Blackshard Prequel: Rise of the Nethermagus II (Special Hell)


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Nov 10, 2008
I'm preparing to launch the second story arc to the Rise of the Nethermagus in the Special Hell Chat, a part of the prequel to the Blackshard stories and RP created by lurker. For those of you familiar with the setting, this will take place fifteen years after Malgra's Crusade, commonly known as the War of Burning Kingdoms. This arc will deal with the discovery of Fleshcrafting, the foundation of the Kingdom of Braxil, the salvation of Valhal from the All-Devourer, and sinister plots by sinister forces (yes, it's one of MY games). The game will be held on Saturday afternoons (EST). Interested players should feel free to enter a placeholder and/or post their characters, using a format along the same lines. There are considerable logs detailing the first story arc, but anyone interested in joining in at this point need not read the entire log--just have a little chat with me beforehand.

Here's the current situation, at the start of the second story arc:
It has been fifteen years since the end of the War of the Burning Kingdoms. The cruel and powerful Warlord Malgra had led a mad crusade to conquer all of the great continent of Kalifer. Her mighty armies had taken Grand Forge, razed Ritzerite, and burned Forest’s Heart. It is common knowledge that, unsatisfied with her conquest, the sinister Malgra used powerful magicks to call forth the ravenous thrull, sending them forth to destroy any who might oppose her. The thrull proved too difficult to control, however, and ultimately proved to be the downfall of Malgra’s forces. Her forces left the recently-conquered lands, fleeing into the desert, where a massive explosion of glass and blood destroyed what remained of her great army. The source of this explosion remains a mystery to the public, but it is said that Malgra likely consorted with demons and the like, and this time she pushed those dark contracts too far.

Regardless of the actual events, there is an area to the north-west of Grand Forge where the sands turn red. Travelers avoid the area—the further into the red sands one travels, the stronger the sense of dread. It is said that wandering into that area too deeply can cause insanity, though there are rumors of what lay in the center. Some say a powerful demon, some say the ghosts of Malgra and her half-demon orcs, while others claim that there is simply a black pit, with swirling black mists around it.

Ten years of peace followed the war, giving the various races a chance to heal and to rebuild. The peace could not last forever, however. Human insurgents caused more and more difficulties with the Masters of Underfell, who finally launched a campaign of suppression against their subjects in Braxil. Lord Regulus Malius, appointed as the living governor of Braxil by the Masters of Underfell (and confirmed by the Kaliferian Rashirah) was initially in charge of persecuting the insurgents. Ultimately, however, the harsh measures of the Masters convinced him that Braxil required self-rule. He resigned from his post, raising an army and arranging allies in a war of independence against the Masters.

The Masters seemed to have unlimited numbers of undead troops, but Lord Malius was able to call upon strong allies and powerful heroes to assist him in his endeavor. Recently, Lord Malius soundly defeated the main Underfell army at the Battle of Tillshire. As heroes and mercenaries working for Malius, he has asked the characters to accompany him to a meeting with representatives of the Masters, about five miles north of the battlefield.
Here's the format for character sheets:
Player Name
Character Name
Character Race - One of the main races of Kalifer, located here. Abyssites (Rift Races) are available, but please talk to me beforehand, as they have only recently begun to enter the world of Kalifer.
Items and Equipment - This is somewhat less technological realm than lurker's Blackshard 2 campaign. Revolvers and repeating rifles are available, but for the most part this is high fantasy. You might also mention what manner of magic your character uses.
Motivation - Backstory (if you're unfamiliar with the game, again, talk to me.
Here's a list of NPCs that also answered the summons:
NPC (DM62)
Description - A dark-haired and athletic kitsune from the Scaletail Isles, Simone dresses in simple attire: a flowing green robe in the Eastern style. She also wears wooden shoes. She wears a single katana of indeterminable age upon her hip.
Items and Equipment: The kitsune sometimes wears a woven hat upon her head. Her only real piece of equipment is her katana, which is incredibly sharp, and a weapon of great personal value (she does not allow others to touch it).
Motivation - Simone is a kensai, or “sword saint,” a weapons master who has focused on swordsmanship since a very early age. Kensai are an oddity in Dragonkin Empire politics--they work directly for the Dragon Elders, rarely intervening directly but capable of carrying out the will of the Elders. Simone has been sent to not only establish relations with Braxil, but also to assist in the revolution against Underfell.

NPC (DM62)
Sonja Spotfeather
Description - Sonja is a blond harpy with a crooked smile and full curves. Her adventuring kit includes simple but form-fitting leather armor, with easy fastenings that Sonja can manipulate with her talons.
Items and Equipment: Sonja spent much of her youth as a shepherd, and it shows in her choice of gear: she carries strong but thin line, a lengthy sling, and an ornately-carved wooden flute. The sling is made of leather and line, and Sonja is capable of manipulating it with her top or bottom set of talons (using the bottom talons gives longer range… as does a higher altitude). She carries a sack full of hand-carved sling bullets, and wears a bandolier with a set of flasks that also fit nicely into the sling.
Motivation - Sonja has a sense of adventure, an acid tongue, and a ravenous sexual appetite. Her work for Lord Malius in Braxil has permitted her to openly indulge all three.

NPC (DM62)
Chu'Gris Bladewail
Items and Equipment - Chu'Gris carries very few personal possessions. Aside from his family heirlooms, namely the thick pauldrons he wears, and the prized ancestral axe of his family, he carries enough traveling rations to tide him over for a week in the event he can't hunt anything down to eat.
The Wailing Blade: This is potentially Chu'Gris' most prized possession, the heirloom of his family name, handed down since his first ancestor claimed the blade from the orcish smith who made it. The blade, when swung, wails much like a banshee from hell itself, which is where the family name of Bladewail comes from. Unfortunately, the blade has a rather..Interesting custom. As per the laws set forth in ages past, the blade can only truly be passed down to a worthy successor by right of honorable combat. Often to the death. ((Image:
Motivation - Backstory: Chu'Gris, having been called out as a dishonorable coward by much of his race for fleeing from what would later become a brutal and merciless slaughter of his comrades, has been trying to avoid many of the other black-blooded Orcs, knowing that if anyone recognized him, it would mean his death, or at least, an attempt to bring it about. Because of this, he has been working for Pinkskins near and far to get by, and find his way outside of Orc lands, though he's fairly mum on just where he's going.
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Dec 13, 2013
Re: Blackshard Prequel: Rise of the Nethermagus II (Special Hell)

Player Name: Zilrax
Character Name: Jaeger Vand
Character Race - Human
Description -
When her armor is removed, she's a muscular, tanned woman with blue hair. She wears a set of shorts and a short sleeved top, and a choker with an snowflake symbol on it.

Items and Equipment - Sightless Armor: Vand's armor seems to have no eyes or any holes in it, except when she takes it off anyways. Which is fairly rarely. She seems to have little trouble seeing through it though.
Glatteis- Vand's sword, it seems to vary in weight and design depending on the temperature of her surroundings. Sometimes it's even a spear.

Motivation - As a ranking member of the Frost Wolves mercenary group, Vand is motivated by monetary gain, and the chance to put her skills to the test. She holds a fascination with areas of high magical residue, and often will take lower paying jobs if they allow her to get near such areas to study them. Mixing elemental magic and swordplay, Vand takes pride in her capabilities, particularly her ability to take hits and keep trucking.


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Nov 9, 2008
Re: Blackshard Prequel: Rise of the Nethermagus II (Special Hell)

Player Name - lurker
Character Name - Miter Spritsprocket
Character Race - Goblin
Description - Short and stocky like many of her kind, Miter has a rather sizable Mohawk as her major detail, what's left of the hair on her head shaved into patterns and marks befitting of one from Sprocket Port. Jewelry both inane and exotic dots her light green features, especially her ears with have hoops nearly as big as they are. She dresses rather conservatively for a brooding mother of her race, a rather tight flannel top and vest, with a large belt of pouches and tool loops over faded and tearing work trousers. She moves barefoot, and often carries a sizable backpack she can barely carry full of many odd devices-in-progress and materials.
Items and Equipment - Twin prototype flintlocks, a heaping bag of spare parts (not really infinite, don't worry), common work tools and a Rogue's toolkit, multiple blueprints of greater works that may or may not work.
Motivation - While Malgra's crusade was full of dark technology and magics of all sorts, the goblin population of the Greenskins were quite eager to lose the wartime requirements and work on the solo and collaborative projects. For Miter, it was finally an excuse to close up the cannon manufactures, enjoy a few good litters of little gobbos, and waste her time with her favorite blueprints, working to create the greater ideas of many of her kin before her. Her final hope is the creation of the true living machine, but as she still isn't sure what to stuff into a bunch of parts to make THAT go, she instead works on the concept of continued mobility- something that a runt of a race like her would be glad to profit from, in between making makeshift catapults that can be propelled by the back, makeshift rockets, and MacGyvering her way out of suitor's houses that try to keep her for themselves. It's almost become a bit of a game back home, where one of her larger kin grabs her, stuffs her into some impossible situation, only to wake up after a nice post-coitus nap to find her having escaped back to her lab, happy and content.


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Apr 23, 2013
Re: Blackshard Prequel: Rise of the Nethermagus II (Special Hell)

Items and Equipment - Great Axe, Plate Armour, flintlock 'pistol' that he keeps hidden in his bag most of the time. Mild bit of elemental magic (namely only lightning spells)
Motivation - Son of Thrae and Braxis, members of the team that defeated Malgra's crusade. Don has had an unusual childhood for a minotaur. For one he was to some extent part of Thrae's experiment to see if the minotaur's attitude toward most woman was nature or nurture. At least when it came to Don it proved it was the latter, mostly. Secondly he was a minotaur that grew up in the lands of the underelves, hidden from the eyes of most but still. The result of this was that he saw one of the societies that could generally be known as 'decadent' and ended up coming to the conclusion that it was not something he liked to see. With help from his parents, he has ended up receiving training in the arts of conflict, magic and war. Everything he needed to fill his goal of becoming a wandering hero.

Now Don travels the realms, both over and under, and where he sees injustice he strives to correct it. His upbringing gave him a sense of practicality though, and he follows no code but his own. As such he mostly focuses on smaller problems, ones that can usually be solved by violence or a bit of diplomacy. If he hadn't limited himself in such a way he'd probably have been murdered trying to take on a full under-elf house or something else equally insane. Usually he asks for nothing more then some funds for rewards, unless there is a pretty woman involved somewhere, then he tends to put a not unsignificant amount of effort into getting into said lady's panties during the length of his current quest.


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Nov 21, 2008
Re: Blackshard Prequel: Rise of the Nethermagus II (Special Hell)

Player Name: Caulder
Character Name: Sarah Softail
Character Race - Kitsune
Items and Equipment - Sarah carries little in terms of equipment, save for a magical focus in the tip of a special quarterstaff that she is always seen carrying. Normally, her well-kept body is hidden within a short Yukata colored a dark blue, and dotted with various stellar constellations from the night sky as seen over the Scaletail Islands. Aside from that, she typically carries several days worth of traveling supplies in the event she can find nothing else to eat.
Motivation - Backstory: Sarah's main motivation is, as with many from the Scaletail Islands, to serve the Dragonkin Empire that has formed there, and help them maintain relations with the world. Sarah, being a trained Necromancer, has been selected to go to Braxil and assist them with their problems, as the two powers are beginning to work together, after Braxil declared independence.
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Sep 7, 2010
Re: Blackshard Prequel: Rise of the Nethermagus II (Special Hell)

Player Name: Aust
Character Name: Rowenna Sheridan
Character Race: Human (Valhalian)-Afflicted with Lycanthropy

Stands at 6 feet even, brown hair and blue eyes as in the picture. Wolf form is that of a simple grey/silver colored fur with the same blue eyes. Hybrid shape has the grey fury but retaining her womanly figure (Insert additional details as needed. Not fully sure how this stage works).

Items and Equipment :
-A fur/leather armor mixture for easy removal for transformations
-A shortened halberd for one and two handed use. Calls it Ice Breaker
-An appropriately sized shield for use with halberd (When it's being used one handed)
-A long rifle. Nothing special really

Motivation: Rowenna was a rather normal woman by her peoples standards. Eager to hunt, a capable warrior with her own tools of the trade, prefering shield and halberd over swords and axes. She also picked up and gained good ability with the rifle. However, one hunt by her lonesome would end up changing her life for good. What she thought was a large wolf ended up being a werewolf. She was able to dispatch the beast, but it tok a heavy toll on her and she was left severely wounded with cuts on her stomach, legs, arms and back. She knew that if these wounds didn't kill her, they'd do much much worse. But before she could deal with the problem, she passed out in the snow.

She was thankfully rescued not much later by another hunting party, her husband among their numbers. He took his wounded wife home and patched her up, the man a talented herbalist and doctor among her town. It was then though that the affliction took hold, the woman attacking her husband and destroying their home in the process. When she awoke, the story was far from pleasant. She was nude, covered in bloody bandages and her hands covered by the blood of her own husband. Whatever this curse did to her, it caused her to do something so terrible. So horrible. She knew she couldn't be seen like. Before fleeing, she visited the elder who explained the nature of her new affliction. With this knowledge in hand, she fled the village with weapons and a set of clothing, making a new set of armor as she moved south as the elder instructed, the elder saying something about her destiny lying to the south. She also wants to atone for her crime and to find a greater calling to dedicate herself to, and maybe return home with a clean conscious.
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Mar 13, 2013
Re: Blackshard Prequel: Rise of the Nethermagus II (Special Hell)

Player Name: Armacalic.
Character Name: Hareng (Real: Yasaburo Tamagori).
Character Race: Human.
Items and Equipment:
A pair of long daggers, with sheathes, a short crossbow and an empty quiver for arrows. A bag with empty vials. Of special note: An ornate scarlet stone.

Motivation - Backstory:
Yasaburo Tamagori was a but a kid when the great crusade between the nations made its mark in history, leaving the kid a victim of the war, with the loss of his parents to the brutal battles. The child, of young tender age, was taken in by a young Kitsune who saw fit to look after him despite her inexperience. Much to her chagrin, the kid grew up with desires to fight and become strong, though with his witty and sharp mind, he convinced her it was for the best. He became a mercenary, learning the way of the warriors, and set on to the path of glory and fame, taking on the nickname of Hareng.

He'd quickly become noticed by Braxil, who saw fit to hire him to aid in their struggle against the their enemies, sending him on a mission to assassinate the living master of Underfell... it went horribly wrong. As Braxil won the conflict, Hareng lost on his own task, getting captured by the Master of Underfell, who used an amulet to curse him, binding his life and will to the female gnome. Unable to escape her, he resigned to submitting to her will to avoid certain death...
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