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Re: 淫魔の遊戯 (Play of Imma)

Megaz link to this game is dead. What can I do?
Re: 淫魔の遊戯 (Play of Imma)

Is anyone so kind to upload this game again? It'd be very appreciated. Thanks anyway! :D
Re: 淫魔の遊戯 (Play of Imma)

Re: 淫魔の遊戯 (Play of Imma)

Well...the game has my interest and unfortunately I'm very impatient when it comes to waiting for links meaning I'm about to spend 14 bucks and then share it with everyone. Soon...my friends..meaning in about an hour you'll have a link to the full game. :) and I really don't know if I should post a direct like or have pm request because i'm not sure if it's loli or not.

Finished uploading

enjoy :D
Hey good day! the link is dead, is there anyway you can reupload it?