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Tailored RPs Initial Interest and character ideas

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    Re: Tailored RPs

    Oh man. Broken sounds like Metro 2033! Except with monstergirls, and stuff, I guess. Anyway I fukken love Metro 2033.

    Preferred setting: Broken
    General plot idea: I wish to rise out of the ashes. Found a settlement, and do a buncha adventuring pertaining to founding a settlement. Securing a source of food, water, and energy, clearing the local area, stuff like that. Human, something else, all will be welcome - so long as they aren't assholes, anyway.
    Sex: Well, I'm kinda shit at it, but crazy mutations and stuff are my fetish... if it fits in?

    Ye olde character idea brainstorming: - Bioluminescent... something. A nightlight, to ward off the boogeymen - a beacon in the dark! Maybe some kind of anti-monster fieldy thing, too, so I'm not just a man who is also a flashlight... I was thinking "scientist who (at least feels like) is at least partially responsible for the end of the world" or "engineer", to help with the whole "building" bit.
    - Similarly, I could become some kind of weird glowmoss-critter. Become photosynthetic, be sadly detached as other people starve while complain about how cold it is while I sunbathe for food... As a plantman I could totally get tentacles too, right? Tentacles are fun. ...Maybe, compounded with just being detached, I could be some kind of food source. Like, vegetables grow on my face and stuff, and/or my presence makes crap grow, even with the snow. Que possession wars.

    Solo/Group: Party play would probably be ideal - for me, at least.

    ULMF's request thread. Ask for stuff there.
    ULMF's game FAQ. Has info on how to run JP games and ISOs.
    IQDB. Searches for images!
    JDownloader, automates downloads from places like Megauplohwait.
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      Re: Tailored RPs

      Preferred setting: Broken
      General plot idea: trying to survive, food supply is running low/almost completely gone and must trek to find anywhere new that's safe and habitable.
      Sex: Sounds great by me, though ero has never been my forte. I assume it almost all with fit naturally, depending on the enemies.

      Character ideas: Try to go with a civilian route with something that at least explains some level of being handy. I figure former short order cook would explain a decent understanding of knives, plus an ability to try and make a living now with cooking whatever he can sort out is fine to eat. As for mutations of some sort, [may be edited later]
      Solo/Group: I'd most like this to be a group effort, figure it would differentiate the game well.


        Re: Tailored RPs

        ...I'm probably biting off more than I can chew, with the impending storm of events and the like (the events leading up to such already beginning to wear me down as I speak) but...

        Preferred setting: Broken
        General plot idea: Survival is always a fun thing...Creating a cult or the likes, "uniting" civilization once again, may not be so bad either.

        "Do not fear the winds of change. Rather embrace them...For only through acceptance shall salvation come unto you...

        Sex: Depends on what character idea I end up going with. Though I'm mostly indifferent.

        Character ideas: Solitary survivor, perhaps a "snow maiden" of sorts whose very blood has become ice cold so as to better adapt to the changing environment (through mutation of course)...An originally devout person who, perhaps incorrectly, has deemed the mutations and the calamity prior to them to be the will of the heavens, and desires to unite all those who survive under such a belief...and of course, as all good cultists do, exterminate the nonbelievers.

        Solo/Group: I'd prefer group play, given the nature of the setting, though solo may be better for me given the possible schedule screws to come.


          Re: Tailored RPs

          Is it to late to join? If it's not I'm interested in playing

          Preferred setting: Magic storm.

          General plot idea: Survive the turbulence of inevitable war. Trying to avoid capture by the government, while helping people along the way.

          Sex: Yes, if it fits I'll try my best to make it sound good.

          Character ideas: Most likely a civilian that found they have magic powers. They will be on the run from the government to avoid being moved into the army. While coming to use with their magic, she will help other civilians in any way she can.

          Solo/Group: Solo will probably work best for the plot I have in mind.

          This will most likely be updated as ideas come to me.


            Re: Tailored RPs

            As things stand, it looks like the Magic Storm threads are going to be solo affairs. While the Broken game looks to have enough players with the same sorts of goals to be run as a group game, at least to begin with.

            I'll work on getting some more world information for Broken pieced together and maybe a map or some such since you'll all be in the same sort of area. Otherwise I'll work on getting up any other information I deem necessary or useful then start launching threads once all the characters are settled.