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Dec 14, 2008
Re: Tentacle Thread

Alrite then! I'll go ahead with the uploading. The exhentai links have the CGs for the games. If you get a panda, you need to register on e-hentai, clear cookies, and then log in (not necessarily in that order - it's been a while since I've done the process).

In any case, tags for 妖蟲ノ檻 are:

tentacles, nipple fuck, ahegao, monster, pregnant, big breasts, breast expansion, lactation, defloration, anal, birth, slime, milking, enlarged clit, impregnation, inflation, double penetration, mind break, rape.

The good: Great voice acting, great art (colorful and detailed), covers a wide number of fetishes. Many scenes. No plot, just hardcore. The decision tree is very easy to navigate, so no guide required. Top notch nukige.

The bad: Every single heroine is a virgin. There is A LOT of deflowering and accompanying blood, and if you're not into that... Well you can skip it but it's pretty much 1/3 the scenes. The other 1/3 of the scenes are about impregnation, so again, if you're not into that. The final 1/3 is pretty much about cumming to death. The attacker protagonist is a gross tentacle monster with over 9000 IQ and the personality of HK-47... So ya, it's pretty dark.

The ugly: No scat or guro. Some minor skewering is described but no pictures to accompany said description (thank god). As wholesome as death by tentacle rape can get.

parts 1-5 200MB (~1.5 gigs)

I'll edit with links and a description for 虐襲4 later. Atai no upload speedo is...not the strongest...


Tags for 虐襲4 include:

tentacles, dark skin, all the way through, inflation, pregnant, bestiality, large insertions, nipple fuck, scat, ahegao, anal, footjob, mind break, bondage, breast expansion, futanari, milking, lactation, x-ray, stomach deformation, big breasts, enema, pig, femdom, blindfold, gag, naval fuck, hairy armpits, frog, monster, rape

The good: First, don't let the tags scare you. Often you can see what's coming and avoid the situations which you don't like.

There's a ton of scenes. 122 scenarios with most clocking over 30 min of tastiness. Again, great voice acting and art. The expressions are absolutely mind blowing. There was not a single character I was turned off by in this VN... I kid you not. At one point, I was even GAR for the protagonist.

Which brings me to another strong point of this - the story. There is one! It's convoluted and sick, but if you're into that stuff (as am I), it's pretty amazing. All characters, even what you would believe to be minor characters, are fleshed out to a good degree, which makes the scenes even hotter. It's good to get to know your heroines and heroes ^^

OH AND DID I MENTION THAT THERE ARE MULTIPLE ENDINGS? Well there are. 16 of them. Most (around 80%) of them are long and give a sense of accomplishment as well (not just BAD END, TRY AGAIN). This is a true novel.

The bad: It's LONG. Sometimes there's an absurd amount of background. Sometimes you'll be reading for hours before the next scene. In my book, this is a good thing, but if you're looking for something quick, this is not what you're looking for. Just to give you a sense of it, there's a decision flow chart in built into the game and it's about 10x more complicated (though better organized) then this:

Because of the sheer number of choices, it's almost impossible to get the ending you want without a walkthrough. Those looking for a challenge from their VNs will certainly get it.

Variation is the name of the game, so there is most likely a fetish that you don't like in here. Then again, with 122 to chose from, you can just move on. Except femdom (which I fast forwarded through), tentacle, and rape which are actually part of the core plot.

The content is fairly dark. Fantasy setting where countries at war will use any means to win - both sides. The victors have no sense of mercy towards the defeated because mercy is just another form of weakness. There are no good guys (or girls D: ). If you can get past all that, some parts are almost heartwarming.

The ugly: I swear, I don't remember any scat, but it was probably in there somewhere. It's probably just 1 or 2 minor scenarios (which you can just skip).

No guro in art, but some nasty stuff is described, in the femdom section and some scenes involving Torque. I skipped through all that. But how awesome is that? A character named after a fundamental principle of classical mechanics? If you've studied torque, I bet there's been a moment of frustration where you want to TAKE OUT YOUR RAGE ON THE ANNOYING CONFUSING THING AND JUST...ehem... Sorry. The point is, the descriptions can be graphic at times, but no gore, and everyone comes out alive and more or less intact.

Finally, some of the creatures in this can be weird. I found them acceptable, but I'm fairly weird myself. If it's not your thing, just hold that ctrl button move on.

Wow... I wrote more then I expected to. Needless to say, I like this game so I may be biased...

Parts 1-16 200 MB (~3 gb uncompressed...I'm sorry, I fail at compression)

Oh, one last thing. I found the background music for 虐襲4 to be great. Not just good, not just "fits the mood", but stuff that I would put on my MP3 player. After listening to it for > 100 hours of playing the game, I did not press the mute button. More reason for trying it out XD
Dirty prison ship. been trying to hunt down a copy for ages, having trouble finding one. Been so long, everything is just down or outdated, nothing for it still seems to exist. Anyone have a copy of it they can upload or torrent? Bonus points for english translation, or translation software that doesn't make my head spin. XD


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Sep 15, 2017
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OMG, I just discovered that the first posts have so many links
And the DL links are hosted by mediafire !
Thanks a lot for all the time you spent to do that for the ulmf forumers.