Quick Start Guide & How to Make a Character (Character sheets go here)

Mar 28, 2009
So, thinking about creating a character? If so, first off you’re going to want to know a few basics about the game you’re getting into. If you don’t feel like reading all of the expanded lore, the quick-start guide to the game is in the spoiler below:

Otherwise, you can find a fairly in depth look at various aspects of the game between three threads; DULMF Expanded Details, Ingame History of ULMF and the Internet, and The Story So Far.

Okay, so now you know what the game’s about; Time to get to the point. Below is how you create a character - the few rules, the sheet to use, and general pointers. When you’ve got your sheet ready, post it in this thread. If there’s nothing wrong, we’ll give you the go-ahead to join the game.

How to make a character:

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Feb 6, 2009
Re: Quick Start Guide & How to Make a Character (Character sheets go here)

Well, since it's been approved already... I'll just leave this here.

Name: Cross Grave (or just Grave)

Appearance: Grave is a young human male (about 20 years old) with short blonde hair and mismatched eyes - the right one is a normal, human eye while the other is completely black, with a blood-red iris and cat-like pupil (the left eye tends to glow weakly in the dark). He wears black clothes - a t-shirt, pants, leather boots and a casual jacket, usually unzipped. His clothes look unkept most of the time, mainly because he rarely bothers to iron them. He is of average height, and has a slim body. His right arm is completely black, with short claws instead of nails.

Weapons: Grave carries no weapons - he is a weapon. His strenght is typical for a human, but he trained to become a strong fighter for years. Skilled at hand to hand and melee combat (he used to own a number of weapons, and is highly proficient with swords), Grave is capable of moving very fast and relies mostly on frontal assault, using brutal strikes to take his opponent down. His greatest ability, however, comes from the fact that he is very close to the element of darkness - in fact, so close that his body suffered changes as a result. Most of his power is now focused into his right arm, which can change shape into whatever weapon Grave needs, or even project them. He's also has certain magical abilities, focused mainly into various blasts and projectiles, as well as the ability to raise a protective shroud of darkness.

Other Things of Note: Grave is mostly human at the moment, altough traces of his once elemental nature still remain, rendering him somewhat vulnerable to light-based assaults. Due to the mishap with his eye, he percieves the world in what he describes as "various shades of Darkness". He is capable of telling the difference between colors and such, and can see in areas without light, or notice things that others might not see.

Special Power: Chaos Form - for a brief momen, Grave can transform into a raging behemoth with superhuman strenght. His body becomes a black silhouette that resembles him closely, and he loses his abilities to cast magic - on the other hand, he can turn people into chunky salsa with a punch. His speed and resistance to attacks are boosted as well, and his right arm becomes a large claw. Unfortunately, the ability comes with a drawback - it drains his strenght insanely fast.

Bio/description/history: Grave was once a member of AL - a forum similiar to ULMF. That's where he learned how to fight and control dark powers, made his first friends and enemies and generally, gained all the experience he'd need later as a fully-fledged member, becoming a fairly well-known figure and one of the most infamous troublemakers. However, as time passed, new faces appeared at AL, and the places slowly degenerated into a hive of effeminate pansies. Having enough of their drivel, Grave and a few like-minded individuals chose to leave the place, the young man vowing to never return. As he traveled, he heard about ULMF and decided to check it out. On his way, he got into a battle with the adbots and was imprisoned - fortunately, a squad of ULMF soldiers released him. Deciding he rather liked the bunch (and their home) he joined their war. The fights changed him, as his body was forced to go through a transformation - from a darkness-wielding warrior he turned into half-human half-elemental, gaining a new eye to replace the one he lost in a duel. Altough he was briefly separated before the final strike against Toonpimp - he sought someone to help him learn how to fight with his new powers, and Orkz were the ones he asked for help - he re-joined his comrades before the battle, and fought along their side. Shortly after the war ended, he left for a bit to contact a few old friends, and through liberal and haphazard use and misuse of time magic, blood magic, curses and biologic magitek he managed to restore his humanity, to a degree. The part of him that was elemental had been sealed as his right arm, and remains semi-accessible. He also has a grudge against Host, leader of the Lurkers - something about a capture attempt, apparently.
Dec 14, 2008
Re: Quick Start Guide & How to Make a Character (Character sheets go here)

Seconded, and spoilered for length. Still need to write a fair bit of backstory, but that doesn't matter so much, all of the important stuff is down.

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Nov 21, 2008
Re: Quick Start Guide & How to Make a Character (Character sheets go here)


Appearance: Burrito stands at around 7'1", has blond hair he used to spike up, but now wears down to his neck, and has a pair of orange goggles on his forehead at all times. He wears a set of heavy armor he's slowly been modifying from the original design over the years, now missing the elbow joints and several inches on the forearm and bicep near his elbows. It has a magnetic strip built into the back, designed to hold all of his weapons, and it has a built-in attachment for his katana. While not many see it, he sports a tattoo on his back of an elegant 11, though as to why no one knows. His left hand lacks artificial skin, so he often pulls his glove off to show that he's really a cyborg to the curious forum children.
Weapons: Viral Katana, Viral M4A1, Colt .45 M1911 General edition (7" barrel instead of the standard 3" or 3.5" barrel)
Other Abilities of Note: Lazor: Burrito is capable of firing a laser from his mouth every few minutes, capable of obliterating a bot completely. While he's had to dial the power back considerably to keep himself from tiring too easily, he doesn't run out of juice any more, and can use it much more easily now, though it doesn't have the massive spread it used to.
Special Power: Gaseous Release: Burrito has a special system on-board that allows him to store multitudes of different toxins and poisons he inhales or absorbs, as well as produce his own inside his stomach. Any toxins or poisons he absorbs becomes a special gas he can alter any time he wishes, from a virus designed to destroy Bots to an anti-human gas bomb.
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Quick Start Guide & How to Make a Character (Character sheets go here)

Should probably post this about now..


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S u r i

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May 22, 2011
Re: Quick Start Guide & How to Make a Character (Character sheets go here)

Name: Suri

Suri is a fairly short young man, as he stands at 5 feet 5 inches. His short, black hair is neatly combed to the sides, with the parting at the middle. Although not really seen exercising a lot, he's accumulated quite an athletic physique and tanned skin. Not much can be said about his face, except that a pair of glasses are somewhat magnifying his black eyes.

He dons a black trench coat zipped up, leaving the lower part open exposing his baggy, yet maneuverable, cargo pants and black shoe covered feet. An odd thing about this trench coat is that, although it feels and looks like ordinary fabric, it actually is very durable and can act as strong armor. Another peculiar thing about his coat is that it's sleeves are also somewhat armored with a strong and red material. Despite it being armor, it actually allows for extensive mobility without sacrificing durability.

Underneath the trench coat, he wears a sleeveless red and black kung fu jacket.

He's not much of a melee fighter, but he does have extensive knowledge on different martial arts and fighting abilities (Taekwondo, Karate, Kung Fu, Boxing/Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Judo, Kendo, Fencing, Muay Thai, Jeet Kun Do, Wing Chun, Drunken Boxing, Escrima). He prefers having something in his hands so he can fight. Most of the time, it's a pair of strange-looking handguns capable of taking his own energy and converting them into bullet-sized projectiles and shooting them. His two handguns had been with him since the very beginning, so he saw it fit to name them -- Surine (left hand, looks like a Jericho 941) and Syl (right hand, looks like an SVI 1911). For battles that require distance and more teamwork, he also wields a particle repeater rifle -- a rifle that is basically a more practical and more militarized version of a rail gun (effective against light/medium armor, typically ineffective against heavy armor).

His handguns also have another barrel underneath the first one, this barrel is used for creating a blade comprised of Suri's energy. Needless to say, these blades are used for up close and personal bouts.

Other Abilities of Note:
When learning something, or trying something new, Suri often picks it up quite easily. He doesnt' require painstaking effort in order to grasp things and understand them.

He's also rather skillful in agile evasive maneuvers. Ontop of that, he actively utilizes gun fu in his fighting

Through training, conditioning, and forming a bond with his Ki, he can manipulate his energy to enhance his physical abilities, making his physical attack stronger and faster. His bond with his ki is so strong, that it's even saved his life several times before (concentration healing, as long as the injury isn't like getting cut in half or beign turned into ground meat or anythign similar). However, he still CAN have the crap beaten out of him and be knocked unconscious (high pain tolerance and sheer will). He also still has control over his energy even when it has left his body, being able to control it over a rather vast distance (amount of control decreases as distance increases).

Special Power:
Surial Catastrophy - Suri shoots energy into one fixed space, using his energy manipulation powers to stop the shots in one place. The shots begin to build up into a highly condensed collection of energy. When finished, Suri uses a powerful kick to shoot it, at a incredible speed, toward the target. As the discharge of energy hits the target, it'll cause massive damage as well as some splash damage due to an explosion that'll ocurr upon impact.

This requires intense dedication and concentration to actually pull it off, and afterward Suri will feel a drained of energy. After recuperating for a bit, he will be back up to par. Not enough to pull off another Surial Catastrophe immediately, but enough to keep fighting.
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Nov 10, 2008
Re: Quick Start Guide & How to Make a Character (Character sheets go here)

Siphon Talvesh




Siphon has returned as an extremely rare and ancient form of vampire, something perhaps to do with the events that led to his second death. Under normal circumstances, he appears to be about six foot six, two hundred pounds and human. However when he's angered or feels the need to, he becomes a creature straight out of hell.

When transformed, Siphon takes on a vampiric look, teeth included. Perhaps most notable is that unlike most vampires who simply stop at sharper teeth and maybe some demonic black eyes, Siphon's transformation includes claws that appear to be capable of rending through the metal of bots with little effort.

Weapons: Siphon doesn't bother with weapons, his entire body IS a weapon.

Other abilities of note:

Other than his enhanced strength going beyond that of a human, Siphon is also slightly faster than your average run of the mill person, but not as fast as the vampires of myth say. He's is however much more durable than one would think, actually immune to the effects of sunlight and piercing of the heart. However, a sustained barrage of fire or beheading is easily capable of ending him yet again, although this is harder to manage than one would think upon first glance. His reflexes are also somewhat faster than a person's, although not as fast as a true machine is capable of reacting.

Special Powers:

Siphon appears to have returned with an ability that literally allows him to consume any form of energy as sustenance, although it does have some limitations.

For example, he can't consume too much without expending it in combat or he'll become too charged, and actually grow weaker. If he continues beyond this point, he can literally obliterate himself.

He is completely immune to electrical based attacks, and they only serve to piss him off or refresh him. Rumor has it he's capable of consuming the energy of one's soul, however this is a total crock of shit. He can however absorb some amount of energy from non-electrical sources, although as with electrical energy, too much of this can be a very bad thing. This absorption ability leads into his true special attack power.

Siphon is capable of generating a massive burst of energy from within his own body that in effect flash fries anything mechanical, and will heavily damage most anything else. It's unknown even to him exactly how this works, but some believe that his power directly slams an energy charge into the very being of his targets. For people, it would be like having an electrical bolt zap you from inside your chest. For machines it literally fries their internal components like an E.M.P would.

This ability requires a near overcharge of power however, and because of this, and the subsequent weakening he goes through after, it can only be used once in a single day. After that, he simply is incapable of using it even if he's stored enough energy that same day.

((I'll leave the time frames up to the GM's as far as when a new day is on. Some parts are open to being worked upon if you feel the need, however you'll need to say exactly what will be needed. However given the likely influx of abilities we will see here, I doubt this char is going to be too powerful. As said before, I probably will not have him show up from the immediate start, but rather at a point where it would be least expected. As indicated in the character description, some rumors may be going around of his existence, but it would be nothing confirmed or substantiated until he actually shows up for real.))


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Jul 6, 2011
Re: Quick Start Guide & How to Make a Character (Character sheets go here)

Name: Shade Arion
Shade Arion is the bastard son of the king of the elves, and one of the few remaining with true Atlantean blood. He has traveled for many years, learning both modern and magickal things, and he enjoys tinkering with both spells and mechanics. He has a lot of odd skills, and a lot of useless information, but he is also very kind and wise, as well as being respectful to nature. He is a master of healing magick, and can use destructive magick, though it goes against his nature. While he is a master of healing magick, he must take on the pain of others in order to heal them, but not the damage, and large healing jobs are physically draining, causing him to need a lot of food and sleep after. He is able to stabilize most injuries, and can heal a lot when not under pressure or time constraints. Since destructive magick goes against his nature, it is harder for him to use it, and he must concentrate and use more magick than other mages, though he can do an impressive amount of damage, it also causes him to pass out if he does too much. His techniques draw the energy of everything around him, in a tiny portion. He uses this to shape it into both energy and elemental attacks. He is much better from long range, as he is vulnerable at short range, not having much in the way of defense, but casting destructive takes a while, as he has to build up the energy.

Appearance: Of medium height, at 6'3", he has long blonde hair tied in a ponty tail, and a short beard. He has a strong build, and he wears black robes to hide the scars that cover most of his body. He also has piercing blue eyes, that seem to gaze into the soul. His true form is hidden, locked away deep within himself.

Weapons: Sword and staff, though he is decent with most weapons, having years of practice.

Other Abilities of Note: Can speak to certain animals, and has a natural gift with them, able to calm, and receive favors from them. Certain animals, however, are unresponsive to him, and the larger the animal is, the harder it is for him to calm it.

Special Power: True Resurrection. While physically draining, he is able to enter the realm of the dead and lead the souls back to their body, allowing him to restore not just life, but the personality and memories of the person as well, instead of the zombies most seem content to bring to life. However, resurrection is a terrible toll on him, and he must sleep for three days after, in order to restore life and energy to his body. If he gets interrupted, his soul rips, and it causes a magickal backlash, limiting his abilities, and causing him extreme pain that only years of discipline allow him to remain standing.
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Nov 28, 2008
Re: Quick Start Guide & How to Make a Character (Character sheets go here)

Dossier #: J87 633 812
Name: SinfulWolf
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Mar 28, 2009
Re: Quick Start Guide & How to Make a Character (Character sheets go here)

All the above characters are approved. Despite not being in this thread for reasons of personal preference, Host also has my approval. (Funny thing, that.)