Sailor Moon OOC thread


Tentacle God
Jan 4, 2014
Re: Sailor Moon OOC thread

Which ever you feel is best Blue. Sorry about the lack of a response, been a little busy lately.


Tentacle God
Aug 12, 2010
Re: Sailor Moon OOC thread

Okay, I'm officially Retconning. (I have edited my last post.)

Alladra is captured and never regains consciousness beyond the portal. They are now an NPC until further notice. If Sprig does come back and really wants in, they'll have to go into a separate thread for a while, because this threw things off kilter here.

With her senses now returned thanks to Ronin's cloak, Enceladus can feel free to chat with the group's own Tuxedo Mask stand in. Nicholas will have to deal with Akane's desire, which is still overcoming her. Consider him to be affected by it too, but dulled sufficiently enough that if he really wants to resist giving in to lewdness, he can. Akane may not have as much willpower as he does, or is simply disinclined to resist.