incredible to behold... pieces of cloth that would not rip, would not tear for the beast's expansion. The monster clawed at the scraps in futility, unable to comprehend what was happening. The screaming intensified, then was cut off as the dragon-shaped abomination was denied air. Black blood began to ooze onto the stage.

Within minutes, the dragon was dead. Indeed, he was cut into slivers of meat and scale by scraps of cloth. The elder wizard, standing up straight now, jumped down from her chair onto the dirt of the city square. Guards moved to help her, only to find themselves paralyzed by what happened next. The old woman disrobed. Her wrinkled, aging body stood out, pale against the evening and the dusty ground. Then she, too, began to change her form. Within moments, a massive silver dragon looked down upon the ruined carcass of her father. She lifted his bloody head, looking into his dying eyes, letting him understand exactly how he had been killed.

Dragons are incredibly tough, and there exists no cloth or metal that could halt their transformation in such a way. Indeed, dragon scale and bone were sought after by some armorers for their incredible resilience. The young dragon had learned how to transmute materials into dragon bone.

She did not change much of the tunic or breeches, just a thread here and a strand there, strategically placed to ensure that anything attempting to burst through the clothing would be sliced by a razor sharp thread. She did this the moment she recognized the young man for what he was – her evil, vicious, abusive, murdering rapist of a father.

But it was not enough to kill him. She dined on his flesh that night. No one made any attempt to stop her – the town was completely devoid of would-be heroes on that particular evening. She saw her father killed, and then she consumed him. She took his bones back to his lair, now HER lair. Someday she might find an interested weaponsmith, or perhaps an armorer. Perhaps.

In this way, it can accurately be said that she was the only member of her family who survived her childhood. While she took an active hand in helping the process along to its natural end, all of the killing had actually been performed by her father – even his own death. Still, there would be some who might judge her as a patricide and infanticide... if there was anyone alive who knew her history.

And that's the whole sordid story, most of which you already know. I saw no point in holding back the more colorful history, and I hope you enjoyed what you read. Though if you really enjoyed it, you're also probably just a little bit sick. :D
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