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This will be where all character sheets for current and future PCs will go. Below is an example character sheet done up for our convenience by our very own Mind Flayer. : )

Character Name:

Sailor Name:



Element of Influence:

Description: (As I figure height and weight should go in here since it is your character's description, list those even if you post a pic. All other character notes can go under here if you wish to add them in, such as strengths and weaknesses, etc....)

Background/Fluff stuff: (Write your character a background if you like and to just add certain little things that your characters might do or how they might act. Having a decent background may get you some possible bonuses in the form of 1-3 extra character points. Also list an occupation if any or if they're in school and those sorts of things, as all characters are likely to be 18+ at least I assume)



Attack combat value:
Defense combat value:

Total character points:
Attributes and Sub-Attributes:

Main Attribute and sub-attributes:
(Senshi/Knight powers) level: () character points used: ()

(Sub-Attributes) level: () power points used: ()

Neutral Attributes:
(Neutral Attribute) level: () character points used: ()

(Label each sub-attribute and put them under the senshi/knight power part, and in the case of sailor senshi attack you should probably give a small description of what it would look like when used, like with a fire based one it could be a simple fireball being shot or flung at your opponents or something like that.)

Flaws/Defects: (Max of 5 extra character points can be gained from flaws/defects. More flaws/defects are allowed if you want but you won't get more than 5 character points in total. Just list each flaw and what they do to your character, and add 1 or 2 extra points to your total character points depending on how bad a flaw you've taken.)

Extra Notes: Just add in a few extra bits for the GM to know about your preferences of thread type, such as whether or not you want a more ero like thread or a more serious one, etc....
Dec 14, 2008

Sailor Nyx / Michelle Conway
Sailor Tethys

Name: Michelle Conway
Age: 18
Element of Influence: Water, Motion
Sign: Aquarius
Height: 5'10

Body: 5 (9)
Mind: 3
Soul: 4 (6)

HP: 75
EP: 45
Attack Value: 8 (9)
Defense Value: 6 (7)

Character points:

Attributes and sub-attributes: level (cost)
Senshi powers: 1 (4)
Elemental Control (Water) 1 (3pp)
Elemental Control (gravity) 1 (3pp)
Senshi Attack 1 (4pp)

Acrobatics 1 (1)
Combat Mastery 2 (4)
Extra Attacks 1 (4)
Focused Combat (H2H) 1 (1)
Fortified Body 4 (4)
Massive Damage 1 (2)
Speed 1 (1)
Strong Soul 2 (2)

Character defects:
Attack Gesture (-2)
Easily Distracted (Food) (-1)
Powered After Transformation (-2)
Transformation Loss (-1)
Marked (-1)
Phobia (Thunder) (-1)

Senshi Attack: Ice Crystal Storm
Sailor Tethys strikes a pose, making a hand motion to seemingly pull an ice shard out of thin air, the first of many sent towards her opponent as she flings it their way, a rain of crystalline ice shards following the first.
Targets defend at +1, 10 damage, 4EP cost

Appearance: Tall and lean compared to her japanese classmates, Michelle has an athletic build offset by her long brown hair and piercing stare. She has the practiced movements of a dancer, or a fighter, smooth motion and natural grace. She's taken to wearing local clothing when not in her school uniform, though her fashion sense could not be called perfect by any means.

(Marked)Michelle has a pair of tattoos, one on each arm, just below the shoulder. Left is the head of a snarling wolf viewed from the side, facing forward, and on the right is what appears to be a series of stylized gouges, eight pointing down and partially overlapping. They're a remnant of her time on the street, and quite recognizable.

Backstory: Michelle may not be loud, but she is certainly confident. Having lived on the street for four years before being remanded into the foster system, the girl quickly learned how to handle herself. Once reintroduced to school life and a stable home, she finds her challenges somewhat easier than she's used to, leading to a certain swagger about her. Her foster parents moved to Tokya with her (They live in the Akihabara district) in the hopes that seperating her from the familiar sights of her past would help her even out and focus on her schooling more. She's made many impressions but few friends since.

Little changed when she became a senshi, the sudden responsibility and challenge forcing her to adapt once again. She still acts the same as she goes through her classes, but remains on her guard for when she's needed. She struggles in most of her classes, but loves her P.E. class. She's also on the swim and basketball teams, where she excells.

After school, she tends to hang around and roam, originally to explore, now to patrol. What little pocket change she has is from a weekly allowance, odd for someone her age, but she doesn't mind.

As a senshi, she favours hand-to-hand attacks over her newfound powers, though it has seemed more than adequate so far. She takes her duty very seriously, refusing to back down even when she seems to be losing.
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Jan 4, 2014

My trainie Sailor Scout.

Name: Nicholas Arashi
Sailor Form Name: Sailor Tempestas
Element of Influence: Electricity/Lightning
Gender: Male
Age: 20

Body: 2
Mind: 5
Soul: 8

Hp: 50
Ep: 75
Attack Value: 5
Defense Value: 3

Nicholas stands 5' 4" tall. He is rather plain looking with blue eyes and short blonde hair. He appears to be part japanese and part westerner. His body is thin and very much the small scrawny geek. He typically wears a t-shirt and jeans, with a pair of black rimmed glasses. He also has a large tattoo on the left side of his body and covering his left arm and wrist. A small silver earing is in his left ear. It is in the shape of a small lightning bolt. The ear ring is also his transformation item.
In his Sailor Scout form his hieght is unchanged. Her hair when loos hangs down to her bottom, but is usually tied back into a ponytail with a dark prple ribbon and bow. Her female body is a very pleasing hourglass figure, with a small waist and wide curvy hips. Her chest is very large and her butt is a plump heart shape. Her measurements are B 40" - W 24" - H 36" Her tattos change to take on a less masculine cast. There is also a tattoo just above her rump. Her glasses remain though they are slim and elegant. Her belly button is also peirced with a small purple amethyst gem with a dangling gold star with a small blue gem in the center.

Sailor Scout outfit

Nicholas was born in Sunozaki. His mother was a canadian immigrant and his father was a local fisherman. Nicholas grew up aiding his father with his job, though his interests were in the sea life and the way the weather played about the sea or about his home town. He soon found himself studying and observing the different types of weather with awe. After highschool he moved to Tokyo to study sea biology and meteorology. Living in a small student apartment his life was fairly normal.

One night on his way back from his part time job at a video arcade, he was walking through a park. He saw some strange monster attacking a woman and her kid. Out of fear he quickly started to run away, though stopping as he heared the child crying as his mother tried to fight off the monster. Much to his chargin, he found himself turning around running to attack the monster. Though he was swiftly swatted aside by the creature.

In a daze he coud only watch as the creature once more advanced upon the mother and child. Cursing as he tried to stand back up and help the two helpless people. Trying to crawl over to help them he felt a lightness in him, and suddenly a blast of lightning arced down from the clear sky and struck the creature and scaring it off. After a moment of stunned relief he quickly ran over to the mother and son and asking if their were alright. The mother happily hugged and thanked him, saying that he was a wonderful heroine.

Afterwards he was in for quite a shock when he realized he was a woman and a magical girl. He quickly realized that his power and form had som connection to him trying to protect the people from the monster.

Attributes and Sub-Attributes:
Senshi Attributes Level 2 (4 per lvl)
- Electricity Elemental Control level 2 (3 per lvl)
- Senshi Attack level 3 (4 per lvl)
Shirubāboruto Arashi - A lightening bolt flys up from her hand into the sky. The bolt of lightning creating an eletrical storm that launches lightning bolts at a enemy each round. 60 damage and Costs 30 Ep

- Rejuvenation level 2 (1 per lvl)

Nuetral Attributes
- Heightened Senses level 4 (1 per lvl)
- Attractive Level 4 (1 per lvl)
- Distraction level 1
- Strong Soul level 3 (1 per lvl)
- Enegry Bonus level 1 (1 per lvl)


Powered after Transformation level 2
Marked level 2
awkward level 1
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Feh... I like this format better...

Sailor Nyx/Yoruno Yumeko ("Dream Child of the Night")
Element of Influence: Dreams
Age: 18
Birth Date: June 3rd, (18 years from the start year of the game)
Sign: Gemini
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 104lb
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Reading, Jewelry making
Favorite Colour: White
Favorite Gemstone: Onyx
Favorite Food: White Rice
Least Favorite Food: Anything spicy
Favorite School Subject: Art
Least Favorite School Subject: Phys.Ed
Strengths: Creativity, honesty
Weaknesses: Low Self-esteem, recurrent nightmares

Body: 3
Mind: 6 (2+4)
Soul: 10 (7+3)

HP: 85 (65+20)
EP: 80
Attack Value: 6 (8 for Senshi Attack)
Defense Value: 4 (6 for Senshi Attack)

Character points spent: 23
Unspent Points: 5

Attributes and sub-attributes:
Level	Name				Cost
1	Senshi Powers			4
2	Senshi Attack			8pp	Eternal Nightmare (20EP)
1	Environment Control		4pp	Nightmare Terrain (5EP)
2	Rejuvination			2pp
2	Heightened Senshi Power		2
3	Appearance			3
1	Acrobatics			1
3	Strong Soul			3
2	Focused Combat (Senshi Attack)	2
2	Supernatural Training		2
4	Powerful Mind			4
2	Damn Healthy!			2
Character defects:
BP	Name
1	Attack Restriction (Innocents and friends)
2	Powered after Transformation
2	Recurring Nightmares
2	Taint of the Negaverse
1	Transformation loss
2	Phobia (Men and Dogs, minor)
Eternal Nightmare
Sailor Nyx often clutches her head before using this attack as it causes great stress for her as she pulls her own nightmares to the surface and pushes them on her foe. She'll often shout the name of the attack, but this is mostly due to the stress and not because she needs to. The attack manifests visually as an inky black field that forms around her head (though not obscuring her features in any way) before being thrown at the enemy (or simply launched if her arms are restrained). Should the attack connect, the enemy's perceptions become overwhelmed by nightmarish sights and sounds. Nyx doesn't have enough control (yet) to specify exactly what the subject perceives, but it is always terrifying. The nightmare images overlay the real world, hiding attackers or other threats while also making it hard to navigate.
Targets defend at +2, attack does no damage. See Mercury Bubble Spray for an analogous power and effect.
EP cost: 20

Nightmare Terrain
Where Eternal Nightmare causes hallucinations in a single enemy, Nightmare Terrain actually physically alters the world around Nyx. The area around Nyx out to 30 yards/meters becomes a twisted reflection of reality. Lights often flicker or go out all together, walls become twisted and covered with unidentifiable growths, water runs black and the sun is blotted out, leaving the area in the same light level as during a solar eclipse. Shadows don't follow the actions of those that cast them, often moving out of the corner of one's eye. Wispy fog swirls around the area as well. Additionally, colours become muted in the area.
Those standing outside of the affected area see only a strange fog around the area until they step inside. Once the effect ends, everything returns to normal with no lasting effect as a result of the change.
Nyx can actively use this power simply by willing it, but it will also activate spontaneously if she is in great stress (combat or using Eternal Nightmare isn't sufficient). Nyx isn't really sure exactly how best to use this power, with the only use she currently has for it being to hide an area from outside view, usually to prevent bystanders from getting in the way of a battle. The changes unnerve Nyx just as much as everyone else, so she tries not to use it often.
EP: 5

Transformation Locket:
After one particularly terrifying nightmare, Yumeko awoke to find this tarnished silver locket hanging by a chain around her neck. No matter what she does, the silver never takes a polish and remains impossible to open. The locket is required for her to transform and she keeps it around her neck at all times.
Transformation Words: Nyx Transformation Power

Yumeko is a pretty, if fairly average looking girl with shoulder-length black hair and pale skin. She has a slight frame and a delicate look about her, like a china doll. Outside of her school uniform, she typically dresses in muted colours and tries to avoid drawing attention to herself. She finds it hard to smile and has a generally melancholic look about her. Though slight of build, she stays fit and active by being on the school's swim team where she is an average performer, though constantly being told she could be better if she believed in herself.

When transformed into the haunted warrior Sailor Nyx, the majority of her outfit is white (like most), but the trims are black. Her outfit includes knee-high boots that match the trim of her outfit, and similar gloves.

Yumeko is very quiet, her voice rarely reaching above the volume of a loud whisper when she talks, which isn't often. She's very humble to the point of self-debasing and has pretty much no self-confidence. This clashes with her role as a protector as Sailor Nyx, something she has trouble reconciling, positive that whatever decision it was to make her a guardian was a mistake. Yumeko is easily startled, often being lost in her own thoughts.

She has an intense fear of dogs and a slightly less intense fear of men, particularly older, outgoing men. However, she finds herself strangely attracted to the objects of her fears, unconsciously putting herself in situations where she'd be likely to encounter them (Though she hasn't spoken with one, a psychologist might suggest that this is her trying to get herself to overcome her fears).

When transformed, Nyx is only slightly more outgoing. Though still quiet, she becomes more aggressive and has a noticeably darker personality, though she still takes pains to avoid harming innocents.

Yumeko is plagued by nightmares and her subconscious has a great deal of material in her past to draw on for inspiration. Born to an alcoholic mother and abusive father, life was very hard for her. Their small apartment also didn't give her many places to run away to. School became her haven and books her escape.

When she was eight, her mother died of alcohol poisoning. Yumeko came home from school to find her mother slumped over a table, already dead. Her father took his grief out on her when he found out and when she returned to school, her arm was in a cast. Though she insisted it was due to her falling, some workers at the school started to look more closely into her family life. For some time, nothing came of this, neither Yumeko nor her father would admit to any form of abuse taking place.

At the age of fourteen, Yumeko decided to take a roundabout route home from school. The path took her through a quiet park, but before she could even start to appreciate the greenery, she heard a growl. That was all the warning she had before a large dog rushed at her, quickly knocking the small girl to the ground. She rolled over to try to crawl away, but felt two things that stopped her. First, the dog's jaws around her neck, and second, something pushing against her panties. Too scared to try to escape, Yumeko held perfectly still until the dog finally found its way past her underwear. Having never had sex before, the experience was painful, but any movement on her part was met with a tightening around her neck. After enduring what seemed like hours of pain and humiliation, the dog knotted her and she felt something warm spreading throughout her lower body. For some reason she found this sensation to be strangely pleasurable, and when the dog released his jaws from around her neck, she felt relief, but it took several minutes of further degradation before the dog's knot deflated enough that she could part from him.

Not long after her encounter with the dog, her father started mentioning that it was about time for her to start earning her room. She wasn't sure how she would go about doing that, but when he grabbed her and threw her face-down onto the floor, she felt a strange familiarity, and some dread accompanying it. Her father noticed her lack of hymen and then the more familiar pain started. This became a routine for her, she'd return from school to be raped by her father.

Yumeko endured this hell for years before she found the courage to open up to the school nurse during a routine checkup. She was quickly taken into protective custody and her father was locked up.
After this she found her way into foster care since she was still a minor. The family that took her in was kind, but also distant. It didn't help that she had been scarred by her previous sixteen years and found it very hard to trust anyone. Nevertheless, she felt a great weight lifted from her when she really started to believe that she could come home and not suffer pain and humiliation.

The nightmares remained, however, and a few nights before starting at a new school, she awoke to find a strange locket around her neck. Still unsure of its purpose, she still felt a need to keep it constantly on her person. Over the next few nights, her nightmares were filled with images of her fighting shapeless horrors, but wearing a strange outfit.

Yumeko hasn't had any proper supernatural training, but her attunement to the darker forces gives her a feeling when supernatural events or beings are near.
She hasn't transformed as of the starting of the game, but she has all the knowledge required of her. Instead of a friendly animal companion though, this knowledge was imparted by rather unpleasant dreams.
She's joined the school's swim team.
Yumeko likes making jewelry out of whatever she can, and wants to open her own jewelry store once she's able to.

Kigakari/Marissa LeBlanc
Position: Outcast/Traitor
Duties: Hiding and Protecting
Age: Old
Birth Date: Long ago
Height: Youmu: 5'7" Human: 5'4"
Weight: Youmu: 146lb Human: 124lb
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Sleeping, sex, giving massages
Life Goals: To live and have as many experiences as possible
Favorite Colour: Silver
Favorite Food: Chicken
Least Favorite Food: Bell Peppers
Sources of Power: Sexual Energy
Personal Philosophy: Live free but don't harm others if they don't intend to harm you.
Strengths: Knowledge of bad guys, magic
Weaknesses: Probably not trusted once her secret is out, also slutty. The negaverse will be after her once they find her working against them.

Body: 8 (5+3)
Mind: 3
Soul: 4

HP: 60
EP: 35
Attack Value: 8
Defense Value: 6
(+1 to initiative)

Character points spent: 27
Unspent Points: 0

Attributes and sub-attributes:
Level	Name				Cost
1	Negaverse Powers		5
2	Mind Control			4pp
1	Negaverse Magic			2pp
2	Energy Drain			2pp
3	Negaverse Attack		12pp	15EP
5	Acrobatic			5
4	Appearance			4
1	Art of Distraction		(free)
1	Heightened Senses (Hearing)	1
3	Speed				3
3	Fortified Body			3
3	Combat Mastery			6
Character defects:
BP	Name
2	Touched by Positive Energy
2	Unique Character Defect (Hunted by Negaverse)
2	Special Requirement (Sexual Energy, Daily)
1	Unique Defect(Amensia)
1	Easily Distracted(Sex)
1	Attack Restriction(Fighting to defend herself or others only)
Dark Magic Spells:
Kigakari can change her form into any humanoid form of roughly the same size. While she can change her gender with this spell, she finds male bodies to be 'boring'. The change is a physical one and not an illusion.
When excited, her animal ears and tail will sometimes appear spontaneously, but these are often overlooked as simply being a 'kemonomimi mode', an apparently common enough occurrence to not draw attention.

Dark Armory:
This spell conjures weapons into Kigakari's hands. The weapons are solid, made of materials normal in their construction, but if they lose contact with Kigakari for even an instant, they dissipate back into nothingness. The weapons are mundane, but can only be made if Kigakari has knowledge of their construction. Thus she can conjure swords, spears and bows (despite the fact that any arrows fired would dissipate upon leaving the bowstring), but not modern-day firearms or even collapsible batons. Despite being functionally identical to their normal counterparts, the weapons conjured by this spell have a dark tint to them and clearly look unnatural.

Dark Wardrobe:
Like Dark Armory, this spell conjures clothing for Kigakari. The clothes are mundane in every way otherwise, though like Dark Armory, any part separated from contact with Kigakari dissipates. The spell can't make armor of any kind. Otherwise, Kigakari can dictate how the garment looks, what colours it has, what material it's made out of and so on. Unlike Dark Armory, clothes made with this spell are impossible to distinguish from mundane garments (unless Kigakari decides to make them so). The clothes can be summoned directly onto Kigakari's body and dismissed at will. She can't change the clothes once they've been conjured, so any changes require dismissing the outfit and summoning a new one.

Kigakari, in her natural form appears as a voluptuous, dark-skinned, white-haired fox-girl. Using her magic she can take nearly any humanoid form of roughly the same size as her natural form. She currently uses one particular form for blending in. That form is a blond-haired, tanned girl of slightly more modest proportions, while still retaining sex appeal.

Kigakari sees clothing as being optional and has no problems shedding clothes if she feels as though they're inconveniencing her. She's curbed this practice somewhat after realizing such behavior wasn't looked on kindly by most humans. When she does wear clothes in her natural form, they're often of an otherworldly style, clearly not from any point in human history or culture. These clothes also tend to emphasize her breasts.
When wearing clothes in a human form, she picks clothes that will allow her to fit in, while still drawing appreciating looks.

Natural form:,
Current Disguise:

Kigakari has a flighty personality, her mind skipping around various thoughts, rarely settling on any one thing for long. She's usually cheerful and outgoing, perhaps a bit too much at times. She's learning the customs of humans in Japan, but still makes many mistakes. Luckily she can pass this off as simply being 'gaijin ignorance' if she's in a non-japanese disguise, which she is usually for this reason. She's very free with herself, not thinking of consequences to her actions and having little regard for laws (though she doesn't go out of her way to break them, she just doesn't concern herself with them).

Due to her break from her former masters, she needs to collect her own energy from humans to survive. She finds the easiest (and most pleasurable) way to do this is through sex. While she can drain energy at a rate that can quickly incapacitate a normal person, she doesn't actually need all that much energy to survive and can subsist on draining such minuscule amounts of energy that her partner simply attributes their fatigue to the sex they just had. This is only part of the reason why she enjoys sex so much, however; The most polite term for her would probably be 'slut'. She enjoys sex so much that if she has nothing else she has to do, that is her first choice of something to do. She has no problems bedding a woman, but finds sex with men (or at the very least involving a dick) to be much more satisfying.

Kigakari doesn't remember much of her time in the Negaverse. It's all foggy and dark when she tries to remember anything. The first clear memories she has is of being summoned by Tenebrous to steal energy from humans. He orders her to disguise herself as a masseuse and steal energy from her clients, but she quickly decides she doesn't want to prey on humans. She's not sure why she finds it hard to see humans as prey, but she's convinced that the reasons are buried in her forgotten past. Regardless, rather than carrying out Tenebrous's wishes, she fled into the dark of the city night.

After spending some time watching humans and learning about their ways, she felt herself feeling an odd sensation, something akin to hunger. She realized she had been 'cut off' from the Negaforce and would now need to gather energy for herself or die. She was a little hesitant at first, when she snuck into a salaryman's bedroom, but when she noticed him sleeping naked, she felt a different kind of urge. After fucking the man in his sleep, she realized that this was an easy and relatively harmless way of gathering enough energy to live off of.

After spending a few days of stalking around the city at night and finding sleeping men to 'feed' on, she found herself feeling lonely and a little bored. Sure the sex was nice, but it was starting to become routine for her and she found herself craving variety. Watching some schoolgirls playing, she figured that was a good way to experience many different things, while also teaching her about this world she was quickly becoming attached to.
Disguising herself as an exchange student from Canada (she found a map and blindly stabbed her finger at it. The first choice was somewhere in the pacific ocean) she enrolled in (school name)'s next school year. She's eager to make some of these new things called 'friends'. She's not quite sure what that entails, but she's hoping it involves a lot of sex.

She's unaware of any Sailor Senshi at the moment, and, so far as she knows, the forces of the negaverse have mostly forgotten about her. She still has nagging feelings that there's some evil force out there preying on humans and feels a desire to protect them, but isn't really sure where to start.

Misc Notes:
Kigakari isn't exactly unintelligent, she just finds it hard to focus on any one topic, leading her to poor marks in school, not that her complete lack of knowledge of Earth history was helping in the first place. Still, she can offer insightful comments at times, often to the shock of those around her.
She's an expert masseuse, the knowledge being imparted to her so that she could carry out Tenebrous's plot. While she ended up doing something different, the knowledge stayed.
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Finally finished my sheet, but ended up having to use 30 character points to get her how I wanted her, but seeing as she's a bit older than the normal sailor scout range I figure she'd be a bit more experienced and stuff so 30 character points isn't too much, considering 3 of them are for a specific unique attribute that's more towards RPing itself more than anything. So as a result of me using 30 points after mentioning a cap of like 25 or so, I don't expect to get as many extra points at the start for a few battles until everyone equals out some to catch up.

Valerie, or Val for short:
Character Name: Valerie Astrid Gennaro
Sailor Name: Sailor Virtus
Gender: Futanari
Elements of Influence: Fire/Heat and Virility/Fertility
Age: 19
Birth Date: February 14th, (19 years before start of game)
Sign: Aquarius
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 124 lbs
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: reading/watching hentai, practicing her martial arts, painting, and gardening.
Favorite Color: White
Favorite Gemstone: Ruby
Favorite Foods: Potatoes, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate cake.
Least Favorite Foods: Squid and broccoli
Favorite Subject: Chemistry
Least Favorite Subject: Math
Strengths: Running, martial arts, virility.
Weaknesses: Easily aroused, very high libido, wet dreams, and beautiful girls.

Valerie looks like this, just imagine her in a sailor suit when she transforms.

Her family she lives with and notable friends have pics in this here album.

Background/Fluff stuff:
Valerie is an American girl that moved to Japan with her older half-sister Rina to live with Rina's aunt and 4 cousins when she was 16 years old after their house burned down that they lived in together. Her mother had long since died when she was younger and her father was in the military and couldn't come home to help take care of them as he was overseas on a tour of duty. Amazingly Valerie had survived the fire even though she'd been trapped inside the blazing inferno, and it'd been called nothing short of a miracle, though she had fainted during the whole ordeal and remembered nothing of the fire.

Upon waking up after the fire, Valerie found herself in a hospital bed with a ruby ring on her right ring finger and her pet cat sitting in her lap looking up at her, where she spoke to Valerie, nearly making her faint again in the process. Her pet cat introduced herself as Venus and told her that she was her guardian, and helped awaken her powers to protect her, then she told her that Rina was alright and was talking to their father about what had happened and making arrangements for them to have a place to live, where they were apparently going to be moving to Japan to live with Rina's aunt who lived there with her 4 children. Venus then explained to Valerie her powers and what they did and why she had them, with Valerie taking it all in in a stunned silence for the most part.

Leaving Seattle where they'd lived since Valerie was born, the pair headed for Tokyo where Rina's aunt Maria lived with her 4 daughters, Jessica, Raven, Karen, and Shiori. They had a large house where Rina and her first three daughters moved into after she'd remarried when her first husband had died in a car accident. Maria's second husband was a Japanese man who'd come to America as part of his job and they fell in love and married, then Maria moved to Japan with him when he left for home. They had 1 daughter before he ended up dying too a few years after their marriage and after having Shiori, leaving her to take care of all the children alone.

Rina's aunt Maria was now a single mother since her second husband had died a few years before; she was a 42 year old brunette with large bountiful breasts but was still quite sexy and youthful looking as she took good care of herself and worked as a nurse at a hospital. Jessica was a pretty 24 year old redhead with average sized breasts and was a teacher at an elementary school. Raven was a 22 year old brunette with larger breasts like her mother's and she attended college with Rina, though they both worked part time at a maid cafe together and were very close friends, and Raven aspires to be a doctor. Karen was a hot 20 year old redhead with who's breasts were large but not quite as much has her mother's, and she was in her 2nd year of college, though she was a quite good manga artist and intended on being one full time after finishing college. Shiori was a gorgeous black haired girl who's breasts had developed much like her mother's; she was in her last year of highschool and was the only child of Maria's late second husband who'd died in a car crash about a year after Valerie's mother had, and having already done some modeling work during her summer breaks for the past couple of years she'd decided to be a model after school.

After moving to Japan with Rina's aunt and children, Valerie managed to finish learning Japanese, having already learned a good bit beforehand as she'd decided that she wanted to learn Japanese as a second language a couple of years before. She also quickly learned more of her abilities thanks to her cat guardian Venus when she wasn't at school, who guided her through her first fight that took place about a week or so after she and Rina moved there, where her sword Flametongue that she uses in battle appeared in her hand and she cleaved her foe in two. After that she did both her schooling and her fighting as a sailor scout when necessary, making several friends at school, her best two of which were Kasumi and Midori who she always hung around with as they befriended her on her first day of school. She also discovered one of her now current hobbies which was gardening, which helped to relax her when she was stressed for some reason.


On her 18th birthday though Valerie didn't have only her gardening to relieve stress anymore, aside from masturbation of course, as she lost her virginity that night to Rina's aunt, who after drinking a bit one night after everyone else had gone to bed bumped into Valerie who was on her way back from the bathroom. Maria and her daughters of course all knew that Valerie was a futanari and accepted her into their home with open arms, but on this particular night Valerie's world was rocked as Maria reached down suddenly and grasped Val's crotch through her pajamas and kissed her on the lips, quickly bringing her cock to full attention. The two quickly got more intimate, with Val learning a bit more of herself... that she was very virile and had a lot of stamina when it came to sex, as she and Maria went several times before going to sleep, with Valerie having a very contented smile on her face.

She learned the next day from Venus why she had so much stamina and one reason why she her scout name was Virtus, and that from then on she'd have a high libido and girls that knew she was a futanari would feel more attracted to her thanks to her increased virility, which could be sensed by them from what Venus told her thanks to them knowing she was a futanari and since they often bathed together in the large bath and saw it often. Venus also told her that she had a selective fertility with which to keep her from impregnating any women when she didn't want to and that she even had some minor control over the fertility of the earth and could manipulate the growth of plant life to some degree, but how powerful that was even she didn't know apparently.

Maria had obviously enjoyed their night of passion and seemed to have remembered everything of it despite having been drinking some, as she blushed almost every time she saw Valerie after that for a couple of days. The others in the house started becoming attracted to her as well and soon learned about her fun with Maria, and within a week's time after that night Val had been brought to all of Maria's daughters beds and had sex with them, even taking Shiori's virginity, and even her own half-sister Rina ended up attracted to her as a result of her enhanced virility and brought her to her bed too and had sex, not really caring about them being half-sisters in the least.


Now a year later she was 19 years old and had started taking her basic college courses, aspiring to become a martial artist after that and run her own martial arts school perhaps, but she was also pretty good a painting and one of her courses she'd decided to take was art to get even better at that. Still though she wasn't entirely sure just what she wanted to do with her life yet really, as she had to worry about her senshi duties as well. She had become more experienced in combating the evils plaguing the city in the 3 years since she and Rina came to Tokyo, having overcome most of those without too much trouble. She was also a much more experienced lover thanks to her discovery of her highly enhanced virility the year before, and she rarely went more than two or three days without being seduced by Rina, Maria, or one of Maria's daughters. She even attempted to get some dates with some of the cute girls at school and around town when she could, but most of those dates ended with nothing really working out in her favor... though a few did here and there and got her into the panties of some of her dates at times. Valerie also works a part time job at the Mayfair Park as a groundskeeper since one of her main hobbies is gardening and all, but only on 2 or 3 days a week and only for 4 hour shifts or so after any of her classes at college, the job being not much more than a way for her to make a little money to save up and buy things with so she doesn't have to ask Maria for the money to do so.

Personality: Valerie is a sweet and kind girl that loves her half-sister Rina greatly as well as Maria and her daughters, so much that she is willing to do anything for them to keep them safe and happy. Despite how well she can do so, Valerie actually doesn't like fighting all that much and tends to try talking things out when possible, though against the negaverse beings she's fought over the last 3 years or so she's learned that you can't always do that, and so she's honed her abilities as much as she can. As such Val took up studying martial arts and she practices them often, along with her powers, taking pride in all of her abilities normal and magical. When she gets fired up in a fight, Valerie can be a bit hot headed, but usually not so much that she can't listen to reason and calm back down. Usually after she has a fight, in particular a tough one where she expends a lot of energy, Valerie tends to end up very excited from her adrenaline and as such needs relief, so when she gets home and has rested a bit to recover her energies, she'll nowadays often spend those nights with Rina, Maria, or one of her daughters working out her accumulated stress.

When confronted by a beautiful girl, especially one that she feels attracted to, Valerie often ends up stammering and fears that she'll make a fool of herself, and she's also had trouble when seeing a beautiful girl out and about as she's easy to arouse, which the end result is a bulge in her pants or a tenting skirt. She's also woken up many a time before with a stain on her bedsheets after having a particularly erotic dream, her very well endowed 10 and a half inch long inch and a half thick penis hard as a rock, though she rarely sleeps in any clothes save a small tanktop so she at least doesn't have to worry about needing to change clothes afterwards thankfully.

Body: 7
Mind: 4
Soul: 5

HP: 60
EP: 65

Attack combat value: 6
Defense combat value: 4

Total character points: 30, all used
Total Power points: 32, all used

Attributes and Sub-Attributes:
[Senshi/Knight powers] level: (3), character points used: (12), power points gained (30)

[Animal Guardian] level: (3), power points used: (3)

[Elemental Control]: level: (3), power points used: (6)
Description: Valerie can manipulate fire of any kind upwards to that of a quite large bonfire and if she stretches her abilities she can even put out a house engulfed in flames by manipulating the fire around to suddenly burn hotter and take away all oxygen and other things fueling the flames, thus putting it out quicker. She can withstand temperatures up to about the melting point of silver give or take, or around just around 1,750 degrees Fahrenheit. Her power over virility and fertility also gives her selective fertility and which she can use whether she's in her transformed state or not, and she can also control the growth of plant life to a degree with her abilities, which can also be done without her being in her transformed state, along with maybe a couple of other virility/fertility based things that can be fluffed in game.

[Rejuvenation] level: (2), power points used: (2)

Items of Power:
1. [Flametongue] - level: (1), power points used: (2). Description: Valerie's Flametongue is a double edged magical longsword that can withstand all heat that she can without melting. Her sword is 4 feet long with 6 inches of that being the hilt and it looks about like this, and when she transforms it appears sheathed on her back with the hilt over her right shoulder. The sword also gives her the ability to conjure flames upon it at will if no flames are around as its secondary ability as well as allowing her to perform her main attack, as well as make basic melee attacks against her enemies.

2. [Gauntlets of Flame] - level: (2), power points used: (4). Description: These steel gauntlets appear on her arms after transformation, they both have a gemstone in the backs of both hands of the same color as her gemstone on her tiara which is a ruby. Aside from her attacks that require them, the gauntlets also act as a sort of protection against fire and heat, giving her the ability to withstand fire temperatures up to about the melting point of silver without getting truly hurt and she can manipulate fire to some degree up to about the same temperatures which are stated in her elemental control sub-attribute, and she can also make basic melee attacks against her enemies with these gauntlets as well if she by chance loses her sword.

[Transformation Ring]: no level or points used as it just lets her transform into her sailor scout form. It's a ruby ring though that she always wears.

Sailor Senshi Attacks:
1. [Fire Slash or Ignem Ictus] - level: (3), power points used: (12)
Effect: Uses 30 EP, opponents take +3 penalty to their dice roll.
Description: Valerie's Fire Slash must be performed using her Flametongue sword, which she must also make an overhead swing downwards of no further over than a 45 degree angle for it to work. It sends forth from the Flametongue a flaming crescent moon shaped projectile at her enemies which explodes on impact, obliterating her enemies in the process... at least she hopes it does anyway. (Think Ichigo's Getsuga Tensho attack from Bleach, but fire based instead of whatever his is)

2. [Fiery Fists or Igneus Colaphis] - level: (2), power points used: (1)
Effect: Uses 20 EP and the flames can be sustained for 10 EP each round afterwards so long as she can grab her opponent, opponents take a +2 penalty to their dice roll. If she can't keep a grapple on her target, then she cannot sustain this power for additional dmg.
Description: The fiery fists attack must be performed using her gauntlets. After slamming her fists together and saying the activation words, Valerie's gauntlets burst into flames which she can then use to make fist attacks against her foes. The flames on her gauntlets can be sustained for her to keep on fighting should she lose her sword or decide to not use it. These must be dodged to prevent damage and not blocked, else they can still burn whatever they touch while the flames are active.

3. [Purifying Seed or Mundans Semini] - level: (2), power points used: (1)
Effect: Uses 20 EP and can be sustained for 10 EP a round and enemies take a +2 penalty to defend against it. It can only be used when she orgasms though is the main downside, so it's a last ditch attack really when being raped by a negaverse being. It deals 30 points of dmg that only works on evil enemies such as those from the Negaverse, and until whoever she gets it inside of or on can get it off of or out of them it will continue to damage them until they do, and should an enemy be defeated by the sustained dmg or be defeated with the first purifying seed shot then they will gain the level 1 instance of Touched By Positive Energy flaw for a time, though if she continues using her purifying seed on her foes after defeating them then they will permanently gain the flaw.
Description: Valerie's Purifying Seed power was discovered by her only recently and she hasn't truly used it in battle yet, though she knows she can do it and what it can do as Venus told her what it can do and explained how to utilize it to her advantage should she find herself surrounded by several female negaverse enemies that wanted to use and abuse her.

Neutral Attributes:
[Appearance] level: (3), character points used: (3)
Valerie is very pretty

[Combat Mastery] level: (1), character points used: (2)
+1 attack and defense

[Energy Bonus] level: (2), character points used: (2)
+20 EP

[Heightened Senses] level: (1), character points used: (1)
Specifically touch is heightened, for an increase in pleasure and other things.

[Speed] level: (1), character points used: (1)
Val is twice as fast as an average human adult.

[Acrobatics] level (1), character points used: (1)
Val is knowledgeable of a few basic acrobatic skills to fight with.

[Heightened Senshi Power] level (1), character points used: (1)
gained 2 extra power points.

[Sexual Stamina/Virility, unique character attribute] level (3), character points used: (3)
She can go at least 5 or 6 orgasms before losing her erection without more than a minute or so of rest in between each one, and she has selective fertility also thankfully. If she has the time to sufficiently rest in between each orgasm or after 2 or 3 then she may be able to go more than that even. However this does have the downside of if her selective fertility isn't being used or can't be because of being in a weakened state then her potency will allow her to impregnate women twice as easily as any normal human can.

[Fortified Body] level (2), character points used: (2)
Gain +2 to body stat

[Powerful Mind] level (1), character points used: (1)
Gain +1 to mind stat

[Strong Soul] level (1), character points used: (1)
Gain +1 to soul stat

1. Attack Restriction - level 2 [2 bonus character point]: Valerie has a strong emotional attachment to her half-sister Rina, along with Maria and all of her daughters, as well as her two best friends from school Kasumi and Midori. If any of them were to ever be involved in her fighting by some chance for whatever reason and their lives threatened, then she would do anything to prevent them from being hurt, even at the risk of her own well being. She also has a thing against hurting beautiful women, as she is quite attracted to them, much more so than men. Val has a strong attachment to Kigakari as well, whom she feels responsible for and doesn't want to let anything happen to her.

2. Easily distracted - level 2 [2 bonus points]: Valerie tends to easily get very distracted with sex and when receiving pleasure of any sort, especially by other females. She also gets a little distracted when facing a female enemy who is wearing revealing clothing or no clothing at all, and will pop an boner to show this when sufficiently aroused thanks to those distractions, but she can resist these some at least unlike with sex which is hard for her to resist.

3.Powered After Transformation: - level 1 [1 bonus point]: Valerie has access to only her Elemental Control abilities until after transformation, however her fire/heat aspects of control while not powered up are only enough to prevent her from getting burned by something about as hot as a skillet can get to and not the full strength of it, while her virility/fertility aspects of control can be used to their fullest even for her Purifying Seed attack, which she doesn't need to be in her transformed state in order to use.

4. Marked - level 2 [2 bonus points]: She's a futanari and after her transformation she retains this feature of herself, her older half-sister the ones she lives with all tease her and play with her all the time. She is a bit self-conscious about this feature of herself when trying to find dates, unsure if any girls she tries to date would like it, and not very many people know she is a futanari save the teachers at her school and her friends, along with the ones she lives with of course. It would embarrass her a bit if the knowledge of her being a futanari were to be made public, but not so much she couldn't function.

5. Item Dependency - level 2 [2 bonus points]: Her sword which is used for 1 of her attacks, the Fire Slash, and her Gauntlets too which are used for her her Fiery Fists attack.

6. Attack Words - level 1 [1 bonus point]: Valerie must at least whisper a some of her attacks in order to perform them, the Fire Slash or (Ignem Ictus), the Fiery Fists or (Igneus Colaphis), and the Purifying Seed or (Mundans Semini).

7. Attack Gesture - level 1 [1 bonus point]: Valerie's Fire Slash or (Ignem Ictus) must be an overhead downwards swing, either straight up and down or at no more than a 45 degree angle.

Her Fiery Fists or (Igneus Colaphis) is done by slamming her fists into one another while wearing her gauntlets, which activates the power.

Her Purifying Seed or (Mundans Semini) is done by muttering the activation words and thrusting her hips up whilst inside someone's pussy or ass while holding their hips with both hands.

None of these cause her to lose any EP from her attacks being interrupted.

8. A Unique form of Transformation Loss - level 2 [only 1 bonus point to make it 30 in total]: When Valerie is forced to orgasm so many times to the point she can't keep an erection once she's been forced to have an one and engage in sex, she loses her transformation into her sailor scout form.

9. A Unique form Virility - level 2 [no bonus points and for fluff mainly]: Valerie's seed is more potent than most peoples, so she has a much higher chance of impregnating anyone she cums inside of. This breaks through her selective fertility only when she is under 50% HP and or EP while having sex with anyone, whether it's being raped by a negaverse being of any kind or simply having sex with a human. Also as a result of her unnatural virility, Val incites lust in any woman when under 50% HP and EP, making any women around her highly aroused, as well as attracted and curious of her, and those that know she's a futanari or anyone that sees her cock in those cases will have a great urge to mount her in an effort to breed, and if she is mounted in this weakened state her instincts to breed will take over against her better judgement a lot of the time unless she can fight the powerful urges. Her own fertility for getting pregnant herself is like that of a normal human though.

Extra Notes: Looking for her to maybe have mostly female enemies or tentacle monsters to attack and potentially rape her, and a more ero like game in general, though it doesn't have to be just that of course. Some of her enemies can be like that pair trying to gain energy for their tree from like the second season of Sailor Moor save instead of trying to steal her energy they're trying to steal her seed to repopulate their world or something like that maybe, with them being like succubi, or highly matriarchal like the drow so they see her as a perfect breeder since she's not a man. There's plenty of things that could be done I'd say, so just some suggestions to throw out there.
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Sailor Enceladus / Yukihime Aki
Character Name: Yukihime Aki
Sailor Name: Sailor Enceladus
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Element of Influence: Light, Cold (Snow/Ice)
Birth Date: September 22nd
Sign: Virgo
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Manga, anime, video games, rock music
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Gemstone: Amethyst
Favorite Foods: junk food, pizza, ramen
Least Favorite Foods: beans, seafood
Favorite Subject: Literature
Least Favorite Subject: Sciences
Strengths: Tenacity, Focus
Weaknesses: Headstrong, Aggressive

Aki is a tall, shapely girl, with large breasts, long black hair kept back in a high ponytail and purple eyes. When not in her school uniform, she dresses very casually, t-shirts and short pants making up most of her wardrobe. Likewise, she is very casual in her dealings with others, not worrying much about niceties and politeness.

Sailor Enceladus wears a black fuku, with a purple skirt with silver trim, and white thigh-high high-heeled boots and elbow length gloves. She has a purple bow on her chest, and her hair pin becomes larger, sporting a white ribbon around the purple amethyst.

Background: Having lived in a large city all her life, Aki has come to love the style of modern life. Smart enough to make it through high school easily, she has spent most of her time exercising her interests in mange, anime, video games, and the like. Her father, a lawyer, and mother, a financier, are both very busy at work and so Aki has grown accustomed to taking care of herself. Though she is happy to be in her senior year of high school, she hasn't put much thought into what to do next, preferring to live for the moment for now.

One night while on the way home from buying a new game, she found a small pin on the ground. Considering herself quite lucky, she pocketed the item before continuing. Before she reached her home though, she was attacked by a terrible monster. She ran, but was soon cornered. Just before it could attack her, she heard a voice telling her about the pin and how she could use it to defeat the monster. Trusting in the voice, she transformed herself into Sailor Enceladus and slew the beast. She looked around for the source of the voice, but could find no one to tell her more about the strange events, and continued on her way home, unsure of her role as a Sailor Senshi.

Personality: Living carefree and relaxed has left Aki with a very casual and friendly disposition among friends. She loves to joke around and tease her friends, and will also engage in banter with her foes. Though intelligent, she prefers to rely on her wits and instincts to get her through situations. She is quite energetic, despite spending most of her time with books and video games, which she obsesses over just a bit too much.

Body: 4
Mind: 5
Soul: 6

HP: 50
EP: 55

Attack combat value: 6
Defense combat value: 4

Total character points: 20

Main Attribute and sub-attributes:
Senshi Powers: level: (2) character points used: (8); 20 power points

Rejuvenation: level: (2) power points used: (2)
Elemental Control: level: (2) power points used: (6)
Sailor Enceladus can lower the temperature of the nearby area, enough to cause snow and ice to form. The snow is thick enough to hinder movement, and the ice is slippery, though allies are protected from the worst of the effects. She also has some control over light, enabling her to lighten or darken any nearby area, as well as cast flashlight like beams, and sudden bright flashes that can blind enemies. (5 EP per use)
Senshi Attack: level: (3) power points used: (12)
Infinite Sparkling Light: Beams of bright white light burst out of Sailor Enceladus' pointed finger, arcing towards her target. They surround the target before striking and engulfing them in a ball of intense light. (30 EP per use. 65 damage. +3 penalty)

Neutral Attributes:
Acrobatics level: (1) character points used: (1)
Appearance level: (2) character points used: (2)
Combat Mastery level: (1) character points used: (2)
Heightened Senses level: (1) character points used: (1)
Speed level: (1) character points used: (1)
Massive Damage level: (1) character points used: (2)
Powerful Mind level: (1) character points used: (1)
Strong Soul level: (2) character points used: (2)

Attack Gesture (1): Sailor Enceladus stands firmly, holds one arm out towards her target and points to begin her attack.
Attack Restriction (1) [Innocents and friends]: Sailor Enceladus won't attack anyone but villains unless she has to.
Attack Words (2): Sailor Enceladus must yell "Infinite Sparkling Light" to use her Senshi Attack.
Powered After Transformation (1)
Transformation Loss (1)
Easily distracted (1): Aki loves new otaku culture, to the point of obsession.
Uniquely Competitive (1): Aki loves to compete and show off. She will accept almost any bet and follow through with the stakes, as long as no one will be hurt.

Item of Power: Transformation Pin
Aki has a small silver pin with a inset purple amethyst she uses to keep her hair back in a high ponytail. The pin is her transformation item and so even when not wearing it, she tends to keep it on her person or nearby.

Extra Notes: Would prefer a less serious, but not completely ero thread/group.
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Sailor Ceres
Character Name: Anai Nassar (Royal Priestess, Granter of Victory)

Sailor Name: Sailor Ceres
Element of Influence: Sound (Music and Rhythm)
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birth Date: April 19, (18 years from the start year of the game)
Sign: Aries
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 127 lbs
Hobbies: Disc Jockeying, Dancing, Running, Singing, Piano/Keyboard
Favorite Color: Honey Yellow
Favorite Gemstone: Amber
Favorite Food: Curry
Least Favorite Food: Brussel Sprouts
Favorite School Subject: Music
Least Favorite School Subject: Economics and History
Strengths: Speed, Innovation, Kindness
Weaknesses: Too easy going, too trusting.

Description: Anai is 5'6" with a fit, athletic body, slightly darker skin than average, and lush black hair down to her shoulder blades. In her human dress, she often prefers streetwear, casual/grunge type clothing, usually with her trademark yellow and black beanie. She'll always be seen with some type of earplug in one or both ears, connecting to her phone which is mainly used to store huge amounts of music. She does however like to dance (clubbing, freestyle) and to run. She's one of the stars of the girl's track team.

Her sailor outfit is a bit different from the traditional sailor senshi outfits. It's a white, formfitting bodysuit, with black pantyhose covering her legs, thighs, and rear. There is a frill of yellow skirt that starts at the sides and trails round the back, but leaves the front open, so that it seems like she's dressed more in a white one piece swimsuit of sorts. Her boots are black with gold highlight trim, and her power item, a Sonic Whip, appears after transformation. It is a golden handle, but when she alone grips it, her senshi self can activate the cord which is made up of concentrated harmonized sound waves that are magically bound together. It augments her physical fighting style.

The pic below is somewhat close to how I envision her in senshi mode, but you have to minus the horns and replace them with a gold and onyx tiara, and then get rid of the swords and the bulky hipwear, and just replace it with minor golden frills that don't really cover much, only on the hips and around the back. Her Sonic Whip/Rod of Ceres can adhere mystically to her waistline (or if that's not enough, you could say the suit comes equipped with a little loop that the end of the rod can hang from.

Background/Fluff stuff: Anai is the Princess of the Lost Planet (Ceres). When the solar system was in its infancy, and the divide between Light and Darkness was not so great, the civilization upon Ceres, a planet located between Mars and Jupiter, was a joyous one that adored the gift of music. The Princess and protector of Ceres was always gifted with music and through her elemental control could make the most wondrous of melodies that would entrance and inspire everyone on her planet. But sadly, a dark fate awaited Ceres when the first minions of the Negaverse deceived and tainted the original Knight defender and prince consort of the planet. Seducing him onto a darker path, the Prince of Pallas (for that was the great city that was his home) created a path of Discord and internal strife and doubt. He made his people react with gloom or insanity to raucous sounds, and led an army in revolt against his own princess. Heartbroken by the betrayal, the original Princess of Ceres could not bring herself to fight her beloved, even when he was in grip of the Negaverse's power. The Princess sent a message for help to the other planets, but unknown to her, the message was intercepted and never delivered. And so she was trapped, unable to harm the man who was tearing her planet apart. Eventually, the moment came where he was standing above her, preparing to strike the killing blow and take the power of Ceres for himself. In her last moment, the Princess created a song so devastating and filled with grief, that it summed up all the tragedy that roiled in her heart - enough that upon her death, the great sadness within it sundered her planet to its core, and Ceres was shattered in a terrifying crescendo. It broke into thousands of pieces, creating the asteroid belt that we know today.

The gemstone that resides in the rod of Ceres (also the handle of what would become the Sonic Whip) was all that remained as a legacy of the power of this destroyed world, and for many ages, it lay buried within the largest piece of the ruined world that now floated through space. Only recently, by random chance, was it uncovered by a passing collision with a minor meteorite. The freed item of power, dormant for so many centuries, felt a calling. It appeared that somehow, by fate perhaps, there remained descendants of the doomed planet, that had found their way to Earth. Scanning all of these possibilities, the rod of ceres selected the most worthy successor, someone whose bright heart and love of sound resonated with the spirit of the last princess.

This guardian and inheritor of the power of Ceres, was none other than Anai Nassar. Daughter of a brilliant Japanese mother who is a renowned classical musician and a prolific Egyptian born father who is a composer and professor of the fine musical arts at a prestigious Japanese university, Anai grew up in a household filled with music. Even though she is talented with classical instruments, Anai much prefers contemporary sounds that give a good beat and just make her want to bob her head and dance. She is actually quite addicted to catchy tunes and is easily distracted by them. She will often be caught shaking her head and closing her eyes, smiling to a tune floating through her ears from her earplugs.

Late one night, she heard a tune that she never heard before, coming from her backyard. Unable to shake the sound and realizing that no one but her was aware of it, she went out to investigate and found a small crater, at the center of which was the Rod of Ceres. As soon as she touched the rod, she was filled with the dying song of grief from the last Princess Ceres. The song was so sad, and Anai fell to her knees with choking sobs and tears streaming down her cheeks. But, as predicted by the rod itself, Anai was able to hear the music behind this last dying song, and in focusing on it, Anai was able to hear all the other great sounds of a lost world, and she heard songs of hope and courage and perseverance. Most of all, she heard the song of memory. Ceres was a world whose memory must not be forgotten. There were still signs of it among the wreckage. The lost cities of Ceres, Pallas, Vesta, Juno, and Chiron still stood. Though they were invested with dark creatures from the negaverse, it was possible that one day in the future, they could be cleansed and that music of joy would be heard once again. But first, Anai must defend Earth from the same fate that once destroyed her own world. The minions of the negaverse must be stopped!

Her personality is what you would expect from a Senshi Scout. Deep down she is courageous, amiable, and dedicated to her friends. She loves song and dance and is incredibly fast, especially in her senshi mode.

Body: 7
Mind: 3
Soul: 8

HP: 75
EP: 55

Attack combat value: 6 (7 physical, 9 sonic whip) (8 senshi attack)
Defense combat value: 4 (5 physical, 7 sonic whip) (6 senshi attack)

Total character points:15+5+3
Attributes and Sub-Attributes:

Main Attribute and sub-attributes:
(Senshi powers) level: (2) character points used: (8)

(Senshi Attack "Sonic Shockwave Crescendo") level: (2) power points used: (8)
The Sonic Shockwave Crescendo starts with Anai clapping her hands in front of her, then as she yells the name of the attack, draws her hands out to her sides and then behind her, gathering a white arc of energy, then as she finishes her power words, she brings her hands together again and the energy forms a "shockwave" that bursts forth and creates a sonic wave blast that hits the target with high spiritual and physical impact.
(Elemental (Sound) Control) level: (2) power points used: (6)
With this level of control, Anai can create auditorial illusions and can also create music without the need for an instrument. She does not have to move to do this, but she must be able to make a sound with her mouth (ie she can't be gagged). Note, that she doesn't actually have to open her mouth to do this but the spiritual connection to being able to sing is necessary for the power to work. Also, the sound doesn't have to seem like its originating from her.
(Rejuvenation) level: (2) power points used: (2)
(Item of Power "Sonic Whip") level: (2) power points used: (4)
The Rod of Ceres is needed to activate this weapon, and it will only be able to be activated when she is transformed into a Senshi Scout. The whip adds +2 to combat value when used physically and will make the attack Senshi in nature (ie some negaverse powers will react to it as though it were a senshi attack/defense.) With the GM's permission, this artifact can be used to disarm, entangle, or trip a foe. It can also be held up in front of her as a senshi defense against any physical attack that could be parried. Though it is a whip in nature, its unusual mystic qualities means that if held properly to intercept, it will remain rigid and firm against an incoming blade strike, for example.

Neutral Attributes:
(Appearance) level: (3) character points used: (3)
(Speed) level: (4) character points used: (4)
(Focused Combat Senshi Attack) level: (2) character points used: (2)
(Strong Soul) level: (3) character points used: (3)
(Fortified Body) level: (3) character points used: (3)

Attack Gesture (Level 1)
Attack Words (Level 1)
Easily Distracted (Level 1) A new tune is an easy way to divert her attention, so is a catchy tune that she's heard before and likes (which is a lot of them).
Powered After Transformation (Level 2)
Since Anai is not technically a descendant by blood of the original princess, all her powers are bequeathed to her by the spirit of her fractured planet in the form of the Rod of Ceres. Not only does she need this item to power her trasformation, but when not transformed she has no access to scout powers or to her amazing speed neutral power beyond Level 1.
Item Dependent (Level 2)
As mentioned above, the Rod of Ceres is the source of her power, at least until she proves herself as a true Princess of Ceres (meaning that if she can return civilization to Ceres and defeat the monsters that reside there, she might prove herself to be the reincarnation of the original princess and receive the full powers of the planet within herself.)

Extra notes: Would prefer for a semi-serious tone to the game, but one that isn't afraid to do the occassional ero scene. I have asked Maiko if he is interested in doing a duo thread with a third character. He said he was up for it.

Silucite, Dark Warrior
Silucite is a minor servant of a greater evil known as the Defiler. This being takes great pleasure not in destroying its foes but corrupting them and turning them into its willing servants. Silucite was once a heroine mage from a distant world, but she was defeated by one of the Defiler's generals and then exposed to corruptive techniques that completely obfuscated her old personality. She cannot, nor will she ever be able to recall who she once was, so long as the Defiler shard rests in her heart. All servants of the defiler are pierced with a shard of their master's soul energy, ensuring their loyalty. Were this shard to be removed by some immense positive energy, Silucite's old self might be able to resurface, but it would take powerful emotional energy to enable this, even if the shard were removed.
For now Silucite's personal goals include proving herself on this new targeted world: Earth. By proving herself capable of bringing low the heroes of this pitiful planet, Silucite can improve her dark powers and perhaps one day challenge for the right to be a general in her own right.
Silucite's strength is her ability to weaken her opposition's energy reserves, and to immobilize or separate herself from her enemies' physical attacks with her spells. As is the way with all servants of the Defiler, she prefers to capture her victims rather than kill them, and she will gain far more favor and reward if she can break the heroes herself, rather than bringing them back to the Dark Realm, where the credit would undoubtedly be stolen by her superiors.


Main Attributes:

Body 5
Mind 7
Soul 6

Combat Value
>>Attack 8
>>Defense 6
Health 75
Energy 75

(Spent 15+5 CP)
Dark Attributes:
Negaverse Power Level 1 (Grants 20 PP)
Negaverse Attack Level 2
Negaverse Magic Level 3
Drain Energy Level 4
Positive Energy Deflection Level 1 (Soul check at -2, success means deflect 20 dmg/round)

Neutral Attributes:
Appearance Level 2
Combat Mastery Level 2
Damn Healthy! Level 2
Energy Bonus Level 1
Powerful Mind Level 3
Strong Soul Level 2
Fortified Body level 1

Servitude Level 2 (She must obey the orders of her superiors so long as the defiler shard is inside her heart)
Marked Level 2 (Inhuman ears and eyes, oh and a small black jewel embedded in her chest which has black veiny things emanating from it.)
Special Requirement Level 1 (In order to remain physically in the realm of Earth, every dark warrior with a defiler shard must drink the tears of a person robbed of some form of innocence at least once a week.)
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Bleh. Couldn't add this to my previous post without putting it over the character limit so... new post!

A knight possibly for BlueSlime's character.
Harmony Jade Thomson/The Conductor/The Jester/Allyne of Pallas (Quite the name...)
Emotion of Influence: Inspiration (The Jester: Hatred)
Age: 18
Birth Date: November 26, (18 years from the start year of the game)
Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 133lb
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Playing Guitar, Dancing
Favorite Colour: Iridescence
Favorite Gemstone: Smokey Quartz
Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers
Least Favorite Food: Cherries
Favorite School Subject: Music
Least Favorite School Subject: Math (Despite disliking it, she actually has a great deal of talent for mathematics)
Strengths: Willpower, Energy
Weaknesses: Indecisive, Skirt chasing

Body: 4
Mind: 3
Soul: 5

HP: 45
EP: 40
Attack Value: 4 (8 for Knight Attack) (6 with Baton)
Defense Value: 2 (6 for Knight Attack) (4 with Baton)

Attributes and sub-attributes:
Level	Name					Cost
2	Knight Powers				8
4	Emotional Control			8pp
2	Item of Power (Baton)			4pp
3	Knight Attack				9pp
1	Rejuvenation				1pp
1	Heightened Knight Power			1
4	Appearance				4
3	Art of Distraction			2
2	Unique Attribute (Perfect Timing)	2
4	Focused Combat (Knight Attack)		4
1	Unique Attribute (Wealthy)		1
1	Unique Attribute (Mathematical Savant)	1
Character defects:
BP	Name
2	Easily Distracted (Pretty Girls)
1	Taint of the Negaverse
1	Powered after Transformation
1	Unique Defect (Well known and popular)
1	Item Dependency
2	Transformation Loss
Baton: Required for her Knight attack, The Conductor's baton is also fairly useful in its own right. It can extend and transform into a fine rapier for close combat, giving the Conductor a +2 to Attack and Defense Values, but preventing the use of her Knight Attack until returned to baton form.

Jade is a bit on the tall side, even for an American, but with a dancer's physique. She has dirty blond hair that seems to resist all attempts to style it, and sea-green eyes. Her wardrobe changes on a daily basis, but usually shows at least some skin and is always flattering. Jade isn't very happy with her small, A cup breasts, so her clothing either attempts to make them seem bigger or to draw attention elsewhere.
As the Conductor, her hair behaves a bit better, shaping into a boyish haircut, as well as lightening somewhat. She wears the black coat of an orchestral conductor and carries a similarly appropriate baton. Her breasts are constrained by the coat, making it hard to tell that the Conductor is, in fact, a girl.
The Jester's appearance is, as her namesake would imply, very garish and almost chaotic. She wears a half-mask over one eye and has a star tattoo under the other. However, the Jester will often wear heavier clothing to cover her clothes when needing to blend in with a crowd.
Allyne's traditional attire is a deep-red formal dress. Her hair is somewhere in between Jade's and the Conductor's in messiness, but has a definite feminine look to it.

The Conductor:
The Jester:

Jade is almost always cheerful and outgoing, even a little eccentric at times. To a traditional Japanese person, she's a typical American, loud and self-centered, while also being strong and confident. Jade does, however, care about those around her deeply, she just finds it hard to admit it to them or to openly display such care.
She's a very skilled musician, especially with guitars or similar stringed instruments. She also enjoys dancing, though not to her own music.
Jade is a lesbian and is very much out of the closet about it. She finds it hard to resist making at least a passing appreciative comment whenever a pretty girl catches her eye. She has a very devil-may-care attitude towards how people perceive her sexuality.

The Conductor is much more refined and polite in comparison, even, yes, knightly. She's able to resist her skirt chasing habits as the Conductor, but only just.

The Jester is a spiteful, mocking parody of a court jester. She doesn't care about hurting others' feelings and actually revels in the pain she causes. Still a lesbian, she will even force herself on a girl, even against her wishes.

Similar to the Conductor, Allyne keeps a polite and refined tone and also shows a great deal of humility and deference to those she sees as being her superiors. Allyne's sexual preferences are unchanged, but she finds it hard to admit her attraction to both herself and the one she is attracted to.

Allyne was born into a family of minor nobles in the Ceresian city of Pallas. When she was old enough, she became a page in the service of the Prince of Pallas before his fall. Her duties frequently took her to the grand Ceresian palace and it was on one of these duties that she met Princess Anai.
Allyne had become lost in the many passages of the palace and wandered for a time before hearing a beautiful melody. Following the tune, she soon found herself on a balcony overlooking the palace garden where the singer of the song was revealed to be none other than the Princess herself. Allyne, who hadn't yet realized she was attracted to women, found herself irresistibly attracted to the beautiful Anai. She was so entranced that the Princess had to repeat her question, asking Allyne if she was lost, and was only able to nod in reply. From then on, Allyne found her dreams haunted by the Princess and her song.
When the Prince was corrupted, Allyne, like the other people of Pallas, fell under his influence, but felt herself being torn apart by her love for the princess and her music and the darkness she was being controlled by. She was finally able to break free of the influence when she witnessed the Prince about to strike down Anai. Rushing forward with the intent to put herself between the killing blow and the princess, but she was too late. So close was she to the prince when they both perished that their souls intertwined, becoming one. The taint the prince was under was weakened by this merging, but remained in the new soul, as if biding its time.

This soul was eventually reborn into a distant relative of the Prince's that had somehow made it to Earth. Named Harmony, the girl quickly showed an aptitude for music and dropped out of highschool in America to become a traveling performer, working under her middle name, Jade. Very quickly she came to the attention of big labels, but she refused to tie herself down with a contract. The band that assembled around her were similarly like-minded free souls and Jade came up with their name: Starstruck. Starstruck's first international hit (Shooting Stars) was so successful that they soon received requests to do a world tour. The tour proved tiring for Jade and she stated that she wanted to take a vacation after their last stop in Japan.

She's unaware of her alter ego, especially as it has yet to manifest itself.

Emotional Control (Level 4): This allows The Conductor to inspire creativity and confidence in others, allowing them to perform at a higher level and with greater skill than they might otherwise.
The Jester, on the other hand, can use this power to cause seething hatred towards a person, concept or thing in a person. Depending on how much hatred the Jester wishes to induce, this can range from mild irritation to outright hostility. This can't make people physically attack or otherwise attempt to destroy people or things that they hold dear, but they might verbally attack them or otherwise attempt to remove them from their area.

Knight Attack (Level 3): The Conductor gestures with her baton (often after tapping it against something, but this is not needed), causing sheets of sheet music to fly at the enemy. The sheets can block attacks, restrain foes, or even pull apart restraints or break through magical barriers. The damage they deal is partly in constriction and partly magical.
The Jester throws cards at her foes instead. All of the cards are Jokers, with the image appearing to be mocking the viewer.
Opponents defend at +3. Deals 15 points of damage. 15EP per use.

Transformation Loss: The Conductor requires an Orchestra, or at least one performer. In addition to being unable to transform on her own, The Conductor returns to Jade's normal form if she ever loses her last ally, either by her ally fleeing or by denying the Conductor as an ally (whether that is forced or not). If her last ally falls, the Conductor is similarly depowered.
The Jester thrives on discord and simply requires that there be at least one person near by that is unhappy with their life. Given the Jester's ability to sow discontent, she's often able to ensure this condition is constantly met.

Powered after Transformation: Jade is only able to use her Emotion Control ability at level 1 strength when not transformed, as well as the Rejuvenation power, but lacks access to both the Conductor's Baton and her Knight Attack.
The Conductor has access to her full range of powers.
The Jester lacks access to the Conductor's Baton, but otherwise has the same powers.
Allyne has access only to the Emotion Control power, but at full strength.


Tentacle God
Dec 30, 2010

Rough draft

Character Name: Kaiyi
Knight Name: Archer of Light
Gender: Female
Age: 20 (320)
Element of Influence: Light, Bravery
Height: 5'10
Weight: 153lb
Hobbies: unknown
Favorite Gemstone: Sapphire
Favorite Food: Chicken Noodle Soup
Lest favorite food: Seafood
Strengths: Compassion and physical prowess
Weakness: Fear of failure

Kaiyi a black haired blue eyed beauty is tall for a woman coming close to 6ft(2m) in height. This outstanding quality has mostly to do with her origins from an alternate earth. Still with such height comes substantial weight, Most of which is due to her fit fighting form which makes her an easy match for many professional grade athletes. Most however never get to see her athletic form due to the robes she wears that hide her generous cups (Cs) and wide hips.

Kaiyi is not of this earth. Though not an alien she dose hail from an alternate earth populated only by woman. Here she served her Senshi well until an enemy attack sealed and banished her for 300 years. Sadly once the negaverse magic waned Kaiyi found herself in a strange place and unable to remember her past besides her Knight powers. Unfortunately for her such long contact with the negaverse energy has tainted her somewhat. Still she is resolved to find a new role in this strange world and fight the evils that plague it. For now she spends her time working at a local shrine.

Body: 7 (4+3)
Mind: 4
Soul: 6 (4+2)

HP: 65
EP: 50

Attack combat value: 5
Defense combat value: 3

Total character points: 20 (15 +5 defects)
Attributes and Sub-Attributes:

Main Attribute and sub-attributes:
Knight powers: level: 2 character points used: 8 Power points: 26 (20+6)

(Sub-Attributes) level: () power points used: ()
Emotional Control: 1 (2)
Knight Attack Arrow of Light: 5 (15): 35 damage (25 +10) -20 if fighting against Dark/negaverse foe +5 to enemy dice rolls and applies special effects Cost: 5 x level (5)
Item of Power Mystical Miko Robes: 5 (armor 1pp per level) (5) -25 to all damage taken
Negaverse attack Arrow of twilight: 1 (4): 20 damage (10+10) doubled if vs positive energy Cost: 5 x level (1) single attack or 3 x level (1) for sustand attack (after first round)

Knight attack special traits.
1: stop and negate any one physical attack
2: stop and negate any energy based attack
3: can free phisical and some magical restraints or prevent a foe from performing an action next round level 1 and 2 specials also apply
4: knock an item out of the grasp of a single target or apply special 1-3
5: apply special from 1-4 to 2-3 targets
6: apply special from 1-4 to 4-6 targets
Neutral Attributes:
Fortified Body: 3 (3)
Strong Soul: 2 (2)
Heightened Senses: 1 (1)
Supernatural training: 1 (1)
Heightened Knight power: 3 (3) + 6 pp
Massive Damage 2 (4) +10 damage

(Label each sub-attribute and put them under the senshi/knight power part, and in the case of sailor senshi attack you should probably give a small description of what it would look like when used, like with a fire based one it could be a simple fireball being shot or flung at your opponents or something like that.)

Attack words: 1 (+1 sp)
Power after transformation 1 (+1 sp) Mystical Miko robes.
Servitude 1 (+1 sp)
Taint of the Negaverse: 2 (+2 sp) -20 damage vs Negaverse foes can purchase negaverse sub attributes
Tentacles: Y 3
Male/Female: Y 3
Female/Female: Y 4
Pregnancy: N
Birthing: N
Non Consent Sex: Y 2
Slavery: Y 2
Monsters (Tentacles & Slimes & Likewise): Y 3
Roughness: nothing bloody
Fisting: Y 1
Scat: N
Watersports: N
Inflation: Y 2
B-Mod: Y 3 (as long as its with in reason)
Enema/Medical Play: N
Insemination/Egg Laying: N
Mind Break: ?
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Feb 25, 2014

Done and ready to go!

Character Name: Achille Bonte

Dark kingdom Name: Alladra
Gender: Male
Bloodtype:??? I don't understand the question. Is not all blood red?

Favourite colour: White, for it is pure.

Favourite Activities: These strange 'Arcadies' have some interesting brain testers, but reading and experimenting are still my forte.

Birthday: By the 24 lash, of the time of slumber..oh, earth time? December the third.

Favoured foods: The sweet breads that have those rather strange coatings. I believe they are called cake.

Age: 18, I realized you meant earthing years this time.

Element of Influence: Environment

Alldra is a tall individual that stands at a good 5'11, towering off most of the people that live in the earthen lands of Japan, the strange kingdom without a ruler to govern them but instead ruled by laws and a group of humans. Despite his height however he was only one hundred and twenty pounds in weight. Significantly lighter than most of his own kind, let alone the average human of his own height and body appearance. For despite his height and weight, he still retained a rather lean and fine physique. A soft face with a chilly expression, but chiselled in a way that would make one think they were highborn. Or at least descended from a noble. The brown eyes that were dangerously close to red doing little to help remove the strangeness of his form. The only thing about this man that made him blend in with the surrounding citizens was his dark raven-lock hair, bound by steel baubles that held strange patterns. The long hair flowing just past his shoulder blades, but for some reason he allowed his fringe to flow over his face and cover his brow instead of tucking it behind his ear. Which was a little out of place considering how he dressed so neatly.

Said state of clothing usually consisted more of the fine and formal wear, but he has on the odd occasion been spotted in more loose fitting and normal clothing. A common example being a set of jeans, a shirt with a tribal design on the front and a hoodie worn over that. It really depends on his mood and if he wishes to blind more with the populace or feel more comfortable in something he felt suited him better.

His true set of attire and what he was most comfortable wearing was robes, something more out of the classic fantasy setting than every day or even monks attire. A warm cloak hooked around the front of his body with a hood to allow him to hide his features. In the end it was something he truly could not wear in such a place like earth without raising too much suspicion, and tipping off his hunters.

Alladra started his existence as a prince of the dark kingdom, born on the lands of his homeworld after it had been conquered and brutally taken by a once lowly kingdom. Having played an instrumental role in the conquest of Toblaia his father, who was none other than Calabite, flourished in power alongside his kingdom. And also claimed the world of Toblaia as his personal domain, and all that was within it. This included none other than his mother, the princess of the world and its equivalent of a sailor senshi as his concubine. Along with quickly converting as many of the surviving residents of the planet to the Nega core to empower and feed it. A impossible amount of lives as over 95% of the planet was turned to food, while the small 5% that remained was taken under Calabite command.

He even took the prizes he deemed worthy of his collection and storing them within his vaults to marvel upon in the future. Turning prized possessions, items of power and symbols of light into nothing more than gallery pieces gathering dust and locked away.

Unfortunately, Alladra life and families relationship was as one would expect of a place that was nothing but darkness and foul emotions. Loveless, full of hate, spite, sadism and the desire to make use of the youth that he was. And so, without knowing the truth of his own heritage he lived and grew. Beaten power and knowledge into his body and forced to learn or be disposed of. It was rather lucky that they had such good healers or his body might of had one or two scars from his growing years. Or most likely a lost limb as well, bloody sadist of a father.

But he persisted, growing stronger and larger with each passing year. Feasting of knowledge from books while plotting a way to get revenge on his father. And unknowingly disregarding his mothers presence as just another servant, hurting the tiny bit of humanity she held deep under the years of hate that she still had, but unsure if she could ever show.

And then one day, the stepping stone of change was tossed into his life. And war broke out between his home kingdom and that of another world. The world known as eath. The negaverse never-ending hunger leading them to attack a world that hadn't done anything to gain the interest of their kingdom..but like many of negaverse citizens, he knew this wasn't uncommon. And didn't see anything strange about it.

Calabite, as leader of one of the strongest realms was simply too powerful to pierce the veil around earth - But ironically, due to this, weaker minions were able to pass. Brining into place a plan of his to create a way for him to enter the world and conquer once more. And so he sent Alladra and his brothers and sisters into different parts of the world to specially create and find ways for him to enter the world. But all their attempts were thwarted by the light warrior Ronin Pure.

After defeating the Yomi underlings of Alladra they had battled for conquest, the result and shame being his defeat against the warrior of light and given the mercy of living. But having to crawl back to negaverse to give news of his defeat and failure to his father. But the fight had another consequence that he had not known at the time...

The spark of positive potential awake deep inside of him.

The failure was very nearly the death of him, as Calabite did not readily allow such a thing. Even to his own kin he would not give them mercy and simply cut them down where they stood. But he was lucky that day, for his father had been in a good mood. And had given him a chance to redeem himself. To bring him the head of Ronin pure in a week or he would take his own instead.

It was at this point that his Mother - who had heard all of this - came forward and made her bid to explain his heritage and give him another option for his future. Another choice. After thinking on it he choose the choice of light and with the key to the vault his mother gave him in hand he went to get the items of power and prepare to desert negaverse. With only the bare essentials taken from his room as he rushed away. As well as the only thing he had ever received from his father...he held no love for the man, but perhaps he could still make use of it.

And so he recovered what he could from the vault. Striking down the guards with his halberd he quickly took the Palladium of the Stars, Book of Mending, and a precious Jewel that his mother spoke on being able to deliver him from this land to earth.

And with the items in hand he ran, a mark of the family he never knew he had glowing lightly on his brow as it branded itself on him. Fleeing to the land that he had been trying to fight not long ago...

Body: 3 (5)
Mind: 3
Soul: 6 (8)

HP: 65
EP: 55

Attack combat value: 5
Defense combat value: 3 (5)

Total character points: 23
Total Power Points: 40 (8)
Attributes and Sub-Attributes: 15

Main Attribute and sub-attributes:
(Negaverse powers) level: (1) character points used: (5)
(Knight Powers) level: (1) character points used (4)

(Environmental Control) level: (1) Power Points used: (4)

(Negaverse Attack) level: (2) Power Points used: (8)

(Negaverse Item) level: (2) Power Points used: (6)

(Energy drain) level (2) Power Points used: (2)

(Item of Power) level (4) Power Points used: (8)

(Item of Power - Armour) level (2) Power Points used (2)

(Rejuvenation) level (2) Power Points used (2)

Neutral Attributes:
(Appearance) level: (1) character points used: (1)

(Supernatural Training) level: (4) character points used: (4)

(Special defence) level: (2) character points used: (4)

(Fortified body) level: (2) character points used: (2)

(Strong Soul) level: (2) character points used: (2)

(Heightened Knight Power) level (1) character points used: (1)

Attack restraint (Sailor scouts +1BP(Not scored and added))
Marked (Fallen royal family crest on brow +2BP (One point not counted))
Touched by positive energy (Touched and embraced the emotions of the human heart. Can now use knight and sailor sub abilities. +2BP)

Book of Mending:His knight artefact, recovered from the vault after being gifted the key from his Mother.

Appearance: The book of Mending is a shade of sky blue, golden script covering the cover and binding making several spiralling arcs of design. With cream coloured parchment used for paper and a silver ink for the words within it the book held quite a colour and light design.

Abilities: During combat for the cost of 5 Energy points the user will make a Soul Check, should the soul check be successfully they will need to recite the incarnation for two rounds. And upon success the target will receive forty points of rejuvenation. Outside of combat the item can be used to heal whenever the Knight pleases.

The book will also allow one to cure diseases and mystic ailments, and potentially even resurrect a character (so long as the body is not decayed and the soul not obliterated) - however the details of those treatments will be on a case by case basis. For example, the book may tell you what mystic items you need to perform the ressurrection spell, but you'll still need to acquire them.

Soul of the light, key to life's ether.
Soul of the pure, flourish within thee vessel.
Let strength be granted, so that the world might be mended.
So the world might be mended.

Halberd of the Dark Sired: A weapon given upon the sired spawn of the Dark Conqueror of Negavere, Calabite. Believed to be controlled.

Appearance: The Halberd of the Dark Sired has a maroon and seemingly cracked staff that rolled down the shaft of the pole and all the way to the weapon itself. A faint black glow rising from the cracks and beating as if to the tune of a heart giving it a feel of being alive, the faster pulse as it cuts its foes as if 'excited' doing little more than to enhance that image. The blade itself is a black pitched steel with a crimson gleam when flashing in the light. The sides of the cutting edges spiked and jagged for a more painfully and messy display of violence, with the ending spiking to the sides smoothly and rising in a point. Giving the halberd the ability to pierce as well as saw its enemies.

Abilities: The Halberd sole purpose is for combat and causing pain, and does nothing else outside of that. Giving a slight added bonus of one to both attack and defence, while also increasing damage dealt while using the blade by five points.

Palladium of the Stars: The cloaked armour of his people that he took from his fathers vault on the conquered planet of Toblaia.

Appearance: The Palladium of Stars is of the purest white, a slight glow almost brimming from the fabric as light sheens over it. The under clothes of the armour seeming to be designed similar to a tunic, with faint golden script running along the trimmed edges of the cloth. But said tunic was tucked under a golden sash of symbols that was worn over some slightly baggy trousers, this time without a lick of gold but of the pure white once more.

The over- cloak of the armour covered most of the body and had a hood that pulled up and hid the wearers features in a light shadow. But almost to ensure that the wearers identity remained unknown a white mask was fastened in place. Hiding any and all from seeing what lay underneath. Different decorations of a dark gold ran from one end to another, rising from the bottom of the cloak and ending at chest level with blocks, shapes, points and lines. All ending in on mesmerizing and submetric design. Finally clasped closed by a silver clasp. A tiny design that would match the symbol marked onto its wearers brow upon it.

The last piece of the armour was a gleaming golden scarf that coiled around the shoulders and neck and spin out down the spine of the wearer. Thick and blocky white script of an unknown origin glowing faintly down across it as it flares out.

Abilities: The Palladium of the Stars works as a armour to defend the wearer from damage. This particular item blocks ten damage of attack being that its a level two armour.

Travelling Stone: A stone that his mother told him would allow him to travel from Toblaia to earth.

Appearance: A strangely shaped glowing red precious stone. Currently the light and power within the stone has gone dull and lifeless.

Abilities: Allows the holder to travel worlds with it.

Father: Calabite, the conqueror (Negaverse ruler) Mother: Ephedra, princess of Toblaia (Defeated Sailer Senshi) Siblings: ------

Special Defence effects: His power alters the perceptions of those that wish him ill intent of any kind slightly, allowing him to be seem to be in one place while instead he is in another. Giving him much more chance of avoiding being hit than he would otherwise have.

Light powers: The majority of his light powers come from the artefacts he holds, but he is able to use them due to his connection with his mother. And with dedication could become a knight of Toblaia without the corruption of his negaverse heritage tainting him.
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So, since Sailor Nyx has been abandoned by Tenta, along with everything else, I've decided to start a new character. Introducing Sailor Shine.

Sailor Shine/Hikari Ibushi
Element of Influence: Light
Age: 18
Birth Date: August 8th
Sign: Leo
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 113lb
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Dancing, Roleplaying Games
Favorite Colour: Light Blue
Favorite Gemstone: Rose Quartz
Favorite Food: Strawberry ice cream
Least Favorite Food: Bread
Favorite School Subject: Science
Least Favorite School Subject: Home Ec.
Strengths: Acrobatic, Energy Reserves
Weaknesses: High Metabolism, Energy Reserves, Easily Detectable

Body: 3
Mind: 8 (4+4)
Soul: 5

HP: 40
EP: 125
Attack Value: 5 (7 for Senshi Attack)
Defense Value: 3 (5 for Senshi Attack)

Attributes and sub-attributes:
Level	Name					Cost
1	Senshi Powers			4
1	Elemental Control		3pp
2	Senshi Attack: Shine Bolt	8pp
1	Unique Character Attribute**	1pp
2	Acrobatics			2
1	Supernatural Training*		1
4	Powerful Mind			4
2	Focused Combat(Senshi Attacks)	2
6	Energy Bonus			6
3	Appearance			3
1	Heightened Senshi Power		1
*Hikari's knowledge of the supernatural comes mainly from her roleplaying games which are surprisingly relevent to the creatures she ends up fighting. This knowledge is based on the Mind stat instead of Soul, but doesn't cover unique characters, only monsters.

**Shining Aura: Sailor Shine constantly gives off light enough to fully illuminate an otherwise dark room. She can suppress this by taking an action, but can reactivate it at will. The light isn't bright enough to cause any vision problems nor make it any more difficult to see or attack her, it just lights up the area around her. It may affect creatures that are sensitive to light, but only in the same way that a bright flashlight might. She can use her Elemental Control to cause special effects to happen with the light as per that ability.

Character defects:
BP	Name
2	Transformation Loss
1	Unique Character Defect*
2	Powered After Transformation
1	Attack Words
2	Servitude
*Shining Soul: Hikari's soul has become fused with the Posiverse entity and, as such, she's easily identifiable even when not transformed to those with the ability to sense supernatural entites.

Transformation Loss Condition: Hikari's energy reserves power her transformation. If they get too low, her transformation is reversed. If Sailor Shine's EP drops below 30, she loses her transformation at the end of the turn in which this happened. She can't transform until her EP is equal to or higher than 30 again.


Senshi Attacks:
Shine Bolt (Level 2)
A bright light gathers in Sailor Shine's hand. She spins around and fires it at her target. The bolt is roughly spherical with a bright trail behind it. In addition to the damage, it also imparts a small amount of force on impact, about equivalent to a punch.
EP: 20. 30 Damage. Enemies defend at +2.

Hikari has long blond hair and green eyes. She keeps her hair in a ponytail most of the time. She's a little shorter than average and tries to keep a light weight. That said, her breasts are a bit on the large side, something she's secretly a bit ashamed of. She has a toned physique from her cheerleading. She has astigmatism, requiring her to constantly wear glasses, but she uses contact lenses whenever she's not in private.
Sailor Shine's outfit consists of a halter-neck crop top with a small opening just below her collarbone, a short miniskirt and underwear, low heels and a pair of bridal gloves that cover her hands. Her costume almost seems to glow, appearing yellow-white. The glow can be extinguished, along with the rest of the light that she gives off, in which case the outfit is white with yellow trims. The opening in the top reveals a glowing mark of a simple circle.

Hikari almost has a split-personality, but out of choice. What most people see is an energetic, slightly bimboish cheerleader. However, this is more of an act than anything else, and one that actually causes a good deal of stress for Hikari. When in private, or with people she trusts, she lets the act down and act more naturally, which is to say, almost exactly the opposite of her public persona. Hikari is a closet otaku. Her favorite leisure activity is roleplaying which she does in a small group of three other guys. The male members of her gaming group have all signed a contract forbidding them from telling anyone else of her activities, Hikari knowing that she'd get teased off of the cheerleading team if it got out (or at least expecting to be).
Hikari loves sweet foods, having a hard time passing up the opportunity to have some. With her recent empowerment, she's found she has an increased appetite, and that her body burns energy much faster. To her joy, she's found that this means she can indulge in her sweet tooth without worrying about ruining her figure.

Hikari lives alone in a small apartment building. The building is owned by her mother's real estate company, allowing Hikari to live there rent-free. Both of her parents work in Osaka and semi-permanently live in that city, leaving Hikari to her own devices most of the time. She attends Brookdale Private School and is on the cheerleading team there.

Unlike most Sailor Senshi who are reincarnations of royal souls, or sometimes the actual princesses themselves, Hikari was not. She was just a normal girl until she found herself caught up in a rather fantastical situation.

While staying late one day after practice, she heard some odd sounds as she came out of the gym's showers coming from the girl's locker room. Knowing that most of the rest of the team had left, she figured it was just some perverted boys. Not really wanting to confront them wearing nothing more than a towel, Hikari waited until it sounded like they had left before entering the locker room. What she found stunned her, there was a large... hole in the middle of the room. Not in the floor, but in the middle of the room itself, like a hole in space. Through it she could see a starry sky over a field of blue, faintly luminescent flowers. In the distance was a lit up, western style castle, like from a fairy tale. Hikari was shaken out of her surprise when she heard people starting to come back into the locker room. Not wanting to get caught by them (and still wearing a towel), she did the only thing that came to mind, ran into the rift.

There was no sensation of falling, or disorientation of any kind. It was just like walking into another room. She found herself standing in the field of flowers, a faint smell on the air, unlike any flower she could think of. There was something else though, a feeling of oppression, as though something were pushing her down, mentally. It gave the otherwise beautiful scene a sense of foreboding. The rift was still open behind her, showing her locker room, but as she started to head back, she saw shadows on the wall, approaching the rift. Panicking, she ran away from the rift, looking for a place to hide. However, the nearest thing taller than her shin was too far away and she stopped, dropping to the ground and hoping the she could hide in the tall flowers. As she waited, she thought she heard the sound of people talking, but the scent of the flowers, this close to her face, was causing her to become lightheaded. As it sounded like the voices moved away, Hikari's eyes slowly closed, a victim of the flowers' soporific pollen.

When she opened her eyes, she was still laying on the ground amidst the flowers. Something felt strange, the oppressive feeling gone now. She looked up and noticed someone standing over her. Hikari jumped to her feet, then remembering she was wearing only a towel, moved her hands to try to make sure it was still covering her. What she felt, though, was a strange fabric. She looked down to see a strange, faintly glowing outfit on her. It was a bit skimpier than her cheerleading outfit, but at least it was better than a towel.

As she was inspecting herself, she heard a soft laugh, which caused her to remember that there was someone else here. She looked up, stunned to see what looked like an angel. The woman informed her that Hikari was going to be her soldier against the people who lived in this dimension, but desired to conquer Hikari's. Not really feeling she had an option, and having a desire to protect her home anyway, Hikari agreed. The woman smiled and Hikari's vision was filled with light before fading to reveal her school's locker room. Thinking it had all been just a dream, she looked down to see the strange outfit still on her, a soft glowing circle on her chest visible through the top's cutout. As she watched, the outfit dimmed and faded away, leaving her naked for a second before her towel slowly reappeared, the glowing circle fading with the outfit.
Thus was born, Sailor Shine, defender of light!

No transformation words needed.
Can use Element Control to modify ambient light (or the light generated by her aura). Can change colour and direction.