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Feb 26, 2017

"Hmph! It doesn't matter... These upstart adventurers proved capable enough once they were properly trained. Besides, if they're not good enough I have loads more that I can use. Besides, doesn't really matter to me if they're not the best guards in the land, they've got good tongues and are quite pretty once you get them out of all that stuffy armor." Tabitha would quickly retort, not needing her slaves to be the best fighters so long as she had enough of them to make up for that difference in skill. "Yes, because I'm going to just go and listen to advice from my enemy. What sort of fool do you take me for. Or do you make a habit of listening to the advice your enemy gives you? How about I give you some as well... Surrender now." The mage would mock, though part of her was legitimately curious to see if something like that would actually work in this situation. It would make things a whole lot easier on her if her opponents would just follow whatever advice that she gave them, but even after hundreds of years she hadn't met anyone willing to do something like that.

"To be fair, I chose a tower long before I worked my magic on the town around me. For all I knew I'd never need that kind of army. Fair play though, calling them in here would be quite impractical. Though if I'm being completely honest, I actually prefer not engaging in combat whatsoever. Why do you think that my plan just involved ensnaring and enthralling the lot of you without any use of force. It's actually a bit disappointing that you managed to see through it, but then again, at least I can make sure that my skills hadn't grown stale over all this time." Tabitha would chuckle some more, part of her glad that she could at least stretch her skills out now that her clever plan hadn't gone the way that she had wanted it to. "If you enjoy that warmth and comfort, then I could give you more... Perhaps you'd like to just walk into some of the fire yourself. I promise that it gets even better when you allow more of it into you. A nice and warm blanket of magic to keep you happy... all you have to do is step into it and let it do its work..." And that idea would sound incredibly tempting now, the magic of the fire making Deva desire more of it now that she had felt it. It was so soft and wonderful... it couldn't hurt to just allow a little more into her, could it? Something that felt that nice couldn't have been bad for her...

"Illusions are fun, but when you deal with pirates, exceedingly clever pirates at that, you tend to find ways to see through illusions real fast. Ask your Captain when you get a chance, see how many illusions she's likely run into just from chasing Skullman Joe's treasure. If the stories are true, then at least half of the pieces had some kind of impressive illusion to fool would-be grave robbers. Seeing through darkness however, that's something that I haven't managed quite yet. Not without wasting some of my energy at least. But in a battle where neither of us can see one another, I feel that I at least have the advantage of seeing through your illusions." She would shrug, confident that her magic would manage to connect against someone she couldn't see so long as she continually spread the flames around the combat area. "Besides... I don't need to hit you with the flames when you could just take a nice step into it... Embrace that warm happiness that's just waiting, almost begging for you to become a part of it. You just have to step through it, wouldn't that be so easy?"

Isa would already be in the process of freezing the water cage when Deva told her to do so, having been working on that almost immediately as a means of escape. She had figured that if she had frozen the cage, she'd be able to exert some more control over it. However, now that Deva seemed to want a frozen cage, Isa would channel a bit more of her magic into it, the water freezing even more quickly, leaving an ice cage in the room, making the water mage raise her eyebrow a bit at the strategy. She wasn't sure how that would help anyone, as all it meant was that Isa had made the cage even more permanent, as now she didn't even have to focus on keeping the water cage formed around her. "I hope you never thought that something as important as this would be easy? If this were easy and simple than someone would have already succeeded by now. But they haven't, just like you will not succeed and fall like all the others! You see it as crushing an ant, strangely enough I agree, though I think that we both have a very different idea about which one of us is the ant in this scenario." Though she would stop talking when Deva suddenly swapped places with Isa, wondering what purpose that served, especially considering that the ice mage didn't seem as impressive to Tabitha as the angel had. "I hope that you aren't assuming that a little bit of ice will stop me..." In a way though, it did stop her as she took a moment to think about what was actually going on at the moment.

When she saw that both the illusion and the real Deva were getting ready to cast a spell, she actually hesitated for a moment. She didn't want to waste energy against one of her opponents, but both of those potential spells could be a danger to her. Either of them could do something bad, and while her eyes normally saw through any illusion, something like this was something that she couldn't afford to get wrong. But then she realized something, and decided to go for a third option, not attacking either of the Deva's, letting them do whatever they wished. "When there are no right answers available... simply make a new one for yourself..." The mage would answer, waiting to see what it was that Deva was doing.

She would fall silent when she saw three new opponents entering the battle, observing them closely as they spoke, wondering what Deva had planned with these three creatures that were suddenly there to assist her. "Oh my... So you're bringing new helpers to this battle... I suppose that it's only fair that I do the same then..." It would seem as though Tabitha wasn't at all affected by the song, but the rest of her guards would seem to start calming down, their movements growing slower... The only one that would do anything would be Aqua, as the mage would quickly recognize what was happening and weave a spell to create earplugs made of water, essentially drowning out any sound so that she could return her focus to the fight. The gust of wind wouldn't put out the flames, and all it would actually do is move them around, making the pink flames reach other areas of the room, spreading around a bit, but otherwise doing nothing to actually stop them. It seemed that the flames were actually just a look, as they didn't operate like real flames in any way, aside from the soothing warmth that they could impart on anyone that touched them. "Damn... There goes my guards... Well, I suppose that I'll have to use something that I'd prepared long ago... Didn't expect to pull this card on you, it, you're the first to make me even go this far. But if you plan on just bringing more combatants into this, then I must do the same..." There'd be another pulse of energy, this time being a light blue rather than the pink that it had been earlier. "Souls of the pirates lost at sea, wandering creatures that have fallen to the deepest depths of Davy Jones' locker, I beseech ye! Rise from your depths to assist me! Walk among the living once more, fulfill your ancient duty, I call on you! Face these fools that seek to lay claim to treasures that you sought in life!" Tabitha would call out, and if anyone looked outside, there'd be a mist filling the island, making it difficult to see if you were not higher up in the tower. Meanwhile, the green haired woman would find that even with her enhanced sight, she couldn't find the mage anywhere, so she most likely had completely melded with the darkness that she had created.

Three spirits would rise through the floor to face the group that Deva had summoned, all of them women. One had blue skin and looked more like an elf, the other seemed more cheery than ominous, and the final one had a pure white eye as she regarded the three of them. "These three dare to try and take the treasure of Skullman Joe? I promised that man to guard his treasures with my life... And now that I live again, I must keep that vow!" The white eyed one would say, floating around and suddenly rushing at the serpent, phasing into her and trying to completely possess her, trying to impose her will upon the creature with all the power that she had as a spirit. "Arrrgghh! Coming back ta a good fight... I died with honor once, and I'll happily go for a second time!" The elf spirit would declare, holding a sword and rushing forward, holding her sword up to the green haired one, staring at her confidently, as though she were challenging her. "Woo hoo! Yaaaar! I be always up for sum fun! WHEEEEE!" The cherry one would declare, lying forward to the blue skinned woman, raising a hand and causing magic to glow around her eyes. And then suddenly, only from the blue one's perspective, the entire room would look like it was upside down and she was on the ceiling. If she was thinking clearly, she'd probably realize that the ghost must've been some kind of trickster spirit, but it might have been hard to think clearly about that kind of thing when the room was suddenly upside down and she was the only one walking on the ceiling now.

Deva, meanwhile, would be able to hear Tabitha panting, as though that summon had particularly exhausted her. And as such, the ring of pink flames would fade into nothing, the mage not exactly able to throw out a counterattack immediately after summoning some of the stronger spirits of the world. "Hah.... Hah... God... damn... never actually used that before... Aaarghhh... Whew... Alright... Now try to handle this... That's what you... get... for bringing more fighters here... Aahh... Just... give me a minute to catch my breath with that one... Wheeeww... Alright, where were we?" Tabitha would ask, still sounding exhausted, and at the moment she wouldn't be casting any spells.


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Jan 21, 2016

Deva remained silent at the explanation of the adventurers and this ones attitude towards them.. she had been arguing to get information, not just to make a point. "I listen to every last word my opponent says, for each words teaches me more." She did inform.

"You really underestimate my mind if you think warm comfy blankets -and no biscuits- are going to make me surrender. Yes, a little bit of comfort sounds quite tempting..
But I've denied myself taking the easy route out often enough that, watching your malevolence alone is enough to keep me from acting on such instincts. Also, you overestimate yourself when asking my surrender. You misunderstand. I don't want you to give up because of fear or lazyness.. but out of kindness."
Deva said, with an ominous sincerity. Admittedly, appealing to her lazy side got her to hesitate for a moment, but whenever she did that, she just had to think of who was relying on her. She couldn't just allow herself to rest.. and she had experience with that.

"You feel as if you have an advantage in battle. Interesting. It's true, I call myself an illusionist.. though, little secret. of all the magic I learned, it's actually the latest and weakest of those I dived into as a proper specialty. Well, or perhaps I'm lying there. Trust an illusionist to pretend to be something else." She chuckled.

"I will give you credit for staying calm and analytical. You didn't even waste magic on my little evasive maneuvre there. Interesting. But you should have stopped the summoning at any cost. Not interesting enough." Deva mused. "Wait, are you raising an army of the dead against me? That is so quaint, it's been quite a long since someone tried that..." Deva grinned genuinly. "But... are you sure you want to match your spells to mine?"

The angel mused. "Also, it seems you didn't pay close enough attention to whom I was summoning, or perhaps you did, and just went by apperances alone? Didn't you listen. True, they might seem like a rowdy bunch, but these are angels. Beings of pure goodness and freedom." Deva informed, as the first spirit phased right through the snake-woman. "They don't have a body and a soul to posess. They are all soul. A Lillend isn't made from flesh and bone, but from the passion of music put in every note." She explained, as the Lillend just kept playing on, pacifying the others and speaking to the pirates. "There is no more need to fight these three. They wont fight if you do not. Beware of the lost spirit, and assist the ice mage please."

"Oooh. Everything's upside down! Neat-o. I'ma play a game too!" The wind-form enthused, suddenly multiplicating around the pirate. "Bralani Eladrin are the storm that extinguishes all darkness. They are created from the souls of those that wandered were they pleased and did good wherever they go." She explained, whereas the Bralani seemed barely affected by the magic..

"As for the last of the ones I summoned, you misunderstood. Just because Ghaele Eladrin are quick to draw their blade against evil, it doesn't mean they aren't powerful spellcasters in their own right. To put into perspective whom you are dealing with here, Ghaeles hunt demons and evil dragons for fun."
"Enough selling our hehe... admittedly! Amazing skill. She's truly melded with the darkness. But while we are introducing ourself..." She affixed her gaze on the elf. "Tir anen'el amon, nel arem T'al farenian. What is a battle like this, how can you fight without a body? Ya'lenan, emanen, Elen tharassa mieranon. Can you hold your (ceremonial) blade, or feel the living wood of your bow in your grip?" She spoke, in perfect elfish, and then, with a mastery of millenia, parried the blade away from her as she shook her head, putting a hand upon the elfs shoulder. "Let your restless spirit find peace. I'm sending you to the heroic glades of Ysgard, where you fight every day, and feast every night, with the greatest heroes of old. Prove yourself and come challenge me on the endless forests of Arborea, and we shall fight and fuck and feast for days. Your summoners hold over you is now gone." She said, as the elfs-spirit was enveloped in a white light, simply.. being absolved of everything that bound her to the mortal plane and send away peacefully.

"Fighting angels with ghosts. Come on, would you summon ghouls to stop vampires? No, that is not quite an apt description. You've summoned sheeps to fight shepherds.
Pfewww.. haah.. sorry.. It's really hard for me to maintain a straight face here. You see, I was worried for the worst, I always am, earlier, I was just speaking overconfidently in the hope of goading a reaction out of you, but.. that's not going to work.

Quickened lesser restoration."
She added, touching her chest, admittedly, a spell in her repertoire she hadn't wanted to reveal just yet, it could cleanse the mind and body from afflictions. Though, with a bit of displeasure, Deva noted that there was still a lingering feeling of longing towards those odd purple fires. it seemed the mind affecting powers of her opponents couldn't be cleansed as easily.... She made a mental note to prepare another quickened lesser restoration, she couldn't spent all time in a fight healing, after all. "Your enchanting magic is suprisingly potent, I wanted to take a relaxing fire dip a bit too much.. I'll admit... and you are versed with curse-response triggers, which means you prepared a spell to hit anyone trying to cast light in this place ahead of time, didn't you? Either way. Your shadow-melding is bothersome... I guess I got to make light without making light, eh." Deva remarked, also towards the trickster-ghost. "You know, if you want to play fun and games.. you don't have to do so, shakled to a half-existance as a ghost. You could be like.. Summon: Coure Eladrin!"

"Oh hello! Who are you? My summoning pact ain't with you it's with.." "Shh Roseberry. It's me. I'm doing a thing. Someone is cheating with hide and seek, can you turn into a ball of light and fix that?" "Sure can!" The tiny fey like creature, actually another angel, enthused, turning into a little ball of light that floated up a little and provided illumination above Deva.. which, admittedly, made her targetable again more easily as well. "Now then, miss Tabitha. It seems you struggle to unleash several powerful spells in quick sucession. It'd be awfully unfair if I cast any more magic, wouldn't it be." "It would be!" "I concur. It'd be painful." "Indeed. No mercy for the merciless." "True true. Well then. For Arvandor." Deva, and her three summons all clasped their hands together, even if it ment taking a hit, they were prepared to show Tabitha the strength and unity of chaotic angels. "For the Queen of stars." The Green haired one proclaimed, almost oddly serene for a moment, as she rushed at the second ghost, the one that had tried to posess the Lillend, her sword.. held low, as one arm embraced the ghost, having litlte trouble holding onto the incorporeal form.
"Your promise has already been kept, spirit. See yourself, you live no more. Your debt is paid and paid in full, you have honored your bargain, it is your right to be by the side of the one you swore it to. I absolve you of the shackles that keep you from him. Now, follow him to the afterlife you deserve." The angel proclaimed, a light engulfing the second spirit as well as she faded away and the Ghaele-woman smirked over into the shadows: "So much for this bright idea. Go ahead, summon all the souls you enslaved. Liberating a soul enslaved by necromancy is better than sex for me."

"Let us switch over to a song of courage, yes. "The Lillend agreed, while she knew that stopping to play would quickly shake up Tabithas guards, she was ready to support her allies as well, playing on her harp and weaving magic into her notes, the celestial music letting everyones confidence surging, they felt ready, called to battle, called to fight for their dreams and hopes and the beauty of the world.

"My turn, my turn!!" The mixture of angel and storm enthused, whilest her illusions danced around the ghost and quickly dissipated, she flew over to Zana, engulfing her.. and, rather than hurt her (unless one counted rustled hair and clothes as hurting) whatever wounds she had taken healed, with even some older scars stopping their aching finally.

"I can help too.. Pew peww!" The little light-ball enthused and unleashed a small, glittering blast of pure force at the nearest shadowy corner.. or Tabitha herself, if the light had been enough to reveal her.

"United we stand, Divided we fall. Have you trained your guards to work as a unit? That won't be enough. They haven't actually fought together. They've just been drilled. These pirates they know what each other can and can't do.. oh and, the more time you let elapse, the more my angelic summons will simply empower them. I told you to unleash your full strength as a kindness. The longer you take, the slimmer your chances will grow.
My turn. A little spell in preperation.. it doesn't quite have a name yet though.."
Deva mused, clasping her hands with a forced looking impression and mumbling arcane syllables.. Tabitha could likely tell that the basis of the spell was a transmutative ward, though it was oddly structured, some spell to prevent change.. And suddenly Deva groaned, stumbling back for a moment.. "Damn it.. I almost had it.. hrmnn what went wrong there..." She tipped her chin, seeming more annoyed than worried.

"Anyway. You live and you learn. going by the amount of power you exuded, I thought I'd be facing an archmage of the highest calibre, but it seems you never had to -use- your power against equal opponents, only lying in wait, preying on the weak... It's not that your power has grown stale. You never had to hone it in the first place." Deva shrugged, then, for a moment her tone grew less playfully provocative andmore serious:
"Me? I've fought those stronger than me. Arcanists. Red wizards of Thay, Necromancers, Devils. Been fighting more powerful things all my life. Been beaten too. I'm not as innately powerful as you, truth be told, I'm not all that talented in most kinds of magic. So yeah, I lost, again and again. Got up, found a way to not be beaten. And I also learned to read an opponents spell casting. You see, I feel like, in a battle, physical or in spells, there is a certain rythm. If you fight defensively, like me, the rythm has three steps. First, you try to endure your opponents magic. Then, you match your magic to the opponents, then, you move ahead of your opponent by using responses fit to the offenses they used.
Would you agree? It's just a little theory, of course, but I'd like to hear some feedback. Of course, it is risky, you need to be able to predict the flow of a battle, like telling that your opponent would be hiding and deciding to summon help that would grow more powerful the longer your opponent played the defense game, rather than directly trying to attack the defense. You like to buy time to wittle your opponents down slowly."

Of course, there was one way in dealing with opponents getting passively stronger, and Deva fully expected such a calmly calculating opponent to have prepared for it. That was why she was making sure she looked as if she was falling into this trap.. if there was any.
If her opponent tried to blast her with a suprising charged up spell, all they would do would be triggering Deva's Morphea spell, after all. But perhaps it would help to see one last time if she could make her enemy rush into a mistake:
"So, I presume by now you recovered enough to ~try~ another big spell. After we dealt with that, would you like for us to start disspelling your fires and whacking the shadows until you inevitable get to you, or should I just end this with another powerful spell? I'd rather go with the first option to preserve my power, but it's not like I don't have a half dozen more spells if I had to.." She mused. That, was actually not a lie. Her angelic summoning had been one of her most powerful spells, barring her trump cards which she was hoping to preserve and keep secret. Of course, if she used up her magical power on big and flashy spells that ment she couldn't empower lesser ranking spells with utility like the repeating-magic and others either.. but no need to tell anyone that.

Briefly, a rather submissive part of hers wondered. Presuming the one before her was indeed the agent at rank ten, not yet using whatever powers she had been granted, just what rank could Deva possibly attain if she -wanted- to ascend the cloaked ones ranks. Well.. she hadn't seen the supposedly dangerous first two ranks or anything comparable. Still, she took stock of her spells. She had used what by now? This one with her ability to see through illusions had forced her to reveal some of her conjuration magic, even if she was outclassed by it, if the numbers kept progressing in strength like this, by number five or so Deva might have to start fighting for real.. then again, every opponent was different. Deva just had to make sure to maintain her balance.. she couldn't use too much of her power, or there was a chance the cloaked one would put her in a situation she couldn't win after learning all about her, yet, if she used too little and underestimated someones capabilities.. well, perhaps after this was all over she would admit to Neith just how close the spider had come to defeating Deva with her poisonous suprise. Briefly she looked over to the shadows. She still didn't like fighting this purple haired trickster opponent. But why?

Adapter. Remember what she said. That's something you would have said. She's an adapting type, just like you. Did you underestiamte her the whole time or is this being paranoid again...? There's no plan at all, only attempts to manipulate things around in your favour. If it works, great, if not, move on to the next plan. That's why she remains so calm. That's also why she seemed so powerful, yet that one spell exhausted her. She hasn't used it because no one made her use it. Furthermore, She messed up the counter-summon because she is not a summoner, she just prepared an answer. That means she has an answer to a group outnumbering her too, she has an answer to everything. Heh. So this is how it feels fighting me? She's observing what I can and can't deal with from the shadows, using area-attacks and summons to learn more about me. She might even be putting on the whole haughty evil act. That must be it, an agent would not be that weak. That would also mean the longer this fight goes, the more accurate her responses will become, the more dangerous she will get. Let's observe her. The smartest response right now.... propably something to affect the whole area. You can slowly weaken everyone to make up for the numeric disadvantage, but more importantly, if you manage to fully enthrall someone, the whole 'healing and empowering one another' summon strategy I just used will be turned on it's head. Sure you take a risk being hit by the main target, me, but you just saw summons that can heal, enthrall one, grab 'em, things suddenly turn in your favour..

Deva mused to herself.
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Feb 26, 2017

"Good! That means that thee two of us are actually alike in certain ways. Every word uttered is useful in some way, it helps us close in on the one that we are facing. Of course, it doesn't matter when I outclass you so much really." Tabitha would gloat, expertly hiding the fact that she was actually kind of nervous that there was anyone that could match her when it came to spellcasting. Mages weren't even the most common thing already, and normally one that had lived for thousands of years would have the experience to deal with anyone on the high seas, but it just proved her right that Deva definitely wasn't from anywhere around here. "I must say, you'll make an excellent servant. A slave that has a proper brain is far more useful than one that knows how to swing a metal stick around. Anyone can learn to swing a sword, few are so clever as to learn how to face an opponent..." She would compliment, wondering how much use she would be able to get out of someone like Deva.

"Oh come now, who said there wouldn't be biscuits? Warm, soft, delicious treats that we could feed to one another as you shroud yourself in warmth and comfort, soft and safe in the embrace of happiness. It's all right there for you, with sweets and biscuits and candies i you wish... I pamper those that serve me... This feeling of warmth and comfort is not something that I just offer for no reason, I want those around me to feel secure and warm in my service... And it's all there waiting for you, all you have to do is take a step into some of those flames, it'd be so very easy..." Though she had a slight feeling that those offers wouldn't necessarily work, as this one seemed strong enough to resist her flames. "Kindness? Would it really shock you to know that I offer all this for the same reason? I wish for you to live a happy life of care and comfort, fuzzy warmth filling your days as you serve me, completely content in the life that is built around you. Being pampered day in and day out with a Mistress that cares for you, that's what I want to do to make sure that you are happy. That's why I want YOU to surrender as well, it's my kindness and gift for you." She reassured, smiling warmly. And it sounded as though she earnestly believed the things that she was saying, like she believed that this was the proper thing to give to people like Deva. She didn't just want slaves, she wanted slaves that she could pamper and shower with comfort, slaves that she could give treats to and share hot nights of passion with.

Though her eyes would go wide as she realized exactly what she was going up against, having not understood why spirits of the dead wouldn't be able to handle the summons that Deva had brought to the battle. Really, she didn't know anything about the creatures that Deva had summoned, only understanding that she had to do something to try and keep herself from being severely outnumbered. It seemed that she had misjudged it though, and unfortunately Deva had summoned some kinds of creatures that she wasn't particularly familiar with. "Pure goodness and freedom? Really? You sound like some sort of ridiculous child trying to convince me that such concepts could ever be given form. Those are ideas, nothing more. That which is 'good' is up to debate anyway... You must have merely summoned some types of creatures that naturally hunt spirits or somesuch, or perhaps your own form of spirits..." There were many things that she was willing to believe, but Tabitha refused to think that those pure concepts could have any sort of physical avatar in the world, and in fact thought that Deva was only saying that in an attempt to psych her out. The pirates, meanwhile, would nod, ignoring the guards that they had been just fighting and instead rushing over to work on protecting Isa from the not enthralled water mage and also break through the ice cage that she had built around herself.

"Oh BOOOO! YOU'RE NO FUN! It's not funny if you don't even react to it! YOU'RE A BORING SPOILSPORT!" The spirit would then stick her tongue out and spin around in the air angrily before saying anything more. "You're such a meanie! A no good, spoilsport, terrible, mean person! Ruining my fun like that! You're not a spirit of anything GOOD! You're just sitting there and ruining other people's fun cause you're an evil terrible meanie mean face!" The spirit would tantrum, not happy that her little game wasn't getting any sort of reaction. So she'd wave her hand again, and the blue one would see the room starting to shrink around her. While in reality, the room wouldn't be moving at all, in the blue one's eyes she would see the room slowly getting smaller and more confining as things went on, the spirit trying something now that it at least knew something about her newest target.

The warrior spirit would suddenly stop when its chosen opponent would speak in an elven language, stunned that there was anyone in the world that knew any of that. Even when she had been alive, the language had been dying, and she only knew bits and pieces that had been passed around by her own original village. "You... speak... language? Don't... understand... words you say... Fight?" She would respond in the best elvish that she could, being in a world where the language had completely died out. And she was in for yet another surprise when her opponent parried her sword with barely any effort, used to being the one on the other end of this equation. The last battle that she could remember, she took down dozens and dozens of her opponents before they had even managed to scratch her, which then followed dozens more before she was disarmed, and then she had fought for nearly an hour longer before her opponents finally managed to put her down. She had been a warrior, one that could handle entire battalions of trained soldiers on her own when given the chance, but even then she couldn't last through that entire fight. And now, now there was a warrior spirit that had managed to disarm her so easily, it was incredible to one that respected combat prowess such as her. "V-Very well... I will go..." Once she was absolved, she would fade away, her long lingering spirit, looking for one last glorious battle, would simply fade away from the mortal plane to find that glorious battle in the afterlife, planning on proving herself there just as she had done time and time again in her life.

"Right... note to self... next time... gonna add some sort of super demons or something into the summons... Get something that can corrupt spirits and angels... Good to know for next time at least... Not much good that will do me now... Anyway, continue on my opponent. Have your fun and your laugh, I don't mind." Tabitha would say, making sure that she kept herself sounding like she didn't care, even if she was internally terrified that one of her bigger spells had been so easily shrugged off. If this kept up, she'd have to play one of her final cards, and that wasn't something that she really felt like being pushed into, as the moment that she played her final card, she'd have nothing left to fallback on.

Though once the new angel was brought into play, Tabitha would be just about done with all the summoning of new combatants. "My goodness... No sense of honor among any of you... summoning more and more people... I mean, I know good guys are normally mean like you all, but really it's surprising that you'd all use such underhanded tactics. Ah well, I suppose I must make do with being the only good person left in this entire fight." She would say, the shrug almost audible in her voice as she talked about being the one in the right here. Part of her did honestly believe that, considering that she had played fair the whole way through, but at the same time she was really just stalling a little bit, trying to make her opponents upset with her, just simple psychological things that she did to put her at an advantage against enemies that were starting to prove themselves better than her. The ghost that had failed to possess anyone would raise a weapon when she was approached by the green haired one only to hear what she was saying and raising an eyebrow. Unlike the last ghost, this one wouldn't fade away when the green haired one dismissed her, still standing there with just as much of an angry scowl as before, as though the magic to release her had done absolutely nothing. "I am not here by force. I CHOOSE to be here. Keep your magic to yourself! The mage has no power over me, I am here because you dare to chase HIS treasure... However... You make a fair point that I have not seen my captain for far too long. And my oath has been kept, above and beyond at this point. Hmph... I will leave for now and see my Captain, but if he wishes me to return, I am going to continue." The spirit would explain, swayed by the words of the angel rather than by the magic that she was using, fading now that she had decided to check with Skullman Joe himself rather than just stick to her duty that may no longer be necessary.

Zana would sigh thankfully as her wounds were healed, leaving her ready once again for a real fight, cracking her knuckles a bit and holding some swords that she managed to find somewhere, once again holding a blade in each hand. "Thank you for that." She would quickly say, giving a nod to the woman as she was ready to fight all over again, just in case things started to get really dangerous.

And the light would reduce the amounts of shadows in the room down to nearly nothing, meaning that Deva would be easily able to pinpoint the shadows that Tabitha was hiding in, or at least she'd be able to get a really specific area.

Rather than argue with Deva's comments about her powers, Tabitha would just go silent for a moment, still panting a bit as she tried to recover from her last spell. The moment that she got her breath back, however, she'd manage a response to the angel. And the first thing that Deva would hear would be... clapping. "Excellent work... You're a clever one I must admit. You even understand why my power might be greater, but nowhere near as experienced. You see... there is power in experience, strength in having to overcome something much more powerful than you. But here's the thing, there's always a gap in power that you just can not overcome. Even if you could grow stronger than me one day... what about where you are right now? If you are not strong enough to defeat me right here and now then you becoming stronger will no longer matter. In fact, if you fail here then any strength you gain will essentially belong to me. So... can you overcome me right here and now? I WOULD wager that you'd manage it with the numbers that you have and with the skill of your companions... However... You've still not factored in one little thing about this entire fight. What have I been really waiting on? One simple word... ACTIVATE!" She would command, activating the burst of energy that she had used earlier. The entire chamber would suddenly turn the same shade of pink that the flames had taken on earlier. And suddenly Zana, Tina, and all the bodyguards would fall to the ground, looking as though they were struggling against a great weight. And then just as suddenly, an insignia would appear on their foreheads.

It was a pink, complex rune inscribed on their forehead, with magical energy moving through it as it stuck to their heads. And then their eyes would open, glowing pink and pulsing in time with the insignia on their heads. Zana and Tina would stand up at the same time as the other bodyguards, all of them with glowing pink eyes. "I didn't think I'd have to reveal the time limit so early, but I see that a few of your friends have fallen to my will. Slaves! Defend your Mistress for a little bit while they fall to it as well... If you can restrain them that would be preferable." She would command, and if Deva looked at those that hadn't fallen to the ground, she'd see that the insignia was partially completed on her companions. Jade, for her part, had what looked to be a roughly half completed symbol, her normal eye color having turned to pink as she was suddenly rushed by Zana, dodging and weaving as she tried to knock her first mate out. "Shit! That's really bad! Aved! Ya gotta take out that mage before the magic hits us all! I can already feel her damn voice in my head! For fuck's sake ZANA! LISTEN TO ME! THIS ISN'T YOU!" She'd shout, trying to disable Zana without severely injuring her. Isa, meanwhile would have an almost fully completed mark on her head, and it seemed that she realized that. "Damn it! S-Sorry Aved... Better at least keep myself out of this one... HAAAAAHHHH!" She'd put every bit of magical energy into creating a gigantic mass of ice to seal both herself and Aqua in a huge layer of ice. Which, because she had used up all her energy into it, she'd be trapped without a way out once she fell to the insignia that was nearly finished on her. Deva, for her part, would also have a half completed mark on her forehead, which she'd be able to feel. With every thought, it was as though she had a second Deva in her head just encouraging her to give in to the powerful, beautiful, erotic, wonderful, dominating, amazing mage that had been so powerful up until now. "I must say though... allowing that fire into you helped to catch you up to the same spot that your dear Captain was in. It's only a matter of time now... Oh, and before you gloat, I suggest you look at your angels as well... They may not have been here as long, but just give it time, they, like everything else, can be controlled at some point." And if Deva looked, the angels would all have the outer circle of the insignia drawn in, nothing else done yet, but the rune would be slowly, slowly getting drawn in, bit by bit as time went on. Even the playful spirit had a mark on her forehead, her's being fully completed because she was already essentially under the woman's control when the spell was activated.

"Tick tock darlings... Or take your time, I'm sure you have all the time in the world..." And in her head, Deva would have a very compelling voice agreeing with that sentiment. She really shouldn't rush things like that, because she might mess up. Better to just focus and take her time, take it nice and slow, she had all the time in the world really. Besides, the pulsing pink in her head and filling the room looked really nice. It was all so nice, and Deva would start to feel an even stronger warmth deep inside her, a comforting and caring warmth in her head... followed by a wonderful, heat down between her legs. This all didn't feel so bad, did it? She could just slow things down for a little bit and enjoy it, feel it for a little longer considering that she had all the time in the world...

But if the angel wasn't paying close enough attention, she'd notice that Tina was starting to use a few very basic spells to get Deva restrained, to keep her tied up so the magic could do its work. She'd need to stop the pirate if she wanted any hope of focusing on Tabitha... but was there really any need to? Tina didn't seem to threatening, maybe it'd just be easier to let Tina do her thing for a bit while she enjoyed the nice sensations she was feeling, and the pretty, pulsing pink that had suddenly taken on the world around her.

The other angels would also have their hands full, as the group of bodyguards would immediately rush the three of them, no longer fighting to overpower or capture, now only fighting to delay. The three guards were just trying to hold them back. Their only goal now was to buy time and let those beautiful marks complete themselves on their foreheads and have them give in to their Mistress. "A shame... If I had only managed to hold off for 10 more minutes I'd have gotten your captain as well, and maybe even you... But still, I think I can hold off for a little longer now that it's been revealed..." Unfortunately her power would take much longer to take over them when it was revealed like this, it worked so much better when her opponents were unaware. This was Tabitha's trump card, her most powerful and insidious spell. It would slowly prepare the insignia over someone's head, taking longer depending on the person, and once the energy was channeled into activating it, any with a completed insignia would fall under her control.
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"Hmn. It does sound a bit as if I'm fighting myself, yes."Though, with the shadow-melding you don't quite see just how much, perhaps. Deva mused at her opponent. She then shook her head.
"What a selfless offer, but I already know of the motivations hidden behind it." Admittedly, that was tempting her lazy and pampering-happy side more, so she didn't rebutt her opponent more, rather focusing on restoring herself. .. though, she did give a darker smile when, it seemed, this world knew nothing of angels. She would happily stick with her opponent misjudging the ancient old angels she had summoned.

"Well, sorry my dear, I could pretend to be disoriented if it helps? Then again, if you serve wickedness, you can't be ..uhmnn.. what rhymes with that.. hooh.. am I getting bigger.. hoooh! Hah. Fear me! She cast an enlargement spell on me! BEWARE THE GREAT STORM OF HOLY WRATH! WOOOO!" The Eladrin stormed, enthusiastically, swirling about and simply enjoying herself in the moment. "Geesh, getting a little claustrophobic though. If your earlier spell hadn't given away that this was an illusion I'd be panicking.. you see, to pull a proper prank you got to know whom you are pranking. Try to get to know their likes and dislikes first, you are quite good at applying yourself after the act." The Eladrin seemed actually affected by this kind of illusion.. but too late.

"It seems there are few Elves left in this world. It saddens a part of me, I was an elf in life, quite certainly. Oh, if you want to add demons into the summoning formula, please, go wild. It's been a while since I've broken one." The eladrin managed to somehow sound threatening in a benevolent way as she grinned with fire burning in her eyes. Interestingly, Deva simply stood back silently and letting her summons do their job, until being told of underhanded tactics.

"Good? Underhanded... Who ever said good had to fight fair. You're thinking of Angels of justice. They'll line up to fight you one on one with honor and all that nonsense, we are angels of the stars, not the sun. We aren't as individually strong, but we are crafty. Well,.. I guess if you don't believe in angels, there's little point explaining any of this..
If you see through my illusions, why would I continue using them. But if you are weak against summons, no, moreso, if you don't even know what I'm summoning.. well then..."

She shrugged.

"Interesting. This one had a strong enough will to resist a banishing had I tried to force it, so her summoning aren't without a bite, better be wary." The Ghaele adviced when dismissing the other pirate-ghost.
Then, Deva listened to the praise and observed the counter-strike, tilting her head.
"Hooh. That is impressive. I presume if you had waited it out this could have gotten quite.. decisive." Without morphea. Deva mused.

"That must have been the powerful earlier spell you used. Which means this was your trump card and I forced you into revealing it. I deserve a little praise for that, don't I?" Deva smiled, with a slight blush on her cheeks.. wait a moment, that was not quite the expected reaction, was it? She shifted a little, her legs rubbing against one another.. the flames she could have ignored easily enough, but now, this pulsing pink was quite distracting. Was Tina doing something? Well, it couldn't be anyhting too powerful, she had to focus on Tabitha.

"Haaah.. haaah..." Deva shook her head at the pulsing pinkness. "I really feel like I could slow things down a bit and enjoy this nice warm.. kinky heat... that explains why the summoning took -that much- out of you... after all, you had just cast an even more powerful spell. Should have suspected that, I did but.. oh well." she mused, imagining herself on a comfy pillow before that throne, enjoying herself in pink servitude.. she imagined herself enjoying the thick shaft of her host.. or perhaps lying in a comfy bed, being slowly taken and..
Her submissiveness really did her no favors in situations such as these. She really wanted to lose herself in it, be bound up, relaxed and become a happy, played with bed-pet for her mistress..

But what she wanted, didn't matter quite as much.
She looked over to the angels. Whereas the Ghaele could easily hold herself in combat, the Lillend was not a combattant, other than trying to coil people up in her strong tail, whilest the stormy-eladrin also had to deal with the pirate-tricksters magic so the strongest angel covered for the others, basically fighting 1on3 with support (and still holding her own amazingly well) at the same time, not aiming to kill the guards who were just being controlled.
Deva sighed.. she wouldn't have such hesitations. She took another moment to banish the heat from her loins and the fuzzy feeling from her head.
"Dismiss illusion."

"You were right. Like the one that taught you this level of magic, I'm not of this world. Or perhaps I'm wrong and you've barely had contact with the cloaked one, that would make you the ideal opponent to gather information without giving too much away.
I theorize it's the latter, that you can create such powerful curses is a credit to centuries of dedication. I wonder what made you so dedicated."
She mused, as her apperance shimmered, a white dress and feathers illuminated by the little light-ball angel.

"I'm right in assuming that no ammount of curse-breaking will stop the sigil then. Hmn.. Is this the difference in power you spoke of." She mused. Taking her time was fine. She had all the time in the world.
"Well, we seem both similiar, in our secret wish to be appreciated for our powers, in our gloating, in our analytical abilities. So, I can without a doubt say, you've mastered the apex of curse-magic. That powers on yours is on par with epic magic in my world.
You remind me of Xarkana.. or of Jeska, or of Feyline. Each of them has mastered one aspect of combat to such perfection, there is none greater at it. Me? I'm envious of them. I have no such mastery. I just dabbled in everything, everything that could help me not loose.
Deep down, I think, most people approach combat thinking about how they can win."

She mused.
"I'm different. I see all the ways I can be defeated. For example, if I were to reveal too much of my power here, I could be defeated later.
So how can I overcome you without being defeated?
Let me be clear here. I've lost a lot in the past, so many times.. but I've never been defeated. The difference to me is, after a loss, you can withdraw and recover. Sometimes, losing is advantageous even, rather than having a phyrric victory. When you are defeated, that was it for you. As you said, a loss so great I can't recover would be to become enslaved by you.
I've lost so often in the past.. but I've never been defeated. I can't be defeated here, for ferrets with hats."
She nodded sagely.

"Would you believe me if I told you that, ever since I saw that piece of the map, I've suspected a magic like this? Heh. you shouldn't. It took up to the darkness-wall combination for me to be certain. Do you think I used those summons to defeat you? No. They were ment to push you into using your greater power early, so I could analyze it and make use of it. If I were to name your mistake.. it was simply that you lost your cool.
Every ability has a weaknesses, even the most overwhelming ones. For example, I could summon something that enslaved me to it's will after the curse-set duration expired. But of course, that would just be a trade.
The real weakness is. Well.."
Deva scratched the back of her head subtly. "Ten minutes is a really long time. But I figure, the insidious part is that.. well, knocking you out during this time doesn't exactly end the curse, you already cast it after all. Even if I were to kill you in this time, it might not end, and then what? I'll simply revive you regretfully." Deva mused.

"In the end, this level of a spell, can only be answered with another spell of equal magnitude, can it?" Deva smirked, pulling the mirror out of her poket. "Each and every last one of you is scary to have power to such a degree that I want to use this to be safe. Any conjuration I could use would just get enslaved too. Every illusion I could use you can see through. Every transmutation I use on you, seeing as you can turn into darkness, you can shift out of.
But anyway, you earned a proper introduction. So far, I wanted to give you the excuse of being mislead. I wanted to allow you to pretend you were defeated by me whilest mistaking me for someone else."
She chuckled, attempting to raise the mirror to the shadowy corner. If Tina did her job, Deva would be forced to drop that mirror. Which was exactly what she wanted.

"I am Deva Undon. I'm not a master of curses. Or of ice or water, the only skill, the only ability other than healing, I ever mastered, was using my opponents greatest strength against them." She mused, as the mirror shattered, all too easy, upon the ground Deva still had animated under her control, it's shards scattering and it took the closest of observations to notice their momentum was far greater than it should have been.

"Now then.. the magic you cast activated on both mine and your summons, which means it is a continously active area of effect magic, that is likely draining a lot of your magical power to maintain. You also can't exactly deactivate it, because, if you do, before it is completed, you are at an enormous disadvantage, am I right in analyzing it so far? Eh, I know I am. Maybe it's so powerful you use the citizens of the town around to help you cast it, but that was the gist of it. Now then.. by comparison, the spell I cast is well, kind of the opposite, in a way. I've cast it a while ago and will have to recast it later if I want to use it again, but I use up none of my power in this battle. It's called a delay spell trigger release. Quite useful, if you ask me. Oh sorry, I'm ranting to buy time. But you don't mind, do you?" She mused, as the mirror-shards began floating up and glowing.. not that anything could stop the spell after the mirror was destroyed. "Have you ever heard the saying that crashing a mirror brings seven years of bad luck? Have you wondered were that comes from? That.. was me."

With that, she raised her hands(if she could with Tina bondaging her.. if not, she'd just .. stare determinedly!) and shouted: "Danse Macabre, Secundum Actum: Speculum Universum!"

She sighed and exhaled for a brief moment, as the mirror shards began swirling up, dancing among one another and glittering as they flew off to the borders of the room. Next, all of Deva's summons disappeared.. but so did the darkness and flames hiding Tabitha.. even the ice ensnaring Isa. Deva shrugged and informed. "I wanted to save up this trump for something later down the line, but a magic like yours, I have to answer in full force." She extended her arms, as.. well, the walls around still seemed to be there, as translucent shadows, whereas mirrors, large and small, floating all around them, slowly circling and reflecting everyone within, replaced the actual architecture.
Even the gaps through the mirrors just showed, well, more mirrors. The spell also left an eerie silence, drowning out noises from the outside and, every so often, one of the reflections created seemed.. wrong. It was just something out of the corner of ones eye, was one of the mirror-images looking back too intensely? Was that one looking a few years too young or old.. it always disappeared whenever one tried to focus on it.. Overall this spell felt different from what Deva usually used, though only Isa could potentially warn Tabitha of that. "I'll answer your hospitality by explaining what is going on. We are partially shunted into a paralel dimension of my own design, thus all summonings lost their tether. The same is true for your lesser spells. However, something as powerful as your enslavement curse, well, I can't get rid of it as easily. That said." Deva pointed at Tabitha. "Does anything look different to you, do people look wrong and somehow.. off? That's because you are currently seeing us mirrored. But my spell is not all about fancy optical effects. There are mirrors all around. Take a look at your forehead." Deva smirked and indeed, the same sign Tabitha had given the others, had begun drawing on herself. At about the same time, someone as keen eyed and observant as Tabitha noticed that exactly one in every five mirrors stopped reflecting her and became more a sheet of see-through glas, with more mirrors in the back, though, one in every fifty or so mirrors actually did the opposite, turning pitch black, with its frame, whatever its design may be, becoming withered and decayed.

"Wait.. damn it. I forgot!" Deva shook her head. "The spell is cast on you last, so you can simply use your superior numbers now to restrain those of us resisting, then dismiss it before it enslaves you yourself.. Oh nooo.. I hadn't thought of that! I.. uh.. haaah.." Deva mused in a tone that indicated shocked emberassement as she gulped. .. this had been ment as a deception, but with the mark, now after her talk and spellcasting a bit more than half done and a subtle pink glow to her eyes, it turned into a little something more.. after all, it was a pretty impressive curse to force her to bring out.. this.
The strength, well, right now downside of dealing with lesser magic of her summoned universe did leave her open to both Tinas and the other guards.. attention if they wanted to retrain or deal with her and the captain, as Deva's eyes turned a little pinker and she just kind of let Tina do her thing. The pink pulsing was really distracting after all.. "Uh.. what was the plan again.. d.. don't want to mess things up.." She mumbled meekly, trying to focus away from the heat between her legs that demanded something big.. hard.. soft.. gentle to fill her. Tabitha was now fully revealed out of her shadows, but.. Tina was nice. Deva didn't want to hurt the girl in her spellcasting after all..
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"Oh? Do you happen to think along the same line as myself? Excellent. That means that you'll be just that much more of an amazing slave to keep. Finding strong bodies is easy, finding those that know how to properly apply themselves is so much more difficult." Tabitha would comment, feeling that a slave like Deva would actually come in handy far more than the simple adventurer bodyguards that she kept around. A smart slave like that would be able to defend her and service her in a much better way, the creative ones were always the better slaves in her mind. "Of course there are other motives behind my offer, but does it truly matter? We both stand to benefit, you are able to be safe and cared for, while I am able to have a pretty, wonderful, clever, impressive little slave like you. Does my motive truly matter if we both end up winning in the end?" She would ask, finding nothing wrong with a deal that was mutually beneficial for everyone involved, then again, she figured that Deva wouldn't agree with it anyway, but it was always worth a shot.

"Bleh... pretending that it worked is no fun either! It's like you don't WANT me to have any fun!" The spirit would pout, not really taking much stock in the advice that her target was giving her. While she had to admit that it was sound advice, she couldn't do much with it considering the situation that she was in. Besides, she didn't have the chance to properly learn anything about her target, as she had to suddenly try to toy with a target that she hadn't even met properly. At this point, her only option was to experiment, but unfortunately now that her mark knew that it was all an illusion to mess with her, there was very little that the spirit had left to do. "So like... What made you and your friends all hate fun anyway?" She would casually ask, shrugging as she tried to think up anything that she could possibly do to have the fun that she had stuck around on the world for.

"You all really aren't from around here... Elves were nearly all wiped out even before I was born. A few small pockets of them exist, clinging to their old traditions and languages, but they are nearly extinct at this point. Truly sad, I suppose we agree on that. Were I alive at the time I would've at least done something in the hopes of preventing it..." Tabitha would say earnestly, having wondered if someone as powerful as her would've been able to do something to save an entire race of people from being wiped out. The problem was, any records of those things were lost to time as well, so she couldn't even create a proper scenario in her head for what she might have done back then. But the point was moot, there was nothing that she could do anymore, and instead she could just focus on the present and try to make her ideal world instead, one small step at a time of course, when you had near infinite time you learned to be patient with your plans after all.

The mage would chuckle to herself when Deva saw the counter attack, and the magic would make her laugh seem almost inhumanly beautiful and melodic, like even the woman's laugh was something wonderful about her. "Yes, if this battle had gone on for as long as I had planned, then all of you would be under my control. A shame... I will admit that it's a bit slower once I reveal it... but now your friends can help me keep you under control. Surprising that your Captain is so strong willed though, I had expected her to fall under just as easily..." She thought to herself aloud, a bit more confident now that her most powerful spell was properly progressing. While everything around her had worried her before, knowing that she would be winning soon made her less worried about the information that she revealed to Deva. Plus, anything that the angel managed to discover would be pointless anyway, as Tabitha was certain that she would fall to her power soon and anything that she learned would not matter.

"Oh of course you deserve praise for pushing me so much... my adorable little slave to be. You have so much power, and you're so beautiful, I know you'll make a perfect slave for me. The greatest compliment that I could give anyone... you'd make a perfect little slave for me..." A pulse of warmth would spread through Deva at that compliment, a feeling of rightness when she was approved of, a nice and comforting, warm and pleasurable feeling just from Tabitha giving her praise.

When Deva started imagining herself in servitude, thinking of kneeling at the foot of Tabitha's throne, she'd feel like that image was innately right... Like that was definitely where she belonged, knelt down before a powerful Mistress that held her in her thrall. It was the natural order of things, for one such as her to obey someone like Tabitha, to enjoy the pulsing heat that surged through her, the hot sensation of submission lapping gently between her legs. And the more that she started to think about that, the more that she imagined herself as Tabitha's slave, the more that she indulged her submissive side, the more the insignia on her forehead would start completing itself. The slight pink hue would grow a bit stronger, the heat would intensify just a little bit, and a few more parts of the symbol would start getting drawn in on Deva's head, making those intrusive thoughts about just taking her time and relaxing a bit louder, more insistent, easier to just listen to and allow them to properly guide her. "You very well can just enjoy it. Sit, relax, take your time and enjoy it. Then it'll all be over soon, and we can spend some real time with one another, my wonderful little pet. Take your time, I'll always be here for you to kneel and submit to, no need to rush it..." She would advise, purposely not even mentioning the idea of fighting her anymore, reframing the issue as though Deva was trying to rush through her submission, and that she could simply take her time to enjoy it, rather than trying to resist at all.

"Ooooohhh... An even prettier angel slave than I had at first imagined. I can't wait to see what other surprises your sweet and supple body must hold..." She would comment, looking Deva's body up and down slowly, taking in everything that had now been revealed to her, not really commenting on the theories that Deva had about her interaction with the Cloaked One. "This is a curse I've carefully crafted over years and years... Though it certainly has become far more powerful as of late when I was given this much power and energy. It's absolutely magnificent really... It helps sweet little slaves like you fall into their true nature, to embrace my control and bask in the warmth and pleasure that I offer you." Another gentle pulse of pink filling Deva's eyes as she looked around the room, seeming so comforting and safe, a sign of submission and happiness that would overtake her vision every now and then as the spell worked on her mind.

As Deva began explaining herself, Tina would be working on undressing her, carefully sliding those clothes that she wore off of her. It seemed that Tina was definitely good at removing clothing, as she was both soft enough that Deva could barely feel them coming off, but quick enough to get Deva down to almost nothing rather quickly. And once her body was properly revealed, Tabitha wouldn't be able to stop herself from getting distracted and simply staring at the angel's body for a little while, smiling approvingly. Meanwhile, if Deva could look around, she'd see that Zana had actually managed to overcome Jade, as the captain had gotten distracted by the feelings the spell had caused her. And both the first mate and the captain were nearly naked, Zana bending the pirate captain over. It seemed that Zana was fucking Jade rather vigorously now, a hard throbbing cock pushing deep into the Captain's sex, thrusting again and again as Zana understood one of the best ways to prevent the Captain from being able to do anything. And because of all this, the mark on Jade's head would be appearing a little faster than it had been before, Jade being almost completely unable to resist it when she was too preoccupied with Zana fucking her.

"The time limit is a bit restrictive... You're quite the observant one really. I've built my entire array of spells around that idea though, loads of different things that can get me enough time to control you. The major problem is that sometimes I find amazing little slaves like you. People that can break through it all fast enough to potentially stop me before I activate the spell, and that's why I had to rush that bit, but it seems that it's going to work out in the end." She would listen carefully, but not responding too much to Deva's explanation of the weaknesses of her powers, and the idea of how she was not really a master of anything, more just seeing where things were going so that she could potentially make moves to buy even more time. Thankfully, Tina was working on it as well, making use of Deva's now revealed body, approaching behind her and reaching around, sliding a hand down between the angel's legs and starting to gently tease her. Deft, soft, skilled fingers sliding across the lips of the angel's pussy, feeling the wetness of her sex as the angel spoke. Tingles of pleasure and submission would slide through her, that beautiful pink seeming to become more and more majestic before her eyes. The wonderful heat would build as well, the normal pleasure between her legs adding to it and being magnified by it. Warmth... comfort... submission... it all felt so wonderful. Perhaps she could take her time even more, relax and let things happen for a bit, just accept what was happening and start to figure things out more. Maybe she was rushing it a bit too much, she wouldn't want to make some sort of mistake on something like this, so maybe just a little more time to figure things out would be useful to her. She had more than enough time, and even if time ran out... it wasn't that bad a fate to submit to a beautiful, erotic, powerful, wonderful, intelligent, incredible, dominating Mistress that could fill her days with pleasure and comfort...

"You are quite good at figuring things out... But is there really any need for you to figure this kind of stuff out? Wouldn't it be easier to just go with it and enjoy your time?" The mage would offer, sounding extremely reasonable at that, Tabitha smiling a bit more when the angel revealed that she was the one 'stalling for time' in this situation. "Stall for time all you want, darling. Would you like to sit down and have a conversation? Maybe you could trade Tina and Zana for a bit and experience what a proper Sivvie can do? Or just enjoy the one you have now, as I'm sure she has a nice tongue waiting for you..." The moment that she said that, Tina would kneel down between Deva's legs, slowly sliding her tongue along Deva's slit, up and down, occasionally stopping to flick her clit, showing quite a bit of experience with her tongue, which was likely true of any member of Jade's crew.

Of course, because of all that, Tabitha wouldn't do anything about the shattered mirror, truly underestimating the angel now that she had used her most powerful spell. In her mind, the battle had already been won, and so she wouldn't even flinch when all of her magic seemed to just drain from the room. She no longer needed to hide in the shadows and spread flame, though she was happy to see that the angel's summons had disappeared as well, as they weren't as far along as even Deva. When the ice prison fell apart, Deva would see that the insignia on Isa's head had been completed, her eyes now glowing pink along with the water mage that had been trapped with her, and the two of them were stripped naked, eating one another out once they were left with nothing left to do. The two of them entertwined in lust and passion, moaning and licking, pleasuring each other without the slightest thought as to what anyone else could see.

"What the Hell...?" Tabitha would mutter, eyes wide in surprise as she looked around at the world of mirrors that they had suddenly found themselves in. This was unlike anything else that she had ever seen, and despite her trump card, she was actually worried about what in the world was going on. She would continually look around, occasionally turning to try and catch the reflection that didn't look right, not able to catch anything that she was looking for. And while Isa could tell that this magic was different from what she had come to expect from Deva, she wouldn't even mention it. Partially because she was too wrapped up in passion with the other mage, and partially because a deep down part of her was still resisting even a little bit, just enough to not give Tabitha the slightest warning about whatever was coming from her. Sure, the ice mage didn't actually know what was coming for Tabitha, but she could have at least warned her that the spells they were dealing with were more than the average affair. Thankfully, the ice mage did nothing but continue to fuck Aqua, leaving Deva to handle things however she could. "A full dimension of mirrors? As powerful as I am, I am not THAT vain." Though when she was told to, Tabitha would suddenly look around checking her reflection and seeing the insignia starting to get drawn on her forehead, eyes having a very slight pink tint to them as they went wide in surprise. "W-What?! How?! This... NO! This is MY spell!" She would shout in a sudden panic before calming herself down, taking a few deep breaths and regaining her composure. While this certainly wasn't something that Tabitha was looking for, she was quick to reassure herself that this wasn't going to suddenly spell the end for her. Yet once again she found herself completely confused at the different things happening to the mirrors, looking around to try and find the decayed ones and the see through ones, wanting to keep an eye on them in case something was going to suddenly jump out to attack her. When there was no real way to know what was coming for you, you'd need to be suspicious of as much as possible...

Thankfully, the angel would remind Tabitha of why she didn't need to be too worried about all this. Sure the spell was starting to work on her now, but so long as she could enslave those in the room already, she could just remove the curse and keep them all enslaved. She would smile, starting to step towards Deva, chuckling to herself as she realized that she still had victory in the palm of her hand. "The plan was to just relax, submit, enjoy, take your time and enjoy it... That's the real plan, isn't it? To just enjoy yourself, indulge in the pleasure, and just be happy. It's what you want, so it MUST be the real plan, right? You'd only plan something for what you actually want deep down, so the only right answer would be to indulge in all of this. Come... let us all enjoy this together..." Two of the guards would suddenly grip Deva's arms, working to try and keep her still while Tina continued eating her out. However, Zana would start approaching as well, as Jade was barely conscious now, panting after a thorough fuck from her first mate. Zana stepped towards Deva, her cock still standing tall and stiff, throbbing in arousal as Zana regarded Deva with glowing pink eyes. Her hard cock was dripping precum after such a fuck, and it would look so enticing when framed with that beautiful, pulsing pink tint. "So... how about we all enjoy one another? Take your time, submit, and join all of us in the pleasure that I can bring you..." As she said that, Tabitha would start caressing Deva's cheek, gently petting her, reaching down and squeezing her breast a bit, content to let her slaves enjoy Deva for now as the magic worked over Deva's mind.


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"It always matters not just that we indulge ourselfs but also why. Indulgence without reflection is decadence." Deva nodded. "Civilizations rise and fall, they are wiped out, sometimes for reasons of their own making, sometimes for tragic reasons. In the end we mourn the passing of old without knowing of its glory days and nostalgia is what makes such civilizations grand.. is what I found." Deva mused about the survival, or lack thereof of the elves, as if she knew what she was talking about.

Deva remained silent about the womans proclaimed victory soon to come. Silent acceptance, defiance, or was it something else? She was hard to read at the best of times. She then actually managed to smile however as the nice woman told her she'd make for a good slave. "I guess I can reciprocate that compliment." She mused, knowing of her mirror-magic. But she did like being approved of. She had had too little of that in her life.

A trap, of course, as Deva felt herself tempted to moan out under the insignias progress.. interesting, so was this how it worked, she wondered. "Hamnn.." She mused, with the pink pulsing through her vision.. so the time limit was variable.. she thought, only to mieep in suprise as she felt Tina working to undress her, making her blush.. further, that was. Looking over to Jade it seemed like she was struggling to.. struggling in this case meaning Devas soft, pale skinned form being fully revealed, B cup breasts heaving with normally well hid heavier breathing and the signs of controlled, supressed, but definitly present arousal readable on the flush of her skin and the warmth of her sex. A part of Deva was jealous of the captain having her enslavement so easy. Deva had to fight it. Yes, she had to fight.

"Waah.. hamnn.." Deva gulped.. hadn't Tina prepared spellcasting? Damn it, she must have noticed the angel hadn't fought so much. Spellcasting, the mirror-sphere would reflect right back on her, but these touches... "Hamnn..." Deva moaned out, with her legs spreading and presenting her sex for Tinas approach on instinct, not resisting the gentle teases. It all felt so wonderfully pink, her look at Tabitha becoming more adoring and submissive.."You are right.. it would be easier." Deva nodded, though, rather than restrain her, something about those words encouraged Deva to took action. Never the easy way out.
She glanced over to Zana again at the 'Trading' idea, but with her newfound focus managed to shake her head an comment: "No, I'm good... aaah?" She eeped as Tina apparently wasted no time at all. "Ahmnn.." She moaned out. Likely still progressing slower than the captain she wasn't quite fighting the seals progression as much as she had thought, not under these circumstances.

"Hamnn.. it's.. scary, isn't it? I designed a set of powerful spells, a while back. Some were based on my hopes dreams... and some, on my nightmares and fears. There is something innately disturbing about watching two mirrors reflect one another into infinity. Like far off in the distance." Deva mused, her expression half lost in submission, half twisted into a darker smile.. "There's something not quite right waiting for you." One hand came forth, gripping Tina forcefully, pulling her up, one of Devas eyes pink.. the other a deep red. "My darling I request thee, work thine tongue stronger to please me, consider me one that enjoys the wilder things. But yes, M'lady Tabitha, this sphere reflects magic, even the most powerful one." Deva's half smirk turned into a darker laugh.

"Ahahahaha.. I see you are distracted by my little show. Perhaps they are all illusions ment to decieve you. Propably best to pay no attention to them. Then again, why would thee heed me, for me thou just exist to feed me." Truthfully, the twisting of mirrors was just an illusion, born from Deva's psyche, though she was not about to give away this spells powers.. yet.
"I must object though, Lady Tabitha, a curse so powerful is quite scary. 'tis not always wise to bare your fangs so liberally. And then you even forced my hand into using this. Ohoho.. I think I'll collect thee. Now! Danse Macabre ~ Actu... grrrn..." Deva had chanted, raising her hand towards Tabitha, only for it to come up and cover her red-tinted eye, seeming to be in turmoil for a moment.

"Haah.... haaah.. no.. no.. I'm not doing that.. ugh..." Deva closed her eyes, and shook her head.. now, as she looked up again, they were blue-pink once more. Whatever that had been, she had suppressed it? "Excuse me.. this magic tends to have me unleash some.. darker desires I rather like to keep locked up. Don't we all have different urges at times? Me? All I primarly want to be is a good slave, I just.. I've been abandoned so often, and had others mistake my strength for a desire to control them and.. it..
Nevermind that. I just want to be a slave.. so I guess theres nothing wrong with me helping you, or showing you some more weak-points of your technique."
She mused, as the guards gripped her, nuzzling actually to the caress on her cheek, though her eyes focused on that throbbing shaft before her. "Haaah.. after all I got to show mistress how strong I am..." She sighed out. "I can never take it easy." She nodded, and suddenly, things seemed wrong again, with Deva holding the guard in a grip, where they before had held her. If Tabitha paid close attention, more of the mirrors whisked out, three out of five now, at that. "Jar an unlar, cin mar tala, afa, en alum enoch." She chanted, her hands letting go of the guards and moving with impressive speeds, focusing and forming the signs of a haste-spell, quickening it up so she could also form an illusion spell.. but why those, Tabitha had seen through them and the haste spell, as powerful as it was in aiding in combat, would just make Deva submit faster, except...

The Mirrors shattered, and suddenly, the shadowy surroundings became Tabithas throne-room again, mirrors slowly fading away, some melting and oozing, some twisting oddly, silent, accusing eyes focused on Tabitha..
As the sign on her head suddenly became a complete one, as did it for Deva and she felt herself empowered.. moving faster, able to react faster... the spells had been reflected on her. "Your weakness number one. You have prepared lots of spells to slow things down, but how do you deal with something that can speed things up?.. the haste spell works by slipping you into a slightly faster time-stream with transmutation magic, whilest keeping you able to interact with the world around you. But, far more crucial is your other strength.. or should I say, weakness.

You recognize illusions for what they are, but that doesn't mean you see through them. Infact, because you can detect illusions, I bet you never saw the need to learn magic to disspel or pierce through them. Or in other words, just because you know that the sign upon my and your foreheads are illusiory completed...
You don't know exactly which of us is further along anymore, even if you manage to disspel my haste-magic with a slowing spell, do you now? Illusions are made to hide a truth. But knowing of a lie doesn't equal knowing the truth."

Deva smirked, even if the guards restrained her again. "Of course, you could dismiss your magic. Likely, if you wait just a moment longer you'll have the captain too. I'm naked and held and .. aroused and very much lusting for submission, without a doubt you could just overwhelm me with all of you, even after you expended all this magical power, right? Well.. there is a growing urge to please and serve you, so.. I'm not even lying when I tell you I have more spells like this. .. can you risk that?
Or perhaps I'm bluffing, after all, I was affected a lot earlier, what difference can a little haste spell make?
Well, you know better than I how your spell works.. so.. just,.. take your time.. Think about it."
Deva smiled an innocent smile, emphatizing those words. Though, that was as much as she could bring out between focusing on not taking the easy way and the shakeup of her Mirror-Universe. She did like the idea of relaxing and enjoying herself..

"Hamnn... that said, why is everything so pink, I can't.." She moaned out, presenting her sex to Tina and sighing.. "Hamnn... haah.. it's all so pink and pretty.. " She panted. She liked the way that, now that her ugly spell was out of the picture, Tabitha looked at her body, to the point of Deva pushing out her chest, presenting herself subtly for more attention, her nipple hard, her sex quivering, clearly nearing her edge. "Haah.. please curse me more mistresss... I want to be all yours.." She moaned out, in a pink pulse of submission. Clearly Tabithas approach was.. affecting her. "Haah.. yes.. no.. you have no idea just how powerful I am. The mirror-spell was not the only way to stop you, just the best. You better work on me more before I do something I regret." She moaned out, shaking her head. "Ugh.. then again.. I just want to relax.. and enjoy.." She moaned, looking over to Zana's cum-oozing cock, the mere sight of which had her hesitate and indulge in the pink-pulsing for a few long moments. "Haaah.. I always just wanted to be a good girl and be comforted and perverted and filled with big, sticky stuff.. hamn... Oh and sorry for rushing you earlier, Tina, perhaps should just lean back and enjoy your hmnn submissive licking.." She licked her lips."S.. so hot.. sorry for lashing out at you earlier.. hmnn.. sorry because I might do it again... J.. jade, what about you?" She looked over, panting.

Then she looked at Tabitha, seeming.. oddly hopeful and vunerable for a brief moment as she asked: "D.. do you think I'm pretty? C.. can you make me prettier and desierable for mistress.. ugh.. " Then again, if Tabitha affirmed Deva's need for approval the angel would smile, relaxing a little more before she said:

"Ugh.. no. I can't. I never will.. but.. hamnn..Sh.. she will always be there for me to submit to.. oohmnn... I want to... want mistress to see.." She panted, most certainly she would have dropped down if Tina and the guards didn't steady her, her sex dripping wet as.. she actually dismissed the spell hiding her own progress.. she was about three-quarters done in this all, though Deva was strong willed enough to maintain the illusion on Tabitha, keeping her in uncertainty.. just how dedicated was she to enslaving Deva. More importantly, was knowing all about how her curse worked a strength... or rather a weakness, as the angel had hoped when reflecting it earlier.
Then again, on the other hand, after all this, the symbol was only about three quarters done and only slowly progressing, unless the others helped.. work on her. At least she didn't seem to be fighting back anymore, her mouth half open, eyes glowing a subtle pink throughoutly now, body quivering in the pleasure Tina was administring to it.
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"Indulgence isn't a problem... not when you have a strong Mistress there to lead you, to make sure that you stay on track. With one like me to guide and lead you, there is no need to worry about these kinds of things. You can just indulge and enjoy yourself, and I can be the one that worries about this kind of thing. Indulge, relax, and enjoy. Your Mistress will take good care of you." Tabitha would reassure, smiling at Deva with a smile that would look and feel increasingly more benevolent to the angel. She wouldn't talk much about the elves anymore though, as she actually felt that Deva had made a very excellent point about that kind of thing, which in turn made her wonder what kinds of things that her slave to be had seen in her life. This kind of wisdom and intelligence... it made Tabitha even more eager to properly take the angel's mind and keep her as a very important new slave.

"Well aren't you cheeky... But you are the only one that's going to be a slave today, my dear. A perfect, beautiful little slave to be pampered and cared for... You're wonderful, and incredible ones like yourselves will make wonderful slaves. You'll be excellent! Cute, smart, and powerful, it's like you were meant to be my slave." She would say, almost fawning over Deva now that she was so close to enslaving the angel. She appreciated slaves like Deva, and honestly she coveted her chance of getting someone like Deva underneath her, having someone that was not just wonderful to look at, but had a good brain and a wonderful array of skills.

The mage would just smile warmly as Deva moaned out, watching as her curse progressed a little further, compliant thoughts and arousal only serving to drive the magic further, the insignia growing in completion and power just a little faster for a quick moment now that Deva had unintentionally helped it along. "Mmmmnnn... It's so good... Aved... just submitting to Mistress' power... she makes it all feel so wonderful. Just let it happen... let it flow through you and embrace it... I promise you that it's absolutely amazing..." Tina would whisper as she undressed the angel, not seeming to even mind the revelation of what Deva really was, instead focused entirely on her submission and obedience. She would kiss Deva's neck a bit before continuing, knowing that she wouldn't have as much of a chance to talk in a few moments considering what she'd be using her tongue for. Her hands were soft, showing quite a bit of expertise when it came to properly stripping someone down, used to being commanded to do so as well, considering how submissive she was.

Tina would then smirk a bit, her fingers growing a little more bold now that she could tell Deva wasn't fighting back, her thumb rubbing against Deva's clit, one of her hands even softly pinching her nipples, somehow actually working in perfect harmony with the pulses of delightful pink that surged through Deva. Every caress of her finger came just at the same time as the world pulsed even pinker than usual, every time she rubbed her clit there would be another surge of warmth and happiness coursing through the angel. Jade, meanwhile, would still be panting quite a bit, just a bit of cum leaking out between her legs as the insignia finished inscribing on her forehead. "Haaaahhh... Oh fuck... Mmmnnnn... Obey... Submit... Slave... Oooooohhhh... Yeeeesss... Mistress..." The captain would moan out, her mind completely clouding over in obedience now that she had been properly fucked by her First Mate. While she could remember many passionate nights with the four armed woman, she had never seen her so primal and lustful, so wonderfully powerful as the two rutted like animals, and thanks to that, the curse had completely finished its work on Jade. "And there goes your Captain... Even she understands how wonderful this all feels... Just let it happen, darling. You could be such a perfect little slave, and you'd even be allowed to bask in submission and pleasure alongside your entire crew. Give in, darling, and I promise a life of pleasure, comfort, and care. It's all waiting for you, you just need to submit." Tabitha would encourage, looking over the entire room, seeing that everyone except Deva had already completely given in to her spell.

Her eyes would grow wide, however, as she saw Deva's darker side coming through, still looking around carefully as she expected something to come out and attack her when looking in an entire world full of mirrors. As much as she hated to admit it, something about this did unnerve her just a little bit, the idea of seeing reflections constantly reflecting into infinity had always been just a little bit strange to the ancient mage. But that wasn't going to be enough to stop her, just because the things around her and the sudden shift in personality were more disturbing than what she was used to facing, did not mean that she was going to completely fall apart. "Oh my... I see that there's even more to you than I had at first thought... A small tip though... the 'ye olde' talk doesn't make you sound more intimidating darling... take it from someone that used to actually talk like that..." Tabitha would say, masking the hint of fear that had crept up inside of her, more from the power that the angel had displayed rather than the way that she was talking right now. She made herself look strong, but the world she was in had already shaken her quite a bit, and she was inwardly hoping that her curse would work just a little bit faster so that she could be done with this battle. Tina, meanwhile, would be surprised for a moment before immediately agreeing to Deva's commands, her tongue pushing deep in between Deva's legs, tracing around and filling her, passionate yet precise movements over any sensitive area that she could find, reading the angel's body language and reactions to learn where and how to properly please her.

"I must bare my fangs occasionally, especially when one such as you brings yourself forward. But trust me... I know what I am doing, and when your mind falls under my dominion, all this confidence and wonderful power will belong to me as well. Anyone able to force my hand like this... well... they're someone that I can't just let get away without properly enslaving them. In short, darling, you're just far too valuable to not be my sweet, pampered, obedient, submissive little slave." And she would ready herself when she thought that another spell was coming, actually worried now considering that the entire mirror dimension had been the last spell that the angel had cast. Tabitha wasn't certain that she could stall for time for very long if she had to keep facing spell after spell that worked like the mirrors, and if Deva had some sort of spell that could undo the curse, then the mage knew that she would stand absolutely no chance. Thankfully though, it seemed that Deva had gained some kind of control of herself and stopped herself from going any further with her plan. In turn, Tabitha would listen to what the angel had to say, a little bit more at ease now that she saw the mix of blue and pink in the angel's eyes, knowing that meant her powers were still working properly. "Oh dear... That sounds positively terrible, darling. I know that I would not abandon such a wonderful slave like yourself, the very thought of giving up someone as beautiful and intelligent as you is disgusting to me. You CAN be a slave, darling... Just welcome it... accept it deep within your mind and embrace all of it and be MY slave. I will do everything in my power to stay with you... I would keep you close, kneeling at my throne every day... you may ask any one of my pets, I do not just cast them aside as though they were meaningless. I dedicate myself to them just as they dedicate themselves to me, letting them enjoy the sweet... enticing... delicious... erotic sensations of utter submission..." For the briefest moment, Tabitha's eyes would glow slightly pink and the mark on her forehead would get just a little bit more detail in it, her curse affecting her just a little bit as she began talking and thinking of submission. However, since she wasn't anywhere near as far along as Deva, she would quickly shake it off and focus on enslaving Deva, making a note that she would need to dispel that curse rather quickly once the angel had become her slave. She would smile as she saw Deva nuzzling into the caress, making the mage smile a bit and give her a few more pets on her cheek, before scratching gently under her chin for a moment and giving her a small kiss, right on the insignia on her forehead, causing it to tingle pleasantly from Tabitha... from Mistress' touch. Though she'd raise an eyebrow as Deva suddenly cast a haste spell and created another illusion, neither of those seeming all that important for this kind of thing. After all, she could see whenever an illusion was before her eyes, and speeding up the process seemed incredibly foolish overall.

Then it all hit her, making her look around her throne room now that they weren't trapped by mirrors, and she realized exactly what it was that the angel was planning. She would... smile and start clapping a little bit when the thought came to her as to WHY Deva would do something like this. The mark on both of their heads was complete, and yet neither of them had completely submit to the powers, which could only mean one thing... "Clever... very very clever... I was warned that a very resourceful one was coming my way... but this is even more than I had ever expected. Now it's a gamble, isn't it? I can't be sure just how far along I am... And at the same time you've made it so I can't even go by the usual amount of time that it takes. With everything going faster... My oh my... even the times that I had carefully mapped out serve no purpose... I am... very impressed actually. You will be more than a simple slave... I might even have to take you as my slave bride, my personal handmaiden, my favorite little slave, so smart and always by my side. This is an excellent showing... But I am confident enough in you finishing first... I have no need to dispel it right now..." Plus, because she knows enough about her spell, she was absolutely certain that she'd be able to tell when she was getting close. She knew how deep the pink became, and she knew the feelings that were waiting for her if things went on for too long. "I know how my spells work... If things are getting too close for my tastes then I can simply dispel it. Though at the end of the day, I must say that this is more of a risk than I think I've ever had to take in any of my previous conquests. This is uncharted territory for me. Excellent work..." Tabitha would compliment, more than willing to take her time in this, still feeling as though she had the real advantage in this entire situation, and was more than happy to see things through.

"All that pink that you see... that is my power over you, that is my dominance over your mind. It's beautiful, isn't it? The nice tint of my control, the power pulsing through your mind and making you feel so nice and warm, gently arousing you and nudging you into my grasp. Welcome it, embrace it deep within your mind and let it coat the world around you, let it slather your mind and let that absolutely beautiful pink glow fill your eyes. I promise you that you won't regret it..." She would whisper breathily into Deva's ear, kissing her once she was done, that same smile on her face, strong and dominating, yet without a hint of malice behind it as she looked over her newest slave. Tina would continue to gently lap at Deva's pussy now that she had returned to her more submissive attitude, her tongue sliding up and down the length of her sex, as though she were a cat lapping at it rather than a pirate. When Deva presented herself, she'd feel a strong pulse of pink course through her, what she was doing felt right... like presenting herself to her Mistress was the most natural thing in the world for a slave like her. And not only that, but Tabitha would reach out and squeeze one of the angel's breasts, pure ecstasy shooting through her from her Mistress' touch. "You CAN be all mine, darling. You just need to make the final step... Accept it, all the pleasure and happiness that I can give you, embrace it and be mine. Feel my magic coursing through you and accept it deep into your heart and soul, and I can be with you forever..." She would continue to encourage, her vision starting to be tinted by pink as her own curse began to work as well. While she wished there was more she could do, at this point all she could do is let her magic work on the angel, and encourage her to help the process along a little bit, as the only thing that would speed it up any more would be compliance and even higher levels of pleasure. Seeing that Deva was fascinated by Zana's cock, still oozing cum and coated in Jade's love juices, Tabitha would lean in and start whispering to her again. "Do you see that? Is that something that you want, my darling? You could enjoy her cock every single day if you wished, and I could give you so much more. I have a few Sivvies around here, and they'd be wonderful for you. We could get your entire crew in here... and enjoy it all together. Wouldn't that be wonderful?" She would entice while Zana would grip her cock and start gently pumping it a little bit, working even more to entice the angel into submission. Though once she looked over, Deva would actually see that Jade had pulled herself up to her hands and knees, and despite the insignia being completed on the captain's forehead, she still seemed to actually be struggling, gripping the leg of a table and trying to fight her way back on to her feet. Her eyes were glowing pink, her arousal was clear, and yet the pirate captain was actually gritting her teeth and trying to put herself back on her feet. Hearing the mage threatening to take her entire crew had sparked something in Jade, and despite everything she was very slowly pulling herself to her feet, struggling every inch, as though her own body were rebelling against her and she had to force it to act. Because of that, she wouldn't really answer Deva, worried that she might give herself away, all she would do is look at Deva, struggle still evident in her eyes as she fell back to the ground, all of her willpower still not enough to pull herself to her feet, leaving her on the ground, still aroused with Zana's cum still leaking out between her legs.

"Of course I think you're pretty, darling. I think you're absolutely beautiful, and any Mistress would be proud to have you. But... I can't make you any prettier, aside from the beautiful pink hue your eyes have taken, there is little I can do to make you prettier. You're already far too elegant, adorable, and pretty for me to be able to do anything, even with all my magic." She would compliment, once again pulling Deva in for a passionate kiss, holding her close as she kept her curse going, feeling confident that the angel would fall into the power first, even with the pink hue overcoming Tabitha's vision now that there had been enough time for it to work. "You have already impressed me thoroughly, darling. You don't need to push yourself any farther... Just let go and enjoy yourself. Enjoy it all and be with me, your Mistress sees you and will not leave you, I promise you that." Tabitha would reassure, gesturing to Tina, who would in turn pick up speed. Her tongue pushing in deeper, returning to the pace that Deva had gotten when she was being forceful, licking around with an incredibly experienced tongue, tracing shapes with her tongues before focusing on any sensitive spots that she had found earlier, pulling back occasionally to slowly drag her tongue over Deva's clit. Meanwhile, Tabitha would start squeezing her breasts some more, letting those shockwaves of pleasure surge through her. And she would smile approvingly when she saw that the insignia was 3 quarters of the way done, excited at the prospect of having one as incredible as Deva as her slave. The only thing left now was for her to keep pleasuring and enticing her, keep working to make the angel fall into her domination and help the mark get completed. She knew she could do this, and get it done before that beautiful... wonderful... pulsing... pink mark was done on her own forehead.


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Jan 21, 2016
(No easy to find good lewd angel art GLAA)

"True, rather temptingly so, but I scarcly know you. Also, the .. things you aligned yourself with make me troubled about your intentions." Deva objected, as tempting as what Tabitha offered was. That offer wasn't helped by Tabitha practically fawning over Deva. Whilest not arrogant like the Cloaked ones angelic agent she had met, Deva quite enjoyed people liking her, for shily-selfish reasons.

Deva blushed as she looked over to Tina.. so tempting, but Tina was in love with Jade.. secretly as it was. Tina's soft attention was nontheless quite gratifying, with the angel mewling under Tinas pinching of her hardened nipples. Jade finishing her enslavement procedure was quite the lewd sight as well, both erotic with how.. messy Zana had made sure her conversion was, and emotionally, seeing her submit.
"I think the 'olde' talk gives a certain amount of class to things..." Deva pouted in response to Tabitha, making one wonder how much of her darker personality was herself, how much was an act. Deva had remained silent while Jade submitted, primarly because, well.. what could she say to that?

Deva moan-smiled down at Tinas devotion, showing that she was no stranger to (lesbian)lovemaking, not quite wild or perverted, but happy to not go all vanilla either, encouraging the soft tongue below and within her with a soft moaning and a shiver from her body.

"Awww.. I like being valuable.." She admitted, with a pulsing of pink. Tabithas words of devotion to her slaves making her gulp and hesitate, even bite her lip, her expression becoming clearly more.. pacified and calmed were proper words for it, perhaps. Clearly, a big part of Deva wanted this.

Deva.. for a moment actually not hiding her expression under her hat as usually, actually displayed a smile of gratitude when her resourcefulness was praised, honestly and dedicatedly, by Tabitha.. she was so nice.. and she appreciated Deva and.. wait, those were the wrong thoughts.. or were they? Still, she couldn't help but bask in what little admiration she got from time to time. "The grander and more impressive any kind of power, the more fatal it's flaws become. You can spent centuries making a spell more and more perfect, but you can never polish out certain imperfections within it.-.. nyaaa.." Deva mewl-squirmed under the chin-scratching, again seeming to quite enjoy herself. "I knew by how you spoke and the magic you used that resisting your curse was near impossible, as was disspelling it. However, if you think outside the rules that one created their magic in, if you try not to fight uphill against it, but go around the mountain in an entirely different direction that can still help your victory somehow.. you can overcome the greatest of powers." She really would not normally give away so much of her method. But the praising mistress was quite.. tempting.

Deva gulped, and looked around among the pink eyed slaves around her when Tabitha whispered into her ears seductively. Deva writhed under Tinas tongue and moaned under Tabithas whispers, Deva's body staying softly aroused and on display for everyone under the influence of the seal painting on her. "Ahmnnn..." Deva sighed out under the lewder touch Tabitha gave her breast next, feeling the submissive ecstasy pulse through her and sighing with arousal. "I.. I can feel your magic.. with you.. forever.." She smiled shily.

"Want.. the cock..." Deva admitted, gulping and.. observing Zana closely, licking her lips subconciously.. if all of that was Tabithas influence, a memory of Valerie, or even further away a lover, it was hard to tell, but mattered little, right now. Still, an innate part of Deva hesitated about .. using slaves.. enslaving everyone. Was it erotic.. yes! Was it wrong... also yes...

Still, Deva watched Zanas pumping motions, biting her lips... though, looking past Zana, she could see the captain.. still fighting, still struggling. So the seal, as powerful as it was, had no complete control.. fascinating. Perhaps it was just against the captains very nature to abandon her crew. If so.. what was against Deva's nature? She had abandoned the one she loved.. the one who, coincidentially, first had oh so gently and sweetly enslaved her to her big, beautiful cock.. Hmnn.. Deva stared on at the cock.. Well, this was certainly not the thing she was fighting for in the tales of epic, but.. it reminded her.
For the briefest of moments, Zana turned into a red-haired, horned, golden eyed demonic looking woman with a cheeky smile, a smile that mirrored on Deva's lips and the angel spoke: "Yes, having a mistress that truly loves you and takes care of you can be something wonderful indeed. Even if some are.. encouraged into that happiness." But happiness, without a future, was just a dream without waking up.

"Awww thank you for the compliment, Mistress Tabitha." Deva cooed into the kiss when she was told of being pretty. "Haah.. and Tina's tongue is so wonderful aaaaahmn.." Deva gasped, the seal advancing quickly for a moment as she climaxed.. though still there was four fifths of it alone filled out...

"This feels so wonderful.. haaah.. I want you to win. mistress.. oooh my breasts.. aaah.. but.. I'm a naughty girl. I actually like being corrupted, and bend to someones will.. hmnn.. whilest loving me for what I am is wonderful, wishing to make me even better, claim me, completely, that should guide you.." Deva cooe'd, the insigna on her head 9/10ths done...

"Have you.. ooh ever heard of the tale of the turtle and the hare, by chance? The turtle claims that, with a ten metre head start, the hare can never overtake it. Imagine the hare runs ten times faster than the turtle by the time the hare has gotten up to where the turtle has gotten, the turtle is already one tenth further ahead, as it kept walking. Next time, it is one hundredth. Then one thousandth. But the hare can never catch the turtle. Of course, that's rubbish. In reality, the hare runs faster any time." She explained, squirming and moaning lustfully and buying time and enticing Tabitha, further and further, with her displays of submission.

"You are wrong in one respect. You called it a gamble earlier, what I am doing. I told you that I think you can sense, but not see through illusiory magic, but should that not have indicated something, if you look at what I said another way, it could mean that.. yes. I can see exactly, how far along you are. I don't gamble with the hopes of others.
There was no point masking my own sigil.. really hard looking at my forehead.. hehehe."
It was all a part of the plan. Even revealing the mark upon her forehead, had been part of the plan. She needed Tabitha to be sure, until the very last moment, that she was going to win. She needed Tabitha enslaved, to break a curse as powerful as hers. She needed Tabitha to be confident.. until the very end, that she would win. "That said, it seems like, by just a small margin, I will finish first. If you prepare a spell to break the curse, your hold over me should be completed just a short moment before the sigil will take you -but- make sure to focus.. get the disspel right. Take your time.. you wouldn't want to mess this one up and lose this angel of a lifetime opportunity." Deva grinned, seductively, before, with the last of her strength unleashing a Simulacrum! It didn't matter if she was occupied and fucked into submission, as long as she could maintain her illusion...

"So I guess, I should tell you the final mistake you made. One last weakness to your curse is...
Deva mused, smirking suddenly, responding to Tabithas kiss in kind.. making sure she was silenced, just for a moment, before shock would take away another opportunity to end the curse.. while Deva's sign was filled out to 19/20th of the full sign.. "I can't technically become your slave, if I'm already your slave, right?" And with that, Deva looked over to her simulacrum.. flarring and unstable, nude, as she was, due to Deva's lack of focus, and.. pulling out the chest from Deva's dress, holding up the final piece of the map. "I, Deva Undon, claim this map-piece for me captain and crew, I want it and take it for myself!" She proclaimed, then braced herself, for the cursed maps magic to flow through her...

And enslave her.
At the same time as Tabitha felt a powerful illusion magic pulse through the room. Likely, something beyond anything she had felt from a pirate. Something on par with her curse.. and the mirror-sphere.
If she looked, Deva seemed to be wrong. If she focused intently enough, whatever the map-piece had done to Deva had disappeared.. and her sign had halted as well... just a brief moment before victory as well.. "As I said, I want you to win, but I can't let that happen. Morphea. If you heard of me, you heard of this. I have the power to, in a single instant, turn any one negative effect of any kind applied to me, into an illusion.
But such magic shouldn't be able to neutralize your curse!
True, there was a good chance it would not work on magic as powerful as your curse. Or, it might have worked only partially and left me vunerable for a week... it's no good with slow building things like that.. But it would work on another enslaving spell, if it hit me at the exact same time as the completion of your curse mark. And, if both spells tried to enslave me at almost the same time, There'd be a brief moment were they might hinder each other, like two people trying to go through the same doorway at once, in addition to the time I get from the resetting power of Morphea itself.
Wanna know when I came up with that? Well, you spoke of gaps before, Tabitha. Gaps between experience and power, so vast they cannot be overcome."
Deva reached out, touching Tabithas chin with two gentle fingers, pushing her up in a dominating gesture looking at her. "I came up with it when you cast your first two spells." Devas eyes began glowing with an intense, blue fire, all pinkness dissipating from them... for the moment!

"Why do you think I took that chest when I saw your first spells?"
<grey flashback colors>Deva retorted, then chuckled as the guards got ready.. using that moment to poket the little treasure-chest in one of her pokets.

Deva looked, or rather, did not, at the darkness spell, raising a brow.
"Admittedly, you were far more measured than I anticipated. I had hoped you were more impulsive, misjudging you when you used two spells quickly, one of them fire, a very straight-forward element, in which case the Mirror-Universe would have been your undoing. To your credit, you had me use up more powerful magic than anyone before you. More than that.. " Deva sighed. "To you too, I would have liked to submit. Don't worry, I'll ask you a few questions, then send you to the cloaked one. Let her use up some more power to undo a curse as powerful as this, but for now. How about you disspel the curse, before I lose control again after all and it has me submit once more... be a good girl for Deva." She commanded. Admittedly, it was a bit of a stretch, she had grabbed the chest because she figured it might come in handy in some way, that it would to such an extend, that she'd have to use two of her most powerful spells.. that she had not anticipated. If the agents kept on going as they were, Deva would have to.. improvise when she got to the top three.
But for now, she was victorious. But you should feel happy about winning, not sad, shouldn't you? At least Deva was pretty certain that was her win, with the showing of sudden dominance and cunning.. somehow, a lot of people wanted to submit to her when she did these things. Sometimes it was enjoyable too, but not all the time.. for all the time, she wanted someone.. someone like Tabitha, to cling to.

But she would not sacrifice this world, this fun pirate crews future and hopes for her own wants and needs. She had to be strong.
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"My intentions for you are pure, my darling. I just want you to be my slave. I want to care for you and pamper you and dress you up in beautiful, lewd little outfits for BOTH of our enjoyment." Tabitha would answer, considering the plans that she had to be pure and just. At least when it came to Deva and her other slaves. Sure, there were other intentions that she had for the world at large, but right now the only thing that mattered to her was Deva, and her chance at enslaving her. "I could find so many hot little outfits for someone as absolutely beautiful as you... It'll be fun, I guarantee it." The mage would assure, smiling confidently as she continued looking the angel up and down, clearly admiring every inch of her body.

Tina continued with her submissive, precise licking, still finding passion when pleasuring someone like Deva, even with her love for her Captain. Tina could still expertly pleasure another woman, her time with the rest of the crew had made her very good at that. "Class isn't just how you talk. Anyone can talk like that if they try, class is more a way of acting and carrying yourself, of caring for those around you and holding your head up high when others might look down. There's all sorts of things, but you already have class... I can tell just by looking at you. A unique form of class though, with your beauty and intelligence and creativity, but class nonetheless." She would compliment, figuring that there wasn't as much need to talk like that when you already showed yourself to be 'classy'. And in Tabitha's mind, Deva was more than classy enough, she was beautiful, intelligent, and absolutely adorable, it was one of the many reasons that the mage wanted to take the angel as her own.

"Well then you can be valuable as my slave. I value all of my wonderful little slaves, but you... you would be even more valuable to me. There is a lot that I am willing to give up for someone as wonderful as you, but that's for another time, darling. Once you are properly my slave, I can show you just how valuable I consider you." She would reassure, smiling warmly at the angel, looking her up and down. "My slaves are my first priority, and once you are all properly enslaved I can take care of all of you. All I ask for in return is your submission and obedience, my dear slaves." Though she still had to wonder what kind of plan Deva might have come up with before this whole spell had started. As confident as she was in her success, the angel had proven herself resourceful enough to come up with plans that even Tabitha herself wouldn't be able to see before they came.

"I appreciate the creative way of thinking, sometimes facing a challenge head on doesn't work... But sometimes, it is better to simply stop trying to face the mountain, and simply accept it as a part of your life. Or to dispense with the metaphor, sometimes you should just stop trying to find a way to stop me, and consider how much better things might actually be if you submit. Sure you THINK that you have to stop me... But really, you don't have to do anything, you will live on without stopping me, in fact you'll actually be better off. I promise you that you'll enjoy all of it, every single moment basking in wonderful, erotic servitude to a proper Mistress. I could tell you needed something like this, and I'm more than willing to give it to you, darling." She would state, sounding confident in her assessment of Deva, though really she considered nearly anyone else as needing a dominant Mistress like herself. Sure there was a rare exception every now and then, but really the majority of people needed a proper Mistress to rule over them, a spot that she was willing to fill for all the people of the world.

Tabitha would be too preoccupied with getting Deva to submit to even notice Jade's struggling, instead focusing on the angel, smiling and remaining calm and seeming quite caring. Though when she noticed how fascinated Deva was with the First Mate's cock, she'd smirk a bit and kneel down for a brief moment, taking a long, slow lick up Zana's shaft, hearing the moans from the woman and making sure that Deva could see every second of her licking. Though she would quickly stand back up, smiling lewdly at the angel, winking at her, a quick reminder that Deva could be the one getting to enjoy that hard, throbbing, cock still dripping with precum. "Living in happiness, with a Mistress that truly loves you... That's exactly what I can promise to you, my darling. It could be your life, with me, day in and day out living in pure ecstasy and comfort with one another. I would pamper you like the most adorable little pet, loving and appreciating you, making sure that you understood just how much I valued you and your wonderful obedience." She would further tempt, knowing that the angel was just getting closer and closer to properly submitting. Not only that, but the thought of submission was rather fresh in Tabitha's mind, as the insignia was also working its magic on her, slowly completing itself and enslaving Tabitha. Her own vision had grown rather pink now, as her constant talk of submitting didn't exactly help to slow her own magic down, but she also knew that she would need to do it to make absolutely sure that Deva fell under its power before she herself did.

Her smile would grow more and more as she watched the mark on Deva's forehead nearing its completion, anticipation growing and growing in the mage, pure excitement coursing through her at the prospect of getting herself such a wonderful slave.. "Just submit, darling! It'll be absolutely wonderful, I promise that much to you. I will keep you close, care and love you, and make sure to better you as much as possible. I will guide you, empower you, love you, care for you. Someone as beautiful as you will be tough to make even better... but with some lewd outfits and some nice dark magic to properly course through you... We can make that happen, darling, with your beautiful pink eyes looking on in devotion. We can live together in ecstasy..." She would eagerly encourage, trying to make that final push to completely enslave the angel, wanting desperately to have someone as incredible as Deva as her slave.

Though once again she was surprised by the complete intelligence behind Deva's plan, and the foolishness of the things that she had overlooked. Someone that cast an illusion would still know the truth behind the illusion, which in turn meant that Deva had known exactly how far along that Tabitha had been the whole time. There was no gamble, the angel would be able to keep complete track of the whole thing, this entire time. Yet... it shouldn't matter considering how far along that Deva had already been. Knowing who was further along wasn't useful to you when the other person still had more time to spare compared to yourself. Of course, she couldn't completely trust Dea's assessment of how far along that she had gotten through all this, but knowing how her spell worked, she was moderately confident that Deva would still submit before the spell finished on Tabitha. So, she figured that she could still keep the curse going, and that this was still a battle that she had won, no matter how much Deva had known this whole time, it made no difference if she simply knew that she couldn't win. Still... something in Tabitha was telling her that this wasn't the full extent of what Deva had ready, but she just tried to focus for now on properly enslaving the angel, carefully preparing her curse dispell in the meantime, ready to get rid of the effect the moment that Deva had completely submit to the magic.

That was when the second shoe dropped, and Tabitha saw the sudden burst of illusion magic, eyes going wide at the spell, surprised that the angel would be able to cast anything after all that she had already done. Though, she had mentioned that the mirror spell didn't actually cost her anything when it started, and had just been prepared in advance. "A... A spell of that calibre? That's... Goodness that's impressive..." Tabitha had never seen anything like that, and she didn't think that the angel would have two different spells of such incredible power. Not only that, but the mage actually had no experience with how a spell like that would interact with her curse. But... if it mingled with the same effects as her cursed map piece, then this might actually work exactly the way that the angel had thought it would go. And her eyes would grow even wider when Deva told her that she had prepared such a strategy the moment that the mage had cast two spells. She would look at Deva, looking up at her now that she felt those two fingers under her chin... and then her eyes would be completely overcome by a pink glow as the insignia on Tabitha's forehead finished completely. The shock of it all had made her fail to dispel her curse in time, and at the same time, the thought that Deva had this strategy ready since the beginning making her feel as though she had no chance to overcome the angel this time. Her eyes would glow pink and a submissive smile would grow across Tabitha's face, looking up at Deva trustingly now that the powerful curse had overcome her own mind.

"Of course... I obey... DISPEL!" She would command, shuddering a bit at the thought of being a good girl for the wonderful, dominating, beautiful angel. It seemed that the curse had completely taken the powerful mage, her mind brimming with submission and obedience, directed towards Deva. Another pulse would fly out from the mage, and the pink insignias still left on the other people in the room would fade away completely. Zana would blink a bit, her eyes returning to normal as she looked around, curious as to how she got into this situation with her cock dripping cum and smelling vaguely of her Captain. "What the fuck?" Jade, meanwhile, would groan a bit and finally pull herself to her feet, her eyes returning to normal as well. "'Fuck' is right... Damn... Remind me to get you to do that again sometime... Shit... Is everyone ok?" She would ask, her thoughts immediately going to her crew once she had steadied herself. "Err... Yeah I'm fine Captain... Uhhh... Any idea why I was eating a random angel out? I mean, she's a pretty angel indeed, did Aved summon you? Where's Aved?" Tina would ask, a bit confused and still kneeling between Deva's legs, pulling herself up to her feet quickly with a slight blush, not sure what kind of first impression she had just made on the angel. "Hooo... I'm ok. That was... Incredibly powerful. Um... Can we... not mention the details of what I was doing while that curse was working?" Isa would ask, moving away from the mage that she had just been making love with, blushing deeply as she looked over at Deva, smiling a bit in thanks for the angel managing to work things out in the end. Meanwhile, the guards of Tabitha would just look a bit confused, all of them still enslaved by the mage, just not under the influence of her mark. They just looked around confusedly, not sure if they should take any action at this moment considering that their Mistress didn't really look too unhappy with the current predicament.

"How about you... Angel? You feeling ok? Thanks for helping us out..." She would say, still trying to help Deva keep her illusion up in case the angel felt there was any further need to hold it. "Pfew... I guess that's now the strongest mage I've ever seen... I think so at least... Vlardrak was pretty powerful though... Hmmm... Nah this one still gets top billing, close competition though." Jade would joke, shrugging a bit, trying to brighten up the whole situation a little bit. "Does this mean we actually get the last map piece? I'm kind of hazy on the details from the moment that she used that spell..." The Captain would mention, looking around a bit when suddenly the door to the room would smash open, as though someone had kicked it down, and someone else would rush into the room...

Richard would rush into the room, looking slightly beaten up and exhausted. "Jade! Aved! She's planning on enslaving you with the map piece! She's done it before with dozens of pe-... Oh... Err... I guess you had this under control... Found out when I got into town... Apparently near the entire town was gonna be there to capture you if you made it out of here... Barely got away myself... Had to repay your hospitality somehow..." The man would say sheepishly, looking away from the countless naked women in the room now that he was certain that they were ok. Which meant that Deva at least would know how Jade would've made it out of this whole situation had Tabitha not been disrupting the story. "I suppose I'll have to pay you back some other way... Glad you're all fine though..." He'd say, taking a step outside to watch the door in case there was anyone else that might try to come after them.


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"Being pampered with different outfits sure sounds tempting." Deva affirmed with a smile, a hint of a smirk even. She enjoyed being watched and.. appraised in the way only one truly submissive could.

"Why thank you." Deva smiled again. She'd like being the classy angel for this mistress for sure. "But are you really willing to give up that much? What I mean is, if we and enslaving us was priority number one, should you not have trust in your spell and let it work, even if your very life was in danger?
One last advice, from one who has seen many battles. This power of yours is one that you don't reveal easily, perhaps you underestimated what this reveal could give me, but you have that kind of power that you want to keep hidden even if blows are battering your body and spells are breaking your mind. If you had waited until the very last second to release your spell you would have gotten the captain too and you might have had me along so far I could have struggled to if not develope, at least implement a true counter strategy."

Deva shook her head, even in this situation, smiling softly and giving Tabitha genuine advice as she caressed a hand along the mistresses cheek. "In the end, you weren't defeated by your strength or devotion to taking a slave, but you were afraid, too afraid to take the risks that aquiering me as a slave might bring. You wanted to pamper and protect, and for that I can respect you very much, but a true mistress for me must be willing to take risks. As important as it is to keep the ones we love save, if your only goal is to protect and pamper them, you can just prevent stagnation. If you truly love your slaves, every day should be a new adventure. Don't be afraid of going that far and further for them. In the end, you lost, because you were unwilling to put your life on the line to enslave me, whereas I was willing to do just that, to protect this world."

She then closed her eyes. "And you are wrong. I have to keep pushing on. Always. Don't ask me why, I don't have some deep inspiration like for the greater good or for all the good people here for you. Perhaps just for the sake of pushing on, but I wont stop." Deva gave a weary smile. "You are right, what I dearly need is the caring attention of one like you, but there are others that need me more than I need to indulge in my own needs and desires."

Despite her self-deprivating words, she couldn't help but blush again at Tabithas lewd display, with her sighing wantonly at both the lewdness and Tabithas promises. "I guess, if I had to find a reason, I could say there was someone I let down and, although she'd want nothing more than my happiness, I owe her.. attonement. To keep going on as I have and, .. you are not the one with whom I can stop from going." Deva justified. It was a pathetic justification, she felt like. She'd need to find a better answer.. later For now it was something to focus on, rather than the intense, pulsing urge to submit to this kind mistress immediatly. Deva closed her eyes, there was even a hint of a tear in the corner of her eye, though not at the memory she left behind, but the lives she couldn't have. As part of the pirate crew, as a slave to Tabitha. She wanted it, truly wanted what Tabitha could promise her.. but.. She wanted to live together with Tabitha, certainly. It took every last bit of her enduring will to not simply extend her arms to embrace Tabitha and let herself go into the spell...

"Between you, Neith and Valerie, I have to wonder. Without a doubt the cloaked one attracts great evil, but she also attracts those that most certainly wish to do great good, so she must herself have potential for either.." Deva mused, to herself, rubbing her forehead cautiously.. With her Morphea used up, there was only last ditch effort of fleeing to a plane were time itself had no meaning.. and those held dangers in themselfs, some greater than being enslaved.
As she was, Deva left Tabitha standing to brood over what she had said, putting on her dress, chuckling at Tina and Zana. "You should recognize my voice. This is how I actually look. I disguised myself in the hopes of getting a drop on whom we fought.. luckily it worked. Also, I believe, as per the pirates code, Captain gets first pickings, and I forfeit this to you." The illusory Deva, clothes just shimmering into existance on her (she had it easy!) handed Jade the final map piece.. it might be able to use more than a single shot spell, but Tabitha could simply dis-enchant Jade if she submitted again.
"Very impressive, by the way, my respects. You likely don't remember much but intense feelings of the end there, Jade, but you did something that's a definite proof of your strength.. perhaps more than I could have mustered in a way.

Tabitha, tell your guards to stand down, we don't need anyone hurt here. Also, .. hey, what do you mean strongest mage you've ever seen."
Deva pouted for a moment, before she chuckled.. Tabithas praising had elated her spirit enough to want recognition for a moment.. but she was fine without. Truthfully, if only in her specific specialization, Tabitha had matched Deva's spellcasting capabilities, which ment that, down the road, more mages with such a level of power or beyond might show up. It actually got an odd, competetive part of Deva excited. Altough she would never admit it, a part of hers did enjoy overcoming such challenges, of course. Still... she looked at Tabitha.. she liked her much more when the same was still dominant.
With a brief sigh, she pulled out her tome.
"Alright, time to balance everything out. .. Tomey?
I regret to inform you that, here, we must depart. As you see, I have the opposing sorceress under my control. But I'm afraid this will not last forever. As a matter of fact, it wont last long at all. No, don't attack her, that would break this magic instantly. I'm afraid.. Captain.. You'll have to leave me behind."
She nodded, and then smirked.

"Don't worry, I'm propably gonna win. Most likely. And perhaps I'll call upon me old crew to help me out one day. Or to party with 'em. Until then, I consider meself an honorary member, savy?" She saluted, her simulacrum fading after handing over the final map-piece. "Get dressed, get ouf of here. No time for long goodbyes. If you want to honor me, forgive me my deception and remember me as Aved, disguising as an angel for the time being. Also, set free the cutest of your prisoners if any of them are any reasonable at all." She suggested, with a wink at Richard, knowing it'd make him uncomfortable, before insisting in the most dramatic tone she could muster.. quite dramatic that was, actually.

"Go! Tabitha wont be staying still much longer!" That much wasn't a lie. After shooing the pirates, she sighed.

"Would have liked that Sivvie .. culture. Yes, learn more about that culture err.. nevermind that. I actually need to cast a restoration for the mirror-universe spell for two whole days, so best we get to work."
She mused, then looked over to Isa, closing her eyes for a brief moment. "First, Tabitha.. I want you to remember everything as it happened, except, replace the mirror universe magic you were attacked by.. let's see.. ah yes! Let's give me the intimidating ability to copy any spell, after seeing it just once. I did just that and you were unprepared.
Now, what I plan for you is this.. I will send you back, to the cloaked one, were you will pretend to attack her.. Don't actually do it, I mean, go and do the shadows and flames perhaps, but you have no chance against her. Your purpose is not to attack her, but more cruel than that."

Deva turned to Isa, explaining.:
"If your enemy has kindness in their heart, there is a more cruel way of waging war against them than killing their soldiers. You cripple their soldiers, blind them, make sure they can not fight you anymore in the future.. then you send them back to the enemy, to be cared for, draining their ressources.
That's what you will do, Tabitha. You will even tell the cloaked one that a part of your memory is manipulated.. she is free to acess it, if she wishes to sacrifice just a little more power to do that."
Damned if you do, damned if you don't.. Deva mused.
"I know not what well of power she posesses, but without refreshing it, draining it to save Priselia and Tabitha here, in due time, even she must slowly weaken her reserves, whereas mine grow with every world I save." Of course, that would not be enough. Even if she saved every other world currently in danger and send some more agents back to be magically fixed, she'd at best barely exceed the cloaked ones reserves of power, she guessed... and Deva lacked experience so she needed more than a small edge, just as Tabitha had proven. The rebellion and perhaps, the false story would provide that, in one way or the other.
"But enough of this. I don't.. actually like seeing you like this, Tabitha. So.. I'm going to send you to get yourself fixed, but, first.. I understand you come from this world, so you know little of the one that visited you, but if you could tell me more about any of her other.. members. Going by how I think her system works, you at least fought number nine, didn't you, what can you tell me? Also, anyone else in particular of the higher ranks you got a hint about?"
She would nod to Tabitha when she answered as much as she could, then fold her hands.

"While at it, let me try a spell I've been working on.." Deva formed a series of complicated signs, that, at best, reminded Tabitha of a planar enviromental adjustment magic.. a not too often used spell that allowed Devils to visit heaven, or air elementals to visit the elemental plane of earth without negative consequences, by bending the plane around them ever so slightly. Though Deva's spell seemed like an inversion of that.. also, it failed as she completed her last symbols, a stuttering of magical energy trailing off, with her looking at her hands disappointed.. "Tzk.. still not ready for in-combat use. Nevermind it then...

Alright, Tabitha.. this is goodbye. But know you put up.. a .. tempting over. I wish I could have been the one to accept it, now, go, to the cloaked one. I let you keep your slaves. I let you keep this village.. I even let you threaten this world. But.. if you try to use the Cloaked ones powers upon returning to this world again.. I will return. And I will take every last one you own from you, forever. This world is under my protection. You know now, who Deva is, who you are dealing with. I can be cruel to you, if that is what it takes, please don't force me to.
Also. Share this message. Share everything that happened in this fight, with the one that threatens so many more worlds and her agents. Tell her, from me: You withdrew whom you think are your weaker agents. You didn't withdraw enough. This is your final warning. Think of Neith and Azalea and ask yourself, is your twisted hunger for power worth the price you'll pay? We don't have to keep fighting. Just capitulate, hand over your tome and I will forgive your sins, because I have to. No one else has to get hurt. Your power could do good if you just stopped.
.. Err, feel free to Paraphrase that a bit, a lot to remember one by one."

Deva spoke slow, and carefully, choosing her words to seed a wrong image in everyones heads, the image of a heroic, yet avenging angel, believing herself doing the right thing.. but also perhaps after the tome the cloaked one wielded, likely 'for the greater good' .. For the greater good. Deva almost had to change her message, thinking this. Such a thing disgusted her. There was no such thing as a good that was greater than another. Either things were good, or they weren't.
Still, this false image would serve her well, serve her, ever so slightly misguide the actions and counter-measures of who was likely an enemy far more dangerous and cunning than Tabitha who had already been dangerous, if not for what Deva suspected was a hidden fear of danger and risk.
The angel looked up, then, with a sigh and a brief hug, send Tabitha off. A part of her wondering if she was doing this, not just to influence her opponent, but also in part because she liked the idea of those strong, domninant beings knowing who she was. Understanding who Deva was.. desiering her.. not just her body, but also her mind, desiering to have her, own her, twist her to their desires and..

She shook her head and blushed. stepping over to her tome and adjusting her dress ever so subtly whilest also clearing her throat. "Alright, Tomey.. just to make sure, we have time for one more, to go protect the next world, before we return? Perhaps you could write Serp to see how far things are along?" She mused. After a moment, she turned to Isa, patting her shoulder. "By the way. Don't be ashamed. Good last effort with your power.. and hey, you lasted longer than four armed and dangerous. That was an intimidating spell, you are right. It was similiar to my spells but.. well. The magic you see me use is.. more subtle." Except for my Danse Macabre. "This was actually more dangerous than what Mortema, the big shadow woman, unleashed. How to put it.. Tabitha's power was a little less perhaps, but far more refined, focused. A good lesson for your ice-magic perhaps. It's a difference if someone turns everything around them into ice and snow because they have such a powerful aura, or if they can utilize a spell to flash-freeze an entire island.. Because, that was island level worth of power.

I barely have magic like this, best I got is my healing-rain-spell, but there's actually one higher level than that.. afflicting a large area, but excluding specific targets of your chosing.. Heh, I never got to that level of expertise.. ignore my ranting. So, Tomey.. are we ready to head on? I'd like to do a thing at a place were I'm not.. easily watched."
She mused, of course, oncemore taking Isa's chest for guidance and Tomey in her other hand, if the same was ready, to travel in between worlds first.

Once arriving there, if that worked easy enough, she mused, deep in thought for a long moment: "So.. what motivates you two? Isa, you want to return your memory, or at least, stop others from losing it.. but what if the memory you gain back is unpleasant.. what if you were a nasty villain rather than a hero in your story?
And, what about you Tomey.. you just want to protect things and.. I wonder if that's my motivation too but, what is there to protect, for you?
I'm not questioning either of you, by the way.. I'm questioning myself."
She closed her eyes briefly, then added: "I know for a fact that, the little hidden paradise I created is protected by spells to powerful that even a tome would struggle to get around them, if it was found at all. The plane itself rejects anything powerful enough to endanger it, after all. My point is, what is my motivation. To wander through random worlds, protecting cute strangers I meet? To fight for an ideal of goodness?" To fight for a kinky mistress, worthy of me as I am worthy of her? .. No, more worthy than me, to make me hers.. hmnn..
Deva blushed ever so slightly. "I was never good with such idealism, is my point. Would you think less of me when I told you that a part of me was fighting, hoping to be defeated? Now hold on, you got to admit, Isa.. it doesn't feel.. bad.." She cleared her throat.

Whatever the two answered, Deva would chuckle thoughtfully, then fold her hands, explaining: "The most powerful of my spells take a total of one day each to cast. Also, the willing donation of certain items from others. This was to make sure that I could only ever use them.. as long as I had someone that wanted me to fight for them. During this spell-casting I'm actually quite helpless too. I also can't eat, sleep, or do other stuff like that, don't worry, I actually need far less sleep and food than most.. it's just.. funner to eat sweets. So, Tomey, if it's at all possible, I'd like to re-prepare my magic before we advance into the next story.. err, sorry if this is boring, but you look as if you could use more than a good nights rest after expanding all your powers, Isa, plus some time to rest and reflect." Not entirely true, but if interrupted she'd not be able to use those spells again in a fight. Also, she could .. compartmentalize the spell-preparation.. she would just be utterly unable to fight without losing the spell, plus, it gave her a mean headache to try anything strenous. That was the price for a spell that could reflect magic as strong as Tabithas curse. Not only was it completely unfeasable to refresh in battle, but if anyone figured out the weakness in the spell focus itself and, for example, prevented Deva from shattering the mirror..
But she didn't expect her opponents to figure this out, unless she used the spell too aggressively.. Frankly, she did not want to use it. One full cast against the rebellion.. she was starting to suspect none other of the cloaked ones servants deserved to be put through the full might of Danse Macabre.
She chuckled briefly and leaned back, organizing the spell-formula inside of her head. She wondered if the cloaked one would go so far as to pull the information of the true Mirror Universe from Tabitha.. what little she would learn would not help her. That was not even the true, full version of the spell. After all, what good play started in the second act? .. What good angel created a spell like this?

She thought back to when she created this magic. So long ago. She had lacked offensive capabilities, she had noticed. She was strong in defense, but against foes that fought to the death, she had only her broom. She remembered the first time using it, the Balor, a powerful fiendish general, she had used it against. Fighting Demons like him was easy.. as was fighting Demons in more human form, like the narcistic angel. But she could never use the full spell against someone like Tabitha.. or likely, even the cloaked one.

Still thoughtful, she fished in the poket of her dress, pulling out the little spider.. after making sure Isa was sound asleep. She would indulge in a guilty pleasure here. "Can you deliver a message to Neith.. err.. the spider equivalent of .. 'are you there and got a moment to talk, just summon me?'" She chuckled briefly, leaving this open ended.
Feb 26, 2017

Tabitha, while made completely obedient by the reversing of her curse, would still be able to talk about certain things with Deva, her own personality not really being at all overwritten by the magic, another thing that she wanted with her slaves. While she could easily have mindless servants, Tabitha had been one to want her slaves to keep their personality quirks, as those kept her harem unique and interesting no matter what happened. "I thank you for the advice, Mistress. If it would come in handy in the future, then I will try my best. New adventures with my slaves... Perhaps it is time for us to leave this tower and adventure out on the seas like so many others... It could be fun... I've just always been so worried that they'd get hurt..." She had been one to simply create a home for herself in a new area, gain a good few slaves to defend her and her map piece, and then move on to the next one to start it all over again. But if she could go out exploring, journey with the ones that she took care of, then perhaps she could find all sorts of things to make sure that all of them grew.

"From what little I've seen, those that I've met were kind. The one in the cloak was powerful... and from what I saw it was as though there were three things within her. A bright and brilliant light that wished to shine out and warm all around it, that fought with a deep and consuming darkness, trying to blot out the light at every opportunity. But the strangest thing was, it felt as though there was an even greater darkness smothering the conflict entirely, all consuming, trying to cloud and shroud every part of it. It is hard to describe, but I am normally an excellent judge in these matters, as I've very rarely been wrong about these kinds of things." The mage would explain, having always been rather good at reading people, it was another reason that she found herself so successful against weak and powerful foes alike. "Of course I recognize your voice. Good to see that you're ok." Jade's eyes would wide just a little bit when Deva offered the final map piece to her, a tear of joy forming at the corner of her eyes, years and years of hard work and determination finally paying off before her eyes. She had risked her life time and time again for this, and had learned so many things about commanding a crew and protecting them from so many dangers, growing her family until they had become one of the most notorious crews across the seas. "Th-Thank you... This... We're so close... I can't even believe that we've gotten this far. Heh... I almost don't know what to do with everything once this is all over... But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. For all I know, Skullman Joe just left another big map puzzle in this tomb to test dedication or something insane like that. Wouldn't put it past the man at this point. Still... Thanks for all the help, I won't forget how much you've done for us." The Captain would say, giving the angel a bow to further show just how much she respected her honorary crew member.

The mage would simply wave her hand in a specific way, which would in turn cause all of her guards to put their weapons away, almost immediately relaxing as though there was absolutely nothing wrong. They barely looked as though they had just been fighting moments ago, as now they registered absolutely no threats in the room, Tabitha's orders making them not mind the other people that were in the room with them. "Of course, Deva. Now that there is no force actively working to destabilize the story, I will have no problem balancing things out again and ensuring that the story returns to its natural course." The Tome would agree, glowing a little bit as it began repairing the story where it could to properly ensure that the changes that had already been made could still be woven into the tale. "Well, I had figured that your time with us was going to be temporary. Good luck with all that you try to achieve. Though remember, you are always welcome among this crew, and if you ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask. You're part of our family now, we did the whole initiation and everything, that's something that won't wash off just because you travel far away. We stand with you, just as you stood with us." Jade would promise, the tome glowing a few different colors for now, before Deva was left with a potential summon of the Blue Rose Pirates, which meant that she could summon the group of Jade, Zana, Tina, and... Oliver. Apparently the little ferret was just as ready to come to her aide even across dimensions. "I'll make sure Zana is nicer to good prisoners though. Who knows, we might even keep this one. Apparently he's good enough to help old enemies just to repay a debt. We'll see..." Meanwhile Richard would huff a bit, still not looking at any of them considering the various different states of undress that they were all in. He would chuckle a bit though, wondering if he'd have any chance of sailing with Jade and her crew, especially considering the sort of theme that they all had going on. Though with her command, and out of worry that Tabitha would break free and capture them again, the crew would rush from the tower, Jade beaming from the idea of completing the map, and the entire crew managing to make it back to the ship without any difficulties.

"Sivvie 'culture'? Suuuuurrreee... I saw the way you looked at her... That wasn't exactly an interest in 'culture'. Besides, I remember that you called their culture stupid just a couple days ago... Culture is a strange word for 'Bodies' I suppose." Isa would tease, more willing to have a bit of fun now that Deva had seen her in quite a few compromising positions. If she was going to be constantly embarrassed by all the lewd things around her, the least that she should be able to do is joke and tease her companion. Tabitha would carefully listen to her orders, thinking about how she would plan on attacking the Cloaked One, preparing a strategy to make it seem as real as she possibly could. Though really, even if she legitimately attacked the woman, she would stand little to no chance. Of the few things that she had seen of the woman, she knew that she was insanely powerful, and could handle her attacks with almost no effort.

"If it works, then it works. I suppose that I don't like that we're purposely abusing the kindness in someone, but at the same time if we need it to stop someone like the Cloaked One, then it makes sense to me. I just worry about what might happen if you do that. Sometimes when you abuse someone's kindness, that same kindness will fade. Eh... I suppose you're the one that has the experience in this kind of thing, so if that's good to you, then I guess I can accept that." Isa wasn't one that just remained silent when she had some kind of problem with something, and while she didn't have any sort of major problem with this strategy, she didn't plan on just remaining silent when there was anything that bothered her even a little bit. Tabitha would nod a bit when asked about the ones that she had faced when it came to the Cloaked One, thinking about it carefully for a moment, an expression of intense concentration coming across her face... "My... apologies, Misress... She removed many details of the ones that I faced in case of a scenario like this... The most that I can properly remember was that it wasn't like I was fighting ONE opponent at any point... It felt like I was fighting multiple targets at once, and my curses didn't seem to properly work on any of them... That's the most that I can remember for you, Mistress... Anyone else? Hmmmm... I remember that there was one that had some type of magic that seemed... non-magical? I don't know how to best explain it, but her armor would do incredible things, and yet I couldn't see any magical energy being expended.... I think there were actually two of them that did something like that. That's pretty much all I know, Mistress. She was very careful about who knew certain details about the people they faced and knew. Generally I only have memories of this kind of stuff when I'm at Her realm." The mage would explain, not the best source of information now, but at least giving Deva something to go on rather than just going against the threats completely blind.

"Goodbye, Mistress... I will be sure to remember that message, even if I may not get the wording exactly, I promise that the overall message will make it." Tabitha would agree, standing up and leaving the room, preparing a few things before she left to face the Cloaked One.

"We have time to go to another world if you so wish. Honestly, there's no specific time limit that I know of, other than the fact that ________ is planning on taking in a large amount of stories all at once, I'm unaware of any other factor that would make us have those kinds of time limits. I suppose that there is a likely plan behind all of this, but... Ah! You mean that they might be attacking your disguised story some time soon. Of course, my apologies. I will write The Serpent to see how far things are coming along." The Tome would agree, going silent for a few short moments as it opened up a communication with Serp, asking how things were currently going. Though it would be quick to get back to Deva, taking a few short moments to talk with the Lands in Between. "The Serpent says that progress is faster now that the fairy and goddess have gotten a bit more compliant with the plans. He says that things should be finishing up some time soon. He estimates that it'll take them about a day or two before everything is properly ready." The Tome would report. "Th-Thanks... I didn't really have much else I could do... Figured at the very least I could try to make sure that the other mage and I weren't going to try and do anything to you. That was an incredible spell, really. I had felt a magical energy all around us, but I had sort of just figured that the woman was just that powerful of a mage. I see your point though, precision control over something incredibly powerful, being able to manage that much power and channel it to what you want, it speaks a lot more to one's power than just letting extreme amounts of magical energy flow from you." The ice mage would explain, having already understood the difference that something like that meant. While both Tabitha and Mortema's powers made others start to obey them, Tabitha's was her actively using her power, showing a control over it far greater than anything that Mortema had done.

"I am ready... I can take us to a safe place for you to properly rest and prepare your spells once again. I will do my very best to ensure that we are not watched, though I warn that it will be difficult if ________ uses enough energy to look in on you. Though, that would further mean that she would be expending quite a bit just to see you, considering how hard it is to actually make it through the protections that a Tome could create." It would explain, quickly preparing a place for them to rest and prepare for the things to come. Meanwhile, Isa would just roll her eyes as her chest was grabbed again, having gotten used to it at this point, not even complaining or blushing now. If Deva wanted a reaction like that out of her now, simple chest grabbing apparently wasn't going to do it. Deva would find herself in a protected area created by the Tome, but rather than just being empty space, it was a warm and well put together camp site. The air was crisp and clear, there was a warm and inviting campfire in the middle, and a few spacious tents with actual beds inside, rather than just sleeping bags. A place to rest, and created to look comfortable so long as one didn't mind sleeping out in nature. Though the Tome had also removed the discomforts of doing so, no biting mosquitoes, no bad weather or cold winds, just a relaxing and inviting campsite that the Tome had created in between stories, shielding them from anyone that would try to spy in on them. "If the camping look is not to your liking, I could change it to something else. Just let me know."

The both of them, even knowing that the questions weren't entirely meant for them, would still take a moment to think about it before answering Deva. "I want to make sure that no one else has to lose everything that they are. And if it turns out that I am the villain of my story... Well. I will be the best villain that I can be! Muahahahaha!" Isa would give an overly dramatic evil laugh at that one, chuckling a bit before her expression grew serious once again. "Really though... If I'm the villain, then that's just my place in life. I would still serve as an important part of my story, and I would still have a life and history to go back to. Villain, hero, background power, companion, or even just side villain or something of the sort, it doesn't matter to me. The important part of it is that it IS me, that is my story, my history, my past present and future. But now... Now I'm just the present. In my memory, my life began the moment that I woke up and was greeted by Serp. Even if it turns out that I'm the most terrible evil of my world... I think I'd prefer that over pure nothingness. It's a risk that I'm willing to take." She would explain, determined to see this through even if it turned out that she wouldn't be entirely happy with the results. She would prefer a bad world that was her own as opposed to being a good person in a world of nothing. "What is there to protect? Everything. I may not see it myself, but I see that others find more and more beauty in these worlds, and so I will protect that. There is so much to protect really. Every happy ending where the brave hero saves the princess from the evil king's castle. Every lewd tale where the Futa Princess must fuck her way through an elven tribe of sensual warriors. Every story of triumph, disgraced fighters reclaiming their former titles, abandoned children growing to one day save the world, imprisoned criminals that finally manage their redemption. Every story of true love, star crossed lovers, two kind slime girls, a scared, young, slightly troubled pirate and the Captain that saved her... ALL of it... That's what I protect. Everything that my wielders found beautiful, everything that made them smile or laugh, everything that I knew could make them happy even in their darkest times... I will do everything that I can to protect it all. But for me? For me there is nothing, but for them there is everything. It is all just words to me, but it is an entire world to them. When you see an ant approach a small puddle, to you it is so small and almost insignificant, but if you looked at it through the ant's eyes, you would be looking at an enormous lake of danger and potential reward. You may never know exactly what that ant sees... but you can still feel for it, you can still understand the struggle it faces, and then you make a choice. I chose to protect the ant from outside forces and let it find its adventure on its own. One side of the war would tell you to lift the ant up yourself and just place it down on the other side of the puddle, doing everything for it in the hopes of it being happy, and even if the ant didn't want that, you'd do it anyway and MAKE the ant live its 'better' life, the other side would have you take the treasure the ant was chasing, using whatever you could from it to make your own life better, and if the ant interfered you simply crushed it." The Tome would explain, both giving insight into its own reasoning, as well as its own view on the world around it. While it knew that Deva was thinking about this for herself, it wanted to help in any way that it could, and at the moment it felt that explaining its own motivations might help just a little bit. "I don't think that either of us can tell you what your own motivation is... But I can promise you one thing... You've had an incredibly positive influence on just about every world you've gone into, even WITHOUT stopping the Cloaked One's agents. The two slime girls... you helped them realize their love for one another, or Tina, she told me that you helped her come to terms with the darkest points of her life... Hell, the land of the Goddesses... So many that would've been gone, dead, will get to live through the terrible conflict. I can't tell you WHY, but I can tell you that you've made the lives of others so much better," Isa would offer, before thinking of Deva's question a bit, chuckling to herself. "Of course I admit that it felt good... Kind of what it's meant to feel like, right? I don't think less of you for that, sometimes people want those kinds of things. But... well... I would hope that you'd find someone that could give you that WITHOUT the whole 'destruction of all stories' thing... It felt very, VERY good... to the point where I can now properly understand anyone that serves the Cloaked One in such a way a little better. And my opinion of you hasn't changed at all." The ice mage would assure, remembering a few times when those kinds of powers had been used on her, and she couldn't deny that they felt good when they were used on her. "I think the same of you as I had before. My first wielder enjoyed the same things... She often lamented the fact that people with those kinds of powers were always keen on using those powers to get others to do evil. If it weren't for the fact that both sides would've used her for their own gain, she'd have likely willingly submitted to many different other wielders over her life." The Tome would tell her, having quite a few memories of the things that her first wielder had enjoyed, and the things that it had helped her indulge in.

"Of course, you both can rest and recover here. In fact, time passes slightly differently here. Not by a large margin by any means, but a rest here, while seeming like the same amount of time to you, will seem significantly shorter to those that are not in this place." The Tome would explain, providing the two of them with anything that they needed to recover, as well as comforting beds and a warm campfire if they wanted to rest. After a moment to eat a little bit, Isa not being all that hungry (which might have had something to do with her being an ice spirit), she'd eventually yawn and head over to one of the tents. "Alright, I'm gonna turn in. A good long rest should get all my energy back... Phew... Trying to use up all my magic in one go is actually kind of exhausting. G'night Deva. Hope you have a nice rest." The ice mage would say, lying down and falling asleep rather quickly.

The tiny spiderling would run around in circles in Deva's hand for a bit, partially scared to suddenly be picked up, but also excited to be held by the angel. Eventually, after a good few circles, it would stop and look up at her with big eyes, still seeming slightly energetic, even hopping up and down once or twice. Then, hearing Deva's request, the spider would lift up one of its legs to its head as though it were saluting the angel. Then it would hop down from Deva's hand and scuttle off into some grass outside the campsite, disappearing the moment that it was completely out of sight. The spiders always had the ability to get back to their mother, as Neith knew that sometimes her broodmothers were far away when they gave birth, so her babies needed a way to get back to her home. After a short amount of time, Deva would be summoned by the spider queen, and if she went through she'd find herself in a large cavern that was absolutely covered in spiderwebs. The cave was lit by a few glowing spots on the walls... which if Deva took a closer look, she would see that said spots were actually small groups of spiders, all glowing. There were also a couple women tied up in webs on the wall, their stomachs distended, showing that their wombs were filled with spider eggs. And from the muffled sounds that were coming through the eggs, said women were intensely enjoying the entire experience. At the center of it all, was a familiar face to Deva at this point, a certain spider woman standing in the center of it all, a few spiders running around her and seeming to talk with her every so often as she managed her nest.

Neith stood, holding the spider that Deva sent in her hand, smiling down at the tiny creature, a look of love and affection on her face as she looked at another one of her children. Once it saw Deva, the spider would hop up and down a few times and then lift up one of its legs to wave at the angel, causing Neith to turn around, looking more conflicted than anything now that she was looking at the angel. "Your clutch was quite adorable. I had wondered where this little one had gotten off to though. My eggs never fail to hatch, and I had started to get worried that something might have happened to the little one. But he tells me that he was simply exploring the world with his Mommy... and I am happy to hear that he was not put in any danger... Welcome to my home... Mistress still hadn't taken my story yet, so I decided to hide here for now. Mistress wouldn't want to come here, too painful for her, and the others wouldn't really plan on looking for anything here all things considered." The spider woman would say, still looking like she was thinking something over. Then she'd stand up and look at Deva, seeming just slightly annoyed about something.

"You were right about the traitors... Though even with the fake death... I didn't expect to be faced with anyone that high up the ranks. According to all official records... I'm dead. According to Mistress, you are the murderer... and according to the traitors, they were forced to kill me because I wouldn't submit to them. Which brings me to the real problem here. Do you know how much it hurts me to make Mistress think I am dead? I FELT the pain that she had from losing me... I may wish to help you stop the traitors... especially if it's going to save Valerie... but I hope you understand that I still agree with what Mistress wants. Unfortunately... all of this together means that I am stuck here until the traitors are dealt with, which is actually rather boring sometimes, and aggravating at others. There's so little to do, I mean, other than the broodslaves I could take here. Problem is, there's far less interesting people here. Having spiderlings with different people with different powers... it creates all sorts of interesting children to enjoy. Your fuzzy cute ones are interesting to me, I'll need to see what more they can do at some other time." Neith would tell her, not entirely happy about where she was at the moment. But then again, she was much better off like this than actually being dead or being used against her Mistress. At least now she knew that someone was doing something about all this, but that same someone also had the goal of stopping her Mistress.

"All that being said... What are you doing here? Is there something that you wanted or needed from me? Or perhaps you're just here for a bit of fun? Maybe you've reconsidered the offer and decided to be my princess in earnest? Or maybe you just wanted to see your children? I could understand that, I get so happy just seeing my little children running around and being properly cared for. Anyway, I'm getting off topic once again. What brings you to my humble abode? I do hope that this might at least alleviate my boredom."


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Jan 21, 2016

"If you are afraid of people getting hurt, get strong enough to protect them.. worked for me." Deva had chuckled at Tabitha in parting, thinking about the information shared. "Heh, I only have two kinds of moods in me, so the cloaked one got me exceeded." So when she faced the cloaked one it might come to testing that spell after all. Not that she liked the sounds of any darkness at all.

She nodded at captain Jade, her parting words an ominous: "I think that, when you get to the Skullmans treasure, you'll understand what brought you this far." Her praise was not missplaced. Resisting Tabithas curse after it had run it's course was a sign of rare, true strength.
Deva also gave a dedicated smile to the ferret coming along, those were the kind of things that she fought for, never stopped being open to new things for. Worlds of goo-people. Worlds of pirates and ferrets with hats. Fun cat-girls more crazy than her..

"We.. well you know what they say.. you shouldn't judge a culture based on an individual member." Deva huffed under the teasing. She was of course, aware of the double entendre in 'member', grinning sheepishly when Isa couldn't quite see it.

She listened to Tabitha, tipping her chin: "She partially erased your memory for just such cases.. heh, similiar to what I'd have done, well, false memories are more effective if you ask me, more work too. Guess she's busy busy. Multiple opponents and your curses did not properly work. Perhaps they had a shared link? Seen that with Legion-Devils. You mortally wound one, and instead, all of them get a scratch. It's quite intimidating if you don't know how to deal with it.
Magic that's not magic? Well.. I guess something to worry as I encounter it. But an armor to look out for already helps, thanks."

She then grew more serious, focusing on Isa and explaining, once Tabitha had left.: "If it is a kindness that fades, I'll have no hesitations left in fighting her. One more thing on my conscience to protect so many worlds is little to worry about. But yes. I know a lot about kindness fading. Ask Azalea by time if you want, but, well, there is a part of me that wishes to punish the cloaked one for what she's done to you, and all the worlds she has taken. I have the power to turn her into an example that makes the next one trying this kind of nonsense think twice. I vastly dislike the law, but sometimes, determent tactics work. Either way. If the cloaked one is willingly accepting your misery rather than working to do something about it, she deserves her share of pain. Why do you think I let her believe Azalea and Neith have died?" She sighed briefly, continuing.

"Psychological warfare. With every of her agents I crush, or turn against her, or appear to kill, I weaken not her power or abilities, but her psyche. This is why I keep telling you I'm no hero. Against one so powerful.. I'm more than willing to use everything I can to weaken her. I don't inflict such devastating defeats upon her agents because it pleases me, but to send a message. For one, to make sure they'll doubt themselfs if we come to fight again, but more importantly, to attack her. Everyone I send back, weakened, self doubting, defeated, that's a more powerful blow against her than most of my spells could inflict. She might be analyzing me with every agent I fight, but I'm slowly breaking her. I told her early on, to stop. To fear me.
She should have tried to find out more about me. She should listen. She should back down, because in all the worlds, in all the stories, I'm the last person you want to cross when they are protecting something."

Deva cleared her throat. noticing she had put a more dangerous edge into her voice again, looking over to Isa. "Sorry, I hope I didn't scare you again. I should really try easing up a bit, shouldn't I? But what can I say, this one is a more intimidating foe than most, you got to admit, ha ha!" She grinned, again seeming to be able to go from serious to playful with ease.. or perhaps hide her feelings well.
"If she's trying to take in several stories all at once that has to disrupt her focus quite a lot.. plus I presume the stories that we fixed are near impossible to take. I worry about the time limit of the in-between.. ah.. so a day or two. Well, I was worried we spent a bit much sailing around, but it seems we're good on schedule, one or two more stories.. number nine,.. and number eight next then. For the simple logic that if we defeat them, they can tell us at leat about who or what we might face next, perhaps, furthermore, it allows me to gradually adjust my magic too. Facing a top 3 member and being forced to reveal most of my magic only to be attacked by several lower ranks might be more dangerous than slowly .. wearing them down." Deva nodded, before focusing on teaching Isa a little again.:

"Exactly. If you look at me, how powerful do I -feel- to you?" Deva smiled and looked at Isa, with her hat hiding her eyes again she seemed.. well, ignoring the wings,.. exceptionally harmless infact, as Deva focused for a moment it was actually getting hard to pay attention to her, as if Isa's eyes wanted to not really pay attention to her at all... "I needed months to learn spells like the morphea you've seen. Years to learn to combine my morphea, phantasma and phoba into something greater..
And decades to.. get my apperance right."
Deva slipped back into focus, smiling, as if she'd always been there.. "Think of a flame. You perhaps know that the largest flames, giving off the most heat.. aren't actually the hottest. They lose so much heat just to warm up things around them.
Err.. now try to think about that in ice-terms."
Deva chuckled.

"Ironically, those that innately have more power rarely learn to control it well, because they never had to, whereas those with little power, like me, learn to control it well, but are limited by their own ressources. If ever you meet someone that had little power all their life, but gained a lot later on, that's when you ought to get worried." Of course, Deva had gotten that, as a goddess.. It felt like cheating. On the other hand, Isa was most certainly a force of nature with enormous power-reserves.. but in this form she had to learn.. and was guided to learn, through Deva, precision control.
She might make for an intimidating mage if restored fully one day.

"Exactly Tomey, we don't need to make it impossible to be spied upon.. just too costly to be of any use." Deva looked about at the campsite, chuckling briefly. "How nostalgic, Tomey, you remind me of my youth, fighting lizard-men in the Valley of Death, which, by the by, was by far not as bad as that name might imply, heh. .. ooh and you put beds in the tents. thats nice!" Deva grinned, but immediatly plundered an excess bed for an additional blanket with a happy smile.

"Hah!" Deva had to hold her mouth for a moment at Isa's villainous laughter attempt, chuckling. She could most certainly not imagine that. "I think you'd make a cute side-kick villainess, like the daughter of BARON VON FROST! Who falls for the handsome hero and tries to seduce him as he warm your frozen heart..." Deva mused, though in the middle of joking got more serious. "The worst evil. You know, I met the worst evil of my story. A creature as far beyond evil as the ocean is to a roadside puddle after a light rain. The very last of it's kind. In the end, it welcomed oblivion.
I believe, in a way, calling it evil is wrong though. It wasn't evil, to it, the whole world around it was wrong and had to be changed and when the world rejected it time and time again, fought it, in the end, it just grew tired, of its role, so to say. You're not such an evil though. I honestly believe that if it wouldn't be trapped in a tome, the tome would be trapped within it.
It took me at the height of my power, an army of powerful angels and various other creatures, and another goddess with powers rivaling mine, all dedicated to the singular purpose of destroying it..
And that fight was not a victory. That fight was my only defeat."

She said, ominously, before focusing on reading the tomes answer.. though, from her tone, and Deva telling tidbits about another goddess.. and wife.. in the past, the tome, if not Isa as well could likely guess at the price of Deva's victory.
"Wait, there are those stories, why can't we go to the futa-princess-tales." She grin-joked again.

"You're mistaken about an example there though. To me ants are never small. Have you seen the things those can carry. I mean geez!" Deva smiled however, it seemed she enjoyed the tomes answer. "Also, used to be a druid too. Ants don't make for good conversations though.
See, I'm the type to make myself really small, so that I look like an ant, then help it find a way around.
Hard part about that approach is that, well.. ants don't quite live as long as me. A good example all in all. Creative writing props!"
She thumped up the tome.

"Huh, me? A positive influence.. I just.. do things." Deva said, quick to dismiss praise, as much as it helped her hearing it. "It seems I quite would agree with your first wielder. Sadly, by the sound of it, not even the most potent revival magic could restore her, even if she wanted that. It gets really hard to restore someone to live after the first few years." Deva bemoaned as if -that- was the big deal about being able to revive the dead.
"Sounds a lot like me, yeah. Well, you better make those beds fluffy then because you seem to understand what I go through!" Deva nodded.

Later on, when Isa rested, and after Deva had demanded..and happily consumed a strawberry-shake from her tomey, she was sitting down, chuckling at the little spiderling. "Aww. You's cute." She informed, waving to the little spider.
Being summoned, or teleported, was disorienting to most. Frankly, at first, it had made Deva a little travel-sick. But a few planar shifts later, one grew used to it. More or less. Deva covered here eyes, remarking, without too much judgement in her tone: "Webby!" Deva then wandered over, admiering the glowy-spider, chuckling briefly. "Thank my fling with the dark elves that I've been.. encouraged not to be squeamish about spiders." She mused, with a hint of a smile... she couldn't help but blush at the display of the trapped women though. Now, some hero might be tempted to cut the poor women loose.. Deva knew better. Though it was still an.. interesting atmosphere. Quite literally in the spiders web, wasn't she.

"He was in an extra-dimensional space together with an assortment of items that, arranged wrongly, could likely destroy about half a world, so.. dangerous, lil' bit, but we're lucky he's not an experimenter, eh?" She chuckled, arms crossed behind her back, focusing on spell-formula for a moment. Recharging her Danse Macabre made her slower and quite vunerable.. but Neith wanted answers, not a fight. Plus, Deva's usual lazy approach hid the actual slowing down quite well now.
"I'm sorry for inflicting pain on your mistress.." That was true. "But I am glad my guess was right. Of all of her agents, even if you are not a top rank, I had betted on your poisons and, just by throwing off the calculations, you hiding away here could inhabit the plans of those after your mistress power." That too was true. "I've told Valerie about the rebellion and she has been, I assume, forcefully recruited. What that means is that you need to remain in hiding. It is not my intent to use this to hurt your mistress.." A bold faced lie, delivered as calm as the next sentence: "but if you want to stop the traitors, your best chance is to trust me to use you as a suprise ace in the hole. For that, you need to remain 'dead' a little longer, dull as it may be. While my tome can directly contact hers, she'd not believe anything I said, and any other ways of contacting her might get.. intercepted, as you've seen.
I assume that the traitors will be motivated to strike after I've dealt with number nine, maybe eight and when they sense enough of a weakness"
Deva said, casually letting that shine through. She hoped the traitors would strike so soon at least. "But you said something about the rebellion being high up. If I understood who lead it and had any idea about their powers, that would help out a lot. I can deal with him easily enough.. I've seen him, even if not fighting, I've seen how he acts and thinks enough to be able to deal with him.
Before you answer, just to test myself, a little guess. I think that the white-clad, purple winged self absorbed angel that took Valerie is at rank six or seven of her servants, whereas I suspect that the actual leader of the traitors might go as high up as rank two, maaaybe three. Judging by my fights so far, I might be in some real danger if I face anyone from rank 5 and upwards, but that danger decreases exponentially if you can tell me more about them."
Deva explained, the memory of Tabithas curse and it's danger fresh in her mind.

Then she shrugged. "Well, then again, someone like you or Valerie that aren't even 'top ten' but.. interesting .. err.. ahem." Deva sighed and blushed at the atmosphere she was in, looking over to the bound up broodmothers for a moment as Neith spoke about fuzzy spiders, as she bit her lips. "If they are my children.. uhm.. they might have a propensity for healing energy.
Either way. Basically, yeah I came for information and, as is evident, you don't quite trust me.. I don't blame you, of course."
She sighed, and blushed, ever so slightly. "That said. Yes, I oppose your mistress. But I swear upon the stars that I don't intend to steal her power, enslave her and conquer all realities, or whatever other nonsense the traitors are after. While me succeeding would mean an end to your mistress ambition, them succeeding would turn everything she worked for into a perversion of itself, and not in the fun way. So, right now, until they are defeated, without a doubt we can agree that we are allies by necessity." Deva nodded.

"So. I have a proposition to make. The feather of me you got is a two way teleport, that needs recharging, but can be used to transport one of us to the other and back to our point of origin when using it.
It can be changed to become a summoning contract, which means, if I summon you you have to obey me.. you might not do anyhting against your nature, like torture your mistress or squish a spider, but you'd be bound to do as I command it, if I do.
Now hear me out, the reason we have to do this is that, worst case scenario is you being found.. and taken as Valerie was as well, you can agree....
And yes.. that means, another worst-case is that.. I'm taken and enslaved by the rebellion."
Deva gulped, and looked to the ground.

"But while not strong in combat, you have shown a lot of.. finesse... and the way the ice-godess worshipped that disgusting.. slimy.. ovipositor of yours and.. how it.." Deva touched her lower belly, visibly blushing in the spidery-cave, clearing her throat, looking around again.. Neith was.. primal a bit, sure, a monster.. as the trapped women clearly displayed. Deva -could- propably have Azalea or even the in-between godess do this, but.. it didn't feel.. fitting.. plus, a part of her worried that the lust she was now feeling for Valerie might actually backfire if she were to fight the amazoness in the rebellion..

"In exchange, for the summoning contract I'd allow you to *ahem* Try and enslave me." Deva pressed out, and, after a moment of emberassment (and slight arousal) continued: "My resistance spell is down after fighting Tabitha and I am weaker right now. It's not in your best interest to turn me into a simple, mindlessly loyal slave which would weaken my thinking against the rebellion, instead.. I know who I am.. I am... a slave. A big part of me doesn't want to destroy the cloaked one at all, but stop her from this story consuming.. to then be given to the most wonderful mistress of hers as a reward and... " Deva shook her head. "D.. don't laugh. I know of my.. innate weakness and desires. We're just making sure that not the wrong people can make use of it. That's why I want you to.. prepare me, ok? Just in case I do get tricked or suprised.
I wont cast magic or attack you. You can use whatever poison or experimental toxin you have on me, put some more.. warm eggs into me, you can make me crave to be your princess, even subtly transform me, or simply create a delayed conditioning that makes me fantasize about you and fight on instead of submitting to someone far more dangerous. You could even condition me to serve Valerie m-make me crave her.. the free willed, true her more.. or.. heh, whoever else of the agents you want to be owed a big favor by. Heh... you could even modify my memory make you think you agreed without doing anything to me and have me summon you again later to.. work some more."

Deva sighed and blushed further. "Of course, I will not simply -let- you enslave me. You better do it properly. A.. and I don't say that because I'm into it but.. well.. Ugh.. To keep it simple, I'm not -all- submissive. A part of me, more dominant, easily enjoys the struggle and to win more than to submit. If you try half-measures on me, as my earlier opponents of you lot noticed, it doesn't work out. My mind isn't something you can enthrall in a minute, you'd need to work on me.
And don't be afraid to show your wilder, more instinctual side with me. I'm aware you hold back a little because the cloaked one changed you from more of a beast-woman, but there is nothing wrong with constrasting your ferocious power with kindness. The beauty of Valerie is in her absolute confidence, a mistress should be confident.. don't you think?

Ahem.. consider this.. advice as a sign of goodwill.. so yes. This is how we will both.. make sure the traitors can't take either of us. Of course if you aren't alright with the summoning contract I'd understand... y.. you know what, perhaps this is a bad idea. You aren't evil but.. technically an enemy after all.."
Deva fell off into a mumble, looking to the ground, a little emberassed.
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Isa would seem thoughtful when Deva talked about what she wanted to do to the Cloaked One, thinking about something in particular. "I suppose that you're right, if she's the type to give up on her kindness the moment that it's used against her, then it wasn't all that real to begin with. Though it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Though... from what I've seen in the worlds I've watched, deterrent tactics don't work all that well. Really, no matter how terrible you make the punishment, there are always people that are willing to take that level of risk. Plus, most people don't do evil under the impression that they're going to get caught. So really, no matter how terrible you make the punishment, if people think that the punishment won't apply to them, then they'll go ahead and do it anyway. Generally, working to rehabilitate the person committing the crime has a better chance at succeeding than punishing them for the sake of deterring others..." The ice mage might not have known much about her own story or her own world, and she might not have had much experience of her own to draw on, but she knew what she had seen. She had watched many, many stories with Serp, seeing how they unfolded, and generally punishing people just for the sake of punishing them, or for the sake of trying to keep others from committing the same crime, didn't work out all that well. "Ask your Tome, I suppose. I'm sure that there have been some sort of punishments for those that have attempted things like this in the past, but it seems like it's still happening even now." She'd shrug, taking a spot to sit away from the fire, not really needing too much warmth, and also not liking to be so close to something that could quickly start melting any of her ice.

"Nah, the idea of all this, the thought of what you're doing doesn't scare me, because I can understand it, and understand that sometimes the situation calls for it. Nor does it dissuade me from thinking that you're a hero. Whether you're a hero or not isn't really something that YOU get to decide. A hero is what you are in the eyes of others. To Robyn, to Mulj and Limone, to Cheshire and those humans you saved from Mortema, and to the entire pirate crew we just saw, you're a hero. To others you might be a villain, but to me you're a hero. You don't need to act a certain way, think a certain way, or fight fair or even do exclusively good things to be a hero. The real thing that determines whether or not you're a hero is everyone around you, how they see you. I've seen 'heroes' willing to do way worse than what I've seen from you. Villain is the same way. I'm sure there are many that see the Cloaked One as a hero, but in my eyes she is a villain. She is both, just as you are both. Because in the eyes of some you're a mighty hero, and in the eyes of others you're a destructive villain." Isa would think aloud, giving Deva some insight as to why she still continually saw the angel as a hero. Not because she considered her to be infallible, or constantly doing good, but because in her own eyes and in the eyes of others, Deva was a hero. To her, those terms really were just words that described how others saw you, and in Isa's experience so far, more people saw the angel as a hero than those that saw her as a villain.

"You don't FEEL that powerful. If it weren't for the things that I already know about you, I'd say that I could easily handle you in a battle." Though despite Deva's power, the ice mage would actually keep her eyes trained on Deva, not losing focus all that much. The angel did go out of focus a little bit in Isa's eyes, but it seemed that the ice mage, or more accurately the ice spirit, had something that allowed her to remain focused on Deva far better than any normal person might. But the angel did still snap back into focus, her form becoming a little more clear as Isa would blink a few times to try and help refocus her own vision as well.

"BAH! If I am to be the villain, I deserve TOP BILLING! No simple BARON shall stand before ME! FEEL THE ICY COLDNESS OF- Errr... FROST?! Dang... Nope, don't know if I got the whole 'villain' thing in me if I can't even commit to shouting the word 'death'." She would joke, laughing a bit at the idea of being a sidekick villain with someone else. Then she would go silent as Deva described her coming face to face with the greatest evil that she had ever encountered. Her eyes would grow wide at the thought of something so powerful that would require that much strength to try and destroy it, and not only that, but all of that power still not being enough. She hadn't looked too far into Deva's past, only seeing what she could when the Cloaked One attacked her, and only knowing a little from the things that DEva had told her.

"Yes, any story that we've completely repaired would require an incredible amount of energy to even destabilize, let alone completely break down. Unfortunately, it seems that the Cloaked One is either leaving the 'futa-princess' tales alone, or has already absorbed them anyway. Besides, we were JUST in a lewd tale... The lesbian pirate orgy crew facing mind controlling and lewd villain after villain? I guarantee that if we stayed around for longer, they'd have found some kind of incredibly perverted guardian or something protecting that ancient pirate's treasure. There aren't as many erotic tales as regular ones, I've found. I did once help STOP a wielder from turning regular stories into lewd perverted ones. Not because my wielder had any problem with stories becoming more kinky, but more because she was destabilizing the fabric of other stories to do it. Shame really, if she had succeeded, about 90% of stories would be far more lewd than they are now. Maybe if there was a way to do so naturally without harming any stories... But that's not something I'd be quite happy researching when there are still things to protect." The Tome would think aloud as well, recalling a few things that had happened in the past, while also giving Deva even more of an idea of what a Tome could properly do to a story if given the power.

"Now, when I gave that example, I was more talking from the perspective of the average person... I figured that you've probably seen things from as many perspectives as possible. The people I choose tend to be very good at things like that. My third, well she used to tell me that there was never a single story where we went, as every animal lived its own story, with excitement and fears and struggle at almost every turn... She never liked the idea of placing more importance on any one person or idea over another." It would grow a bit silent after that, and Deva would feel a bit of sadness coming from the Tome as it thought about its third wielder again, apparently the subject alone tended to make the book sad. But it would shake that off quickly, refocusing on Deva as that bit of sadness faded. "Sorry about that. I suppose I still haven't gotten over that one. Ahem... Anyway. I don't need my first wielder restored. She was amazing, but she purposely gave her life to put a definitive end to the Tome War. Besides, she lives on in my memories, and in the actions that I take to try and honor her memory. Honestly, she probably wouldn't want to come back anyway. She once told me the only regret she'd have when she passed was that I'd be left alone. I always have my memories, and really I still have every conversation I've ever had between myself and her. Sometimes I do go back and read through our entire time together, but otherwise it's fine. Her story has ended, all she asked for from me was to go out and live however I saw fit. And I decided to spend my time protecting these Stories from any sort of threats." It would explain, happy to talk about anything really, even subjects that sometimes made it a bit sad. "Ah, of course. Do not worry, I outfitted your bed with quite a few pillows and fluffy comfort. I have some experience with that kind of thing."

"Regardless of where he was... the little one is safe. He tells me that you were forced to face Tabitha, yes? According to him, she put up quite a fight against you, as is to be expected of one as powerful as her. I liked Tabitha from what little I knew of her at least. She was kind enough to allow me to lay a few eggs in her, more curious as to what kinds of spiders that would produce. I'm sure her little ones are running about in here somewhere..." Neith seemed to quite enjoy talking about her family, as even when she had some reasons to be upset, thinking about the little spiders that had come from Tabitha seemed to brighten up her expression a little bit. The Cloaked One's influence not only made her less violent and more sophisticated, but it also made her more loving and maternal to her children. Sure, before she had still cared for them and wanted to protect them, but she rarely felt this much love and joy with her spiderlings. That also did make her more eager to breed with other humans though, so in a way the Cloaked One had enhanced a few parts of her animal nature. "My children have excellent ears, and can tell me all sorts of things really..." At that, the little spiderling that had been with Deva would look at her, and then sort of look a little nervous, apparently it had decided NOT to tell Neith some of the things it heard. As Neith would believe the lie that Deva had no intention of doing this to hurt the Cloaked One. The spiderling had somehow heard her say that was her intention, but for one reason or another didn't tell Neith about that. "I had expected that Valerie had been 'recruited'. They are lucky that I don't find a way to slowly poison every last one of them in their sleep for that... She is my friend, one of my closest friends at that..." For a brief moment the spider woman would suddenly look feral, angry, as though she legitimately would try to kill the traitors at the thought of them taking one of her friends from her. But then she would take a deep breath, calming down and sighing. "My apologies... intense anger brings back a little bit of what I once was... Mistress planned to work on that soon, wanting to help me completely overcome my more base personality." The spider queen would explain, seeming to still have at least a little bit of trouble moving past her animalistic nature. "To be fair... She likely won't believe anything you say BECAUSE she thinks that you killed me. Had that not been the case, she'd have at least taken your words into consideration." Neith shrugged, still a bit upset at the idea of having to sit there and do nothing, wanting desperately to help her Mistress' plans come to fruition, and at the same time wanting to warn her about the potential traitors in her midst. Having to sit there and have faith in someone that was essentially an enemy of her Mistress was the most difficult thing about it all. "Honestly... I WISH that you were correct. The angel... Bah... Narcissus... The self absorbed fop is ranked 8 among all of us." She would say, willingly giving up the angel's name considering that she knew he was a traitor. Though her expression would grow much more grim at the thought of the next thing that Deva had guessed. "Unfortunately... If the one that attacked me is the leader... Then the leader of the traitors is Rank 1. The strongest out of all of us. If I hadn't prepared my poison, she would've obliterated me in seconds. And unfortunately, I don't actually know her name. All I can tell you about Rank 1 is that she... She has found some way to... what's the word... copy? Emulate? Imitate? Something of the sort... Err... She has powers incredibly similar to what Mistress can do, and I don't know how. She doesn't have a Tome, and she certainly doesn't have the ability to copy powers just from seeing them. That's even before I get into the kinds of things that her armor can do. It's sleek and metallic, but parts of it glow sometimes and can do many different incredible things. That's what worries me the most really... If she is leading the traitors, then they have a legitimate chance of succeeding." Neith would answer, sounding legitimately worried about the chances of them succeeding against the Cloaked One, especially if they found an opportune moment to strike like they were likely planning on doing. "I refuse to give you information on anyone unless I'm sure they are a traitor though... As I said, I do still want Mistress to succeed, and if a non-traitor captures you then Mistress will likely find out about the rebellion anyway, and have a proper weapon against it." She would say, still firmly on her Mistress' side. If Deva wanted information on any of the others, she'd need to either find some way to prove they were traitors, or ask someone else that might know these kinds of things, or just force the spider queen to answer her about them.

"Healing energy? Hmmmm... I'll have to see about that. I'll send them to go work in our infirmary for a bit once they properly grow a little. See if they can do anything down there to help any of the poor ones that have gotten hurt." That was just another example of her Mistress' positive example on her, as before she had been changed her nest would have nothing set up to care for injured spiders, she would just keep them and hope that their injuries healed naturally. Now though, she had spiders dedicated to the healing processes, working to help keep other spiders comfortable while their injuries healed up, and hopefully helping them heal even faster. "Hmmmm... If you aren't planning on taking it and making Mistress' vision WORSE than what currently is, then perhaps you are right. While Mistress succeeding may be the ideal outcome for me... You succeeding seems better than the success of those traitors. If I know a few of them well enough, they do indeed plan to take her power for their own and rule over... well... literally everything. Knowing now that they do not believe in Mistress' vision... I would assume they'd be greedy enough to use her Tome to completely destroy all the stories that she has sealed within it, as they would get more power from doing so. So yes... by necessity we are allies. The enemy of my enemy I suppose... You are the far lesser of two evils." Neith would agree, seeming to calm down a little once that agreement was worked out.

Though she would raise an eyebrow in suspicion as Deva brought forward the idea of using her as a summon, one that would have to obey her commands. "Here's the thing... Wouldn't you ALSO be able to use that summon against my regular allies? As much as I think that there needs to be failsafes involved in case the traitors can get to either of us, this seems as though you'd be able to use me against Mistress in some kind of indirect ways, rather than just against the traitors." That also fit into what she already knew about the angel. She had been told by others that Deva was exceedingly clever, and this seemed just like the kind of trick that she'd be able to pull off. Then again, it was that or leave herself at risk for the traitors to use her against her Mistress far more directly, which just left her once again in a position where she would have to choose between two things that she didn't necessarily like. "Hmph... I can't believe that I'm in a situation where I'd even need to think about this offer... Tell me, would the summoning recharge after a time? Or would it be a one time use kind of thing?" She at least wanted to know a little more of the details about what she was agreeing to, rather than blindly agreeing or even refusing when there was more information that she could gain. Her more impulsive side might have wanted to deny the offer entirely, but at least now she was willing to hear things out and learn more about the things that she wanted to know.

Neith would actually smirk a little when Deva recalled the memory of the Frost Goddess, that same fleshy, slimy ovipositor sliding out of its sheathe beneath the spider woman, pulsing a bit as she recalled the particularly arousing memory of the Frost Goddess serving her. "Natural evolution... If I can get a chance, I can properly enslave almost anyone... I have to if I want to lay my eggs and breed... Mmmmmmm... Oh the Goddess was, well, divine of course... But you were so properly tight as well... Even with these broodslaves in here, I have so many eggs just waiting for a proper womb to mature in..." Her mind would wander for just a bit before she shook her head and refocused on the angel before her, that thick, long ovipositor still throbbing at the memories. It seemed that thinking about those kinds of things did help to awaken some more instinctive, primal parts of the spider. Parts that were at least kept from doing anything violent, but definitely still there to encourage her to breed and fill up as many broodslaves as possible. "It's funny really... getting new broodslaves used to be so difficult. Before Mistress, I never even considered something as simple as making them actively enjoy being bred... but now broodslaves are much easier to come by, to the point where I can be a bit picky about which ones I want... You are a prime example of one that I'd still want to take... but the average woman in town isn't nearly as enticing to me anymore..."

But then she would legitimately refocus herself so she could consider the new offer that was being put forward. She would smile widely at the offer that the angel was making, seeming even more excited now that Deva had brought up what she would give in return. "Why would I ever laugh at you for something like that? Besides, technically I already knew you were a natural slave. Valerie's powers don't work on people if they're not naturally submissive in the first place, remember?" While Neith knew that wasn't actually true, she figured that she would keep up Valerie's favorite little trick, especially considering that she knew the angel had already greatly enjoyed the Amazoness. And as Deva more and more explained what she wanted from Neith, the spider queen's smile would grow wider and wider, nodding a bit as she listened to the offer to her, chuckling inwardly. The only thing that saddened her was knowing that the angel wasn't going to be her own personal princess, as she had tried that and come close, but she knew where Deva would truly belong once given enough time.

The moment that Deva looked at the ground embarrassed, Neith would suddenly rush in with incredible speed, to the point where Deva would barely notice her until she felt the first bite at her shoulder. As before, the special venom on Neith's fangs kept the bite from feeling the slightest bit painful, in fact it would feel more pleasurable than anything. Then Deva would feel a familiar venom start to course through her system, Neith deciding that this was the best way to deliver her answer. "I accept." She would say confidently, licking her lips a bit now that she had gotten the first bite. Deva would feel that familiar paralyzing venom coursing through her veins, that same venom that would give Neith complete control over her body if given enough time. "First I had to make sure that you aren't going anywhere... Don't want you missing out on all the fun after all. See, here's the thing, I'm not going to TRY and enslave you... I WILL enslave you this time. You see, this time you are in the very center of MY web. Not some web built in an ice cave far from home, not some temporary dwelling to complete Mistress' work, not this is MY web. And I think it's time for my family to get far better acquainted with you..." As she spoke, hundreds of spiders across the cave would start shooting web at Deva's arms and legs, working to slow her down and ensnare her if she tried to run, just making sure that Neith's paralyzing poison had enough time to flow through Deva's system. "So I suggest you get comfortable, because I think it's high time that I alleviate my boredom..." The spider would start walking around Deva, poking her clothing to test if it was an illusion or if it was real clothing. If it was real, she'd quickly pull it off, if it was an illusion she'd call over a few purple colored spiders, courtesy of Tabitha actually. They'd quickly craw up Deva's leg and bite her in seemingly random spots, but they were carefully chosen, and once their venom started to flow, Deva would feel her clothing illusion start to blink out, the venom actually dismissing it for her. Either way, the angel would be left completely naked before the Spider Queen.

"You see... here's the funny thing about the ranking system... We fight in a plane of Mistress' choosing. It's the fairest way to test our skills of course. But I can guarantee that I could handle far more enemies if I was in my nest. Valerie even once sparred with me in here, and she stood almost no chance. That's the other reason I'm hiding out here... it's my best chance of winning if I'm found... But enough about that, we're here about you... Or more specifically, we're here to properly enslave you, to ensnare your mind and fill you with my warm venom..." Another group of spiders would crawl down from the ceiling, these ones striped black and white like a zebra, and they'd crawl over Deva, biting her gently every so often, leaving no wounds. Thankfully a trait that every spider inherited from Neith was the pain dulling fangs, meaning that every bite felt more pleasurable and warm rather than painful. Once the black and white spiders bit Deva, she'd feel an odd dizziness for a few moments, before the world seemed to fade out a little bit around her, and all she'd be able to see was Neith and all the spiders around her. It was like she was floating in space, no more cave around her, nothing but her, the spiders, and their Queen. Looking at Neith, meanwhile, would cause Deva to suddenly feel warm and safe, relaxed and happy, even slightly aroused... Though that would last for a few moments, as her eyes would be naturally drawn to that beautiful... gorgeous... wonderful... exquisite... divine... marvelous... perfect ovipositor that her Queen had, promising her nothing but pure ecstasy. That throbbing, fleshy organ that she was already familiar with, promising to fill her up with happiness and wonder all over again. "Oooohh... And we're just getting started, slave... This is going to be fun..." Something about Neith's voice seemed... different. It sounded beautiful, like a wonderful song, more beautiful than even the sirens could sing... That might have something to do with the different spiders that were approaching her every so often and biting her, but that didn't matter. What did matter was how absolutely divine that voice sounded, like a perfect melody just flowing into her ears...

"How are you feeling so far... Mmmmmmm... I do always love seeing the effects as my venom progresses..."


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Jan 21, 2016

"Oh, yes, obviously, Isa, I'm not a big punisherer." Deva chuckle-smiled. "Kindness. Cruelty, greed. Everything can be used against someone. It's easier and more pleasant to use the rebels lust for power.. They want to take me down indubitably." She remained thoughtfully silent when Isa spoke on, but gave her a nod of grattitude, which was already much and unusual for her. "These others have seen nothing yet." She mused in response, with a bit of a grin.

"You got good eyes, by the way. But yes, I am content not appearing powerful at all. I don't like being treated differently for one, for two it's.. useful. But I'm still a novice in controlling my presence. Ancient magic that."
She chuckled on at Isa's attempts to act villainous, then looked at Isa's expression, deciding to tell her a little more about the evil she had faced. "Its name, among others, was the Creeping Darkness. It was the last of its race, but it told me that it was the very reason almost every living person fears the dark. Propably a lie. It lied by nature.. but who knows. It had been imprisoned in hell, weakened and chained up, but tricked who would become my wife into escaping together with it. The process allowed my wife to control shadows, summon tentacles, create vestigial creatures of herself, from the size of a pillow to an entire castle and basically reach a power equivalent to a deity. Together we were the Twilight goddesses, she had the power of darkness, I had the light to focus it. That's why I was the worst possible enemy for someone like Priselia to fight. I destroyed it, for good, I thought, but soon I realize that, as long as my wife existed.." Deva grew silent, and focused back on the tome "Enough of my past now. You should rest." She said, rather insistantly.

"The futa princess stories? Nooo! That fiend! Heh, but good point, the story was quite kinky enough, no complaints here. Heh." Deva tipped her chin at the possibilities. "I mean, if I could manipulate stories, I'd increase the number of kittens or something. That said, indubitably we could use the saved energy for that but.. yes, we have better uses, and other worries than naughtyness. For starters, if I were to use this power for anything, it'd be to.. oh you will see." Deva smiled, ominously.

"Heh, quite true, we are all the heroes and villains of our very own story. Even after meeting with Jade and the others, there are so many in this story that have never known or heard or seen me. And your third wielder was right. Everyone is important." She nodded, patting her tome. "Funny.. thats the same things I think about Aelissa. She wont even let me question being worth her memory. Always there in my memory, calling me a silly angel if I doubt myself. Heh.
Fluffy bed, good! Alright, you rest here, and wait for me."
Deva nodded to her tomey, leaving her.. with the four plushies aligned around her tome in a specific pattern again.

Deva looked at Neith thoughtfully as she listened to the spider-womans response. "Tabitha put up more of a fight than I expected, hence me coming here. If things continue on like this I gotta be a cautious angel, just in case anyone gets any funny ideas." She chuckled, but then grew more serious when Neith spoke about poisoning the traitors in their sleep.
"Think about this problem not in terms of the cloaked one not trusting me however, think about whom she trusts right now. If I had come to her, casting doubt on the traitors, even if I had been believed, they could have easily denied things. But now, thanks to you, once I stand before her and reveal you are alive I will also create undeniable proof of them lying. Your 'death', as unpleasant as it is right now will make sure they can not talk their way out.
But, No, Neith, they are not lucky. They'll be dealing with me in a way neither you nor Valerie had to experience. Do you want to completely overcome who you are though? HAAAAAAAH!"
Deva shouted, clenching her teeth, focusing for a moment, her eyes turning into a dark red slowly. "Trust me. It's better to come to terms with the darkness and pain life puts into you. To use it, as a blade against your foes. There is nothing innately wrong with the desire to see your foes broken at your feet.. as long as you don't act upon it." She exhaled again. "I've come to terms with my demons long ago.
Rank 8 only? I see. I had hoped he was a little higher up. Number one hmn. Explains the confidence. Tell me what happened, and even if it lasted a second. Every little detail matters to me.. wait.. an armor? And she uses.. ah. I see. The puzzle is fitting together now. Ahahaha... Hooh. this is interesting, actually.
Well.. the armor sounds worrysome. A greater artifact perhaps. That's what we called them in my world Those are terrifying in their own right. However, If her power is actually emulating the cloaked ones....I got work to do."
Deva's smile was more determined than intimidated learning more about the rebellion. "Can you describe this armor, like.. most armors usually spot a coat of arms, are ther gemstones inlaid in it, have you ever seen her without it?" Deva mused. An armor of such power must have made a name for itself. She also mused.. so, excluding the rebellion, the cloaked one had a total of seven high ranking agents left, and they had Narcissus, Valerie, presumambly, the first and Mortema. Four to eight? not good odds. But what if Deva defeated another agent, and some of the agents were distracted in other worlds? Chances were that, just to avoid fighting her or casting doubt on himself, after story number nine, Narcissus would be forced into action.

"A spider-infirmary? That's.. Heh.. unusual for certain!" Deva chuckled, her thoughts about the rebellion.. one and eight distracting her from her spell-preparations almost. "That said, you are mistaken in one regard. If I am captured that doesn't necessary mean the traitors fail.. because then -I- will become the most ideal target. Remember, factually mine and the cloaked ones tomes are identical, with only me being an unknown factor keeping me from being attacked right now. If I prove to be an easier target and before I can reveal their plans, I suspect I and whoever manages to overcome me, will be attacked.. and if the wrong person enslaves me, that might limit my capacity to fight back. Narcissus has exeptional tracking powers, I suspect he's been observing me like a vulture any chance he got." Deva gave to consider. Even though even someone like Narcissus should have struggled to break into her Mirror-sphere. She didn't expect Neith to help outright fight the cloaked one, obviously, but she would keep her in a limbo of not opposing Deva's actions either.. and what she said had a hefty core of truth to it, she suspected.

Deva looked at Neith for a long moment then, when she worked out how the summon would work. "Heh, you really are not a ferocious beast anymore. Yes, the summoning contract could be used to make you fight opponents as I desire... including the cloaked one herself.
Well, there are two possibilities. Either, a trade, you get to .. keep me for as long as I get to summon you, or it could be a one time thing, in exchange for a fixed.. security on your end.
And I'm certain you already considered this but, being bound to my will still beats being Narcissus bitch, right?"
Deva then nodded, using what she had seen about Narcissus against Neith. "He complimented your hair, didn't he? I'm quite certain he'd like to keep you. I'll leave the rest to your imagination, but I don't have any such intentions." Deva cleared her throat, again fighting her submissive fantasies as she glanced over to the spider getting.. aroused at her memories.. Neiths explanation and awakening desires making the angel blush a little, well, it was just natural, to some degree, wasn't it?

"Well, it's just.. it's the logical approach. Like it or not, I'm a key player. For example, if the traitors were to succeed and actually win, the only one that could possibly stand against them would be one with a tome, me. So my desires aside, making sure I.. ahnn?" Deva blinked. Her reflexes were good but not extraordinary, not when she was slightly aroused, and distracted slowly sorting complicated spell-formula in the back of her mind. She gasped under the bite a moment after it happened, though, as promised, did not actively struggle, besides an instinctual jerking. She gulped, feeling the piercing, if not painful sensation, sighing. "Think of me as enemy what you want.. but I'm doing this to keep things safe.. I... haah.. deserve a good mistress, right? Certainly none of those in the rebellion, if the three I met so far are anything to go by." She gasped as she felt the venom pump into her. "Heh.. you know, being of angelic descend I'm supposed to have a resistance to poisons.. It seems yours can circumvent that easily enough." Deva gulped at Neiths words, then chuckled at the spider-web attack.. well, a brief chuckle at that. "I do hope the sticky gets out of things easy enough.

Truth be told, a part of me enjoys losing control.. but it's so very hard for me to do. Though, right now, I can't exactly cast spells and I'm pretty trapped.."
Deva blushed, a part of her having second thoughts. She could stop preparing the spell. She could cast a gestureless teleport spell as a last resort, teleport out, seal the teleport gate. Or there was her amulet, ironically, everyone had stripped her, none had tried to take it, not that they could.. That would likely work.. she bit her lips. It would work, but why would she?
Deva chuckled at the spiders poking.. her clothing quite real. "You know me too well."
She grinned, finding herself stripped naked again, smooth and with some strands of spidersilk, her dark spidery tatoo right above her brunette pubic hair still there, unmoving, right now. She could propably still come up with a way to flee.. but instead, her eyes wandered to that disgustingly lewd ovipositor of the spider woman...
"Well, you certainly don't seem bored anymore." Deva said, with a slight flushing of her cheeks. Yes. this felt.. right.. the godess, Azalea.. -requesting- to be enslaved by those that weren't proper mistresses just didn't feel right and, Deva convinced herself, wouldn't work -properly- if she was captured.

"Oh I'm quite certain that the ranking system has some wiggle room in either direction, hence me knowing more about people being important. I don't fear Narcissus, I've seen how he acts and thinks, but number nine might be far more dangerous, for I don't understand how they work. I might mess up and get myself enslaved to them all over." And still, I wont be stopped in my goals. Deva mused. "But I understand. It's not just that you have the home advantage, here you have acess to all your.. tools, your poisons.. like.. Zebra spiders?" She tilted her head.

"Woah, what the..getting dizzy.. where did you get that venom, thats like illusion magic, high powered too.." She mused as she looked around, more intrigued(and a little aroused) than scared, infact, with her expression growing more.. relaxed. "Hmnnn.. so do you want me for yourself, or are you content keeping me.. safe from more dangerous control and assisting in enslaving me for someone else.. might be Valerie.. though not until these traitors are dealt with." Deva mused. She expected Neith to use methods kind of like this.. methods that let her focus on her spell.. whilest letting herself be lustfully enslaved.. she was so submissive...

Her eyes wandered over to that slimy, beautiful ovipositor dizzily, her cheeks flushing when Neith promised her this was just the start.. She was really getting enslaved! How long had it been? "Haah.." She exhaled heavily, her legs instinctually parting a little after looking at the spiders organ, she, aroused and clearly with cheeks flushed, but in her state not losing anything of her sharpness mused: "It's a venom-cocktail adjusted specifically for the victim." As she felt another warm spider-bite.
Deva gulped.. how was she feeling so far?
"I'm feeling.. good. I could likely still fight the process at this point in time, but I increasingly don't want to.. it has been so long, you don't understand Neith.. thank you.. It's been centuries I had to .. Haah.. It's arousing and relaxing and a bit scary but in a way it's just natural.. you are a mistress, I am a slave. hmnnn.. we both function better fulfilling our roles. To be honest with you, I'm already quite.. vunerable to Valerie.. and her beautiful cock, my wife made me her slave through that, though hmnn.. your lewd, thick ovipositor...

Err.. my point is, depending on what they've done to her, my desires for submission to her might become a dangerous weakness. We ought to make sure that this can't be used against me.. so this is the best way, my queen.. huh.. queen.. long time I called someone that, but it feels right."
With Deva not actively fighting the venom (much) she quickly grew aroused, her sex puffing up, her cheeks flushing, her nipples hardening with arousal, her hand,.. reaching out to tickle the fuzzy under-belly of a spider. "But if I had to describe it in simple terms, the sensation is.. liberating. I want to be a slave to a good mistress, that loves me and let's me think and wander freely, but I don't want to be free.. I want someone strong to lean on, to be protected by.. to worship and make things alright.. please..." Deva asked, the end of her request sounding unsually timid as her eyes wandered from that ovipositor to Neiths eyes, her eyes still glowing with a slight unnatural blue, but rather than piercing, their expression gave way to a tired loneliness, a lost child.. for all of Deva's power. "I . haah.. I'll offer you another pact.... I'll save the cloaked one from the grasp of this rebellion, with all I have and am, in exchange, promise me as you love your spiderlings you'll help me find that." She requested, with eyes that, even now, intimidatingly perhaps, looked at Neith with the intensity of will necessary to overcome her venom,.. if needed. Eyes that, at the same time, held the deep desire -not- to do that very thing. It also marked an unusual moment of Deva honestly sharing her feelings and making a genuine promise.. If the first was anything like the other rebellion members no one, last of all someone with such dangerous power as the cloaked one should fall prey to them.
Feb 26, 2017

"Tabitha was quite strong. Mortema had vastly underestimated her during their battle, laughing and mocking her stalling tactics right up until the last moment, when Tabitha revealed the incredibly powerful curse that she had saved up. I watched that fight myself, it was quite interesting really." Neith would idly comment as she remembered the fight between the two, always having some interest in evaluating the powers and skills of those that were only a few places ahead of her. She knew Valerie quite well at this point, and had even watched Mortema on the off chance that she could improve herself past the Amazoness. "I never said that your plan won't work... I just wish that there was more that I could do to ensure that Mistress properly succeeds. Instead I wait here and hope that you will both manage to stop the traitors, and then at the same time fail to stop Mistress. It's a poor situation where I must hope for a scenario that is less than likely all things considered. But I have faith that Mistress can handle you, I just worry that out of everyone else, you'd be the most likely to stop her." Neith had no problem talking about that kind of thing out loud, as she figured that the angel already basically knew where she stood on this entire situation. Though she would raise an eyebrow as she saw Deva growing angrier and slightly more evil looking, part of her remembering a few bits of that expression from her own feral look from before she had been properly taught better. "My darkness does not come from any pain though... It's a natural instinct that I had once, to hunt and kill, to destroy those that I didn't like... It's not me overcoming my demons, it's me removing the one part of myself that held down any higher brain functions. I want that old instinct gone, because it's not a matter of whether I act on it or not. Had Narcissus or Rank 1 been before me moments ago, I'd have lunged at them with no control over myself. It's a part of what I USED to be, and it's a part that I would gladly be rid of. I can keep darker shades of myself, but that's something that makes me more monstrous than I could ever want. I'd be at risk of killing someone if that instinct remained untouched, suppressed as it is, intense enough anger brings one of the only primal parts of me that I don't ever enjoy. But here I am giving you a look into my weaknesses... maybe we should focus on something else." The spider queen would chuckle a bit, knowing just how much Deva would be able to do with that kind of information if she really wanted to. She already knew just how clever the angel could be, or at least had seen her act very clever, for all she knew there were completely new levels of genius that the angel hadn't even shown yet.

"What happened? I arrived at my quarters, to where Rank 1 was waiting for me. She simply said 'You know too much. So you either join us willingly, unwillingly, or you die'. I had already had my poisoned prepared, so I injected myself with it by biting my lip for a moment, and then lunged after her. She dodged before I had even gotten anywhere near her, and before I even knew where she was she had gripped me by my throat and effortlessly lifted me into the air. Then the venom started acting up as she started choking me, causing me to lose consciousness, and my heart to stop for a while. Before I faded, I heard her say, 'Well that's unfortunate. I was hoping to use you like your Amazon friend. Oh well, your death will simply spark Her anger against the angel. I hate wasting valuable resources like this, but sometimes people have to die. Goodbye Neith.' And then, to ensure that no one found that I had been 'choked to death' she apparently buried me far away from our home. I survived and made my way back here. That's all I can really remember. Her armor? It is sleek, shiny, and harder than any steel I've ever seen. The color changes every so often, and parts of it glow, such as on the face mask sometimes, and other places. I think it's all a single piece. No gemstones laid anywhere, and no real coat of arms... Wait... there is a small image on the chest, it's... Hmmmm... How to describe it... Imagine the tallest tower of a castle, but three times the size of that. Then imagine there were windows across every floor, and there were more windows than actual wall. Now imagine a miniature version of that, with a hand underneath it holding it up. That small picture was on the chest of the armor. I've never seen her without ARMOR. That specific suit I don't always see, but I've never seen her face. The only reason I know her gender is because the armor is actually very form fitting." Neith would explain, happy to give up as much information as she possible could on the traitors, especially if they were someone as intimidating as Rank 1. Really, the spider queen was terrified about anyone's chances against her. "Just a warning... Even the fight between Rank 1 and Rank 2 was incredibly quick. Apparently Rank 1 Made short work of everyone she's gone up against." She would explain, knowing that the gap between 2 and 1 was likely even bigger than the gap between 1 and the Cloaked One herself. But just as she felt that Deva was one of the only people with a chance of stopping her Mistress, she was confident that Deva would also be one of the only people to stand a chance of stopping Rank 1.

"Heh... The infirmary is a nice place really. Spiders caring for one another is actually rather cute. Mistress taught me about that, I had never even heard of that kind of treatment before her, taking in the wounded and actively making them better rather than just letting them recover on their own." Sometimes, she even would just take a trip down to the infirmary just to see her little ones caring for one another, finding it adorable. She had quite a few spiders that knew a little bit about making sure that the others got their proper healing, but another clutch with some healing magic would help to move the process along even more quickly than it currently went. Honestly, she was thankful that her children took on the traits of both their mothers, it made her nest incredibly divers, and also gave her many different ways of dealing with threats. People like Valerie and Tabitha might have been overall stronger than Neith, and could easily handle her in a battle, Neith was lucky to have a much more versatile range of offense, ensuring that anyone facing her more than once was actually in for a more difficult battle each and every time as she adapted to them. "You aren't wrong... If Rank 1 is against you, it actually might not matter at all who enslaves you. She could deal with them just as quickly and her problem would be solved. Narcissus is an excellent tracker, apparently that was one of his major jobs in his original story. He was often sent out to just watch the heroes, and report back to those above him. It seems he's slotted back into his old role nicely. His angelic appearance puts some at ease, thinking him inherently good because of it, and if that fails he can always fly to a perch far above those that he's spying on. He's incredibly good at tracking, another minor quirk of the ranking system really. He's not strong enough to beat those above him, but in some ways he's far more valuable considering that he can have an accurate view of a situation before anyone else." While she was being very careful not to purposely give up information on her actual allies, she was just as loose lipped when it came to the traitors. If Deva were to ask for it, Neith would give her every little thing that she could think of when it came to Narcissus, mostly because he was a traitor, but partially also because she had always disliked the arrogant angel.

"Hmph... I suppose I will have to accept the risks on this one. You put it best, better this than being used by that disgusting, egotistical traitor. Though I'll have you now he is often disgusted by me, because I'm just so 'ugly' in his eyes with all my spider features. I think he's still upset about that one time I 'accidentally' got my web tangled in his hair..." All that being said, Deva had done a good job of convincing the spider queen to accept the deal, as that meant that she wouldn't have to worry as much about having to be commanded by Narcissus. If there was anyone in the entire universe that she would want to submit to less, Neith hadn't met them yet. There were so many risks involved in this situation, but even just trusting Deva enough to prepare her poisons had been one kind of risk, and pretending to be dead like this was another one, if Neith was going to go about not trusting Deva about everything, she had done a pretty poor job of it so far. So in the end she would relent, willing to work together with the angel in the hope that would help deal with the traitors completely. "You likely already know this... but you are quite clever... I think I'll try to reach even a small percent of your level of intellect one day... After all, I still have quite some room for improvement." She would comment, thinking about how she could improve her cleverness. While she learned a lot of different things through studying, she knew that what Deva was doing wouldn't come from just reading and studying, it was something that seemed to come from experience, which was something that couldn't be easily taught.

"Mmmmmmmm... So very 'logical'... But stop lying... If you really REALLY wanted you could've found some other way to do this. No, you WANT this... I can tell... I've smelled it on you from the moment that we first met. Admit it, a part of you deep down has been thinking about this for ages... Mnnnn... Well you naughty little girl... Lucky for you I'll give it to you, even when you try to shroud it in the form of a 'deal'." She spoke, her voice a lustful whisper, yet still filled with confidence, as though she was absolutely certain that Deva wanted this, as though she could look into the depths of Deva's heart and see every ounce of submissiveness inside it. It was like Neith's gaze could see through her entirely, leaving her completely revealed before the powerful spider queen. And... with many spider bites happening, some without even Deva's notice, it'd be hard to tell if the feeling of that piercing gaze was natural or an effect of some venom or another. "Of course you deserve a good Mistress. Any proper slave needs a Mistress to serve, a strong powerful Mistress that they can properly obey. But to get that, a slave has to understand just how much they WANT to have a good Mistress to rule over them. No one gets the Mistress that they want by acting like they're just doing this out of necessity. I can see the slave in you, desperate to get out, excited at the very prospect of serving, you and I just have to make sure that slave can be completely free to serve a proper Mistress." Though she would chuckle at the mention of the spider webs, smiling confidently. "Oh don't worry, the web will come out easily. The other sticky things you'll find yourself coated with... Well... I'm less sure about that." She would say, her voice a mixture of playful and seductive.

When Deva was fully revealed, the spider queen would reach down, and actually just gently tease around the little spider resting just above Deva's pubic hair, still partially amused that the one she had tried to enslave had the mark of a spider on her. Even remembering what it could do, she still found it amusing. "How could I ever be bored when a beautiful, erotic little angel slave willingly offers herself up to me?" A few pitch black spiders would crawl over and start biting Deva this time, before crawling up her body and... resting across her neck? They weren't uncomfortable, in fact, if the angel didn't focus on them it almost felt as though they weren't even there. But now that they all started resting there, one next to the other, they made it look like she was wearing a pure black collar, one made of spiders, but a collar nonetheless. Then the venom would hit her, and her submissive feelings, the sensation that this all felt right would strengthen deep within her mind. This was right, all of it felt completely proper. The collar around her neck, being naked, completely stripped bare before Neith, looking up at her powerful Queen, it all felt so right... Like there was nowhere else in the world that Deva belonged but here, as a slave before a powerful Mistress.

"Let's just say that every single agent below me has laid a clutch of spiders at one point or another. And quite a few above me have as well, though those ones had to volunteer, as there was no way that I was going to get them on my own. Rest assured, I have many different ways to play with you, my sweet little Broodslave." Suddenly she'd pull Deva into a kiss, her own tongue coated in... sweet... delicious... savory venom, that would send shockwaves of pleasure and contentment through Deva just from having a mouthful from that kiss. "As much as I want you for myself... You will find someone even better waiting for you at the end of this all, whether Mistress or you succeed, there will be something greater for you... And if not, I will take you for myself." As much as Neith really wished to take Deva, part of her knew that Deva would be more satisfied with someone else. And a good Mistress wanted the best for their slaves, even if that best was with a different Mistress.

Seeing that ovipositor would feel... completely intoxicating. Even the sight of it would start making Deva feel excited, her anticipation starting to build as the venom in her blood made it look like the most desirable thing she had ever seen. Her mouth would instinctively water just looking at it, and her second set of lips would start to wet themselves some more as well. Neith would smile even more as Deva started describing how she felt, and if Deva looked she would feel a pulse of warm happiness from her Mistress' warm and approving smile, a look that encouraged her to speak about it and describe it in vivid detail. "Centuries? My goodness... It is no wonder that you are so desperate... A natural slave like you going for so long without properly submitting, without being a true slave to a powerful Mistress... It sounds terrible. Well do not fret, little slave, for a Mistress is here for you. Here to pull you into wondrous, silky servitude. Exactly! You have such a proper understanding of the world, it's wonderful, my sweet little slave. I am a Mistress, meant to control, lead, enslave, and dominate. I am meant to care for you and command you, hold you close and play with you. You are a slave, meant to submit, obey, enjoy, be yourself, but be free from worry, inhibition, and choice."

A pulse of pure and utter contentment would flow through Deva when she called Neith her queen. It felt absolutely correct, like a truth of the entire universe, Neith was her Queen. Saying it felt reassuring, like it was a constant that one could completely build their life around. It felt like one of the most true statements that one could ever make, and at the same time it felt absolutely wonderful to say it. The moment that Deva used that term, Neith would reach down and trace a few quick circles around Deva's clit, wanting to further connect the ideas of arousal and pleasure with submission. And with the venom pumping through her, Deva would become much more aware of all the spiders crawling over her skin, the soft touch of their legs over her bare flesh, each small step a small tickle of pleasure to add to the cocktail of sensations flowing through her. And because of the earlier venom effects, there was nothing else to focus on in the entire world, the universe in her eyes for this moment was just Neith, Deva, and all the spiders that were crawling all over her. The only other thing she could focus on was Neith, and all of her beauty, her sensual enticing body, and that thick, pleasure promising, wonderfully slimy, erotically fleshy ovipositor that her eyes would keep getting naturally drawn to thanks to the venom. Though once Deva made her earnest, pleading request... Neith's lustful smile would fade just a little, and she'd calm down a bit, her face softening as she felt that she was seeing something completely real from Deva out of almost nowhere. Her heart throbbed just a bit as she saw what looked more like a lonely, sad child asking for something with all its heart, and Neith would calm herself slightly, still looking confident and in control, but more caring suddenly.

She would suddenly reach out, holding Deva's head with one hand, gently caressing it a bit, growing more gentle for the angel when she saw the sadness, a maternal part of her taking over, part of her that was only there because of the Cloaked One. "Shhhhhh... You poor thing... A submissive down to your very soul... but without a Mistress... I swear to you, on the very love that I have for all my children, that so long as we can stop the rebellion, I will do everything in my power to give you the absolute perfect Mistress. Whether it is me, Valerie, or someone else, I will do everything I can to make sure that when this is all over, regardless of who wins, you will be able to be a proper slave to a Mistress that will love and care for you, one that will rule over your mind, but treasure who you are. I promise you that, on all that I am, and all that I have become. You deserve that much." Despite the fact that Deva wanted to stop the Cloaked One, the spider queen couldn't help but feel bad for the angel, and want to help her find the proper Mistress that she felt the angel completely deserved. Neith would then kiss Deva once again, filling her with more of that tasty venom, and at the same time holding her close for a few moments, before once again biting her, injecting a new type of venom into the angel.

"Now, my sweet little slave looking for a Mistress... Look into my eyes..." Suddenly, Neith's red eyes would start glowing a deep... beautiful... enticing... attractive glow. Part of Deva might realize that it was venom making her hallucinate that, but most of her mind was completely convinced that Neith's eyes had a captivating, entrancing glow. It was so easy to look into them, to relax and just let herself fall into those eyes, staring into them blankly without having to think about anything. Plus, because the world around them was nothing, Deva would now have no choice but to focus on Neith's eyes that now lit up with an entrancing glow, Neith's ovipositor which would make her mouth water and her desires build every moment that she looked at it, or to focus on the spiders crawling all over her, some of which had built themselves into a collar to show her submission, others which were crawling along her body and teasing it with their footsteps, and others that were still giving her sensual little bites of venom to further heat her body up.

"For now, I'm going to make sure that no one in the rebellion gets to your mind easily... I'm going to enslave you to Valerie... but to the REAL Valerie. The strong, confident, dominating, caring, loving, kind, and beautiful woman that would never side with traitors like Narcissus and Rank 1. By linking you with her, it ensures you are ready for her, and at the same time whatever corruption they've done to her will affect you less. Yet she also serves as a reminder of why you need to stop the rebellion, as your Mistress is waiting for you... and you can have her only IF you stop the rebellion and free the real Valerie. You being enslaved to me might give you some strength, but that will also cause a nagging thought of just coming back here to submit to me forever... So I want you to do me a favor... Describe everything that attracted you to Valerie, and do it as you look at me and focus on the sensations flowing through you. Describe every last detail that entices you, focus on it, on every aspect of her body, her personality, her everything, all that you found attractive. And focus on all the pleasure and erotic feelings around you as you do so..." Neith had a few ideas of how to properly link this in Deva's head, but she needed there to be something to further encourage her to stop the traitors. She knew Deva would already be motivated, but she needed to be motivated by true submissive desires, but WITHOUT submitting to whatever Valerie had currently become.
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Jan 21, 2016

Deva chuckled. "I guess considering what I aim for there is no harm in telling you now.. but I don't really go into any battle with a plan. I look at what my opponent is doing, guess at what they might try to do, then work to close off their routes to success.. or to simplify it, as soon as Tabitha began stalling for time I suspected I'd have to push her. In your case, I wanted a taste of your poisons early to be able to deal with them, .. but with both you and Tabitha I must say, while I recognized the tactics, I underestimated the sheer power of your abilities." Deva was happy to evaluate. Then she chuckled.
"Why though. Why do you wish for her to succeed with such determination? You are grateful to her, sure, but the good she has done to you, the harm she has done to others. I'm starting to believe that a lot of you follow the cloaked one out of ignorance for the things she allows to happen. Your bestial nature may be gone, but at what price?" She then shook her head. "I don't understand your situation, of course, but simply removing an instinct is not overcoming it. In a way, it is admitting defeat to it. I've sealed the darkenss within me away for a long time, until I learned.. it's still me. Without it, I am less than I could be." Without her darker creativity after all, her most dangerous spell would never have been created.

Deva shrugged, quite able to keep a more or less calm discussion, despite her.. situation. She also listened to the description of the fight. "You are exeptionally fast, and she was faster? Troublestome, then again, she knew you'd attack fast, I presume. Quick and decisively lethal, but .. thanks. Just knowing how she attacked you is.. useful.

Wait, a face-mask... hmnn.. riddles over riddles, but that insignia..if you mask yourself, you can hide your identity through the ages.. but people remember armors, and actions. The thing about finishing fights fast is, well... it feels like you rob the other person of a good chance there."
Deva's highest speed, without time-stop magic was her using her haste spell. She was deceptively slow on purpose sometimes, but she doubted she could be much faster than Neith. That just ment she had to make it so she didn't -need- to be fast.
"I figured Narcissus was your best tracker. I didn't put up detection magic because.. lazy, but I wouldn't notice him until he wanted to intervene, more than once. Heh. Each and every last one of you, best at what you do." Deva mused.
Once Neith had accepted Deva's deal, if she checked, the feather she had gotten would disappear, whereas Deva's changed color to a darker purple tone, nearly black, the magic automatically locking onto the spider-queen.
"You want to be cleverer? Is easy. Do things. Experience everything, be a mistress, a slave, a spider, a bird. I've had conversations with plants and rocks and gods and demons. Be unafraid of new experiences... but you also need an inner drive. Like.. The moment you tell me something, I think a dozen different things about it. For example, it's not like I can't come up with an idea for what the armor you described could be.. it's that I got too many ideas and no way of narrowing it down... Oh well!"

Deva chuckled and then sighed, playfully sniffing on her self. "You can smell it? Hrmnn.. True though.. It doesn't feel real without a proper mistress.." And you seem to underestimate how much a slave could influence you if they wanted.
Deva mused, though she also shivered a little when the spider-queen whispered to her. "But, perhaps I'm just lazy. With you I could gain intel and .. prepare myself for such cases at the same time." Though Deva didn't object to the assesment of her submission.
Deva blushed when Neith went on about the slave in her, clearing her throat ever so slightly. "..oh my.." She gulp-blushed at the spider going on in her playful seduction.

"Nya.." Deva blushed at the touch of her spider-tatoo, chuckling at Neiths comment and moaning at the black spider-collar. "Q.. quite creative, though I'd be afraid I might squish them." She mused, thinking back to the first time she had worn a collar like this. "Haah.. but.. this feels nice.." She smiled and exhaled, letting go of her worries and schemes, her fears and concerns and basking int he growing sensation of submission under the spiders venom.. it had been so long she could just be... herself...
She even closed her eyes, for a long moment. "Hoho.. fascinating. " Deva mused, then blushed, leaning into Neiths kiss, with her moaning as she felt the coating of venomous saliva, a lustful grin spreading on her lips. "You are smarter than you give yourself credit for though, Neith. You are quite... enjoyable, but you have your world, your family, all the others to breed with and I see you enjoy your.. hamn.. sense of community with the other agents, but.. you are propably right. But, while I let go of my inhibitions, I might as well tell you unashamedly.. I am utterly, and completely convinced, that I will not fail. I speak about using trump cards and my strengths and weaknesses.. Who cares?" She chuckled briefly, continuing:

"Powers, weaknesses, plans and countermeasures, the ultimate weakness of all strategies and abilities is that they simply bring you closer to your sucess, but in the end, power is just that, a means to an end. Not an end in itself. Why do you think I threw away more power than any of the agents I've seen so far excluding the cloaked one herself posessed? Because I used it up in powerful defensive spell to keep a world save? Yes. Because I felt it was like cheating? Yes. .. but in truth, too much power becomes a burden.
Before I let myself just sink into this wonderful submission, here is my advice. If you crave a greater understanding of the world, don't try to discard who you were and strive for what seems like greater understanding. The deepest truth of all reality is balance. To gain strength.. you have to give up weakness. To be happy, you have to overcome sadness. The rich crave the freedom of the poor, the young the wisdom of old, the old the beauty and strength of the young. You want to know the key to a greater intellect? Stop striving for it right now, instead, apply yourself fully to the moment."
Deva exhaled.
"If you truly focus ont he world around you, you can feel the hairs of every spider, the pulsing of each heartbeat of your .. hmn.. delicious, inhuman shaft, pulsing through and.." Deva purred, getting distracted. She did not expect Neith to understand, certainly not now. If you were powerful, there was always a price. If you defeated every opponent with a single blow, you grew weaker in handling a blow you took yourself. If you had magic to change the world around you as you pleased, as Deva had, you lost the ability to use your lesser spells more creatively. Deva was confident she would win.. because she had to be, because it started by believing in yourself.. and the sensation of submissiveness finally.. reminded her of this. And she was confident she would win .. because she simply had to. She'd do whatever was needed to help. And the sensation of submitting helped her remember.. how she had done these things in the past.

"Thank you Neith. you are.. helping me. I had grown to.. worried. Long ago, yet recent, in a way, I had suffered a great loss and it made me an old worry-pants. I'd say.. I've used like.. a tenth of my full potential?... Half? ninety nine percent? Still! Evil blockage unblockaged! But .. you help me.. I almost.. remember this feeling.. might I say you have a -beautifully- twisted ovipositor.. hmnn.." Deva purred, letting the tension flow out of her body, taking in the lewd sight before her.

"The person I was, so long ago. They didn't fear my power, or mind or strategies.. they feared my smile... a smile I had because I knew, no matter what, I could go wild, I could be Deva, because there was someone so strong.. so beautiful for me to lean on." Deva nodded.. and smiled. "But yes.. it has been centuries.. few are powerful enough to claim me without it feeling.. hollow, you see. I mean, hey, every doofus -wants- an angel-slave, but eh. It gotta feel right!" Deva enthused. "Aww I like being held close.. and commanded. Also, tea. You know? You should really add some tea. Think about it, how baffled would any invaders be if they come into your demonic den and you offer them a sophisticated cupper of tea." Deva enthused. "Hooh.. You wanna know how I feel? I feel the venom working. Feeling less and more free already. It's quite liberating." She stretched, purring at the sensations flooding her and solidifying her servitude to Neith. She cooed and added: ".. My queen.." Enjoying the sensations it brought her, reaching up to test if she could adjust her spider-collar out of sheer happy curiosity.

"You know I like losing a struggle and submitting, but perhaps been struggling for a bit too long. Hard to fight you lot for that reason more than any other.... ahmnn ooh my queeeen.." Deva moaned out under Neiths teasing, quite obviously not fighting the.. process, though, the strangest thing was, that were her eyes were supposed to grow more dull and enthralled to the spider-queen.. hers grew more lively, brimming with enthusiasm as she purred, feeling the spiders over her, and musing: "So, do you have anti-arachnophobia poison as well? Feel like that might come in handy for some folks.."

Though, Deva blush-cuddled up to the nice spider-mistress when hugged close.. it had felt hard getting this off of her chest, but.. she had been abandoned so often.. "Awww.. awesome nice mistress yes.. you're kind Neith.. Consider the rebellion kicked in their collective butts." Deva nuzzled herself up to Neiths considerable bossom for a long moment, enjoying the warmth and closing her eyes, thinking back to.. kinder times, when she had been with her wife.. who had taken a variety of lewder forms as well. She could really have this happiness again, couldn't she? "Sounds good then, can't wait to kick rebellion but.. but first properly dealing with me.. and I fear I gotta take down one more agent before the traitor-wusses motivate themselfs into action... well, that, or now that I know a bit about them.. .. we shall see!"

Deva smiled again, her nuzzling getting a subtle sexual quality to it, with her suckling a little into Neiths kiss, her own tongue nuzzling up to the spiderwomans before she gasped, presenting her neck for another dose of the venom, with a slight drunk-woozy expression to her now.
"Look into your eyes? Well thats a bit clichee isn't it..e rr.. not critiquing." She chuckled and did as commanded of course.
"Huh, so they are quite pretty, you do have a lot of.. versatile.. talents.. uh.. wait, is that another venom..?" Deva chuckled again, stopping her bubbling and ..swayed a little actually, still with a warm, genuine smile on her lips.
"Hnnnnnn.." Deva made, smiling relaxedly and looking at Neith, her eyes actually glazing over now under the enthralling gaze. "Hmnn. thanks.." She muse-moaned at the idea of being enslaved to Neiths friend.. that would actually make the rebellions potential plan to use her backfire too.

"Yeah, got to stop the rebellion." Everything Neith said was agreeable anyway, of course. "What attracted me to Valerie.. hmnn.. her scent aside, with its properties, you know of, psychologically, it was more.. her strength of personality. I've only once seen one that was both physically and mentally strong, but.. she just.. she was a true mistress, just like I'm a true slave. That is also why, as much as I enjoy you, I would propably not do well being yours.. you are not a true mistress, my apologies, but I'd rather call you.. a matriarch. Beautiful in your own right, and.. part of me craves a family, a motherly figure perhaps, but.. less to be a princess.
Haah.. I feel so hot and.. It was just.. I came into the fire-godess throne room and.. Valerie sat there and there was no doubt who she was. Strong and towering above me.. but, also, .. honorable, yes. Strong, yes, but not cruel. Ferocious, but not harsh. oohmnn..And her cock.. I mean.. your inhuman shaft is quite impressive, but it was tempting too.. just.. perfect in its nature..
The absolute conviction with which she asserted herself as mistress, me as slave, completely unwavering. Yet, she didn't force herself upon me.. she made me -want- to be owned by her.. yes. That was impressive.."
Deva moaned out, still looking at Neith, biting her lip.

"She.. haah.. was so strong that she made me -yearn- to worship her, to please and serve her... a beautiful body like hers should have someone attend to her, and not some lesser slave... and she wanted to let me.. do it, let me service her. A part of me wished she had held back a little less and just.. taken me. Claimed me, made me hers.." Deva moaned out, particular scenes and images flooding her mind.. some even from the dream, the memory of Valeries powerful body, the bite of guilt when this mistress had to stroke her magnificent cock all by herself...

"HAaaahh.." Deva moaned out, managing to drool slightly with her eyes glazed over, remembering how she attended Valerie with her mouth.. in her dream.. "I remember her strong, primal body.. A strong mistress that I could be both beloved companion and sex-toy for.. I wouldn't want to be just either or. As.. ahmn.. as emberassing as it is, I liked her treating me..domineeringly, like her cock-slut.. but at the same time, like someone precious.." If not stopped, Deva's hand would wander between her legs as she continued..: "I wanted to kneel before her and take her magnificent cock deep within me and feel it twitch and pulsate as I inhale the scent of her precum and nuzzle myself up against her strong body and musky tuft of pubic hair." Deva exhaled heavily, more than.. obliging Neiths request to describe the scene.
Feb 26, 2017

"I had figured that the things you did were too sudden to be properly planned. You don't walk in with a single game plan, expecting it to work out in the end, instead you adapt to every single thing that happens, changing your strategy every step of the way... Some might call that a poor decision, but I would say that it works out in the end, as evidenced by how far you've made it. Though you'd have to be very impressive to be able to stay on your toes that much... I can see why Mistress desired you so much." Neith would say, complimenting the angel a bit now that she had learned a bit more about the way that she handled things. Though when Deva asked why she wanted Mistress to succeed, Neith would grow quiet for a few moments as she seemed to think more intently on that kind of subject. "Perhaps we should drop this subject? I'd prefer not to argue about this kind of thing. I believe in her, you do not. I do not wish to sully this moment with a long discussion about WHY I believe in her. If you still wish to know by the end of all this, then you may ask, otherwise it is better that we avoid it for now." She would say, recognizing that now wasn't really the time for her to explain why she believed in the Cloaked One, figuring that if the angel wanted to know so bad then she could ask after the two of them had their fun. "Perhaps you are right about my instinct though... But if it is the choice between admitting defeat to the instinct, or killing others like a beast without any control, I'd choose the former. I will consider it more though... I do have quite a bit of time to think about these sorts of things, after all." There wasn't really much else for her to do while she waited, so she could consider all sorts of things that she had talked about, between tending to her nest and breeding with a few of the prettiest women she could find.

"Don't just think about the times that Narcissus DID interfere... I'd think more about how many times he DIDN'T. He's just as good at getting information from just listening in, chances are he knows a bit more about you than he's letting on. Hell, it wouldn't be the biggest surprise to find out he's watching us right now, it'd still be surprising, but I wouldn't completely put it past him. Though, he wouldn't be in this cave, my spiders would've sensed him, there's so many of them with so many different ways to 'see'. Ah well, thoughts for another time once again. If you get a chance, would you mind cutting or burning his hair or something? It'd crush him." The spider woman would chuckle a bit, knowing of only one major weakness that she had seen with Narcissus, but thankfully it was one that was easy to abuse whenever someone got the chance. Though, Neith had a feeling that Deva had quite a few more ideas of how to exploit some other weaknesses that the self-absorbed angel probably had. "Hah... I've only ever seen life through my children's eyes... I need to try to see things a bit differently. I suppose that's part of why I became even smarter than I had been before. I had only ever seen life through the eyes of a wild beast, but when I finally saw things through some actual thought, I understood what I was doing wrong. That's a good plan, though it's going to be difficult to be able to talk to rocks, all things considered. Still, can't let that stop me! I'll try, new experiences do sound rather enjoyable, plus it's a good way to sate my curiosity for the world around me." Well, if nothing else, Deva had definitely encouraged the spider queen to grow more clever. She sounded genuinely excited about the chance of figuring out all sorts of new perspectives for the world, though that same excitement might have something to do with the pulsing ovipositor underneath her, and the angel that she was excited to enslave..

The spider queen would step closer to the angel, leaning in close and taking a long sniff, huskily whispering into her ear after she took in the angel's scent. "Of course I can smell it... The scent of a true slave. If Valerie carries the scent of a true, powerful, Mistress... you have the scent of a proper, submissive slave... Of someone that just wants to be taken, to be dominated, to submit to someone so much more powerful than you... Not everyone can see it... but I can smell it, and Valerie could see it... You are a slave, to your very core." And to punctuate that she would sink her fangs into Deva once again, warm, pleasure pumping venom coursing into her through Neith's fangs. Whether or not Neith could actually smell the submission, or if she was just toying with Deva a little would be hard to tell, as once Neith got going it sounded absolutely real, to the point where it'd be difficult for almost anyone to tell if she meant it or not. And it'd be even more difficult with the cocktail of venom, pleasure, and submissive sensations flowing through the angel.

The moment that Deva decided that the spider collar felt nice, she'd feel the spiders making up the collar bite her once again, a pulse of warm, erotic, sensual pleasure going through her as a reward, the spiders somehow able to tell what she was thinking and rewarding her for it. The collar was right... It was proper for a slave like her. And thinking about that would reward her with pleasure and happiness, the spiders giving her more for properly submitting to her Queen. "Don't worry, the little ones are quite durable. It'd take quite a lot for those little ones to even get hurt from anything other than pure demonic fire. They're a special little batch, only for the most submissive and subservient of slaves." Neith valued all of her children, but some were rare to the point where she would only use them in very special situations, such as pleasuring and enslaving an angel that she felt desperately needed this kind of treatment. The long kiss she shared with Neith would lead to an inhuman, long, flexible tongue twirling around Deva's for a little bit before pushing further down her mouth, coating her tongue and her throat with that delicious venom, amping up the heat and subservient pleasure with every drop. Then she'd slide her tongue out, the long tongue hanging for a moment as the spider queen pulled it back in and smiled at Deva. "As I said, if there was anyone that I believed could manage it, it would be you. You are smart... incredible... and oh so creative... and adorable... submissive... subservient... a slave." Normally a statement like that would've killed the mood for Neith, but the way that Deva acted right now, so... submissive... and yet at the same time she seemed liberated, that drove Neith more and more to properly enslave the angel, made her even more eager to keep going even through the conflict of views.

She would actually smile proudly when Deva thanked her, even knowing that they were technically on different sides didn't change how happy she was to see a slave happy, even if that slave wasn't fated to be her own. "You're quite welcome, little angel slave... This is the kind of treatment that a slave deserves... And it is an absolute travesty that you haven't gotten this for so long. I wish I could've found you sooner, to give it all to you like you've earned..." She'd say, sounding honestly sad that Deva had to go for so long without any kind of Mistress to dominate and guide her, there to help her feel safe and secure. The moment that Deva acknowledged that slimy... twisted... inhuman... beautiful... wonderful.. erotic... enticing... delicious ovipositor, the spiders around her neck would once again bite her, a pulse of pleasure as a reward for calling that twitching, throbbing organ 'beautiful'. "An ovipositor that I'm eager to give you another taste of... It still remembers you... I wonder if you're body still remembers it... still yearns for it... Mmmmmm... A perfect thing for a slave like you to worship."

Neith could understand the desire for things to feel right, the desire for a Mistress to feel properly deserving of an angel slave. It wasn't easy for one to take an angel as a slave, you needed to be a real Mistress, you needed to exude dominance and confidence, never showing your doubts on the outside. You needed to be strong, powerful, dominant, but at the same time you needed to understand to treat your slaves right, you needed to be loving, it wasn't an easy balance to strike, and in a way, Neith believed that it was something that you both needed to be born with, and then hone and strengthen through your life. "Wonderful... That liberating feeling, it's magical isn't it? To know that your freedom is draining from you second by second, and yet at the same time you feel so much more free... Able to just be who you truly are without any worry, any choice, just supportive dominance ruling over your mind so that you may be what you were truly meant to be. Focus on that feeling, that liberation, and embrace it. Remember it, savor it, desire it even more, and know that it waits for you, your Mistress waits for you. Not here... but ever so close, you are ever so close to getting that feeling forever... And I promise you that I will do everything in my power to ensure that you get that..." A shiver of pleasure would run down Deva's spine the moment that she referred to Neith as her queen, the venom giving her pure pleasure for accepting that fact of life. When she reached the collar, she'd be able to adjust it as much as she wanted, the spiders moving with her to adjust it to fit however she wanted, but if she came even close to moving it in a way that would remove it, the spiders would lock together and move in, keeping her collared like a proper slave. Trying to take them off would make them lock in just a little tighter, not to the point where it was uncomfortable, but just enough to remind her of her place, remind her that the collar belonged there, and remind her that she was a slave.

Neith would reach a finger between Deva's legs to start tracing her sex, feeling the wetness and smiling, bringing those same fingers up to her mouth and lewdly licking them for a bit before reaching back down and rubbing the angel's pussy, still talking without the slightest hint of distraction. "Actually yes, I do have some spiders with venom that eases away those kinds of intense fear... It's actually one of the more fun ones. The more terrified one is of spiders, the more the venom makes them attracted to spiders. The more scared they are, the more aroused they become. Quite fun... it's part of the reason I was actually slightly disappointed to see you weren't an arachnophobe... But we can have our own fun, can't we my sweet angel slave?" She would tease, every sentence punctuated with a quick rub of Deva's clit, able to focus on pleasuring the angel while also guiding her to further enjoy her submission, part of her honestly surprised to see all the life that was shining in the angel's eyes.

The spider queen would show a slightly more gentle side for a few moments, smiling at the angel and letting the motherly part of her come in, the part that made her more of a matriarch rather than a mistress. She'd let Deva rest her head in her bosom, reaching a hand up to pet her slowly, supporting her and caring for her. "I promise you with all my heart that you WILL get the Mistress that you truly deserve by the end of all this, I will do everything that I can to make sure of that for you. All you have to do is make sure that the rebellion doesn't succeed, because with them in charge, the kind of Mistress that you deserve might no longer even exist... But I will help you get your Mistress even now, starting by helping further prepare your mind for it." Neith promised, unable to stop herself from acting a little motherly for a bit when she saw how sad the angel had looked, wanting to comfort her and give her everything that the spider queen felt that she truly deserved.

As Deva's brain continued to soak in that special venom, she'd find that Neith's glowing eyes were so perfectly beautiful, enthralling, wonderful, enticing and safe. She could just look into those eyes and get lost to them, just listen to Neith's words and let them fill her mind, let them soak along with the venom. "That's it, little angel slave... Let those eyes glaze over, let them grow as empty and blank as your mind, the expression of a true slave. Let my words fill that emptiness, and just follow along with them, let them guide you deeper and deeper into sweet submission." Though she wouldn't add any venom now, knowing that Deva was already swimming in it, and also knowing that she had a little something special planned for her.

"No need to apologize, dear. 'Matriarch' fits me just fine, but don't think about that right now, think about Valerie... Think about her strong, dominating personality. Think about how strong and towering she was, think about that hard, throbbing cock, but don't just picture her shaft alone, picture the woman behind it. The calm, dominating confidence that she emanated, think about how there was no doubt in your mind about what she was, she was a Mistress. Think about how her just being there made YOU feel even more like a slave, how it made you feel in your place, how it made you want to kneel down before her and suck every inch of that magnificent shaft. But her body... that's only one piece of the puzzle, right? Anyone could have that beautiful, enticing body... but Valerie was more than that. Focus on how strong she was as a person, focus on how she always felt in charge at every single moment. Think of that moment you stepped into the Goddess' room and were greeted by her sight. Picture it all for me... the perfect cock, the perfect body... but also the perfect personality, the perfect confidence, the perfect dominance. THAT is what made her such a wonderful Mistress... And as you imagine that... you can feel it can't you? It's like she's here in the room... It's like you can smell that sweet musk" Then Deva would feel another warm, pleasurable bite of venom, Neith injecting her with a bit of venom to help her hallucinate the things that she was describing. A familiar, wonderful, arousing musk would suddenly fill Deva's nose as she imagined all of the things that Neith described, those beautiful glowing eyes keeping her thoughts empty and suggestible.

"Now... no matter how attractive her body was... it would be nothing if it wasn't truly Valerie, right? Imagine for the briefest moment, imagine Valerie's body, but without that dominating personality, without that strength that would show she was in charge at every moment. Imagine her instead being commanded by another, imagine her standing beside one of the traitors, working under their command. Yes, she still has that beautiful body, you might even smell that musk again... But that's NOT Valerie... That's not a Mistress... Instead it is your Mistress entrapped... It might be arousing to look at, it might seem close to the Mistress you knew, but it's just not the same, right? Seeing it, smelling that, it arouses you, but more because you start to imagine the reward Valerie would give you if you freed her. You anticipate your MISTRESS coming back, and rewarding you for freeing her from that fake shell... Picturing that fake Mistress... it's not as fun, is it? You can't even smell that beautiful musk anymore, can you?" And as she said that, Deva would no longer be able to smell the scent of a Mistress. She could no longer feel that wonderful scent that filled her brain and made her feel all submissive She couldn't feel like a real slave around a fake Valerie, one that wasn't a true Mistress. She'd instead need to fix that if she saw it, she'd need to get her proper Mistress back.

"Finally... I want you to close your eyes for me and picture this last part in as much detail as possible. Imagine what will happen if Valerie is free and the rebellion is truly, soundly defeated. Imagine that proud, dominating smile as she looks down at you, kneeling before her. Get down on your knees to properly imagine it, picture her standing above you, her hard, throbbing cock inches from your face as she smiles proudly at you. You've done so good, you can see that approving smile, you can see how happy she is with her slave. She's running her hand through your hair, her strong hands gently stroking you, incredibly pleased with what you did. And... you're so close that you can properly smell it again, your Mistress is back and you're directly in front of her cock, you can smell that wonderful musk all over again, it's back for you, for a true slave." And with Deva's eyes closed, Neith would move on to one more surprise. A group of spiders would crawl out from somewhere in the cave, silently moving over to Deva now that she was wrapped up in her vision. A clutch of spiders that Neith had with Valerie herself, a difficult one to figure out how it would work out, but it worked out in the end. The group of spiders would rush over, taking place near her nose. And Deva would be assaulted with the full force of Valerie's musk, the spiderlings actually carrying her scent with them. She'd inhale a full breath of it, a feeling of pure submissive, subservient pleasure hitting her brain as it inhaled that familiar scent as she imagined that vision. "You see? This is why you must fight the rebellion, you MUST stop them, as they are one of the only things standing in the way of you and your Mistress... You NEED to stop them, and you can't fall for the shell of a Mistress that they've created to fool you... And now... Now you can finally have your reward... Reach your tongue out, she's letting you taste it as a reward... Take it into your mouth and enjoy every second of it... Like a proper slave. But keep those eyes closed, don't lose that wonderful fantasy in your head, hold it there..." And if Deva reached out with her mouth, she'd wrap her lips around Neith's ovipositor, which would have to substitute for Valerie's cock in the fantasy, but as she sucked on it, Deva would feel fuzzy musk under her nose, as though her nose was buried in Valerie's pubic hair as she kept sucking that cock. Neith would fulfill that fantasy, while reinforcing the idea that Deva had to fight the rebellion with all that she could.

"Mnnnngghhhaaah! That's it! Good slave! Good girl! Suck your Mistress off! Nnnngghhhh... This is the reward waiting for you! All for you, all for a submissive slave slut like you! Oooooooohhh! You can be a perfect little cockslut! You just have to... Oouuuhgg... You have to free your Mistress from those unworthy! Mmmmmmmm... Yeeeesssss!" Neith would moan out, running her hand through Deva's hair as her ovipositor throbbed and twitched in the angel's mouth.


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Deva acknowledged Neiths praise..and hesitance to talk about the cloaked one, with a silent nod.. being rather.. distracted by now. She did muse on about Narcissus though, as she felt in part that sharing this might also help Neith out, potentially in the future: "I'd have ways to avoid his spying in which I haven't used to make sure he would grow more certain I do not have such methods. Furthermore, I'm quite certain that he withdrew out of range of Tabithas ability which would have affected him as well and I headed right here almost directly after fighting her,. I believe he has the impressive ability to track individuals even through the barrier of worlds, but, without a tome for navigation I doubt he can possibly follow me as fast as I got here. Of course, that raises concerns for what he might be able to do if he got his hands on one even briefly. Either way, while it's relatively easy predicting where I might show up based on the stories you lot target, there's no reason to suspect me even knowing of this place. He's not here." She explained and if one thought about it, it was just another coincidence of Deva doing things, as she claimed without a plan, that nonetheless worked quite well for her.
"Also.. I don't intend to crush him. I intended to crush someone like Tabitha, but I don't seek to inflict any undue pain upon my opponents. Any boasting about my abilities I did in our fight, for example, was merely to make you more afraid to face me again in the future. If I have resolved to defeat someone, like I did with the rebellion, I rarely feel a desire to hurt them.. it's more.. a necessity to end their threat."
She explained. Of course, she had darker urges, just like Neith had her instincts, but she would not let those control her. It was bad enough she might have to unleash this spell once again, just to stop the traitors..

"Speak with stone is a high level druidic spell. Grade six or so I think.. Far harder than talking with plants or specific animals, in my world. not impossible of course." Deva explained, then added, with a bit of a blush in her situation: "I come from a world, originally, were magic is rather powerful but limited, a normal mortal can use even the simplest of spells just a few times a day before that magic is exhausted, for that there are very different and curious applications of all sorts of spells." She cleared her throat when the topic shifted.

"Uhmuhmn.. I've tried dominating others, but I guess you are right, it's not like I don't enjoy playing other roles, but in battle or bed, I respond to as required to .. deal with my partner the best way possible." She chuckled slightly, not denying her own submission, again mewl-squirming under Neiths venomous-warm fangs. Deva would argue that she was completely submissive, but she had certain, undeniable desires.
"Ahmnn.." She gasped as both the spider-queen and her collar seemed to insist on her submission, gasping in pleasure under the collar, tilting her head.. "Aww a special batch for me? .. Though there is a chance I run into hellfire. Nasty stuff that.Hard to get the stains out of anything." Deva had worn a collar before.. a heavy, metallic one, then later a comfy, shadowy one.. Was there a spidersilken one or was that simple a bit of lewd play, she couldn't remember..

Deva gasped after the kiss, a naughty part of her clearly enjoying the inhuman tongue, with her panting afterwards. "Hamnn.. wow.. with that kinda tongue I really need to keep you away from my candy, can't hmnn.. compete with that." She enthused, sounding both amused and aroused somehow. "Aww s.. stop praising me like that and doing lewd things, I dun know how to control myself at this rate, Mistress.." She cooed, the mistress an almost automatic addition by now.

"Totally deserving this. I guess a part of myself has been self-punishing about things.." She sighed. It was not that she couldn't have tried to seek out a dark mistress for herself, it was just.. she decided not to dwell on it, and enjoy the moment.
"Hamnnn!" Deva gasp-moaned again under the attention of her spider-collar, closing her eyes and sighing lustfully under it in memory of the feeling of the lewd ovipositor.. Truthfully, Neith had gotten closer to her than any other agent, quite literally so...

"Yes.. it's a nice feeling." She agreed, then, thinking back for a brief moment, she added: "I wonder if you understand who you've unleashed, but.. hihi. not that you mind. Hmnn mistress.. waiting for me.." Deva gulped slightly, seeming quite hopeful at the prospect. She actually smiled, feeling the collar. "Seems I will keep this, at least for a while.. hamnnn.. thank you mistress Neith." She nodded, then gasped, again, under Neiths hand playing with her body now, her sex soft and warm and wet and inviting in its own way. "I'm not really afraid of anything except accounting and abandonment." Deva said, her heightened arousal and submissive state making her unusually honest. "You could have little spiders with spreadsheets if you wanted to try that...?" She mused, though that musing changed into a wanton moan when Neith gave Deva's engorged clit more attention as time went on. Deva also smiled contendly under Neiths comforting, albeit the kind of smile that promised a lot of trouble for the rebellion. If Deva wasn't so.. distracted with Neith, her own enslavement and actually, still sorting out her spell in the back of her mind, she'd likely start planning on how to deal with the rebellion right now...

"Hmnn ok.. will try." Deva nodded, when Neith invited her to get further enthralled. It wasn't that Deva didn't want to, it was more that her mind was simply too active to be easily dulled and enthralled... even as she was, all aroused and distracted. Luckily, whereas the simple mind-emptying didn't work, making her fantasize about Valerie, how she had been.. all the things she could be, worked all the better.
"Very strong and dominating. She reminded me of the first one who ever owned me, albeit without his brutality.. and.. thinking about it, slightly more well hung.. yummy.." Deva purred, unashamed in her admittance of enjoyment there under Neiths thrall. "B. but yes.. if it had just been her cock or her musk, I could have ignored it, she was just there, .. as a mistress for me to yean for. Hmnn.. yes wanted to kneel and suck.." Deva sighed lewdly. "It was an.. intense sight, yes.. plus, there was a certain.. understanding of her powers, rather than this boring gloating someone like Mortema liked to do." Deva nodded and smiled and albeit she didn't sound all that dazed, she inhaled deeply with the venom-induced scent hitting her nose, purring for a long moment.

Deva listened on as Neith went on, furring her brows with a hint of displeasure at the description of Valerie all enslaved (kinky) and corrupted(kinkier) .. but also cruel and not in control of herself(Un-kinky!!), hesitating however at the sound of.. "Hmnn.. reward. hoi.. awww. nuuuh I dun like that. It's like.. When you want a strawberry milkshake but its blood-orange instead. Bleh!" She complained. Well.. this seemed to work, exspecially as Deva licked her lips, seeming to ponder just what kind of reward Valerie would give her... "Hmnn.. what kind of reward do you think I can get? Back massages? Futa-amazon welcome party for Deva with lots of.. ohoho.. hmnn.." She purred, rubbing herself up against Neith once more. She was certainly not one to grow passive when enthralled..

She obliged in closing her eyes when the spider-queen asked her to, moaning at the mental image Neith conjured and kneeling down, moaning out with happy enthusiasm. "Hmnn.. have done good Mistress.. silly lil Deva done good.." She mewled, nuzzling to the petting hand Neith described, her mouth half open in lewd anticipation. "Haah.. b.. back for me.. yes.." Deva agreed, her breathing quickened now. "Ahmnnnn!" Deva gasped at the spider-scent suprise, her body shaking.. and clearly finding itself twitching in a lustful climax from the vision and scent alone, panting under Neiths guidance and her spiders attention. "M.. mistress.." Deva cooed in a soft, yearning tone.

Deva cooed and reached out with her tongue, lips closing and suckling eagerly on Neiths Ovipositor, with a level of skill that Neith wouldn't have seen from any but the most lewd of girls, Deva's mouth warm and soft and quite eager, indulging in the fantasy as she took the slimy spidershaft in deep into her mouth and beyond, leaning back and bopping her head up and down, first slow and lustfully, then with an increasing ferocity. The taste of Valerie.. the taste of her mistress.. the feeling of enjoying a wonderful cock as a good cock-slut.. It was quite exhilerating, easily working together with ther dark godessses conditioning earlier, reinforcing Deva's desire to submit to Valerie and,.. remembering Dream-Valeries request from there, also reinforcing Deva's desire to stop the cloaked one.. for her mistress, and the cloaked ones own good. She felt the collar around her neck.. she was a cock-slut.. and it felt so good. Neiths effort to make this all feel realistic was definitly not wasted, with the angel making her enjoy every bit of it in turn, her lips warm, hot and wet around Neiths spidery organ, while Deva fantasized about pleasing her amazonian mistress.
She withdrew for a moment, a slender hand gripping Neith's shaft, stroking along it as her tongue toyed with the very tip and opening of the ovipositor, with Deva making lewd, encouragingly lustful noises, leaning into the pettings, suddenly diving back onto the ovipositor, taking it in at a different rythm while she imagined Valerie dictating how she take that fleshy rod before her like a good, obediant angelslave. "Haah.. oh yes Mistress Valerie.. please reward me by making me all yours.. hmnnn.." Deva cooed, holding onto, steadying herself up against Neith, all so that she could lean forward and give the 'cock' her full attention while remaining onher knees.

"Haah.. this is so much better.." She cooed, encouraging Neiths climax.. and continuing to lick and suckle and stroke at her ovipositor after the fact, she leaning back, then opening her eyes with a bright smile on her lips, and .. eyes only slightly glazed over in lust and happy submission. "Hmnn.. I can feel it.. deep down within me, my new role is settling into plays and my submissive nature makes space for it." She smiled and exhaled, affirming proudly: "I'm Valeries cockslut now. It's not perfect, but I'm certain that I'll be very easy to control for Valerie to make me all hers.. plus.. I really want to be rewarded by mistress now.
Tell you a secret, Neith. It's actually pretty hard to enslave me.. no.. it's not that hard, but it's hard to control me. If you tried to enslave me to make me torture puppies you'd find it quite frustrating, but.. hmnn.. someone so strong, so.. dominating.. We can't have the traitors taint them."
Deva nodded, placing a kiss on the ovipositor before her, smiling and seemingly enjoying her situation.
"I will go on to the next world now, I wont lie.. there is always the chance I get enslaved to someone else. Perhaps the next world is full of some perverted yet gentle lovers I enjoy, many the cloaked one chooses are.. beautiful... but I most certainly want Valerie, the real Valerie back now. She deserves it."

Deva closed her eyes for another long moment. "Hehe.. Totally helpless until the poison wears off though, not gonna lie.. that was.. ohmnn.. I want my strong amazonian mistress. How dare they just snatch her up." Unless Neith encouraged her otherwise, Deva would nuzzle and cuddle... erotically that was, up to her and relax and think.

"After, if I defeat the agent number nine, I expect the rebellion will get ready to strike. I however will be ready to counter-attack. Of those we know with them, there is Valerie, a physically exeptional amazoness, Narcissus, an angel-tracker, Mortema, darkness and corruption and The First.
I think what I want to do is summon enough people, including you, that it looks like each of you will fight one of them, with me taking on the leader or perhaps Valerie. But that will be a deception. I want you to use whatever you can come up with to slow down the first. Not for long. I just need a few seconds to prepare a spell that, I suspect, only the first and the cloaked one can fight against. I know, it may sound rather disrespectful to use several powerful summons just to buy myself a little time, but it is not to your discredit, but to the credit of the first. In fights, particularly those on a high enough level, time is of the essence and the first few seconds can decided everything. By how you describe her, the first is faster than I can be at my top speed.. and that speed requires me to use up magic.. magic which she already knows I have."
Deva had used the haste-spell twice.

"On the off-chance that the rebellion doesn't try to seize the moment as I predict, I'll come to you again so we can plan a way to draw the first out by her own. Fighting her alone could also be beneficial, even if she wins quickly or withdraws, if I can see her fight even briefly, the next encounter will be easier for me.,..." Deva hesitated, then suddenly, hugged Neith. "Thanks for giving me this wonderful enslavement. I was beginning to doubt myself after the danger Tabitha posed, but now I have a clear, wonderful goal once more. I think I know exactly -how- I could show you my gratitude.. but we have to delay this.. if someone like Narcissus spots me with you having layed fresh eggs into me, they might get suspicious." Deva explained, looking at the spider with a grateful expression. Finally, she hesitated for a long moment before explaining:

"I'll trust you with one more thing. I suspected it, subconsciously, Valerie might have to, Tabitha confirmed it, but ... how to explain this.. I think the cloaked one too has darker instincts within her. I don't know how or who or why but my hope is that I can do for her, what she did for you. It's certainly not my goal to slay or enslave her, at least by all I know right now.
Something doesn't make sense. I can see that she cares for you, deeply, and makes you better, yet, at the same time she allows dark forces into her ranks and conquers worlds with little regards to the consequences. It's not that her actions make no sense, rather.. they have a strange duality to them.
Just think about this.. think of how loyal you, Valerie and Priselia are. Or, even ignoring that, compare someone like Tabitha to this Narcissus. How could these two fit together under one leader? At first I thought she was just grabbing powerful individuals, no matter the cost, but thinking about it more deeply now, I mean, she shares her power with her agents, it doesn't quite make sense...
Just think about it this way.. Presume you prevent this rebellion, utterly and completely. When treating any sort of illness, a healer has to ask themself.. was this a cause.. or just a symptom? Now it would be nice if all we had to do was defeat this rebellion and everyone was happy but.. what exactly allowed for it to happen in the first place? Defeating the traitors is important, but, with the cloaked one continuing to recruit stories, can you completely rule out a repetition, perhaps something worse?
Just a gut feeling of mine and.. no need for you to agree or disagree, I have no proof of it after all,..
I merely advice to you, as someone I.. owe something to and a friend of my hmn.. my mistress.. love saying that...
I advice you let me confront the cloaked one and get to the bottom of not just the rebellion, but WHY there was such a dark force festering at the very heart of her people. I don't think she is stupid, I don't think she is blind, so how could she possibly not notice that.. unless someone or something is influencing -her-.
.. something more to think about while you wait. Sorry its nothing all too pleasant though."
Deva shrugged. If Neith wanted to let her go now, there was little Deva would do but return to the Tome and Isa, focusing on preparing her spell with a little.. lewder a motivation, as she waited on the Tome to prepare a gateway to another world...
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Feb 26, 2017

"Heh... You're cute... I hope to find a princess even slightly as adorable as you one day..." Neith would compliment after withdrawing her long tongue, smiling a little at Deva. Even when she was being a sexy, submissive, amazing little slave, she found a way to say something humorous or adorable, the spider queen actually found that quite impressive. A body that someone should ravish passionately, should lust after, but at the same time one that could be cuddled and held, Neith wondered if she'd ever be lucky enough to get someone like that as her slave, but that was a thought for another time. "Do not ever punish yourself like that, Slave. The only one that can truly deem you worthy of punishment is your Mistress, and if She does not wish to punish you, then it is not your job to do it for her. You are a slave, and slaves are only punished when their Mistress decides it. If Valerie thinks to punish you, then she will, but it takes an awful lot for her punishments to be anything but a reward in disguise really..." The spider queen had heard tales of Valerie giving her slaves, back before she had decided she wanted to find one, special slave, punishments like 'bathing duty' meaning they had to clean her every day, or something like 'food preparation', meaning they had to make Valerie's meals and then properly coat the meals of other slaves in Valerie's cum. Chores that turned out being more enjoyable than anything really...

When Deva accepted the color around her, another sense of pure correctness would pulse through her body even stronger this time. It was a warm, happy, fulfilling sensation of knowing that she was collared, that there was proof that she was a slave. It was a sign of loyalty, of devotion, a mark for the Mistress that was waiting for her one day. Sure, Neith had given her the collar, but the collar marked her as property of the Mistress that was waiting for her, it was another sign to her Mistress that Deva was a proper slave, and it felt absolutely correct to wear it. "Keep the collar, and enjoy it. Whenever you feel doubt, just think proper slave thoughts and feel the collar, it will help remind you of the submissive little slave that you are, keep you nice and ready for the Mistress to one day find you. Though, if it's out of my presence, it will only reinforce those thoughts when you wish it to." Which would probably be useful considering Deva would likely be hearing about submission a lot, Neith couldn't have the collar helping enslave Deva to anyone that talked about submitting, it was for whenever Deva wanted to think about submitting to a proper Mistress. The spider woman would smile a bit at the expression Deva had after the comforting, knowing that the rebellion was about to have quite a bit of trouble on its hands, something that Neith couldn't be happier about at this point.

"Exactly... the Valerie that the rebellion controls just isn't right, it's not what you WANT to submit to. If you want any hope of submitting to her, you'd need to free her from that, and not only would it give you a Mistress you could submit to, it would also earn you quite a wonderful reward from that Mistress. Submitting to that Valerie would be just... wrong... You'd need the real Valerie back, that dominating and powerful personality, that endless confidence and smile that made it so easy to submit to her, that aura of a TRUE Mistress, that can only come when she is freed from the rebellion." She wanted to make absolutely sure to stress that fact, as Deva just submitting more easily to Valerie wouldn't help when Valerie was under the control of the rebellion. This way, Deva could still face the corrupted Valerie and bring the real her back, and yet her submission to the powerful Amazoness could be reinforced still.

"Yes you've done good, my little cock slut. You've been a wonderful little slave, doing such incredible things that have made your Mistress so proud of you... And now that you've brought me back... I can reward my amazing little slave..." Neith would say, a mixture of different kinds of venom in Deva making the spider queen's voice sound like Valerie's, using that little trick to help further reinforce the fantasy that she was giving Deva.

Though she would lose focus for a moment when Deva started sucking on her ovipositor, moaning in surprise at the amount of skill that the angel showed. She could only ever remember a rather... infamous... village girl being this good, and even then she wasn't sure that the village girl had anything on what she was feeling right now. Once Deva started to change up her pace a bit, she would feel hands on the back of her head, which in her mind would be strong yet soft, gentle yet dominating, powerful hands holding on to her head to ensure that she kept pleasuring that throbbing shaft still in her mouth. Neith, meanwhile, continued her moaning, her voice still sounding like Valerie's as the spiders kept giving Deva a full dose of that wonderful, dominating, enticing musk, all of it working together to make Deva's fantasy feel quite real. Neith may not have been a true illusionist, but she was certainly good at using practical things to make something seem real, to let Deva's own mind fill in the gaps and create a perfect fantasy within her head. After holding out for as long as she could, Neith would eventually let out a loud moan of ecstasy, her ovipositor twitching a bit in climax. However... it seemed that nothing would come out of it, Neith having already bred herself empty of eggs for a little while in her boredom from earlier. Thankfully, the spiders that had been born between Neith and Valerie had their last little surprise, all of the spraying just a small bit of warm, thick, sticky, white liquid out of their fangs to coat Deva's face. It was a heavily diluted version of Valerie's cum, which would nonetheless taste absolutely incredible to the enthralled angel, and feel so perfect across her face, the warm and satisfying feeling of knowing that her Mistress was pleased dripping down her face a little bit. Yet... another part of her could tell that this was only a fraction of the real sensation of Valerie's actual cum. The spiders were intended to make one desire Valerie's musk and her cum more, not to give the entire experience away. It would feel wonderful and fulfilling in one way, but also give Deva a stronger craving to experience the full dose, to make her Amazon Mistress cum and get the entirety of the sensation.

Neith would slide to the ground after her orgasm, getting into a relaxed posture that still allowed for access to her ovipositor, something that was difficult, but she had perfected it after a long time. Then she'd coo a bit before looking at Deva with a warm smile, glad that all the work she had done to make this an enjoyable experience was appreciated. "You are quite the natural submissive... It's actually something quite beautiful to see. Others I enslave enjoy it, but they don't treasure it, they don't embrace it as wholeheartedly as you do. If Valerie DOES end up with you, she's quite a lucky Mistress indeed. Though I guess it makes sense, her powers only working on submissive people must make it that much stronger on one such as you. Oh I figured it was difficult to properly enslave you... I mean, I'm sure most of the people you've faced have tried. And I agree... the rebellion shouldn't be allowed to ever do something like that to one such as her..." She would coo and shudder a bit as her ovipositor was kissed, smiling at the angel. "If someone else enslaves you, then that is merely what's meant to be. So long as the rebellion is stopped, Valerie is saved, and you have the Mistress you deserve, then it won't matter to me who you've submitted to." She would say, making it clear that she truly did care about the angel's happiness. From what she had seen, Deva was a very good person in many respects, and she had shown a more vulnerable side of herself that had made the spider queen instinctively want to comfort and protect her.

"Don't worry, I know you can handle them. Until now I was terrified of Valerie's fate, but knowing that you plan on stopping the rebellion and saving her, I feel far more confident in her fate." Deva had made a strong impression on the spider, to the point where she was certain the angel would stop the rebellion. "Whatever you think might help stop them is enough for me. I'll fight to slow them down as much as possible, though I worry about just how brutal the first might be if she happens to see that I still live." Neith actually didn't mind dying to stop them, her major problem with death was that her family would be left without a Mother, and without a princess to pass control of the nest to, things would grow rather difficult for the gigantic colony of spiders. "If you need strategy planning with me, I'll always be here and ready to help with that, they aren't getting away with this."

She'd suddenly grow speechless when Deva hugged her, completely surprised for a few moments before she reached out and hugged the angel back, smiling a bit at the kindness. "You're welcome. It's the least I could do for someone that's been deprived of it for so long. Just remember, you DESERVE a good Mistress, an amazing one really, don't ever doubt that." She would reaffirm, rubbing Deva's back a little while they hugged before chuckling at the idea of how to show gratitude for something like this. "Oh yes, wouldn't want Narcissus reporting something like that. Plus, if you couldn't tell, I'm actually out of eggs right now. Been passing the time with the people here, as you can tell. But I promise to save up for that 'gratitude'." The woman would say with another chuckle, smiling some more at Deva now that the hug was over.

Neith would frown a bit and close her eyes, clearly thinking intently on the subject, having never particularly thought about something like this for all too long, but it did all make sense. There were odd things that she had noticed about her Mistress every now and then, and certain things just never felt like they added up, especially now that Neith knew about the rebellion. "Hmmmmm... What you say makes sense, as much as I dislike admitting that. I will think on it... thank you for sharing that with me... Though, even if I do agree with it, know that the most I will do is not intervene in the battle with Her. I could never bring myself to fight one that I owe so much to." She would explain, figuring that if Deva was right, then the most she could do is stand back and allow the confrontation to happen. "Before you go..." Neith would lift up her hand, the tiny spiderling that had been with Deva before would be waiting in her palm, looking at Deva with big, inquisitive eyes. "The Little One wonders if he could still travel with you some more. He also enjoys being able to deliver messages to me from you, so it could be a way to get me to summon you again. Though I've explained to him that the collar could work just as well. Up to you if you want to take him some more, he enjoys adventure, apparently." She'd chuckle a bit as the spiderling would look at Deva, both of them respecting whatever choice the angel made and letting her return with or without the tiny spider.

When Deva got back, she'd sense a bit of anxious emotions coming off of her Tome, apparently growing just a little worried once she had left. Though once she appeared and picked it up, it would calm down and speak with her. "Oh good, you're back. Hmmm... You look... different somehow? Happier? More... Hmmmm... Fulfilled? It's difficult to describe, but you seem as though you are better off than you were before." It would say, apparently able to tell that something had changed with her, but not knowing what exactly it was. "Anyway, I have prepared a trip to the next Story. Oh, and... I realized I forgot to mention this... If you ever need to regain your spells quicker, I can expend A LOT of energy to return them to you. And even then I don't know if I can restore some of your more powerful ones... I figured it'd be good to mention, just in case, but considering it would use most of the energy we've been collecting, it's probably not worth using for no reason." It would explain, and as it did Isa would walk out of her tent, yawning a bit before smiling at Deva, already dressed and ready to go.

Once through, they'd be in a large plain, off in the distance a few rocky cliffs and plateaus would stand, but otherwise the terrain seemed completely unremarkable. In one direction was the cliffs and in the other there seemed to be nothing but plain stretching on for quite a distance. However, if Deva looked closely, she might be able to see a small speck that looked like it might be some kind of home, though it was too far away to tell anything more about it. "Eugh... Not a fan of the desert... So much heat, no water, barely any moisture in the air... Ice is harder to make in these kinds of places... I can still do things, but it's not gonna be easy. Plus... I dunno... something about being in this place gives me the creeps..." Isa would state while the Tome collected some information about the story that they were in, speaking to Deva now. "It seems there's going to be quite a bit of conflict soon. We are in a story where two beings with near godlike powers, a man and a woman, are attempting to become true gods and conquer humanity. To do so, they plan on holding the entire world hostage against the gods, forcing the gods to grant the two of them godhood. They have already started wreaking havoc, conquering city after city. The nations of this land have united together in one last desperate attempt to somehow stop these godlike beings. The assembled armies are over the cliffs there, meanwhile, the two beings have taken up temporary residence over in the desert there. I am not sure how the agent intends to influence this story, but I can assume that they would also want to recruit the two beings to ________'s ranks. Either side is viable to talk to now, as both are preparing for the battle that is to break out at almost any moment." The Tome would explain, giving Deva the choice of speaking with the assembled army, or with the two beings that were set to try and conquer the world.


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Jan 21, 2016

"Heh, sounds like a good mistress." Deva smiled at the description of Valerie and praises from the spider-queen. She blushed a little under the feeling of the collar, but nodded, almost shily, to the lewd spider-mistress, though of course that all paled to comparison of her fantasy of serving Valerie.. the second fantasy of the sorts.

Deva cooed and moaned in her lewd servitude, after all, most of what was claimed of her -was- true. She did enjoy serving a mistress.. and this was not her first time doing so orally at all. Deva cooed and cuddled to Neiths ovipositor in an act of lovemaking that was both lewd and tender, allowing herself to indulge in the lewd fantasy, with Deva gasping at the spraying of special spider venom, the angel moaning as she recieved a taste of it, with her sighing in both lust and desire, cheeks flushing just a little more under the act.

"Hamnn.." Deva cooed, licking her lips a little and looking over to Neith, basking in a venom-enhanced afterglow. "Thanks for all your praise. Frankly, I enjoy losing control, but.. submitting is its own reward." She nodded. "But yes, sounds like a plan." She nodded, gulping on the lewd venomous taste, pondering for a moment.. truly, if she had not simply.. enjoyed her submission she couldn't have done many of the things she did. "Valeries powers work on me exactly because of that. Though I wonder where that path might lead. .. oh well." She smiled, again seeming quite relaxed, carefully picking up one of the more colorful spiders and admiering, as if this lewd situation was something to enjoy alongside the other wonders of the world, nothing to be worried about.

"Oh up until I came here I was worried too, I worry too much, but now that I've learned a bit about what I might face and... you helped me focus.." Deva grinned. "Not them. Just her. I can deal with all of the others with ease. But you misunderstand, the fact that you are alive is a trump card in itself.
In every great battle, everyone's actions is not measured by the power they wield but by how well they use them. Seeing you, alive and well, it ought to unbalance even the most focused mind, if even for the smallest of moments."
That, and Azalea as well, Deva thought. "All I need is that moment to prepare something without being interrupted." She explained.. then she looked at Neith.

"Huh, strategy planning?" Deva seemed genuinly confused for a moment. "Oh. Right. Hehe. you just worry about spidery things." She smiled, though, then her words got a strange edge to them.. despite her nude, lewd position there was a calm coldness to Deva's voice: "I've already figured out how to deal with all of them though." She then grinned. "Granted! Knowing more on grumpy firsty would help, like.. did she attack you the way she did because it was the most efficent, or because you weren't worth more of her time? I'm rather sure it's the former, which means she's ruthlessly efficent, going for the most direct weakpoint with the most efficent method, which I can work with. The fact that she saw fit to talk to you after your presumed dead and the words she chose give away that she values power in indivduals and justifies acts of violence with an outlook of a survival of the fittest. Those that are not fit for her worldview are to be disposes of without prejudice.

When I encounter her."
Deva mused, more or less cleaning herself up with a blush and picking up of her outfit. "I estimate there is a high chance she'll attempt to give me a last chance to join her due to my potential, before striking me with full force as high priority target. If she does that, I win. I'm more afraid that she will analyze my actions and attempt to kill me before I can take action, that is what you need to prevent. I wont go into details about my plan further just in case there's a strong telepathy user, but I need to hand out my plushies to win!" Deva nodded, confidently, showing both her analytical mind... and.. plushies?

"Aww.. you's nice." Deva smiled when she was told she deserved a good mistress, unusually shy again for a moment, making her clear her throat audibly when Neith spoke of her gratitude.
Deva remained silent when Neith affirmed she would stand back, but not fight the cloaked one.. She seemed to have paid exactly as much attention to how the summoning pact worked as Deva wanted her to.. though chances were, she'd have to use Neith against the rebellion anyway.
Deva peeked at the tiny, loyal spiderling with a smile. "Happy for adventuring fun with him, sure! We can go drink some cidre. Spider-Cidre!" She enthused, dressing, if a bit wobbly from Neiths venom, and letting the spiderling join into her dress-poket again, before lifting a white feather, that burned up on use: "Inverse Summoning." Luckily priorly prepared items didn't mess with her spell-preparation.

Deva patted her tome on return, chuckling whistfully. "Well, let's just say I can focus better. And.. interesting to note, Thanks Tomey. Though I fear my most powerful spells aren't easy to do.
They aren't actually spells, more like abilities I gave myself, you see. They are actually quite involuntary. I made sure to prepare them carefully but.. basically, their limitations are pretty hard-set for a reason. The Triad of Dreams, like Morphea is a magic that combines illusion and transmutation but for example I can't activate Morphea intentionally, it only works if some grievous injury hits me.. that's why it is weak against poisons and time-based effects.. to be frank Tabitha might have actually gotten me, if her curse grew stronger over time, rather than hit all at once, Morphea would have only reset a last few seconds, which might not have been enough for me to react. Quite a scary curse.
Similiarly, my Rain of Life spell is a spell that mixes both conjuration and transmutation, it's effectiveness is dependant on the weather around me. While finally, My Dance.."
Deva mused, collecting her plushies. "Well, that's a story for another time." She chuckled. It wasn't that she wanted to tease her tome.. it was more.. well, the closest to compare this feeling to was.. shame? "Don't worry about my spells, I got both cleric and sorcerous powers. Meaning powers from my faith in fluffy things and my own personality. I have less overwhelming spells, more answer.. well.."

She pondered about Tabitha for a moment.. Rank 10... "I guess my customized high end summoning spell was enough to put pressure on some of them.. seems, I do have powerful spells, heh. Then again, I gotta conserve my resources. I can summon one rather powerful angel next.. those three I called last time the enemy agents might now potentially expect."

Deva waved over to Isa, the calm smile remaining on her lips. "I have a request of you. If ever you see an enemy agent, female, wearing an armor and mask, confident, quite sure you'll recognize her by the difference in her aura.. expect her to be more like me or the cloaked one.. That's her top agent. she has impressive speed and strength alone, so what I want you to do is blast the ground around me with slippery slip slip ice. The weakness of speed-based attacks is a lack of friction.. and I can ice-skate!" Deva enthused. "No hesitation, no concern for me, even if my toesies get a frostie, can rub them warm afterwards, just blast the ground, alright? Even if this one can levitate in response.. that'll take a moment for her to get to." Deva told Isa, before flexing, nodding to Tomey. "But got worlds to save, a few more naughties to spank, mistresses to free! Off we pop!" She enthused.

Deva didn't share Isa's hesitation at the place, grinning and looking about. "Oh! Awesome. It's been so long since I've been in a wasteland. Frankly, I've grown up in the desert." She mused, flipping open her tome for a general lay of the land. "Ohoho.. An army and two beings to conquer the world. And all we know of rank 9 is that they seemed to be more than one and were resistant to curse magic.

Luckily, they all dun know what's gonna hit them."
Deva flexed. "Screw war." Deva flexed, nodding. "My spells are all just about recovered, which means.." She reached out, picking up the feather in her hat, planting the green feather into the ground.

"Azalea, I summon you!" She smiled, whispering at Isa, seeming somehow more... cheerful than before subtly. "Screw conflict, screw going anywhere and screw this desert. Azalea? You got some general dryad magic like Plant-growth, and Goodberry plants right?" Deva chuckled, sitting down cross leggedly. "I know, I know, crappy place to do it at. but, if we three work together, I can revive an old kind of magic I used to do back when I worked on some druidic magic... alrighty!

Isa! I want you to lower the surrounding temperature just a bit so it's perfect for plant growth. Azalea, cast all the growth magic you have.. if you want to include some.. special plants, all the better.
Meanwhile.. I.."
Deva clasped her hands together and smiled. "Will cast a spell of my own, and direct you two to synch up your magic with mine. feel free to take it slow, this will take a few minutes to cast but first." She smiled, folding her hands before touching Azaleas Bottom. Obviously only because it was the best thing in range! "Prayer. Ray of Hope. Owl's Wisdom. Eagle's Splendor" She chanted an array of spells, a subtle feeling of being watched over by guiding hands surging in both Isa and Azalea, whilest in particular Azalea began feeling hopeful.. wiser, more confident and aware, her spells surging with a slight increase in power, as she prepared her magic:
"Gathering the sheeps upon the sky, smile down upon us, heavenly shepherd. You guide them but let me point the way, follow my request, gather and look upon me, bear bountiful your wool of oceans" She began chanting, whilest also directing.: "Slow your spells, conserve your power Azalea, rather use a little slowly for a long time than a lot all at once. Isa, good, a little cooler, this will help my spell.. ok good." She continued on: "Stilling the raging winds, the swan looks down upon dry hills. Let him speak to the sky of his displeasure. Look down upon me, see where I sit and grace me with your blessings. Follow my call and open the gates to the city in the clouds."

Deva's spell didn't really seem all that effective, at first that was. However, soon, clouds began gathering, hiding the sun, rich and dark with water, though, unperturbed, Deva continued chanting another spell in follow up. "Divine Insight!
Now.. "
Deva raised her hands. By now Isa could tell the difference in power, perhaps she could even guess that the reason Deva cast the insight spell on herself was in order to be able to unleash this next spell: "The wings of hope open wide. No death shall stand, no life shall fall! Behold as the heavens themselfs descend upon you, water to life. Water to revive. Every single drop shall burn away the pain and misery. Fill this wasteland with life. By my will, it shall be undone. Rain of Life!" Deva shouted, finishing just about when the first raindrops had hit.. but again, it was not rain of water, but of pure, healing energy, each raindrop glittering in a soft light, As Deva leaned back, smirking and explaining: "Pure positive energy. It's like.. super water. If I got the geometry right, we are about at the place were the two armies would have to meet. Well, it's pretty much impossible to fight while wounds on either side heal. .. and the rain is going to continue for a while. I hate war.
Oh but that wasn't all. The rain itself enhances plant-growth. You know, the desert still holds life, it's just hidden, waiting, eager to suck up whatever water and life it can.. well, I'm overfeeding it. But I'm not yet done. Far from it.
Tomey, can you be a dear and summon me a few plant-seeds? They shouldn't eat up too much energy. I need a seed for a palm of decadent feasts, a few goodberries, a poison-drinking tree, but most importantly four seeds of the great oak."
Deva grinned, taking the seeds once provided, handing most over to Isa (Azalea was propably busy working her magic) but keeping the four oaken seeds for herself. "Some plants contain innate magic when fully grown, these seeds are special by themselfs." She grinned, tossing the seeds into the sky whilest focusing intently on the same spot in the sky above her. "And finally, to complete this.. Phantasma: The Creation of a Paradise!"
.. that was just a fancy name I came up with by the by."
She winked at Isa, as at the space she had looked at, a ball of unknown brownish substance manifested, only to be hit by a gust of wind spell added in by Deva.. Seeds of various plants scattering everywhere around, simple weeds, a lot of heat resistant plants.. not just from this world, but from many, many worlds. Long ago, Deva had been a druid and given herself the ability to speak with plants.
For a moment afterwards, Deva swayed. "Ugh... too much high powered magic, too little rest. I'ma nap. Screw this desert. Screw fighting and double screw walking anywhere. We're gonna rest right here." She exclaimed, extending her arms, as around her, the desert transformed, four great oaken trees shooting high, and all the other seeds quickly taking root, nurished by Deva's spell and Azaleas magic, Deva resting up against an oaken-tree with her back to the wall.
"Azalea, my spells will turn this desert into fruitful land in a two mile radius, but most of it centred on here.. I'm sure you can guess what I want you to do, but try and make sure to work in secret for now.. considering your abilities hiding among plants should be easy. Isa, if you want to scout a bit that mighte be a good idea, anything about the agent would be helpful, try not to get naughty enslaved along the way. Or, if you do, tell 'em to have lotsa fun while they can 'cause Deva is a comin'.
Tomey, wake me up if anyone from either side is approaching. Or in a few if no one approaches, might have to head out myself... also, can I have a pillow. Or three?"
Deva smiled, shifting all comfily when provided pillows, seeming exeptionally lazy, though she wouldn't sleep too long, pondering on checking out what she thought she saw in the distance, whilest around her, the plants grew. "Wonder if Isa noticed the .. house in the distance, or if I should check it out.. hrmnn.. just resting is boring. perhaps work on my spell.. it was left side strengthen, right side stability. Naaah spell work is boring.." She pondered. "Make out with Azalea? Hrmnn nah. Let's wait, see if someone comes check out this new power..

Heh, I hope I'm no bother, Tomey, creating all this upheaval in the story, but I don't like wastelands or war, so.. doing something about messing with both, at least for a day, will buy me time to learn more about this conflict. what kind of gods let themselfs strongarmed, anyway? Yeah, perahps I should start with the army-lot. Think about it. Those two are god-like and want to become gods, but just how can they keep the gods.. can I have a milkshake, strawberry? I know, abusing your powers.

.. well ok.. here's the problem. They want to become gods, rule over the world, SO! Gods can clearly interfere with the world. Why don't the gods just interfere to stop the two ursurpers? Mortals held hostage, or are they that powerful? Can't be no.1, gods should be able to revive the dead. No.2? If they are that powerful, what does being a god add they lack? No that's not it.
Hard to deal with all these world changing rules. I wonder if, here too, gods grow weaker or stronger depending on how many worship them, in that case, the gods might well have been diminished before they realized it. to take a look at these two. Hrmnn.. Either of the factions could be interesting..."
Deva rolled forth and back in her pillows, considering.

"Perhaps some of them gonna come soon, help me with the decision. Hrmnn.. wreaking havoc you said right? Never a fan of wreaking havoc. Then again, through this havoc, they have done a great good. The whole world united, no war, prolly little dissension between the defenders.. Eh, let's see if anyone comes 'a looking, Isa, The gods, The people, one of the two, perhaps even the Agent. Ahahaaa.. hoooh. This is like old times. I just do what I want, what I think is right, not worrying about the world as long as I got at least one person, one mistress that cares for you. In a way I understand you well, Tomey, just a single person can give you such strength. Yeah you know what, no need to worry, worst case, early fight against the cloaked one." She raised her milk-shake, taking a slurp from it and purring at the strawberry-milkyness, relaxing and deliberating for now. If none came for her weird change of weather and plant-growth act, she would eventually get up, wave to Azalea for now and first take a curious peek at the cliffs, to see if she had indeed seen something there, as well as potentially getting a look at that army...
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