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Apr 23, 2013
Re: Character Sheets


Athletics = 1
Affection = 4
Skill = 3
Cunning = 1
Luck = 4
Will = 2


Colours: Hair = Blue
Eyes = Pink
Uniform = Green

Qualities: Monster: Yuki-Onna, Easy Going, Blind, Necromancer, Omnyouji

Roots: Hereditary Maid

Explosion: Rampage

Weapon: African Throwing Irons

Maid Power: Teleport

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Jan 4, 2014
Re: Character Sheets

Name:Cassandra Von Ulribin
Age: 213

Athletics: 2
Affection: 1
Skill: 2
Cunning: 1
Luck: 0
Will: 3

Type: Cool(-1 Affection;+1 skill)/Heroine(+1 Will;-1 luck)

Colors: Grey
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Indigo

Special Qualities:
magic- western
member- cult
elf ears
Shapeshifter - Raven

Origin: Orphan
Stress Explosion: Binge

Weapon: Magic
Maid Power:
Absolute Maid

Favor: 2
Spirit: 30

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Dec 6, 2009
Re: Character Sheets

Name: Linn Amakura
Age: 17
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120 lb.
Born: Osaka, Japan
Type: Legitimate Child
Hair: Pink
eyes: purple
Clothes: Black
power source: Talent,
Explosion: Sleep
2 Skill
3 Affection
1 Athletics
2 Cunning
2 Luck
2 Willpower

Linn is an exceptionally talented artist and model. She is a lover of the gothic lolita fashion and has appeared in several photoshoots and fashion shows around the country. She is of slight frame with modest breasts, long pink hair and deep purple eyes. Her hair is always tied up into long twin tails. She is quiet, shy and reserved when not in the spotlight. She prefers a warm cup of coffee or milk tea and watching tv when not busy. She also enjoys scouring Harajuku for the latest fashion trends, and loves to design new costumes and outfits to wear. Despite her considerable fortune she prefers to live in a simple one person apartment to keep from drawing too much attention to herself. Part of this may be due to her being born a hermaphrodite, which she has thankfully been able to keep a secret throughout her career. She has sought out the help of maids to keep her apartment up due to the constant activity her career demands.
Mar 13, 2013
Re: Character Sheets

Name: Sommarkatze Elam Varlöwe (Short: Luva or Lu.)
Age: 34 (Or like 17 in dragon age or something.)
Weight: 82 kg
Height: 1.82



Ath: 2
Aff: 1(0)
Skill: 2(3)
Cunning: 2 (3)
Luck: 1
Will: 3 (2)


Cool, Sexy (+1 Skill, +1 Cunning, -1 Affection, -1 Will)

Eyes and hair: Yellow and White.
Uniform: Brown

Membership(Shadow clan).
Tragic Love: Betrayed.

Roots: Infiltrator.

Explosion: Violence.


Revolver (6 shots.)

Favor: (0)
Spirit: 20

Maid power

Lock picking: You can enter any room whenever you feel like. This works even when someone is using World for two.

Short version:
Sommarkatze belongs to a clan of warriors that serves under the "crown's", (though in modern times it would be the prime minister), hidden away from public eye most of the time. He himself is rather calm and peaceful despite the nature of his work, though some times the fire within him burns intensely, alongside his emotions. He is characterized by a relatively androginous, thin build that shrouds his actual strenght, short white hair and yellow, golden eyes inherited from his mother. He has little purpose in life other than following the orders he is given, though he has always found it hard to stomach the more unsavory aspects of his work, moreso after a fall out he and an old partner of his. As of recently, an order of arguably frivolous nature was issued to him, something he is thankful for, as he yearned for a change of pace and a more peaceful task for the longest time. Keeping an eye on a young, popular girl or something along those lines.

Long version:
Lu was born into a long standing clan of demi dragons, once sworn protectors of the region, now fallen into obscurity by the powers that be in the throne. Despite their pride, they followed without any objections of the crown because of the close ties the old clan leader Iramur Elam Dowle shared with the first king.

Lu himself grew up in a normal, if secluded, way looking from afar at the different regions around their clan settlement with child-like wonder. But like everyone in the clan he soon was picked to become one of the royal family’s henchmen.

His child-like innocence remained, though he developed a sharp wit and skills that made great contrast. He quickly proved to be very loyal, and quite a natural with a revolver on top of his draconian strength and heritage.

Before long he was set being deployed, tasked with a number of assignments alongside another demi dragon that grew to be his closest partner in the field, a younger dragon girl named Giret who managed to not only keep up but to outshine Lu himself on a couple of occasions, despite Lu’s prideful nature, the both of them hit it off and became more than just partners.

This would change later as they received their new orders with dread for the first time. The first order that involved killing their target should certain conditions be met, with heavy hearts, they set out to do the crown’s bidding.

Their target turned out to be the scion of a sorcerer who had become a thorn on the kingdom’s side. The radical way of thinking the man professed seemed to destabilize the country bit by bit. They infiltrated the man’s household, slowly gaining the sorcerer’s thrust and without realizing, the affection of the child. A rift started to appear between Giret, who wanted to drop the mission, and Sommarkatze, who couldn’t ever think of betraying the crown.

As they feared, the sorcerer overstepped the invisible boundary that had been set, and shortly thereafter arrived the confirmation of their orders: The child needed to die…

The mission ended in success, though at a cost only Lu couldn’t withstand without pain. Giret tried to save the kid, attacking Sommarkatze as he was readying himself to perform the deed. Wounded as he was, he still delivered a lethal wound on the child before Giret could retrieve him and run away with him.

He returned, never to hear any more of both Giret and the troublesome mage. His services were required soon once again, however, and he did not protest due to his strong loyalty. Assigned to keep a close eye on a young child, out of the interest of the king’s children.

He only hopes there’s no deed that needs to be performed in the crown’s stead.
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Sep 7, 2010
Re: Character Sheets

Sigrid Falkenrath
Age: Mid 20's
Height: 6 foot 2 inches tall

Athletics: 5
Affection: 2



Brown eyes, Grey Hair, Red Clothing

Monster (Valkyrie), Neat Freak, Elf Ears, Shy, Accessory: Pet




Giant Weapon