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    A few of us were chatting in another part of the forum and decided that it might be a good idea to put up a thread to show off some of the original characters you've come up with over the years. What these postings may be used for has yet to entirely be seen, but its just somewhere to save and share characters you've developed.
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    Re: Original Characters

    Woot, now I have a place to post all my characters! I just need to get around to drawing them properly xD


      Re: Original Characters

      I suppose I'll start the proceedings with my namesake, Ili.

      Name: Ili Cesasse
      Age [appearance]: Roughly 19
      Age [actual]: 19
      Gender: Male
      Species: Human

      House: Libramen
      Title: Student
      Level: 4

      A Roughly 5'10", short-brown-haired male. He is of athletic build, and slightly toned from hellish amounts of course training and facility use. His green eyes tend to be noticeable, possibly due to the amount of emotion stemming from them (It has been noted that one can tell completely his entire emotion from his eyes alone), possibly to recount from his lack of conclusive body language. He has a tattoo on his collar, left side - The mahjong Red Dragon symbol. He has a small silver stud in his right ear.

      Personality: He's generally a calm individual, trying to keep his feet on the ground. He does, however, lose that balance rather easily. He can take offense, forgive, forget, break down, many things, extremely rapidly if provoked into it. He is relatively friendly, and more than happy to help out a friend. He only really looks down on Confuto house members a little, seeing their style as a little "too serious", otherwise he gets along fine with most.

      History: Before enrollment unknown.
      Family: Sister, Ella Cesasse. Parents deceased.

      Likes: Athletics, vibrant artwork, geography, chemistry
      Dislikes: The number 8, dull people, limited thought, water

      Strength: Throwing; acrobatics
      Weakness/Flaw: Night terrors and voices, which causes him to fear being alone for any amount of time ; Can be easily affected/manipulated by others ; Crippling hydrophobia
      Interesting Facts / Quirks: A capable fisherman, yet despises water; Rubs his hands together when agitated.
      Favourite Food: Pasta
      Favourite Colour: Harlequin
      Hobby/Hobbies: Dancing; piano; pottery

      Sexuality: Unknown - he has only ever had male partners, however.
      Relationship Status: Single

      Weapon: A large collection of throwing knives (Usually only a few kept with him at any time), predominantly just Kukri with the inside edge sharpened. A stiletto is kept on hand as well if close-quarters combat is unavoidable or preferable.
      Magick: While he has never bothered with learning magick fully, Ili has learned a few tricks. Almost all are minor cantrips taught by friends of his and teachers in the relevant houses. Generally useless on their own, he combines them with his own techniques and movements to add a little extra. However, that doesn't mean at all that they aren't useful. He uses them to create illusions beyond the run-of-the-mill showmen, make him move faster than normal, or at least seem to. He can focus some basic energies to energize him a little, as well.


        Re: Original Characters

        My first I used in an ERP section, and possibly my favorite sorta character yet, allow me to introduce Mithral:

        Name: Mithral
        Age: Usually 19, though I have aged her in her late 30s or so, usually with Onyx and Emrald as well.
        Gender: Female
        Bust Size: 36C
        Waist: 29
        Hips: 34

        Description: Mithral is a dragongirl of the far east, a half-and-half with a body of a female human, with silvery scales on most of her body. Gold scales appear from her nether reigon to the area around her mouth. She has strait horns with two extra points coming out, large ears, golden claws, and a long tail ending in a furry fluff. Like her hair, the rest of the fur on her body- pubic hair, some tuffs on her elbows and heels, and her tail fur- are silvery-white. The left eye is crimson, the right eye is saphire blue.

        She was born when a human bred with a dragon in a dream, but was chased from her home when the humans discovered her existance and tried to beat her to death, causeing serious injury to her. She managed to bribe her way onto a boat to the americas, then escaped into the wilds.

        Mithral is shy, but her budding sexuality makes her take extra risks then most furries should.

        Attitude: Mithral is usually shown as a playful but shy sorta character. She's naturally curious due to her nature, and has had some acidents where she has embarressed herself before- a key one was eating a half a tub of Mint Ice Cream in about a minute. She does have her mean streaks though. In another roleplay, when an assassin tried to kill her husband, she litterally used her tail as a whip to injure the assassin, who had been tied up.

        Relationships: Mithral has often been connected with roleplays done by Shadow. Mainly Fenton Falls and ones in his own little fantasy world. Before the Falls died, upon realizing our fun had led to a pregnency, the two of us started planning on Onyx before he left for the armed service.

        Roles: Seen in Fenton Falls mainly, as well as chat RPs

        Faves: Mint Ice Cream, Pizza, Bathing
        Dislikes: Ice Cream Headaches
        Turn-Ons: Multi-Penetrations, Bondage, Tentacles
        Turn-Offs: Injuries During Sex

        Poweress: Highly agile
        Magic: She can enact various water magics

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          Re: Original Characters

          I've made up a shit-ton of characters over time. Most of you know Barry, the (not so) friendly neighborhood warlock, and his wacky siblings: Violet the Necromancess, Dominic the Demonologist and Catherine the Rebel.
          Then we have Christopher Miller, who is a variation of the "grizzled soldier/space marine" stereotype. Tends to have cybernetic implants in futuristic settings.
          Cormak is more of a name than a character. He's my demon.
          Sethos and his sister Khait are Egyptians and followers of the Ancient Gods. Sethos is pretty good with snakes.
          Dr. Hannelore Ritter, the mad scientist from Germany.
          Christopher Ritter, her handicapped son.
          Jackie Morgan, my Irish cannon fodder character for raep RPs.
          Jacob Blacklip, a lion furry.
          Tork Grimbeard, a badger furry with a sharp axe.

          Then there are the many remnants of my Wrestling RP past (shut up).

          Eric Salls, the cocky villain from Alaska. He was my first ever RP character.
          Karen, his girlfriend.
          Captain Extreme. My favourite RP character so far. He parodies super hero stereotypes and loves himself some beer.
          Daemion, an all-out insane giant that loves to mess with his opponents.
          Violet, Daemion's former nurse turned lover (and also insane).
          Gore (The Clown). He's the worst kind of clown. The one over six feet tall and with sharp teeth.
          Stitches, his sidekick. Even taller than Gore. Extremely aggressive.
          Alessa, his other sidekick.
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            Re: Original Characters

            ((shamelessly steals the charecter template from Ili))

            ((shamelessly steals the charecter template from Ili))

            Name:Rallow The First
            Age [appearance]: Early 20s
            Age [actual]: 130 years old
            Species:Undead Night elf
            Personality: She is shy and Timid around those new to her However she Is fanaticly loyal to her Creator Who she simply Refers to as Master.
            History: She Led a a relitively short life considering her normal life span. She was a elfin Nobel In the County Of Desden Part of House Elowin The Elfish rulers of the Providence of Willow Wisper. Sadly She died Quite Violently and was stabbed to death in the back by Assissins who mistook her from her Tyranical Mother. Her Death caused an Uproar threwout the House Of Elowin and the Assissins were executed publicly Unforcunately this also ment that The Queen would have total control of the Country once the king died but that is a story for another time. Days later inside her family crypt Rallow opened her eyes to find her self uncased in a stone coffin which she was able to escape from with ease... Disoritated she stumbled threw the graveyard and Was spotted by some local villagers and believed she was a ghost the rumor spread and she hid in the crypts by day only comeing out at night to stare at the moon. It is unclear when Her master took possion of his creation as that story hasn't been told yet. what we do know is that now that she is in service to The Lord Of Renval Emperor Renault.
            Family: Her family Consists of Her Father Lord Willow And Her Evil Mother ShadowWeb
            Likes: Moonlight, Stars, Children,
            Dislikes: Magic,
            Strength: Doesn't have to breath, Doesn't smell, Enhances strength, All the advantages of being undead none of the disadvantages.
            Weakness/Flaw:She is very susuptible to Magic and easily maniulated she has no memory of her life and is very innocent that is why she is fanaticly Loyal to her master
            Interesting Facts / Quirks: No gag reflex due to well... Her Eyes arnt actually the main way she detects people she can actually sence life around her see's small auras around liveing things.
            Favourite Food: Apples
            Favourite Colour: White
            Weapon: Bow Or Adimantite Shield And Longsword
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              Re: Original Characters

              My first Roleplay character. I haven't found a good setting to roleplay in with her recently- (looks to Loli's RP) Excuse me for a sec...

              Sarah Miranda Quintex
              Sarah the Bullet
              Age: 17
              Occupation: Former Student, NecroTech Assistant-Level, Black Angel Agent 666- Death Angel Status
              Homes: Formaly in Scarletwood, now Cosway Hotel

              Normal-Black Angel Mission Garb

              Sarah is a character of many layers, each more complex then the last. At first, she was just a simple partygirl going between classes, home with her single mother Sally, and her friends Sasha and Kiwi's respective houses. Then the outbreak happened, and Sarah was forced to reveal both her fears and her fighting spirit in her survival for two months, before zombies and a death cult brought it all crashing down. That fateful night, Sarah's mother was taken from her, and she was caught and tortured by a manicle group of teenagers trying to appease a 'demon lord' in order to 'halt the zombie pluage.' When it didn't work, they shot her twice and tossed her in a grave.

              She managed to stay there for six months, but when she awoke, she did not have the desire to go after humans as other zombies did. In fact, she was perfectly normal- besides being dead, of course. Over the course of the next month, Sarah holed herself into a old wharehouse, to keep herself from harming someone on acident. The self-isolation would have probably driven her nuts if fate hadn't have decided to intervine once again.

              One night, the wharehouse caught on fire. Sarah, who was sleeping, didn't manage to register the heat and smoke until she was a few moments from being roasteded alive- figureatively. A passing fireman, named Skyraider Jones, rescued her. Jones not only took her strange state in stride, but led her to her first reviving experience. Along the way, Sarah met another future friend, Private Bailey San Andrews, before they reached the hospital.

              Shortly after her revive, Sarah was alone again, assisting with the revive efforts. During this time Sarah also managed to find out her long-lost friend that shouldn't be here, Novastar, was in the land of the dead. Sarah managed to set Nova's brain-rotted mind back on the strait and narrow with equal parts trickery and luck.

              Shortly after that adventure, she met two people who would forever change her life- Moe Joe, a skelitonized zombie who she enjoyed not only studying, but who also understood many of her feelings of inadiquacy. The second was a man by the name of John Z. Delorean, who invited her to join his little group down in Wyke's Hill. Sarah accepted.

              Upon arriving in Wykes Hill to the Cosway Hotel, Sarah became more teen and less 'OMG What Do I Do?', which led to many things- Sarah's homemade Horror Serum, becoming blood-siblings with a Cosway live-in, pilfering a PS2 from a game store, and that interesting effect the before-mentioned serum had in the front seat of a Corvette parked outside of Buckley Mall.

              Finally, the bad side of Sarah crept up. She started to hate the situation she was in, and like most teens, blamed it on other people. It was starting to get unbearable to even be NEAR her.

              Once again, fate intervined tragicly. Sarah met a male survivor, Jayce by name, who showed serine intrest in her. She told him everything about her, and he made her feel something she never felt before.

              Well, two things- love, and the hurt of being victemized by someone you care about. Jayce was actually the notorious Jayce the Ripper, and he lived up to his namesake after a few days.

              Sarah became more quiet, more calculating, and less emotional, with more inner and less outer comments, because of that one incident. She joined the Black Angels anti-terror group in order to deal with the scum like Seercull, eventually reaching Death Angel status, the highest level in the group, faster then anyone had ever done before.

              Her future adventures are anyone's guess.

              Weapons and Items: Magnum, Police Handgun, Switchblade, various books, Plushie Shoyru Plushie, PS2 and games, Horror Serums

              Undeath Iteligence- Sarah is about the same alive or dead emotionally, though her sences and agility are heightened.
              Death Rattle Understanding- Sarah can understand zombiespeak no matter her current state.
              Horror Serum- Creates a few tentacles off the back of the aflicted, 3 with rosebud-shaped heads, and 2 with clawwed hands. The first form Sarah enacted herself with, and the first form Sarah evolved into a systematic form of creation. Also the form where she had her first sexual encounter
              Seraph Serum- Sarah gains wings at the hips and a spade tail, plus a very seductive voice. This form is light enough for flight, and the new vocals can be used to persuade the enemy from thier post before they get incapacitated. Unlike Horror and Sakura, who do tentacle gangbangs, if Sarah uses this as a human, she gains the wings and tail, but her demenor will turn into the world's filthiest slut with a hunger for cock a mile wide.
              Sakura Serum- Sarah's legs go triple-jointed, she grows a thick tail, many parts of her skin gains snakescales, and her back trasforms into a mass of tentacles. This is best used as a fear-factor form, as it cannot hold up in purlonged combat.
              Eldrich Serum- An experimental serum. Sarah turns erthral, much like a ghost, and gains three arms on her upper torso, plus a third eye. This form offers the ability to go invisible, see though walls, and clarevoyence, plus other things to do with the spirit realem. The drawback is Sarah cannot interact with mortal items, like weapons... or clothes. The only form in which Sarah can use as a Human without adverse sexual-oriented effects.
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                Re: Original Characters

                Name: Vikki Fenris
                Age: 28
                Gender: Female
                Home Planet: Veldun
                Appearance: Tall, with an athletic and somewhat muscular frame. Her facial features are sharp and worn. A scar splits the right side of her upper lip, as well as through her right eyebrow. Her eyes are a cloudy gray, and her auburn hair is tied back in a braid that reaches her shoulder blades.
                Personality: Laid back and cool, however when things get tense she gets vicious and brutal.
                History: Joined the Coalition Marine Corps at the age of 17 when her parents died. Through basic she showed her skill with firearms and unarmed combat, and thus secured a position in the infantry. She was attached the the 133rd Northern Veldun Regiment. She stayed there for most of career, never advancing beyond Corporal despite recieving minor leadership training, as well as advanced weaponry courses. She prefers to stay a grunt.
                Family: An older sister Melany on Veldun who became a civilian doctor. A Nephew named Kyle on Veldun who is currently 8.
                Likes: Discipline, her job, her sister, quiet
                Dislikes: Cowardice, stupidity, arrogance,
                Strength: Excellent with weaponry, strong physically and mentally
                Weakness/Flaw: Quick temper, unskilled in much outside of warfare
                Interesting Facts / Quirks: Scar on lip is from a barfight when she was 20. Scar on eyebrow is from shrapnel during a Rebellion in northern Veldun.
                Hobby/Hobbies: Chess, running, boxing
                Weapon: Standard issue CMC-17 Assault Rifle and bayonette

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                  Re: Original Characters

                  Oh jebus, this topic is going to open up a can of worms with me. Ohhh noes...

                  Oh!, Wretched Man!

                  Name: Shi Nakamura
                  Nick name:ShiShi
                  Age: 14
                  Mannerisms: For some reason, whenever ShiShi speaks in English, she ends every sentence with a repeat of the last 3 or 4 words. For example...
                  "Whenever I speak in English, I repeat the last three or four words, three or four words."

                  Description: ShiShi stands at a perfect 4 feet, 3 inches tall. Her hair, nails, eyes (she has no pupils), bones and their marrow all are a bright neon green, due to a genetic mutation found on her father's side of the family. Even though her family has been known as great ninjas and assassins for their ability to turn invisible, ShiShi dresses as flamboyant as possible. She wears long, black shorts that end just below her knees with ice blue trim, and a student shirt (complete with black tie w/ green stripes), covered by a loose, black vest, also trimmed with ice blue. ShiShi's (white) come all the way up to her knees. One of her sneakers is neon green with black on the toe, white on the sole; while the other is ice blue with white on the toe, and black on the sole. Finally, she holds her hair back using a pair of neon goggles that rest on her forehead almost all the time. She looks like a young man than a young woman, and is often mistaken for one until she speaks her mind.

                  Biography: Shi was born in Nagasaki, fourteen years ago. Her father was, at the time, the head of the crime syndicate Two Flames (rough English translation). When Shi showed promise of having his bloodline run through her, her father began to train her at the age of four. She quickly learned the ability to turn invisible, but her training ended as soon as the trademark green hair didn't develop, nor did the other powers her father's family carried. Shi's father was killed in a Yakuza hit, her mother soon after. She was adopted by the gang and used to carry out assassinations, until the Yakuza had to send her to Haven, the only place safe for people as wanted by the authorities as her.

                  In the safe comforts of Haven, ShiShi's powers began to develop swiftly, as well as her mastery of the English language (see "Mannerisms", above). Before long, ShiShi hair became neon green, and her ability to control a natural, mystic energy through her body was mastered. With a single punch ShiShi could turn stone into dust and obliterate opponents. Overconfident and cocky, she joined the Wrath army, quickly rising through the ranks. She didn't know how large the world was, and how powerless she could be until the faithful encounter with the Asesino of Fire...

                  Powers: ShiShi has multiple powers, some natural, some through extensive training. The ability to bend light and turn herself invisible comes from the mutation in her genes. Her other power, the red energy that seems unlimited, can be used in a variety of other ways: ShiShi can shield herself from a small amount of blows; form the energy around her hands or feet, amplifying damage hundred fold; and she can create weapons from the energy, also. Her eyes allow her to see in the dark, another gift from her father's mutation. The Yakuza trained ShiShi in almost all forms of martial arts, and made her one of the best shots in the known world. The biggest drawback is that she tires extremely easily, something that she and the Asesino have been working on for years.

                  Name: Katherine Weatherly

                  Nickname: Gin
                  Age: 28
                  IQ: Above 200.

                  Description: Gin is only 5 feet tall, and doesn't really stand out in a crowd like many other Super Villains would. She has short, red hair, it's style varying depending on which salon she goes to for that month. Her civilian clothes are nothing out of the ordinary; it's her 'outfit' that catches the eyes of others. Gin still wears a lab coat whenever she goes out, but has green body armor underneath the coat. The mix of kevlar and weave from Orb spider silk is of her own design, able to stop even a knife stab (if delivered by only a mere human). The design is always changing, as Gin made herself over 100 suits, just in case one was ever damaged in battle, but it's always green with a black design.

                  Biography: When Gin was just a child, a movement was sweeping the nation to get more public trust to the heroes who didn't even resemble humans anymore; dubbed 'Furres' by the United Nations, these heroes, while extremely small in number, were humans that had any animal characteristics. Gin took part of the movement for a good portion of her life, even becoming a doctor who knew how to care for both humans and Meta-Humans, specializing in the sub-group of the heroes. It wasn't until Gin met a young man named Gregory Tinbaum that her experiments first started.

                  Gregory was brought into her hospital because of hatred for the Furre human. He had the eyes of a Feline, but it was enough to bring attention to him in some places. It was in one of these places that Gregory was stabbed. Curiously, his 'powers' came from the fact his skin was impenetrable. Gin spent hours working on finding why Gregory's powers hadn't protected him, even after the Meta-Human had been healed properly. Gin found it was a rare isotope that was found in common metals, and to test this hypothesis, decided to give Gregory a shot. So enraged at what Gin had done, he became violent. Luckily for Gin, the Heroes stationed outside his room were able to subdue Gregory, who never received his powers back. Gin used this one incident as a spring board into her Villainy career, realizing there were people all over the world who hated the special Meta-Humans... Using that isotope, she was able to very quietly sneak away their powers and sell them to the highest bidder- whether it be to murder the super hero or whatever they pleased, Gin didn't care. She made enough money to buy a private army, even an escort to Haven. She works there, to this day, with the only Meta-Humans she has never hated, The Tabby Sisters, as Wrath's right-hand woman.

                  Powers: Gin taught herself how to shoot, and is a decent shot when it comes down to using a firearm. Her main 'power' is her intelligence, which has led to the creation of many robots, weapons, and even small things, such a tablet that completely eliminates bad breath with a refreshing blast of cool air. She tends to leap before she looks, often getting herself thrown head-first into trouble.

                  Name: Jennifer Yulton
                  Nickname: ReJenn
                  Age: 21
                  Total time in a day devoted to not speaking: 1,589 minutes. She can break it down into seconds if you ask her politely - and if she's speaking during that time.

                  Description: Only the Asesino of Fire has seen what ReJenn truly looks like. Her hair is constantly dyed a turquoise color with purple streaks; her 'outfit', if that's what you can call it, is a sweat-shirt and cloth pants that go down to her feet. Her sweat shirt has a turquoise V down to her abdomen, the outer arms the same color, while the rest is purple. Her jeans are the same, with turquoise on her waist and down the sides of her legs, purple on the rest. She wears a turquoise cloth to cover the bottom half of her face, while her hair covers a good portion of the rest. Her eyes glow different colors when using her powers: Turquoise for telepathic and telekinesis; purple for gravity control. Her entire outfit and persona gives the perception of someone who merely wanted to look grungy for the day.

                  Biography: (In the works, but here's a rough outline). Jennifer Yulton was never ReJenn, feared even to powerful psychics like Emma Frost, no. Before, she was just Jennifer. Sometimes Jenn, sometimes Jenni, whatever she wanted to be called. She was a Cheerleader and an honor student, even did the occasional charity event (It looked good on a resume, you know?)... Then when she found out her high school sweet-heart had been cheating on her best friend... Jennifer didn't remember doing it, but there was a reason the gymnasium had to be demolished after that. Something about the blood stains soaking in, or something, who knows. When she was on her way to Sector Zero, to live a life of tortured bliss, the Asesino of Fire rescued her and whisked her away to Haven, trying to help Jenn control her powers, just as he did for Ginger and ShiShi before her.

                  Powers: ReJenn has both the power of her mind and the power to control and distort gravity. Fire has no idea why, and Gin can only offer an assumption, not a definite idea as to where her powers come from. Her control of Gravity is simple: If it's affected by gravity, she can manipulate it; For example, she can lift up a metal box, then increase the pressure on the box until it shatters into millions of little shards. Her psychic powers come in handy at this point, where she can hurl it into an opponent within eye-sight. ReJenn can also jump into someone's head, looking for their motives or even engage in a battle of will to control her victim. ReJenn is no light weight, for sure, but her powers are limited at the moment, and can only reach full (Gin has theorized 'full' is really 'half' of what she can do) potential when she's extremely upset. Part of her training to control her emotions, but sometimes they just slip.
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                  What the fuck is this place?


                    Re: Original Characters

                    Nice thread idea. I'll just get one in before sleep, and add some more latter. Some of you will obviously know this one.


                    Simon's concept started way back, as a D&D campaign NPC who sadly never saw use. He was a reclusive 14 year old kid, with a 'dark' secret, who spent most of his time reading in the village bell tower or the woods, in order to distance him self from others. For their protection.

                    Dug up and adapted for the gosamer falls boarding school rp, he's become one of my favourite characters. This is an extract from his Bio in said rp.

                    Appearance: Short black hair, often a little scruffy. Wears the uniform, and often a long blue grey coat with brown soft leather collar and lining on the cuffs and pocket. Has a very emotionless expression, and a bit of a tendency to either stand staring and motionless.
                    Eyes: Green
                    5'4", 143 lbs
                    Age: 18
                    Powers: Shadow Guardian.
                    Speaks in: "Std Black"

                    Background: Simon is an orphan, never knowing his parents and with very little information on him. Regardless he was happy in his early years and seemed normal, with the dismissible exception of his 'imaginary friend' he talked about constantly. Ever since he was little he's known that something was different about his shadow. It talked to him, and did things other shadows did not. It was nothing sinister though, not until a certain incident involving a bully cornering Simon in an empty class room. The police found an unexplainable scene, with the bully strewn about the room in pieces, and what looked like impossible claw marks raking deep into the floor and walls. Simon was found cowering in a corner. Investigators were baffled. After that things changed. Simon isolated himself, refusing to go near to anyone in fear of what the shadow might do. Further minor incidents only pushed his sociophobia further, and the shadow seemed to get increasingly "defensive".

                    Simon was transferred between a few schools, before coming to Gossamer Falls at around twelve. He's found the extra space it gives him preferable and seems to be doing better. Generally known to the staff as something of a 'special needs' student, he is left to his own devices and studies alone, taking examinations solo and acing them. He is rarely seen, traveling the school carefully and giving corners a wide berth, but loves to keep up to date on events around the school and is insatiably curious, always watching. He's made himself quite at home in the school, with known safe routes, and several little havens stashed with scavenged school equipment.
                    A past attempt at illustrating him. The shadow in particular, is not an easy thing to portray. When ever the shadow would manifest, all lighting in the area would skew slightly and play tricks on the eye. If Simon was to stand in a corridor for example, whilst the shadow was manifested, to an onlooker at one end it might appear as if the entire corridor behind him was blacked out. In open ground swirls of shadow might whip out across the ground, seeming to impossibly jump up before the viewer could get a proper look at them.

                    Fun fact:
                    If I ever wanted to "cosplay" Simon, it would be exceptionally easy. This is because his clothes and other stuff is based on my own. Not that there's a lot of detail in that picture, but the shoes, the brown trousers, I have those. The signature coat (which is too short in the picture) I still wear regularly. His electronic binoculars mentioned in the game, as well as his micro penlid camera. His love of malt loaf and flapjack, are imported from myself, along with buttering and rebuilding an entire loaf for use as basic rations. He's skills are idealised versions of my own, his quirks, mannerisms and weaknesses are exaggerated versions of my own. Obviously my shadow has never spoke or killed anyone, and I'm not so acutely reclusive as he is. His version of the binoculars are just a little more functional than mine, since he won't endlessly run out of batteries. '_'

                    Others shall be posted, after I rest my head.
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                      Re: Original Characters

                      You remember how you were so happy and went to see Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, because it brought back fond childhood memories - just to have it shattered like a thousands pieces of tiny glass when you saw how much it sucked?

                      I don't. I still haven't seen it.

                      Lucky bastards.

                      But this character is based in the world of the Indiana Jones movies (the original ones, not the lame 'Young Indiana Jones' adventure things). Meet...

                      Angus Andelson
                      Age: 26
                      Sex: Male
                      Known Findings (so far): The Gray Man, and one Werewolf.
                      Findings not known to the public: Vampires, Kitsunes, Succubi, Incubi, Celestians, and Extra Terrestrials (only one so far).
                      Famous Quotes: "The world is finitely small, but infinite in mysteries. Just look at some of the things coming out of the rain forest- or the fish that are past the sun's light in the ocean... There are so many things out there that we don't know about yet, and people are pissed because they think dragons don't exist?"

                      Personality: Angus is a headstrong, cock-sure man (or is it the other way around?...) who travels the world searching for creatures not yet cataloged in a biologist's database, but with some proof to exist: Cryptids. Angus is now a world-renowned Cryptozoologist, first for finding The Gray Man (a sasquatch-esque creatue that lives in Scotland), and finding the first Werewolf, as well as the cause behind it. He's a talented mind that refuses to give in when all evidence points to a Cryptid being false - because as time has tested him, Angus knows patience is the key.

                      Distinguishing Appearance traits: A long scar that curves from the back of his right shoulder blade, all the way to his hip. He's only told three people how he got that scar - and one of them doesn't count, since she can't speak English.

                      Interesting travel companions: Angie Danson (See Sly's post)
                      Sacha Reno (More to come from another board member)

                      As far as anyone knows, this mysterious tan woman with long black hair has been with Jones since he started his career. When she speaks, it comes out in a very long line of gibberish that seems to be any language but English, and as soon as someone begins to connect what she's saying, she changes it all up. Angus is the only one that can understand Jones, due to a strange bond that the two share. Before the Werewolf Incident, Jones walked on her legs, but has been increasingly seen on all fours. Angus doesn't mind.

                      Velissa Waters: A primp, British investigative reporter who spends her waking hours following Angus and his crew. She's the only reporter who's ever been allowed to follow Angus with such zeal, most often staying with him in the camp during expeditions. Velissa often leads the crew members to believe the reports about them will be horrible tabloids... which, so far, is true. She's a mere 5'8'', has sandy hair, and blue eyes. No matter where Velissa goes, she's followed by...

                      Jake Waters: Jake is an American-born man, close to the town Angus was born in. He met Velissa while doing a study abroad program, and hasn't left her side since. Jake is often seen as quiet and reserved, even shy at times, but he's the muscle that protects Velissa when things get too dangerous. Ever since Sacha stole and hid the sliding mechanism for his favorite pistol (which he snuck across borders, mind you), Jake has taken an increasing amount of interest in the Martial Arts the aforementioned woman showed off.

                      Colin Linhert: Colin's the youngest Intern on Angus' team, really only there because Angus forced him to join. Angus' interest in Colin was first piqued when he saw a video of the young man accidentally 'Blowing away a playground slide'... With his bare hand. Colin's 'ability' is to shoot raw energy from his hand, but the force at which it leaves his body always leaves him drained, weak, and with a very broken hand. He's a little short for his age, and gets upset easily when he sees the other Interns using their gift (or curse) without second thought.

                      Trisha Summers: Trisha is the oldest Intern on the team, but is both far and close to being the wisest. She's been with Angus almost as long as Angie, and favors all things that she doesn't know about; after doing an activity once or twice, or even just reading about it, Trisha knows it inside out. She's a bit of a know-it-all, and even has odd premonitions about the team's activities, sometimes stopping horrible accidents about to happen - or palm-facing herself after realizing one has happened.

                      Ashley Williams: Ashley was one of the last interns to join Angus' team before the Werewolf Incident. For someone who's a budding psychic, Ashley really falls into the background more than anything else. She can only read the thoughts of people when they think of her, which leads Ash to be very self-conscious of all of her actions.
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                        Re: Original Characters

                        My turn to share the first of several original characters!

                        I give you....

                        Angelica “Angie” Danson
                        Age: 22
                        Sex: Female
                        Claim to Fame: Known for helping Angus Andelson (see Silth’s post) discover a Werewolf.

                        Appearance: Angie stands at 5’7” with long blonde hair she often wears up in a pony tail, and blue eyes. She’s also slim with a decent amount of muscle mass.

                        Personality: Angie tends to be a very by-the-books, sensible person who has thrust herself into a world where not everything is how she’d perceived it in the first place. She tends to never give up, and has a tendency to be occasionally subtle or sarcastic in her remarks. She has also honed the ability to channel a spirit guide, and has since allowed the spirit access to her body and voice, which is another skill she is slowly trying to perfect. Recently, however, her strengths are being tested more and more, making her second guess herself and her abilities.

                        Brief History: Angie dropped out of university to follow a life-long interest in Cryptozoology. She contacted Angus after reading about his Gray Man feat, met with him one day, and became a part of his expedition team. The rest, I suppose you can say, is history.

                        Travel Companions: Angus Andelson and Jones (see Silth’s post)
                        Sacha Reno (To come from another board member)

                        Anyara: Angie’s spirit guide. Anyara is the daughter of a Viking Thane who ruled in her father’s stead. Her father was known to cause a dispute among another Viking clan, leading to the killing and burning of her villiage. Anyara was raped and then hung in the village square. She was a very lively, kind, happy, proud and gentle girl in life. In death, she’s very edgy, shy and nervous, but can also be quite head-strong. Her main role is to help Angie in any way she can, and was drawn to the girl through something linked to Angie’s past.

                        Madeline: An intern of Angus Andelson’s. She is a jinx, meaning she brings bad luck to whomever she touches. She tends to be a little edgy and self-conscious, but confident in her knowledge of things. Madeline is a small girl and tends to stick close to the other interns.

                        Malcolm: An intern of Angus Andelson’s. Malcolm is known for having mild premonitions, mostly the deja-vu sort, and has been known to have predicting dreams. He is a bit of a goof who likes to keep a close eye on Madeline, sort of like a brother figure. He was also side-lined with a broken leg during the werewolf incident, but has since re-joined the team.

                        Devon: Not too much is known about Devon. He tends to be the quiet sort, going about his business and only speaking when he has something to say.


                          Re: Original Characters

                          Sacha Reno

                          Age: looks to be mid twenties, but looks are deceiving
                          Gender: Female
                          Appearance: A tall lithe woman, with long dark hair and brown eyes. Her features are very predatory, almost wolf like, and she has a round scar on her stomach.
                          Personality: Very blunt and straight to the point, Sacha takes absolutely no bullshit.
                          Brief History: Is the grand daughter of a French Resistance member from back in WWII, whom she is quite proud of, however most of her actual past is shrouded in shadows. She is a well known tracker and outdoors specialist. She joins Angus' merry band of travelers to help track down a were wolf.

                          Dominion's Chain|Tales From Sin Check them out. A collection of my stories ranging from erotica and fantasy, to sci-fi and action.
                          Dominion's Chain Twitter|Blood Knight Chronicles


                            Re: Original Characters

                            I got one wierd idea today while talking 40K with some people. Thus, that led to one wierd idea: Combining Chaos fractions.

                            That eventually led to the creation of a said chaos entity that showed off the wierdess Combined Chaos type: A combination of the Lord of Decay, Nurgle, and the Lord of Excess, Slannish (Who can be translated to the lord of Sex by many players). Thus, the creation of Kelinas the Connector.

                            ((Borrows Sly's template for speed)

                            Kelinas Soulstalker, the Connector of Paths, though known simply as Kelinas the Connector
                            Age: 21, though her combination of deities has given her immortal life.
                            Sex: Female, and as often as possible
                            Claim to Fame: The first successful transference of two opposite Chaos entities inside one person. Also has become a sorta adventure-style scout for the forces of Chaos

                            Lovebite, a custom bolt pistol that is more streamlined, and whose bullets have been known to send gaurdsman flying
                            Plasma Pistol
                            Death's Carress, modular Lightning Claws that attatch to her armor.

                            Powers and Skills:
                            Control over all form of Nurgle's Poisons
                            A large compendiom of the Dark God's Knowlage
                            If she is possessed, her body gains claws and a tail, and most standard poweress of a Slaanish Deamonette.

                            Chaos Curses:
                            If she is put through strong emotions, her control over her plauge-powers will slip, and they will automatically manifest.
                            If she does not have sex in a 24 hour period with someone else, she will be possessedby the Deamonette Zionis

                            Appearance: Her body is perfectly preportions, with the tatoos of her patron gods on opposite sides of her body. On her right shoulder is the symbol of Nurgle, and her tight-fitting armor on that side shows signs of Father Nurgle's various plauges and poisons, though the only sign of the currouption is a scaly portion of her skin on her thigh and upper arm.

                            Her left shoulder, however, is emblazoned with the symbol of Slannish, and her armor, besides being very form-fitting and quick-release points at key areas, has leather wrapped over parts of it, though some of the nurgle-plauge has corroded it.

                            Speaking of her armor, it's in the basic design colors of the Emporer's Children- except the pink and violet porions are green and a deeper shade of purple, showing her alliegience to her chosen chaos deities instead of squad colors.

                            As for her face, it's well-formed, and surprisenly beautiful, with fiery orange eyes and reddish hair streaked with green and violet.

                            Personality: The creation of Nurgle and Slannish is a surprisenly kind person to her alllies, and treats all with the respect thier rank deserves. Her connections with Slannish has turned her into a highly lustful creature, and she had been warned that if she doesn't mate with SOMEthing in a 24 hour period, she will literally be possessed by need. However, her connections with Nurgle makes it dangerous for her lover, due to the catalouge of desieses she is in control of, and the high probability of her lover being infected by at least one of them. Though it doesn't trouble her greatly now, it may be something she may need to consider.

                            In battle, she stays silent and holds her humanity at bay. Mainly she goes out with the demons of Nurgle and Slannish, due to thier familierarity and her erthral knowlage of these creatures. She's a brutal fighter, comfortable with her plaugescythe as she is with all forms of chaos weapons.

                            Brief History: It all began as a joke between gods. Nurgle, Lord of Decay, and Slannish, Lord of Excess, was in thier usual argument over the order of things and the uselessness of the other (Of course the creator of Death would be arguing with the technical creator of life...) Eventually, it led to a bet: Both would show thier might to a non-chaos imbuned human, each getting a helf-year to torment her, and then they would see, when she eventually turned to chaos, who she would choose, Nurgle, or Slannish

                            Both of the Chaos gods set thier sights on a young, 19-year-old human, Kelinas by name. A slave to the dark eldar, the girl was kept under terrible care bythe foul beasts. As a bonus, the Death Gaurd were going to be sweeping through, ensuring that Nurgle's half of the story would blend in, and make her a perfect target for the Lords of Chaos.

                            Thus, they began the unearthly torment. Father Nurgle tormented her days by creating death and destruction, leaving her homeless and alone in the world, and tormenting her every moment, as towards the end of his six months, he poisoned her with a powerful, incurable desiese, leaving her weak in mind and weakened in spirit. Flush with success, he let Slannish take over.

                            Slannish was more planning and calculating. Disguising himself, he watched her for a month, to learn everything about her, to know her habits, to understand her suffering. Eventually, when he decided the time was right, he spirited her away, and for the rest of Slannish's time, she was treated like a queen, learning all forms of way she could feel pleasures of both body and mind, finishing her curroption.

                            At the end of that year, both Chaos gods visited her, and offered her the chance of joining chaos. As expected, she accepted, and both gods held thier breath as they waited to hear if she would choose a god to follow. However, to thier surprise, the next day she adorned her body with both thier symbols.

                            Though utterly shocked, the gods were delighted at this turn of events, and blessed thier prized daughter, though each gift came with a price. Nurgle cured the girl of the terrible desiese, and gave her the powers over all the various desieses he himself could control, though if she was ever imtimately inclined, she would have to be sure not to release any if her mind was lost in pleasure. In co-alliment with Nurgle's gift, Slannish re-formed her body to be the apitany of beauty, and gave her great knolage in the demon arts, though her price was she would need to breed at least once per earth-days, or her mind would be taken over by one of his own spirits until her body was mated.

                            With such powerful gifts and a great will for Chaos, Kelinas is not only powerful, she is also one of the most fairist creatures of Chaos' command.
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                              Re: Original Characters

                              Name: Godric Yuudai, Dai
                              Age [appearance]: 18
                              Age [actual]: Indeterminable
                              Gender: Male
                              Species: Indeterminable
                              Appearance: A well built man with strong, hawk like facial features and short brown hair that tends to stick up on its own a lot.
                              Personality: Godric tends to bend to other peoples wills easily. Generally this makes him a submissive person however when he sees people doing things that he doesn't think are in their best interests he will begrudgingly step in. He very easily makes friends and gets attached to people, and craves their acceptance. He is somewhat of a martyr in that he believes that almost everything bad that happens is his fault, and if it isn't is fault then it is his fault because he didn't stop it.
                              History: It is not really known exactly what Godric is, however his very existence in the physical realm is tied directly to his emotions. The more grieved he feels the more his body begins to break down on a metaphysical level until he literally flitters out of existence. When he returns it could be weeks, months, years or even centuries later and there is no guarantee he will even be near where he last was. Further more when he comes back depending on how distanced he is from where he was, he suffers devastating amnesia, often remembering nothing of who he is or where he has been, merely being a nameless face that washes up on shore.
                              Family: None
                              Likes: Tasty food, classical beauty, comedies
                              Dislikes: Sad endings, seafood, his friends being upset, his friends being upset and there is nothing he is able to do about it
                              Interesting Facts / Quirks: Godric's body is a footprint in the world, if anything happens to his body parts outside the footprint simply fade away while new parts fade in. Despite him being a footprint in the world, there are no theories of what he is a footprint of.
                              Favourite Food: Curry
                              Favourite Colour: Blue
                              Hobby/Hobbies: Sewing
                              Sexuality: Differs by incarnation
                              It's hard to take the high ground when you're making a mountain out of a mole hill.