Battle for Wesnoth Sex Campaign

May 27, 2009

So Battle for Wesnoth is a completely free turn based strategy game with a campaign editor (with no H-content), and I was thinking of making a sex campaign for it.

You'd start out as one of many possible female characters in the middle of the map, and then you adventure out with the objective of clearing out these monsters that have been abducting women lately. If you get "killed" then you instead get captured and taken to their lair, where they turn you into their sex slave and breed an army out of you. At that point, you join the ranks of that species and you help them fight against the other.

I was thinking of spreading the map out into left vs right, with Tentacles on one side and Wolves on the other.

I'll probably start out with a single player game that branches out in a story, but if there's a lot of interest and people play it a lot, a multi-player map could be a lot of fun.

Overall, it seems like a fairly easy programming language although there's very little documentation for it, and there are lots of pre-made graphics that can be recycled. I think the main problem is that it'll probably end up being text + cgi for the H scenes. I'll try to figure out how the portrait system works because I could use that for sex close-ups, such as when a wolf knots inside her, when a monster cums inside her, or when she becomes pregnant, how far along she is, and what her offspring looks like.



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May 18, 2010
Re: Battle for Wesnoth Sex Campaign

Heh, I was actually playing that around the time I found this site, and was playing two campaign missions, then checking my messages, two more missions, etc etc.

I'll help if I can.
Jun 14, 2009
Re: Battle for Wesnoth Sex Campaign

Holy shit, Battle for Wesnoth is still around?? I remember playing that game back when I was in high school. The best part about it? MAC COMPATIBLE!

Support is given.
May 27, 2009
Re: Battle for Wesnoth Sex Campaign

thanks for the support :)

it's slow going since i don't have a lot of time to work on it. so far i'm going through each built-in campaign and pulling out any relevant images. i haven't found any great tentacle monsters yet, but i did find a few hydras and some lamias, so if i can't find anything better they can probably make due. i found some decent wolf pictures, although i'd prefer animated ones and some werewolf pictures or something to indicate half-breeds. i've found a ton of good rape-able females, but the more the merrier.

one thing i was thinking also is to scour the rsaga developers warehouse and the RPG maker games like VH for sprites with the girl getting raped by tentacles. if the different sprites are pieced together into different images in a sequence and numbered in order, it should be translatable into an animated character in the game. just a thought.

as far as game mechanics, once you're captured in the single player campaign, you'll be dragged back to the very furthest reaches of the creature's lair, the breeding chamber, and your movement will be reduced to zero. i'm not sure about how many turns you should have sex and gestate before you give birth, but every few turns you'll automatically receive a level 1 child of the creature under your control, allied with the forces that captured you.

balancing would take work, but i think tentacle monsters should have just one stronger child at a time with a shorter gestation period, while wolves remain knotted inside the impregnated female longer and have four at once. once they are spawned, they can feed on the female's breasts for a turn or two to gain their first level into adolescence, at which point they can go off to battle more effectively than a child.

this is where there are a few options.
1) the children could be randomly selected as male/female for both sides, where the males are the father's race and the females are the mother's race with some hybrid stuff going on and special abilities, and you gain control of them all.
2) same as #1 except that your female children are immediately picked up and prepared for breeding once they feed off you and gain their first level.
3) they could all be males of the father's race
4) they could differ between the two races, where tentacle creatures are all males and have to abduct females to reproduce, while wolves can have both male and female hybrid children.

for males, you can then use that creature to invade the enemy base or to capture a neutral female in the middle.

for females, it could get fairly unbalanced if you just take the female and start breeding her with monsters on your side, especially if only one side can do so. maybe she should have to level up in battle before she can breed, or maybe the half-breeds should breed less effectively than human females in some way. i like the idea of capturing females in the enemy's forces, and the other side has to chase after the abductor and kill it before it escapes into the breeding chamber with her. the abductor would have reduced movement speed while carrying the female to make it possible.

there should be neutral females in the middle that can be abducted by either side like your character. they could either be powerful warriors or could have soldier escorts to make them difficult to capture on your own until you've gained a few levels.
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Dec 22, 2008
Re: Battle for Wesnoth Sex Campaign

Support Gaven.
Nov 19, 2008
Re: Battle for Wesnoth Sex Campaign

Hey, I'm interested XD
Nov 12, 2008
Re: Battle for Wesnoth Sex Campaign

I'm interested ^.^


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Nov 9, 2008
Re: Battle for Wesnoth Sex Campaign

Nunu does enjoy the persistent units throughout campeigns


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Jul 16, 2010
Re: Battle for Wesnoth Sex Campaign

This is a great Idea. Dont know if anyone is still here though...