Adventurer's Charsheets (And rules)

Dec 6, 2009
Re: Adventurer's Charsheets (And rules)

Superheroine Name:protectress
Real Name:Cassidy Isegawa
Wrecking: 50/50
Injury: 70/70
Endurance: 80/80
Secret ID: The Fox (I know it's corny and Zorro's english translation but I'm lazy :p )
Resistance: 7/7
Naughty: 3/3
Willpower: (no ability score allowed here)

Description: A tall well built, long raven black haired, ninja/assasin. Cassidy wears a purple full body jumpsuit with golden elbow pads, chest plate, boots and gloves, covering her face with a fox mask. She is also a hermaphrodite.
Notable weaknesses: N/A
Requests: Tentacles, Humiliation, BDSM, Beastiality, Bukake, Enema/reversed enema(forced drinking), forced urinating, gang bang, milking.
Background: Cassidy was born into a powerful family of a famed and legendary ninja clan. She is the fourth generation and as far the only daughter of a family of all sons. As such she was denied a normal social life in order to make sure she lived up to the standards set by her forefathers. She pushed herself extremely hard to become a true ninja and make her parents proud. she has never even had a boyfriend and therefore is completely virginal she is an extremely proud warrior and person and can not tolerate failure. This would be her first real assignment as an assassin and ninja.
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Jan 17, 2011
Re: Adventurer's Charsheets (And rules)

Quick question guys. Are there any other forums that host these kind of RP's? A few years back I when I was in the loop I knew where to look. Thanks in advance.


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Nov 9, 2008
Re: Adventurer's Charsheets (And rules)

Name: Kiriana
Description and Basic Backstory: A viera that bucked off the original ideas of her home wishing to tend to the forest, a rebelious teen Kiri soon lead to her starting to learn the arts of Necromancy from a rather ratty old sorceror. Acting as his aprentice for a while, most of Kiri's studies are now from another sorceroress and searching through dusty tomes to her 'hobby' of practicing lust magics in her off hours.

When she's at home, she's kept company via her two familiars- 'Squiggles', a small infant tentacle monster, and 'Brittlewing," her first skelital constract she made- which happens to have been a miniture wyvern during it's life.

Her home is a old castle ruins, a mix of a shack and the ruins of a broken tower, where she holds her library of books and her labratory, where she creates her constructions and pleases her 'victims' in the downstairs labratory....

Average attire and appearence: Kinda smallish for a adult viera, her bunny ears are usually fold downward behind her, as her head seems perpetually covered by a large, pointed witches hat. Her robes are two-peiced over her body, with a large dress potion for the bottom half and a tight, flare-sleeved top. Acting as a sort of corset is a large pethoria of belts, wrapped so as they hold the top of the dress and bottom of her top on her slender, lilth frame. The only parts of her attire that don't look ragged and worn are the several piercings in her ears, belly, eyebrows, and private portions, and her large leathery boots and green/purple striped gloves, which have a long-lasting Indestructable Charm on them. Her fur color is a light tan, with hair that's alternitvly striped violet and green with black roots.

Desired Posting Speed: Anys
Desired Posting Length: Again, Anys

Stats (assume a level 0 character for generic charsheet posts, or if it's a dungeon-entering request, choose the appropriate level of the character to enter the dungeon.)
Level - 0
Willpower - 10
Combat and HP - 5
Explore and Stam - 15
Spirit and Magic - 50
Tech K-H and Knowledge - (if applicable to the dungeon)
Naughty and Lewd - 30
(Kiriana is a skilled necromancer, with a perchance for naughty magics as well. In essence, a 'Glass Cannon' sorta character. She can assemble basic constructs and do various rituals and magics with ease, however get too close and she'll not take too much of a beating. Meanwhile, a pet of hers (Squiggles, a infant tentacle monster) has more then effectively condishioned her for a naughty adventure. Not that she's not embarressed by the prospect of being forced into the naughty, however.)

Skills and Fetishes - Multipen, Tentacles, Monsters, Heavy Bondage, Knotting, Mind Control/Hypnosis, Magic Use, Transformation. I could go on but that's the top ^^; full list:


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Sep 1, 2012
Re: Adventurer's Charsheets (And rules)

Celine Maverstone: Dungeon Explorer and Seeker of Grand Adventure

Name: Celine Maverstone
Description and Basic Backstory: Celine is a capable adventurer with a wide range of skills. She likes to explore all manner of areas in the search for treasure and adventure.

Desired Posting Speed: Can do multiple a day most days when I get back. Don't mind doing fewer the Villain needs more time.
Desired Posting Length: I'll post as much as I'm given, generally prefer a couple of paragraphs but I don't mind working with more or less.

Level - 1 Total Ability/Point: 25/15 Remaining:0/0
Willpower - 5/30
Combat and HP - 8/ 40
Explore and Stam - 5/20
Spirit and Magic - 5/10
Tech K-H and Knowledge - (if applicable to the dungeon)
Naughty and Lewd -7/ 30

Skills and Fetishes -