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    Re: Original Characters

    How could I forget these two characters?

    Dr. Dreadful is... curious. It's not even known if he is human.
    Dr. Dreadful appears as a man of indeterminable age, wearing a white lab coat and glasses that always seem to catch the light in just the right angle to make them opaque. Black rubber boots and gloves complete the outfit.
    The Doctor puts knowledge before everything else. He experiments and observes constantly. Dissecting aliens with a chainsaw is his biggest joy.
    (Dr. Ritter also takes this nickname some time in her career.)

    Hagghaquur is a a Great Old One. Well, not that great. Where Cthulhu is a walking mountain of terror Hagghaquur is... The God Of Corners.
    This Old One can not use his abilities unless he is in a corner. Once there though, his powers are practically limitless. While he normally has the form of a human, Hagghaquur bursts forth into a constantly shifting mass of flesh, slime and tentacles, searching with his uncountable eyes for a human foolish enough to come within five feet of his corner. Once within that range the human will be drawn in - no resistance holds against the crushing might of Hagghaquur. If the human is to his liking he or she will be raped and filled with gallons of Hagghaquur thick, potent pu- seed. If the human is not to his liking... well, all that rape can make a God hungry.
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      Re: Original Characters

      More Warhammer 40k characters, as I seem to create good ones.

      Genera Blackmason
      Age: 29
      Sex: Female
      Claim to Fame: Force Commander of the Nova Squadren chaper of Space Marines

      Master Repentia (Custom Melee Weapon)
      Plasma Pistol

      Powers and Skills:
      Psycher (Able to use psychic emmisions from the mind)
      A strong will for troops or civilians under her command
      Deep Respect for the Imperial Gaurd and Inquisition

      Appearance: Wearing the usual armor of the Space Marines in the chapter colors (Blues and Ice Blues,) Genera forgoes a helmet to better her psychic tendencies. Her melee weapon was specially made: Three chainaxes fused together paralel on one end of the handle, and a chainsword blade on the other end. Master Repentia has served Genera well during her service, and with a backup Chainsword and plasma pistol, the commander is ready for most anything.

      Personality: With determination to spare as many lives as possible, Genera is an unorthidox commander, using her commanding skills to help defeat vast swaths of foes. She holds the other forces of the Imperium, and will not hesitate to ask for thier aid in dealing with a foe.

      Brief History: Not much is known about the chapter leader of the Nova Squadren chapter. The only things really known is her services on Centaria during an unexpected Dark Crusade assisted in her rise to Force Commander so quickly, especially when she defeated the heritic's leader in single combat. Soon, she was Chapter Leader, and running many of Nova Squadren's campains into battle.


      Seraph Soulstorm
      Age: 19
      Sex: Female
      Claim to Fame: Inquisition Sister of Battle, Seraphim, and Sister Repentia (Not at the same time, of course) of the Pandemica Witch Hunters/Sisters of Battle

      Battle Sister-
      Light Power Armor
      Bolt Pistol
      Storm Bolter
      Hand Flamers
      Force Sword

      Light Power Armor
      Jump Pack
      Hand Flamers
      Bolt Pistol
      Force Sword

      Light Leather Armor

      Powers and Skills:
      Strange, powerful emmisions from her hand, Warp-oriented
      A killer curiousity
      Quite flexible and agile
      Quick Reflexes
      Able to sence the taint of Chaos inside a person

      Appearance: The basic appearence of Seraph is her long silver hair and violet eyes, and she is often decked out in the Pandemica chapter's armor of black power armor with orange cloth accents. Under the punishment of Repentia, however, her more-protective power armor is stripped, and she is reduced to simple leather and cloth that barely leaves nothing to the imagination, a bandana tied painfully into her long hair and a chainsword chained in her hands.

      Personality: The poor girl is in the wrong army in most respects. Though devoted to the Emporer's cause, she is unfortuneately so curious that she's commited many of the acts that her Sister Superiours consider 'borderline Heritic' and she has spent a good deal of time under the Repentia's whips, though she knows her limits, and what is soo bad that she will get fused into a Penance Machine.

      Brief History: Seraph was a happy girl when she was little, often playing with her sister and enjoying life. However, soon after, the Dark Eldar attacked. Her sister Kelinas was taken and her family were slaughtered.

      When the forces of the White Scar made planetfall, they used the remnents of the ruins of Seraph's village, which is when she was found. After a psycher found her free of heresy, she was taken to the Schola Progenium, an orphanage where many of the Witch Hunter's Battle Sisters are gained.

      She spent 5 years at the orphanage, before her training in the ways of the Sisters of Battle began. Trained in the use of firearms, it was found she was clumsy and off-aimed with most firearms- except for pistol weapons. When she was instated for a snit in the Seraphim program, it was there she really shined. With the assistance of her jump pack, she seemed like the Angel of Judgement herself, whether she was wielding her bolt pistols or a pair of chainswords, easily moving herself along the air and easily combating the enemy.

      She now serves the Pandemica chapter of Witch Hunters, fighting for the Emperor, and also changing roles a lot as she goes through the cycle of soldier, elite, misadventure/acidental trangressence, repent, repeat. And with no idea that her sister is now her greatest enemy...

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        Re: Original Characters

        Name: The Scarlet Incubus (True Name Unknown, or rather, he isn't telling)
        Age [appearance]: Shapeshifter. Although usually around early 20s
        Age [actual]: Very, very old.
        Gender: Usually male.
        Species: Demon

        Appearance: Usually a rather handsome man with long un-naturally red hair. Almost always naked to the waist, wearing a barely concealing loincloth of some variety. An agile physical build, well-toned muscles but not overly large ones. Sometimes black wings.

        Personality: Aloof and arrogant, but charming when he wants to be. Absolutely certain in his ability to please.

        History: Gentlemen never kiss and tell.

        Family: Is an unusual word when it comes to demons. Has what is best described as a younger sister whom he visits from time to time when he feels like seeing someone of his own kind. Is rather fond of her children, although does not in the slightest hide the fact that he'll likely sleep with them as soon as they are old enough to appreciate it. Also enjoys tormenting his brother-in-law, a mortal of considerable power and talent. The three of them have been known to dissapear into bedrooms for hours.

        Likes: Being in charge. Being adored. Sex.
        Dislikes: Not being in charge. Not being adored. Having to do work.
        Strength: Sex. Manipulation. Making "friends".
        Weakness/Flaw: More or less anything not a strength, extra emphasis on fighting.
        Interesting Facts / Quirks: Unlike his sister, the Scarlet Incubus is a rogue demon; he managed to escape from the hell dimensions rather than be allowed into the mortal world, and has managed to sever the ties that bind him to his hell dimension. This makes him more dangerous than most demons, however due to his nature, he's far more interested in self-indulgence than corrupting the world making him somewhat less dangerous than he could have been.

        Favourite Food: Anything with a strong flavour. Any strong flavour will do.
        Favourite Colour: Red.
        Hobby/Hobbies: Sex. Seduction. Manipulation.
        Sexuality: Yes.

        Weapon: The only mundane weapon he carries is a small shard of cold iron, a metal that pierces the defences of demons.


        First and foremost, he has the ability to make any but the strongest of willed inclined to like him and instantly regard him as a friend. It takes supernatural willpower or magical protection to resist this.

        Secondly, he can imprint suggestions into people's heads, making them suddenly inclined to as quickly as possible complete said suggestion. This is as difficult to resist as his first power.

        He also has the ability to read the minds of those he meets.

        Like all powerful demons, he can easily teleport himself at will, and also has the power to hop over to the ethereal plane.

        He can also alter his form at will, within certain boundaries. He will always look humanoid, and only his natural form has his wings.

        Lastly, like all Succubi and Incubi, he has the power to drink the soul of a mortal from any hole into their body (most commonly a kiss, but not exclusivly). He tends to use this only to feed his body's craving for souls, and even then only takes a little from any given person; he doesn't like hurting his toys.
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          Re: Original Characters

          From my story Misstress of War

          Name: Nimue Avalor
          Age [appearance]: Late twenties
          Age [actual]: 30
          Gender: Female
          Species: Human
          Appearance: A tall woman, with an athletic form and some obvious muscle mass. She has long dark red hair and forest green eyes. Her face is narrow and a large scar across the right side of her face that stops just below her nose. She usually wears leather armor and a black cape into battle, and carries her family's long sword, Cfaldwich.
          Personality: Nimue is a determined and calculating woman. She also has a strong sense of honor and a strict moral code that she abides by. While she can be kind to those close to her or serve under her, she can seem distant, cold and aloof to those that don't know her.
          History: Nimue was born into a noble family who owns the fortress of Avilonis. As the first born she was raised to inherit the fortress and so trained from a young age in the arts of warfare. She joined the military at fifteen and was sent to the officer academy at the capitol. She excelled and at twenty she went into the field as a lieutenant. For six years she served as a low ranking officer, until she was promoted to captain after leading her troops when her ranking officer had failed to do so. She has been Captain since.
          Family: Her mother and father have both passed away from disease, leaving Nimue the fortress. She has a younger brother named Castor who has become a druid.
          Likes: Her kingdom, her men, her home, her horse, her wolf
          Dislikes: Her enemies, the Path of Light
          Strength: Skilled sword fighter and commander.
          Weakness/Flaw: Can occasionally be arrogant, hot tempered, and has a taste for beautiful women.
          Interesting Facts / Quirks: Is a Pagan
          Favourite Food: Usually meat
          Favourite Colour: Black
          Hobby/Hobbies: Warfare
          Sexuality: bisexual
          Weapon: Cfaldwich
          Magic: none

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            Re: Original Characters

            Necroposting, but considering that I'm hearing a lot about people's concepts from various sources why not sticky this thread for use for the more newish people? :3

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              Re: Original Characters

              Oh it's this thread again huh. Alright then, I'll bite. Here's a gang of old characters I came up with a while ago, but had no where to post at the time. I eventually put them in my blank page thread, but why not have em here too.

              The Hawkins Family

              Stan Hawkins
              Appearance: A large rough featured man, worn physically by time and misadventure, though his exuberant expression suggests his trials haven't phased him. Only small hints of colour remain in his hair, haphazardly trimmed grey stubble on his stone cut chin. Built solidly and in surprisingly good shape for his age despite the violent past evident in his scars. He wears mostly aged Vietnam era US military fatigues, and moves with an energy that seems beyond his age.
              Eyes: Dark brown
              6'5", 255 lbs
              Age: 62

              Stan Hawkins is the proud father figure of the Hawkins family. In his youth he served in the US Army in the Vietnam War. Seemingly born to fight and struggle, he shrugged off atrocities that would break other men. When the war ended and he was shipped home, it wasn't long before he booked a flight back to the east and began a life of travelling and rough living. He moved frequently, saw many things and fought through many hardships. Stan likes to move through the world grinning. Everything is a game in his eyes, nothing is sacred, and nothing can stop him. His time wandering took him through Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam again, China, and finally ended in Japan after fifteen years of exploring.

              Whilst climbing Mt Fuji, intended to be his final achievement before going back home to the US, Stan was very much surprised to meet a beautiful woman in a cave near the summit. Stranger was that the woman was taller than he was, had green hair, a pair of horns, and was happily sitting and drinking sake in the frozen cave virtually naked. Still, this did not phase Stan, who set about winning the woman as his prize for climbing the mountain. Normally this woman, one of four powerful mountain ruling oni (ogre), would have laughed off such ambitions from a human. Yet Stan prevailed. The oni woman was enthralled by the insistent humans brutish charm, and after several bowls of strong sake, they shared several personal hours in the cave.

              After that they parted ways. The woman disappearing before morning, and Stan leaving Japan in the following week. Roughly nine months later Stan came to his door one morning to find three wrapped babies left in a bamboo basket. Each sported familiar mossy green coloured hair. Based on the little that had been said in the cave, Stan had been under the impression that their union would not produce offspring, but regardless it seemed that he was now a father. Welcoming the task of caring for the triplet half oni children as a whole new kind of adventure, he would raise them under the Hawkins name in a way only he could.

              Kyle Hawkins

              Kate Hawkins

              Kelly Hawkins


              Fun Facts
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