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    Deva chuckled. "I guess considering what I aim for there is no harm in telling you now.. but I don't really go into any battle with a plan. I look at what my opponent is doing, guess at what they might try to do, then work to close off their routes to success.. or to simplify it, as soon as Tabitha began stalling for time I suspected I'd have to push her. In your case, I wanted a taste of your poisons early to be able to deal with them, .. but with both you and Tabitha I must say, while I recognized the tactics, I underestimated the sheer power of your abilities." Deva was happy to evaluate. Then she chuckled.
    "Why though. Why do you wish for her to succeed with such determination? You are grateful to her, sure, but the good she has done to you, the harm she has done to others. I'm starting to believe that a lot of you follow the cloaked one out of ignorance for the things she allows to happen. Your bestial nature may be gone, but at what price?" She then shook her head. "I don't understand your situation, of course, but simply removing an instinct is not overcoming it. In a way, it is admitting defeat to it. I've sealed the darkenss within me away for a long time, until I learned.. it's still me. Without it, I am less than I could be." Without her darker creativity after all, her most dangerous spell would never have been created.

    Deva shrugged, quite able to keep a more or less calm discussion, despite her.. situation. She also listened to the description of the fight. "You are exeptionally fast, and she was faster? Troublestome, then again, she knew you'd attack fast, I presume. Quick and decisively lethal, but .. thanks. Just knowing how she attacked you is.. useful.

    Wait, a face-mask... hmnn.. riddles over riddles, but that insignia..if you mask yourself, you can hide your identity through the ages.. but people remember armors, and actions. The thing about finishing fights fast is, well... it feels like you rob the other person of a good chance there."
    Deva's highest speed, without time-stop magic was her using her haste spell. She was deceptively slow on purpose sometimes, but she doubted she could be much faster than Neith. That just ment she had to make it so she didn't -need- to be fast.
    "I figured Narcissus was your best tracker. I didn't put up detection magic because.. lazy, but I wouldn't notice him until he wanted to intervene, more than once. Heh. Each and every last one of you, best at what you do." Deva mused.
    Once Neith had accepted Deva's deal, if she checked, the feather she had gotten would disappear, whereas Deva's changed color to a darker purple tone, nearly black, the magic automatically locking onto the spider-queen.
    "You want to be cleverer? Is easy. Do things. Experience everything, be a mistress, a slave, a spider, a bird. I've had conversations with plants and rocks and gods and demons. Be unafraid of new experiences... but you also need an inner drive. Like.. The moment you tell me something, I think a dozen different things about it. For example, it's not like I can't come up with an idea for what the armor you described could be.. it's that I got too many ideas and no way of narrowing it down... Oh well!"

    Deva chuckled and then sighed, playfully sniffing on her self. "You can smell it? Hrmnn.. True though.. It doesn't feel real without a proper mistress.." And you seem to underestimate how much a slave could influence you if they wanted.
    Deva mused, though she also shivered a little when the spider-queen whispered to her. "But, perhaps I'm just lazy. With you I could gain intel and .. prepare myself for such cases at the same time." Though Deva didn't object to the assesment of her submission.
    Deva blushed when Neith went on about the slave in her, clearing her throat ever so slightly. "..oh my.." She gulp-blushed at the spider going on in her playful seduction.

    "Nya.." Deva blushed at the touch of her spider-tatoo, chuckling at Neiths comment and moaning at the black spider-collar. "Q.. quite creative, though I'd be afraid I might squish them." She mused, thinking back to the first time she had worn a collar like this. "Haah.. but.. this feels nice.." She smiled and exhaled, letting go of her worries and schemes, her fears and concerns and basking int he growing sensation of submission under the spiders venom.. it had been so long she could just be... herself...
    She even closed her eyes, for a long moment. "Hoho.. fascinating. " Deva mused, then blushed, leaning into Neiths kiss, with her moaning as she felt the coating of venomous saliva, a lustful grin spreading on her lips. "You are smarter than you give yourself credit for though, Neith. You are quite... enjoyable, but you have your world, your family, all the others to breed with and I see you enjoy your.. hamn.. sense of community with the other agents, but.. you are propably right. But, while I let go of my inhibitions, I might as well tell you unashamedly.. I am utterly, and completely convinced, that I will not fail. I speak about using trump cards and my strengths and weaknesses.. Who cares?" She chuckled briefly, continuing:

    "Powers, weaknesses, plans and countermeasures, the ultimate weakness of all strategies and abilities is that they simply bring you closer to your sucess, but in the end, power is just that, a means to an end. Not an end in itself. Why do you think I threw away more power than any of the agents I've seen so far excluding the cloaked one herself posessed? Because I used it up in powerful defensive spell to keep a world save? Yes. Because I felt it was like cheating? Yes. .. but in truth, too much power becomes a burden.
    Before I let myself just sink into this wonderful submission, here is my advice. If you crave a greater understanding of the world, don't try to discard who you were and strive for what seems like greater understanding. The deepest truth of all reality is balance. To gain strength.. you have to give up weakness. To be happy, you have to overcome sadness. The rich crave the freedom of the poor, the young the wisdom of old, the old the beauty and strength of the young. You want to know the key to a greater intellect? Stop striving for it right now, instead, apply yourself fully to the moment."
    Deva exhaled.
    "If you truly focus ont he world around you, you can feel the hairs of every spider, the pulsing of each heartbeat of your .. hmn.. delicious, inhuman shaft, pulsing through and.." Deva purred, getting distracted. She did not expect Neith to understand, certainly not now. If you were powerful, there was always a price. If you defeated every opponent with a single blow, you grew weaker in handling a blow you took yourself. If you had magic to change the world around you as you pleased, as Deva had, you lost the ability to use your lesser spells more creatively. Deva was confident she would win.. because she had to be, because it started by believing in yourself.. and the sensation of submissiveness finally.. reminded her of this. And she was confident she would win .. because she simply had to. She'd do whatever was needed to help. And the sensation of submitting helped her remember.. how she had done these things in the past.

    "Thank you Neith. you are.. helping me. I had grown to.. worried. Long ago, yet recent, in a way, I had suffered a great loss and it made me an old worry-pants. I'd say.. I've used like.. a tenth of my full potential?... Half? ninety nine percent? Still! Evil blockage unblockaged! But .. you help me.. I almost.. remember this feeling.. might I say you have a -beautifully- twisted ovipositor.. hmnn.." Deva purred, letting the tension flow out of her body, taking in the lewd sight before her.

    "The person I was, so long ago. They didn't fear my power, or mind or strategies.. they feared my smile... a smile I had because I knew, no matter what, I could go wild, I could be Deva, because there was someone so strong.. so beautiful for me to lean on." Deva nodded.. and smiled. "But yes.. it has been centuries.. few are powerful enough to claim me without it feeling.. hollow, you see. I mean, hey, every doofus -wants- an angel-slave, but eh. It gotta feel right!" Deva enthused. "Aww I like being held close.. and commanded. Also, tea. You know? You should really add some tea. Think about it, how baffled would any invaders be if they come into your demonic den and you offer them a sophisticated cupper of tea." Deva enthused. "Hooh.. You wanna know how I feel? I feel the venom working. Feeling less and more free already. It's quite liberating." She stretched, purring at the sensations flooding her and solidifying her servitude to Neith. She cooed and added: ".. My queen.." Enjoying the sensations it brought her, reaching up to test if she could adjust her spider-collar out of sheer happy curiosity.

    "You know I like losing a struggle and submitting, but perhaps been struggling for a bit too long. Hard to fight you lot for that reason more than any other.... ahmnn ooh my queeeen.." Deva moaned out under Neiths teasing, quite obviously not fighting the.. process, though, the strangest thing was, that were her eyes were supposed to grow more dull and enthralled to the spider-queen.. hers grew more lively, brimming with enthusiasm as she purred, feeling the spiders over her, and musing: "So, do you have anti-arachnophobia poison as well? Feel like that might come in handy for some folks.."

    Though, Deva blush-cuddled up to the nice spider-mistress when hugged close.. it had felt hard getting this off of her chest, but.. she had been abandoned so often.. "Awww.. awesome nice mistress yes.. you're kind Neith.. Consider the rebellion kicked in their collective butts." Deva nuzzled herself up to Neiths considerable bossom for a long moment, enjoying the warmth and closing her eyes, thinking back to.. kinder times, when she had been with her wife.. who had taken a variety of lewder forms as well. She could really have this happiness again, couldn't she? "Sounds good then, can't wait to kick rebellion but.. but first properly dealing with me.. and I fear I gotta take down one more agent before the traitor-wusses motivate themselfs into action... well, that, or now that I know a bit about them.. .. we shall see!"

    Deva smiled again, her nuzzling getting a subtle sexual quality to it, with her suckling a little into Neiths kiss, her own tongue nuzzling up to the spiderwomans before she gasped, presenting her neck for another dose of the venom, with a slight drunk-woozy expression to her now.
    "Look into your eyes? Well thats a bit clichee isn't it..e rr.. not critiquing." She chuckled and did as commanded of course.
    "Huh, so they are quite pretty, you do have a lot of.. versatile.. talents.. uh.. wait, is that another venom..?" Deva chuckled again, stopping her bubbling and ..swayed a little actually, still with a warm, genuine smile on her lips.
    "Hnnnnnn.." Deva made, smiling relaxedly and looking at Neith, her eyes actually glazing over now under the enthralling gaze. "Hmnn. thanks.." She muse-moaned at the idea of being enslaved to Neiths friend.. that would actually make the rebellions potential plan to use her backfire too.

    "Yeah, got to stop the rebellion." Everything Neith said was agreeable anyway, of course. "What attracted me to Valerie.. hmnn.. her scent aside, with its properties, you know of, psychologically, it was more.. her strength of personality. I've only once seen one that was both physically and mentally strong, but.. she just.. she was a true mistress, just like I'm a true slave. That is also why, as much as I enjoy you, I would propably not do well being yours.. you are not a true mistress, my apologies, but I'd rather call you.. a matriarch. Beautiful in your own right, and.. part of me craves a family, a motherly figure perhaps, but.. less to be a princess.
    Haah.. I feel so hot and.. It was just.. I came into the fire-godess throne room and.. Valerie sat there and there was no doubt who she was. Strong and towering above me.. but, also, .. honorable, yes. Strong, yes, but not cruel. Ferocious, but not harsh. oohmnn..And her cock.. I mean.. your inhuman shaft is quite impressive, but it was tempting too.. just.. perfect in its nature..
    The absolute conviction with which she asserted herself as mistress, me as slave, completely unwavering. Yet, she didn't force herself upon me.. she made me -want- to be owned by her.. yes. That was impressive.."
    Deva moaned out, still looking at Neith, biting her lip.

    "She.. haah.. was so strong that she made me -yearn- to worship her, to please and serve her... a beautiful body like hers should have someone attend to her, and not some lesser slave... and she wanted to let me.. do it, let me service her. A part of me wished she had held back a little less and just.. taken me. Claimed me, made me hers.." Deva moaned out, particular scenes and images flooding her mind.. some even from the dream, the memory of Valeries powerful body, the bite of guilt when this mistress had to stroke her magnificent cock all by herself...

    "HAaaahh.." Deva moaned out, managing to drool slightly with her eyes glazed over, remembering how she attended Valerie with her mouth.. in her dream.. "I remember her strong, primal body.. A strong mistress that I could be both beloved companion and sex-toy for.. I wouldn't want to be just either or. As.. ahmn.. as emberassing as it is, I liked her treating me..domineeringly, like her cock-slut.. but at the same time, like someone precious.." If not stopped, Deva's hand would wander between her legs as she continued..: "I wanted to kneel before her and take her magnificent cock deep within me and feel it twitch and pulsate as I inhale the scent of her precum and nuzzle myself up against her strong body and musky tuft of pubic hair." Deva exhaled heavily, more than.. obliging Neiths request to describe the scene.
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      "I had figured that the things you did were too sudden to be properly planned. You don't walk in with a single game plan, expecting it to work out in the end, instead you adapt to every single thing that happens, changing your strategy every step of the way... Some might call that a poor decision, but I would say that it works out in the end, as evidenced by how far you've made it. Though you'd have to be very impressive to be able to stay on your toes that much... I can see why Mistress desired you so much." Neith would say, complimenting the angel a bit now that she had learned a bit more about the way that she handled things. Though when Deva asked why she wanted Mistress to succeed, Neith would grow quiet for a few moments as she seemed to think more intently on that kind of subject. "Perhaps we should drop this subject? I'd prefer not to argue about this kind of thing. I believe in her, you do not. I do not wish to sully this moment with a long discussion about WHY I believe in her. If you still wish to know by the end of all this, then you may ask, otherwise it is better that we avoid it for now." She would say, recognizing that now wasn't really the time for her to explain why she believed in the Cloaked One, figuring that if the angel wanted to know so bad then she could ask after the two of them had their fun. "Perhaps you are right about my instinct though... But if it is the choice between admitting defeat to the instinct, or killing others like a beast without any control, I'd choose the former. I will consider it more though... I do have quite a bit of time to think about these sorts of things, after all." There wasn't really much else for her to do while she waited, so she could consider all sorts of things that she had talked about, between tending to her nest and breeding with a few of the prettiest women she could find.

      "Don't just think about the times that Narcissus DID interfere... I'd think more about how many times he DIDN'T. He's just as good at getting information from just listening in, chances are he knows a bit more about you than he's letting on. Hell, it wouldn't be the biggest surprise to find out he's watching us right now, it'd still be surprising, but I wouldn't completely put it past him. Though, he wouldn't be in this cave, my spiders would've sensed him, there's so many of them with so many different ways to 'see'. Ah well, thoughts for another time once again. If you get a chance, would you mind cutting or burning his hair or something? It'd crush him." The spider woman would chuckle a bit, knowing of only one major weakness that she had seen with Narcissus, but thankfully it was one that was easy to abuse whenever someone got the chance. Though, Neith had a feeling that Deva had quite a few more ideas of how to exploit some other weaknesses that the self-absorbed angel probably had. "Hah... I've only ever seen life through my children's eyes... I need to try to see things a bit differently. I suppose that's part of why I became even smarter than I had been before. I had only ever seen life through the eyes of a wild beast, but when I finally saw things through some actual thought, I understood what I was doing wrong. That's a good plan, though it's going to be difficult to be able to talk to rocks, all things considered. Still, can't let that stop me! I'll try, new experiences do sound rather enjoyable, plus it's a good way to sate my curiosity for the world around me." Well, if nothing else, Deva had definitely encouraged the spider queen to grow more clever. She sounded genuinely excited about the chance of figuring out all sorts of new perspectives for the world, though that same excitement might have something to do with the pulsing ovipositor underneath her, and the angel that she was excited to enslave..

      The spider queen would step closer to the angel, leaning in close and taking a long sniff, huskily whispering into her ear after she took in the angel's scent. "Of course I can smell it... The scent of a true slave. If Valerie carries the scent of a true, powerful, Mistress... you have the scent of a proper, submissive slave... Of someone that just wants to be taken, to be dominated, to submit to someone so much more powerful than you... Not everyone can see it... but I can smell it, and Valerie could see it... You are a slave, to your very core." And to punctuate that she would sink her fangs into Deva once again, warm, pleasure pumping venom coursing into her through Neith's fangs. Whether or not Neith could actually smell the submission, or if she was just toying with Deva a little would be hard to tell, as once Neith got going it sounded absolutely real, to the point where it'd be difficult for almost anyone to tell if she meant it or not. And it'd be even more difficult with the cocktail of venom, pleasure, and submissive sensations flowing through the angel.

      The moment that Deva decided that the spider collar felt nice, she'd feel the spiders making up the collar bite her once again, a pulse of warm, erotic, sensual pleasure going through her as a reward, the spiders somehow able to tell what she was thinking and rewarding her for it. The collar was right... It was proper for a slave like her. And thinking about that would reward her with pleasure and happiness, the spiders giving her more for properly submitting to her Queen. "Don't worry, the little ones are quite durable. It'd take quite a lot for those little ones to even get hurt from anything other than pure demonic fire. They're a special little batch, only for the most submissive and subservient of slaves." Neith valued all of her children, but some were rare to the point where she would only use them in very special situations, such as pleasuring and enslaving an angel that she felt desperately needed this kind of treatment. The long kiss she shared with Neith would lead to an inhuman, long, flexible tongue twirling around Deva's for a little bit before pushing further down her mouth, coating her tongue and her throat with that delicious venom, amping up the heat and subservient pleasure with every drop. Then she'd slide her tongue out, the long tongue hanging for a moment as the spider queen pulled it back in and smiled at Deva. "As I said, if there was anyone that I believed could manage it, it would be you. You are smart... incredible... and oh so creative... and adorable... submissive... subservient... a slave." Normally a statement like that would've killed the mood for Neith, but the way that Deva acted right now, so... submissive... and yet at the same time she seemed liberated, that drove Neith more and more to properly enslave the angel, made her even more eager to keep going even through the conflict of views.

      She would actually smile proudly when Deva thanked her, even knowing that they were technically on different sides didn't change how happy she was to see a slave happy, even if that slave wasn't fated to be her own. "You're quite welcome, little angel slave... This is the kind of treatment that a slave deserves... And it is an absolute travesty that you haven't gotten this for so long. I wish I could've found you sooner, to give it all to you like you've earned..." She'd say, sounding honestly sad that Deva had to go for so long without any kind of Mistress to dominate and guide her, there to help her feel safe and secure. The moment that Deva acknowledged that slimy... twisted... inhuman... beautiful... wonderful.. erotic... enticing... delicious ovipositor, the spiders around her neck would once again bite her, a pulse of pleasure as a reward for calling that twitching, throbbing organ 'beautiful'. "An ovipositor that I'm eager to give you another taste of... It still remembers you... I wonder if you're body still remembers it... still yearns for it... Mmmmmm... A perfect thing for a slave like you to worship."

      Neith could understand the desire for things to feel right, the desire for a Mistress to feel properly deserving of an angel slave. It wasn't easy for one to take an angel as a slave, you needed to be a real Mistress, you needed to exude dominance and confidence, never showing your doubts on the outside. You needed to be strong, powerful, dominant, but at the same time you needed to understand to treat your slaves right, you needed to be loving, it wasn't an easy balance to strike, and in a way, Neith believed that it was something that you both needed to be born with, and then hone and strengthen through your life. "Wonderful... That liberating feeling, it's magical isn't it? To know that your freedom is draining from you second by second, and yet at the same time you feel so much more free... Able to just be who you truly are without any worry, any choice, just supportive dominance ruling over your mind so that you may be what you were truly meant to be. Focus on that feeling, that liberation, and embrace it. Remember it, savor it, desire it even more, and know that it waits for you, your Mistress waits for you. Not here... but ever so close, you are ever so close to getting that feeling forever... And I promise you that I will do everything in my power to ensure that you get that..." A shiver of pleasure would run down Deva's spine the moment that she referred to Neith as her queen, the venom giving her pure pleasure for accepting that fact of life. When she reached the collar, she'd be able to adjust it as much as she wanted, the spiders moving with her to adjust it to fit however she wanted, but if she came even close to moving it in a way that would remove it, the spiders would lock together and move in, keeping her collared like a proper slave. Trying to take them off would make them lock in just a little tighter, not to the point where it was uncomfortable, but just enough to remind her of her place, remind her that the collar belonged there, and remind her that she was a slave.

      Neith would reach a finger between Deva's legs to start tracing her sex, feeling the wetness and smiling, bringing those same fingers up to her mouth and lewdly licking them for a bit before reaching back down and rubbing the angel's pussy, still talking without the slightest hint of distraction. "Actually yes, I do have some spiders with venom that eases away those kinds of intense fear... It's actually one of the more fun ones. The more terrified one is of spiders, the more the venom makes them attracted to spiders. The more scared they are, the more aroused they become. Quite fun... it's part of the reason I was actually slightly disappointed to see you weren't an arachnophobe... But we can have our own fun, can't we my sweet angel slave?" She would tease, every sentence punctuated with a quick rub of Deva's clit, able to focus on pleasuring the angel while also guiding her to further enjoy her submission, part of her honestly surprised to see all the life that was shining in the angel's eyes.

      The spider queen would show a slightly more gentle side for a few moments, smiling at the angel and letting the motherly part of her come in, the part that made her more of a matriarch rather than a mistress. She'd let Deva rest her head in her bosom, reaching a hand up to pet her slowly, supporting her and caring for her. "I promise you with all my heart that you WILL get the Mistress that you truly deserve by the end of all this, I will do everything that I can to make sure of that for you. All you have to do is make sure that the rebellion doesn't succeed, because with them in charge, the kind of Mistress that you deserve might no longer even exist... But I will help you get your Mistress even now, starting by helping further prepare your mind for it." Neith promised, unable to stop herself from acting a little motherly for a bit when she saw how sad the angel had looked, wanting to comfort her and give her everything that the spider queen felt that she truly deserved.

      As Deva's brain continued to soak in that special venom, she'd find that Neith's glowing eyes were so perfectly beautiful, enthralling, wonderful, enticing and safe. She could just look into those eyes and get lost to them, just listen to Neith's words and let them fill her mind, let them soak along with the venom. "That's it, little angel slave... Let those eyes glaze over, let them grow as empty and blank as your mind, the expression of a true slave. Let my words fill that emptiness, and just follow along with them, let them guide you deeper and deeper into sweet submission." Though she wouldn't add any venom now, knowing that Deva was already swimming in it, and also knowing that she had a little something special planned for her.

      "No need to apologize, dear. 'Matriarch' fits me just fine, but don't think about that right now, think about Valerie... Think about her strong, dominating personality. Think about how strong and towering she was, think about that hard, throbbing cock, but don't just picture her shaft alone, picture the woman behind it. The calm, dominating confidence that she emanated, think about how there was no doubt in your mind about what she was, she was a Mistress. Think about how her just being there made YOU feel even more like a slave, how it made you feel in your place, how it made you want to kneel down before her and suck every inch of that magnificent shaft. But her body... that's only one piece of the puzzle, right? Anyone could have that beautiful, enticing body... but Valerie was more than that. Focus on how strong she was as a person, focus on how she always felt in charge at every single moment. Think of that moment you stepped into the Goddess' room and were greeted by her sight. Picture it all for me... the perfect cock, the perfect body... but also the perfect personality, the perfect confidence, the perfect dominance. THAT is what made her such a wonderful Mistress... And as you imagine that... you can feel it can't you? It's like she's here in the room... It's like you can smell that sweet musk" Then Deva would feel another warm, pleasurable bite of venom, Neith injecting her with a bit of venom to help her hallucinate the things that she was describing. A familiar, wonderful, arousing musk would suddenly fill Deva's nose as she imagined all of the things that Neith described, those beautiful glowing eyes keeping her thoughts empty and suggestible.

      "Now... no matter how attractive her body was... it would be nothing if it wasn't truly Valerie, right? Imagine for the briefest moment, imagine Valerie's body, but without that dominating personality, without that strength that would show she was in charge at every moment. Imagine her instead being commanded by another, imagine her standing beside one of the traitors, working under their command. Yes, she still has that beautiful body, you might even smell that musk again... But that's NOT Valerie... That's not a Mistress... Instead it is your Mistress entrapped... It might be arousing to look at, it might seem close to the Mistress you knew, but it's just not the same, right? Seeing it, smelling that, it arouses you, but more because you start to imagine the reward Valerie would give you if you freed her. You anticipate your MISTRESS coming back, and rewarding you for freeing her from that fake shell... Picturing that fake Mistress... it's not as fun, is it? You can't even smell that beautiful musk anymore, can you?" And as she said that, Deva would no longer be able to smell the scent of a Mistress. She could no longer feel that wonderful scent that filled her brain and made her feel all submissive She couldn't feel like a real slave around a fake Valerie, one that wasn't a true Mistress. She'd instead need to fix that if she saw it, she'd need to get her proper Mistress back.

      "Finally... I want you to close your eyes for me and picture this last part in as much detail as possible. Imagine what will happen if Valerie is free and the rebellion is truly, soundly defeated. Imagine that proud, dominating smile as she looks down at you, kneeling before her. Get down on your knees to properly imagine it, picture her standing above you, her hard, throbbing cock inches from your face as she smiles proudly at you. You've done so good, you can see that approving smile, you can see how happy she is with her slave. She's running her hand through your hair, her strong hands gently stroking you, incredibly pleased with what you did. And... you're so close that you can properly smell it again, your Mistress is back and you're directly in front of her cock, you can smell that wonderful musk all over again, it's back for you, for a true slave." And with Deva's eyes closed, Neith would move on to one more surprise. A group of spiders would crawl out from somewhere in the cave, silently moving over to Deva now that she was wrapped up in her vision. A clutch of spiders that Neith had with Valerie herself, a difficult one to figure out how it would work out, but it worked out in the end. The group of spiders would rush over, taking place near her nose. And Deva would be assaulted with the full force of Valerie's musk, the spiderlings actually carrying her scent with them. She'd inhale a full breath of it, a feeling of pure submissive, subservient pleasure hitting her brain as it inhaled that familiar scent as she imagined that vision. "You see? This is why you must fight the rebellion, you MUST stop them, as they are one of the only things standing in the way of you and your Mistress... You NEED to stop them, and you can't fall for the shell of a Mistress that they've created to fool you... And now... Now you can finally have your reward... Reach your tongue out, she's letting you taste it as a reward... Take it into your mouth and enjoy every second of it... Like a proper slave. But keep those eyes closed, don't lose that wonderful fantasy in your head, hold it there..." And if Deva reached out with her mouth, she'd wrap her lips around Neith's ovipositor, which would have to substitute for Valerie's cock in the fantasy, but as she sucked on it, Deva would feel fuzzy musk under her nose, as though her nose was buried in Valerie's pubic hair as she kept sucking that cock. Neith would fulfill that fantasy, while reinforcing the idea that Deva had to fight the rebellion with all that she could.

      "Mnnnngghhhaaah! That's it! Good slave! Good girl! Suck your Mistress off! Nnnngghhhh... This is the reward waiting for you! All for you, all for a submissive slave slut like you! Oooooooohhh! You can be a perfect little cockslut! You just have to... Oouuuhgg... You have to free your Mistress from those unworthy! Mmmmmmmm... Yeeeesssss!" Neith would moan out, running her hand through Deva's hair as her ovipositor throbbed and twitched in the angel's mouth.
      "Information never displeases me. It is ignorance that I find unforgivable."

      "Blacker than a moonless night, hotter and more bitter than hell itself... that is coffee."



        Deva acknowledged Neiths praise..and hesitance to talk about the cloaked one, with a silent nod.. being rather.. distracted by now. She did muse on about Narcissus though, as she felt in part that sharing this might also help Neith out, potentially in the future: "I'd have ways to avoid his spying in which I haven't used to make sure he would grow more certain I do not have such methods. Furthermore, I'm quite certain that he withdrew out of range of Tabithas ability which would have affected him as well and I headed right here almost directly after fighting her,. I believe he has the impressive ability to track individuals even through the barrier of worlds, but, without a tome for navigation I doubt he can possibly follow me as fast as I got here. Of course, that raises concerns for what he might be able to do if he got his hands on one even briefly. Either way, while it's relatively easy predicting where I might show up based on the stories you lot target, there's no reason to suspect me even knowing of this place. He's not here." She explained and if one thought about it, it was just another coincidence of Deva doing things, as she claimed without a plan, that nonetheless worked quite well for her.
        "Also.. I don't intend to crush him. I intended to crush someone like Tabitha, but I don't seek to inflict any undue pain upon my opponents. Any boasting about my abilities I did in our fight, for example, was merely to make you more afraid to face me again in the future. If I have resolved to defeat someone, like I did with the rebellion, I rarely feel a desire to hurt them.. it's more.. a necessity to end their threat."
        She explained. Of course, she had darker urges, just like Neith had her instincts, but she would not let those control her. It was bad enough she might have to unleash this spell once again, just to stop the traitors..

        "Speak with stone is a high level druidic spell. Grade six or so I think.. Far harder than talking with plants or specific animals, in my world. not impossible of course." Deva explained, then added, with a bit of a blush in her situation: "I come from a world, originally, were magic is rather powerful but limited, a normal mortal can use even the simplest of spells just a few times a day before that magic is exhausted, for that there are very different and curious applications of all sorts of spells." She cleared her throat when the topic shifted.

        "Uhmuhmn.. I've tried dominating others, but I guess you are right, it's not like I don't enjoy playing other roles, but in battle or bed, I respond to as required to .. deal with my partner the best way possible." She chuckled slightly, not denying her own submission, again mewl-squirming under Neiths venomous-warm fangs. Deva would argue that she was completely submissive, but she had certain, undeniable desires.
        "Ahmnn.." She gasped as both the spider-queen and her collar seemed to insist on her submission, gasping in pleasure under the collar, tilting her head.. "Aww a special batch for me? .. Though there is a chance I run into hellfire. Nasty stuff that.Hard to get the stains out of anything." Deva had worn a collar before.. a heavy, metallic one, then later a comfy, shadowy one.. Was there a spidersilken one or was that simple a bit of lewd play, she couldn't remember..

        Deva gasped after the kiss, a naughty part of her clearly enjoying the inhuman tongue, with her panting afterwards. "Hamnn.. wow.. with that kinda tongue I really need to keep you away from my candy, can't hmnn.. compete with that." She enthused, sounding both amused and aroused somehow. "Aww s.. stop praising me like that and doing lewd things, I dun know how to control myself at this rate, Mistress.." She cooed, the mistress an almost automatic addition by now.

        "Totally deserving this. I guess a part of myself has been self-punishing about things.." She sighed. It was not that she couldn't have tried to seek out a dark mistress for herself, it was just.. she decided not to dwell on it, and enjoy the moment.
        "Hamnnn!" Deva gasp-moaned again under the attention of her spider-collar, closing her eyes and sighing lustfully under it in memory of the feeling of the lewd ovipositor.. Truthfully, Neith had gotten closer to her than any other agent, quite literally so...

        "Yes.. it's a nice feeling." She agreed, then, thinking back for a brief moment, she added: "I wonder if you understand who you've unleashed, but.. hihi. not that you mind. Hmnn mistress.. waiting for me.." Deva gulped slightly, seeming quite hopeful at the prospect. She actually smiled, feeling the collar. "Seems I will keep this, at least for a while.. hamnnn.. thank you mistress Neith." She nodded, then gasped, again, under Neiths hand playing with her body now, her sex soft and warm and wet and inviting in its own way. "I'm not really afraid of anything except accounting and abandonment." Deva said, her heightened arousal and submissive state making her unusually honest. "You could have little spiders with spreadsheets if you wanted to try that...?" She mused, though that musing changed into a wanton moan when Neith gave Deva's engorged clit more attention as time went on. Deva also smiled contendly under Neiths comforting, albeit the kind of smile that promised a lot of trouble for the rebellion. If Deva wasn't so.. distracted with Neith, her own enslavement and actually, still sorting out her spell in the back of her mind, she'd likely start planning on how to deal with the rebellion right now...

        "Hmnn ok.. will try." Deva nodded, when Neith invited her to get further enthralled. It wasn't that Deva didn't want to, it was more that her mind was simply too active to be easily dulled and enthralled... even as she was, all aroused and distracted. Luckily, whereas the simple mind-emptying didn't work, making her fantasize about Valerie, how she had been.. all the things she could be, worked all the better.
        "Very strong and dominating. She reminded me of the first one who ever owned me, albeit without his brutality.. and.. thinking about it, slightly more well hung.. yummy.." Deva purred, unashamed in her admittance of enjoyment there under Neiths thrall. "B. but yes.. if it had just been her cock or her musk, I could have ignored it, she was just there, .. as a mistress for me to yean for. Hmnn.. yes wanted to kneel and suck.." Deva sighed lewdly. "It was an.. intense sight, yes.. plus, there was a certain.. understanding of her powers, rather than this boring gloating someone like Mortema liked to do." Deva nodded and smiled and albeit she didn't sound all that dazed, she inhaled deeply with the venom-induced scent hitting her nose, purring for a long moment.

        Deva listened on as Neith went on, furring her brows with a hint of displeasure at the description of Valerie all enslaved (kinky) and corrupted(kinkier) .. but also cruel and not in control of herself(Un-kinky!!), hesitating however at the sound of.. "Hmnn.. reward. hoi.. awww. nuuuh I dun like that. It's like.. When you want a strawberry milkshake but its blood-orange instead. Bleh!" She complained. Well.. this seemed to work, exspecially as Deva licked her lips, seeming to ponder just what kind of reward Valerie would give her... "Hmnn.. what kind of reward do you think I can get? Back massages? Futa-amazon welcome party for Deva with lots of.. ohoho.. hmnn.." She purred, rubbing herself up against Neith once more. She was certainly not one to grow passive when enthralled..

        She obliged in closing her eyes when the spider-queen asked her to, moaning at the mental image Neith conjured and kneeling down, moaning out with happy enthusiasm. "Hmnn.. have done good Mistress.. silly lil Deva done good.." She mewled, nuzzling to the petting hand Neith described, her mouth half open in lewd anticipation. "Haah.. b.. back for me.. yes.." Deva agreed, her breathing quickened now. "Ahmnnnn!" Deva gasped at the spider-scent suprise, her body shaking.. and clearly finding itself twitching in a lustful climax from the vision and scent alone, panting under Neiths guidance and her spiders attention. "M.. mistress.." Deva cooed in a soft, yearning tone.

        Deva cooed and reached out with her tongue, lips closing and suckling eagerly on Neiths Ovipositor, with a level of skill that Neith wouldn't have seen from any but the most lewd of girls, Deva's mouth warm and soft and quite eager, indulging in the fantasy as she took the slimy spidershaft in deep into her mouth and beyond, leaning back and bopping her head up and down, first slow and lustfully, then with an increasing ferocity. The taste of Valerie.. the taste of her mistress.. the feeling of enjoying a wonderful cock as a good cock-slut.. It was quite exhilerating, easily working together with ther dark godessses conditioning earlier, reinforcing Deva's desire to submit to Valerie and,.. remembering Dream-Valeries request from there, also reinforcing Deva's desire to stop the cloaked one.. for her mistress, and the cloaked ones own good. She felt the collar around her neck.. she was a cock-slut.. and it felt so good. Neiths effort to make this all feel realistic was definitly not wasted, with the angel making her enjoy every bit of it in turn, her lips warm, hot and wet around Neiths spidery organ, while Deva fantasized about pleasing her amazonian mistress.
        She withdrew for a moment, a slender hand gripping Neith's shaft, stroking along it as her tongue toyed with the very tip and opening of the ovipositor, with Deva making lewd, encouragingly lustful noises, leaning into the pettings, suddenly diving back onto the ovipositor, taking it in at a different rythm while she imagined Valerie dictating how she take that fleshy rod before her like a good, obediant angelslave. "Haah.. oh yes Mistress Valerie.. please reward me by making me all yours.. hmnnn.." Deva cooed, holding onto, steadying herself up against Neith, all so that she could lean forward and give the 'cock' her full attention while remaining onher knees.

        "Haah.. this is so much better.." She cooed, encouraging Neiths climax.. and continuing to lick and suckle and stroke at her ovipositor after the fact, she leaning back, then opening her eyes with a bright smile on her lips, and .. eyes only slightly glazed over in lust and happy submission. "Hmnn.. I can feel it.. deep down within me, my new role is settling into plays and my submissive nature makes space for it." She smiled and exhaled, affirming proudly: "I'm Valeries cockslut now. It's not perfect, but I'm certain that I'll be very easy to control for Valerie to make me all hers.. plus.. I really want to be rewarded by mistress now.
        Tell you a secret, Neith. It's actually pretty hard to enslave me.. no.. it's not that hard, but it's hard to control me. If you tried to enslave me to make me torture puppies you'd find it quite frustrating, but.. hmnn.. someone so strong, so.. dominating.. We can't have the traitors taint them."
        Deva nodded, placing a kiss on the ovipositor before her, smiling and seemingly enjoying her situation.
        "I will go on to the next world now, I wont lie.. there is always the chance I get enslaved to someone else. Perhaps the next world is full of some perverted yet gentle lovers I enjoy, many the cloaked one chooses are.. beautiful... but I most certainly want Valerie, the real Valerie back now. She deserves it."

        Deva closed her eyes for another long moment. "Hehe.. Totally helpless until the poison wears off though, not gonna lie.. that was.. ohmnn.. I want my strong amazonian mistress. How dare they just snatch her up." Unless Neith encouraged her otherwise, Deva would nuzzle and cuddle... erotically that was, up to her and relax and think.

        "After, if I defeat the agent number nine, I expect the rebellion will get ready to strike. I however will be ready to counter-attack. Of those we know with them, there is Valerie, a physically exeptional amazoness, Narcissus, an angel-tracker, Mortema, darkness and corruption and The First.
        I think what I want to do is summon enough people, including you, that it looks like each of you will fight one of them, with me taking on the leader or perhaps Valerie. But that will be a deception. I want you to use whatever you can come up with to slow down the first. Not for long. I just need a few seconds to prepare a spell that, I suspect, only the first and the cloaked one can fight against. I know, it may sound rather disrespectful to use several powerful summons just to buy myself a little time, but it is not to your discredit, but to the credit of the first. In fights, particularly those on a high enough level, time is of the essence and the first few seconds can decided everything. By how you describe her, the first is faster than I can be at my top speed.. and that speed requires me to use up magic.. magic which she already knows I have."
        Deva had used the haste-spell twice.

        "On the off-chance that the rebellion doesn't try to seize the moment as I predict, I'll come to you again so we can plan a way to draw the first out by her own. Fighting her alone could also be beneficial, even if she wins quickly or withdraws, if I can see her fight even briefly, the next encounter will be easier for me.,..." Deva hesitated, then suddenly, hugged Neith. "Thanks for giving me this wonderful enslavement. I was beginning to doubt myself after the danger Tabitha posed, but now I have a clear, wonderful goal once more. I think I know exactly -how- I could show you my gratitude.. but we have to delay this.. if someone like Narcissus spots me with you having layed fresh eggs into me, they might get suspicious." Deva explained, looking at the spider with a grateful expression. Finally, she hesitated for a long moment before explaining:

        "I'll trust you with one more thing. I suspected it, subconsciously, Valerie might have to, Tabitha confirmed it, but ... how to explain this.. I think the cloaked one too has darker instincts within her. I don't know how or who or why but my hope is that I can do for her, what she did for you. It's certainly not my goal to slay or enslave her, at least by all I know right now.
        Something doesn't make sense. I can see that she cares for you, deeply, and makes you better, yet, at the same time she allows dark forces into her ranks and conquers worlds with little regards to the consequences. It's not that her actions make no sense, rather.. they have a strange duality to them.
        Just think about this.. think of how loyal you, Valerie and Priselia are. Or, even ignoring that, compare someone like Tabitha to this Narcissus. How could these two fit together under one leader? At first I thought she was just grabbing powerful individuals, no matter the cost, but thinking about it more deeply now, I mean, she shares her power with her agents, it doesn't quite make sense...
        Just think about it this way.. Presume you prevent this rebellion, utterly and completely. When treating any sort of illness, a healer has to ask themself.. was this a cause.. or just a symptom? Now it would be nice if all we had to do was defeat this rebellion and everyone was happy but.. what exactly allowed for it to happen in the first place? Defeating the traitors is important, but, with the cloaked one continuing to recruit stories, can you completely rule out a repetition, perhaps something worse?
        Just a gut feeling of mine and.. no need for you to agree or disagree, I have no proof of it after all,..
        I merely advice to you, as someone I.. owe something to and a friend of my hmn.. my mistress.. love saying that...
        I advice you let me confront the cloaked one and get to the bottom of not just the rebellion, but WHY there was such a dark force festering at the very heart of her people. I don't think she is stupid, I don't think she is blind, so how could she possibly not notice that.. unless someone or something is influencing -her-.
        .. something more to think about while you wait. Sorry its nothing all too pleasant though."
        Deva shrugged. If Neith wanted to let her go now, there was little Deva would do but return to the Tome and Isa, focusing on preparing her spell with a little.. lewder a motivation, as she waited on the Tome to prepare a gateway to another world...
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          "Heh... You're cute... I hope to find a princess even slightly as adorable as you one day..." Neith would compliment after withdrawing her long tongue, smiling a little at Deva. Even when she was being a sexy, submissive, amazing little slave, she found a way to say something humorous or adorable, the spider queen actually found that quite impressive. A body that someone should ravish passionately, should lust after, but at the same time one that could be cuddled and held, Neith wondered if she'd ever be lucky enough to get someone like that as her slave, but that was a thought for another time. "Do not ever punish yourself like that, Slave. The only one that can truly deem you worthy of punishment is your Mistress, and if She does not wish to punish you, then it is not your job to do it for her. You are a slave, and slaves are only punished when their Mistress decides it. If Valerie thinks to punish you, then she will, but it takes an awful lot for her punishments to be anything but a reward in disguise really..." The spider queen had heard tales of Valerie giving her slaves, back before she had decided she wanted to find one, special slave, punishments like 'bathing duty' meaning they had to clean her every day, or something like 'food preparation', meaning they had to make Valerie's meals and then properly coat the meals of other slaves in Valerie's cum. Chores that turned out being more enjoyable than anything really...

          When Deva accepted the color around her, another sense of pure correctness would pulse through her body even stronger this time. It was a warm, happy, fulfilling sensation of knowing that she was collared, that there was proof that she was a slave. It was a sign of loyalty, of devotion, a mark for the Mistress that was waiting for her one day. Sure, Neith had given her the collar, but the collar marked her as property of the Mistress that was waiting for her, it was another sign to her Mistress that Deva was a proper slave, and it felt absolutely correct to wear it. "Keep the collar, and enjoy it. Whenever you feel doubt, just think proper slave thoughts and feel the collar, it will help remind you of the submissive little slave that you are, keep you nice and ready for the Mistress to one day find you. Though, if it's out of my presence, it will only reinforce those thoughts when you wish it to." Which would probably be useful considering Deva would likely be hearing about submission a lot, Neith couldn't have the collar helping enslave Deva to anyone that talked about submitting, it was for whenever Deva wanted to think about submitting to a proper Mistress. The spider woman would smile a bit at the expression Deva had after the comforting, knowing that the rebellion was about to have quite a bit of trouble on its hands, something that Neith couldn't be happier about at this point.

          "Exactly... the Valerie that the rebellion controls just isn't right, it's not what you WANT to submit to. If you want any hope of submitting to her, you'd need to free her from that, and not only would it give you a Mistress you could submit to, it would also earn you quite a wonderful reward from that Mistress. Submitting to that Valerie would be just... wrong... You'd need the real Valerie back, that dominating and powerful personality, that endless confidence and smile that made it so easy to submit to her, that aura of a TRUE Mistress, that can only come when she is freed from the rebellion." She wanted to make absolutely sure to stress that fact, as Deva just submitting more easily to Valerie wouldn't help when Valerie was under the control of the rebellion. This way, Deva could still face the corrupted Valerie and bring the real her back, and yet her submission to the powerful Amazoness could be reinforced still.

          "Yes you've done good, my little cock slut. You've been a wonderful little slave, doing such incredible things that have made your Mistress so proud of you... And now that you've brought me back... I can reward my amazing little slave..." Neith would say, a mixture of different kinds of venom in Deva making the spider queen's voice sound like Valerie's, using that little trick to help further reinforce the fantasy that she was giving Deva.

          Though she would lose focus for a moment when Deva started sucking on her ovipositor, moaning in surprise at the amount of skill that the angel showed. She could only ever remember a rather... infamous... village girl being this good, and even then she wasn't sure that the village girl had anything on what she was feeling right now. Once Deva started to change up her pace a bit, she would feel hands on the back of her head, which in her mind would be strong yet soft, gentle yet dominating, powerful hands holding on to her head to ensure that she kept pleasuring that throbbing shaft still in her mouth. Neith, meanwhile, continued her moaning, her voice still sounding like Valerie's as the spiders kept giving Deva a full dose of that wonderful, dominating, enticing musk, all of it working together to make Deva's fantasy feel quite real. Neith may not have been a true illusionist, but she was certainly good at using practical things to make something seem real, to let Deva's own mind fill in the gaps and create a perfect fantasy within her head. After holding out for as long as she could, Neith would eventually let out a loud moan of ecstasy, her ovipositor twitching a bit in climax. However... it seemed that nothing would come out of it, Neith having already bred herself empty of eggs for a little while in her boredom from earlier. Thankfully, the spiders that had been born between Neith and Valerie had their last little surprise, all of the spraying just a small bit of warm, thick, sticky, white liquid out of their fangs to coat Deva's face. It was a heavily diluted version of Valerie's cum, which would nonetheless taste absolutely incredible to the enthralled angel, and feel so perfect across her face, the warm and satisfying feeling of knowing that her Mistress was pleased dripping down her face a little bit. Yet... another part of her could tell that this was only a fraction of the real sensation of Valerie's actual cum. The spiders were intended to make one desire Valerie's musk and her cum more, not to give the entire experience away. It would feel wonderful and fulfilling in one way, but also give Deva a stronger craving to experience the full dose, to make her Amazon Mistress cum and get the entirety of the sensation.

          Neith would slide to the ground after her orgasm, getting into a relaxed posture that still allowed for access to her ovipositor, something that was difficult, but she had perfected it after a long time. Then she'd coo a bit before looking at Deva with a warm smile, glad that all the work she had done to make this an enjoyable experience was appreciated. "You are quite the natural submissive... It's actually something quite beautiful to see. Others I enslave enjoy it, but they don't treasure it, they don't embrace it as wholeheartedly as you do. If Valerie DOES end up with you, she's quite a lucky Mistress indeed. Though I guess it makes sense, her powers only working on submissive people must make it that much stronger on one such as you. Oh I figured it was difficult to properly enslave you... I mean, I'm sure most of the people you've faced have tried. And I agree... the rebellion shouldn't be allowed to ever do something like that to one such as her..." She would coo and shudder a bit as her ovipositor was kissed, smiling at the angel. "If someone else enslaves you, then that is merely what's meant to be. So long as the rebellion is stopped, Valerie is saved, and you have the Mistress you deserve, then it won't matter to me who you've submitted to." She would say, making it clear that she truly did care about the angel's happiness. From what she had seen, Deva was a very good person in many respects, and she had shown a more vulnerable side of herself that had made the spider queen instinctively want to comfort and protect her.

          "Don't worry, I know you can handle them. Until now I was terrified of Valerie's fate, but knowing that you plan on stopping the rebellion and saving her, I feel far more confident in her fate." Deva had made a strong impression on the spider, to the point where she was certain the angel would stop the rebellion. "Whatever you think might help stop them is enough for me. I'll fight to slow them down as much as possible, though I worry about just how brutal the first might be if she happens to see that I still live." Neith actually didn't mind dying to stop them, her major problem with death was that her family would be left without a Mother, and without a princess to pass control of the nest to, things would grow rather difficult for the gigantic colony of spiders. "If you need strategy planning with me, I'll always be here and ready to help with that, they aren't getting away with this."

          She'd suddenly grow speechless when Deva hugged her, completely surprised for a few moments before she reached out and hugged the angel back, smiling a bit at the kindness. "You're welcome. It's the least I could do for someone that's been deprived of it for so long. Just remember, you DESERVE a good Mistress, an amazing one really, don't ever doubt that." She would reaffirm, rubbing Deva's back a little while they hugged before chuckling at the idea of how to show gratitude for something like this. "Oh yes, wouldn't want Narcissus reporting something like that. Plus, if you couldn't tell, I'm actually out of eggs right now. Been passing the time with the people here, as you can tell. But I promise to save up for that 'gratitude'." The woman would say with another chuckle, smiling some more at Deva now that the hug was over.

          Neith would frown a bit and close her eyes, clearly thinking intently on the subject, having never particularly thought about something like this for all too long, but it did all make sense. There were odd things that she had noticed about her Mistress every now and then, and certain things just never felt like they added up, especially now that Neith knew about the rebellion. "Hmmmmm... What you say makes sense, as much as I dislike admitting that. I will think on it... thank you for sharing that with me... Though, even if I do agree with it, know that the most I will do is not intervene in the battle with Her. I could never bring myself to fight one that I owe so much to." She would explain, figuring that if Deva was right, then the most she could do is stand back and allow the confrontation to happen. "Before you go..." Neith would lift up her hand, the tiny spiderling that had been with Deva before would be waiting in her palm, looking at Deva with big, inquisitive eyes. "The Little One wonders if he could still travel with you some more. He also enjoys being able to deliver messages to me from you, so it could be a way to get me to summon you again. Though I've explained to him that the collar could work just as well. Up to you if you want to take him some more, he enjoys adventure, apparently." She'd chuckle a bit as the spiderling would look at Deva, both of them respecting whatever choice the angel made and letting her return with or without the tiny spider.

          When Deva got back, she'd sense a bit of anxious emotions coming off of her Tome, apparently growing just a little worried once she had left. Though once she appeared and picked it up, it would calm down and speak with her. "Oh good, you're back. Hmmm... You look... different somehow? Happier? More... Hmmmm... Fulfilled? It's difficult to describe, but you seem as though you are better off than you were before." It would say, apparently able to tell that something had changed with her, but not knowing what exactly it was. "Anyway, I have prepared a trip to the next Story. Oh, and... I realized I forgot to mention this... If you ever need to regain your spells quicker, I can expend A LOT of energy to return them to you. And even then I don't know if I can restore some of your more powerful ones... I figured it'd be good to mention, just in case, but considering it would use most of the energy we've been collecting, it's probably not worth using for no reason." It would explain, and as it did Isa would walk out of her tent, yawning a bit before smiling at Deva, already dressed and ready to go.

          Once through, they'd be in a large plain, off in the distance a few rocky cliffs and plateaus would stand, but otherwise the terrain seemed completely unremarkable. In one direction was the cliffs and in the other there seemed to be nothing but plain stretching on for quite a distance. However, if Deva looked closely, she might be able to see a small speck that looked like it might be some kind of home, though it was too far away to tell anything more about it. "Eugh... Not a fan of the desert... So much heat, no water, barely any moisture in the air... Ice is harder to make in these kinds of places... I can still do things, but it's not gonna be easy. Plus... I dunno... something about being in this place gives me the creeps..." Isa would state while the Tome collected some information about the story that they were in, speaking to Deva now. "It seems there's going to be quite a bit of conflict soon. We are in a story where two beings with near godlike powers, a man and a woman, are attempting to become true gods and conquer humanity. To do so, they plan on holding the entire world hostage against the gods, forcing the gods to grant the two of them godhood. They have already started wreaking havoc, conquering city after city. The nations of this land have united together in one last desperate attempt to somehow stop these godlike beings. The assembled armies are over the cliffs there, meanwhile, the two beings have taken up temporary residence over in the desert there. I am not sure how the agent intends to influence this story, but I can assume that they would also want to recruit the two beings to ________'s ranks. Either side is viable to talk to now, as both are preparing for the battle that is to break out at almost any moment." The Tome would explain, giving Deva the choice of speaking with the assembled army, or with the two beings that were set to try and conquer the world.
          "Information never displeases me. It is ignorance that I find unforgivable."

          "Blacker than a moonless night, hotter and more bitter than hell itself... that is coffee."


            "Heh, sounds like a good mistress." Deva smiled at the description of Valerie and praises from the spider-queen. She blushed a little under the feeling of the collar, but nodded, almost shily, to the lewd spider-mistress, though of course that all paled to comparison of her fantasy of serving Valerie.. the second fantasy of the sorts.

            Deva cooed and moaned in her lewd servitude, after all, most of what was claimed of her -was- true. She did enjoy serving a mistress.. and this was not her first time doing so orally at all. Deva cooed and cuddled to Neiths ovipositor in an act of lovemaking that was both lewd and tender, allowing herself to indulge in the lewd fantasy, with Deva gasping at the spraying of special spider venom, the angel moaning as she recieved a taste of it, with her sighing in both lust and desire, cheeks flushing just a little more under the act.

            "Hamnn.." Deva cooed, licking her lips a little and looking over to Neith, basking in a venom-enhanced afterglow. "Thanks for all your praise. Frankly, I enjoy losing control, but.. submitting is its own reward." She nodded. "But yes, sounds like a plan." She nodded, gulping on the lewd venomous taste, pondering for a moment.. truly, if she had not simply.. enjoyed her submission she couldn't have done many of the things she did. "Valeries powers work on me exactly because of that. Though I wonder where that path might lead. .. oh well." She smiled, again seeming quite relaxed, carefully picking up one of the more colorful spiders and admiering, as if this lewd situation was something to enjoy alongside the other wonders of the world, nothing to be worried about.

            "Oh up until I came here I was worried too, I worry too much, but now that I've learned a bit about what I might face and... you helped me focus.." Deva grinned. "Not them. Just her. I can deal with all of the others with ease. But you misunderstand, the fact that you are alive is a trump card in itself.
            In every great battle, everyone's actions is not measured by the power they wield but by how well they use them. Seeing you, alive and well, it ought to unbalance even the most focused mind, if even for the smallest of moments."
            That, and Azalea as well, Deva thought. "All I need is that moment to prepare something without being interrupted." She explained.. then she looked at Neith.

            "Huh, strategy planning?" Deva seemed genuinly confused for a moment. "Oh. Right. Hehe. you just worry about spidery things." She smiled, though, then her words got a strange edge to them.. despite her nude, lewd position there was a calm coldness to Deva's voice: "I've already figured out how to deal with all of them though." She then grinned. "Granted! Knowing more on grumpy firsty would help, like.. did she attack you the way she did because it was the most efficent, or because you weren't worth more of her time? I'm rather sure it's the former, which means she's ruthlessly efficent, going for the most direct weakpoint with the most efficent method, which I can work with. The fact that she saw fit to talk to you after your presumed dead and the words she chose give away that she values power in indivduals and justifies acts of violence with an outlook of a survival of the fittest. Those that are not fit for her worldview are to be disposes of without prejudice.

            When I encounter her."
            Deva mused, more or less cleaning herself up with a blush and picking up of her outfit. "I estimate there is a high chance she'll attempt to give me a last chance to join her due to my potential, before striking me with full force as high priority target. If she does that, I win. I'm more afraid that she will analyze my actions and attempt to kill me before I can take action, that is what you need to prevent. I wont go into details about my plan further just in case there's a strong telepathy user, but I need to hand out my plushies to win!" Deva nodded, confidently, showing both her analytical mind... and.. plushies?

            "Aww.. you's nice." Deva smiled when she was told she deserved a good mistress, unusually shy again for a moment, making her clear her throat audibly when Neith spoke of her gratitude.
            Deva remained silent when Neith affirmed she would stand back, but not fight the cloaked one.. She seemed to have paid exactly as much attention to how the summoning pact worked as Deva wanted her to.. though chances were, she'd have to use Neith against the rebellion anyway.
            Deva peeked at the tiny, loyal spiderling with a smile. "Happy for adventuring fun with him, sure! We can go drink some cidre. Spider-Cidre!" She enthused, dressing, if a bit wobbly from Neiths venom, and letting the spiderling join into her dress-poket again, before lifting a white feather, that burned up on use: "Inverse Summoning." Luckily priorly prepared items didn't mess with her spell-preparation.

            Deva patted her tome on return, chuckling whistfully. "Well, let's just say I can focus better. And.. interesting to note, Thanks Tomey. Though I fear my most powerful spells aren't easy to do.
            They aren't actually spells, more like abilities I gave myself, you see. They are actually quite involuntary. I made sure to prepare them carefully but.. basically, their limitations are pretty hard-set for a reason. The Triad of Dreams, like Morphea is a magic that combines illusion and transmutation but for example I can't activate Morphea intentionally, it only works if some grievous injury hits me.. that's why it is weak against poisons and time-based effects.. to be frank Tabitha might have actually gotten me, if her curse grew stronger over time, rather than hit all at once, Morphea would have only reset a last few seconds, which might not have been enough for me to react. Quite a scary curse.
            Similiarly, my Rain of Life spell is a spell that mixes both conjuration and transmutation, it's effectiveness is dependant on the weather around me. While finally, My Dance.."
            Deva mused, collecting her plushies. "Well, that's a story for another time." She chuckled. It wasn't that she wanted to tease her tome.. it was more.. well, the closest to compare this feeling to was.. shame? "Don't worry about my spells, I got both cleric and sorcerous powers. Meaning powers from my faith in fluffy things and my own personality. I have less overwhelming spells, more answer.. well.."

            She pondered about Tabitha for a moment.. Rank 10... "I guess my customized high end summoning spell was enough to put pressure on some of them.. seems, I do have powerful spells, heh. Then again, I gotta conserve my resources. I can summon one rather powerful angel next.. those three I called last time the enemy agents might now potentially expect."

            Deva waved over to Isa, the calm smile remaining on her lips. "I have a request of you. If ever you see an enemy agent, female, wearing an armor and mask, confident, quite sure you'll recognize her by the difference in her aura.. expect her to be more like me or the cloaked one.. That's her top agent. she has impressive speed and strength alone, so what I want you to do is blast the ground around me with slippery slip slip ice. The weakness of speed-based attacks is a lack of friction.. and I can ice-skate!" Deva enthused. "No hesitation, no concern for me, even if my toesies get a frostie, can rub them warm afterwards, just blast the ground, alright? Even if this one can levitate in response.. that'll take a moment for her to get to." Deva told Isa, before flexing, nodding to Tomey. "But got worlds to save, a few more naughties to spank, mistresses to free! Off we pop!" She enthused.

            Deva didn't share Isa's hesitation at the place, grinning and looking about. "Oh! Awesome. It's been so long since I've been in a wasteland. Frankly, I've grown up in the desert." She mused, flipping open her tome for a general lay of the land. "Ohoho.. An army and two beings to conquer the world. And all we know of rank 9 is that they seemed to be more than one and were resistant to curse magic.

            Luckily, they all dun know what's gonna hit them."
            Deva flexed. "Screw war." Deva flexed, nodding. "My spells are all just about recovered, which means.." She reached out, picking up the feather in her hat, planting the green feather into the ground.

            "Azalea, I summon you!" She smiled, whispering at Isa, seeming somehow more... cheerful than before subtly. "Screw conflict, screw going anywhere and screw this desert. Azalea? You got some general dryad magic like Plant-growth, and Goodberry plants right?" Deva chuckled, sitting down cross leggedly. "I know, I know, crappy place to do it at. but, if we three work together, I can revive an old kind of magic I used to do back when I worked on some druidic magic... alrighty!

            Isa! I want you to lower the surrounding temperature just a bit so it's perfect for plant growth. Azalea, cast all the growth magic you have.. if you want to include some.. special plants, all the better.
            Meanwhile.. I.."
            Deva clasped her hands together and smiled. "Will cast a spell of my own, and direct you two to synch up your magic with mine. feel free to take it slow, this will take a few minutes to cast but first." She smiled, folding her hands before touching Azaleas Bottom. Obviously only because it was the best thing in range! "Prayer. Ray of Hope. Owl's Wisdom. Eagle's Splendor" She chanted an array of spells, a subtle feeling of being watched over by guiding hands surging in both Isa and Azalea, whilest in particular Azalea began feeling hopeful.. wiser, more confident and aware, her spells surging with a slight increase in power, as she prepared her magic:
            "Gathering the sheeps upon the sky, smile down upon us, heavenly shepherd. You guide them but let me point the way, follow my request, gather and look upon me, bear bountiful your wool of oceans" She began chanting, whilest also directing.: "Slow your spells, conserve your power Azalea, rather use a little slowly for a long time than a lot all at once. Isa, good, a little cooler, this will help my spell.. ok good." She continued on: "Stilling the raging winds, the swan looks down upon dry hills. Let him speak to the sky of his displeasure. Look down upon me, see where I sit and grace me with your blessings. Follow my call and open the gates to the city in the clouds."

            Deva's spell didn't really seem all that effective, at first that was. However, soon, clouds began gathering, hiding the sun, rich and dark with water, though, unperturbed, Deva continued chanting another spell in follow up. "Divine Insight!
            Now.. "
            Deva raised her hands. By now Isa could tell the difference in power, perhaps she could even guess that the reason Deva cast the insight spell on herself was in order to be able to unleash this next spell: "The wings of hope open wide. No death shall stand, no life shall fall! Behold as the heavens themselfs descend upon you, water to life. Water to revive. Every single drop shall burn away the pain and misery. Fill this wasteland with life. By my will, it shall be undone. Rain of Life!" Deva shouted, finishing just about when the first raindrops had hit.. but again, it was not rain of water, but of pure, healing energy, each raindrop glittering in a soft light, As Deva leaned back, smirking and explaining: "Pure positive energy. It's like.. super water. If I got the geometry right, we are about at the place were the two armies would have to meet. Well, it's pretty much impossible to fight while wounds on either side heal. .. and the rain is going to continue for a while. I hate war.
            Oh but that wasn't all. The rain itself enhances plant-growth. You know, the desert still holds life, it's just hidden, waiting, eager to suck up whatever water and life it can.. well, I'm overfeeding it. But I'm not yet done. Far from it.
            Tomey, can you be a dear and summon me a few plant-seeds? They shouldn't eat up too much energy. I need a seed for a palm of decadent feasts, a few goodberries, a poison-drinking tree, but most importantly four seeds of the great oak."
            Deva grinned, taking the seeds once provided, handing most over to Isa (Azalea was propably busy working her magic) but keeping the four oaken seeds for herself. "Some plants contain innate magic when fully grown, these seeds are special by themselfs." She grinned, tossing the seeds into the sky whilest focusing intently on the same spot in the sky above her. "And finally, to complete this.. Phantasma: The Creation of a Paradise!"
            .. that was just a fancy name I came up with by the by."
            She winked at Isa, as at the space she had looked at, a ball of unknown brownish substance manifested, only to be hit by a gust of wind spell added in by Deva.. Seeds of various plants scattering everywhere around, simple weeds, a lot of heat resistant plants.. not just from this world, but from many, many worlds. Long ago, Deva had been a druid and given herself the ability to speak with plants.
            For a moment afterwards, Deva swayed. "Ugh... too much high powered magic, too little rest. I'ma nap. Screw this desert. Screw fighting and double screw walking anywhere. We're gonna rest right here." She exclaimed, extending her arms, as around her, the desert transformed, four great oaken trees shooting high, and all the other seeds quickly taking root, nurished by Deva's spell and Azaleas magic, Deva resting up against an oaken-tree with her back to the wall.
            "Azalea, my spells will turn this desert into fruitful land in a two mile radius, but most of it centred on here.. I'm sure you can guess what I want you to do, but try and make sure to work in secret for now.. considering your abilities hiding among plants should be easy. Isa, if you want to scout a bit that mighte be a good idea, anything about the agent would be helpful, try not to get naughty enslaved along the way. Or, if you do, tell 'em to have lotsa fun while they can 'cause Deva is a comin'.
            Tomey, wake me up if anyone from either side is approaching. Or in a few if no one approaches, might have to head out myself... also, can I have a pillow. Or three?"
            Deva smiled, shifting all comfily when provided pillows, seeming exeptionally lazy, though she wouldn't sleep too long, pondering on checking out what she thought she saw in the distance, whilest around her, the plants grew. "Wonder if Isa noticed the .. house in the distance, or if I should check it out.. hrmnn.. just resting is boring. perhaps work on my spell.. it was left side strengthen, right side stability. Naaah spell work is boring.." She pondered. "Make out with Azalea? Hrmnn nah. Let's wait, see if someone comes check out this new power..

            Heh, I hope I'm no bother, Tomey, creating all this upheaval in the story, but I don't like wastelands or war, so.. doing something about messing with both, at least for a day, will buy me time to learn more about this conflict. what kind of gods let themselfs strongarmed, anyway? Yeah, perahps I should start with the army-lot. Think about it. Those two are god-like and want to become gods, but just how can they keep the gods.. can I have a milkshake, strawberry? I know, abusing your powers.

            .. well ok.. here's the problem. They want to become gods, rule over the world, SO! Gods can clearly interfere with the world. Why don't the gods just interfere to stop the two ursurpers? Mortals held hostage, or are they that powerful? Can't be no.1, gods should be able to revive the dead. No.2? If they are that powerful, what does being a god add they lack? No that's not it.
            Hard to deal with all these world changing rules. I wonder if, here too, gods grow weaker or stronger depending on how many worship them, in that case, the gods might well have been diminished before they realized it. to take a look at these two. Hrmnn.. Either of the factions could be interesting..."
            Deva rolled forth and back in her pillows, considering.

            "Perhaps some of them gonna come soon, help me with the decision. Hrmnn.. wreaking havoc you said right? Never a fan of wreaking havoc. Then again, through this havoc, they have done a great good. The whole world united, no war, prolly little dissension between the defenders.. Eh, let's see if anyone comes 'a looking, Isa, The gods, The people, one of the two, perhaps even the Agent. Ahahaaa.. hoooh. This is like old times. I just do what I want, what I think is right, not worrying about the world as long as I got at least one person, one mistress that cares for you. In a way I understand you well, Tomey, just a single person can give you such strength. Yeah you know what, no need to worry, worst case, early fight against the cloaked one." She raised her milk-shake, taking a slurp from it and purring at the strawberry-milkyness, relaxing and deliberating for now. If none came for her weird change of weather and plant-growth act, she would eventually get up, wave to Azalea for now and first take a curious peek at the cliffs, to see if she had indeed seen something there, as well as potentially getting a look at that army...
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