The Colony - Day 2

Dec 6, 2009
Re: The Colony - Day 2

As the zombie like creatures Ruris curiosity suddenly vanished and got close to or behind the more combat oriented members of her group but kept her pistol at the ready as well as her meditool. She couldn't do much in combat but would try to help out anyway she could.

((Shoot at any zombies that come close to her))
Nov 12, 2008
Re: The Colony - Day 2

Circe looked at the collars she'd been handed with both concern and curiosity. When Tereani explained about the controller, Circe nodded, glad she had taken this path rather than have one of these things around her neck. Glancing over to the orc leader, Circe wondered if she'd be able to get it around Tereani's neck. Remembering how fast the woman had moved before, Circe figured she couldn't do it just yet, even with suprise on her side.

Fingering the red collar, she finally hangs it on her belt with the others. "Does she know what she'll be doing? It might be better if she thinks I'm freeing her." She looked over at Tereani. "Also, where exactly do you want me to deliver her? There's a number of Alliance bases around Titan, and to be honest, I'm not sure where the closest one is right now." That was the truth. She had no idea how far from Firelight she'd been carried before arriving at the orc camp, and without her HUD, she had no way of bringing up the information she'd need to find the closest base.