VN/TEXT ACT Loli/Shota [タートルクレーン / Turtle Crane] Ladies Sex Bout


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May 5, 2018
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Well someone with better knowledge of Japanese might be able to correct me on this, but from what I can glean from his pixiv post it looks like he lost all of the images, and is making new ones by tracing 3d custom girl models.


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Jun 5, 2018
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He is basing his images on 3d custom girl models, yes. He did lose all of his previous images in the lsb game is how i understood it, so what we have now is probably the final version.
Good thing is, we will very likely have a new game (probably same system and sexual battle style though) and a good amount of new girls with ^-^

We should take the time and ask him now whether he is willing to translate it or have someone else do it for him once the game gets started or returned to.


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Dec 10, 2018
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Gameplay Mechanics (Translated from DL page)
① The current mood.
The higher the number, the higher the mood.​
The higher the mood, the better each attack.​
Increase or decrease depending on the character, sex, actions taken, and position of each opponent.​
② Current number of rounds, or match format.
In a 2KO match, you need to make your opponent climax twice.​
In the case of a death match, the opponent is victorious by fainting (both pleasure and excitement are at MAX.)​
③ Elapsed time of the current round is displayed.
④ Displays the current position of two people.
⑤ Rounds Won
The right side is the player and the left side is the opponent.​
⑥ Available Commands
Each command attached symbol is as follows.​
・ Before the command name​
L ... A technique using your lips and tongue. Increase or decrease the damage by the "Tongue/Mouth" number of the attack value.​
F ... A technique using your hand and fingers. Increase or decrease the damage by the "Hand" number of the attack value.​
B ... A technique using your chest. Increase or decrease the damage by the "Breast" number of the attack value.​
W ... A technique to attack with your own crotch. Increases or decreases the damage according to the attack value "crotch" number.​
T ... A technique to attack the other party with taunts. Increase or decrease the damage by the 'Taunt' number of the attack value.​
C ... combination of lip and tongue The damage value is increased or decreased by the sum of "Tongue/Mouth" and "Finger" of attack value.​
☆ ... Trick to consume AC. You can trigger a limit over and get climaxed.​
★ ... A technique that consumes AC.​
◆ ... A reaction skill in which the attacking side also feels pleasure, or the excitement value rises.​
♂ ... A technique that consumes an ejaculation gauge when a Futa.​
▼ ... Effective technique for opponents with M [Masochist?] characteristics.​
▲ ... Effective technique for opponents with S [Sadist?] characteristics.​
G ... A technique to block and disable attack on the body.​
D ... A technique to reduce pleasure damage.​
E ... A technique to reduce excitement damage.​
○ ... A technique to recover one's pleasure value.​
● ... A technique to recover one's excitement value​
△ ... A skill to raise one's ability.​
*... A technique to recover your AC.​
▽... A technique to give pleasure and excitement to yourself.​
・ After the command name​
P ... A technique that involves changing in position when in use.​
! ... a technique to restrain the other party.​
◎ ... A technique that can be used only once during a match.​
♂ ... A technique to make the other party or yourself futa​
※ ... A skill that may make the other party sensitive.​
* ... A technique to reduce the opponent's AC.​
❤ ... A skill that can make the other party climax.​
Red Heart> Climax by pleasure.​
Blue Heart> Climax by excitement.​
Purple Heart> Climax by both pleasure and excitement.​
↑ ... Technique that has a higher chance of stripping​
↓… Technique that has a lower chance of stripping​
♪… Guaranteed strip​
⑦ State of Each Character
Expression changes depending on the clothing condition, pleasure and excitement values.​
The right side is the player and the left side is the opponent.​
⑧ Status Effects
Trap (1 turn incapability), Attack Buffs, Sensitivity, etc.​
Displayed when status effect is applied.​
⑨ Player Meters
Pleasure: Damage from physical caress such as licking or touching the body.​
Player will climax if attacked while this meter is at MAX​
Excitement: Damage from verbal/mental attacks​
While MAX, you deal more pleasure to your opponent but you also are more sensitive.​
If climax happens while this is MAX, it becomes an ECSTASY KO and instant loses​
AC: Special Power gauge. The game starts in the MAX state.​
Decreased by the use of some special techniques (such as full-body lip) and major techniques (insertion, scissoring etc).​
Recover gradually every turn. (Recovery value is different for each character.)​
※ only while Futa
Ejaculation: Damage from physical caress aimed at cock​
When MAX, will cum on/in opponent and then lose Futa status.​
(Doesn't lose Futa status in Futanari Match)​


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Jul 20, 2012
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Does anyone have a copy of the translation still? All the links are dead.


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Feb 21, 2019
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I don't have a copy of the translation, but I've been trying to work on my own. It's been about a week since I've put any work into it but I've gotten the "Special" match and some battle options translated.
View attachment 21333
View attachment 21334
View attachment 21335


Note: Potentially Definitely unstable. Report bugs. 👀
Thank you for your time.
If you can compile onscripter you could compile it for us. The files of the translation are still in this thread, an exe is not.
Apperently it's pretty hard to get an .exe


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Feb 21, 2019
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Bold of you to assume that I can compile onscripter.
I must be honest, I didn't even download your files, i thought you just compiled a new solution 🤷‍♀️
I had the translation but I' ve lost it.
I'm currently set with visual novel reader; it's less than optimal but it works.
By the way, the amount of text you are going to translate is huge, i know it because the authour used to save all text into .txt files (don't ask me how, I have no clue how onscripter works) with older release.
You should really consider an automatic translation and then release a manual one.
Well it is not like i have ever done something similar, this is just my opinion ;)
Again, thank you for your work